thanks for existing because the world looks so much brighter with you in them

✨Stay afraid but do it anyway.✨

And perhaps I’m a little touchy on the subject and maybe I hold Carrie a little too dear to my heart, but the reason I do is because Carrie Fisher helped me realize I was mentally ill.

Oh I knew I was crazy, in the same vague way you worry that you’ve left the stove on at home, despite not having cooked yourself a meal in weeks because you’re too depressed to eat a proper meal. (Except you don’t call it that, you call it “laziness” and maybe try and convince yourself it’s a new diet called “whatever requires the least amount of effort to put calories into my face”.)

Something was “off” inside my head, but no one seemed to care about it too much. Even when they threw me into eating rehab for a perceived eating disorder—despite lacking several of the vital criteria on the checklist to have typical eating disordered behavior—no one gave too much of a shit. I was just a girl who was “too nervous”, “too in touch with my emotions”, “too fragile”, I was “attention seeking”. And their remedy to this was ignore me and wonder why I crashed and burned at regular intervals, blame me for being selfish, then go back to not giving a fuck until it inconvenienced their life again.

I was crazy. But maybe I wasn’t. Maybe if I just tried harder…so I learned to cope. I became the one who Coped. I was There For Everyone. I became Reliable and above all else, I learned to be Funny and make It funny.

My mother still hates that. She thinks it’s crass for women to be funny. Personally I think I’m fucking hysterical, but then what do I know, I’m fucking nuts.

Later, now with hindsight and being able to look at my life from a safe(-r) mindset surrounded by people who care and want to help, I realize that what I was going through was (and is) untreated PTSD. Whether or not the PTSD caused the other issues, like the depression, the anxiety, the compulsive behaviors or the ADHD I think I might have, I don’t know. I likely will never know, because the Thing happened and shot my still developing child brain into a million tiny fragmented pieces of unparalleled terror and poor coping mechanisms. It doesn’t really matter at this point, all that matters is dealing with all of it as best as I can, however I can. But there’s a very real chance I might never have gotten to this stage if I hadn’t found out that Princess Leia, my childhood icon who helped me feel brave and strong while my world was ending, had written a book about living with mental health issues.

I wasn’t sure what to expect from it to be honest. I knew vaguely, that Carrie Fisher had issues. The word “junkie” had been used by my father—while unironically taking a drink from his self-medicating poison of choice and my mother tutted and tisked about how some people just ought to pull themselves together

Ten, maybe twelve minutes into the book locked away in my room, I can’t even tell you anymore whether I was crying because I was laughing so hard or if I was laughing because I was crying my heart out, but I was having a fucking revelation.

This was me, holy shit this was me, this was me, this was me, an unboken mantra in my head pounding to the beat of my heart, this was me, this is me—I do exist.

That’s a weird thought to have, right? I do exist. 

It wasn’t, “I’m normal”, because normal is not this. It’s not feeling like your mind is running a million miles a second in circles while simultaneously wading uphill through treacle and juggling chainsaws while trying to keep all your Life Plates spinning and oh gods someone just handed you a kitten to look after. What it is however, is fairly common, and suffered with varying degrees of severity by a rather sizable chunk of the world’s population. I mean, who knew? I sure as shit didn’t. I thought it was all in my head.

You know what I mean.

I’m told some people get up in the mornings and go through their entire day without once having an intrusive thought or struggling to do basic shit like take a shower and manage to remember to feed themselves. I know, seems fake right? It certainly does to me.

And here was Carrie, my Princess Leia, laying out her issues past, present and probable future, in what remains one of the funniest, most brutal attempts at self-lobotomy on paper I have ever had the privilege to read. I consumed that book in mere hours, I devoured her words and breathed them in like inhaling steam in a sauna and breathing out fire in their wake and moved onto her next book, then her next, then her next, and by then there was this blessed thing called Twitter and it should be impossible to be hilarious and poignant through 140 emojis or less, but that was the kind of brilliant she was. And this was me, this was someone like me. And she was witty and brilliant and funny and yes, things were difficult for her and yes, some parts of her life were an absolute clusterfuck of mistakes, addiction and general all round fuckery leading up to that point…but she was still there, y’know? She was still there.

And it breaks my heart a little every day, knowing that I’ll never be able to tell her how important that was to me. And to thank her for it.

So instead I try to pay it forward. Every day, from one day to the next, I try to be a little kinder, a little brighter—a little more like Our Lady Carrie—and throw two loving sparkly middle fingers up at the world that tries to stamp out and demonize the notion that mentally ill people like me, like you, exist. 

And we deserve to exist, and more than that, we deserve to be treated with human fucking decency.

And if you are of a mind that the latest news surrounding Carrie’s death means that she was any lesser of a vital energy force in this world, that she mattered less, that her words were less important or that she “deserved” to die because they found drugs in her autopsy report, it is with my profound and heartfelt best wishes, that I invite you to cordially:

✨🖕✨🖕✨🖕✨ Go Fuck Yourself ✨🖕✨🖕✨🖕✨

Don’t bother to RSVP.

It Wasn’t Real (part eight)

Summary: You’re part of the infamous Loser’s Club, and often asked, what are you afraid of? You reply, nothing, but what your friends don’t know is that your biggest fear is them.

prologue - one - two - three - four - five - six - seven - eight - nine - ten - eleven - finale

A/N: ALSO, WARNING: This is kinda seeming like a Stan x Reader with how much i mention Stan but don’t get it twisted: IT WILL BE A RICHIE X READER! It’s just Stan was so close to winning i wanna still make him a strong, prominent character!

I hope you all enjoy this chapter as much as I enjoyed writing it. Send me a little comment in the ask section or leave it below on what you thought of this chapter. It doesn’t have to be long, I appreciate every single comment I receive and telling me just helps inspire me to write it more frequently.

Pairing: Loser’s Club x Reader, slight Henry x Reader (you’ll see) Richie x Reader and very slight Eddie x Reader

Warnings: force, bullying, depressing and sad tones, and sexual abuse (mild) plus Henry being a dick, so….

Tag’s List: @chalatea - @darlingimafangirl - @chalatea - @myfriendmagislit -@frozenhealswrites - @fl0werb0nes18 - @emotionallyenterprised - @alec-lighwccd - @bellasett - @starshininginthedark - @tastefulcaring - @impulsivesuperrobin - @newtandthediamonds - @huge-waste-of-time​ - @jess-sxcks​ - @theoraekensnotsosecretlover​ - @moonageharry​ - @nieligator​ - @sufferingstilinski​ - @the-fantastic-fandom-dork - @horsiesandstuff​ - @arianamichelle04​ - @alloffmyships​ - @darlingimawriter​ - @gcnnyweasleys​ - @redvelvet-cupcake​ - @almusanzug​ - @d0nt-g0-imagines​ - @brighter-thanthe-sky​ - @murphamy-minefeild​ - @celestesfairy​ - @fly-like-a-grayson​ - @emrysaaryn - @holy-minseok - @antiherojason - @multifandom-states - @mysticsthinking - @ladyfairenvale - @crazyinlovewithbatman - @shaniacboogara - @welcometoourcomputershow - @17marvelousfreak - @funtik2011 - @anon-leaning-against-a-trashbin - @terrashrone - @im-fandom-trash - @mrgrytyrll - @ponyboys-sunsets - @captainslugcat - @eachandeveryfandom - @queenylime - @catwoman2502 - @1enchantedfantasy1
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“Y/N, do you know what this is?”

You paused, staring at the six that surrounded you. No. No you didn’t know what this was. In truth yo’d all began, right at the quarry. And you had no idea why. “No.” You muttered with a shake of your head; “no I don’t. What is this?”

“Y/N, we’re sorry.” Mike spoke up, stepping into your line of vision. There was a sinking feeling within you and you felt yourself at a loss on what to say. They’re sorry? Sorry for what? For leaving you? Abandoning you? Pretending like you didn’t exist for the past four years? 

As silence carried on, everyone staring at you for a response, you felt your eyes water. They’d yet to answer your question on where Stan was, but you’d wait. You wanted to know why they were so sorry, why they’d done what they’d done. “You’re sorry.” You repeated finally, looking down at your feet. “You’re sorry?” The moment you’d been waiting for was finally coming true, and you didn’t understand why. It’d been so easy to leave you, Bill, Beverly, Ben, all of them, must have stopped talking to you for a reason.

“Y-Yes.” Bill replied, letting his hand fall on your shoulder. 

You shook your head, your hands falling to cover your eyes and to hide the tears than begun to fall. You never expected this day to come, you never thought any of them would speak to you again, let alone apologize for everything. It was the one thing you’ve only ever wanted coming true and here you were hiding your face in your hands as you sobbed. Everything was becoming too much, it felt like this past week had gone by in a blur. “For what?”

“For leaving you when you needed us the most.” Ben answered you, and you felt the entirety of the group surround you. It was just like that day back then, when they’d saved you from Pennywise and hugged you like you were their entire world. You’d all been so close then, so bounded together that you felt like you could defeat anything. Here you were four years later, sobbing as they held you, again

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Summary: The Red String of Fate exists, and like only someone people in the world, you have the rare ability to see them- to change them.

Genre: Soulmates!Jungkook + angst-ish, (im sorry)

Word count: 7.5k

A/N : Hello! So this my attempt at a Soulmates!AU kill me now. This took me ages but now that this is out of the way, I can go back to writing Part IV of Neighbours! I hope you enjoy! I might do a Part II of this if people would like!

Part II

You had never believed in God.

You had never believed in the people that clasped their hands and fingers together in intercession or supplication prayers to the benevolent man who lived amongst the stars and rose with the sunrise and pulled the pomegranate pink and orange glows of a sunset at the wake of every horizon.

You didn’t believe in the man who smiled in the spectrum of rainbows to waterfalls and auroras and stormed in hurricanes and devastation when he raged. You didn’t believe in anything or second any thoughts to anyone else other than fate.

You had come to believe so religiously and so profoundly in destiny solely because you were sure that God simply could not be so cruel to grant you the life you had. You believed in fate because it hated you, spited you and things that caused hate existed far better than the things that didn’t.

