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When people STILL bash your fave stars for things that they haven’t even done.

favorite things about skam :

                Takk for alt !

so this is my first follow forever for this blog and i just wanted to say i love every single one of my mutuals & followers, you make my dash & my life so much happier, believe me! also thank you so much for liking me my blog enough to follow me even tho my blog is trash™

p.s: this is all in no particular order

first of all, the loml™

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the pretty amazing™, the barry to my kara ♡

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            The blush of dawn before sunrise had become his companion long before he’d even known the meaning of the word.

            It’d accompanied him on sleepless nights near the harbors of Novis, when the light would spill over the grooves of sheets and shadows of the walls — a tiny little room, it was, shared by all five of his siblings. Though crowded and cramped, the blur of morning red had always entranced him to see otherwise ; leading toward a love that could not be ignored.

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YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAH ! We reach the 2K Fans ! OMG it’s amazing all the support and love your giving me everyday ! thank you so much for everything guys,  thanks for letting me share all that crazy stuff about marvel ! I don’t have words to describe this feeling but I’m just like Loki right now. It’s just that 2k fans are so much for me and I never expect this, but now that it happens I’m just …. just, thanks. 

—Avengers Memes 

I will never be able to repay you for being on my side through everything, and when I say everything I really mean everything, even when you are ready to walk away from me. You have only shown me how strong value you have.
—  Poets Love Her
I have to accept the fact that there really is going to be a time when you’re no longer a part of my life. I won’t get to wake up and expect your smiles or pretend to hate the way you tease me. I won’t even have the satisfaction of just seeing you across the room or listening to your laugh. You and I are both moving on with our lives, starting afresh, and I’m a little numb just thinking about it.
—  🖤

*snorts* 😂😂😂

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Happy Birthday, @climbyii! 

When I think about Kaka Saku, I think of your creations. Your vids, among Kleena and Foxy, had been so inspiring and beautiful and had accompanied me during a very hard time in my life. 

Shattered was my favorite song back then: and seeing that song coupled with that amazing vid was a real shock for me. I started following you on Youtube, watching your vids over and over. 

You’re one of those gracious people who makes me really happy to be in this fandom. I’m glad I had the chance to talk to you. And you’re just as kind and elegant as I imagined you watching your amvs. 

I wish you the best.

Alles gute!  

this guy realllllly does not like being called short.

GUys. I- I’m crying.

When I started this blog, it was a backlog of prompts for myself when I had no ideas of what to write. Yesterday, at exactly 10:47 pm, I walked home from my 4 hour waitressing job and cried when I opened my phone. Yes, my feet were tired and yes,  I was exhausted from fake smiling and telling people I’d “Be with them in one moment”, to only go to the kitchen and find what seemed like a million dishes- that wasn’t the reason I cried. Walking home and opening Tumblr, I tried to regain some strength as I knew we had visitors at home and I didn’t want to seem impolite. If I had’ve lived closer to London, I’d probably be within the remnants of a car collision by now- basically I stopped walking whilst crossing the road and started to cry :) You did that to me- I COULD’VE DIED. 

Honestly, I’m so grateful for every single one of you, you’re all so incredible and I can’t believe there are people who’ve stuck around for over 2 minutes. I’m not all that great and a little rough around the edges, but I’m trying my hardest and I don’t really think I’d even be around if it weren’t for all your love and support. I’m so grateful and I can’t thank you enough.

So, my beautiful geniuses, I will graciously ask for one last favour- Keep writing. You could start with an idea and end up with a following of 10,000, or you could transform that idea into another form of media. Never stop doing what you love, not for anyone. Your passions will last longer than most things, so please pursue them. If you’ve only just started writing, if you’re 4 books deep or maybe only just learning English- Keep going. One day you’ll get more than you wished for, or (In my case) something you didn’t even wish for. You each deserve every star in the sky, a billion cookies and all the things that make you happy. I’d jump at the chance to meet you all. Thank you so much for being the most talented, admirable, beautiful and lovely following anyone could ever ask for.

I love you all more than you could ever imagine, I’m so lucky to have such a incredible internet family. All my love and thanks and best cookies, Yasmine xox

Even though I have my difficulties you still accept me and love me for who I really am. You are my everyday motivation that makes me want to become a better person. Thank you.
—  Poets Love Her