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do you have any fluffy peter & tony headcanons or anything tbh because im having a horrible day and im so anxious i feel like im gonna explode

(Okay I told myself I was gonna take a break from writing today but u know what. U deserve Good Tony and Peter Writing so,,,,I’m gonna do my best with that. Hope u feel better soon my friend, and I hope this helps in some way x)

His hands were shaking against the prompt cards he held in an iron-clad grip.

It was stupid, really. Ridiculous. He’d battled monsters and stopped bombs and yet here he was, getting worked up over a damn science presentation.

And there wasn’t even any reason why. He was good at science. Brilliant, if he did say so himself. And the whole school was full of science nerds like him, so it wasn’t as if he was going to get laughed off stage, either.

So why the damn hell did he feel so…awful?

Pull yourself together, Spiderman, he told himself, shaking his head a little and peaking out from behind the wings to watch the speech that was currently being given by another of his classmates. It was a mandatory thing in order for everyone to get a grade. Each of them had to present an idea or a theory to the rest of their year and put points that were for and against it. At the end, other kids asked questions, drilled you, probably started giggling and whispering if you couldn’t answer one of their godawful comments-

Ugh. He felt vaguely sick.

He’d been on edge the whole day just thinking about it. There were, what, a hundred faces, maybe more, in the audience? Including Flash, who was sat at the back, just waiting for Peter to slip up so he could laugh loudly or boo or something.

He could barely even think straight. His mind was all fuzzy and his palms were too sweaty. It felt like his lungs weren’t working properly anymore.

This sucked.

“Hey kid,”

Peter jerked wildly as someone stepped up to his shoulder. God, he’d been so out of it he hadn’t even heard them, what the hell was wrong with him-

“I- uh, hi Mr-” he turned, looking over and expecting to see a teacher. 

“Tony?” he said incredulously, as his brain registered the tinted yellow glasses and carefully sculpted van dyke.

“The one and only,” Tony replied absently, as he peered out through the wings and looked at the boy onstage, “you next?” He asked.

“I…what-you-how?” Peter spluttered, “what are you doing here?”

Tony looked at him, before shrugging. If Peter wasn’t mistaken, he almost looked sheepish. “You mentioned this thing, uh, a few days ago in the labs? I didn’t have anything on, so I though I’d come, show a bit of moral support, you know the drill,” he muttered. “How you feeling? You ready? Nervous?”

Peter opened his mouth, but the assurance failed to come out. He was a notoriously bad liar, after all.
Plus, his vocal cords didn’t really seem to be working very well right now. Which, considering what he was about to go up and do, was Very Very Bad.

Tony looked him up and down, noting the quivering hands, slightly green face and general expression of terror before sighing and pulling the sunglasses off his nose in order to place them on the bridge of Peter’s. “Okay, Peter, today you are not Peter. Today, you are me, and I am about to give a heart-raising, mind-blowing, showstopping speech on…” he peered down, reading the top of Peter’s card, “effective and innovative designs to contribute toward a greener society,” 

Peter just nodded, looking up at Tony through the yellow lenses.

“First thing,” Tony began, raising a hand and wandering backward, before gesturing around the place, “you gotta own the room, kid. Movement is important. Hands, feet, eyes- don’t just stand there like a lemon and read off the prompts. You wanna get a good grade? You engage the audience,” he stepped forward, pointing at Peter’s eye, and then his own, “eye contact. Always do the eye contact. Kinda terrifying, admittedly, but you only need to do it for a second. You’re not gonna stare em down like they’re trying to rob a bank here, okay, you’re just catching their eye. Showing them you’re focused, like you’re talking to them specifically. Keep moving around, look at everyone.”

He stopped. Grabbed Peter’s shoulder. “So, Mr Stark, how do you begin your speech?”

Peter stopped, caught off guard like a rabbit in the headlights. “Uhhhhh-”

“Okay, well for starters, I definitely don’t do that,” Tony shook his head, pushing the glasses a little further up Peter’s nose as they began to slip down. “You wanna begin with something simple. Casual. This isn’t a funeral service. You’re just putting an idea across. ‘hello everybody’ will suffice. I’d say open with a joke, but I don’t think you’re ready for that yet.”

Peter had to agree on that one. He took another look over to the side, and noticed the boy was beginning to wrap up. 

Oh, hell. He was next.

Tony noticed, too, and he let his other hand rest on Peter’s shoulder as well, so that he was gripping Peter between both hands. “Listen, kid. Stick to the basics. Eye contact. Movement. Keep it light, and don’t focus too hard on individuals. It’ll only freak you out. You’re gonna do great, kid. Honestly, you’re definitely the smartest one out there, you got nothing to worry about.”

“People are gonna laugh,” Peter muttered, looking down at his feet. God, Flash- Flash was gonna be a total ass, he could predict it perfectly. Peter would pause, just for a moment, and Flash would do something stupid like laugh or make a stupid noise and then it would throw Peter off-

“No-one’s gonna laugh, Kid,” Tony said, before his eyes narrowed. “Unless there’s someone who’s planning on ruining it for you. Is there?”

“I dunno, Flash said some stuff earlier, but… I dunno,” Peter mumbled, biting his lip. He wished he’d been ill today. Or HYDRA had decided to attack a Macy’s or something. At least that would have been a genuine excuse.

“Flash, huh?” Tony mused quietly, peering out into the audience, “greasy looking pussy at the back, right?”

Peter laughed nervously, nodding. “Uh, yeah, that’s the one.”

Tony pulled a face, and then nodded to himself. “Okay. Okay, cool. Well listen, I’ll make sure Flash isn’t a problem, alright? Don’t worry about him.”

A sudden wave of applause filled the auditorium, and signalled Peter’s turn up. 

“Big breath. Come on, you’ll kick ass. You’re Spiderman. Or you can be me, just for a few minutes, if that’ll make it easier,” Tony assured him, patting his cheek  and smiling.

“-And now, it is my great pleasure to present to you, Peter Parker!” The Principal announced, and another round of applause burst out.

Okay. Showtime.

“Wait, kid, sunglasses!” Tony caught him before he could move, sliding them back off his face with a grin, “they’re a tad too big for you. Don’t want them sliding off whilst you’re deep in the middle of solving the world’s energy crisis.”

Peter huffed out a nervous laugh, and then did as Tony said, taking a long, deep breath before turning away and walking slowly toward the main stage.

He could do this. Tony did it all the time. He could be Tony, just for five and a half minutes, right? Tony had said he could.

His hands were still shaking a little as he stepped in front of everyone, but he felt a little braver. A little prouder. Maybe even confident.

At the back of the hall, he watched Tony slip in through the doors, more inconspicuous than Peter had ever seen him as he wandered toward the back row and grabbed a chair, leaning over the back of it and whispering something into-

Peter sighed, unable to hold back the little grin of satisfaction as Flash’s head turned to look up at him, eyes widening in a hilarious fashion as he realised, yet again, he was being told off by Tony Stark.

It was even more amusing to watch the colour drain from his face as Tony continued to whisper in his ear. He watched as Flash nodded a little jerkily, and then Tony smiled, before stepping back and leaning against the back wall, right in the middle where Peter could see him.

He grinned up when Peter made eye contact, and Peter smiled back.

He could do this.

“You did it!” 

Peter turned, smile on his face as he watched Tony jog up toward him, hands raised in a thumbs-up as he grinned over. Luckily, the presentation had been at the last period, and so Peter was free to get the fuck out and finally relax for the first time that day.

“Yeah- I think it went…well,” Peter admitted happily.

 Tony pulled a face, letting his arm fall across Peter’s shoulders and squeeze. “Uhm, you did more than ‘well’, kid- you totally blew everyone else out of the water.”

“You didn’t even see everyone else, Tony.”

He felt the shrugging gesture Tony made beside him. “I’m gonna go ahead and assume here, kid. You were great. Very Tony Stark-ish. Except with less narcissism and more genuine-ness, y’know? Never would’ve guessed you were nervous.”

Peter grimaced. “I thought I was gonna throw up the entire time.”

“Well then, you are a remarkable actor, Mr Parker,” Tony told him, “hey, how about doing my speech for me this weekend at the charity gala I am being forcibly blackmailed into attending? I have a busy schedule of sleeping and eating and I don’t want it disturbed.”

