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seeing tom with his mustache and slight beard gave me major ceo!peter parker feels :’) this is a [[ten year later]] fic but have no fear, this is all fluff and totally safe!

alternate title: peter parker suffers through shitty pick up lines brought upon him by his secretary

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Candids [Jason x Reader]

A/N: Soz about not getting this up right away and I apologize even more in advance if this was shite. This is my second draft and a repost (due to errors) so I hope it’s alright. 

Y/N = your name.

One perk that came with being a freelance photojournalist meant you got to take cool candids for your blog. One perk that came with being a freelance photojournalist in Gotham, meant you got to take cool candids of the city’s very own vigilantes in action for your very dedicated blog.

People often asked you why you didn’t work with any of the news agencies like Gotham Gazette or GNN but you had, as an intern and you hated the working conditions. You were on call 24/7 and your deadlines were tight and sometimes you were out for hours following the action. Instead, you ended up selling some of your photos to them whenever they need material.

Now you worked on your own terms and your blog was decently successful. People from all over read your articles and shared your work, even though it was mostly just you gushing professionally about Batman and his group of birds and bats.

You had gotten a cold from lack of sleep and a stakeout at the docks from last week so you hadn’t been keeping up your blog, but the feeling of drowsiness and constant hacking of your lungs had lessened over the past few days so you decided it was time to get back into the kick of things.

Talk on social media said Nightwing was apparently back in town so you wanted to try and get some good shots of him before he went back into hiding. With your gear bag, you headed out for your hunt.

Two hours had passed on your stakeout and so far, all you had were a couple shots of the Pioneer’s bridge from your spot. You looked around through your camera and noticed someone sitting on the ledge of the clock tower a few blocks from you. You couldn’t tell who it was but you were hoping it was Nightwing.

You drove over and located the back door, instantly regretting your decisions when you noticed how many flights of stairs you had between you and your destination.

“The things I do for my blog…” You sighed as you tried to quicken up your pace before you missed Nightwing. The door to rooftop was alright slightly ajar so you quietly pushed it open to see if someone was still out there and to your surprise, they were.

You had been hoping it was Nightwing, but it wasn’t. It was the Red Hood in all his glory, sitting next to the gargoyle. He was dressed in his usual leather jacket and red helmet. He looked to almost be, pondering about something. You quickly uncapped your camera and got your angle right but what you had forgotten to do was turn off your flash.

You should have been more careful but it was too late to fix your mistake because the bright light had caught the vigilante’s attention and before you knew it, you were being held at gun point. The Red Hood stood against the ledge he was previously occupying with a gun aimed directly at you.

You let out a yelp of surprise as your camera fell against your abdomen and your hands came up in surrender.

“WHO ARE YOU AND WHO DO YOU WORK FOR?” The Red Hood shouted as you tried to take a step back. That was your second mistake because he clicked off the safety lock of his gun and you knew if you dared to move another muscle, the next click wouldn’t be the safety lock returning to place.

You had heard the stories of the Red Hood and although it seemed less terrifying over your computer screen, you were nearly wetting your pants at the sheer thought of what he could do. “I-I don’t work for anyone! I’m a freelance journalist!”

“A what?” He asked and you trembled in your spot.

“A freelance journalist, I take photos of Gotham’s vigilantes and write articles about you guys on my blog.” You replied as you tried to sound brave but that wall came tumbling down as the masked vigilante walked up to you, gun still pointed. You whimpered as you closed your eyes.

Is this how you were going to die? Is this what they call “death on the job” because you’re not sure whether this is how you wanted to go.

You were sure he was going to blow your brain to mush with a click of the trigger but instead, you heard a slight snort and the gun being put back into his holster.

You opened your eyes slowly and looked up at the man in front you. You only ever got shots of him from far away but wow, was he ever tall and bulky…

“So you’re a fan? I didn’t know I had those.” He crossed his arms across his chest, adorned in with the red bat symbol.

“Y-yeah?” You wanted to tell him how he was quite well-liked within the community of readers on your blog but your voice faded out before you had the chance. You stood up a little straighter and gave a tiny cough. “My readers quite like you. They question your ethics but I might have accidentally swayed their opinions from that…”

“You’ve written articles about me?”

