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Hi everyone! This is Choko, Kabula and I just wanted to say thank you to you and everyone who has been following us, new and old. We’ve had this blog up for about a year now and we’ve got close to 1k followers (we’re at 997!!!).

While both of us have had numbers like that before on past blogs, this is the first time we’ve sorta hosted a blog that has (almost) all original content on it. Kabula and I both ran Pokémon blogs before this. But getting as many followers from our own original creations really means a lot to the both of us! Seeing so many people like characters like Desi, Cadence, Janette, Thomas, and so many more honestly fills my heart with joy.

So thanks to everyone for being there to show your love and support for what the two of us do! You guys are awesome <333333 Here’s a Juli as a thank you, I’ve been trying to practice with some body references and stuff. I haven’t drawn Juli in a while!

     wOW  talk  about  throwing  together  a  promo  in  .02  seconds,  whoop.

     but ANYWAY!!!!  this  is what,  the  third  day  on  this  blog  and  there’s  already  over  200  of  you  and  i  am  shook     !!     and  so  many  of  you  are  people  i’ve  never  really  interacted  with  before,  even  if  we  were  mutuals  on  other  blogs,  so  that’s  very  exciting     !!     this  is  another  super  quick  list     (     &     i  know  i’m  forgetting  many  wonderful  people  and  i’m  so  sorry  for  that     )     of  people  who  i  love  rping  with,  or  just  seeing  on  the  dash  and  i  hope  to  interact  with  soon     !! 

     these  past  few  days  have  been  totally     kick    ass     !!

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Happy Birthday...

Originally posted by septodragon

Written by Danielle 

Category: fluff

Word Count: 2060

Request:  hi! could I please request a peter/reader fic where it’s the reader’s birthday? she normally hates her birthday but this year peter makes it great -Anon

A/N: Hi everyone! This my first request I’ve done so I hope you like it! I had my birthday last week and when I had seen a request revolved around a birthday I had to do it! Christina and I are still going to work on the other requests!  :) If you have any requests or any feedback let us know! We love hearing from you guys and appreciate you all so much! (LIKE OMG THANK YOU SO MUCH 1,000 FOLLOWERS I CAN’T BELIEVE IT. We’re working on a special thank you post

P.S I also tried to make this gender-fluid again, but let me know if I need any improvement :) 

Today is just another day of the year. You don’t get why people always made birthdays a big deal. Growing up birthdays were always just another day of the year. You turn a year older and time still moves on. Being an adult now, another birthday was the last thing on your mind. You have big kid priorities now and no time for any birthday nonsense. Birthdays honestly just suck. People feel obligated to give presents and be extra nice to you just because someone is aging another year older?! Big whoop. You actually think it’s quite sad. Every year you get this reminder that you are only getting older… which only reminds you that your time is quickly running out. You still don’t know what to do with my life and have a horrible job at the local diner where you have to where this dreaded old fifties outfit that is super tacky. It’s a bright light blue top and frilly bottoms with white trimming and includes a frilly hat to match. You’re unhappy with the job and on top of it, I have to work constantly to help pay for school so you rarely got to see the friends you actually enjoyed spending time with (which there weren’t many). Not like time was on your side anyways. 

You had an early shift today so you’re off by 2 and didn’t have any classes today. You go home to your empty apartment to wallow in self-pity.

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Wow. I am honestly in disbelief that 2k+ of your wonderful people follow my blog. Thank you all so much for your love and support over the past year or so that I’ve been on here. I figured I needed to celebrate this milestone so what better way than to give a little thanks to all of you ♡


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  • if you want to apply for the newcomer award or best creations be sure to read the respective instructions!
  • if you have any questions, you’re welcome to send me an ask :)


  • Nikolai Lantsov Award → best url
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  • my eternal gratitude ♡

Hello! So this is my first ever follow forever, and I’m doing it before my url change (which will be sometime next week, and it’s going to most likely be to alexeiiimashkov). Thanks to everyone who follows me! Y’all are great and I’m thankful for the friends I’ve made recently and people I’ve met. I’m trying to get everyone down on this that I can, but if I do miss somebody, please know that I do love you. Please don’t ever hesitate to talk to me. 

a - e: 
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400+ Followers Thank You~