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“From what I’m told, it seems as though my parents wrapped me in a blanket and dropped me off in front of an infant home as soon as I was born. A worker there found me and I was raised in a welfare facility ever since. When I was seven, a bigger and older kid — I still recall his name — lifted me up and just smashed me against the bare ground. Not only that, but too many horrible things happened in that facility, such as child abuse, forced labor, confinement, assault, and rape. All of that was so painful, so much so that one early winter morning, with the snow piled high, I hid inside a water tank on the roof of the welfare facility for almost six hours, attempting to escape. You would think that when older boys beat up other kids, the teachers would stop them. But some of the teachers actually encouraged those boys to beat up the kids even more. Because of the miserable experiences at the welfare facility, I blamed my parents a lot; I denied my existence, questioning and thinking, ‘If they weren’t going to raise me, why was I even born…’ I took a bunch of antidepressants, some of which I’m still taking to this day. I sometimes thought of the extreme. You see, there are a lot of skyscrapers near Gangnam Station. So I had thoughts like… ‘What if I fall off the top of one of those buildings and brutally die? Would I fall on top of the cars, or the people?’ Nowadays, I’ve been trying to take better care of myself and look at the world with a brighter light. Negative thoughts breed more negative feelings, and those feelings, then, come out, and form negative actions and words. I used to blame my parents a lot, but I’d like to forgive them. I have no clue what led them to make such a decision but I don’t blame them anymore. Instead, I’m thankful that they brought me into the world, allowing me to see the good things about the world. I should live; it’s fun.“

“제가 태어나자마자 포대기로 싸서 영아원 정문 앞에 부모님이 두고 가셨나봐요. 거기 직원이 발견해서 그때부터 복지시설에서 생활했어요. 제가 7살 때 어떤 큰 형이, 지금도 이름이 생각나는데, 저를 들어서 맨바닥에 그냥 던졌어요. 그것 뿐만 아니라 아동학대, 강제노역, 감금, 폭행, 성추행 등 시설 안에서 안 좋은 일들이 너무 많이 일어났는데, 한 번은 너무 괴로워서 도망가려고 눈이 엄청 쌓여있는 추운 겨울 새벽에 복지시설 옥상 물탱크에서 대여섯 시간을 숨어있었던 적도 있어요. 선배 형이 누굴 때리면 선생님들이 말려야 되잖아요. 근데 어떤 선생님들은 옆에서 더 때리라고 시킬 정도였으니까요. 복지시설에서 불행했기 때문인지 어렸을 때는 사실 부모님 원망을 많이 했죠. ‘키우지 않을 거면 나를 왜 낳았을까…’하는 생각에 제 존재 자체를 부정하기도 했거든요. 우울증약도 많이 먹었고, 지금도 먹고 있는 약이 있을 정도니까요. 가끔은 극단적인 생각도 해봤어요. 강남역에 가면 고층빌딩이 많잖아요. 그런데서 잔인하게 떨어져 죽으면 어떨까, 차에 떨어질까, 아니면 사람들 위에 떨어질까 같은… 그래도 지금은, 다시 한 번 내 자신을 잘 다스리고 좀 더 긍정적으로 세상을 바라보려고 노력 하고 있어요. 너무 부정적으로 생각하면 부정이 부정을 낳고 그것이 행동으로, 말로 나오잖아요. 부모님도 예전에는 원망을 많이 했지만, 용서해드리고 싶어요. 비록 어떤 사연으로 저를 그렇게 하셨는지 모르지만 지금은 원망하지 않아요. 오히려 저를 낳아주셔서, 세상에 좋은 것들 볼 수 있게 해주어서 감사해요. 살아야죠. 사는 게 재밌으니까요.”

✰ * º ❛ more popular text posts starters. ❜

‘  plot twist: you let someone in and they don’t fuck you over  ’
‘  you would not believe bill nye… if ten million Science Guys  ’
‘  the lack of cuddling i am experiencing right now is upsetting  ’
‘  why was shrek’s soundtrack so incredible like who sat down and decided that a movie about an ogre would have a beautiful rufus wainwright ballad followed by a smash mouth/eddie murphy cover of i’m a believer and how can i thank them  ’
‘  i justify my impulses by the fact i’m going to be dead one day and none of it truly matters in the grant scheme of things it’s that “treat yo self” nihilism  ’
‘  all i do is listen to music really loudly while i walk in circles and daydream :/  ’
‘  but you are an entire universe and i am a bigger cooler universe where everyone skateboards  ’
‘  my insecurities have destroyed so many opportunities   ’
‘  maybe you and i exist together on a different wavelength than the rest of the world. perhaps, we are on a separate frequency.  ’
‘  will u still love me when im no longer young and ok looking  ’
‘  ʸᵉᵃʰᶜᵃⁿ ᴵ ᵍᵉᵗ ᵘʰʰʰʰʰʰ some fuckin physical affection  ’
‘  stop thinking about everything so much, you’re breaking your own heart.  ’
‘  concept: me traveling the world alone, figuring myself out, taking tons of cute aesthetic pictures, befriending kind strangers, drinking a cup of tea on a cute cafeteria, and trying out things for the first time.  ’
‘  holy shit thank god vine is gone like can you imagine all the vines about fidget spinners  ’
‘  me: reads the bad reviews of a book i didn’t like to seek validation  ’
‘  if you think you’ve hit rock bottom, just remember that my bank once froze my accounts because I bought a healthy ready meal at my local supermarket and they classed it an “uncharacteristic purchase”  ’
‘  i’m a dumbass and that’s just how it is  ’
‘  y'all actually seek validation from people that don’t give a fuck about ur feelings??? LMAO bitch me too why are we like this  ’
‘  special thanks to all the 10 year olds out there for making all those music lyric videos on youtube  ’
‘  i am so gentle and kind hearted… and stupid  ’
‘  there she goes again being over dramatic and by she i mean me  ’
‘  just letting everyone who’s ever told me a secret know that its safe with me (and my mom)  ’
‘  me n my eyebrows…………we been thru a lot  ’
‘  i wanna jump off a building and not die just relieve stress by slamming onto the sidewalk and then get up and go get a slurpee or something  ’
‘  all I want is vintage lingerie and good skin  ’
‘  nsfw: nobody’s safe from wonderwall  ’
‘  do you ever wish you could unmeet someone…. like,, we had fun times,, but it’s time for me to wipe my memory Sorry Bud  ’
‘  date a boy who reads. or better yet date a 37 year old recent divorcee with a highly diversified stock portfolio who’s looking to feel young again and can treat you to what you deserve  ’
‘  if you knew me in 7th grade i’m sorry  ’
‘  *cha cha’s real smooth away from academic responsibilities*  ’
‘  anyone else feel like they’re inherently worth less than everyone else  ’
‘  be open with your love and loud with your laughter. life is so much brighter when lived genuinely.  ’
‘  i really wish i could get a refund for all the love i’ve wasted on people like! repay my emotional labour your bill is in the mail  ’
‘  i’m such a tease. i’ll tell you how bad I want to fuck you and then probably fall asleep.  ’
‘  i’m crying my best  ’
‘  i want to be known as someone who’s full of love and radiates light  ’
‘  i’m in philosophy and were talking about how you can doubt everything’s existence except for your own consciousness and the guy that sits in front of me just turns around tears streaming down his face and goes “i am on so many drugs”  ’
‘  how fucked up would it be if an astronaut was coming back to earth and everybody hid for a bit  ’
‘  some kid just skateboarded down my street crying  ’
‘  do you ever get in an “i don’t know” phase in your life. where you literally don’t have a solid answer to anything. you. just. don’t. know.  ’
‘  which of the three pillars of modern music is your favourite, burnin’ up by the jonas brothers, beautiful soul by jesse mccartney or lucky by britney spears  ’
‘  i guess at this point i should just consider dating myself  ’
‘  there is no doubt in my mind i’m really that bitch  ’
‘  after you hit 21, you start forgetting your age cause ain’t nothing else to look forward to, besides sweet death.  ’
‘  why am i not currently in the italian countryside with a fruit plate wearing a light linen dress? unacceptable  ’
‘  hands are weird because one of them can do absolutely everything without a problem and the other one can’t even hold a spoon  ’
‘  remember to drink a fucking shit ton of water every miserable day of ur life  ’
‘  is he………you know…….*makes football throwing motion*….straight?  ’
‘  mATH, deATH – wake up america  ’
‘  does anyone else have a resting bitch face™, but kinda enjoys looking intimidating  ’
‘  time flies when u take a 2hr depression nap in the middle of the day  ’
‘  roses are red, i’m going to bed  ’
‘  u know when ur hairs greasy and it makes u feel so so so bad about urself. and ur entire life. everything is awful bc my hair is greasy  ’
‘  i’m just so glad the word “ugh” was invented  ’
‘  just another day of loving with all my heart and believing in the universe  ’
‘  you know when dogs sit outside with their face turned towards the sun and their eyes closed and they look so relaxed and when you pet them they’re warm? that’s how I want to feel always  ’
‘  come into bed and listen to the rain with me  ’
‘  people are so petty and then here i am, me, an angel,   ’
‘  can someone please be proud of me like fuck i’m trying  ’
‘  concept: a really nice Italian restaurant but it’s spelled “spagooter” on the menu and the waiters won’t take your order unless you pronounce it like that  ’
‘  just found out neanderthal passed on the dna for depression and now we know why they stayed in caves and painted horses all fuckin day   ’
‘  i want kids but i’m scared they’ll blame me if they’re ugly  ’
‘  does anyone have any tips for not thinking about it  ’
‘  “what’s a queen without her king?” well, historically, better  ’
‘  i want something that doesn’t taste like alcohol but has a lot of alcohol in it  ’
‘  my kink is getting some fuckin sleep  ’
‘  i’m alive out of spite  ’
‘  not to vent but: fuck  ’
‘  i think i accidentally break my own heart a lot  ’
‘  can’t wait to be balls deep in love  ’
‘  why are there so many days?? i feel like we just had a whole day yesterday… they don’t stop  ’
‘  i walked in on my 4 year old nephew sitting alone on his bed eating grapes in the dark and i didn’t even get a chance to say anything before he said “i don’t have answers”  ’
‘  *adjusts my tinfoil hat* y’all are crazy  ’
‘  do raccoons have people hands or do we have raccoon hands?  ’
‘  mark your territory by crying on things  ’
‘  any size titty is lit  ’
‘  love lemon trees! i too am bitter but growing  ’
‘  my only constant is the black hair tie around my wrist. no mans gonna be there for me like this hair tie has. no ones presence is gonna be as reassuring  ’
‘  me???? tired???? sleepy??? yes constantly  ’
‘  the box says “four servings” but my heart says one  ’
‘  the lengths i would go to to both get attention and avoid it….astounding  ’
‘  i hope everybody is doing their best even tho we’re all doomed  ’
‘  young adult things: washing your colors with your whites because you don’t care you JUST don’t fucking care  ’
‘  I just want to help out all the people with no money but i am people with no money  ’
‘  bricks are just domesticated rocks  ’
‘  being nice is so easy just do it  ’
‘  lets start wearing cloaks and swords again. its time  ’
‘  classes are like a high level dora the explorer episode. person up front asks a question, stares at you blankly for a few seconds, and then answers their own question.  ’
‘  the average orgasm is 7 seconds. keeping a feral hog in your basement lasts for 5-16 years depending on your ability to care for it. the decision should be clear  ’
‘  will i ever have my shit together  ’
‘  i live in a time where a major selling point for food is that it uses “real” ingredients.  ’
‘  “what the fuck” is an emotion now and its the only one i have  ’
‘  it’s not a real party until you sneak away to the bathroom to question your existence as you stare at yourself in the mirror haha  ’
‘  every hard day you make it through makes you one day closer to stranger things season 2  ’
‘  assert your dominance by calling your friends by their student i.d. number  ’
‘  i feel like each year has progressively gotten worse since the year of luigi ended  ’
‘  um that’s u’re* not ur  ’
‘  i wanna be a villain so I can just saunter everywhere. the heroes are always sprinting, always running. you ever seen darth vader run? hell no. and I ain’t about to either.  ’
‘  i have nothing to say but will i shut up? No  ’
‘  i cannot believe another week is like beginning we just finished one  ’