You were a bit taken back by the question but you nodded anyway, “Well, you are a vigilante, are you not?”

He thought about it for a second before chuckling, “I think I’m more of the anti-hero.”

You cocked your head to the side, capping your camera as you waited for an answer.

“I kill people and last I checked, everyone else sort of just injures them or knocks ‘em out for the cops to deal with.”

“But you’re still doing for the city, even if it’s not ethical… per say, you still get rid of the bad guys.” Red Hood shrugged in response.

The two of you stood in awkward silence for a couple seconds before he spoke up. “Do you have any cool candids of me to share?” You looked up in surprise and all though you couldn’t see his face, it sounded like he was smiling.

The two of you walked over to the ledge and you went through your camera, showing him the photos you had of him on your memory card. He took the time to admire them and ask about your job. It didn’t come as a surprise that he was a nice guy, but his funny personality kind of did. He joked around with you and even shared a few laughs and by the end of the night, you had long forgotten about why you even came up here in the first place.

He didn’t talk much about himself except how he died once and this was one of his favourite places to come when he wanted time alone to think or take up the view of the city, although he was very adamant you did not disclose that information to anyone. You zipped your lip and threw the invisible key, to which he laughed at.

Depicting body language came with the job as a writer and from the way he moved when he talked about himself, you could take from that the life of being an “anti-hero” was pretty lonely. You wanted to ask him for his opinion about relationships as a vigilante but thought better than to impede on his personal life.

He also took the time to apologize for holding you at gun point but you just brushed him off telling him you should be the one apologizing for trying to sneak up on him like that.

The two of you just hung out side by side as you took some quick photos of the view. Out of your peripheral vision, you could see Red Hood trying to take subtle glances at you, but you pretended not to notice. He was probably looking at something else or still tense from you sneaking up on him. After all, he was trained to be wary and vigilant of people and surroundings.

“Uh, I should probably head home to write my article… Plus you have a city to protect and all.” You smiled awkwardly as you packed up your stuff.

“Yeah, thank you for keeping me company.” Red Hood nodded along before looking around. “Do you have a safe way home?”

“I got my car downstairs.” You pointed your thumb at the door and started walking backward. “I guess I’ll see you around, don’t die again!”

The two of you shared a nod and you left. A hand came up to your chest as you bent over to breathe once the door was closed. Really? Don’t die again? Who the hell says that to a guy who once died? You couldn’t be more mortified at your choice of words, and before you could think anymore, you ran down the steps of the creepy stairs and got in your car to leave.

You spent the remainder of the night writing your article in your dimly lit apartment about how lonely the crime-fighting life can get. You could only assume how hard it was to find love and keep up relationships when you had bad guys going after you and your job consisted of putting yourself on the cusp of death every night. You wrote your thoughts down and checked it for errors before attaching the slightly edited photo of the Red Hood sitting next to his favourite gargoyle, Francis as he called it, before publishing it.

Over the course of the next few days, reads and comments poured in on your post, some agreeing with you and others asking where you got your “source” from. Many were amazed at how close and personal the photo was, stopping in the comments to ask if you knew him personally. You couldn’t address the last two so you just left them as it was and carried on with your other stuff.

The next time you saw him, you were catching Red Hood taking down a few thugs in Crime Alley. The photos worked out beautifully and you were just about to leave your spot in the alley across when he noticed your camera peeking out. The two of you stared at each other for a split second before you ran out the other side of your alley and drove off. The time after that, he was fighting alongside Arsenal to stop a drug shipment down at the docks. That one was a difficult scene to capture and just when you thought you had a good photo, you realized he had caught you once again and this time gave you a thumbs up in your photo. The fight was getting bad and the sound of more men coming scared you off.

You were still a little embarrassed about your awkward departure so you tried to make sure you always left before the fight was over, to avoid contact with him.

