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Time For Bed

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Time For Bed
Rated: Mature
[Talking Christian into going to bed was harder than you thought]

Got a request from silexia and I thought it was super cute so here you go~ My first Christian Yu scenario~

You hated to say it, but you were happy when Christian stopped being an idol. That lifestyle was so hard on you both. The hectic work schedule, the traveling, the late night practices. It was all awful.

But he’d found a new love and passion. Editing and directing seemed to be his calling and you supported every waking moment of it. But just like his previous job, you found him staying up all night working on it.

You came home from work mid-day to find your boyfriend hard at work editing Live’s new MV, and here it was well past midnight and Christian had barely even moved. He probably wouldn’t have even eaten if you hadn’t brought him food.

Getting him to stop was going to be no easy feat. You’d been trying to for the last couple hours, and he’d always just say “Just a few more minutes Babe. I’ll be right there”

“Christian?” you knocked on his office door, poking your head inside. “I made you some tea”

He turned around giving you a tired smile, the dark bags more and more noticeable under his eyes “Thanks, Babe” he removed his headphones accepting the tea. “I just got to finish up a few more scenes and then I’ll be off to bed. Ok?” he smiled into your touch, kissing your hand. You didn’t even have to ask to be rejected anymore.

“Alright…Not too late ok?”

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Thank you SO MUCH to @allthingsgrilledcheese & @maxvillareal for letting me use their babes (indi, deon & spencer) for this pose!!! ILYU SO MUCH. Also, shoutout to the Daddie Squad & Smol Spices for inspiring/suggesting the pose :).


  • 1 group pose
  • Place teleporter in the middle of a 2-tile door frame
  • In-Game Poses


Stay Away | Zach Dempsey x Reader (ft. Monty Dela Cruz)

Genre: Angst, Romance
POV: Reader’s/First Person
Warning: Containg swearing, violence and sexual harrasment!!

A/N: This was personally hard for me to write, but it was requested. It’s a bit heavy and it’s not the usual fluffy write-up you guys often get from me. Nonetheless, I will be posting a new fluff piece tomorrow, so stay tuned! Meanwhile, I hope you guys like this for now.

Request: Hai, I was wondering if you could do an imagine where Zach and his girlfriend (the reader) are hanging out and he despite her trying to hide them he sees a bunch of bruises on her and gets really worried and mad asking her what happened only for her to tell him that Montgomery had beat her up in a drunken state because she refused to sleep with him. This causes Zach to get mad and go beat him up and threatening him to never go near the reader again.


Zach and I were watching TV when he suddenly said he was hungry. I pout at him and sigh as a response as I got up from the sofa and make my way to the kitchen to quickly cook something up. Zach was feeling a bit hungover after yesterday and he loved being treated like a baby whenever he was sick. I took out 2 bowls of instant ramen to satisfy his hunger.

I held onto the sleeves of my sweater while leaning on the kitchen counter as I waited for the water to boil. The incident from Jessica’s party last night replayed in my mind once again. Zach would flip if he knew and I didn’t want to ruin Zach and Monty’s friendship. Besides, Monty was just drunk, I think to myself, he was just intoxicated and didn’t know what he was doing. But it still wasn’t an excuse, I continue to think. The incident scared me, Monty, scared me.

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One for me, One for baby // SHAWN MENDES

Overview: Can you do a imagine where the reader is pregnant & well chilling with him & his sister on the living room couch the readers odd pregnancy cravings go through the roof & Shawn has to go around look for stores that sell things like Sour Pouch & pickles among other odd combos & also he comes home to drop the food off & then goes back out within a few minutes to get more stuff & by the end he’s exhausted & just slips down on the couch with the two girls & it’s just funny fluff?

requested: YEppp

Authors note: I actually had so much fun writing this and I hope you guys like it oh and I know I’m a little late but this is celebrating me hitting 1000 followers!! (crazy)

“I think we should call him Y/n junior,” I smile fondly at my stomach where my 28 week old was growing. 

“Babe,” Shawn looks at me from where he was putting in a DVD for Aaliyah and I to watch on the TV. “You know he’s a dude right?” He smirks and I glare mockingly.

“I know that babe,” I joke back, my hand rubbing gentle circles on my baby bump.  “Y/n is a pretty cool name and I think that any baby would be lucky to have it,” I huff, slightly offended. “Especially our baby,”

“Definitely, because our son would love us for giving him a girls name,” He sasses me.

“Watch the attitude Shawn,” I say lowly at him. 

“I can’t believe you two are having a kid,” Aaliyah laughs from where she lays across the couch, legs chucked up on the arm rest. Shawn sends his best death glare at her. 

“What that’s supposed to mean?” He asks, tone sharp.

“It means that the both of you bicker so much when it comes to the baby,” I chuckle while Shawn just looks insulted.

“Shawn’s just jealous because I don’t want to call him Shawn junior,” I hum, Shawn letting out a cry of indignation.

“Babe we’re not calling our baby junior anything,”

“I guess that rules out Aaliyah junior,” Aaliyah and I laugh as Shawn scowls, turning to walk out the room.

“Oh wait, Shawn,” I try to turn to look over my shoulder to where he stands at the door.

“Yes Y/n,” He raises an eyebrow at me.

“Can you please get me some sour patch kids and a glass of caramel milk?” I ask, sending him an innocent glance.

“We don’t have caramel milk, I don’t even know if that’s a thing?” He questions, looking mildly confused.

“Please Shawn, I’m really hungry,” I plead, pouting my bottom lip. “Baby and I are hungry,” as soon as I add the last bit Shawn is grabbing his keys, laying a kiss on my forehead and heading out the door.

“Since he’s gone, want to go tell dad we’re calling him Y/n Junior?” Aaliyah asks, smirking at me.

“As much as I want to go do that, my sour patch kids hang in the balance and frankly I don’t think I’m willing to risk that,” I laugh, running a hand through my hair tiredly.

“Aw damn,” Aaliyah murmurs.

“Maybe next time,” I reassure, looking out the window in hope of Shawn returning in a miraculous 2 minute shopping trip.

10 minutes later however the sound of the door opening alerts as and Shawn walks in holding a bag.

“Turns out they sell caramel milk,” Shawn grins at me, placing a carton on the coffee table and chucking me the sour patch kids.

“Thanks baby,” I smile, leaning forward to kiss him, Aaliyah letting out a sound of disgust.

“I’ll never get used to seeing my brother do that,” 

Shawn chuckles at her mortified facial expression while I’m too busy opening the sour patch kids to respond.

“Babe,” I ask, a few minutes later, turning my head to look at him.

“Yes,” he trails off, eyes flicking to meet mine. 

“Can you get me some biscuits and cheese, the one in the blue packaging with the cow on the front?” I smile sheepishly.

“You are so lucky I love you,” Shawn groans getting up again .

“Can you get me some candy Shawn?” Aaliyah yells grinning at me.

“Get your own,” Shawn calls back and I laugh, hearing the door slam shut.

“He never gets me anything anymore,” Aaliyah pouts.

“I’ll see if I can bribe him next time,” I tell her and she nods, our attention back on the movie.

This time when Shawn returns, he falls back on the couch, passing me the single packet.

“Do you know how many weird looks the cashier lady gave me when I went through only buying one packet of damn biscuits with cheese?” 

“No,” I answer peeling open the wrapper.

“I’m not going again,” He mutters, chucking an arm over my shoulder.

“Next time buy two, one for me, one for baby,”

Aaliyah chokes back a laugh.

We sit there in a comfortable silence while I eat my food, the TV providing a faint background noise.

“Hey Shawn,” I test the waters softly. 

“What,” He asks suspiciously

“Can you get me like, one of those tubs of tomatoes?”

“Get away from me,”

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I'm not sure do you want to write it, because it's a little bit connected with wet dreams of RFA and Saeran's fic when he spies on MC's phone call, but maybe you want to write a request where RFA+V+Saeran and MC not together, but are very close, and s\o overhears how MC tells her friend about a certain nsfw fantasy about them and try to fulfill it. Btw, I love your works! You are amazing!

Wet dreams again! And with this one, the “wet dreams” trilogy is now complete! I did this one as mini-fics to celebrate, LOL (not really, I just got carried away as usual)

RFA + Saeran and V overhearing MC talking about her wet dreams with them (NSFW-ish?)


“Ah, MC! Come on, you don’t have to blush so much! You know you’re probably not the only girl in this country that had wet dreams about Zen, right?”

“I know… but it’s different.  I’m not just his fan, I’m his friend. And he was a fucking butler, for fuck’s sake!”

“So what? You have a thing for butlers. Big news: we all do after watching Kuroshitsuji.”

“Yeah, and my mind keeps playing a hentai version of it. With Zen! And… less wet, you know how hentais are all wet and the censored version shows a girl being fucked by a bunch of pixels? Yeah… my dream was nothing like that.”

“Oh… no pixels? So how… how did it look?”

“Perfect… just like him…” you sigh and chug the rest of your beer, watching as she laughs and says you’re a dirty little bitch, and that’s why she loves you.

Zen feels… oddly embarrassed. His fans have no chill in talking how handsome and sexy he is, and how he is always in their dreams, but you’re right, you’re not just a fan, you’re his friend. And though you never really hid you think he’s attractive, you never told him you think he’s perfect, that his… dick… is perfect! Oh my… so much information to deal! He was just trying to find you two in this after party with some of his colleague actors, and here are the things he found out: hentais are all wet, girl talk is kinda funny, girl talk makes him feel oddly shy when he happens to be the subject of it, you think he’s perfect. He and his perfect dick serving you in your dreams… oh, dreams are such powerful happenings, aren’t they? He has psychic dreams once in a while… what about you?

“Hey, I finally found you two, ladies. Ready to go home?” he tries to act casually, but he’s seeing you on a whole different light.