Thank You, Hoya.

As I type this, I am admittedly an ugly mess. I woke up from a nap this evening & I saw an article that came out a few minutes beforehand about Hoya’s contract renewal, saying that he did not go through with it. Groggily, I clicked on it, not thinking much.

I sat wide awake as I read the sentence once, twice, over and over and my mind couldn’t even properly process it. Leaving?? Actually leaving???

Let me back up, as in, a few months before all this unfolded. Infinite was supposed to come back in May, as announced in their third fan-meeting and everything.  Sunggyu was having health issues and the comeback naturally got pushed back. Their 7th Anniversary eventually came around, but I kinda felt like it was a quiet celebration. There were a few SNS posts, but no annual live broadcast, apparently due to issues with gathering all the members in one place. (When they said this, I thought to myself, ‘This is their SEVENTH anniversary, but they can’t even get together just for that???’ *sad but also equally confused face*). Their contracts came to an end, but there was no official word of their next steps for quite a while. In the middle, we got a little announcement that discussions were still going on and that they were all headed in a positive direction. Weeks trickled past. It was rumored that all re-signed except for one member, supposedly L, but that was just a false report. Three excruciating months later, it is revealed that everyone but Hoya renewed their contract with Woollim Ent. And then the next day, they announced his departure from the company, and the group completely.

I honestly did not see it coming. Throughout these three anxiety-filled months, I kept preparing myself for the worst, which was presumably an official disbandment. But never in the slightest could I imagine a falling apart. A break up?? The loss of a piece that makes them whole? Not hiatus, not disbandment, not separate ways, but the genuine departure of a member. An entire member. I just……….. of all groups to ever pull this off (and we all know that plenty of 2nd gen. groups have been through this, GG, Teen Top, Beast, 2NE1, Apink, Girls’ Day, etc.) INFINITE was one to follow this….. “trend”. This wretched trail of pain that way too many groups have crossed several times.

Before I go into how I feel overall, I just want to make it clear that of course, I will still support Infinite as 6 members, and Hoya in his personal endeavors unconditionally, no matter what. I’ve literally been following them for over 6 frking years now, how could I just abandon any of them like that? No, lol, I’m in way too deep, y’all. So yes, I will never ever ever everrrrrrrrrr bash or disrespect their decisions in any way. I will, of course, wholeheartedly accept this with open arms because that is what true fans do. And if anything, considering that this is what we’ve come to after THREE entire months, doesn’t that just further prove to us how hard this probably was for the members, and staff, and just everyone else collectively? Clearly, a lot of thought went into this. This wasn’t impulsive. This is for the better, and I will fully respect that.

HOWEVER, I am, after all, a fking diehard Inspirit and these boys have literally defined my years as I’ve matured into an adult. They’ve been with me through thick and thin, and as I like to say, my “part-time lifeline”. Even though I almost basically despise current kpop (I will say this several times, but 2nd gen. kpop is dead & gone and that’s something I will mourn for a while), Infinite has always been there. They are my Day 1′s, and as time went on, even when I got extremely busy w/ junior & senior year of high school, I still tried my best to keep up with them, support them, and just honestly, thank them. For being there. Because even as all these years passed before my eyes, they were still here, ALL 7 of them, still occasionally coming back with music for fans, still being Infinite. Just being Infinite. And I was (and still am) so eternally thankful for that. I watched groups lose members, go on hiatuses, or completely fall apart left and right, but Infinite promised us time and time again that they would be there no matter what. I can’t say this enough, but seriously, from the bottom of my heart, when I had time to just reflect on the years, I was just so so so so overwhelmingly thankful for them. 

And so 1 member leaving was just……. it broke me to pieces. I was utterly, completely devastated. Because it was simply a reality I never saw coming. One I never wanted to believe in. I wanted to keep believing that they would continue on as seven for as long their hearts could desire, just as they’ve been doing for all these years. That they’d surpass Shinhwa, and be the longest-lasting boy group to exist, unchanged since debut. That they are family, brothers for life, that they would never separate in such a way. Not to say that they aren’t family anymore. But that their bond of trust would transcend any notions of breaking apart.

But really. It’s okay. Nothing lasts forever, and I know that very well. All good things must come to an end. And that is what I’ve had the most trouble dealing with ever since I read that sentence. This is the end of an era for the boys. This marks a new journey where nothing will be the same as it was before, for better or for worse, who knows yet. But we all have to say goodbye to the Infinite that existed before today. And that’s what’s really hard for me. That’s what has got me looking like an ugly sobbing mess for a good 8 hours today LOL. Because it’s really hard for me to say farewell so suddenly. But the storm will pass, with time.

And with that, I want to once again, thank Infinite, thank Hoya, thank the world for letting these boys shine brightly for the past 7 years, and to hopefully continue to shine even brighter for years to come. Thank you so much Hoya, for being such a pillar (—holy fck hold up, I never thought I’d be typing these words and now im a mess again, great) within Infinite.

Thank you for being the iconic dancing machine within Infinite.

Thank you for not only rapping impressively, but singing stunningly as well.

Thank you for venturing into the acting scene & pulling off amazing characters like in Reply 1997, Mask, My Lovely Girl, Radiant Office, and more.

Thank you for being a complete bora-dori.

Thank you for constantly expressing your passion for hip hop (remember when he talked about when he was younger, he even wished he was black??? AHAHAH good times :’)), whether it was through Infinite H, self-composed raps/songs, or your personal Youtube channel.

Thank you for gifting us with your iconic bitch face. (This might honeslty be the biggest thing I miss LOL jk jk ily hoya adjakfjlkf i cant rn)

Thank you for being a dork/dick half the time and always roasting the members without shame.

Thank you for yes, ddabong to u too times 5805925 LOL

Thank you for developing from that awk, Busan boy into a resilient Seoul man HAHAHHA proud of u tho

Thank you for your brows because we all know they were ur focal point ;)

Originally posted by namgyusoo

Thank you for also unleashing ur inner hoaegi sometimes

Thank you for sincerely being one of the most passionate members ever. I think I can safely say that no one put more energy and fervor into a performance than you did.

and just…

Thank you for being a part of Infinite for these past 7 years. At this very moment, I cannot imagine an Infinite without you. I will miss everything you have given us, and more than anything, thank you for working so hard.

사랑해 ❤

the stars, they lie

I got inspired by @crimson-chains ‘s Sun Lord!Viktor and Star Dancer!Yuuri. I was on her stream when she started working on Viktor, and I just wanted to write something (also kinda promised her I will do it) because I thought it was such a cute idea.

Thank you so much to my lovely @flower-crowns-and-skates for butchering beta-ing this before I sent it out into the world.

I stole the title from this song [x]. I hope you will enjoy reading it. You’re welcome to scream at me in my ask box.

The first time he came to Viktor’s corner of cosmos, Yuuri told him about humans. Apparently, he liked them and their planet a lot.

Humans called them stars.

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A Lesson in Love (The Honeymoon Phase)

Summary: (College!AU) In which you’re assigned to write a story about romance, a subject you know nothing about, and Bucky, a hopeless romantic, offers you his assistance.

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Word Count: 4,126

A/N: The tag list for this story is officially CLOSED. Also, I don’t know how this part got to be so long, but I hope you enjoy it 😊

“A Lesson in Love” Masterlist + Soundtrack

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When you wake up the next morning, it’s fifteen minutes after your alarm first went off. As you rush around your room in an attempt to avoid being late to class, you scold yourself for staying up as late as you did. You knew you had to be up early and yet, that wasn’t enough to get you to sleep any sooner.  

What you don’t admit to yourself as you pull on a pair of tights and the first sweater you can get your hands on is that you didn’t deliberately stay up late. In fact, you were in bed by eleven thirty, face washed, teeth brushed and pajamas on. No problems arose until your head hit the pillow and you closed your eyes. That’s when every single thought you suppressed came tumbling out of the cage you locked them up in. And, similar to a wild animal that’s been kept holed up in one place for too long, those thoughts were wild and vicious once they were freed.