Mun: A bit overdue but, THANK YOU FOR 400+ FOLLOWERS~!!!! :D This is literally insane to me tbh xP I know this type of milestone is nothing compared to bigger blogs but this really does mean a lot to me~ ^^ For my last milestone, I did a massive shoutout post for everyone that followed me~ This is similar but I added a short message to each tag so it’s a bit more personal c: I’m sorry I wasn’t able to tag everyone, I’ve surely forgotten some people but even if you’re not mentioned here, just know I love you and I appreciate your support a lot :D Starting off with biggest fans~

@sakikowakumi : Ahh thank you for always liking my posts and reblogging~ I always notice you in my notifs xD Your support is much appreciated~ c:

@diabolik-aly : I love you~ You’re honestly such a great friend and genuinely nice person, Aly ^u^ Thank you for always being there for me~

@little-miss-lyns : YOU’RE A SWEET PEACH! xD I don’t talk to you but I also notice when you go on a liking spree on my posts haha xD Thank you for that~ ^^

@tenshixkyuketsuki : Ah lovely Minnie~ You’re a great friend to me, thank you for all those amazing oneshots and drabbles you’ve written for me and taking the time to talk to me everyday xP love ya~


@diabolik-artist-kiyumi : Sweets~ You’re adorable! ^^ Thank you for always being so kind to me~ I love your art so much *o*

@kyaruun : I’ve only met you recently and I already admire you so much! >u< You’re such a nice and cute person~ Thank you so much for your support towards my ship and blog~ 

@miraculousxmelody : My literal queen~ *Places a crown on your head* *0* I love you so much honestly xDD I really admire how energetic and sweet you are! Thank you for being an amazing friend!  

@mesu-butta : You’re sooo cute~ >u< Thank you for always treating me so kindly~ Your art gives me life!! *-*

@diabolik-idrina : I’ve talked to you a couple times and you were always so pleasant to have a conversation with~ Thank you for having my back, ilysm :D

@kari-namaiki : I could never forget you, Kari~ You’re one of the sweetest people I know! Thank you for everything~ ily!!

@annetque : Mira~ c: This is the first time I’m actually talking to you haha xP But I’ve noticed you from when you reblogged the shipping post of Subaru & Ayano from theotpbank xP I read your tags and I was just so touched :’D I just wanted to thank you for your words~ I was gonna message you but I’m really shy so >////< Yeah heh xP Thank you so much for the support! Love you~ c:

@shinyumbreondraws : You’re another person who goes on liking sprees for my posts hehe xP Thank you for that~ I really appreciate it! :D

Now for honorable mentions~ @diabolik-yuuki @diabolik-mei @trash-music-nerd @orpheanvampires @irene-diabolik @namine-somebodies-nobody @nxndas @totallydiabolik @rinna-diabolik @diabolikyukine @bloody-bara @diabolik-yuko @phoenixwitchbooks64 @selenecrown @sugarsakamaki @nerima-k @bloody-geisha @lunaangel1010universe @dialover-author-couples @bittersweet-tragedy-04 @masqued-kitten @the-sloth-woman @there-was-evelyn @luciana-chan1 @jin-peachie @ghoul-candy @princelycoffee @laitoxhikaru @lizzy-allen-g +More~

While I may not talk to a lot of you, I just wanted you all to know that I appreciate you all very much~ When I think of followers, I don’t think of a number. You are all so much more than just a number or even fans. You are all real people that deserve to be acknowledged and respected. That’s why I enjoy making these milestone posts, I get to tag so many of you and tell you how much I love you~ Whether you are an active follower or a shy one that rather admire my blog from the sidelines, you are appreciated and loved by me. Thank you so much for everything. For following me, for supporting me and showing me so much love~ Without any of you, this blog would literally be nothing. The supporters this blog has, really makes it what it is today. You all deserve the best in life, I hope everyday for you all is great and that you’re happy in your life! :D Remember to be good people and stay awesome! ^u^ THANK YOU AGAIN AND I LOVE YOU~!!!! :* #FRIENDSNOTFANS

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Hi! Who are your fave blogs? I was looking for more people to follow. Also I love your blog!