“Yeah, let’s go. It’s kinda late.” Your friend says, getting up of her chair. “Oh, but let me just fangirl a little over that guy who played salesman #2. I’ll… meet you guys outside.” She doesn’t even give you time to say anything and just vanish out of there.

“Enjoying the party, babe?” oh… even calling you ‘babe’ feels differently now. What did he call you in your dream? Madam?

“Yeah, it’s been great, Zen! Thanks for letting us crash into this party, the musical was… fabulous, you’re so talented.”

“Thanks. Here, let me help you with your coat.”

“Oh, no need to, I’m fine.”

“Come on, it’s a pleasure to service you.” Your eyes widen as you look away. Oh… he had no idea his little tease would make him feel as aroused as you. “Anything else I can do for you?”

“N-no, I’m fine. Let’s get my friend before she ‘accidentally trips and falls into some of your colleagues arms.” He chuckles at your attempt of brushing it out whatever wild thoughts your mind is going through. What wouldn’t he give to hear them all?

You let your friend at her place and then he walks you to yours. Somehow you managed to go back to your usual, funny, bubbly self. You two stop at the door of your building.

“Thanks for the night, Zen.”

“My pleasure.” He bows before you, smirking as he sees you pressing your legs against each other. “So,  what about joining me tomorrow night to help me practice my lines? I think you’ll really like this new project.”

“Sure! I would love to! Who will you play?”

“A butler.” He says bluntly, trying not to laugh at your eyes blinking non-stop and your half ajar mouth, your reaction is…ugh, perfect. “Good night, babe. Have sweet dreams.”

Your answer comes out almost in a whisper. And as he starts walking, hearing you go inside your building, he sighs in amusement. Your friend loves you because you’re a ‘dirty little bitch’ and he loves you because… wait! He loves you?


“You should be ashamed of yourself for thinking such impure thoughts about such a cinnamon roll, MC!”

“Don’t you think I don’t know that? Ugh… he’s really cute, isn’t it?” you sigh “But you know what’s cuter? His balls that I shamelessly sucked in that dream!” you two laugh mischievously.

“Well, you’re so altruistic even in your fantasies, aren’t you? Giving blowjobs instead of getting eaten, I mean…”

“Well, you’ve met him, haven’t you? He’s so shy, I think a blowjob would really make him loosen up. He was definitely not shy in my dream, you know?”

“Bet he whined like a puppy.”

“Girl, no! He was groaning, and trust me… it was hot!”

Shit shit shit! Yoosung should have stopped listening to this when he heard “balls”. And yet, he kept standing there behind the bathroom door as you and your friend walked to the hallway of the house she was throwing a little get together. He felt so special about her inviting him, since he was one of your closest friends by now. Well, as close as you two are now, it will never be close enough like you and her talking about such… intimate things like you’re discussing this new color of nail polish or… other stuff women talk about that he doesn’t really understand. And though he appreciates it the hint of concern and desire of him loosening up, your methods are… gahhhh! His face is all hot! Hot… like his groans in your dream? No! What is he thinking? This is so naughty, Yoosung!

“Hey, MC…” he does his best to not show you his embarrassment as he goes to you a little later, at least not too much embarrassment.

“Are you okay? You look so red… you don’t have a fever, do you?” your friend asks, trying to reach his forehead, which makes him even redder. “Oh, poor thing!  Hey, there’s a thermometer in the first aid kit in the kitchen, why don’t you pick it? MC will help you.” He looks at you, and… well, it would be impossible for you to get more flustered as him, but… you looked pretty embarrassed… which made him feel a little relieved and very aroused.

“Sorry for the trouble, MC. I… don’t really wanna feel like a burden to you or your friend.”

“Nonsense! If you’re sick, I need to help you and make sure you’re feeling ok.” Helping him… making him feel ok… gahhh! How come everything you say takes him immediately to the conversation he overheard?

“See? No fever! I told you I was fine, no need to worry! Now let’s go back to the party!” he says, yes, he’ll definitely shake these naughty thoughts if it isn’t just the two of you.

“Are you sure? Or we can just go, you know?”

“Ah, now that I was starting to loosen up?” oops! It slips from his mouth before he even realizes. But your shy smile is so worthy… “I mean… I mean… I…”

“You’re right. Let’s go.” You turn your back on him. So he won’t see you blushing, maybe?

And he did loosen up, making you and your friend really delighted. At the end, people were sad for seeing you two calling it a night and he saying goodbye to walk you home.

“Did you have fun, Yoosung?” you ask when you two stop by the door of your building.

“Yes! I gotta say, your friends are… really handful at first, but then I got more comfortable and had so much fun. Thanks for the night, MC!”

“Oh, I should thank you for joining me, I know they can be really loud and… hard to deal if you’re shy and…”

“Oh, you should know that I’m not really that shy…” well, he is. But he needed seeing your cute flustered smile at least one more time before he leaves.

So worth it! Loosening up, getting less shy, making you smile… he loves how much he’s changing because of you, he loves… you?


“Never would’ve took you as a boob girl, MC! I was so sure you were more the ass type…”

“Girl, I thought I was, but… her breasts are just… beautiful. I feel like a horny dude by thinking so much of them to the point of dreaming about them, but… they are beautiful, especially from the angle I was seeing in that dream, you know?”

“Well, they are pretty big, I’m almost jealous…”

“I wish I was jealous, all I can think about is how warm and smooth it must be…just like her whole skin… and I seriously need to stop talking like a creepy guy, don’t I?”

“Well, you lose a little bit of prudence when you get a crush that big…”

“Ugh, my crush is bigger… bigger than her boobs…” you mutter shyly as your friend tells you’re fucking hopeless.

Well, this is embarrassing, to say the least. She knew you were slightly different when you hang with your best friend, but this is on a whole another level, she wonders if your friendship with her will ever get to the point of sharing such personal thoughts. Oh… she’s not sure if she’ll ever feel like talking about her erotic dreams… have she ever even had one? No, that one with Zen wasn’t really erotic, oh, but she remembers waking up one night really sweaty… she doesn’t recall much, but it was a dream about you… Oh… is talking about wet dreams a normal thing between girlfriends? How will she ever talk about them with her closest friends if the dream was about the closest friend? Her closest friend has been dreaming about her, about her… boobs. Do they really look that great?

“Hi! I decided to touch up my makeup too.” She says stepping to the bathroom of the bar that you insisted on bringing your two best friends.

“Oh, great! Here, you can borrow my lipstick. This bitch here will tell you to watch out for herpes, but don’t mind her, she’s just jealous of my pursing lips.” You roll your eyes and laugh, making them both chuckle. “I should get going, somebody needs to watch our table, see ya girls in a minute.” She walks out of there humming loudly.

“I’m sorry, she’s just… I hope she’s not making you embarrassed or anything…” oh, nothing is more embarrassing than you liking her boobs. What do you like them beside their size?

“It’s okay, MC. I’m having lots of fun!”

“Oh, I know the name of this fun, it’s marguerita, right?” you two laugh as look at the mirror, adjusting yourselves. “Ugh, I’m so tipsy I think I’ll smudge this lipstick before I even put it on.”

“Oh, let me help you.” She promptly goes to you, holding your shoulders for you to face her. So close… like you were in that dream of hers. Yes, her boobs are pretty big, aren’t they? You’re not that close and they are almost touching yours, yep, you noticed that too as you quickly glanced down and cleared your throat, facing her again.

“You know what? It’s… it’s fine. I mean, I’ll drink more, so I don’t really need lipstick.” You say, backing away. “Let’s go back before that bitch drinks all the beer!”

And it was so much fun! It was so good to be around other women like that, it feels even more special because she never had that before. It’s new, and it’s unpredictable and it makes her feel like… well, like a woman again. She couldn’t stop feeling this even when you called it a night and offered to walk her to her place.

“Are you sure you’re not the one who needs help to get home, MC?” she asks when you two arrive at her place.

“Yeah, I’m okay! All that fun I drank it’s no match for me!” is she a match for you? Wait, what? “Anyway, I should get going, I can’t wait to get home, these shoes are killing me, and don’t even get me started in this bra!”

“Yeah… I can’t wait to take mine off too…” she feels her face heating up as she notices you basically staring at her cleavage.  But her embarrassment turns into amusement as she watches you shaking your head after saying goodbye. Ohoho…if you could, you would definitely slap yourself right now, wouldn’t you?

She looks to her boobs when she goes inside her place, chuckling. How could you make her feel so good about this part of her body that made her feel so self-conscious for so long? Yeah, you make her feel like a woman, and you know what? Your breasts aren’t bad either… just another great part of you that she… loves?


“Aren’t you a little old for school fantasies, girl?”

“Well, he could be a professor in university. It’s not like it would be less hot anyway…”

“Were you wearing a pleated skirt and piggytails?”

“Girl, no! Jumin is a classy man, I would never have a wet dream about him that could be a video you can see on Redtube!”

“Oh, so you’re saying he spanked you with a rule, then fucked you over a desk and called you ‘his naughty girl’, but with class?”

“Yes, that’s exactly what I’m saying. He does everything elegantly… even, you know, cumming on my breasts.” You both chuckle.

Well, uhm… this wasn’t a very elegant conversation, and it definitely wasn’t elegant of him to keep listening it, even if he was the topic. Well, not him per say, a… professor version of him? How did you even come up with that? He never even considered a career in the teaching field… your imagination really is… quite something. How would this work? You were a student of his? Oh, but that would be really unprofessional… he asking you to meet him after class, he needed to go over your last essay and how disappointed he was because he knew you have so much potential and can do such a better job. And you would tell him you’re really sorry, because his opinion really matters to you and you’ll do anything to prove you’re worth of his trust. Anything?