Tonight was a stakeout night so you were back at the rooftop a few blocks from the clock tower. The one that gave you a good view of his gargoyle. It was around two in the morning when you thought you had seen him perched in his usual spot tonight, but when you brought your camera up to your face, the figure was gone.

You were slightly disappointed. You took quite a liking to the red helmet wearing vigilante, but of course, you couldn’t come forth with that kind of confession to someone you didn’t really know and after your awkward departure, you really couldn’t work up the guts to face him again.

You were scoping out the rooftops through your camera, panning over for any signs of the bright red helmet when you turned to the side and yelped as the familiar red bat symbol had come into a close-up view. You let your camera fall against you as you bent over to catch your breath and calm your heartbeat. “Now I know how that feels.”

A chuckle came from him, slightly muffled from his mask but nonetheless loud enough for you to catch. He had his arms crossed over his chest as he stood in front of you. “Have you been avoiding me?”

“Don’t flatter yourself, I told you I kept a safe distance from the action. I don’t want to get involved.” You defended yourself as you packed up.

“There’s nothing to be afraid of, I would protect you if someone else caught you.” The cocky attitude was laced in his words and you couldn’t help but blush.

“Why waste your time?”

“Because who else is going to take sexy candids of me during my fights if Gotham lost their best photojournalist?” He leaned up against the ledge of the building as you stopped for a moment. “I read your article by the way. The one with me and the gargoyle.”

Your eyes widened as you blushed furiously, “And?”

“It was really well-written. You hit the nail right on the head.” He praised you and your heart swelled at his compliment. The Red Hood just complimented your work. The Red Hood read your work. “But to be honest, I wasn’t feeling all that lonely that night. I had you to talk to, and I quite enjoyed our time so it was a shame you never came back to visit. I was expecting you to when you said you would see me around.”

Your heartbeat echoed in your ears as you looked up to meet his masked eyes. “It looks like you’re closing shop for the night but if you get the chance next time, come visit Francis and I. If not, I’ll look for you myself.” And with that, he was gone. You heard him grapple away but you were still in shock from what he said to move.



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Don’t let go

This is for @iamjanaandjanameansme. Thanks for the prompt ily and sorry this took so long!!

The prompt was: ‘Simon is freaking out about Baz having been locked in a coffin and Baz tells Simon he thought of him to stay sane.’

‘The numpties kept you in a coffin? For two months?’

‘Six weeks,’ he mutters. ‘And I think they thought they were doing me a favour, with the coffin….’

(Carry On, p372-373)

I don’t even realise I’ve jumped to my feet until I feel Penny’s reassuring hand on my arm.

‘You were in a coffin for six weeks?’ I ask, my voice strangled. ‘How are you not dead?’

Baz sneers. ‘It’d take more than numpties to kill someone who’s already dead, Snow.’

‘You’re not dead,’ I growl, beginning to pace. ‘Are you okay? Did they feed you?’

He rolls his eyes. ‘Of course that’s your primary concern.’

‘Did they?’

‘They gave me blood.’

‘But you need food too, right?’

‘Not as much as a normal person,’ he says, his tone curt.

He went six weeks without food. How is he still alive? Who could have done this to him?

‘Blood from what?’ Penny asks, and Agatha makes a noise of disgust.

Baz sighs. ‘I didn’t ask.’

How can he act like he’s okay? I would have gone crazy. I’m trying to picture it, what it would have been like, in the pitch darkness for weeks on end with nowhere to go, unable to move. Helpless.

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First Impressions (Part 4)

Prompt: Imagine your friend, Anthony Mackie, brings you with him to an event and introduces you to his friend, Sebastian, who’s blown away by you. He immediately starts flirting and acting silly because you make him nervous and he just wants to impress you

Warnings: flirting (adult style), language (always, with me, come on), and drama (later on in the fic)

Word Count: 2883

Notes: If anyone has kids or wives out of the celebrities mentioned, in this universe, they sort of don’t exist….Just for the sake of keeping it concise. Beta’d by @like-a-bag-of-potatoes (because shes perfectly amazing) and I could NOT, not, just not have done any of this at all without my amazing girl, @amarvelouswritings

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Chris Evans Tag (Normally wouldn’t, but he’s featured a lot): @nedthegay@camigt1999​  @lostinspace33​​ @alwayshave-faith​ @elleatrixlestrange

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Pool party, our house,” Bee sent via text.