Aka sorry this is long overdue but the blogs listed below are my absolute faves ♡

@spicyjunhui @rebelcoups @minygu @mingyou @tookorean @jisooosgf @vitaminniedk @cheolsgirl @chae-seung @wooziology @woojeez @saltyjeonghan @cutiepatoodie @eatboo @dokyumswife @jeonghhan @jeonghans-weave @7unhui @jichul @lilchubchim @peachgyus @littlemingyu @littleight @hoshinoyas @whywonwoo @96kwon @junchained-melody @kwontv @hit-the-kwon @kmgs @ioshuahong @httpxseventeen @gyuwonuu @gyushu-a @ohcheol @oh-hoshit @wonshi-17 @officialseungcheol @amillionwon @jihanlife @kim-mingyew @leewooji @svtsdad @grown-man-woozi @blondkwan @blondshua @svt-woo @17vernsol @kimbapkidding @97skmn @minghaeo @soonhosh @grapefruitwoozi @1of1soonyoung @hughosh

These are all quality blogs that you should definitely check out ♡♡♡

 so  I  really  couldn’t  believe  it  how  quickly  I  reached  this  new  milestone  now  but  you  are  all  so  amazing   &   this  simple  decision  from  everyone  of  you  the  decide  to  follow  me  just  makes  me  so  extremely  happy  !  I’m  working  everyday  to  be  a  little  better,  to  work  more  on  my  writing,  to  work  on  better  replies   &   that  so  many  people  appreaciate  that  makes  me  extremely  happy  !  so  I  just  want  to  thank  you  everybody  soo  sooo  much  !    I  love  you  all    &    I  want  to  say  sorry  if  there  are  any  people  I  forgot  ♥  

 @prplhawk  //  @ithinkmyskullburns   my  #1   you’ve  been  there  from  the  very  beginning,  you  are  always  there,  I  can  always  bother  you  with  my  nonsense   &   I  just  adore  you,  Clint,  Claire   &   Johnny  !  I’m  so  thankful  to  have  you   &   I  never  let  you  go  again  !   

 @lunarwclf  okay  to  be  honest  I  always  admired  you  from  afar   &   when  you  made  this  absolutely  crazy  decision  to  follow  me  I  think  I  screamed  a  little  !  Alex  is  amazing,  he’s  an  awesome  character   &    everyone  knows  how  much  work  you’ve  put  into  him  !  but  you  are  just  as  amazing  as  him   &   I  love  you  !

 @congressislikekindergarten   okay  you  know  I  love  you  bby,  I  can  always  throw  anything  at  you   &   you  always  give  me  so  much  inspiration   &   I  admire  you   &   Maria  so  much,  how  well  you  write  her.  I’m  just  happy  we  both  have  you  two  ♥  

 @tinfoilarm  my  lovely  bich  ♥   I  know  I  annoy  you  with  screaming  a  thousand  HC’s  at  you  in  the  middle  of  the  night  ;  but  your  Bucky  is  amazing,  you’re  writing  is  amazing   &  you  give  me  so  much  inspiration  !  I  will  still  throw  starters   &   HC’s  at  you  because  I  love  you   &   you  are  flawless.  

THE  OTHER  BAE’S   @exubiytsa  ;  @missicnreport  ;  @tasmaniian  ;  @seiismic  ;  @missppxtts  ;  @theblackpxnther  ;  @captainiissm  ;  @tobeblamed  ;  @veniials  ;  @shieldnarrow  ;  @starksprincess  ;  @tcmbraider  ;  @garmrr  ;  @goddamndeadpool  //  @goddamnmuses  ;  @queensspiderman  ;  @itsybitsyparker  ;  @on-a-wing-and-a-prayer  ;  @smashcd  ;  @iinvincible  ;  @likeachamp  ;  @redheadarcher  ;  @hcndler  ;  @rearctor  ;  @ziminiiysnipcr  ;  @ycstreb  ;  @weiirdwitch  ;  @iknewhxm  ;  @i-shot-kennedy  ;  @starspangled  ;  @atomiism  ;  @purosdecorazon  ;  @fallcnsoldier  ;  @antagxnized  //  @patrict  ;  @agenths  ;  @warwrovght  ;  @thosegoddamnwords  ;  @identitymend  ;  @resurrxct  ;  @cryostored  ;  @cxpt  ;  @nizshiy  ;  @nachzehrerr  ;  @onyovrleft  ;  @reclaimedasset  ;  @iviaw  ;  @starspangled  ;  @hailtheascendant  ;  @chaordiic  ;  @scrgeant  //  @salvatiicn  ;  @morteportatore  ;  @hooyahs  ;  @americanavengcr  ;  @qxill  ;  @districtattorneydent  ;  @notacyclonefan  

-insert Joshua Dun playing the trumpet to announce the winners of the tøp 21 tøp bloggers-



