thanks for followng))

Hehe I hope you don’t mind but I went for the Jarley request (since we already had a lil bit of ButterflyBog this week :-P) also because it’s super cold here omg! I really hope you like it hun, thank you so much for followng! <333

Reblogs are super loved, but please don’t repost this artwork or remove the caption!

    ➹- psychicarmorhead  started following you- ➹

    ➹-  “ Oh hello there! Is there something you need or… a job for me?” Amane asked. Her 2nd question slightly hinted her primary job which was a thief or assassin. If she was going to be approached by anyone, she would assume it was out of randomness or they’ve heard of her and wants her to take care of a job.- ➹