Peter laughed, giving Tony a shove, “thanks, but if it’s all the same with you, I’m never going to give a speech ever again. That was crazy. Everyone stares at you. What the hell?”

“Yeah, when you’re the only person talking in a huge auditorium, people tend to do that,” Tony huffed, shaking his head, “so damn rude of them.”

“It really is,” Peter agreed, hiking his bag up a little further on to his shoulder before turning to tony, a grin beginning to form on his face. “Hey- what did you tell Flash, by the way?”

Tony tapped his nose secretively. “None of your business.”

“Aw, come on, I see him most, it’s more my business than yours.”

“Hey, maybe I just like him. Maybe I was having a catch up, Peter, huh? You’re not special, I might be secretly mentoring him, too.”

Peter rolled his eyes, shoving Tony playfully and then grabbing his arm before he went careering to the floor. “Whoops- superstrength.”

“That was a threat, wasn’t it? I feel threatened. Again. Physical threats, this time, too- it’s getting worse-”

“Tony,” Peter whined frustratedly, “please tell me.”

Tony stopped, hand half-way to reaching his car door before turning to look back at Peter. “I told him if he made a single sound, I’d hack the school system and turn all his A* into C’s,” he admitted, before adding “is that bad? I don’t know- I tend to threaten both adults and kids alike, what can I say, I’m all about equality,” 

Peter watched, smile on his face as Tony jumped into his car and pulled his shades back on. “You did good, kid. I’ll see you ‘round,” he said, shooting Peter another thumbs up before revving the engine and pulling out of the car park.

Peter watched, shaking his head fondly. He felt kinda exhausted- the day had been stressful as fuck, and it had taken it out of him. But hey- at least it was over. And at least it hadn’t turned into a full-blown panic attack, either. That would’ve just been embarrassing.

“Thanks, Tony,” Peter muttered, waving cheerily over at a still rather horrified looking Flash from across the road before beginning to make his way down the drive.

“Wait. You got a lift?”

Peter turned, watching as Tony reversed back to him and raised an eyebrow at him curiously from the open window.

“Sorry, I don’t get in cars with strangers,” Peter deadpanned, beginning to walk forward again, hiding a fond grin as Tony just rolled forward and followed him.

“Uhh,” Tony made a face, turning around and shuffling in his car for a second before pulling out something. It was a bag of kisses, a few of them already eaten, with the wrappers thrown back in the bag. “I got candy?”

Peter broke his deadpan stare a second later, in order to laugh. Tony was a fucking idiot, honestly. “Right, okay, I’ve been convinced,” he declared, before sliding over the bonnet and opening the door on the other side.

As soon as he’d fallen in, Tony flicked him on the ear. “Ow!” He yelped, looking betrayed.

“Don’t slide your dirty school jeans over my car, you heathen,” Tony scolded, before turning back to the road and stepping on accelerate. “And don’t touch my radio. We’re listening to my music, not yours.”

Peter groaned, “ugh, but your music taste is-”

“Unless you want to get forcibly removed from this vehicle, I suggest you quit running your mouth, boy,” 

Peter looked over to him. There was silence for a stretch, before Peter muttered, “Metallica sucks.”

“RIGHT,” Tony pulled his sunglasses off, chucking them at Peter’s chest and then moving his hand to the dash where all his modified features sat, “that’s it, you’re getting ejected, buh-bye demon child-”


My Fake boyfriend Part 8

Summary: After receiving a very rude letter of your ex on the mail saying that he is going to get married. You see yourself not knowing what to do, you can just let it go or accept the help of your hot neighbor and pretend he is your boyfriend.

Paring: Bucky x Reader

Words: 2910

Warnings: Just fuffly and maybe some aganst

Thank you @drinkfantasy you are the best

Originally posted by seabasschino

Before the war Bucky always liked kids and always imagined having a few of his own. But now? Kids were usually afraid of him and the ones that weren’t afraid, their parents wouldn’t let they get close. Bucky knew how much you liked kids and seeing you with your nephew at dinner last night warmed his heart.  

During the dinner you kept doing silly faces to Julian and telling him little secrets. This opened something in his mind that he never thought that he would have again, the possibility of a family.

You were so happy yesterday and he wanted to make you happy even that he was terrified. After your mother left the room, you pull him into a tight hug “We are gonna have so much fun.” You whisper in his ear, he can feel how excited you are and somehow this makes his fears disappear.

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Imagine hanging out at Jeff’s house one day and changing into one of his shirts as you always do. He questions why you do it and in return tries yours because he can. Needless to say, your shirts are not fit for Jeff’s physique.

I gotta give credit where it’s due and thank @tapes-at-monets for creating ‘Dating Jeff Atkins’ headcanons which spawned this idea :)

Originally posted by yalica

Jeff Atkins X Reader


Warm, comfortable bliss is what your mind immediately conjures up as you snuggle into one of Jeff’s shirts. The two of you got a little sidetracked from your after-school study session, and you prolonged your stay just a little longer when it started to drizzle outside. But with your shoes kicked off and jacket hung up in the front closet, your own t-shirt wasn’t cutting it and you wanted to be comfortable. Truly comfortable.

“Why is it,” Jeff laughs as he enters his room, “that every time I leave you alone for a minute, I come back to you wearing my clothes?”

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Apple Fritters {Part 2}

{part 1}

word count: 2.1k

pairings: peter parker x reader

warnings: some mentions of food, and some mentions of stalking. other than that–none. oh, i think there’s one little bad word in there somewhere.

a/n: i canNOT believe the popularity of part 1!!! like oh my lanta, that got wayyy more notes than i expected and honestly i’m so glad!! thank you to everyone for your support, it makes me feel amazing. so here is part 2, picking up basically where part 1 left off, with some introduction to more characters and getting a feel for the story. enjoy!!

Your footsteps echoed loudly throughout the now empty halls of Midtown, everyone had scurried off to their first classes. A wave of nervousness crashed over you as you clutched the paper that had your schedule on it tightly. You shouldn’t have stopped for breakfast, or stopped to talk to Peter. If you had gotten to admin at the right time, you wouldn’t be in this humiliating position of walking into your class, everyone staring at you, and maybe puking from embarrassment.

But then again…you wouldn’t have met Peter. You wouldn’t have made a new friend, someone who felt genuine and right. Someone who actually laughed at your jokes, who paid attention to what you said–someone you felt you could get closer to. You wanted to get close to him.

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Imagine: Planning a prank on your bully with Sirius Black, and becoming very close to him in the process.

For @that-was-not-supposed-to-happen‘s Favourite Things Writing Challenge.

Prompt: “You’re not gonna cry, are you?” with Sirius Black?

You walk through the empty corridor, you had gone to the library after dinner to work on an essay, and you ended up losing track of time. Fortunately, you had gotten out a few minutes before curfew so you weren’t worried about getting detention or losing house points. As you turned the corner, you felt a rope pull taut against your leg it caused you to lose your balance, and you fell to the ground. The rope was obviously tied to a bucket, which tipped and spilled ice cold water all over you. It obviously didn’t help that it was December, meaning it was already freezing outside. You let out a shriek and managed to push yourself.

“What’s wrong Y/L/N? Seems like you’re struggling to keep your head above the water,” Brian Porter-one of the biggest assholes you had ever met- says, appearing in front of you. He’s surrounded by some of his minions, who all burst into laughter at his pathetic joke.

“Maybe you should ask your daddy to buy you a better sense of humour,” You respond dryly, struggling not to shiver too much.

“At least my father can buy me something, unlike your Mudblood moth-”

You pull out your wand and point it at him with a shaking hand, the anger that floods you, warms up your previously freezing body, “If you say a single word about my mother I will-”

“You’ll what?!”

“She might not do anything, but I sure will,” A sneering voice call from behind the Brian and his friends, “Leave her alone Porter.”

Brian turns around and you see Sirius Black standing behind him, “What-”

“I said, leave,” Sirius hisses.

Brian puts his hands up in surrender, “Let’s go boys.”

They walk away and Sirius approaches you, he shrugs off his sweater and hands it to you, “Here, take this.”


“Because I don’t want you to catch a cold…” He responds, confused.