For hours you were tortured by their incessant need to remind you of a boy with sapphire eyes and a jawline whose sharpness could cause some fatal damage. How did this happen? How did these feelings for Bucky develop? How did he worm his way into your thoughts, your heart, without you knowing?

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anonymous asked:

Hi~~ could I request a seokmin au?? This is a weird soulmate au I made up where you can think really hard to make certain things appear close to your soulmate? Like flowers, maybe notes, food etc. Haha if you don't understand just let me know and I'll elaborate, thanks!!xx

- everyone meets their soulmate at some point in their life
- some people have timers to tell, some have matching tattoos, some have dreams
- you unfortunately got the weirdest one of all
- if you concentrate really hard, you’re able to make objects appear next to your soulmate
- you discovered this at fourteen years old; you were starting to feel nervous when no sign of you having a soulmate appeared
- you didn’t have a timer on your wrists, your eye color didn’t change, and you were able to see the world in color just fine
- you were starting to doubt you even had a soulmate
- you thought to yourself “if only i could send something to them to let them know i exist, like a post-it note or something saying that”
- and seconds later….. this little pink note appears next to you and it says “who sent that??”
- your eyes widen in surprise for a bit because your thoughts have been answered?? but…. how??
- you think really hard and say “who sent THAT??”
- and you get a note that says “…me?”
- you couldn’t believe what was happening—you were able to make actual items appear next your soulmate?? you’ve never heard of this one before
- you didn’t want to believe it until your soulmate sent you the peach-scented moisturizer you requested and well…… there you go
- you discovered his name was lee seokmin and honestly all he does is tease you or he sends you the worst things at the worst times
- like once you told him you got in trouble for falling asleep in class, and while you were getting yelled at by the teacher in the teacher’s lounge, seokmin sent you a ringing alarm clock like really seokmin REALLY
- you like to send him things like that as revenge, like when you sent him a two-liter bottle of water while he was waiting in line to pee
- unlike other soulmates, you and seokmin can easily meet up but….. you’re not ready at all…..
- you’re so scared of disappointing him, so scared that you won’t meet his expectations….
- because of this, you always refuse whenever he asks you if you want to meet up (and you couldn’t be happier that your soulmate thing has limits; neither of you can make yourself appear next to the other. it only works with objects thank goodness)
- but he completely understands, and he’s kind enough not to go against your words
- you work at a café, and you’re in charge of the cash register that day
- it’s a pretty busy shift like always, but sometime in the afternoon, this cute boy walks up to the counter and just charms you
- he has the most beautiful smile you’ve ever seen
- the second he smiled, you could swear the sun shone a little brighter, and your day immediately brightened
- you try not to think too much about it because NO WAY are you cheating on your soulmate and NO WAY are you stealing someone else’s
- after punching in his order, you ask him “can i have your name for your order please?”
- and he says
- “lee seokmin”
- your hand freezes before the tip of the pen could come in contact with the cup, and you stutter “i-i…. sorry, what did you say your name was?”
- the customer repeats “lee seokmin” and your hand visibly shakes as you write his name on the coffee cup
- you force a smile and tell him “take a seat, i’ll be sure to bring it to you”
- when “lee seokmin” sits at one of the tables, you run to your co-worker jeonghan and shake his arm while saying “JEONGHAN IT’S HIM”
- jeonghan, who’s fixing the pastries behind the display glass case, says “who’s him??”
- you whisper “my…. soulmate” and jeonghan stands straight and says “no way. where??” and you point over to your “soulmate” who’s sitting at the table near the window
- he asks “are you sure??” and your face falls as you say “well…. he has the same name as my soulmate so MAYBE he is??”
- your co-worker facepalms as he replies “(name), LOTS of people have the same name” and you say “right….. i just assumed he was because i panicked…. he’s probably just some other guy named lee seokmin”
- jeonghan says “hey, you can make things appear next to your soulmate, right?” and you say “yeah, why?”
- he nods his head in seokmin’s direction and says “you want to make sure it’s really him? make his coffee order appear on his table. then you’ll know” before disappearing to the back to get more pastries
- you run to the back and tell jeonghan “but i don’t know if i want to meet him yet?? plus i look horrible today!!!”
- jeonghan says “from what you’ve told me before, i think your soulmate’s waited long enough. and whether you look bad or not, it’s your soulmate. he’d love you no matter what”
- you slowly walk back to the front, and you look in seokmin’s direction to see that he’s playing on his phone
- you nervously walk over to the counter to pretend you’re working on his drink, while you’re really just trying to calm yourself down
- “am i really ready for this?” you ask yourself
- but you think….. jeonghan’s right. if he is my soulmate….. he’d love me for me
- you clench your fists, concentrating really hard on the empty space on this lee seokmin’s table, and after several seconds…..
- a cup of coffee appears right next to him
- seokmin jumps in surprise and looks into the cup, turning in your direction with wide eyes, and that’s when you panic
- you both just stare at each other with the same shocked face
- and thank goodness the café’s nearly empty because seokmin suddenly jumps out of his seat and runs to the counter screaming “(NAME)!! I’VE FOUND YOU!!”
- he grabs your hands and jumps up and down excitedly like a little kid screaming “I’VE BEEN WAITING SO LONG TO MEET YOU”
- you blush at words, screaming “SEOKMIN, WE JUST MET, DON’T START CONFESSING”
- you and seokmin turn around to see jeonghan holding a tray of newly-baked pastries
- your co-worker then tells you “you know what? (name), just go take the rest of the day off, i’ll handle it”
- you say “what?! but jeonghan—” but he cuts you off and says “no really, it’s fine. you’ve just met your meant-to-be, i’m sure seungcheol would understand”
- you thank jeonghan and rip your apron off to join seokmin on the other side of the counter
- he hugs you the second you reach him and you laugh as you wrap your arms around him too
- jeonghan teases “hey, take it outside”
- grinning, seokmin takes your hand and drags you out the door, and you turn to see jeonghan holding up a thumbs up while mouthing “good luck”
- and you just nod and mouth “thank you” before turning back to seokmin and hold onto his hand a little tighter

thank you for your request!! ^^

anonymous asked:

Yo! I was wondering, how would the guys react to the soulmate au where the world is in black and white until they encounter their soulmate? No rush keep on keeping on friend.

It’s a day later than I was hoping to get this written, but it’s here! Part 2 is finished and includes Reinhardt, Zenyatta, Junkrat, Roadhog, and Lucio!

Part 1 is here 


- Reinhardt has wondered all his life who is soulmate is

- He looked for you wherever he went, but he never let his search consume his entire life like some people he knew did. He hoped that if you were soulmates then you were of the same mindset

- But if never stopped him from having dreams about meeting you. When he slept you met a thousand different ways but when he woke up he could never remember your face

- He found himself fighting in the Omnic Crisis, watching as soldier after soldier died. The Overwatch Strike Team helped, but Reinhardt’s shield could only stop so many bullets

- He started wondering if you’d know if something happened to you. Some people who hadn’t found their soulmate had reported getting a terrible feeling and knowing that their soulmate had died, but no one knows if it’s fact or not

- The Omnic Crisis ended and he never had that terrible feeling, but he never found you either

- A few years passed and the UN made a new Overwatch, and Jack might have been official face for it, but it was Rein who was the true face of Overwatch. Rein is the one who would go and visit kids in the hospital

- He tends to make these hospital trips in different places around the world after missions. After one such mission and hospital visit he was walking back to the hotel where the team was staying for the night when he heard a noise in a nearby alley

- He goes to investigate and fights some local teens beating up an omnic

- Reinhardt might have fought in the Omnic Crisis but the war is over and he protects everybody now. Have you seen how tall the guy is? You don’t want to fight someone that big especially when you know that he could kick your ass one handed. The teens run before he has to say more than a warning

- He goes over to the omnic “Are you already? Is there any way I can help you?” They ask him to help them up and he does. He offers to escort them wherever they need to go and and they accept

- It’s only after the two of them walk out of the dark alley does he notice that the world is now in color

- He stops, realizing what just happened and turns to the omnic a smile already appearing on his face

- You’re already looking up at him “You just realized? I thought that’s why you offered to escort me”

- He doesn’t know what to say, he’s so happy to finally find you. You’re a little worried that he might be opposed to having an omnic soulmate since he fought in the Crisis, but he doesn’t care

- He calls up Morrison the tell him that he’s taking a few personal days to get to know his soulmate

- The media goes crazy when they find out that one of the original Overwatch members has an omnic soulmate but neither of you care what the press thinks. Everyone in your life accepts Rein and everyone in his accepts you, and most importantly you accept each other


- One of the first questions the omnic monks thought of when they were struggling with the question of if they’re just machines or have a soul was the question of soulmates. Do they have them? If they did that would prove they have a soul but if they don’t that doesn’t prove that they don’t have souls

- But it’s a question the struggle with for a long time, even after they come to the conclusion that they do have souls

- Zenyatta struggles in particular because out of all the monks he has some of the closest contact with humans through Genji and other humans he interacts with.

