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Tony Stark/Iron Man - You Look So Familiar

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Tony runs into a 14-year-old girl outside of a coffee shop and spills his coffee. When she freaks out and tries to run away, he stops her and asks her if she’s okay and notices that she looks very familiar. He takes her back to the tower to get cleaned up and Natasha points out that she looks just like him. So, Tony tests her DNA and finds out she’s his.

Requested by: Anon

Pairing: Tony x Daughter!Reader

Characters: Fem!Reader, Tony Stark, Harold “Happy” Hogan, Natasha Romanoff, Steve Rogers, Bruce Banner, Wanda Maximoff, Vision, Clint Barton, Sam Wilson. Peter Parker, Thor Odinson, James “Rhodey” Rhodes (Mentioned)

A/N: Thank you to @mo320 and @molethemollie for being my betas for this!

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Chapter 2

Saturday came around way slower than Harry would’ve liked.

As he was making his way to Nick’s apartment, he kept trying to make himself forget how long it took for him to get ready for the evening. He was the kind of man that liked to look good and figure out what clothes looked the best on him, yes, but the amount of time it took him that day was just purely ridiculous.

The Uber driver kept chatting up with him and Harry just wanted to tell him to shut up, being too nervous to think about anything but just getting to the apartment complex.

As soon as the driver stopped in front of the building, he eagerly thanked him and got out of the car, basically running up the stairs towards Nick’s door, ringing the bell. He anxiously waited for the door to be opened, until a few seconds later it did, to reveal a smiley Nick. Harry hoped to see Jude, so he felt a bit disappointed, but glad to see his friend.

Nick was wearing a grey crewneck, a pair of blue jeans and slippers

“Hey! Glad you made it” Nick greeted, and Harry was sure it was a subtle way of mocking him, since Nick knew for sure that Harry wouldn’t miss the evening.

“Hey, you know I wouldn’t miss the chance of seeing your pretty face” he joked, giving him a hug and letting himself inside, being too familiar with the apartment.

Nick closed the door and led the way to the kitchen, and as they were getting closer to it, Harry could hear some music he did not recognize play, getting louder each time.

The both of them entered the kitchen, where Jude softly sang along to the music as she was cutting some limes. She turned around and smiled at the two young men. Harry smiled back; she looked so good. Her curls were let down, tugged behind her ears, that were decorated with some golden hoops, and resting on her shoulders. She wore a colorful, flower-printed shirt, tugged inside some vintage looking denim pants, and some black moccasins.

“Hi! How are you?” she left the knife on the cutting board she was using, getting closer to greet Harry with a small embrace.

“Very good, thank you” he smiled back, and wished the embrace would’ve lasted longer “What are you doing? You need any help with that?” he questioned as he took his jacket off, letting it rest on one of the stools that were in front of the kitchen’s island.

“Oh, we decided to change the menu, if that’s alright” she informed “Mojitos and burritos” she said in a perfect Spanish. Harry swore he could’ve melt right there “You like Mexican food?” she wondered shyly.

“It’s absolutely perfect” he assured.

“Go and set the table, could you?” Nick said, as he took out a bottle of rum and another one of tonic water.

Harry nodded, although he would’ve rather stay in the same room that Jude was in. He quickly grabbed some plates and cutlery, being as fast as he possibly could to set the table in the dining room.

He could hear Nick and Jude chatting inside the kitchen, and he had to tell himself off for being so nosey and trying to hear their conversation.

As soon as he was done setting the table he went back to the kitchen, where Jude was mixing the liquids together in some glasses, serving the mojitos. Nick was stirring something on a pan, and Harry had to admit it smelled good.

He took a seat and stared at Jude, taking the chance since she was focused on making the drinks and making them pretty with some lime wedges. She had eyeliner on and her eyes looked even greener than they already were. Nick turned off the fire and started chopping something besides Jude. The music was suddenly interrupted by the sound of a notification on Nick’s phone that was resting on the kitchen’s island, making the three of them look at it.

“What is it?” Nick wondered, giving Harry the permission to read it.

“It’s a message from Matt, asking what are you up to” the curly haired informed.

“Telling that I’m having a dinner with some friends, ask him if he wants to come for drinks later” Nick instructed and Harry started to type the answer. A few seconds later, another message popped up.

“He says he’ll stop by” he locked the phone and the music filled the room again. “So, Jude, you sure you don’t need help at all?” he asked yet again. She shook her head.