“No, I meant, why did you defend me when we’ve never really spoken?”

“He had no right to do what he did to you,” He pauses for a moment, then continues, “Besides, I hate that bloody pig.”

You nod in agreement before slipping into his sweater, and you sniffle a little from the cold. He squints at you, “Y/N, you’re not gonna cry, are you?

“Cry?” You ask with feign sadness. He nods and a smirk forms across your face, “Ha. Sweetheart, I’m going to get revenge.”

He stares at you for a moment before realization dawns on him, and he lets out a genuine laugh, “Can I help?!”

“You want to help me?”

He wiggles his eyebrows, “Revenge is my middle name, angel.”

“You can help me, but don’t ever me that again,” You respond, “Now, I’m going to my dorm before I get in trouble.”

“Goodnight!” He calls from behind you and you wave without turning back.

You walk up to Sirius in the Great Hall, a bit uncomfortable considering you never really talked to him before. The Marauders give you confused looks as you tap Sirius on the shoulder, “Um, I thought I’d return this, thanks again.”

As you walked away you heard James mutter, “Y/N, really? She didn’t seem like the type.”

“I didn’t sleep with her, you ass,” You can practically hear Sirius rolling his eyes. You just shake your head before joining your friends.

That evening, Sirius approaches you in the library, where you’re studying once again, “So any ideas?”

“I’ve got a few, do you?”

“Of course I do,” He smirks.

“Care to elaborate?”

“He restocks on body wash every third Wednesday of the month -don’t ask how I know that, just don’t,” He explains, “I was thinking, we could hide in the closet and charm it to dye his skin when he uses it -permanently.”

You smirk, “Evil… I like it.”

“What’s your idea?”

You smile deviously, “You’ll just have to wait and find out.”

“Aw come on, I’m supposed to be helping you.”

“You will be.”

“God, you’re so stuck up,” He chuckles.

“Douche,” You mutter.

He leans in, “Bitch.”


He gets even closer and whispers huskily, “Angel.”

You roll your eyes, “Don’t. Call. Me. That.”

“Or what?”

You groan and get up from your seat, “I’m going to bed.”

He chuckles, “Goodnight sweetheart.”

The next few weeks leading up to the third Wednesday are spent in the same way, meeting Sirius to plan the prank, joking around, and arguing. You connected to Sirius more than you had to anyone else in your life, you even grew close to the rest of the Marauders once he introduced you to them.

You were now standing in the supply closet, pressed up against Sirius under James’ invisibility cloak, “Nervous?”

“A little… how did you know?” You whisper.

“Because it’s your first big prank sweetheart,” Even in the darkness, you can see the outline of a smirk dancing across his lips, “Plus, I can feel your heartbeat.”

You look down, thankful that the darkness is concealing your rosy cheeks. Despite being slightly nervous, the racing of heart was mostly because of your proximity to Sirius. You had always found him attractive, but after spending so much time with him, you had really gotten to know him, and your attraction grew into a crush.

You hear footprints outside the door and Sirius whispers in your ear -sending chills down your spine, “That’s our cue.”

Brian walks in and picks up his bottle of body wash, you point your wand towards it and cast a nonverbal incantation. The bottle glows subtly for a split second -luckily it goes unnoticed by Brian, and he walks out with it. As soon as he shuts the door and retreats, you let out a squeal, grabbing both of Sirius’ hands and jumping up and down, “I can’t believe we just got away with that!”

He laughs, “Don’t get too excited just yet, who knows how faulty your nonverbal spells are.”

You scoff, “Douche.”




This batter had become a routine for the two of you, and at this point none of the words held any callousness, you both knew it was just playful.

You drop down next to Sirius then next morning in the Great Hall, “The moment of truth is approaching us sweetheart.”

You sigh, “This better work.”

You jump at the sound of the doors of the Great Hall bursting open. You nearly choke on your drink upon seeing Brian’s skin dyed green, Sirius grins victoriously, and the Marauders eye the two of you suspiciously, James muttering a quiet ‘bloody hell’.

Brian storms to his seat, ignoring the laughter coming from all directions, some of the professors even seem amused -given that even they had to face Brian’s awful nature sometimes.

Brian lifts his cup to mouth and chugs down the liquid inside, he gags at the taste and begins inspecting the cup. You mutter under your breath, “Wait for it.”

His face and hands begin morphing, until he has turns into some sort of human-toad hybrid, he looks at his reflection in his spoon before screaming and rushing out of the Hall. Sirius turns towards you, jaw dropped, “Polyjuice potion?”

“Yup, with some dead skin from a toad,” You smirk.

“Bloody hell and you called me evil.”

You shrug, “He needed a taste of his own medicine.”

Sirius approaches you that evening, after classes, “I still can’t get over how well that went.”

You nod in agreement, “We make a good team.”

“Yes, yes we do.”

You walk in silence for a bit, your hands brushing against each others’ every once in a while, making you heart flutter. Until Sirius abruptly steps in front of you, “You know, that was so genius, I can’t believe I didn’t think about it.”

Could he be anymore egotistical? You roll your eyes, “Douche.”

He steps closer to you, and you step back, your back hitting the wall, “Bitch.”

“Asshole,” He steps even closer.

“Angel,” He whispers, before leaning in and closing the gap between you two.

He kisses you hesitantly, but the moment you reciprocate the gesture, he deeps the kiss. You finally pull away, resting your foreheads against each others’, struggling to catch your breath.


“You don’t even know how long I’ve waited to do that,” He mutters.

You don’t know how long I’ve waited for you to do that,” You respond.

“Well, let’s not waste anymore precious time,” He says, with a signature smirk.

Let’s just say, that was the start of a beautiful relationship…


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Honorable Mention for Dad Character of the Day: Spy from TF2

First off, I want to give a huge thank you to @sacklegend for linking me to this. I didn’t even realize the newest TF2 comics came out yet and I had a good laugh at the situations in here.

But this right here? While this is another addition to how much Valve and TF2′s crew listens to its fans’ creative (though sometimes weirdly concepted) story pitches, this was a genuinely sweet moment that at least deserves an honorable mention. Scout denies the Spy being his father so much that Spy tricks him into believing Tom Jones is his father in his dying moments (typing that out is unbelievable in itself) but he gets that one moment to actually be there for his kid in a genuine(ish) manner.

Honestly, they played something semi-humorous out in a well told way.

anonymous asked:

Hi. i was wondering if you could give me some tips on commenting on writers fics? I've seen lots of posts saying that writers really like feedback and i want to leave good comments for them. but im kind of shy a lot and don't know how to review well.

Hello, anon! Thank you for asking me. However, I must admit that I myself am not good at reviewing fics, but I hopefully can give some advice on what I find authors typically look for.

  • Freak out. Authors genuinely don’t care if your comment is, “HJHGFBFFGF OH MY GOD DJGHJGGFJGHFXFG HOLY CRABCAKES FHFJHJGHHJS THAT WAS AMAZING FHHGFHGFXHGF.” So long as you are encouraging them and letting them know you enjoyed their fic, they will 100% be very happy. 
  • Let them know how their work made you feel. Did it make you smile? You laugh? Cry? Did it leave you feeling unsettled? Was it scary? Authors love to hear about the emotional impact it had on you. 
  • Quote a line or two that you loved. “I loved X, because X. It made me feel X.” or something along those lines. Even just quoting a line and then keysmashing lets an author know that it stood out to you and you especially enjoyed that part. 
  • Tell them you look forward to seeing more from them! If they’ve wrote something for a fandom you enjoy and you say something like this, they are more likely to provide more work for the fandom. 
  • Now, for a little more controversial: offer tips for improvements. Now, take this into account: not all fan authors want critique. If they don’t, just don’t provide it. A lot of fan authors just write for fun and aren’t really looking for serious critique. However, if an author would like critique and/or ways to improve, providing it proves very beneficial to them. Just make sure you know first. 

Rule of thumb: Just always be gracious and kind, giving advice, praise, and even critique with care and understanding. Do not flame. Do not be rude. Do not demand updates. Often times, being nice to an author and supporting them makes them motivated to put out more of their pieces for you to enjoy. If you really think about it, your comments = happy author. Happy author = more than likely more fan content for you to consume and enjoy. 