- He doesn’t know how it would work, he and all other omnics are build with the ability to see the all the colors that humans do after they’ve found their soulmate, and some can see other parts of the light spectrum (Zen can see about ⅕ of the UV light spectrum). And yet some omnics say they have found their soulmate, sometimes another omnic and sometimes a human, but he has heard no word of how they know when they can already can see colors

- Eventually he joins Overwatch because they’re trying to help the world, human and omnic alike. He meets Genji’s soulmate (and the two get along fabulously, Genji almost regents introducing them)

- He’s only been on a few missions when they head to a town that was known for its excellent human/omnic relations. Not anymore, the town is half burst down by an anti-omnic group and there are wounded everywhere

- Zen and Mercy immediately start working on the wounded while Tracer, Genji, and the others make sure that the last members of the gang have gone

- He’s helping one of the injured, they have a hole in their thigh that won’t stop bleeding, when he takes their hand to comfort him while his orb of harmony does it’s work

- The moment he takes their hand he notices a shift in his vision

- The colors look the same as before, except that they don’t. They seem richer and brighter, more pure. He does a quick diagnosis on his visual sensors to see why the change has happened, but they are working the same as they always have

- He glances down at you, and you’re smiling up at him. He knows that smile, he’s seen it a dozen times when other people have found their… their soulmate. He thinks the word and can hardly believe it, he wasn’t even sure he had a soulmate but now you’re right in front of him

- “Hello” you say. You’re not sure what else you can say. You’ve heard stories of omnics and humans who have rejected their soulmate simply because they were an omnic or a human. You’ve not one of those, but you don’t know about this omnic holding your hand

- “Hello” he says back, still holding your hand. The pain in your leg is subsiding, thanks to the little floating ball. “I am Zenyatta. I’m very pleased to meet you”

- Your smile deepens “I’m very pleased to meet you as well, Zenyatta. I’m (name)”

- He keeps helping the other injured, and with your own wound healed you help where you can. After the chaos you find a quiet spot to talk. You end up going back with him to overwatch, you’ve been waiting to long to find your soulmate and you’re not about to let him out of your sight so soon after meeting him. Likewise, he doesn’t want to be far from you, he spent too long wondering if you even existed to leave you behind


- Jamison had only ever known life in the irradiated Outback

- He’s probably heard about soulmates but he doesn’t give his much thought. He’s got other things to think of, like his bombs and how to stay alive in the harsh landscape he lives in

- So the day a heist gets a little complicated and he gets tackled by a cop and the world suddenly bursts into color he doesn’t put the pieces together right away

- He doesn’t know the that you’re equally startled. But you both launch yourself away from each other, and he takes the opportunity to run

- He doesn’t realize what it means until he asks Roadhog, thinking it might be some kind of chemical weapon that’s making him hallucinate

- But Mako recognizes what Jamie is describing, and tells him that he just met his soulmate

- “You must be kidding, mate. It was a cop”

- Mako tells him that fate is funny like that and tends to choose the least likely person

- But from what he saw before the Omnic crisis, he never saw fate choose wrong

- Junkrat isn’t sure what to do with the information that his soulmate is a cop whose job is to arrest him

- Meanwhile, you’re not sure what to do either. Your soulmate is a wanted criminal and you’ve sworn an oath to uphold the law. You tell your superiors that the reason he got away after you tackled him was because he managed to land a blow to your head. Not a blow hard enough to injure you, just enough to make you let go. You’re not sure why you lied to them

- The Australian government has had enough of Junkrat and Roadhog and you’re still part of the team tasked with taking them down

- A couple weeks later your team catches up with them again. It’s just you and him in the alley behind the bank and you have your gun leveled at him. You could arrest him right now. It would mean the admiration of your peers, a promotion at work, and a pay raise to go along with it if you would just arrest him

- Instead you lower your gun and tell him that if he and Roadhog take the road heading east out of town they’lll meet with the least resistance. Before he leaves you ask him to punch you so you don’t make your superiors suspicious of letting him get away twice in a row

- The next thing you know you’re waking up with an EMT leaning over you checking to see if you’re seriously injured

- You also have a note in your coat pocket telling you to be under an abandoned railroad bridge on the opposite side of town in three days. There’s only one person it could be from

- You know it’s probably a bad idea but you go anyways. You can’t find it in yourself to give up on your soulmate without even properly meeting him

- He’s not what you had imagined. For one thing, he can hardly stand still and he’s so obviously nervous to meet you that you can’t help but smile. It only takes you a few minutes to realize that you’re already ready to do anything to protect him and the two of you start plotting

- You don’t leave the police yet, first you spend a couple months secretly sabotaging the investigation and destroying months of work

- Then you join him and Mako when they leave Australia and head to the mainland. It’s not the life you pictured for yourself, but neither is he and you wouldn’t trade your soulmate for anybody


- Mako found his soulmate when he was fairly young. He married them and they planned on starting a family

- But the Omnic Crisis happened and afterwards the Australian government gave part the Outback that contained to omnium to the omnics in the hope of fostering peace

- This included the part where Mako and his spouse lived. So Mako joined the Australian Liberation Front which ultimately resulted in the explosion that irradiated the Outback

- Mako’s spouse died in the resulting chaos and over time he adopted the Roadhog persona and left Mako behind

- He eventually started working for Junkrat and the two started their crime spree

- A couple of years later the two of them were walking through the wilderness when they came upon a small farmhouse outside a nearby town. The farmhouse had a well outside, which you were standing next too

- ”Well, well, well. If it isn’t the infamous Junkrat and Roadhog”  you say. They’re both immediately on alert because you recognize them and that usually means trouble

-Then you offer them some water and dinner and a place to stay the night

- It’s Junkrat who asks why you’d do such a thing

- “I heard about what you did to those ************************************ corporation goons in the city. Anyone who sticks it to the city folk is alright in my book”

- After hearing the very rude way you spoke of the ‘suits’ they decide that maybe you’re being serious, so they decide to take you up on the offer of dinner, but they don’t plan on spending the night. They’re not willing to take that risk

- It’s a simple fare you offer them, but it’s better than they’ve had in awhile (neither are very good cooks)

- After dinner Roadhog remembers what manners are and helps you taking the plates to kitchen. Your hands brush and it’s not a sudden burst of color, but more like they slowing got turned back on, more like the sun rising than a light switch being flipped

- But it still only takes a few seconds before you both are seeing in full color

- “Well this is a surprise” you say. “Didn’t think I’d ever be getting a second one”

- “Me either” is all he says

- You keep doing washing the dishes and he takes them to dry, the feeling of doing something so domestic feeling very foreign to him

- They end up staying the night. You offer to share your bed with Roadhog, and he accepts although nothing happens. It’s a stretch for both of you to be this close, you both have old wounds, and it would only hurt your chances at making this work if you did something on impulse

- He and Jamie stay for another day before on. You tell them to not be strangers and that they’re always welcome

- It only takes a month before they’re back on your doorstep. This time you and Mako talk about it (you even learn his real name). You still proceed with the relationship slowly, and you build trust over time. He shows up every month or two, sometimes with Jamie sometimes without, but he always comes.

- he doesn’t admit but it’s really nice to have a place to always head back to, a place that feels like home. Neither of you think of the other as a replacement for your lost soulmate, but what you have is good and you’ll both take it for as long as you can


- Lucio loves his mother very much but he sometimes wished that she’d stop trying to find his soulmate for him okay he wished it most of the time

- Most of the people she tried were mostly interested in trying because he was famous. Not all of them of course. Some were simply people trying to to find theirs and figured they might as well if he was it. But he never was and they both always walked away disappointed even if they hadn’t thought it likely that he was their soulmate

- But he keeps trying anyways because a) he can’t say no to his mother and b) she might just find them and he’d hate to miss them because he was being stubborn

- So when she calls him up and asks if he can make if for dinner the next night, he knows what’s coming but he says yes anyways

- When you meets you you refuse to shake his hand. “It’s nothing personal but I’m trying to get my mother to stop trying to find my soulmate for me”

- “I know how you feel”

- But since there aren’t many people at the dinner the two of you end up talking. Turns out you get along really well

- Dinner ends when Vishkar agents try and arrest Lucio but the two of you fight them off

- And once he realizes that you’re a really good fighter and that he thinks the two of you would actually be good friends he asks if you’d be interesting in joining his security team

- Actually, you’d be the security team. He hasn’t wanted to get one but he is famous and Vishkar is trying harder and harder to catch him, and if he has to get one it might as well be someone who he gets along with

- You accept

- It takes two months before you actually have physical contact. You punched a bounty hunter that was about to taze Lucio and he hugged you

- The world suddenly got a lot brighter

- You looked at each other, both your eyes wide. But try as you might you found you couldn’t actually mind having him for your soulmate, you were actually really glad he was. You were glad that your soulmate was also -literally- your best friend

- Judging from the smile on Lucio’s face he felt the same way

- “our parents are never going to let us live this down”

All things Jeon Jeong Guk(a birthday post)

ITS OUR BABY’S BIRTHDAY YA’LL!! I am so excited. I didn’t know what to do because I have never done this before, so a ton of thanks to @kpopworldofzodiacs for suggesting this idea to me. 

This is going to be one hell of a long post. But my love and ARMY’s love for him is also immense so its only fair. 

**none of the gifs are mine. All credit to rightful owners who have worked hard to make them**

1.) Jeon Jeong Guk is Adorable!

(look at this little bunny. The cutest boy to grace this planet ever. The cutest serial killer ever. I’ll let him kill me in a heartbeat)

I love how he gets embarrassed at the end in this one.

2.) His big and golden heart

At ISAC when he helped clean up is the first thing that comes to mind. He didn’t  have to, but he did help out because he is a kind and considerate boy.It is such a humble thing for him to do, and its very hard not to respect him for it. He is much more than just his looks, and his voice. 

When he comforted the fan because she kept on crying. He was so gentle yet goofy. He handled it with such maturity it was very sweet of him.

3.His shyness. If that isn’t the purest thing ever

How adorable is this???? 

 When hyungs told him to go talk to his friends but he’s just like NAH! Relatable. He’s so shy its adorable

4.) The way he laughs 

His eyes squint when he laughs, and its such a happy sight to watch because he laughs heartily

5.) The way his eyes crinkle when he smiles

the gif says enough 

 6.)His sexiness 

H.O.T. Damn this expression. 

1 more because I am not suffering alone people. 

 Someone explain this shit to me. What even is that expression? Are you trying to challenge me????? Do not make me come over for your own sake Gukkie.

7.) On the flip side we have this…

Presenting Meme Guk. Why is he like this? Why does make these facial expressions, but regardless moral of the story: get yourself a man who can do both

 Its things like this that make you wonder why you love him so much, its adorable but…. too much meme

8.) The way he won’t let hyungs live in peace 

Victim #1 : Jimin 

Imitating Jimin all day, every day

LMAO this boy…. EXTRA AF 

Victim #2: Jin 

Just can’t let Jin be…

9.) The way he gets confused and shook is hilarious but very adorable at the same time 

All hail the Jungshook

An egg eating an egg. 