“No, I’m done actually” she handed each of them a glass of the drinks and sat next to Harry.

“Thank you” he said, the feeling of nervousness filling him up. Nick kept chopping vegetables and strategically gave them his back, pulling himself apart of the conversation after he received his drink. “I know we saw each other just a few days ago, but what have you been up to?” he asked.

Jude’s face lit up, clearly excited to share what she had been doing with him “I finished some paintings I was working on” she informed “Just some practice things, really, but I guess it feels nice to finish them” she reflects “What about you?”

“Just lounged around” he quickly answered “I didn’t know you were an artist, I wish I could see some of your work someday”.

“I mean, I’m not an artist” Nick scoffs as she hears that, turning around to give raise her eyebrows at her “I’m not!” she laughs “I mean, I do paint and shit, but like, that’s not what I really do, I’m more of an art fan” she explains “I enjoy art on all of its ways” she smiles.

“Have you been to Tate Modern since you’ve lived here?” Harry asks, really hoping to be able to take her out.

“No, I actually haven’t” she frowns at herself “But I’d love to”

As he’s about to tell her to go with him, Nick interrupts them, asking them to help him set the ingredients in different bowls as he takes out the tortillas from the oven.

The three of them took the food to the dining table, sitting like they did the last time.

While Nick and Harry struggled to wrap their burritos, Jude seemed to be just fine, managing to wrap a perfect burrito in a matter of seconds.

“So” Harry spoke, after taking a sip of his mojito “What do you study, Jude?”

“Graphic design” she answered “Although I just want to do everything creative that exists on earth” she sighed “Like, I just want to create, I have like so many ideas and this really strong will to create art so I just don’t know, graphic design seemed like the career that allowed that the most.”

Nick chimed in “She’s, like, really good on everything on the artistic side” he explained, making Jude blush “For real man, the girl is talented, you should see her studio sometime” he kicked Harry from under the table, clearly teasing him.

“Oh, you have a studio?” he wondered, clearly too interested since he barely had touched his food.

“Not really, I just use my apartment as a studio” she explained “But you’re more than welcome to come whenever you want, it’s literally next door” she smiled “Yeah, come over sometime and grab a coffee or something”

Harry felt like his chest was filled with the bubbliest substance on earth.

“Sure, a coffee would be nice”

The three of them finished eating and had a decent amount of mojitos when they were done with dinner, clearly tipsy as they continued chatting sitting on Nick’s living room.

Nick sat on a huge Indian cushion he had laying on the ground whilst Jude and Harry both sat on the red velvet couch. Nick was telling a story about this guy he had met a couple of nights before, unburdening his disappointment, as the guy seemed like a real asshole.

“He didn’t even call me!” Nick whined “Like, I would’ve at least expected a text, it’s 2017” he rested his chin on his palm as he pouted, giving the image of a teenage girl asking her friends for advice.

“Fuck him, then” Jude said, giggling “We’re still young anyway, Nick” she said, playing with the straw of her glass “We can allow ourselves to be single and free and all, no strings are needed for now” she shrugged “Or at least that’s how I see it”.

Harry listened closely to what she said, and felt like grabbing her and kissing her and telling her that he would be just fine being attached to her, no matter how young he was. Although he didn’t say a word, just nodded “Yeah mate, enjoy your youth” he muttered.

“You might be young, you both are just on your twenties!” Harry wondered how old was Jude “but I’m on my thirties” Nick cringed a little as the words exited his mouth “That’s basically being about to die” the three of them laughed at Nick’s dramatism, the laughter dying when the bell rang.

Jude got up to open the door, revealing Matt standing on the other side, holding a bottle of wine. He was wearing black jeans, a pair of Vans and a red sweater, and smelled like a combination of wood and cigarettes.

“Look at you! It’s been way too long!” he grinned at her, hugging her tightly “Didn’t expect to see you, didn’t know you were here” he said, clearly excited to see the girl.

“It’s been too long, yes” she smiled, cuddling him one more time “so nice to see you” she let him in. Jude had always had a crush on Matt, period. He just seemed so artistic to her, and he was one of the most worded men she knew, something way too attractive in her eyes.

Harry’s eyes travelled curiously through the two figures and tried to think how they met. He thought that they probably met during one of Nick’s dinner parties while he was on tour. He couldn’t help but get a bit jealous of Matt, something he had never felt before.

Matt was a cool chap. Always had a good conversation to offer and was the most easy-going person he knew. He always was a laugh, wherever he was.

