thanks for lending me this jake

hello, legal/bmc trash side of tumblr!

i have a quick legal issue type question for you all.

i want to rewrite the script of be more chill. all melody of songs and characters would be the same, BUT.

i want to rewrite the play so jeremy gets the squip so he can woo /michael/ instead of christine.

yes, you hear me right. i want to rewrite bmc so it can be more gay.

my conflict is i have nO IDEA if im allowed to do this. i’ve consulted some parody guidelines but im still a bit iffy. i know its perfectly fine to rewrite some songs and use some of the same dialogue n stuff, but im not sure about the legality of me rewriting playworks like ‘rich does something really straight’ into 'rich presses his lips against jakes’ yA KNOW?

if someone could lend me a bit of help, that would be amazing!! thank you so much in advance!

(and dont worry, if this plan pulls through i will be posting the rewrite to archiveofourown, wattpad, google docs, and other sites for everyone to read and cover some new gay versions of bmc!)

anonymous asked:

Can I get "Thanks for lending me your jacket" for the Jake/Ezekiel winter thing?


Jake cursed silently as he crawled out from under his bed empty handed. He’d been looking for his jacket for almost ten minutes now. It was freezing and he wasn’t going to leave without it. He stompped out of his room and made his way to Ezekiel’s down the hall.  He paused to knock on the door and opened it when he didn’t get an answer. Poking his head in, he realized it was empty. He breifly recalled Ezekiel yelling that he was going for pizza for the both of them.

Sighing, he glanced around to see if it was laying around. Knowing Ezekiel, he took it and hid it, just to be a snot. He was sorely tempted to dig  until he found it.  That would piss the theif right off though, and they’d been a lot better about delibratly antagonizing eachother lately.  Before he could think more about it, he heard the front door open and Ezekiel thumping around in the front of the apartment.

Jake made his way into the living room and the connected kitchen. He paused in the door way, taking in the theif with a small frown on his face.  The younger man was wearing his jacket, and putting pizza on the table. The sleeves of the jacket were slightly too long, and covered the theif’s hands. It was pretty adorable and it made Jake grin. “Hey,” he called, making Ezekiel turn to face him.

“Oh! Hey,” the theif muttered. “I brougt pizza.”

Jake raised an eyebrow. “In my jacket apparently,” he teased.

He was pretty sure he actually saw Ezekiel flush a bit. “Yeah, well it’s freezing out there. My jacket doesn’t cut it against the wind, I need a new one.”

Jake grinned. “You could have just asked,” he noted.
The theif shrugged. “You were asleep,” he noted. He started shrugging out of the jacket nad drapped it over the back of the kitchen chair.

Jake shrugged. “Fair enough. It looks good on you,” he noted, eyeing Ezekiel’s response.

The thef blinked and narrowed his eyes at him. Jake laughed and held up his hands in surrender.

Ezekiel shook his head. “Whatever, let’s just eat. I’m starving.”

Jake nodded, grinning easily and moving to grab paper plates from the cabnet. With that they dug into the pizza and let the comfort of home flow around them. 

Why we closed the donations.

First of all I want to thank everyone who donated, everyone who wanted to donate but couldn’t, everyone who even thought about donating, everyone that shared the link/video, and everyone that has sent me amazing messages over the past week.

I’m still getting lots of messages about the fundraiser, most of all about why we closed it. And I don’t think we really addressed that, so here goes.

I worked out that £800 was the amount I needed to be safe for two months during the move. I needed this money for the deposit, rent, food and bus. When the donations page was opened it reached the goal within half an hour. We did not expect this.

We decided to leave it open a little longer, because with a few more donations I’d have more security (access to things like a moving van if I have no other options) and we were taken aback by how fast it jumped. It grew at a pace we couldn’t keep up with and by time an hour was up we’d hit £2200.

Still looking at that number right now is abstract and overwhelming. It felt like too much money - definitely enough for me to be comfortable til I secured a new job. We decided to close it when it hit 2k because anymore money felt selfish and wrong. 

I am safe now, and that’s all thanks to you guys, and I couldn’t be more grateful for what you’ve done. In light of that I urge anyone who messaged me asking to reopen the donations to take that money somewhere else. Pop some pennies in a donation jar next time you go shopping, buy a friend something nice, get yourself that thing you’ve been wanting, or find another trans person who’s in my place and lend a hand. You’re all brilliant people and I am so blessed to be a part of this community.

Thank you a million times over.