Anyway, I hope this was helpful. These are things I usually keep in mind when commenting on author’s fics. Thanks again for the question, anon! 


Oh the Irony

“Come on! Let’s take a walk.” Adrien gave his best wide, warm smile.

“It’s raining, Agreste.” Alya gave him a flat look. “We don’t have an umbrella. You may be a sunshine child, but I would rather not get wet.”

“It’s barely even drizzling.” Adrien said, pouting.

“Nuh-uh dude.” Nino said as he slung his shoulder around his girlfriend. “I think we’ll just have to call a cab.”

“But it’s only a few blocks away!” Adrien pouted some more. “I gave my driver a day off, and this is one of the only times I get to walk to places.”

“Sorry, man.” Nino said apologetically. “But I’m still recovering from the flu and I don’t want to get sick again.”

Sighing, Adrien nodded in resignation.

“I’ll walk with you.” A soft shy voice chirped up.

Adrien looked at the girl with bright eyes. A blush was spread across her cheeks, and she tried to hide her eyes with her bangs.

“Really, Marinette?” he exclaimed happily.

Slightly dazed by his ecstatic green eyes, Marinette tried to keep her nervous stutter out of her sentences. “Su-sure. But can we just stop by my house for a moment?”

“No problem!” Adrien said, practically bouncing from one foot to the other. His excitement was so overwhelming that he wasn’t able to catch Alya discreetly wink at Marinette. Marinette, however, blushed to her ears.

“Alright, we’ll see you at the café!” Alya called out as she and Nino headed out to find a cab.

“See you!” Adrien waved them goodbye, and beckoned for Marinette.


The walk to her house was quiet- just the passing noises of the cars and the light patter of the rain. But for Marinette, she couldn’t hear any of it. All she heard was the mantra that she kept repeating in her head.

I can do this. I can do this. I can do this. I’m going to tell Adrien how I feel.

With that she opened her mouth to finally tell him, but before she could get any words out, Adrien spoke.

“You know, I’ve always loved the rain.” Adrien said wistfully.

Marinette stared at the sad yet dreamy look on his face. “Why is that?”

“Because my mother once did too.” He said softly.

A comfortable moment of silence passed before Adrien took in a gentle breath and continued. “She would tell me stories whenever it rained. And when the weather wasn’t too bad, we’d take and umbrella and go for stroll down the road, maybe stop by at a nearby bakery to get hot chocolate.”

Adrien glanced at the girl beside him, and gave her a small smile.

“You remind me of her sometimes.”

Marinette cocked her head to the side. “How so?”

“I don’t really know.” Adrien paused for a moment, “I think it is because you both are kind, and sweet and gentle. But somehow, also strong, compassionate and determined.”

He let out a shaky laugh as he remembered his mother. “She used to be so clumsy too.”

“She sounds lovely.” Marinette smiled, melting at his soft look.

“She was.” Adrien beamed genuinely. It was moments like this that he could remember his mom in peace- his memories somehow bringing happiness instead of pain.

He reached out a gave Mari’s hand a squeeze. “Thank you, Mari.”

She gave it a small squeeze back. “Tell me a story.”

He offered her a grateful smile. “I can’t really remember much of the stories she told me. I can give you an abridged version though.”

Mari nodded in understanding.

“My mother was trying to explain to me the water cycle once, and she came up with the story. She told me that the rain water comes from the sea. The goddess that lived there couldn’t choose who she loved more, the god of the land or the god of the sky. Every few days the sky calls to her- the god would send down his winds to whisk the goddess away to his home. The sky god was cocky and confident, he tried to woo the sea through his muscles and charms. He was genuine though, but the sea probably never really realized it, and as much as the sea loved him, she was still torn.”

“After a while, she’d fall back into the land god’s arms- literally. She’d be so happy to see him, she’s practically kissing the ground he walks on as she slowly descends down from heaven. The land god was sweet and gentle. He probably never noticed just how much the sea loved him. He loved her though, he just couldn’t tell her. And maybe that was part of the reason why the goddess couldn’t choose.”

Adrien let out a sad sigh. “The cycle went on and on. The goddess couldn’t decide, and so the gods couldn’t tell her. They wanted to, they really truly did. But there were rules, and so they could never tell her. She’d have to find out for herself.”

“Tell her what?” Marinette asked entrancedly.

Adrien gave a soft chuckle. “That they were the same person.”

With that, Marinette also chuckled. Oh the irony. If only Adrien would realize that Ladybug and I are the same person.

If only Ladybug would realize that Chat and I are the same person. Adrien thought dreamily.

“That sounds romantic.” Marinette whispered.

“And a bit angsty.” Adrien replied as they finally stopped in front of the Dupain-Cheng’s bakery.

Shifting a bit awkwardly, Marinette asked Adrien to wait in front of the shop as she quickly ducked in. When she came out, she was clutching an umbrella and two cups of hot chocolate.

“I got us some hot chocolate. And I’ve been meaning to give this back.” She opened the umbrella and offered it to Adrien. “Here.”

Adrien stared at the amazing girl, who without even trying, managed to get him to share a memory he never shared with anyone. The girl that he had just realized was always there for him, always ready to help him (or anyone). The girl that was both strong and caring. A sweet and gentle girl- her bright blue eyes stared at him with so much light. Her smile was enough to warm him up.

An amazing girl, who reminded him so much of his mother- and now he knew why.

Her smile. You have her smile.

Only one other girl had made him feel this way.

With a shocked look, he took the umbrella. A distant thunder clap startled Adrien, enough so that he managed to press a wrong button and sent the umbrella flapping down on him.

Adrien blushed under the cover of darkness, cringing at his awkwardness until he heard her. A loud, unashamed laugh. She was laughing at him! He peered at her from under the umbrella, and let out a small chuckle of his own.

He looked at her and he could finally see her behind her shy disguise.

And she was so-  she was so………..


You know, guys.
It’s not over, at least not for me.

Am I heartbroken because of the announcement? Disappointed because ME:A ending begs for the DLC and won’t ever get it? Angry because my all time favorite space-franchise was treated so unfairly by both Bioware/EA and the so-called ‘fans’ or whatever?


To be honest I’m furious but I have no plans to suddenly uninstall my copy of the game and discard all my projects associated with it.


I will keep loving it because it deserves love, because despite the flaws I enjoyed the story and the characters: Ryders, Tempest’s crew, handsome bastard from Kadara and many others. ME:A made me laugh and brought me genuine happiness when I needed it the most and thanks to it I’ve met amazing people that I can now call my close friends. Nothing will ever take these things from me. I will keep trying to work on my humble fanarts and all, now even more than before.

I’m happy that there are novels and comics coming although I’m not very excited for them mostly because they won’t ever replace game experience for me… It’s better than nothing though.

Please, don’t give up, don’t let the negativity and disappointment win. Stay creative and passionate because now fandom needs your creativity more than ever.


…and have been wanting to say it for awhile now.

It was rather obvious, but this blog is honestly… pretty dead. I always had the intention of coming back, but with friends leaving this place behind, there seldom were people that I interacted with on a regular basis– and thus a lack of motivation to keep up with the influx of asks (of similar and repetitive nature– there’s really only so many things to do before things being to repeat themselves, especially if you’ve been at it for a really long time, not taking into account interactions and events.) I tried multiple times to get back into the flow of things, but it simply never worked out due to the aforementioned issue as well as things such as school schedule, the workload it presented, and now a job with the potential to grow into sometime promising– especially when it’s something I’ve always wanted to do, which is work on games.

This place has been a positive impact on my life and general existence. Tremendously so. I’ve been here since the very beginning as the second blog back in April 2015 (forgive me being a little prideful in saying so, it just means a lot to me) following in badlydrawnjotarokujo/kakyoyoin’s footsteps, and then being followed by badlydrawnpolnareff– both who became lifelong friends of mine, whom I cherish to the very end. This place has done a lot, even if only by setting certain things in motion. I had a lot of fun, and had a lot of opportunities– I improved drastically in my art, met a lot of great people who I still talk to, got a lot of attention for a blog filled with dumb doodles, and even met up with people at conventions– namely Katsucon– making good friends there, as well. I built a lot of confidence, learned a lot, went through some hardships, and was able to feel accomplishment whenever I got an ask saying I made someone laugh, brightened their day, or even helped them be happy despite how much life sucked, even if by just a little. I’m sorry for never answering them, but I do get those asks, I see them, and I want to thank you all for them. I might be a little dramatic, I suppose, but there’s just a lot I’m thankful for. 

