thanks for following guys! owo

Art Raffle!

~ \(OwO)/ *Thanks for 100+ Followers!!*\(OwO)/~

I am so grateful that you guys followed me. And because of that, we hit 100+ FOLLOWERS!! YAAAAAYY

Shard: Guys! Thanks you so much! I look foward into meeting you wonderful people! ^w^

Ocs!Zane: Thanks for following my fellow friend! I hope in meeting you people! :3

To celebrate, we will be opening a ART RAFFLE!!! :DDD

There are 3 places for 3 winners! :DD


1. You must be following me (it would be rude if you follow then unfollow me after the art raffle ends)


3.It can be complex (But not too complex)

4.I’ll accept Mechas, Android and other type of robots!(Not complex one pls! ^^’)

5.Reblog= 1 entry

  Like=1 entry

  Both= 2 entry which means double chance to win! :33

Participation ends at 23 January! Good luck and thank you again!