10.) How he hates being called oppa

This lil bean is probably the exception to the rule. Love how he absolutely can’t take fans specially Noona’s calling him oppa. His expressions are golden when that does happen though. 

11.) He just can’t suck at anything 

I mean they had to come up with a damn game called “beat jungkook” because literally this man can’t suck at anything even if he tried. 

12.) Hes got the hyungs whipped for him

Yoongi just let him get away with that lol 

Also Yoongi…

They spoil him to the max, all day every day 

His entire existence in and of itself is a gift. My only wish is for him to never change, to stay safe, happy, and most importantly stay healthy. I wish he gets everything he has ever wanted in his life. I wish the precious smile on his face never fades away.I know he will have sad moments in life but my wish is for him to be strong in those moments.

I know he will cry and hurt but I hope that he will have friends and family by his side who would support him. I wish he smiles brighter in the future and talks about his feelings.I hope that he can gather enough courage and strength to face things by himself in life, and be kind to those who need it. I hope as he grows up with a lot of love, he learns to return that love others. I hope that he can get to a point in life where he knows its okay to be vulnerable. I hope he finds more people in his life that he can share his emotions with, and tell all his problems to.

I wish him all the happiness the entire world has to offer. Thank you for being born my sunshine, my hope and my lil bean ❤️

The Little Mermaid And Her Human Prince | 4

Pairings: Taehyung x reader

Genre: Mermaid!au; angst, fantasy, fairy tale

Words: 2,6k

Warnings: mentions of sharks; the word death

Summary: Your father, the king of the merfolk, has forbid you to come in contact with the humans. But as you see a ship with humans in need of help, you forget his rule and try to help. Unfortunately, you put yourself in danger and got saved by a beautiful human boy. Since the moment you lied your eyes on him, things have changed.

A/N: I can finally post chapter 4! I really hope that you guys like it and that you won’t get confused because I got confused a lot of times. I don’t have much to say, just wanted to thank two of my lovely friends who helped me and pushed me to plan this chapter! Thank you guys, I love you <3 So now have fun, I will watch the Little Mermaid movie now <3

<< previous chapter | Chapter 4 | Chapter list

You swam as fast as your fins could move. You were pumped with adrenaline, trying to find a way out of the coral riff.

You and Hoseok swam here for one of your many adventures. It was beautiful here. So many colors, flowers in different shapes and sizes. The water was warm, the fish friendly, and the sharks majestic. Well, as long as they didn’t want to rip your fins off your body.

And that was the case. As always, Hoseok had warned you to not swim from the corals too far away, because there might be sharks. As always, Hoseok was right. But there was this beautiful shimmer between the many corals and you wanted to know what it was. It wasn’t your intention to anger the shark, just by your presence and you suddenly found yourself being chased by a big shark.

You swam between the rocks, able to swim in swirls and gracious moves. There were only two options for you left. Either you could swim as long as you can and be eaten by the shark or give up immediately, but there was still Hoseok, who wouldn’t let that happen. He wouldn’t let you hang so easily.

You turned left, right and left again, in the corner of your eye  you saw Hoseok waving at you. He was in front of a grotto, which you could close with a huge rock Hoseok was holding.

You turned around and swam directly at the grotto. Hoseok swam inside the grotto, still holding the rock, just enough for you to slip in. You didn’t dare to look behind you, afraid that the shark was nearer than you would have expected.

Just a few more and then you are in the grotto. Hoseok had closed the entrance quick and not even a second after you heard a loud BUMP

“Phew, thanks!” You beamed at Hoseok. “That was close, wasn’t it? What would I do without you?”

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satanslilcherry  asked:

Hi! Today I'm feeling really bad about my body and stuff. Could you please write some hc about rfa+minor trio reacting to MC how's feeling like shit bc her father keeps bodyshaming her? Pretty please

Hey, I’m sorry to hear you’re feeling bad about your body. I hope these headcannons will make you feel a little better. I tried to keep this gender neutral and vary in body Imagine issues, because it’s not always about how big you are, I know some people are subconscious about how skinny they are, or if they don’t have an muscles. Also sorry these took so long, but I wanted to make each one as accurate as I could. 

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anonymous asked:

Kanej + first kiss

i was tempted just to rewrite the scene where kaz kisses her neck in crooked kingdom, but then decided against it. also: this is longer than i intended, so i apologize. read on ao3

When she leaves, Kaz rarely sees her off. He’s not one for goodbyes—especially ones that are only temporary, that feel hollow even if there’s the fact that somewhere deep inside of him, hidden in some concealed orifice, he knows that it could be the last he sees of Inej. He fights with that part of himself often, argues that the girl who’s proven herself repeatedly could find a way out of any situation she got into.

And every few months, when her ship docks itself at Berth twenty-two and those six quick bells ring out, when she quietly slips into his office and onto his bed while he sits at his desk, when she lies on his sheets staring at the ceiling and he’s glancing at her form to ensure she’s unharmed, his belief in her and her skills is confirmed. They don’t talk much, but he can’t help the smile that will sneak its way onto his face as she tells him of her trials on the sea, of the men and women and children she’s saved, of the men and women she’s killed to free them.

He wonders how many nights she’s spent awake in the underbelly of her ship, prayers spilling from her lips for the lives she’s taken.

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rooks-and-blighters  asked:

Okay, let's say MC gets her head shaved for something like cancer charity. How does the RFA react?


  • it’s been on your to-do list for a while, and not wanting to give Yoosung a heart attack, you decide to tell him beforehand about it
  • he’s such a supportive boyfriend 
  • That’s amazing MC, he gushes, you’re amazing I’m so proud of you!
  • what a sweetheart ily
  • Of course he’s not letting you go alone cuz you might bring some boys to the yard 
  • casually wears one of those giant #1 foam hands that you see at every sporting event
  • he stays outside the hairdressers, waving the foam hand around without a care in the world, telling anyone and everyone who passes by that you’re donating your hair for cancer charity wow isn’t that great??
  • doesn’t think it’s excessive????? at all????
  • but he’s such a cutie patoot you don’t say anything about it and just sort giggle at his reflection in your mirror
  • when you walk out, bald head and satisfied smile, Yoosung honestly doesn’t recognize you lololol
  • no like he literally doesn’t recognize you
  • “Oh did you just shave your head too?” he says, “you know, the love of my life is doing it too and-”
  • he stops when you giggle at him, and then his face becomes so red it puts tomatoes to shame
  • Apologies start streaming from his mouth at the same rate that lies streamed out of Rika’s im super sorry to all you rika fans out there
  • Yoosung is mesmerized by the unanimous texture of your head
  • #unconsciously starts petting it when you guys cuddle
  • also he just adores you


  • i got this guys
  • your local hairdresser is doing a charity drive thing, and you’re like sign me the fuck up
  • ya tell Zenny boy of your plans
  • and he’s down to jump on board too???
  • Zen are you? ok???
  • yes I am perfectly fine, are you doubting my looks, do you think I won’t be as handsome bald? Do you- 
  • but you see, the problem is, Zen doesn't really get what ‘bald’ entitles
  • you guys do the thing, and now wow you’re hairless
  • it’s enough of a shock to see Zen without all his flyaway white hair, and also you lowkey just couldn’t believe he actually went through with it
  • after a quick session of hugs and I’m so proud of yous, Zen turns to leave and-
  • ???
  • ?????
  • hell freezes over
  • Zen shaved everything 
  • but not
  • so it’s all polished and shiny
  • except for a random ass patch of long hair at the nape of his neck
  • Zen what the FUCK was the point of you doing this???
  • He sees you standing there, and asks if you’re okay
  • No zen I’m really not okay I want to laugh but I also want to cry I’ve looked death in the eyes and it was horrible
  • since you won’t answer him, he saunters over to you, whips out a frilly handkerchief, and polishes your head
  • There there, he coos like a mother to her young child, there’s no need for regrets
  • Zen it’s not my own decision that I’m regretting
  • It takes a hecka long while for you to look at him normally again
  • because even if you can’t see it from the front
  • you know that The Hair exists on the other side, waiting for its chance to be seen again
  • and sometimes it keeps you up at night, if ever Zen is sleeping with his back towards you
  • leaving you to ponder his life choices

Jaehee: (mmmmh short and sweet Jaehee is nice)

  • honestly she’s down to shave her head too? 
  • working with Jumin, she had short hair anyways, and going bald isn’t that big of a difference
  • giving a part of yourself to others in need, and watching your significant doing it with you is a beautiful feeling, and somehow managed to deepen the strength of your bond
  • a few customers were shocked at the sudden disappearance of hair, but their respect for the both of you increased when you told them why you did it
  • after a busy day at work, you turn to Jaehee, filled with love and devotion for the one person who meant the world to you
  • “Jaehee…thank you so much for everything. For being here, for shaving your head with me, thank you for supporting me.”
  • Jaehee turns to you with a quiet smile, a light pink creeping into her cheeks. “It’s nothing, MC, as long as it’s with you, I would be happy do to anything.”