After he had greeted everyone, Matthew sat on the other couch, opposite from Harry, Jude sitting right next to him.

“I was just telling Harry about these paintings I just finished” Jude said to Matt “I want you to see them, I think you’re going to like them” she smiled.

“Sure thing love” he smiled as he shifted on his seat, trying to get something from his pocket “Just shoot me a text and I’ll be there”.

Harry’s body sank on the red couch. He just called her ‘love’. He also told her to ‘shoot him a text’, so she obviously had his number. He felt like a child. He felt like protesting and telling her that no, she was going to show him her art, not Matt.

He got up, his glass in his hand, and walked towards the kitchen; he needed a drink. He could feel Nick following him up.

“Why did you invite him too?” Harry asked, a bit pissed off, although he knew it wasn’t like Nick had planned it like this.

“Because we’re mates, H” Nick rolled his eyes “you’re mates with him too” he reminded him “And it’s not my fault that he and Jude just like each other so much” he shrugged.

“Don’t say that, God” Harry took a big sip off his glass “She’s so cool, Nick” he knew it was, in part, the alcohol talking, but he just left himself go “I know I’ve just met her, but I swear she’s the coolest girl I’ve ever met. There’s not one single thing about her that isn’t interesting, her whole person just awakens so much curiosity on me.” He let a sigh “But she’s clearly into Matty”.

Nick, once again, rolled his eyes “Don’t be such a drama queen, Styles” he laughed “As you said, you’ve just met her. In fact, here’s something so you won’t like her that much: She’s grumpy as fuck in the mornings. For real. Unbearable.” Harry laughed at Nicholas, smiling at his attempt of cheering him up.

However, as soon as they stepped back into the living room, everything Nick said or could’ve said, was absolutely nothing. There they were, Jude and Matt, locking lips. He pressed his lips against hers, and stopped to caress her curls and whisper things against her lips.

Harry looked at nick and let out a small, sarcastic laughter.

Maybe, not today.


periods can suck for me. about 10 days out from my period, i get really bloated and retain up to 10 pounds of pure fluid. then, 5-6 days out from my period, i get menstrual-like cramps while running. today was one of those days, and so i broke my five miles into a 2 mile, then 3 mile segment. just a reminder to myself that running is running, no matter how many breaks you take! i’m still incredibly proud of myself for pushing through the rolling hills and the awful crampy pain. 

thankful for flowers today~~~

You’re My Inspiration

Prompt: Hayley (Private practice) from rehab comes in the ER looking for help with her injuries shes got because she’s high. April talks about her and Amelia hears about it and runs to Hayley’s patient room. She helps her to get clean and they talk about each others lives and what’s been up since they said goodbye.

Author’s Note : So this would be integrated into my family fic universe, which you can check out here:

In this fic- Amelia is 2 months pregnant with their first child, Charlotte Addison.

Thank you to the girls in the group chat and Heli @fight-till-u-cant-fight-anymore  for answering my questions about Hailey from PP :)  I’m still a few episodes away from watching her, but I can’t wait to write this fic ;)

Heli- this fic is for you- because I know you’re the one who sent the prompt and your url name is one of Amelia’s quotes which would appear in this fic ;)

Thank you also to the amazing Julisa @jia911 for helping me to proofread this fic and give feedback!!

Additional note : I’ve to admit- Hailey in PP is what I feel deep down in my heart and Amelia’s advice is what I subconsciously wish someone would tell me. Which is why this fic is rather personal to me.

Anyways, enough of my rambling- I really hope you all enjoy this fic!! <3 <3 Please do let me know what you think!!


Amelia Shepherd leaned against the ER nurses counter as she finished writing her review of a 16 year old patient who suffered persistent headaches and vomiting.

‘Wilson, can you arrange Robert for the next available MRI slot? ’she ordered Jo Wilson as she passed the electronic chart to the resident.

‘ Right at your service, Dr. Shepherd.’ Jo answered.

Ever since Stephanie Edwards quit, Jo Wilson had been the resident on Amelia’s service. Although Amelia still missed Stephanie and her enthusiasm towards neuro, she had to admit that Jo had been growing on her. Jo had recently started to show interest in neuro- requesting to be on Amelia’s service more frequently and scrubbing in on her neurological procedures.

‘ Nadia, can you book a room for him? ’she instructed one of the nurses at the counter.

‘ Sure, Dr. Shepherd.’Nadia nodded in reply.