“Oh, there you are!” he says, walking into the balcony you and your friend were talking in this party at his dad’s house. “I hope I’m not interrupting anything.”

“Of course not! Actually, I… I feel like I’m interrupting something, I should… taste a little caviar. You two… get along, will you?” you roll your eyes and he smiles softly. She’s so unsubtle even he can see what she’s trying to do.

“How can you interrupt something you’ve been doing from the beginning? I’m sorry, Jumin, I have no idea what I was thinking when I told she could come over.”

“She is funny, and she is your friend. Any friend of yours is mine too, MC. How long have you been friends, again?”

“Oh, we went to the same college.”  Oh… more school talk?

“I would love to have met you in college, it would have been priceless.” Oh, you’re looking so intently at him… what if he teases you a little? “Even though you would probably avoid me, most colleagues would mistake me as a professor.”

“I… don’t think I would avoid you.” Oh… not the reaction he was expecting, to be honest.

“Well, I’m pleased to know that. Let’s go back to the party, shall we?” yeah, he got  a little frustrated you didn’t really get flustered. He’s always amused by your flustered face…

He kept thinking about this even after Driver Kim let your friend at her place and now that you two were alone in his car. Actually, he would like to know what you were thinking. It almost sounded like you were trying to tease him as well back then. Did he… did he get flustered? Probably not, if he did, you would giggle and tell him he is cute, like you usually do. Oh yeah, just remembering makes him feel… well, flustered.

“Well, this is where I stay. Thanks for inviting me.”

“Don’t mention it. The pleasure was all mine. Did you have fun?”

“I did! I was so worried because everything was so fancy and… elegant, but I…”

“You’ll get used to elegance, it would be a privilege to teach you all about elegance from now on, if you allow me to be your teacher, of course.” There it is… your lovely blushing face.

You say a quick goodbye before getting off the car and almost running to your house. Ahh, you never fail to amuse him, do you? He just loves you so much and… oh…


“So, just to make it clear, he would be the one to crossdress, or did you crossdress as a guy too?”

“No, he was the one crossdressing. And let me tell you, what a hot girl/boy he is. I was almost sexually confused.”

“Yeah, a guy wearing your panties and a cat maid outfit while he fucks you? That can be confusing.”

“You say that because you don’t know how hot he looks in a dress. He looks… he looks even better than us…”

“Nah, you’re just blinded by your crush, I suppose.”

“Yeah… and very sexually confused.” You two laugh and keep talking about guys wearing panties and how hot this is, you kinky little perverts.

Saeyoung accidentally listened to that phone call as he was checking a little bug in your phone, as you requested him to do so. Of course he didn’t need to listen to your private conversations, but he listened his name, crush, maid outfit and wet dream and… well, he couldn’t stop it.  It was wrong, but why did it feel so right? Like most of his feelings for you, to be honest… oh, if you only knew that there was nothing to feel embarrassed, because… well, he had even filthier dreams with you… no, but he could never tell you that, he’s not a girlfriend with who you can open up to and tell your deepest fantasies and desires. What if he disguised as a woman and tried to get friends with you? Oh… but if you’re so kinky for his crossdressing, you two would end up more than friends, huh? Lol

He called you because… well, just because. And watched as you jumped when you saw his name on the screen of your phone. “I’ll call you later, girl.”

“Oh… your little girlfriend is on the other line, right? Don’t worry, I won’t be a third wheel. Talk to you later!”

“Hey, Saeyoung, what’s up?” Oh, after that conversation? There is something definitely up with him…

“Just calling to let you know I’m still trying to fix the bug on your phone remotely, but if it gets too tough, I’ll probably need to go to your place and fix it personally.”

“My place? Ugh… let me know so I can clean it up before, it’s a mess!”

“Or I can come over and clean for you? Like a good maid?” he listens to you gulping lightly. Ohoho he got you good, huh? Well, he would like to get you, you know?

And much to your surprise, he did show up at your place. He considered showing up as a maid, but… maybe he wouldn’t be able to resist to your lustful eyes when you would spot him standing at the door. So… nah, he would be the only one struggling to resist you, he was pretty good at it.

“Hello, miss. Did you request my services?”

“I did. But no uniform? Ugh… such an unprofessional maid!”

“Oh please, forgive me, madam. Shall I change right away?” he says taking off his hoodie and making a motion to his bag so you’ll think he actually brought the costume.

“Or maybe you can work with no clothes on?” you smirk, and he immediately stops, blushing. You look at him and start laughing. “Come in, stupid, I’ll make some popcorn for us.”

And as he joins you in the couch to eat that popcorn and find something for you to watch, he can’t help feeling… happy. Yeah, sexual fantasies are fun, but his innocent fantasies about you are so much better, and he’s glad to make this one come true. He would love to make all of them come true, because he… he loves you.


“… and I mean, I know it’s bad, but I… I can’t keep an innocent vision about him getting ice cream after that dream, you know?”

“What flavor was the ice cream?”

“I… I don’t know, it was pink, I… seriously? I just told you about how I dreamed about Saeran licking ice cream off my whole body, and you’re concerned about the flavor? What the fuck?”

“Hahaha, I’m just messing with you. Don’t get so upset, I bet you don’t get mad when he messes with you like that.”

“He never messes with me… unfortunately.”

“Awww, someone is feeling a little M, huh?”

M? What does that mean? Oh… his brother calls Yoosung an M sometimes, could it be…? Masochist? SHIT! What’s wrong with you girls? How can you talk about stuff like that so shamelessly? He feels like a nerve-wracking talking over the most trivial stuff with you, and here you are vividly describing to your equally crazy friend how he told you how yummy you are and how he would eat you all night, even when there was no ice cream anymore. Girls are insane! But still, it’s fun to see you so comfortable, he wishes you would get this comfortable around him and not being so worried about hurting his feelings. Okay, but don’t get too comfortable… not like in your weird dream!

“Hey!” he says, walking back from the bathroom and joining you two in the cafeteria’s table you invited him. He probably wouldn’t have accepted if he knew you had another guest, ugh… it’s still weird being around your crazy friends…

“Hi! So uhm…  I’m sorry if my presence here makes you uncomfortable, honey. MC said she was just very excited to introduce you to me, but I… I should get going. No hard feelings, okay? Take your time and don’t worry.” Ah great! Now he feels like a prick.

“Did I do something wrong?” he asks you as she walks away.

“Oh… no, not at all! She is just giving us some space, I mean… you, she’s giving you some space. Don’t worry, she thinks you’re really nice and sweet.”

“Sweet like ice cream?” he ask, more ou of curiosity than to actually tease you, but your nervous smile is just… priceless!

“Nah, you’re sweeter.” Shit! Now he’s blushing! Humph, he looks away grumpily, hating how you always manages to fluster him, somehow.

You two are walking to his place when you spot this popsicle little store. And he is wondering if you’re teasing him. Nah, probably not, you just know he likes ice cream. You know him so well…

“I want anything that is pink.” He says, smirking. And you just nod, avoiding his gaze. Hahaha, cute dork!

He notices your quick glances at him as he runs his tongue along the popsicle. He feels so stupid trying to be sexy, but at least you’re stupid enough to fall for it.

“Ahh, brain freeze!” you say flinching slightly before starting to lick it again. He finds it funny how you just complained about the bothering sensation and didn’t even hesitate to do it again, kinda like an…

“You’re just a little M, ain’t you?” you choke on the popsicle, which… makes him feel really aroused.

And as you walk him home all flustered, he can’t stop smirking, he finally got the upper hand on this flirting thing. He’s getting better and you’re allowing him on it, probably because you like him, and he… really likes you, he… probably even loves you.


“You’re such a narcissistic hoe, MC! Admit it!”

“No! It’s not about narcissism! It’s about… body praising! He was praising my body by taking photos of it and my reactions to his dirty talking,”

“I seriously can’t imagine that guy doing dirty talk, MC.”

“I can’t either… that’s what makes it so sexy, you know?”

“You are… so dirty for covering such an elegant man with your impure thoughts!”

“Ugh, I know… but I can’t help it, he’s just… he’s just elegantly sexy, I guess…”

Sexy? You think he’s… sexy? Well, it’s not like he haven’t heard this before, but coming from you makes it even harder to believe. He’s flattered, but he doesn’t feel like he’s sexy… oh, but the taking pics of your reactions while he talks dirty is very sexy, actually. Yeah… what would he say to you? “I love how your body shivers in anticipation for me.” “You’re so beautiful,I want to see everything, show me everything, MC!” no, too formal… “You like this, don’t you? You like being naked as I watch you with my camera? Dirty girl…” okay, better… “I can’t wait to turn this camera off and go to you, your body is driving me crazy, I won’t be able to control myself.” Okay… “I need to taste you, then make you beg for me to feel you, I’ll make you beg for my cock, my slutty little gi…” oh no, too much, and he would never call you a slut. Ugh… your friend is right, he really sucks at this.

“Hello, ladies!” he says walking into the kitchen of your place, you and your friend were grabbing more snacks for this little get together and he overheard this talk when he realized he needed to help you two. “Can I help you with that?”

“Oh, I’m good, but you can help MC.” Your friend says, shoving the packages in your arms and running out of there. He chuckles as you glare at her.

“You… really don’t have to do that, V. You’re a guest, don’t worry.”

“Oh, please allow me on helping you being a good hostess, would you? It would be an honor…”

“Yeah, sure. I don’t reall know how to say no to you.” You admit chuckling.

“Really now? So I suppose you wouldn’t say no if I ask to take a picture of you?” oh… the dream… he didn’t mean it like that. It’s just… you look really beautiful under this light and… ahh, your blushing face is so adorable, it only makes him feel like taking a lot of pictures! “I’m sorry, I got ahead of myself. Let me help you with this.”

