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Sometimes Salty Tears End in Sweet Kisses~Raph(2014/16) x Chubby Female Reader

One shot: Yes

Request: Yes

Do you think you could do a Raph x Chubby reader? Reader being insecure about her weight and being near Raph (or with him) can sometimes make her feel crappy about her body since she thinks a guy like him would much rather have a beautiful barbie doll type girl? Maybe with her having a rough past (being bullied in all of middle school and such?) Thanks!!

Requester: Anon

Turtle version: Tmnt 2014/2016

Word count: 817

I love writing this stuff soooo much! I’m a big girl myself, and I just love the idea of making others like myself happy through my writing!


After school (Y/n) walked through the sewer to reach her turtle friends, when she got there Mikey was the first to greet her, “Hey! (Y/n)!” Raph, turned to look after Mikeys exclamation.

“Hey Mikester! How’s it hangin?” (Y/n) smiled, “Hey Raph!”

Raph grunts and smirks giving the small chubby girl a small nod, “Hey. Wanna watch me work out? It be great if ya counted for me, shortstack.”

(Y/n) blushed, “Alright…”

And thus Raph started to show off for the fluffy beauty before him while (Y/n) counted his push ups, “One. Two. Three…”

(Y/n) watched the large, muscular, and handsome turtle as he continued on with ease. ‘God he’s hot,’ she looked at herself and glared slightly at her pudgy tummy, ‘and I’m so not.’

“Thirteen. Fourteen. Fifteen…”

‘Raph would never like a girl like me…’ She frowned, ‘He wouldn’t want a fatass like me. He’s probably into those real skinny popular types. The ones with long flowing hair and a itty bitty waist with a perfect hourglass figure and a huge rack and bubble butt.’

“T-twenty-two. Twenty-three. Twenty-four…” She nearly stopped counting during her self loathing.

‘God they were right,’ she thought as the memories of her middle school years hit her full force, ‘I really am a worthless fat ass. Always going to be pining for someone unattainable, huh (Y/n)?’

She could practically hear the calls and shouts of her former classmates: Fatty, Whale, Shamu, Blubber-butt. The names rang in her ears. She could see the hallways filled to the brim with snickering preteens and looks filled with pity. Over the stench of the sewer that she had become accustomed to, she could smell the over applied flowery perfume and excessive use of axe body spray attack her nose without remorse as her peers cornered her behind the school after everyone had already left.

“Thirty-seven. Thirty-eight. Thirty-nine…”

She could feel herself being shoved as another preteen ran past her, busting her knees as she hit the ground. She could almost taste the salty tears she cried as she saw herself running home, crying after yet another day in the hellish place people called middle school.

“Forty- eight. Forty-nine.” She stopped. She could really taste the tears now, streams of them pouring from her eyes as she thought of the horrid things that her peers had said and done to her. How could children be so cruel?

Raph noticed her silence immediately, “Hey, why’d ya st…” He saw the tears, he sat up, his own eyes widening in concern, “Shit! (Y/n) what’s ta matter?” She looked up at him from where she sat, tears still flowing rapidly. Her expression damn near broke the poor boys heart. “Hey! Tell me what’s bothering ya, I cant fix it if ya don’t tell me what it is!” He just barely restrained his urge to scoop the girl into his arms and wipe her tears away, clenching his fists together instead.

“Its j-just,” she started shakily, “I was thinking, you’re so strong and muscular! And i’m just, here! A big pile of blubber! I’m completely and utterly in love with you, but you won’t ever feel the same way because i have nothing to offer! I’m just - Mmhhh.”

Raphael had heard enough, he quickly scooped up his sexy, chunky, cutie and slammed his mouth over her own, silencing her for the time being. (Y/n) momentarily froze in shock before beginning to kiss back softly. Neither of them wanted to break away, but soon enough air became a necessity.

“Don’t ever talk about yourself like that again, don’t ya ever let anybody else be talkin ‘bout ya like that either! Got it?” He hugged her closer to his shell, she smiled a small smile and nuzzled him. “You’re perfect the way ya are! And you think I won’t ever love you? Huh, here I was thinkin that you didn’t love me. Believe it or don’t, but I do. I love ya (Y/n), all of ya.”

“I love you too, Raph.” She smiled and pecked his cheek, “Are you sure you wanna be with me though?”

“(Y/n) I should be askin’ you that question. You do realize I’m a six foot five inch freak of nature, right?”

“Raph, don’t be silly! I wouldn’t be here if I thought that!”

“And ya wouldn’t be in my lap if I didn’t think ya were beautiful. We got that settled now, Babe?” He smiled giving (Y/n) a peck on the lips.

“Yeah,” she chuckled, “I think we do.”

(Y/n) gave Raph a sweet, extended, kiss on the lips before Raph called it quits for the day and packed his new girlfriend to the couch to cuddle and watch a movie. (Y/n) was giggling with glee the entire time.

My Hero!

Anon asked: Luke also rescues reader when he rescues Leia in new hope. When he takes off his storm trooper helmet it’s pretty much love at first sight for the reader and you convince Leia to trust him and escape. Thanks.

Author: Zoe

(A/N: I actually lost, like, half the story while working on this at my aunt’s house, but I ain’t gonna leave a good prompt hangin’!)

Plot Summary: As a fellow princess of a neighboring kingdom of Alderaan, and an ally of Princess Leia, you’re an obvious target for capture by the Empire. Stuck in the secluded cell with your friend, you’re bored and tired, and frankly, pissed. That is until a certain ‘stormtrooper’, too short to actually be one, swoops in and saves the day.

Originally posted by bestpilotofthegalaxy

“No!” You watched alongside Leia, shackled as Alderaan was blown, taking the lives of families, friends, lovers and neighbors.

“You monster!” You screamed, as yours and Leia’s home was ripped apart, pieces scattering across the galaxy.

“Take them to Detention Block A A23. Level 5.” Governor Tarkin ordered, as you dragged your feet with stormtroopers pointing blasters at each side of your head.

You and your friend struggled against your cuffs, enraged and distraught as the troopers practically dragged the two of you to the barren cell.

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