Amelia was popular among the nurses too- they didn’t mind doing tasks for her and following her orders because she was one of the more polite attendings who treated them like her equals.

‘ Thank you.’Amelia said as she took one last look at Robert’s electronic chart before handing it over to Jo. ‘Wilson - do update me on his progress and inform me once the MRI results are out.’

Jo nodded as she took the electronic chart from Amelia.

Satisfied that Robert has been settled- Amelia placed the electronic chart on the nurses counter and looked around the busy ER. She wanted to single out the cases which might require neuro review. She had this talent of spotting neuro cases at a glance.  She had a craniotomy scheduled in a couple of hours, and wanted to make sure that she had reviewed all the neuro patients in the ER before she left.

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TalesFromTheFrontDesk: Just for once, I would love it if someone would ask for something sent to their room BEFORE everyone leaves and I am here by myself.

An interaction I had with a guest today-

At Check In (3PM)

Guest: “I put in a request for a crib, is there one in the room?”

Me: “I see your comment, morning shift should have taken care of it, but please let me know right away if there isn’t one and I’ll have a housekeeper run one right up.”

Guest: “Ok, thank you.”

Guest comes down to eat dinner in lobby 30 minutes later

Me: “Hi there, was everything looking great with the room?”

Guest: “Oh yes, thank you, the room is wonderful.”

Guest hangs out in lobby for an hour

Guest spends afternoon/evening in the pool

Guest spends several more hours in the lobby

Guest finally gets up to go to bed at 9PM

Guest: “Hey, there wasn’t a crib in the room, can you go ahead and bring one up to the room and get it set up”

Me: -sighs- “I’ll have that up in just a few minutes sir”

By: arrogantsword

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Can you do an imagine where your in the car with Eric and you're just jammin along to KMFDM and others and he's like happy that you like his taste in music and thinks you're super sweet?

Eric Harris has a routine. Get up, go to school, go home, go to bed, and then the cycle continues. Although somewhat humdrum, he never expects anything different.

So when you lean down to talk to him through his car window, he can almost hear the metaphorical train run off the tracks.

“I’m sorry to bother you Reb, but do you think I could get a ride home? My brother’s being an ass and won’t drive me,” you ask politely. He fumbles with the locks on his car doors before giving you the affirmative. You smile brightly and thank him, and either the temperature of his car rises a little, or he’s blushing.

“We haven’t really talked all that much, huh? We have the same friends but we’ve never got to fully know each other,” you start small talking, breaking the small silence that had taken place as he pulled out of the school parking lot.

“Yeah, guess not,” he says dumbly, and then mentally smacks himself for his lame response.

“So let’s get to know each other! You’ve always seemed like a cool guy. What’s your favorite movie?” you ask, unfazed by his previous grievance.

“Lost Highway, what about you?” he tentatively glances at you, awaiting your response with- although he’d never admit it- baited breath. He can safely exhale when you break out into a large smile.

“No way! I love that movie too!” you exclaim, before going on to explain what you like about it. He finds himself smiling too, before asking another question.

“What type of music do you listen to?” at this you pause and look thoughtfully at the road in front of you.

“I like a lot of stuff. I don’t really like to stick to one genre. 70s rock is awesome, grunge is good, and like KMFDM and stuff like that,” you shyly fiddle with your fingers and stare up at him through your lashes. You know the feeling of being ridiculed for your music taste all too well, with attending Columbine and all.

“What?! Holy shit you like KMFDM?” he bursts out, making you jump. His smile is the brightest you’ve ever seen it, and you can’t help but match it.

“Yeah! They’re awesome!” you pull your backpack from the backseat, showing off your KMFDM patch from the many adorning it. He instantly punches the button to the sound system, and familiar beats meet your ears.

“Now we have to listen to them. You’re fucking awesome, we should’ve talked a long time ago,” he can’t wipe the grin off of his face.

“You’re pretty cool yourself, Harris. Looks like we just became friends,” you laugh and lean back in the car seat, closing your eyes and listening to the music.

His eyes keep flickering from you back to the road, and then to you again. He can’t believe that he’d passed you in the hallways and made idle conversations, when all this time you two were so similar.

With your eyes closed, wind whipped hair and nodding your head to the beat, he swore you were an angel sent from heaven made just for him.

And at that moment, Eric Harris decided to tell his routine to go screw itself.