And he keeps helping you being a good hostess for most of the night, some of your friends even remark on how it looks like you two are a couple celebrating a little housewarming, which makes you both blush and delight at each other’s flustered expressions. Of course he stayed to help you cleaning afterwards.

“It was a lovely party, MC. Thanks for inviting me.”

“Oh, I was really glad that you came, you know? Even though it’s embarrassing, my house is such a mess and my taste for decoration is so… all over the place!”

“I know… well, I suppose that’s just one of the things that makes you really sexy.” He quickly looks away, not daring to stare at you and your reaction to his sudden boldness. “I… should get going, it’s getting late.

You nod and walk him to the door. And as he looks at you to say goodbye, he finally sees your expression, and it is… breathtaking! Oh… he would love to get a pic of this! He would love to take pics of every single one of your reactions. For example, how would you react if he ever confessed that he loves you?




“That’s on the third floor.” I smiled pleasantly, the woman thanking me as she scuttled off towards the elevators.

Work was as mundanely lovely as always. In my old job, dealing with customers usually brought on vile profanities, needless anger, and name calling. It had been a tedious job, to say the least. Working in a complaints department had been a guaranteed source for a headache.
But with my new job, everyone was lovely. All the time. It was weird, really. I’d been there for three months, and only a handful of bad experiences to show for it. Granted, the interactions were usually quite short, but the manners of the people who frequented that building were astonishing.
Until that day.

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Birthday Present // Jack Maynard***

Words Count- 1445


Can you write a smut where it’s jack’s birthday party. he and the reader sneak away from the party and have sex in his car. bc what’s a better present than birthday sex? (;

A/N- THIS IS MY FIRST SMUT SO PLEASE BE NICE. Please give me your feedback but pls keep it nice. Hope you enjoy :)


You and Jack had been dating for a little over seven months now. Your relationship was still very new in terms of length so you were still in the ‘everything ends in sex’ stage. Which neither of you two complained about. The sex with Jack wasn’t like any other sex you had had. He was experienced to say the least; he knew all of your weak spots and he knew exactly what to say to have you weak at the knees.

Jack was a very sexual person; and half the time he wasn’t even trying. Once he had walked out to the kitchen after just waking up. His hair was still messy from his previous sleeping state and his boxers hung low on his hips. It took everything in your body to not pounce on him then and there. Who are you kidding? You had leapt from your spot on the couch and into his arms. He was caught off guard but didn’t fail to show you a good time.

Now, with all this said there was one thing you two hadn’t shared together.

You two had yet to celebrate a birthday together. You had celebrated your birthday right before Jack had asked you out, and Jack’s birthday was in a few days. So you had no idea what to give him.

What’s too much?

What’s not enough?

You tried to ask Conor, Josh and even Anna, but they’re replies were all the same.

“He’ll like whatever you get him.”

So after a long conversation with your mom you had come up with the perfect present. At breakfast you would give him a new watch that he’s been wanting. Then at his birthday party you would give him the tickets and VIP passes to an upcoming Arsenal game. And then, as the night came to a close you would give him his last present.


What’s a better birthday present than birthday sex?

To Jack, the answer was absolutely nothing.

So to complete the last present, you went and bought a new black lacy two piece lingerie.


Today was Jack’s birthday so you started the day off with waking him up to kisses on his neck.

“Mornin’ love,” he said sleepily.

“Happy birthday baby,” you said, continuing to kiss him.

“Thank you, so what are our plans for today?”

You laid on his chest, “Well, your party is tonight. But until then, I don’t think anything.”

“I have a few ideas,” he smirked, flipping you two over.


After some playful morning sex, you two had breakfast and you gave him his first present. He loved it and made sure to give you plenty of thank you kisses. After breakfast you two Skyped his parents and Anna to say hi and so they could wish him a happy birthday. Then you two went out to lunch with Conor.

Finally it was that time of night to go to his party. It was being held at a very large venue and many people were there. You walked around with Joe as Jack mingled with some friends from America.

“So, what’d you get Jack?” you ask, sipping on your drink.

“Nothing big, just a vinyl of Michael Jackson’s greatest hits,” he shrugged.

“He’s going to love that,” you laughed.

“How about you?” he asked.

You spun around, showing yourself, “You’re looking at it.”

Joe snorted, “You definitely beat me.”


The night was still young as you wandered around the large venue, searching for the blonde that you call your boyfriend.

“Hey, sorry to interrupt but have you seen Jack?” you asked Caspar who was in a deep conversation with Alfie.

“Nope, sorry Y/n,” he gave you a smile and turned back to Alfie.

You continued walking until you found another familiar face.

“Hey Josh, have you seen Jack?” you asked the ginger.

“Yeah,” he slurred. “He went to the bathroom.”

You thanked the South African and headed towards the restrooms. Without thinking, you walked into the men’s room.

“There you are,” you chuckled. “I’ve been looking everywhere.”

“You do know you’re in the dude’s room right?” he laughed.

“I don’t care,” you shrugged.

“Okay, well let me fix my hair then we can go back out.” he turned his attention back to the mirror and you watched him.

You hadn’t noticed until now just how good he looked. He was wearing a white button up along with a black blazer. He had on black dress pants and white sneakers. You suddenly felt flushed as you stared at your boyfriend.

He continued to run his hands through his hair, oblivious to how he was making you feel. You felt a sudden wetness.

“Jack?” you said, walking towards him.

“Yes?” he said, focus remaining on the reflection.

You reached up to his hear, “I need you.”

He turned, “What?”

“I need you,” you said, looking up at him.

He grabbed your hand led you out of the bathroom.

“Where are we going?” you asked.

“Well I’m not gonna take you in the bloody bathroom.”

“We both know you would,” you giggled.

“True, but I have a much better idea.” he said, opening the door to go outside.

“And what’s that?” You asked, the cold air hitting your bare skin.

Jack turned and gave you a cheeky grin, “What’s a better gift than car sex?”

You laughed, “If that’s what you want, then that’s what you’ll get.”

You two found your way to Conor’s SUV and quickly got into the back.

“Happy birthday,” you said against his lips as you straddled him.

He flipped you over so you were laying on your back and began lifting up your dress.

“Wait,” you stopped.

He detached his lips from your neck, “What’s wrong?”

You sat up, “It’s your birthday, and you shouldn’t have to do anything.”

“I don’t mind,” he says simply.

“No.” you insisted, pushing him back into the seat. “Just relax.”

You unbuckled his pants and slid your hand into his boxers. You grabbed his length and began pumping up and down.

“Fuck,” he breathed out. “Please, Y/n.”

“What do you want baby?” You asked innocently.

“Your mouth.”

He pushed his jeans down lower and you lowered your mouth around his tip. You continued pumping as you put more of him in your mouth.

“Fuck, oh my god.” He moaned, grabbing a handful of your hair.

You continued bobbing your head, his hand guiding you farther. Seeing him so vulnerable made you wet.

“Shit, Y/n. I’m gonna-” before he could finish, he released his load into your mouth. You swallowed and went back up to kiss him, raising your dress and pulling it over your head.

“You planned this?” he asked, eyeing your black lingerie.

“Maybe,” you giggled.

“I love you, but I need you,” before you could protest Jack ripped the lingerie in half.

“Jack!” you yelled, slapping his chest.

“I’ll buy you a new pair, just ride me.” He locked his eyes on you, hands on your hips.

You grabbed his dick, guiding it along your wet folds.

“I love you,” your eyes stayed on his as you pushed him into.

“Fuck, you’re so tight,” he groaned, thrusting into you.

You moaned, trying to get used to him. No matter how many times you two fucked, Jack always stretched you out like it was the first.

“Fuck,” you breathed, leaning down to kiss his neck. He dug his fingers into your hips, pushing into you more and more each time.

“Right there!” you cried as Jack hit your g-spot. You rocked your hips, grinding on his dick.

“D- Do the-the thing,” he stuttered as you continued to ride him.

You chuckled, turning on his dick so you were facing away from him. Jacks hands immediately went to your ass, massaging it. You put your hands on his thighs, and pulled off him so only his tip was inside you. You slowly made your way back down his length, moving your hips in little circles.

“Fuck babe,” he groaned. “You feel so good.”

You felt your stomach clench around his throbbing dick, “Fuck!”

You turned back around, bouncing up and down as Jack released his load into you.

“C’mon baby, cum for me,” as he said those words you let the bundle in your stomach come undone, your juices going all over him.

You collapsed onto his chest, “Happy birthday babe.”

“Thank you babygirl,” he smiled, kissing your forehead.

“We better go,” you said sadly.

“Yeah, if Conor finds out we fucked in his car he’s going to kill us.”

You both chuckled as you put your clothes back on and returned to party acting like nothing happened. Though everyone knew what you two had just done.

For Later

When he needs something to remember you by while he’s away..


Warnings/Genre: Smut, Oral sex, Fingering, Dirty talk, Squirting

Pairing: Jimin x Reader

Word Count: 1,793

Originally posted by kookies-for-taehyung

“Jimin! We’re going to be late” you shouted from your bedroom. This is the one free day you had alone with Jimin until he goes back on tour. But it was already called short when he had been called in for last-minute meeting and practice. So all you had left was a few measly hours at dinner that you had planned for Jimin with a couple of your close friends before he’s off again.

You kinda wished that you didn’t plan this whole thing. If you had known that this would be the only time you’d have with him before he left, you would’ve never planned this dinner. But it was too late to cancel it. You wanted to get it over as soon as possible, so you could just come home and be alone with Jimin.

“Babe we don’t have to be there for another 20 minutes,” Jimin said as he walked into your shared bedroom. His eyes were glued to his phone, as he was trying to reply back to all the farewell and good luck wishes.

