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Thank you all for following - distant

HOLY SHIT?! The fact that people actually like my content && decide to follow me is actually really goddamn heartwarming? Ever since I started roleplaying on Tumblr back in around July I remember thinking I wouldn’t get far because I was a mess back then in terms of writing ( long story short I had a break from writing in general ) && looking back at the last few months, I have to admit that I have improved and that’s all thanks to all of my mutuals!

215+ of you follow this meme– thank you for sticking around tbh! For a muse who is mostly canon divergent && canon divergent; I’m beyond happy that people like my portrayal && that gets me all mushy.

I’m going to make another post at another date, hopefully sometime this week for mutuals who I’ve gotten to know a lot over these last few months. Nothing better than a special mention for some special folks! 

Without further ado– in no specific order, I’m sorry in advance if I’ve missed anyone out! This is also a little lengthy so– brace yourself.

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Real talk here, Anarchy has bounced back and forth from Ada Wong for a long time, it’s always a new adventure when I return. && yet here I am with Ada as my MAIN blog again. I’m excited to say we’ve hit 100 followers again! (^: No matter how many times I remake, I always get excited seeing people follow, appreciate, and enjoy their encounters with who happens to be one of my favorite characters of all time. So honestly and truly, thank you guys for being here and making this a fun adventure. I hope we all get to rp and bullshit for a long time to come!

Anyway, thanks a lot for following me and thanks so much for putting up with Ada and her s(ass) <3

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sierra-clifford  asked:

I just want to say thank you so much for making this blog like I love you so much and omg you really didn't have to follow me back omg I hope you are doing well and you made my night I love you 💙

I actually thought I was already following you but I went on your blog and I wasn’t I was like, the fuck lol.
I’m nothing special, I’m just here to shitpost and kill time lol. But I’m glad I could make your night(and with this, you’ve now made mine ♥), that’s always the goal 😄

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footyank  asked:

Having an out of control foot fetish..your size 5's ? are what grabbed my attention buy truthfully I think your beautiful!! and I see you "followed" me back ..what!!? thanks...

yes, absolutely size 5. 👣 and it was a pleasure to follow back. 💖

also i simply must Yell because ?? i’ve had this blog for a week now and i’m at 54 followers already and ?? i basically just want to say thank you to all you amazing people and just how wonderful it has been to be welcomed back into this fandom/this side of the rp world with such open arms!!

hi!! so i finally went and made an end of the year follow forever!! this is technically my first one, in all my years of having this blog, so it’s pretty long. but this was also a sudden decision, so i’ve decided to skip any special mentions. if i’m in a gc with you, just know i love you (even if i’m completely inactive; that’s my speciality really) and im so glad to have had the chance to talk to so many of you guys on here!!

bolded are blogs i love, and bolded and italicized are faves!! if we are mutuals, and you’re not on here, it’s a mistake so pls come talk to me so i can put you on here!!

(credit to @viplouis for the banner!!)

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fulfilled a dream n got myself a perfect vespiquen, she’s called enkel!


intense… kids