  • “MC, why would you donate hair for cancer charity if I can just donate money for cancer research? Shaving your head gives you no collateral, from a business perspective -”
  • “Jumin, not everything you do in life has to grant you some kind of boon in exchange.”
  • Gets the idea of donating hair, but doesn’t really understand why you would do it
  • He’s not about to stop you of course not Jumin Han would never prevent you from doing anything at all it’s not like he’s going to take your freedom away or anything he- 
  • while Jumin is busy at work, you go get your head shaved
  • but he’s already back at the penthouse by the time you’re done, which you didn’t expect
  • it was only then did you realize that you had forgotten your keys inside, so you opt to ring the doorbell instead
  • you hear Jumin’s slightly irritated voice from inside, asking who would come visiting at such an hour
  • so he does the thing where he opens the door, looks you over once, the quickly shuts it again right in your face
  • “Um…” you say, rapping the door with a knuckle
  • there’s a soft click as the door reopens slightly, just wide enough for Jumin to peek through the crack
  • “Hi?” you say.
  • Jumin’s eye blinks rapidly a couple of times, and the door opens all at once
  • you catch him fanning himself with a hand before he turns away and walks towards the living room
  • as it turns out, for some reason, Jumin found  the sight of you bald a bit…intimidating?
  • you just looked…quietly powerful
  • which in itself was also attractive
  • so he was torn between intimidation and attraction, leading to a flustered Jumin and confusion towards his own kinks
  • he becomes highly invested in funding cancer research and an advocate for cancer charity
  • whenever he needs motivation or inspiration, he stands before you, stares at your head for a minute, then goes “Alright,” nodding to seriously to himself 
  • good times


  • y’all thrive  off spontaneity and surprises
  • it’s amazing and slightly freaky just quickly how you’ll both adapt to new circumstance, no matter how wild they might be
  • for example:
  • you don’t tell saeyoung about donating your hair
  • why not?
  • because you can
  • so as soon as you walk in through the front door, bald head shining brighter than my future, absolutely nothing happens
  • cuz it’s not like Saeyoung is always standing by the doorway anxiously awaiting your return
  • you go look for the dork, of course he’s sneaking around the kitchen, hunting for those good goods I got that good good I got that got that good good
  • “Hey Saeyoung!”
  • “MC-!” he begins, turning towards you
  • this is where your mutual, extreme ‘go with the flow’ nature kicks in
  • Saeyoung stares at you for a few second, rubs his eyes to make sure he’s not hallucinating, and when he realizes that you actually  look like Saitama
  • his own hair kinda just does a small whoosh  and falls in a single unanimous layer of red locks
  • he is bald now 2
  • anyways you’re both laughing at the situation, at each other, Saeyoung jokes about being able to use your head as a mirror now
  • #when will my reflection show who I am inside
  • you explain why you’re now bald, and Saeyoung gives you a sly smile
  • “I think it’s time to show you my most prized possession…”
  • basically you discover that he’s hidden hundreds of wigs in he walls of your house
  • that night, he prods your awake in the wee hours of the morning, eyes filled with urgency
  • “MC,” he whispers, “now that we’re both bald…where do our foreheads end?”

Omg you’re so sweet, thank you, dear! <3 I hope you don’t mind if I combine these. birthday sleepovers are amazing Enjoy!


  • Desserts. All day.
  • The two wander around the city, visiting different vendors, and most of them gave Ann free sweets since it’s her special day. best bday gift tbh
  • S/O doesn’t know how Ann can stomach the plethora of sweets, but they just play along anyway.
  • They both take a variety of pictures and selfies throughout the day.
  • Since her birthday occurs during the fall, there are likely numerous nighttime festivals and fairs set up, so S/O escorts her around some of the events with a perpetual blush on their face.
  • The reason for that is because Ann changed into her vibrant yukata; in addition, her hair was down and garnished with a lucrative hairpiece. an actual goddess
  • She teases them for it, but she’s just as red-faced as they are.
  • The couple participates in the variety of games and activities, as well as strolling through the area with smiles shining brighter than the lanterns surrounding them. 
  • S/O actually manages to win her one of those ginormous stuffed animals.
  • They absentmindedly wander to a quiet, secluded area since they’re too engaged with laughing and conversing.
  • A burst of color suddenly illuminates the night sky, and S/O embraces Ann from behind while the two watch the fireworks together. cutest cliche
  • On their journey back to Ann’s house, she admits that this is probably her favorite birthday, and she hopes that S/O will stick around for many more.
  • S/O tells her that they would never miss the chance to see her cute little blush, and Ann lightly smacks them. good thing they’re into that
  • At Ann’s house, they’ll play games and eat the delicious cake that her parents delivered to her.
  • They’ll probably have an obligatory pillow fight at some point. ann is a champ don’t do it
  • There are lots of head-kisses, hugging, and giggling throughout the night.
  • Eventually, the couple drifts to sleep in each other’s arms, with S/O whispering that Ann deserves many gifts because her existence in this world is too wonderful a gift to go unappreciated. agreed


  • These two will hit up the entire city.
  • Makoto was initially hesitant since she didn’t want to impose or make a fuss, but S/O told her that they should go all out in honor of such a special lady.
  • She agreed to it with a rosy blush on her cheeks; after all, she loves spending time with S/O, plus it’s good excuse to be held by them all day as they ride around the city on her motorbike. a good ulterior motive
  • They venture to new or exciting places such as the arcade, the trampoline park, or even a pet cafe.
  • Since Makoto’s birthday falls under the season of spring, sakura petals dance and scatter about the city, occasionally peppering the couple’s hair. 
  • Every time S/O brushes them out of Makoto’s hair, their breath hitches and they flush furiously because they think she looks so dazzling.
  • She does the same, and the both just stare at each while the breeze caresses them. i really love cliches okay
  • S/O was surprised that Makoto actually ate the free dessert she got at one of the restaurants the two visited for lunch, but they just smiled fondly at her; it was nice to see her so relaxed.
  • Sae makes enough time to meet them at the laser tag venue before she has to commute to work. she murders them
  • she probably used an all out attack
  • Makoto constantly comments on how sore her cheeks are, and S/O tells her it’s probably from smiling and laughing so much.
  • She goes quiet for a moment, then she promptly thanks S/O for taking her out and being the reason that she smiles. s/o.exe has stopped working due to cardiac arrest
  • The couple arrives at Makoto’s residence late evening, and they decide to unwind by reading on her bed together with cups of coffee.
  • Makoto’s the first to fall asleep, and S/O takes this opportunity to place their present on the bedside stand.
  • It’s a compilation of the duo’s favorite songs. goals


  • Futaba ends up sleeping in half the day, so most of her activity with S/O takes place in the afternoon and evening. same
  • They don’t mind, and the couple’s first destination is Akihabara.
  • Since they knew she wanted it, S/O saved up just enough money to buy a nano drone with a camera, and Futaba squeezed them into hug when they gave it to her. she’s too cute stop her
  • The two spend more time playing with gadgets like plasma lamps or VR headsets before they depart for Tokyo Tower.
  • They made it to the top of the tower just in time to catch the radiant ember sunset.
  • Naturally, they took the most adorable and ridiculous selfies, using various effects or Snapchat filters. especially faceswap
  • Futaba could only take so much, plus it was getting late, so S/O escorted her to Leblanc for dinner.
  • There, Sojiro had already prepared plates of curry, and the group chatted as they ate, although it was mostly Futaba discussing the events of the day with an enthusiasm that made S/O blush.
  • Futaba was still hungry even after eating two plates of curry, so Sojiro procured a Featherman-themed cake from the fridge. he and s/o picked it out while she was sleeping during the day
  • The couple bid their farewell to Sojiro before departing to the house, where they watched Netflix movies and shows under a blanket fort.
  • they roasted death note until not even ashes remained
  • Both of them are night owls, so they stayed up extremely late, giggling and joking excessively from their exhaustion until they fell asleep with smiles on their faces.


  • Haru has everything she needs, so she reassured S/O that they needn’t trouble themself with purchasing a gift or doing anything extravagant. even though she deserves the best
  • Regardless, she still found it very touching when they arrived at her house in the afternoon with a bouquet of colorful flowers in a gorgeous earthen vase nestled in their palms.
  • They insisted that they didn’t mind treating her for her birthday, and after contemplating for a minute, Haru graciously accepted their offer to spend time together. 
  • She asked S/O where they were taking her, and they said it was better as a surprise.
  • Once the two reached a certain point, S/O asked Haru to close her eyes. no peeking
  • When she complied, they warily guided her for a few minutes until they abruptly halted, granting her permission to open her eyes.
  • Haru’s mauve eyes widened and she gasped as the scenery of a vast, breathtaking garden befell her sight.
  • S/O coaxed her to explore the area with them, and she absentmindedly followed, the starstruck twinkle in her eyes not once dimming. it’s still not as beautiful as you
  • The couple spent the duration of the day in the gardens, chatting and wistfully surveying their surroundings with their fingers interlaced.
  • Of course, S/O had to take a fallen flower and place it behind Haru’s ear, eliciting a giggle.
  • The combination of Haru’s beaming face and the eye-catching flower made S/O’s face burn. have you ever seen a lady so beautiful you almost started spontaneously combusting
  • The walk back to Haru’s house was pleasant as well, since the duo stopped at a vendor to purchase hot chocolate, their breath almost visible in the crisp nighttime air.
  • Upon arriving at the house, Haru thanked S/O for the most wonderful birthday before kissing their cheek. rip s/o
  • The two changed into their pajamas before cozily snuggling on the couch.
  • However, that didn’t last long once S/O began playing music from their phone (for background noise).
  • They absolutely have a dance party and completely wear themselves out, falling back onto the couch as they laughed themselves to sleep. yes please
Say You Love Me

Prince Liam x MC

Summary: When the girl he loves doubts if his feelings for her are true.


My well manicured fingers tugged at the fabric of the skin tight cocktail dress, attempting to pull it lower down my bare legs. The engagement tour so far seemed to be crawling with the most eligible nobles, each of whom didn’t hesitate to allow their eyes to rake my body. It made me ill just thinking of the thoughts invading these men’s minds. Little did they know, the one man on my mind was Cordonia’s newly crowned King.

At the thought of Liam, my heart seemed to flutter. I couldn’t help the small smile play at my lips as my body suddenly felt the ghost of his touch. The effect he had over me was dangerous, especially when we were supposed to stay apart. I could never seem to help it. Liam was intoxicating and by this point I was far beyond addicted.

My eyes scanned the room, searching for the man I love in order to steal a few moments with him. The well-dressed crowd made it surprisingly difficult to spot him. As my eyes raked across the dance floor, I was pleased to find him sharing a dance with his mother as the orchestra continued to play a soft melody. His mother whispered something quietly to the King, instantly causing a harmonious laugh to escape his throat. I smiled at the sound, I adored seeing him genuinely happy.

“You know, you’re not making your feelings for the King very subtle,” A familiar voice teases. I roll my eyes obnoxiously before turning to face Maxwell. A small smirk played at the corners of his lips as he gently nudged my arm. “You know I’m just messing around. I think your love story is one for the ages!” He exclaimed, capturing the attention of a few people nearby. I quickly quieted him, gesturing to the eavesdroppers. A handful of the nobles share judging stares before turning away, resuming their likely pointless conversation.