@beanboyjoseph @blvrryvxssel @clearlytyler @heavydirtysocks @imasobakadevushka @isleofflightlessj0sh @josh-duns-babe @josh-space-babe-dun @joshsfrend @kami-lovesfood @quicklymovingtowardsastorm @spookyjimandtyler @spookyjimrippedmas @takeeittsloww @teamjennajoseph @tearinmaheart @tearinmykitchensink @top-clique @twenty-one-broken-people @twenty-one-josh-dunnn @21dashes

THANK YOU FOR EVERYONE WHO PARTICIPATED. I would also like to thank everyone who as followed me. I never thought I would get to 10k, it means the world to me. Please stay safe, have a healthy new year, and have a happy birthday whenever it is. I love you all. Stay alive my friends |-/

UH YOU GUYS ?? IDK WHAT HAPPENED BUT I ALREADY REACHED MY FIRST 100 FOLLOWERS ON JADE !! I never expected this to happen, but it happened, so thank you ?? to be honest, idk what to say. it came as such a surprise && i never really thought people would follow me here. jade has been one of my favorite muses on tumblr and i never had so much fun playing one, so thank you for making this fun for me to do. this fandom is amazing and i love everyone in it! <3 people have mistaken my blog for an allison argent, but that’s fine! i understand people making that mistake and i’m fine with it! people makes mistakes, because we’re human. but anyways, here have a smol follow forever.

                                         PEOPLE I L O V E WITH MY WHOLE H E A R T.

@cvptaingiordano || @fatekissed || @diedforthem || @paintmybodyxargent || @supernaturalguardian || @fcxhearted || @wantspower || @perpetuallysassy || @perfectedfacade || @shriekinglydias || @lncongruous || @heartripped || @witxhling || @caoinxbas || @catchesun || @clawmarkcd || @hastodosomething || @hisbattles​ || @bittenrage​ || @wailingred​ || @watchashea​ |\ @facetiious​ || @blcndebeta​ || @nxsxcialskills​ || @mxitre​ || @deathcaresses​ || 

                                           PEOPLE I S T A L K FROM A D I S T A N C E.

@hereisthelie || @herlacuna || @wailingxqueenx || @ofparasomnias || @snipcrwolf || @eyesxfsteel || @chantillystained || @griefdefined​ || @chiromero​ || @needpermanence​ || @orphanwolfe​ || @voidkept​ || @withrage​ || @darkesthowl​ || @rougescion​ || @garmrr​ || @vcidsvestige​ || @ofheavensfire​ || @chestsafe

Guys, 400 followers!!

Oh my gosh guys, I can’t believe this! I logged on today so see I had  400 followers.

This is insane!!!!

Thank you, all of you for following me and just being your awesome selves. I wanted to do something to celebrate the milestone and was thinking of doing ships so let me know if you’d like that or something different.

In the meantime I’m going to tag some of  you incredible people who follow me

A special shoutout to the 400th follower @mrs-moose-winchester

@rogersxbarnesx @imadeangirl-butimsamcurious @a-sea-of-fandoms @dragonkitty @nicknamelord @your-modern-shakespeare @holahellohialoha @pureawesomeness001 @thenextgirlwaiting @ria132love @a-girl-who-loves-disney @mortomary @rosep16 @casownsmyass @blueinkblot @quicksilver123456 @sherlockfan4life @freyjawriter24 @rossieash @yellow-backpack @geeky-girl-394@bitweird1 @sausage-master @lovingmesomepie @sympathyforluci @lets-simply-misha-bitch @d4rzill4 @marshmallowsinmycocoa @carryonwaywardbatman @effie-w @swishnflick0508 @cancerouswit @ouatalways @narnianroyalties @thorneberries   Of course my first ever follower @mwyaoi and so many others that I forgot to mention

To those following me...

Yeah, I think it’s been a bit noticeable that I’ve added another actor to my favorites and that’s Jeffrey Dean Morgan. So thank you to those that don’t get mad at me and un-follow me for that. I swear I will still post my original loves too, but he’ll just be an extra added plus :P 

Originally posted by another-dimension666

I’ll also be having The Flash and The Walking Dead stuff on my blog. I had some time during my break and I’ve been kind of obsessed with those three things. 

Also, if you are following me and you want to be mutuals, just like this post and I will follow you. I’ve had quite a few people follow me that are new and I’d like to be friends and follow those that are like minded and friendly. So if you want to be a mutual follower of mine, just write me or like this post! 

Hey followers! I’m here to say we’ve reached 5k followers on this blog about aph Romano. I feel very honored by this achievement.

I never expected to be so popular, I never knew you could have 5k people follow you. That only happened to big name people (am I a big name person for hetalia now?????).