I just really wanted to say a genuine thank you for all the support and love that  me and this blog has gotten over the past two years. To make people happy, give ‘em a laugh, or even inspire someone with my art; that’s really all I wanted from this. There was a huge timeframe where I got busy with school and wasn’t able to do much and I’m sorry for that, and I’m ever so grateful to everyone who insisted I take my time and take priority in my other work, and even followed me outside of this blog, which means so, so much to me. Thank you to everyone who showed me love and support in your asks and comments despite my inability to keep active. And for putting up with the feeble attempts to make stuff again.

To say I’ve been pretty absent from Tumblr as a whole is an understatement, although I’ve been AT LEAST trying to keep my artblog up to date w/ somewhat nicer pieces I do. I’m much more active on my Twitter, where I’m at least a couple hundred times less serious sounding than this, I swear. I also have been making use of Instagram as of late. Snapchat too, if anyone’s into that? I’ve been doing a lot of art and have been practicing on getting better and better, and have a lot of plans for the future, such as convention tabling and making art for games, and further down the line, a webcomic (hopefully with music and animations!) that I’ve been planning and developing for the past year, as well as run a coffee shop alongside bdpolnareff, my QPP. So, things have been looking up, even if I’ve been struggling with depression and the like. I have things I really look forward to. I’ve also recently graduated and have a Bachelor’s degree in Digital Arts & Design! School ain’t over yet, though, since I’m spending another two years in school for a degree in Game Art. Then comes the student loans…

So, while I really want to say sorry for probably disappointing you all with a general lack of content here (which I really am), I want to focus on the positive. I want to express just how thankful I am to all of the 3,000+ people that decided to follow this blog (which was WAY past any expectation that I ever had, tbh) For just being there, validating and supporting me, whether you said something or didn’t,  ‘cause it’s something I really needed. Honestly, you all are the reason that I kept at it for so long, after all. I’m really, really grateful– probably more than you could ever realize. And if I could ask, if you liked my stuff, please follow me on other places and don’t be afraid to drop a comment somewhere, ‘cause I really appreciate them! (Although I’m kind of bad at conversation sometimes, especially in DMs, but I still appreciate–)

I honestly could say thanks and thanks again all day, and it’s probably getting really old by now if you’re still reading, but I just… really wanted to say how much all of this meant to me. So, as a final thanks, thank you for taking the time to read this. ‘Cause that means a lot too. This is goodbye! From here, at least!

I wish all of you luck and good fortune for the future. There are dark times ahead, but remember that it’ll always pass! Easier said than done, I know, but you can do it! Things may not go as planned, but sometimes those things happen so that something greater may come later. After all, we wouldn’t know what happiness is if we were never sad. You never know what’ll happen!

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Weird fact about me: I always wanted a beautiful, elegant home, but a bathroom that’s inexplicably weird and makes guests uncomfortable. That’s my very specific brand of humour. So here we have our shrine to Tommy Wiseau on top of our toilet, complete with signed photo.

And yes, that is a poop joke above it. It was supposed to be an inspiring quote but me and Alex couldn’t stop laughing at how different it could be when placed in a lavatory. The uncomfortable air is only compounded by the fact the rest of the bathroom looks genuinely normal and quite pretty.

House rule is that you must give thanks to Tommy for a successful bathroom visit.

Our Kind Of Love (8/12)

By: ProMarvelFanGirl

Pairing: Steve x Plus Size!Reader

Summary:  You and Steve have a special kind of love.   One that many may not understand.  After all what would a super soldier who looked like that, want with a girl who looked like you?

A/n: Saw This post and was inspired!  If you would like to be tagged please let me know!

a/n 2:  Happy Birthday Steve.  This was a hard thing to write and hasn’t been edited.  I am (unfortunately) still bitter of a part of the fic being stolen not once but twice by the same person.  (that person is now blocked so no worries on more theft)  i want to thank the few people that messaged me telling me this happened.  If it wasn’t for you I would have never known.   Hope this was worth the wait. 

a nonstop joke fest until I smile again kind of love.

You were only out a minute before you woke to Steve patting your cheek gently with a worried expression on his face.  When he saw your eye’s open relief flooded his features.  Holding you close he lifts you in his arms, carrying you straight out of the gym and to his old Ford Truck.  Once he was satisfied that you were secure in the seat he shut the door and got in.

You both sat in silence, you wanted to say something but weren’t sure where to start.  You could tell he was angry by the tension in his jaw.  It was the first time you were the reason for his anger and it broke your heart.

When he pulled into his usual spot and parked the car he finally turn toward you.  As he looks you over, you can see the anger seeping away from him.  “Darlin’ what’s going on?”

You look down picking at your fingernails.  “I just wanted to lose a little weight. I just thought you’d be happier.”

“Happier?! Darlin’ you make me so happy. Just as you are.  Did- did I do somethin’ to make ya feel this way.”  Steve looked away from you, you didn’t need to see his face to know he was blaming himself.

“No it wasn’t you.  I just… after seeing the beautiful women you are surrounded with daily, I just want to keep up.  I don’t want you to regret being with me.” You bite your lip and begin to open the truck door.  You well physically and emotionally drained from everything.

Steve opened his mouth to speak but hearing the door open, he slammed it shut.  He opened his door quickly getting out and rushing to your side of the car.  He helped you out again picking you up in his arms against your protests.  

“Steve stop!  Put me down I am too heavy!” You struggle a bit trying to get down.  Steve said nothing but held you tighter not letting you move out of his grip.

When you reached the front door he finally put you down.  Opening the door he let you lead him in.  You head straight to the couch, your legs feeling like jelly.  Steve headed towards the kitchen, after grabbing two waters he handed one to you.

He sat beside you on the couch turning to face you, his arm resting against the back of the couch behind you. “Darlin’ I have never and will never regret being with you.  Let me tell you Natasha and Wanda, they’re great and good lookin’ too.  But you- you are gorgeous and damn near perfect.”

You look up to meet his eyes flushing slightly when you see his loved filled eyes. “I feel so stupid.  I’m sorry for scaring you.  I really didn’t mean to.”

“I know you didn’t doll, can you do one thing for me?”  He moves his arm to wrap around you pulling you close to him.


“Smile for me.  Please?”  He gives you a soft kiss and watches as the edges of your lips curl up slightly.  It wasn’t your usual smile but it was a start.

“Did you know once Natasha walked into a real spider web and had a total meltdown.  Her arms flailed she accidentally smacked Clint in the face.  Elegance and grace went right out the window.”  Steve smiled at the memory, his smile grew when noticed your lips had curled even more.

“And you think Wanda looks great?  She came out to breakfast one morning with a facemask on, these weird lotion gloves on her hands, she said good morning and Tony who was hung over almost punched her.  He thought we were being attacked by an alien.”  Steve laughed a bit and was even more delighted when he saw you had a full smile on your face.

“Thanks for making me feel better.  I love you steve. I’m so sorry for today.”  You gently move from his side and cautiously make your way onto his lap.

“If this is too much weig-”. Steve gripped you tightly and pulled you full on his lap.

“It is not too much weight don’t you dare think about moving.  Also yesterday I went into the VA, you know that nice old lady who works in the dining room?” You nod your head thinking about Doris, the kind old woman who volunteers serving residence their dinners.

“Well I caught her and Bill kissin’ in the kitchen.”  He gives you a big grin and you can’t help the laughter bubbling in throat.

You couldn’t believe it.  Bill was Charlie’s Bucky, they were closer than close and Bill was a ladies man like you wouldn’t believe.

“Go Bill! Go Doris! They both deserve to be happy.  So tell me do they know you know?”  You give him a genuine smile.

“Well I did walk into the door immediately after trying to give them privacy, so yes they know I saw.”  Steve laughs with you, before kissing you gently on the neck.

“There’s that smile I love so much.  Darlin’ I love you and no one will ever compare to you.”