When he finally looked up from his phone, he saw you bent over trying to find the perfect shoes to go with your outfit. He cocked his head to the side and licked his lips at the sight.

You wore one of his favorite outfits on you. A simple tight black dress, that hugged your curves so well. But his favorite part of the dress was the way it rode up when you bent over. Revealing just a tiny bit of skin from your bottom.

You started mumbling something about how you wanted to get the dinner over as fast as you could. And something about being early. But honestly, he wasn’t even paying attention. All he could think about is you. His girlfriend that he wasn’t going to be able to see in months, bent over with her ass sticking out just begging to be fucked.

As you stood up straight, Jimin wrapped his arms around you. Pulling you in so that your back was pushed up against his chest. His head fell to the crook of your neck. Instantly inhaling your perfume, before pressing a wet kiss onto your skin.

“Baby, you look so fucking beautiful” he murmured into your skin. Squeezing you tighter against him.

“Jimin-” you whined as you tried to pull away from his grip. You’d be lying if you said his words didn’t send a shiver right to your core. But you didn’t have time for that. You should be already in the cab right about now, heading to the restaurant. “We have to go Jimin.” You said trying to make your voice sound firm.

“Jagi, we have time,” he said as he continued to kiss and lightly suck on your neck. 

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Challenge Accepted! [smut]

A;N: So, I had this half written for months, and I just didn’t have it in me to finish it. So if you know me then you would know that I am simply not a fluffy person. I can tell you fluffy shit, but I’m so dead inside I struggle to write fluff. I digress, this wouldn’t have been possible without @were-cheetah-stiles ruining my life with The Mistake. Enjoy! Lau xoxo

Pairing: StuartxReader (Hayley but you can easily change the name)

Author: thelittlestkitsune

Warnings: Smut. 18+ Explicit Content.

Word count: 10,386

Listen to me.

Congratulations, Hayley!

You have been accepted to our summer internship programme! You will be battling with the best and brightest for an exclusive place in our San Francisco offices. So get packing and we’re really excited to meet you! July can’t come soon enough!  

Patricia Hedley

(Assistant to Mr Chetty)  

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Christian woke up to the loud ringing of his alarm. He blindly reached for his nightstand but there was nothing there. He didn’t want to get up yet so he let the noise continue knowing it would eventually shut off on its own.

The sound only got louder making you groan. “Make it stop,” your voice came out groggy and tired.

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Best Thing In My Life

Summary: Reader goes on a demon hunt with Simon who goes with the angels. 51. “I fucking love you” & 71. “I’ve never told anyone”

Characters: Reader, Raphael Santiago, Simon Lewis, Lightwood Duo, Clary Fairchild

Fandom: Shadowhunters(TV)

Word Count: 516

Requested: @snowflakexss

AN: This is the shortest thing I have written so I’m sorry about that. I know I said I would have it in a day or two but I couldn’t help it. I wrote it and I wanted to post it. I hope this is kinda what you were looking for, if not my apologies. 

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I’m Yours

Request: hayes imagine where you two are getting ready for an awards show and you have your hair and makeup people helping and you and hayes and the guys are all just hanging out while getting ready and hayes can’t believe how georgous you look and the guys are all shocked so hayes like keeps touching and hugging and kissing you to make everyone know your his. thanks girlie!! love ur blog❤


could you do a hayes grier imagine where him & y/n are dating and they hang out at his house with all the guys?

a/n; I combined the two requests since they kinda go together, and one was kind of vague as to what happens so

Word Count: 810

Pairing: Hayes Grier X Reader

Y/N’s P.O.V

I rolled my eyes as the guys somehow ended up in the kitchen where I was getting ready, I couldn’t turn to face them since I was having my hair curled. The blinds all pulled up to let lots of light in, “what are you guys doing?” I asked, looking as far back towards them as I could, “waiting.” I heard spread out across the room, I sighed, looking back in front of me, the makeup artist just got here so she’s setting up. 

“What kind of look are we going for?” She asked, ignoring the noise from everyone else, “modern, but not crazy.” I answered, I pulled up a picture of my dress for tonight, so she would know what type of colors to use. Hayes appeared in front of us making me smile, “hi babe.” I grabbed his hand as it rested on the counter next to me, “hey, baby.” He smiled at me, glancing back over at the guys who weren’t really paying any attention. 

“You look nice.” I told him, looking him over, he was almost wearing a suit, he was just missing the tie basically, but it looked nice, mature and polished. “Thank you.” He laughed, letting go of my hand as one of the guys called him over. “He’s sweet.” My hairstylist said, tugging gently on a piece of hair, pulling it into an updo, I closed my eyes as the eye shadow brush started coming towards my face. “And so it begins.” I mumbled, hearing the boys get even more rowdy, without a doubt getting documented on Snapchat by Johnson. 

“And here we have Y/N, getting pulled around by her hair.” I heard Johnson, as my head got pulled to the side by my hair, I laughed, “vlog or Snapchat?” I asked, not opening my eyes, since I couldn’t. “Vlog.” He answered, I nodded subtly, not wanting to mess up anything. 

“I just have to get dressed.” I assured Hayes as I walked past him, he grabbed my hand, making me turn towards him. He planted a kiss on my lips before letting me go, normally Madison and I helped each other get into our more elaborate dresses, but she’s out of town right now, so I’m on my own. 

I resisted the urge to bite my lip as I struggled to reach the zipper on my dress, “why couldn’t it be on the side?” I mumbled to myself, sticking my head out into the hall. “Hayes!” I shouted down the stairs, “someones in trouble.” I heard faintly followed by his footsteps thumping up the stairs. Hayes raised his eyebrows at me as I came into his view. “I can’t get the zipper.” I explained turning my back towards him. 

I watched in the mirror in front of me as the dress got pulled together, hugging me just right. It was a simple black dress, snug at the top but slightly looser once it got past my hips, spaghetti straps on top to help hold the v-neck up, cut outs on my waist. But it still had an element of class, it showed skin, but not in an obnoxious way. 

“Well, damn.” Hayes met my eyes in the mirror, I turned in his light grasp of my waist, his hands on the skin showing in the cut outs, “ready?” I asked, reaching to grab his hand. He nodded, asking me if I had everything I needed before we started our descent downstairs. My heels clicked on the wood stairs, slowly but surely everyone started shutting their mouths as I came into view. I felt a blush rise to my cheeks by all the attention, they normally don’t see me this way, it’s normally a “she’s Hayes’ girlfriend and she’s younger than us” way, but now I don’t look like I’m as young as I am. The dress in combination with the hair and makeup ages me, in a good way. 

I cleared my throat, realizing we were all kind of just standing there, I felt Hayes’ hand rest on the small of my back, slightly lower than where it normally is. I glanced at him, but didn’t say anything, I’ll let him have his little moment. 

“Ready?” I asked everyone as we stepped off of the last step, Hayes’ hand still on my back. “Uh, yeah.” The only two who had really stopped looking at me early on were Nash and Gilinsky, since they have girlfriends. “Let’s go then.” I mumbled, walking away from them, feeling Hayes wrap his arm around me some more. A quick kiss left on my temple. “I’m yours, Hayes, you don’t have to keep showing them.” I mumbled, looking up at him as everyone followed behind us. 

“I know but you just look so good.” He whispered in my ear, his eyes shooting a warning glance behind us. 

vandrecer  asked:

Hi!!! :) I love your writing <3 , it is awesome and it is so accurate with the characters' personalities. And I would like to see, if you want and can :) , how it would be with the RFA, Saeran and V with a hacker MC. It would be interesting. And also I send tons of love and hugs. Be happy! :D

ww, you’re so sweet

I was quite sleepy and drunk when I wrote this, have no idea if this makes sense, but I’m pretty sure some of them are completely crazy.

Try to roll with me on this lolol:

RFA + Saeran and V with a hacker MC


  • His photos and performance videos were being spread like a virus again.
  • But now in emails of the most important producers and directors in Hollywood .
  • And Seven was the one to tell him that, so he wasn’t the responsible for it.
  • So who did it?
  • I mean, the pics are all very flattering, it’s not like this person is doing something bad. “Whoever did this probably likes you a lot?” “More than MC?” “Maybe somebody just like MC…”
  • He keeps thinking about this, it’s ridiculous, he knows it. But there’s nothing wrong about asking, right?
  • “Babe, hear me out on this. I was with Seven trying to figure out who spread those pictures and he said it could have been you! Can you imagine?” he laughs, you don’t. Oh… you can do much more than imagine.
  • “B-babe?” “Zen… I thought that was a good way to try to tell you?” “Tell me what, MC?” “That I’m a hacker.”
  • So… many… questions! And he’s so worried that you might get involved in thinks like those emails leaked from Sony Pictures that time or even more dangerous stuff.
  • You shrug telling him hacking isn’t really your thing, it’s more like a hobby. But it could still be a problem for his career if anybody ever finds out about this… he’s worried, you’re worried, but you both telling each other everything will be fine.
  • “But, please, babe. Be careful!” you will, you have been careful for a while now. And you work by yourself, so it’s hard to associate you to an agency or to someone.
  • And he still worries, but it’s not like he couldn’t complain when he got an invitation to a screen test in Hollywood. Thanks to you.