We promised some neighbors across the way our futon before we moved, and they just dropped by to pick it up. Cue our racist AF next door neighbor harassing them about parking in front of our building, asking who they are, and demanding they get out before she calls the cops.

New Neighbor: Thank you so much! That crazy white lady? Is that who you were talking about last week? She’s nuts! She gave us the run around, and we’re just here helping you out since you’re moving. Is that everyone here?

The Husband: No. She’s the only one, and she’s leaving this week, too. Hopefully the random cop calls stop.

New Neighbor: That’s nuts. She’s gotta learn to listen to people when they answer all her questions. It’s not like we weren’t just talking to you two. You think it’s because I’m brown as chocolate?

Me: Yes. That’s absolutely the reason.

New Neighbor: Well good riddance!

Me: I could not agree more.

bean-about-townn  asked:

okay so BACK TO ANGST: for a while I've had this au scenario in my head where for some reason, james ends up rescuing thomas and it goes down like when they rescued jack in s3. the carriage crashes. james screaming, running to it - thinking for a moment that he's got thomas killed. falling to his knees, holding thomas' face in his hands, begging 'thomas, please - please wake up, please don't - don't leave me, *please*'

okay oKAY but then if we continue in this vein we get the desperate grasping face-squishing oh-thank-god kiss so who’s the real winner here

Now that lwa is over, I feel like I’ve lost my importance. I’m a cosplayer, I don’t write, I don’t draw, I just exist.

I had a lot of fun running my ask blog. I received fanart, tagged in post, met some of my best friends from that, and ect. It’s given me a chance to show off my cosplay abilities and just grow. It’s given me a reason to get up everyday and be active.

I’m eating more, I’m keeping in touch with people, I’m getting more confindce. It’s given me a reason to wake up and get myself moving.

I could never thank the fandom for this, and Studio trigger for a chance they gave me.

Thank you so much

talesfromcallcenters: Reconnect Me!

I work as an operator for a hospital. Our main desk is manned by a volunteer during the day, but there is also a courtesy phone that automatically connects you with the operator when you pick it up. I received a call today (presumably from the volunteer, but honestly anybody could have picked up the courtesy phone) that went as follows:

Me: Thank you for calling ____. How may I direct your call? Person: Reconnected to the last call. Me: I’m sorry, what did you need? Person: Reconnected with my last call! Me: I can’t see what your last call was. Who are you trying to get a hold of? Person: Nevermind! I’ll just hang up and dial it myself! click

About an hour later, I get another call from the desk. This time it was definitely from the volunteer. He was requesting that I send security to him because he had run out of pens and needed somebody to deliver some more pens to him. I did not send security on pen delivery duty, I directed him to the head of volunteer services. eye roll

The stories I have are incredible and I’ve only been here for a month.

By: musikluver13

lovelyladysplayground  asked:

promise you will not stop posting delicious definitions?

I promise to always try to come back to it when life gets away from me the way that it has lately. Thank you for the encouragement! I didn’t realize my queue had run out so I’ve set up another few weeks worth and even mixed in a few new words. 

Always looking for new words so if you (or anyone) have suggestions for evocative definitions, just let me know and I’ll put it on my list!  

hggameaitions  asked:

May I pray for you for your finals and also-*finds a lot of food on the ground then looks at hailey* ........ ITS MINE!!!!!!! *starts running to get the free food then hailey somehow came out of my phone and starts running to get the free food* hailey: not if I can get it!!!!!!!!!! * then hailey got there first and got all the goodies I started crying*........hailey: here have some of my food half half * I nodded both of us are happy now* me:I forgot I will pray for your finals and give you food

That about sums it up. And thanks bud!

i just want to take a second to say thank you to all my abused wlw out there. we literally go through so much and i love each and every one of you. you are strong and brave and powerful, even when you don’t feel like it. you’re an inspiration just by existing and living and being and i’m so so proud of you. thank you.

  • Allura, in the middle of battle: everything hurts
  • Keith: Bitch me too
  • Allura: what's a bitch? Is that bad?
  • Keith: ...
  • Keith: it's a loving/endearing term for a close friend or family member
  • Allura: oh, well thank you. I also think you're a bitch, Keith
  • Keith, trying not to laugh: thanks Princess, that means a lot
  • Allura: *gets up and moves to walk away*
  • Keith: wait where are you going?
  • Allura, running off: I'm going to tell Shiro he's the biggest bitch I've ever met!
  • Keith, seriously trying not laugh and crying a bit: you go do that. He'll love it
Signs as Students

Hey guys, I’m revamping one of my older posts!