“Thanks for being my hero Steve.”

“It’s what I do love.  My only job is to keep you smiling.”

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A letter from Prompto, before your wedding.

Hi there, beautiful.

We made it. We actually made it. We’re getting married today! I think I’m just about ready, Ignis and Gladio were shocked that I could tie my tie by myself and it was hilarious. I hope your getting ready process is going well, I can’t wait to see how stunning you look!

I always had a feeling it would be you. Call me a fool, yeah I see you doing that little laugh of yours, but I did. You’re just… perfect? No, perfect doesn’t even begin to describe you. I can’t think of a word which describes you though. Oh! Indescribable. That works. You are so wonderful that you are indescribable. Boom.

A lot of people say that they ‘can’t believe they’re getting married’ in the build up to their weddings. Me? I fully believe we are getting married, today is proof. What I can’t believe is that you actually love me. Part of me has always been in shock about it. Remember the day we told each other we loved each other for the first time? Best day of my life.

I’ve always wanted to find people who accept me and love me for who I am, you know that, what with my different past and all. I have the guys, on one side, and then I have you. You showed me a new kind of love, one I never thought I would neither get or deserve. I know my self-doubt and self-worth issues have been a problem sometimes, for both of us with our own stuff, but every day you’re helping me with them. I’d like to hope that I’m helping you with yours too. I want you to see yourself like I see you, and I’m going to keep trying to help you with that, as I know you’ll help me.

You’re making me believe that I do deserve the love that you give me, that I do deserve you. And, boy, what a person to deserve. You’re basically on Astral tier for me. When I first saw you I genuinely thought you were Shiva’s daughter or something, or maybe even Shiva herself. You’re so beautiful. You laugh at my jokes too, which I am forever thankful for, shows me that I do have at least something resembling a comedic bone in my body! Seriously though, I love everything about you. All your quirks, your habits, your attitude, you. Just you.

I’m excited to get married, but I’m also nervous. I’m scared of letting you down, of not being the husband you want me to be. I want to do everything with you, the house, the pets, the kids, everything. I just love you so much, I want to give you everything you want. Your happiness is my happiness, just as mine is yours. We’ll end up in an endless cycle of happiness if we’re not careful!

I feel like I’m rambling a little. Am I rambling? You can judge that. It’s not my fault that I can’t hide my feelings for you very well, I never have been able to. I mean, you called the proposal almost a week before it happened because of how giddy I was. You really get me. I don’t know how, but you do. Everything you do for me makes me want to be a better person, for you and Noct and everyone. I can’t thank you enough for that, honestly. I don’t think I’ve ever stopped thanking you or telling you I love you since we got together, and I’m not sorry about it.

I’ll end this here, I imagine you still have some getting ready to do. You’re the most important person in the world to me, I hope you know that. I can’t wait to start the next part of our lives together. I love you. I love you. I love you. You’ll probably be sick of me saying that by the time tonight is over, but hey, what can I say? I love you.

Love you always, and thank you for loving this goofball.

P. x

PS. Threw a few photos in of our favourite memories together. I thought you would like to see ones we’ve shared as we get ready to make so many more.

Pizza slices (Peter Parker x reader)

Name: Pizza slices

Requested: Can you do one where y/n is in a really bad spot with her family so she ends up trying to rob someone so she can pay for food but Spiderman stops her and she basically starts having a panic attack because she just needs food so badly and he ends up just buying her food and the next day at school Peter buys her lunch and she recognizes his voice? Thanks! I love your stuff

Warnings: Robbery, family problems, flufff, crime, swearing

Plot: She truly didn’t want to do it, but it was her last resort if she wanted herself and her family to live. She found a man leaving the corner store and backed him into an alley, not knowing about the hero watching her from above.

(A/N): This request was really really cool! I thought this was hella fun to write, so thank you so much to whoever requested this! Again, super creative request. Enjoy! (If this is not what you wanted, please message me and I’ll try and fix it!)

This takes place before our boy gets his real suit in case you get confused!

She didn’t want to do it.

She genuinely didn’t, but after being denied multiple jobs and her dad being fired, it was her last resort.

‘Cmon, (Y/N), you can do this…just…just back them in and get the money, easy’ as the girl begins to overthink things, she hears the jingle of the bell above the corner store door as somebody walks out. This was it, it was now or never. She jumps out, backing the victim into the alley. Step one done. “Listen, kid, I don’t want any trouble…” he attempts. His pleads were ignored, evident when the girl begins to speak wearily, holding out the gun in an attempt to intimidate the taller man, but it was clear that she was just as scared as him.

'This is wrong. This is wrong, stop while you’re ahead’ her thoughts were invaded once again.

“Just…just please give me your money and you won’t get hurt” the girl managed. The man didn’t reply, he just raised his hands in defense. Luckily (for both parties), (Y/N) was disarmed, the gun being tugged from her hands, giving the victim time to escape. She didn’t fight back, letting the hero she knew so well from the news web her hand to the wall. The (H/C) girl squeezes her eyes shut as a way to try to keep the tears from falling. It didn’t work. As she hears the thump of the heroes feet meeting the floor, she breaks down.

Peter hears this. He could recognize her voice, identifying it as (Y/N) (L/N) from school, the girl he liked since he first saw her. Sure, he knew she was troubled, but never knew how so. Maybe today was the day he’d find out. He walked up to her slowly, stopping in front of her. She must’ve heard him, as she shut her eyes tighter, curling down as low as she could go with her webbed hand. “I’m sorry before you say anything.” the girl sighs, looking down in shame. Peter folds his arms. “I just…I know this is a shitty excuse, but I’m sorry. My family hasn’t been doing great money wise, and my dad got fired and my grades are dropping really quickly because I’m trying to find work and…fuck, this is all I have left to do. I can’t afford food and we’re all starving and…” her breathing becomes uneven and he could see the tears begin to fall from her eyes and drop to the concrete. Peter hesitates, then sighs. He kneels down to her level. “Hey, don’t cry…I’ll-” he fishes for his wallet, opening it and scanning for how much he had left. 50$ could buy food, right? “I’ll buy you food. Just…wait here” and he walks away, leaving (Y/N) alone in the alley. This gave her time to adjust herself, wiping her tears and standing up. She felt the webs loosen, and she finally freed her hand. She didn’t run though, there was no point. She did, however, freak out on the inside. Was he gonna tell the cops? Would she be turned in? Would-

“Hey, I uh…I got some pizzas and some water. There are some fruit and chips in there too and…are you okay?”

His voice cuts her thoughts off and calmed her slightly. He walks towards her, handing her the bag. “Yeah. Yeah…” she shrugs. Now, Peter never really spoke to (Y/N) before this, but he could tell that she wasn’t okay. “I won’t tell anyone if you don’t do it again. I know it may seem hard to get a job, but keep trying. It’s better than risking prison time” She nods at his lecture. “Thanks. I really appreciate this…” she motions to the bag. The hero rubs the back of his neck awkwardly, shifting his weight onto his other foot. “Yeah! No problem. I like pizza too, so…” he trails. (Y/N) nods. There was a long, uncomfortable pause until he broke it with his coughing. “I’ll…be off then. Y'know…uh…Spider man stuff” the girl laughs slightly, wiping her eyes once more. Peter salutes her, swinging off before she could thank him again. So, there she stood, staring dumbly at the sky with a stupid grin on her face. Her family can eat tonight, and probably for a while afterward. (Y/N) walks out with more of a pep in her step.