  • Here he is playing LOLOL while you are reading a book.
  • “This guy is good! It’s the third time he beats me!” “Then don’t let him!” you say mindlessly. “I’m trying, but I think he’s using some cheat code or something.”
  • You go to him and watch as the guy beats your boyfriend again, and yeah… it seems suspicious…
  • “Let me try something, honey.” You type something really fast and Yoosung just watches it.
  • He would feel really aroused having you almost sitting in his lap, but you look terrifyingly serious, and this is about LOLOL, so he’s very serious too.
  • “Done. This guy won’t be a problem for you anymore, honey.” You kiss his forehead and walk away. He has no idea what you’ve done, but… all the items the guy collected before now belong to him.
  • So forget LOLOL for a while, he’s more curious about you. “What was that, MC?” “Hum? Oh, you were right, that guy was using a cheat code, but blocking him was child’s play, don’t worry, honey.”
  • “But… how do you know how to… block cheat codes and… basically accessing the database of the game?” “Ah, yeah… I’m kinda like a hacker or something…”
  • “A HACKER? LIKE SEVEN? SO YOU DO DANGEROUS STUFF LIKE HIM? ARE YOU BEING CHASED, MC? IS THE FBI AFTER YOU? IS THE MIB AFTER YOU?” “Well, I’m an earthling, I don’t think I’m a threat to the MIB, Yoosung…”
  • “THIS IS SERIOUS! MC, I’LL PROTECT YOU!  TELL ME WHAT I HAVE TO DO AND I’LL DO IT!” you giggle, mainly because you know it’s true.
  • It took a while for him to understand hacking is more like a hobby, you’re not really interested in making money out of getting information. It’s not really worth the trouble, you know?
  •  He is still a little shocked with all your bluntness about this, but as long as you’re not doing anything dangerous, he won’t say anything. And if you want to teach him some cheat codes, he won’t complain either.


  •  You cut the crap and told her as soon as you started dating
  • She’s confused… you’re like Luciel, but without the disgusting eating habits and the weird sense of humor?
  • And you’re more like a freelancer? Okay…
  • And you’ve been dealing with some shady stuff like hacking into government databases? Okay…
  • Cool…
  • She’s so scared, it’s all over the news! People are calling you a terrorist! And why would you even tell her this? You want her to be your partner in crime or something?
  • “I just told you because I trust you.” You smile sweetly, and for one minute she forgets all those terrifying thoughts, but just for one minute.
  • “Okay, thanks for trusting me. Now tell me what you’re thinking for your plans if you ever have to run away?” “I…”
  • “Oh my God, MC! You don’t have a plan? Okay, so here’s what we’re gonna do…”
  • And this woman spent the next two hours telling you all the logistics for you eventually having to leave the country. You will definitely follow them if you ever need to, but right now… you’re just shocked with this clever woman standing before you.
  • She really isn’t as innocent as everybody thinks, huh? Just like you…


  • You told him.
  • Better tell him before he finds out with you being arrested or something, right?
  • “I’m a hacker, I leaked those emails. No, I’m not quitting just so you don’t get worried about my safety.”
  • “I love this, Jumin! I truly do! You have no idea how amazing it is! Information is power! And I have the biggest power in my hands. And people need to know what happens behind the curtains when it comes to politics and companies and capitalism and…nnnggg.”
  • He interrupts you with a kiss.
  • “J-Jumin?” “I’m not pleased, but you’re passionate about this. I won’t get in the way of your passion or your life.”
  • “But…”  “Isn’t that what you want from me?” That’s exactly what you need from him, you just didn’t know it could be that easy to get.
  • “Do what you have to do. I also have power, so I can bail you out if you ever need me to.” Whoaaaa, is he serious?
  • “But be careful, don’t do anything reckless.” YES, SIR!
  • So yeah, he doesn’t show much how concerned he is, and you see how hard he is trying to give you space.
  • But he’s also very impressed. Information is power, indeed. There are very interesting things in what you do that could be useful for him.
  • So guess who’s being paid by Jumin Han to find important stuff on market sales?


  • You didn’t tell him.
  • You showed him.
  • This boy says he’s done with hacking, but deep down, he misses the rush a bit.
  • So why not do this as a game for old time’s sake? He wouldn’t be in danger if he played along inside your own little game.
  • It starts with you disabling his security system and sending enigmatic messages.
  • Then you mess with his cars, programming the GPS to send him to this particular address.
  • Okay, he was so mad and desperately trying to fire back, but he has to admit: this hacker is good.
  • Then he sees the address and… your house? OH SHIT! Are you in danger? You quickly call him on your most friendly voice telling him some random thing just for him to know you’re fine. So… what the hell?
  • He goes to your place with a taser gun. Maybe the hacker didn’t attack you yet? They were just waiting him to show up?
  • He enters your living room and he almost falls in his back. You’re alone… wearing lingerie and messing with your phone.
  • He gets a notification in his phone, a text from the hacker: “Kudos on passing through the phases, now it’s time to meet the boss of this game.”
  • He had so many questions, but that would have to wait a little… No need to say he took you to the space station without ever leaving the room.


  • He was suspecting for a while now.
  • You spend as much time on your laptop as him and his brother.
  • And trying to find out what you’re doing turns out to be more difficult than he thought, like… you know a way to shut him out.
  • “How are you doing this?” he asks all of a sudden. “Doing what?” “Blocking me and my attempts to hack into your stuff?”
  •  “Why are you trying to hack into my stuff?” touché “Because I think you’re onto something.”
  • “Like what?” you tease him. “Like hacking.”
  • “Hum… am I?” “I don’t know, that’s what I’m trying to find out. So stop blocking me!” “Try me…” OH, IT’S ON!
  • And the first Hacking Challenge began. He was attacking you with everything he has, you were defending yourself and using you weapons too.
  • At some moment, he got so caught up with this he almost forgot why he was doing this. It was fun, after all.
  • And as he couldn’t beat you, he turned off his computer and got away all grumpy, yeah, he’s a bad loser…
  • You went after him, saying you were sorry and you could make it up to him. He grinned, expecting for something dirty, but your idea was even better.
  • “How about we join forces to mess with Saeyoung a little?”


  • You told him.
  • He was a person with many secrets who dated another person with many secrets.
  • It was time to break this cycle, right?
  • He looked shocked, and sad.
  • Have you risking yourself like this, after all you two have been through…
  • He was scared, for you and… of you?
  • But he needed to know. “Why do you do this, MC?”
  • “Because people deserve to know the truth, Jihyun. You know how tiring it can be to keep hiding things like this. And let me tell you, if it’s tiring for you, it can be terrifying and… even dangerous for the people who doesn’t know these secrets. People deserve to know, V! And if I can manage to tell them, why wouldn’t I?”
  • Well, if you put it like that… he knows some secrets should never be secrets, people like hackers have the resources to share these secrets, if he were a hacker, if he had these resources, wouldn’t he do the same?
  • He hugs you all of a sudden and kisses your head. It feels good, but yet you’re very surprised.
  •  “I’m so proud of you, my love.” Oh… okay, that’s good.
  • “But be careful and don’t be imprudent, or I’ll end up being imprudent too in order to protect you.” You have no doubt on how serious he is being right now.

“ Jeff I need you right now!” You harshly whispered.

“ Baby what’s wrong?” He was half asleep and worried.

His shuffling steps and jingling car keys could be heard out of your phone speaker. 

“ Please just hurry Jeff”


You heard a knock at your door and made a loud humming sound of approval. Jeff rushed to your bedside, still in his PJ shorts,  and wrapped his arms around you.

“ So can you tell me what’s up?”

You point to your bedroom dresser and shiver at the sight of it.

“ I don’t see anything”

“ It’s right there! On the top!”

He slowly walked up, looked around your dresser, and let out a loud sigh.

“ Babe, I love you, but it’s 3 am and this dime sized spider can’t hurt you.” 

“ Please just get it out.”

Using an empty coffee mug, Jeff tossed the spider inside and then let it go out the window. 

“Thank you baby” 

“ Yeah yeah, scoot over I’m exhausted from Spider-man duty”

Those three words

(Montgomery de la Cruz x reader)

A/N: It’s official, I’m trash for Monty.

I hope you like this one xx

Warnings: English is not my first language.

Words: 1.696


I had never been a fan of parties, but I had to admit that since I started dating Monty it had become something really fun to do, maybe because he told me his feelings for me in a party and it brought me good memories or maybe because having him by my side at the parties was a guarantee that I was going to have a good time.

I was in one of the parties Bryce had at his house after the baseball games, the party started even before the game ended or the team were even there due to Bryce being out of that game because of a lesion and he decided to get the party started earlier. I was there without Monty because Jessica begged me to go with her and I ended up agreeing and missing half of the game.

In that party you could even find people from the other high school, something pretty unusual, but it was working for now.

I was pouring a Coca-Cola in a red cup because that night I wouldn’t drink alcohol, I’ll let Monty have my turn, it was the least I could do after missing almost the entire game, when suddenly I felt a pair of arms around my waist and I quickly smelt my loving boyfriend’s scent and I smiled brightly.

I turned to look at him “look who’s finally here” I said before pecking his lips and wrap my arm around his neck.

He just smiled back and was about to give me a kiss when someone called him and both of us turned in the female’s voice direction just to see one of the cheerleaders from the other team.

“You played really well tonight” she said winking at him and playing with her hair.

I looked at him with surprise all over my face and when he looked at me I arched my eyebrows waiting for him to say something.

When I didn’t get an explanation from him I turned in the girl’s direction again “Fuck off girl” and without looking at Monty I already knew he was looking at me with lust, he loved when something like that happened because apparently it turned him on seeing me like that.

When I looked at him he tried to lock his lips with mine, but I backed off “oh no baby” I said taping his chest “I’ll see you later” I added getting rid of his embrace and leaving him there, I knew what he was playing and I could beat him at this game.

I joined Jess and Sheri, who were with a group of guys from the other team and I got along pretty well with them really fast. From time to time I searched for Monty in the crowd and I found him with his friends, drinking and staring in my direction.

“Come on (Y/N)!” Jess exclaimed grabbing my hand and pulling me in her direction “let’s dance!” I followed her where the people were dancing, accompanied by Sheri and the other guys.