So I wish to thank everyone.

And even though I have 5k people following me, I think it would be fun to get to know some people.

Tomorrow, I’m going to post a link to my favorite YouTube video, and I want whoever is interested, to reblog with their favorite YouTube video (or comment). Throughout the day, I’ll watch the videos that people added. I’ll probably reblog a good number of them too.

If you don’t want to be involved in this (or wanting it to clutter your dash), I’ll be tagging it all ‘5kvideocelebration’ so just block that.

I hope we’ll all have fun together!

//Ahh okay so I was supposed to make this a week ago ,but, deadlines and yeah ;w; so sorry it`s a bit delayed. Anyway I wanted to say thank you for everyone who has stayed with me through this blog , it`s been a long year ,but, I`m glad I`ve stayed since I`m gradually starting to talk to more people and make friends 8D. Anyway I wanted to say thank you again <3 and I wanted to do a follow forever ,so , that will be below.

Wild Roses [Good friends who I`ve become close with and have stayed through my wackiness and antics |D]
@artemisxbow @imperialroseking @argentumexitium @infiniitas @asouldivided @blackmage-lulu @whitesorceroroffynn @dancing-dagger @alphadraconiis @xffrayfatum @crystarium-rose @persuadedbyboko

Blooms [People who I admire from afar and would love to talk to more <3]

@rexcrystallis @elderinwhite @scphiroth @xkuja @beatrushbeauty @caiiius @caladbxlg @riotxblade @etrobeauty @gogglesandrods @frosteddust @mercuriix @yeahinmyhead @onewingedrogue @hismajestyoflucis @pinksoldiergirl @kindheartedmage @lockedfighter @ofsuccession @gladiolx @jourdevanille @yunhuntress @fleeting-ace

anonymous asked:

I just wanted to say thank you for being a positive light even when the anti-Gillovny crew seems to be getting bigger and bigger. To me, the term "gillovny" has meant so much more than just whatever romantic relationship may or may not be there. It's about the bond between two people who have overcome so much together. No one can discount the fact they love each other, whatever that might mean. So yeah, kisses--thanks for fighting the good fight! <3

Thank you, anon. And if I can reassure you, I don’t feel like the anti-Gillovny crew is getting bigger and bigger. I feel like it’s quite the opposite that is happening. I know my Tumblr friends are gaining more and more new followers everyday, I personally have never gained so much in less time (by the way, Hi everyone, Welcome, and Sorry!) and I’m making new Gillovny friends everyday on this site! After the GG, I thought my inbox would explode with hate and trolls, but it was the total opposite and still is. People are genuinely kind, comprehensive and sweet, and except one or two funny anons, I haven’t received any hateful messages. I’m not used to it! :) I feel like actually, this side of the fandom is getting stronger and more unified than ever. That’s the good side of chaos!

anonymous asked:

Hi I was wondering what would you say is the best way to make friends on tumblr?? Especially if you're shy.. Love your blog :)

Hey! Thank you for liking my blog! :D

Honestly, I’d say just talk to people, which I understand is not all that simple when you’re shy. But what really helps; approach people who are passionate about the same thing that you’re passionate about, and use this as a topic of conversation. 

Like, if you randomly message someone and go “hi, how are you”, a conversation is likely to end soon, because what follows is usually the “fine, what about you, what’s up?” and “good, nothing much :)” And it awkwardly ends there.

But on the other hand if you see someone that you’d like to talk to and share opinions and ships/fandoms with, and they talk about a certain thing that you totally agree on (which is probably why you are following them in the first place :p), sending them a random message like “OMG I can’t believe they did <insert topic/ship/fandom/drama here> it’ll be much easier to start a casual conversation and go from there. 

Same as replying to people when they post things that you relate to, etc. Finding things that you have in common is usually the key to conversations and getting to know others better. :)

Hope you’ll make many new friends! x 

@everyone following

I’ve been thinking about this for a while and it’s hard to try and put into words how to say things like this without making it too short or too long.

Thank you. Like anyone who likes posts on this blog, comments on art, reblogs, supports, commissions, ANYTHING. You people are so amazing. The support you give, the love, the likes, giving to the community and giving out pieces of yourself and being so wonderful.

I wish I could thank each and every person in some way, and I was thinking of doing a thing where if you like this post I could write your username? Like I’d write every persons username who liked this post. Otherwise I just want to say thank you so much to everyone and here is to a new year!!!