At school, everything went as normal until lunch rolled around. After what seemed like hours (Though it was about 3 minutes) she finally reached the till. She places the plate with the pizza slice on the table, beginning to fish for the change in her pocket. “That’s $3.50, doll” the woman behind the till speaks. (Y/N) freezes, looking up at her. “But last week it was only $2.50?” “Prices are gone up since Monday” She begins to search the rest of her pockets for whatever she could muster, but only turned up with lint. Sighing, she starts to walk off. The pizza slice was the only thing on the menu that filled her up properly on an empty stomach, as she never had breakfast in fear of wasting the little food her and her house had. Before she could move far, she bumped into a taller boy, who reached into his pockets and gave the lunch lady the change required. “That’s for the pizza” he states, flashing her a small smile before walking off, (Y/N) following close behind. “Hey, thanks, Parker” she smiles warmly at him while he stops, facing her. Peter nods, chuckling slightly as he reached for the back of his neck once again. “Uh, no problem…how do you know my name?” the question caught her off guard, but she rolled her eyes playfully and answered anyway. “Everyone knows you, you’re like the smartest guy in the school. Must be really lucky, too, my grades are shit right now” He hesitates, laughing awkwardly to fill the silence. “Wow…uh, well, speaking of…” he coughs. “Do you wanna…come study with me some time? I’ll order pizza or something” (Y/N) smiles widely, nodding. “You’d do that?” he nods. “Thank you, really. Um, it’s not much, but here” she digs through her pocket and brings out the $2.50 she was meaning to give the lunch lady, handing it to him. He laughs, more genuine this time, thanking her and nodding towards an empty table, signaling a request to sit down. She nods cheerfully, following him to the seats.

“You must really like that, huh? Every time I come over you get it” the (H/C) girl chuckles, motioning to the pizza. Peter wipes his mouth and places the food on the plate, which sat next to the box on his bed before speaking. “Yeah, I like pizza a lot, actually. It’s like one of my favorite things ever” he shrugs, unintentionally making (Y/N) laugh once again. Her smile fades slowly when she remembers that phrase being said in that exact voice a couple of nights ago.

“Yeah! No problem. I like pizza too, so…”

Her eyes widen. The neck rubs, him paying for her food even though they barely spoke before this. It all clicked in her head. “Holy shit, you’re Spider-man” her statement was certain, almost as if she was a detective after making a breakthrough. Peter almost chokes. “What? No, what do you mean? Where’d you…get that from?” he folds his arms uncomfortably. “Yes, you are! Look, you’re folding your arms in the same way!” she points at him, and he immediately unfolds them. “Oh my god, I’ve been hanging out with Spider-man!” (Y/N) exclaims, but is quickly shushed by a frantic Peter Parker. “Shh! Shut up, May will hear!” this only caused her eyes to widen more. “She doesn’t know?!” Her shock was only conveyed through whisper-yells now, but it got her point across. “No! Not even Ned knows!” She knew who Ned was now, she met him and even hung out a couple times, they seemed really close, which only made her more confused and intrigued. “Don’t tell anyone, please…I didn’t tell anybody about-” he was almost immediately cut off by (Y/N)s voice overlapping his own. “I won’t, don’t worry. Your secret’s safe with me” they shared a thankful smile, then continued to study. It didn’t take long until (Y/N) spoke up again. “Aside from being Spider-man, why’d you pay for it?” she inquires curiously. Peter sighs, placing his pen on his bed. “Can we just drop this whole Spider-man thing while we’re studying?” “C'mon, Peter, please? Then I’ll drop it! I thought it was really sweet! Please, I’ll d-” he groans. “Because I’ve liked you for a while and I thought it’d get you to talk to me!” the teen raises his voice so he can be heard over the pleading. (Y/N) froze, so did Peter. He immediately began to regret what he said “I mean, like, as in-” he couldn’t finish his sentence, as the girl crashed her lips into his, silencing him. It took her a while to break it, but when she did, she had a huge smile plastered on her face. “Well it worked”

“So…you like me back?” Peter asks hopefully. (Y/N) rolled her eyes again, picking up a slice of pizza. “Yes, I like you back”

Feel Me: short story

Pairings: Bucky x (enhanced) reader

Warnings: smut, swearing, anxiety, fluff

After living in New York for little over two years, you had a steady job at a lunchroom. It wasn’t all that glamorous, but you enjoyed it.

The second week in working your new job, in a new city, in a new country even, a man walked through the door just as you opened up shop. He seemed shy and timid, and waited with patience until you finished locking down the doors so they wouldn’t slam shut.

‘Good Morning’ you said with a smile, as you noticed that he still wouldn’t look at you as you spoke. It wasn’t that he was trying to be rude, he was nervous.

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Height Difference- Jeff Atkins x Reader

this was a request that I got at the beginning of the week but me being me is only getting to it now due to finals! hope this wasn’t too shit! 😁💓

warnings: bullying(?)

info: the reader is bullied for their height, and Jeff being Jeff steps in and comforts them :)

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    Being 4'11 in Junior year is not a fun story, let me tell you that. Constant remarks of “Shortie” and “Midget” are basically part of my everyday routine at this point. However, today was a different story. Considering as it was 95 degrees and sunny outside, I decided to step out of my comfort zone and wear shorts. Walking into school, everything was fine. The usual remarks were made, but no horrid jokes on my size…. that is until I got to my locker. 

   My locker is unfortunately right near Zach Dempsey’s, where all his little jock friends hang out in the morning, so there there was no shock factor when Bryce approached me, looking down upon me.

   “Hey y/n! Did you get those shorts from the kids section? Seems like they’re the only ones that’ll fit you!” Bryce smears, turning to laugh with his jock friends before turning back to me. I shake my head, and let out a huff.

   “Hey Bryce, that was a real good one!” I snap back, looking him up and down. “You know, it’s a real shame with all that money you have you can’t afford some manners.” I say as his face drops. Quite oooo’s come from behind me as Bryce gets closer, pushing me against my locker.

   “You watch what you say little girl,” he says, empathizing on “little”, “you don’t want to get me upset” he breaths into my ear. He reaches behind my back and pulls me in, our faces inches apart. I look down at the ground, but his hand squeezes my face, making me look at him. I shut my eyes, expecting the worse, but i feel the pressure of his large body fall off me. When I open my eyes, I see Jeff standing there, holding Bryce by the collar of his shirt.

   “What the fuck Walker. What do you think you’re doing?” Jeff yells at Bryce, letting go of his collar and pushing him slightly.

   “Dude, chill. I wasn’t going to do anything. With her height the cops might think she’s 8.” Bryce says, smirking at me. Jeff shakes his head and turns to look at me, making eye contact. His eyes search mine before turning back to Bryce and gripping his shoulders.

   “Bryce, shut the fuck up. Get the hell out of here.” Jeff proclaims, shoving Walker into his group of friends. Bryce takes one more look at me before smirking and shrugging.

   “Whatever man.” He says, turning around and walking down the hallway. Jeff turns to face me, stepping towards me.

   “Hey, you alright?” He asks, genuine concern in his voice. I nod my head and smile up at him.

   “I am now. Thank you.” I say, looking into his eyes. His eyes once more search mine, bending down so our faces are the same level. Before I know it, my lips are on his, moving in sync. Breaking the kiss, I look up at him, turning my head sideways.

   “What was that?” I ask smiling, now facing him.

   “Consider it payment for me saving you.” Jeff says, giving me his million dollar smile and winking. I just laugh and shake my head, looking down at his now extended hand. I grab onto it, letting him walk me to my first class, the butterflies in my stomach never truly going away.



Characters: Jared x Reader, fans, Jensen

Word Count: 1579

Warnings: implied sex and kinda fluff

Summary: All people ask you about is your past relationships and your relationship status during your panel. They are pleasantly surprised with the end result of their questions.

Authors Note: Honestly, this whole idea came from listening to Intertwined by Dodie. I wanted to have this song as like how they fell in love type thing. This is my first RPF. Also, Jared is single for this. No disrespect to Gen. Hopefully I satisfied your imagination with this! Feedback is always appreciated and enjoy xx

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You slowly woke up in your hotel room with Jared’s arms wrapped around your waist. You lazily look at the time before jumping out of bed, realizing that you were running late for your panel.

Your panel starts in twenty minutes. It takes ten minutes to get there, leaving you with ten minutes to get dressed, and you still have to shower.

You texted Rob that you were going to be running late before taking a quick shower and getting dressed. You were about to rush out the door, then you realized that you hadn’t woken Jared up. You shake him awake and his eyes slowly flutter open.

“Morning sunshine,” you joke as you give him a quick kiss. “I’m running late for my panel, but I’ll see you down there after you get dressed.”

He hums in response, leaning on the headboard, looking at you. “Go on, don’t want to keep the fans waiting.” He smiles at you. “You’ll be great.”

You rush out the hotel room and made it to the panel, even though you were ten minutes late.

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33 please! thankyou in advance <3 congrats on 1k btw!