I hadn’t drunk nothing, but after a few minutes it looked like if I had done it because I had lost all the sense of embarrassment left in my body, I moved my body next to my friend’s and the boys like if I knew them all my life.

There was a moment when my eyes found Monty’s and I noticed he wasn’t in the necessary mood for a party and how Zach was grabbing him by his arm probably to avoid him from coming to me, so I decided that I had tortured him enough and taking the last sip of my Coca-Cola I walked to him.

“Hello babe, are you having fun?” I asked with a playful smile in my face.

“You’re killing me” Zach let him go and his hands went straight to my hips and his lips to my neck, he had drunk more than I thought.

“Wow, easy” I chuckle putting my hands on his shoulders and making some space between us “don’t you have something to tell me?”

“Yeah… you look unbelievable beautiful tonight” he answered with a big smile.

I couldn’t help smile thanks to his words that I wasn’t expecting “I’m not talking about that, stop playing dumb”

“This is for that cheerleader?” he asked confused and when I didn’t say anything he knew I was talking about that “Babe I don’t even know who she is and I don’t want to know who she is, are you jealous?” he asked surprised, it wasn’t something unusual in me.

“I don’t know, you tell me. Were you jealous when you saw me with those boys? Because you looked a little bit… out of control” I giggled.

“You’re making me think too much” he said giving up and leaning his forehead on my shoulder.

“I think you need to lie down for a while” I laughed kissing his cheek.

“With you on top?” I could feel how he was smirking by the thought.

I wrapped my arm around his waist and I guided him to one of the rooms upstairs.

As soon as I closed the door his lips found mine. The kiss was passionate and needy, sliding his hands from my hips to my butt.

He walked backwards, not breaking the kiss for a second, until he fell on the mattress, taking me with him.

He tried to kiss me again, but I stopped him “You are wasted” I laughed when I saw his attempt of puppy face.

“No, I’m not” he said in a tired tone.

I got up and with a lot of effort I moved him to make sure he was comfortable, but I hit my feet in the process “You’re lucky I love you because if not I’d kill you right now for getting this wasted” I said between moans.

When I didn’t hear any funny comments from him I assumed he had fell asleep, but when I looked at him I saw he was staring at me and I automatically looked at my figure trying to find what was wrong but when I didn’t find anything I laid next to him, confused because I didn’t understand why he was looking at me like that.

“Wh-what did you say?” he said it with a serious expression, so serious that he seemed sober.

“Oh you know I couldn’t actually kill you” I tried to joke.

“No, not that, the other thing”

“You’re lucky that I love you?” he frowned, not taking his eyes away from me “what is it? Did I say something wrong?” I asked concerned.

He shook his head “It’s just… I hadn’t heard those three words in a long time, do y-you really love me?” I relaxed when I heard his words; I thought something bad had happened.

“Oh my god Monty, of course I love you” I answered smiling at him and caressing his neck, getting closer to him “even though you won’t remember this tomorrow” I added kissing him.

It was the first time one of us said those words in all the time we’d been together and they came out of me so naturally that I didn’t even realize that I’d said them.

“Believe me, I’ll remember” he said closing his eyes and hugging me.

“Then you’ll have to get used to hear it often” I kissed his head and I rubbed his hair until he fell asleep.

Thanks to Zach I managed to take Monty to his car and I drove us to my house where I had more problems to get him to my room just by myself, but I did it.

The next morning I woke up due to the sunlight that came through my window, I probably forgot to close the curtains the night before.

With my eyes still closed I turned myself upside down, trying to sleep again without the sun in my face, but suddenly I felt an arm around my waist and I remembered that Monty was there with me.

I opened my eyes slightly, hoping to find him asleep, but when I opened my eyes I saw he was awaken and looking at me, which made me smile like a fool and hide my face on the pillow.

“What are you doing?” I asked, not looking at him.

“Watching how lucky I am that you love me” he answered with a funny tone, reminding me what I told him the night before.

“So you remember” I looked at him, feeling the heat on my cheeks.

“Of course” he whispered getting closer until he was just inches away from my face “and I also remember that there’s something I didn’t tell you” I looked at him confused, I didn’t know what he meant “I love you too, you don’t know how much” he added making me smile again.

I couldn’t help it anymore and I kissed him, wrapping my arms around his neck as he grabbed me tightly from my waist, putting me closer to him.

What had started as a sweet kiss ended up being a passionate make out session. I put myself on top of him “I think you’re not wasted for this anymore” I mumbled before kissing him again and I felt how he smiled, what made me smile too and I went from kissing his lips to kiss his neck.

He put his hands on my hips and sat straight grabbing the hem of my shirt and taking it off quickly.

I kissed him again on the lips, trying to get closer to him if that was even possible.

“(Y/N)!” I heard my mom calling me from downstairs.

I broke the kiss and I put my hand on Monty’s mouth knowing that he was laughing due to the situation; I put my finger on my lip, telling him to shut up.

“Yeah mom?!” I shouted back.

“We’re going to the store! You have pancakes for breakfast!”

“Okay! Thank you!” after that I heard the main door closing and I took my hand off Monty’s mouth.

“Where were we?” he asked with a raspy voice bringing his lips to my neck.

the gilded mirror *smut*

player: tyler seguin, dallas stars
request: anonymous said: for a blurb request, can you do tyler seguin where he fucks you in front of a mirror?
authors notes: this should have been longer but i didn’t really know how to draw it out without making it not a blurb (that didn’t make sense, oh well). also there is no mention of a condom, safe sex is good sex kids!
warnings: sex and probs some swearing bc i swear every two seconds
word count: 701, short, sweet, and to the point *wiggles eyebrows*

masterlist | request | gif credit

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anonymous asked:

oK so i know you have a lot of asks BUT . what will the (SF US paps & UF US sans) skelebois do if they would found out by accident their S/O (who's an artist) draws porn ? like hella good porn , the one you have to properly tag to find later cuz I t g o o d. Also the S/O tries to play it off cool but fails cuz they didn't want their skeleboyfriend , out of all their art , to see t h a t. (bonus if the skele was drawn in one of the pics 🌚👌) sorry for the long ask btw.

Thank you @fulltimeslave for letting me use these images!!! If you guys don’t know, we were on a discord server and they drew these pictures which coincidentally, matched this ask pretty well so they let me use them! Thanks so much babe, I love you! 

Swapfell Papyrus

It happened by accident. Rus would never intentionally scroll through your notebook like that, but once he saw the drawings, he couldn’t stop. Are those…pictures of him??? He’s blushing like mad because holy heck, you make him look so good, when you did even see him like that?? He tells you that he saw your drawings of course, he wanted to make sure that you knew that he never meant to invade your privacy like that. He still compliments on your skills though. 

Underswap Papyrus

Woah….He’s really impressed by your art! He..may or may not memorize some of the pictures for heh..personal purposes. He’s mostly surprised by how well you drew him. He may look cool and unaffected by those drawings of him, but really, he’s blushing like mad. They’re just soo perfect. Next time, please ask him to model nude for you. 

Underfell Sans

Oh god, Red is cracking up! Not that your porn isn’t good, oh boy, he’s going to use these later, but he never thought you had such talent and hid this from him! And shit, you even made him look hot. Like seriously, there’s no way he actually looks like this, in your drawing he’s like an Adonis.  Maybe next time, he can model for you….then as a reward, you can model for him too ;) 

Undertale Sans

Honestly, Classic is blushing so hard and he’s dying a little bit inside. He loves how you portray him so much, though he does give you tips on anatomy by giving you a demonstration. But really though, he’s impressed that you can draw porn so well and if it’s your passion, who is he to judge? 

an unexpected kindness || kim taehyung

nessaworldstuff said: Hi :) i wanted to know if your accepting requests? If yes could u do a scenario where V from Bts has to pretend to be y/n’s boyfriend. And it’s like fluffy, cute and flirty :D the other members can be in it as well ^^ Lots of love❤️ and keep doing the awesome work of yours 💕✨

Kim Taehyung x reader

Summary: A creepy guy won’t leave you alone, so you pretend a stranger is your boyfriend. You end up picking the right stranger. 

Genre: angst/fluff

Words: 2130

warning - creepy guy/unwanted flirting, rude language

sorry I made it a bit angsty, also this request was like 40 years ago IM SO SORRY ARE YOU STILL ALIVE

Originally posted by toughchim

I hurriedly opened the door of the café, smiling at the warmth and hot smell of coffee that hit me. It was freezing outside, and I welcomed the temperature, rubbing my hands together and blowing out as I joined the queue. I had spotted this cute-looking shop on my way home from work, and couldn’t resist coming in for a coffee I desperately needed, and to find brief refuge from the biting cold.

My eyes were scanning the menu above my head when I felt an arm snake around my shoulders. I jumped and instinctively moved away, turning to see a complete stranger. Laughing awkwardly, I waited for him to apologise or tell me he thought I was someone else, but he didn’t. He simply smiled at me and leaned against the counter, scanning me up and down.

“Hey.” He smirked, and I instantly knew I didn’t want to be anywhere near this guy, but humoured him with a small smile and a nod of my head.

“I’m Mark, what’s your name?” He asked after a minute of me keeping my eyes on anything but him. I shook my head, my gaze still trained on the menu.

“Why do you need to know?” I couldn’t help the slight sharp tone that my voice took on, irritated by his presence. I had definitely made it clear I wasn’t interested in conversation. I watched as he raised his eyebrows, smiling wider.

“Because I think you’re beautiful.” I wanted to be sick. It was obvious his intentions weren’t good, and I knew with guys like this it was better to ignore them.

“Sorry,” I gave him an apologetic smile, “I’m not interested.” I turned my body fully away from him, fiddling with my fingers anxiously as I felt his gaze drill into the back of my head. My stomach lurched as I felt him move up behind me, the warmth of his body against my back as his hand came to my waist. I harshly pushed him off, shakily breathing out and stepping forward, ignoring him.