Aries: Probably texting at some point in class. Aces all the subjects that they’re passionate about, and often gets elected for leadership positions that they usually don’t want to take up.

Taurus: Sneaks snacks into class like candy or gum. Pays attention in class most of the time, but somehow doesn’t seem to absorb the lesson. Starts getting hungry two hours before lunchtime.

Gemini: Either has super neat or super messy handwriting, no in between. Knows a surprising number of people in the school, and treats everyone like a good friend. Manages to listen to the class and daydream at the same time. Often gets called out for talking in class.

Cancer: Sits in a slouching position, cool but messy collection of stationery. For some reason, they always get put in the front row. Is actually aware of everything going on even if they don’t seem like it.

Leo: Responsive in class, but eager for the lesson to be over. Devastated if they fail an exam. Often the first choice for a study buddy, motivating classmates in their own silly way.

Virgo: Has neatly-labelled notebooks for every subject, but often ends up not using half of them. Emotionless face throughout the whole lesson, and often ends up staring at the teacher.

Libra: Participates in extra-credit classes. Often gets called on to answer questions and yet they always seem to know the answers. Dislikes monotonous teachers. Has an extremely heavy bag.

Scorpio: Secretly hates everyone in their class. Actually tries to complete homework, but often ends up not understanding it.

Sagittarius: Popular kid who agitates teachers without knowing it. Even though they sometimes don’t pay attention, they still get decent marks.

Capricorn: Parents make them work for their grades, but they are thankful for that because they’ll fail if they don’t do that. Super-thick homework folder. Often gets placed right next to their best friend in the seating plan.

Aquarius: Intelligent and imaginative in answering questions that they totally do not understand. Has a thousand things running through their head during lessons.

Pisces: Confused but doesn’t dare to ask teachers about it. Manages to ace exams even if they don’t study. Their worksheets are covered in doodles and fancy lettering. Have many random scraps of paper in their bag.

transcript of the speech i gave at Vassar’s black baccalaureate service

Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen, honored guests, and the Vassar class of 2017.
Just saying that aloud made me feel old. Class of 2017? Most of y'all were born after dark-skinned Aunt Viv left the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. That’s wild.

I want to first thank you for allowing me to be a part of such a special moment in your lives. I am honored, privileged, and a bit in disbelief that you asked me of all people to give this address. I try not to have feelings, and I’m going to do my best not to cry today, but no promises.

I’m here to stand in the gap between you and your parents and guardians and any other elders in your lives that you stopped listening to because you thought they were wack and out of touch. I remember being in your shoes not TOO long ago, and it is my fervent prayer that something that I say here today will help you avoid some of the mess I went through.
To be honest I’m a little nervous, but I figured there was no way could this be worse than when Betsy DeVos went down to Bethune-Cookman, so let’s get started.

As you transition to life after Vassar the changes will be both inevitable and swift, so I’d like to begin by giving you some well-intentioned advice and warning you about the continued process of becoming an adult.

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Inexorable (2)

Plot: How does is feel to be arranged to be married to a cocky, arrogant Mafia leader? Once you look at his face, you think you’re lucky, but then he opens his mouth.

Pairing: Jeon Jungkook x Reader

Genre: Angst, (eventual) smut, Mafia au!

Notes: Welp, since so many of you asked for it, here is a part two!! There are two other stories which need a continuation as well, so I might keep requests closed for a while.. Sorry about that. I hope you don’t mind. Feel free to ask me questions, though! Ya’ll are so nice to me! 2,053 Words

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 (FINAL)

The ride to the vacation home wasn’t as bad as you thought it would be. Your husband actually gave you the space you needed. There were brief glares exchanged between the two of you, a whole lot of drinking, and forced slumber – it was a 3 hour ride, after all. 

When the both of you had finally reached, the luggage was taken out by the bodyguards who had come along, and brought to your huge master bedroom. It was twice the size of your father’s office – if not, bigger – the bed was king-sized, and adorned with silk sheets. The walk-in wardrobe was already stacked with clothes for both sexes, making you wonder why you had even brought luggage in the first place.

“Too small, honestly,” Jungkook commented, plopping down on the couch by the fireplace. “My room is bigger than this.”

There he was, ruining the moment again. It was a good thing you were too exhausted to fight with him; but that didn’t mask over the fact that you still wanted to knock him out.


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