“It would be one for the ages if we were even allowed to be together,” I sighed aloud, glancing towards the faraway King once more. It seemed so unfair to me. Liam was so close, yet he was just out of my reach. I noticed his bright blue eyes scanning the room, stopping once they landed on me. A genuine smile overtook his features, his eyes shining a little brighter as we stared at one another from across the room. I felt my cheeks burning a little from the intensity of his look, but unfortunately his mother stole his attention once again causing him to tear his eyes from mine.

Maxwell chuckled, forcing me to tear my thoughts away from the King. His brown eyes sparkled as he stole two flutes of champagne from the tray of a server passing by. He passes me a drink before raising his glass in the air, “Lighten up! It’s a party, remember?” Maxwell delicately touches his flute to mine before raising it to his lips. I quickly follow suit, wanting to lighten up as Maxwell suggested. I tip the contents into my mouth, savoring the flavors of the expensive champagne.

After quickly finishing my beverage, the clinking sound of glass captures the attention of the entire room. The drunken nobles are swift to silence one another, their eyes turning towards King Liam and his fiance. He and Madeline stand at the front of the room, his arm tightly wound around her waist, a wide smile plastered across each of their features.

He proceeds to deliver a pretty mundane and repetitive speech, thanking the court for attending, thanking the host, and emphasizing how excited he was to marry his lovely fiance. I force myself not to scoff loudly at that bit. Liam begins his closing words before he is interrupted by the head of household. The large drunken man slurs loudly, “Enough talking, kiss the girl!”

My body stiffens as the room begins to applaud, encouraging the happy couple to prove one another’s devotion to each other. I grip my arm tightly in attempt to remain calm, I had to remember it was more than likely people were watching me and taking note of my reaction. With that thought in mind, I politely clap along as if the sight wasn’t going to nauseate me.

I watch as Liam’s eyes frantically scan the room, likely looking for me. His eyes are quick to find mine and I somehow manage to nod, assuring the man I was okay. He then turned his fiance, gently cupping her cheeks as he leaned in closer to unite their lips. At the contact, the room burst into cheers at the sight of the engaged couple while I was holding back tears. My teeth gnawed at the inside of my cheek, trying to distract myself from the sight.

The two of them together seemed natural, easy. They easily had the appearance of a royal couple and despite what Liam has assured me so many times before, it did seem like some sort of chemistry existed between the pair. Unable to conceal my feelings any longer, I exited the grand ballroom beginning the small trek back to my bedroom.

I managed to fight the tears threatening to spill from my eyes until I reached the privacy of my room, slamming the door shut behind me. I felt like a fool coming back. It would have been better if I went back to New York, not just for the sake of my feelings, but for everyone else. Liam wouldn’t have to deal with the complications of my presence at court and he could likely be happy with Madeline. I was able to imagine their blissful future with one another, and I felt quite confident Liam was beginning to become more conscious of that image as well.

A knock at my door pulled me from my thoughts. I quickly rub at my eyes with the back of my hand, likely smearing the makeup that Hana had worked so long to perfect. I sniffle a bit, trying to quiet my sobs before opening the door. No one other than Liam stands within the frame, a look of concern overtaking his features.

I begin to close the door once more, but he presses his palm to it before entering my room. My head shakes at his obvious stubbornness, but I allow him past me and quietly close the door in order to prevent others from interrupting. His eyes scan my features, taking notice of my slightly swollen eyes and sniffling nose. “Have you been crying?” He questions quietly, gaze darting towards the floor.

A laugh of disbelief escapes my throat, “No, my allergies are just really bad this time of year,” I’m surprised my smart ass remark somehow managed to get a quiet chuckle from him, but nonetheless I was happy to hear his laughter. I rub my eyes once more before asking more solemnly, “What am I doing here, Liam? Why am I letting myself get hurt over and over as I watch you fall in love with someone else?” 

He crosses the room towards me, taking my small hands in his. I try to pull away, but his grip remains firm and tight around my palms. He releases one of my hands to cup my chin, forcing me to meet his eyes. “Who the hell said I was falling in love with Madeline?” His voice breaks at the end of his sentence, as if he was the one now choking back tears.

I pull away from him, the contact between us only making it easier to give into him. My arms cross around my chest as if I was protecting myself from him as his glistening eyes continue to bear into mine. “It’s so easy to see the future you have with Madeline. She can provide so much more that I can’t, and I want you to have that,” I explain, focusing my eyes on the wall behind him.

“I don’t want any of that with Madeline. I never have and I never will. All I want and will ever want is you,” He begins, starting to slowly close the distance between us. “I want to wake up beside you every morning, I want to be able to kiss you in public, hold your hand, take you all over the world because I know how badly you crave to see it,” His hands pull mine from my chest, positioning them directly over his heart.

“My heart only beats for you, no matter how cheesy it sounds. You’re the one I’ve always wanted. How can I make you see that?” He questions.

“Say you love me, Liam,” I respond quietly.

All at once, our lips crash together furiously, the tension in the room driving our bodies into a frenzy. My hands tug at his clothes, silently begging for the suit on his body to be shed. He is quick to comply, before tugging at the zipper across my back. The dress I was wearing turns to a pool of fabric at my feet as we continue to trip towards the bed, the only sounds being the loud beating of our racing hearts and the kisses we shared.

As I fall onto the mattress, Liam pulls apart for a brief moment. “I am so incredibly in love with you,” With those words, our bodies melt together, nothing able to contain our passion.

The Sun and the Stars (A SoonSeok Fic Fest) Master Post

Partly in celebration of Kwon Soonyoung’s birthday, partly because this is long overdue, here is the master post of all fics that were written for the fest. Thank you to everyone who participated and contributed to the small (but hopefully growing) amount of SoonSeok fics currently in existence. Even to those who started but were unable to finish due to life, thank you for loving SoonSeok enough to join. I hope that one day you can find the time to finish what you started and post for everyone to enjoy! Thank you once again to all the authors out there! Please be sure to check all these fics if you haven’t already!

1. Ibidem - Egostorm

In which Seokmin keeps running a maze without an end and Soonyoung is the one to find him

Inspired by DK’s Alone Trailer

2. I Thought You’d Never Ask - criesmom

Soonyoung and Seokmin have been on a few dates and given both their track records, it’s a miracle they haven’t hooked up yet. Soonyoung wants to change that.

3. Get lost and leave me alone (actually stay) - fosterfoster

It was 8AM in Seokmin’s apartment, the sun passing slightly through the curtains. Seokmin woke up from the sound of someone knocking at the door. He went to open the door and behold, it was none other than Kwon Soonyoung.

4. All I Need Is You - minhyera

Love. That was a really weird thing, if you thought about it. It was not only a word to refer to the affection you felt towards certain family members or friends, but also, among other meanings, a word used to describe romantic attraction to someone. Now, this whole concept was something Soonyoung had yet to wrap his head around, but he couldn’t let loose of this odd feeling that made his stomach flip and his skin tickle at the thought of his best friend.

5. over and over again - boo98 (butter)

Soonyoung has the easiest time finding his soulmate - running into him in the hallway at age nine kind of speeds things along. Nothing after that, though, is anywhere near as simple.

6. astrophyllite - valleyofthewind

Soonyoung thinks – in this very exact moment – that Lee Seokmin looks kind of magical. His face is glowing in the dimmed lights. His eyes are shining, but they’re not lit up in the way they usually are. They look like astrophyllite – a rare, opaque potassium iron titanium silicate mineral, named after the Greek words for star and leaf.

Soonyoung’s mind tells him that he has never seen someone more beautiful.

(soonyoung just wants to play the saxophone but seokmin, that guy he’s hated basically his entire life, decides to play with his heart. he struggles his way through life, thoughts and senior year of high school along with his best friends who may or may not be dating each other. shit ensues)

7. love fool - neoragodestiny

Soonyoung has this charm wherein she makes you love her such that you can never get mad at her. Seokmin thinks she loves Soonyoung a little too much.

8. Yours, Mine, and Ours - woozifi

Six months after the death of Soonyoung’s wife, Seokmin moves in with his newly-widowed best friend to help take care of his two kids.

9. Reminisce - seunginuna (major character death)

10. For the Last Time - seunginuna (major character death)

11. Reaching for the Sirius - glasseskawa

There is a sudden downpour on his way hunting Ophiuchus, a rare constellation up in the sky. Which leads him to the fated meeting with a glorious person, the rarest star of all, the one that will shine the brightest in his life, much brighter than the Sirius.

“Because I have the brightest star standing right in front of me.”

12. starry eyes - bookwan

seokmin meets an angel in his dreams.

13. Accio My Underwear - Ravenclawboo

Accio; A charm to summon an object

“Accio, my sunflower underwear”

A high pitched scream was heard in the distance.

14. To Associate Closely - blehgah

 Seokmin and Soonyoung have always been part of a set, and they explore just what that means.

15. Like the First Time - PenandDragon

Waking up next to Kwon Soonyoung must be the most natural thing in the world. Lee Seokmin has been pretty sure of this fact since he was about eight years old.

 OR the one where Soonyoung is leaving for college and Seokmin panics.

Waking up next to Kwon Soonyoung must be the most natural thing in the world. Lee Seokmin has been pretty sure of this fact since he was about eight years old.

OR the one where Soonyoung is leaving for college and Seokmin panics.

 16. Yes or No? - cheollie22

 Soonyoung helps Seokmin figure out some things aka “I have amnesia and you say you’re my best friend but I keep on forgetting and thinking we’re lovers au”

 17. The Painful Truth - seokminable

 Seokmin was so stupid for thinking that all the i love you’s and all their skinships were meaning as much to Soonyoung as they were meant to him.

18. The End of Life (As We Know It) - seventeenspimp (pliable_cedar)

Soonyoung, Seokmin and Seungkwan have been making trouble around the Shire from the time they learnt how to walk, and have been best friends even longer than that. When Seungkwan gets engaged, it’s only obvious that he asks them both to be his best men.

As they get thrown head first into planning and putting on a wedding, Soonyoung and Seokmin realise that they aren’t the children they once were, and that the future is much closer and much scarier than they’d thought.