I looked pleadingly at the queue, praying for people to hurry up. I didn’t want to make a scene. My hands were shaking and I squeezed my eyes shut as I felt him move up to me again, not touching me but standing as close as he could.

“Come on, don’t be a prude.” He whispered in my ear, and I felt rage bubble up my throat. I pushed it down, knowing all too well that if I got angry, it would only make things worse. He stayed behind me as I ordered, not too close but not far enough.

“At least give me your number.” He said, coming to lean in front of me, his eyes glinting. I bit my lip, shaking my head and looking away, ignoring him again. I kept my eyes on the barista and what she was doing, praying that the coffee she was currently mixing was mine.

“Here’s mine.” I looked back at Mark to see him holding out a napkin with his number written on it sloppily. I bent away from his hand as he tried to reach out and put it in my hand, not hiding the disgust on my face.

“I said I wasn’t interested.” I retorted, losing my patience and clenching my fists, begging for my drink to just be made. I watched his expression darken and he stood up straight, crumpling the napkin in his hand.

“Stop playing so hard to ge-“

“I have a boyfriend, okay?” I snapped at him. It was the only thing I could think of to get him away from me.

“Oh, sure.” He laughed, and desperation filled me. I would have done anything at that point, just to get him to leave me alone.

“I do. He’s waiting for me over there.” I gestured vaguely to the other side of the shop filled with tables, anxiety cramping in my stomach. I watched as his head whipped around, his eyes squinting to see who I was talking about. Every movement he made me feel sick with fear, my hands still trembling from the entire interaction.

“Prove it.” He said, his face dark. I was about to lose it, breathing out shakily and clenching my fists. I bit back every retort I had about how I didn’t have to prove it to him, and how he should just back off, and desperately scanned the people sitting down.

I chose the first guy I saw who was around my age, and sitting alone. His dark fringe covered his forehead and I couldn’t see his face well, but it was too late to change my mind; Mark would know I was lying. I just wanted to get him away from me, so I grabbed my coffee when it was called and began confidently walking towards the window.

What the hell are you doing? I asked myself as I made my way to the table as calmly as I could, the coffee shaking in my hand. I took a deep breath, here goes.

“Hey babe, cappuccino, right?” I said without thinking, sitting down opposite the young guy I had seen, typing on his laptop. He looked up and froze, his fingers hovering over the keys. I panicked. My anxiety levels soared as I felt the presence of Mark close to my right, looming over the table.

His eyes flickered between me and Mark. I prayed with every fibre of my body that he would go along with it, trying to plead with him through my eyes.

There was a heart-stopping moment of silence, and it was almost too late, he’ll see through my lie, he’ll be so angry, I don’t know what he’ll do oh my god.

“Um… yeah, thanks babe.” I let out a breath I hadn’t realised I’d been holding, my eyes wide and trained on the guy in front of me who seemed to have put it together and smiled warmly at me, taking the coffee.

He met my eyes briefly, before turning back to the Mark, still standing beside me, and frowning.

“Is this guy bothering you?” He seemed to sit up taller, fixing a stern gaze on him. Mark looked between the two of us angrily, seeming like he was about to say something, but when I nodded quickly, he backed down.

“Slut.” He muttered, huffing and turning around, walking briskly back to the counter to get his coffee. I let out a heavy breath, closing my eyes and trying to calm my racing heart.

“Fucking prick.” I opened my eyes to see the guy sitting opposite me glaring after him, before turning to me with a concerned frown. “Are you okay?”

“Yes, oh my god, thank you so much, thank you for helping me, I just…” I stuttered out, shaking my head and watching the guy take his coffee and throw me one angry glance before leaving. “He wouldn’t leave me alone. Thank you.”

He nodded, still frowning. “It’s okay. I can’t stand guys like him.”

I sat for a moment, feeling myself relax as I took deep breaths. Then I suddenly remembered that I had just barged in on this guy whilst he was trying to work, and jumped.

“Right, sorry, I’ll go now. Thanks again.” I threw him a quick smile, which he returned friendlily.

But I quickly froze, halfway out of my seat, when I noticed a figure standing outside. Mark was leaning against the wall by the door, his eyes fixed on me through the glass. I felt like crying. Why couldn’t he just leave me alone? My stomach lurched and I remained frozen, terrified to move anywhere near him.

“Sit back down.” I heard a voice say lowly, and turned to see the guy sitting at the table with his eyes also trained on Mark. “You can stay here for a while.” I quickly sat, gratitude filling me for this stranger.

“Thank you so much.” I whispered again, and he gave me a small smile, nodding reassuringly. He slid back the coffee I had handed him and I took slow sips, trying to calm down as he continued doing whatever he was on his laptop. But I grew anxious again, trying not to look at the door as I knew Mark was still standing there. I needed a distraction.

“What’s your name?” I asked suddenly. His eyes flickered up, his mouth twitching.


“My knight in shining armour.” I grinned weakly at him. “I’m Y/N.”

He seemed to see straight through me, suddenly taking my hand that was resting on the table.

“Y/N,” He said sincerely, looking me in the eye. “I won’t let him near you.” 

I bit my lip, nodding, and hoping I could express through my eyes again how grateful I was. His words reassured me beyond belief. I could tell that he was nothing like Mark. Taehyung seemed to be surrounded by an atmosphere of warmth and comfort that quickly calmed me down, and I was sure he was anything but bad.

He let go of my hand with another quick smile, leaning back in his chair and stretching, and I found myself wanting to continue talking to him.

“What are you working on?”

His eyes lit up immediately, spinning his laptop around. It was open on some sort of editing software. He began flicking through some photos on it, smiling at the screen.

“I’m a photography major.” He told me, and I gasped at some of the pictures he was showing me. They were beautiful. Tranquil landscapes and colourful portraits of people and places.

“Taehyung, these are amazing.” I whispered, my eyes fixed on the photos. I moved my gaze from them to his face briefly to see his cheeks spread into a vibrant smile.

“Thank you.”

After I had been through every single one of his photos, marvelling at the framing and colouring that seemed so professional, he showed me what he was currently working on, and how complicated the software he had to use was. It was obvious that he was absolutely in love with photography, and warmth spread in my chest at seeing him talk so passionately about it. I glanced up to check the door, and felt relief wash over me as I saw that Mark was nowhere to be seen. We kept talking, about our colleges and the subjects we were studying, and my job, and everything seemed to flow so easily with him.

“Hey, Tae, sorry I’m…  oh.” A voice came from behind me. I paused what I was saying saw Taehyung’s face light up as he looked over my shoulder. A tall boy approached the table, looking confused but still smiling.

“Joon!” Tae exclaimed as the boy came to stand beside our table. “This is Y/N, she came and sat here and pretended to be my girlfriend so some creep would leave her alone. Y/N, this is Namjoon, he’s who I was supposed to be meeting.”

I stood up, greeting Namjoon and waving away the sympathetic smile he threw me upon hearing about Mark. I didn’t care anymore. He was gone, and Taehyung had somehow manged to completely lift my mood.

“I’d better be going.” I said, moving so Namjoon could take my place opposite Tae. “Thank you again, so much, Taehyung.” I said. “I don’t know what I would have done if you hadn’t helped me.” He stood up, smiling and nodding.

“Of course. Of course I helped you.” I watched while he leant over the table and began scribbling something down. A sense of Déjà vu washed over me as he handed me a napkin with his number on it, but this time instead of feeling intimidated and scared, and moving away like I had with Mark, a warm smile spread across my face and I happily accepted it.

“And Y/N.” Tae’s smile dropped suddenly and he took my arm, looking me straight in the eye. “If that guy bothers you, or you see him around, call me. Promise me you will!” He looked at me with wide eyes.

I felt warmth spread throughout my body, and I couldn’t help but to lean forward and kiss his cheek. I pulled back and laughed as his eyes grew even wider and he held his hand up to his face, beginning to smile shyly.

“I promise.”

I never saw Mark again. But, of course, I called Taehyung anyway.

It is disheartening to say the least, when someone like Mark approaches you, and treats you as if you are nothing more than an object, like you only exist for their enjoyment. But it’s the people like Taehyung, and Namjoon, and almost everyone I was introduced to through him, that remind you that not everyone is bad; that some people are so, so good.


BTS Reaction to you being very supportive of them and their group-

(for @orangettetwins )


Jin honey here makes it known how grateful he is for your support in every way. But every now and then he feels the need to express it even more and in a deeper context. He’ll have you cuddled up in bed while letting you know how amazing you are. “Seriously none of us deserve you. Least of all me baby.”


We all know yoongi’s just slightly more serious than the rest of BTS. But he knows where credit is due and although you feel he’s thanked you enough and expresses his gratitude all the time, he feels it isn’t enough. “Just…just give me a minute to find the right words, okay babe? You have to know this.”


Hoseok is lively and sweet and isn’t afraid to show you how much he cares and appreciates everything you do for him and the group. “Doll, come here with me so I can thank you properly please!”

Rap Mon-

This philosophical leader would let you know pretty much whenever possible how amazing you’ve been to not only him, but the group as well. “I can go on and on about how eternally grateful I am for you, Y/N.”


Jiminie here would show his love and adoration for all that you do with his eyes. He’d look at you with happiness and pride every time you did yet again another task that him and the group benifited from. “How do you do it all, babe? I’m curious.”


Taehyung never lets anything go unnoticed. You’d catch him watching you with sweetness in his eyes or speaking to you with more of a honeyed tone to show his appreciation. “You are too amazing, Y/N. Really, you are.”


Although he’d never say it out loud all the time, you could most definitely feel his thankfulness for all that you do. “Thank you for everything baby. Really.”