Thanks so much! <3

33. celebrity/fan au

All Jughead wanted was a coffee, that was literally it. He figured he could duck across the road from the hotel into the discreet coffee shop without being noticed. In a cap and sunglasses, obviously. Even though it was raining. He didn’t even bother alerting Reggie, his manager come bodyguard, who was asleep in the other room. Both of them were exhausted enough from the tour, he wasn’t about to wake the guy just for a coffee. 

He tugged on the collar of his jacket in a last ditch effort to hide his face, and crossed the quiet street to the cafe. So far, so good. He took his glasses off as he walked through the door, but kept on the rest of his ‘disguise’ in tact. The girl behind the counter did a double take before greeting him. 

“H-Hi there, how may I help?” 

“Can I get a double shot espresso, to go please.”

“Sure, coming right up,” she smiled, still looking at him like he had two heads. She took a to-go cup from the stack and started on his drink. Jughead stood off to the side, checking his phone. Touring was tiring, and as much as he loved to play his songs for his fans, he hated fame. He despised it. The numerous amount of times he thought about quitting a day added up substantially. He had no personal life, his one and only friend was the same one from his childhood. It was impossible to differentiate between those who genuinely wanted to know him and those who wanted the claim to fame. 

“Excuse me?” The girl behind the counter asked, grabbing his attention. “Are you, are you Jughead Jones?” He sighed, great. He couldn’t even get a damn coffee without being recognized. He loved his fans, truly, but he missed just being a nobody. He put on his best star boy smile and nodded. 

“That’s me,” he replied. He hadn’t noticed a girl in the back corner of the cafe, who had clocked him as soon as he left the hotel. In the short amount of time he had ordered and been waiting, she had tweeted his whereabouts. 

“Would it be okay.. Could you sign something for me?” She was sweet, he decided then. She didn’t freak out like a lot of them did, much to his relief. She handed him his coffee then, which he put down on the counter.  

“Of course,” he patted his pockets, “do you have a pen or something? Sorry, normally I carry one with me.” She smiled and reached under the counter for a pen, pulling out a little notebook as she did. He signed a blank page, Jughead Jones, and then drew a little heart for good measure. 

“Thank you so much.”

“Anytime,” he replied, flashing her one last smile before turning to leave. Shit. There were a group of young girls out the front of the cafe now, whose squeals he could hear even from inside. He turned back to the girl behind the counter. 

“Sorry, is there a back door? I’m not really in the mood.” She nodded, pointing him to a door that led to a corridor. He nodded his thanks and pushed through the door, just as another girl was opening it from the other side. This one was blonde, and he was instantly taken aback with how big her eyes were. 

“Sorry,” he said, trying to push past her. 

“You can’t come back here,” she begun to tell him, her eyes wide in recognition. At that very moment the group from outside became brave, pushing into the cafe. The commotion caught the blondes attention, and before Jughead could begin to explain she grabbed his wrist and pulled him through the door. She continued to pull him down the corridor and into an office, letting him go to shut the door. She turned back to him with a sweet smile. 

“This happens a lot, being LA and all,” she explained. Jughead was still shocked with how instantly he was attracted to this girl. She was gorgeous, and his fingers itched to write about her. He hadn’t been struck with inspiration so suddenly in a long time, if ever. “I’m Betty.” 

“Jughead,” he held his hand out to shake hers, “Jughead Jones.” She rolled her eyes and laughed. 

“I know who you are,” she informed him, “I actually have tickets to see you tonight.” 

“Huh, that’s funny,” he replied. She nodded. Betty was still leaning against the door. 

“You can stay in here until the hoard disperses, if you like. I wouldn’t even risk the back door right now.” 

“Thanks so much, Betty,” he said genuinely. “I’ll call my manager, let him know.” She gave him a nod and left the room so he could call Reggie. 

“Dude, you’re an absolute tool,” Reggie laughed down the phone once Jughead had told him. “I’ll get dressed and come over, give me a few.” 

“Thanks Reg,” he replied, hanging up just as Betty came back in. She handed him the coffee he had left on the counter. “You are a true life saver, Betty.” She gave him a smile and sat down on one of the other chairs in the room. “So, are you in LA just to be in LA, or?”

“Some days I may as well be,” she laughed. “But, truth be told, I write screenplays. Well, I attempt to write screenplays,”  she sighed. “But this is my day job, so I won’t quit it, as they say.” 

“Show business is a hard one.” She glanced at him thoughtfully. 

“You did alright, big shot,” she teased. It came easy, he realised, conversation with Betty. Normally he was awkward in any situation, but there was something about her that calmed him. Part of him wanted to bottle it up and take it with him. He could really use it. He shrugged before responding. 

“I just got lucky, I think.” He heard Betty scoff. 

“Oh please, you’re just a talent that deserves the recognition,” he could be mistake but he could swear she had began to blush. She caught his gaze. “Honestly, Jughead. Your music, it’s so great.” He gave her a smile of thanks. 

“I never wanted to sing, you know.” She tilted her head in question. He shrugged again. “I just wanted to write, songs, poems, anything really. The singing came after.” 

“So it was just a fluke that you sing like an angel?” she asked, laughing. Now it was Jugheads turn to scoff. 

“Shut up,” he teased. “I do enjoy it, don’t get me wrong. But not this shit.” he gestured to where he sat, hiding from a hoard of girls. 

“Yeah, must be hard having the option of any girl you like,” she smirked. It was a joke, an obvious one, but Jughead felt the urge to tell her he wasn’t like that.

“That’s not me.”

“Oh, Jughead, I was kidding.” There was a flash of sincere worry across her face. 

“I know,” he winked. “I just don’t want you to think I’m some woman hungry pop star.” 

“I would never,” she said lowly, a smile playing on her lips. At that moment Jugheads phone buzzed with a text from Reggie stating he was waiting out the back door for him. Jughead tapped out a reply that he would be out in a minute. He couldn’t deny the disappointment he felt, he wanted more time to talk to Betty. “Your getaway ride here?” 

“Yeah,” he replied without looking at her. She stood from the chair and walked over to the door, checking the coast was clear. 

“You’re good to go, Jones,” he liked the way she called him that. 

“I owe you Betty, truly. Thank you so much.” He rose from his own chair and walked towards the door she held open. “I don’t know how to repay you.” 

“Well,” she drawled, “I’ve never had a song written about me before you know.” There was a joking tone in her voice, but with the way her eyes shone and her lip sat between her teeth, he was inspired enough to write a whole new album. 

“Your tickets, for tonight, are they any good?” He asked abruptly. 

“I’m in the stalls,” she told him. He shook his head. 

“I’ll get Reggie, my manager, to come back with VIP passes for the gig.” Her eyes widened in shock and she shook her head. 

“Jughead, you don’t have to do that, honestly.”

“No, shush, I want too.” He smiled down at her, and then suddenly she was hugging him tight against her. 

“Thank you so much,” she spoke into his ear, and Jughead felt himself shudder. She made to pull away, but Jughead held her close for a moment longer. “And they say don’t meet your heroes.”

“Shut up,” he joked.

Later that night, as he stood in front of a sold out crowd, he looked for Betty in the front row. His heart raced as he saw her, smiling up so brightly at him. 

“Okay, I’m doing something a little different tonight,” he told the crowd, earning and outburst of cheers. He held Betty’s gaze as he spoke again. 

“I was struck with inspiration today, for the first time in a long time. So if it’s okay with you, I want to play you a new song. I only wrote it today, so be kind.” 

Betty looked up at him with a question in her eyes, one that was answered as he sung about a blonde with eyes like he’d never seen before. 

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Soooo I loved the parent headcanons of Korekiyo and Angie and I made a lovechild for the two! This blog is truly a gift to the fandom. The boi’s name is Koa and he is precious. What do you think? I would love to hear the admins opinion. Thank you for reading this!

Is it safe to say I started CRYING


Listen,, I literally just sent this to all my friends and yelled at them with caps lock beCAUSE LOOK AT IT IT’S SO CUTE ADMIN LOVES IT ADMIN’S CRYING

I never actually thought anyone likes my stuff thAT much ??? But gosh thank you so much !!! This actually genuinely made me happy and it’s so pure and I just





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