What? A pool party, but I’m busy, Bee,” you argued back.

You need a break. Come on. You just started filming and it’s already so hectic and stressful.

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UnderCoin_ Swapfell & Fellswap Twins.

They are too similar for me..but it’s not important if they are twins!! >:0 

In Undercoin AU, they are Mafia Don twins!  I think ‘Don’ means mini boss in mafia. I really love this idea..!! Crazy Twins..!  >:d

 This cool idea was started from my friend @maria-and-friends. Do you remember the Detective Papyrus(I linked the post.)? Many friends still like this post and I really thank for that. Anyway, that post was made into the awesome story by my friend @maria-and-friends. So, my friend and me created AU named “Undercoin”. The story is mostly about Detective Swap Papyrus and Hitman Fell Papyrus. My friend is writing the fanfic story finished by chapter two for now. We also have many friends helping for the story! Me? I’m working on the fanart! Xd …I just finished the title and I’m still working on chapter one though…

If you want to know more about Undercoin and the story, here is the link! 

Co-collaboration of undertale au UnderCoin : Chapter 1 / Chapter 2

 This is why I opened ask box and message! I always welcome your idea or opinion. Also thanks for your Undercoin idea my friend! :D 

a list of songs that tulip, jesse, and cassidy like to do shit to.

dedicated to @praechers and @vaempir because you two make being here such a joy and you two make me so happy and u take care of me and i love u both sm thank you for being my baes. i’ve never had such a implicit relationship w/ rp partners before bless u both 

Listen here (X)

i. come on eileen - dexys midnight runners (a song to have a good ole’ fashioned car chase to) ii. stuck in the middle with you - stealers wheel (a song to see who has the dorkiest dancing to) iii. the way we get by - spoon (a song to get by to) iv. kiss the sky - shawn lee’s ping pong orchestra (a song to walk in slow motion to)  v. busy earnin’ - jungle (a song to work on the grind to) vi. nobody move - hanni el khatib (a song to rob tovii. dust my broom - elmore james (a song to pub crawl for God to) viii. been down so long - the doors (a song to craft diy bazookas and other weaponry to) ix. everyday people - sly & the family stone (a song to work together to x. electric avenue - eddy grant (a song to gear up to)  xi. what a feeling - irene cara (a song to karaoke toxii. midnight rider - allman brothers (a song to ride into the sunset to).

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I don't do rpf but... I kinda ship you with thayerkerbasy? Is that weird? (i've been reading Well Endowed and love it!)

Thank you? I’m sure they’ll sing songs about us – two people, brought together by fandom and fate free will, bound by a love of writing crack, to be platonic Tumblr life partners. 

As Thayer just said to me in chat, “I’m the Crowley to your Dean. All innuendo and nothing on screen.”

Originally posted by smoocher-of-evil

So over the last few weeks I recently hit a personal milestone of 600+ followers on this blog, and that absolutely blows me away because this is such a weird mismash of fandoms, ships and personal nonsense. 

So in order to celebrate and to properly say thanks to all of you, I decided to do a give away of sorts, with not just one, but two options and here’s how.

  • First please be following this blog
  • Second pick either a 1) Character Aesthetic Moodboard or 2) Ship Aesthetic Moodboard.
  • Third send me your request in the form of an ask HERE
  • Please note any specific fancasts, canon or AU’s you have in mind in the ask, otherwise it’ll be creators choice. Also note if you’re okay with NSFW content, none will appear unless you give me the okay on it.  
  • My inbox will be open for requests until 5pm EST Monday, August 21st

I am requesting that you please keep your requests to fandoms or ships that I have knowledge about, I also would personally really appreciate if we can steer clear of any underage content. If a ship has an underage character, I will adjust accordingly to my preferences.

You can check out my archive here if you’re curious or just send me a PM with any questions. I will be working on these as I receive them, but please be aware that I do work a full time job and all fandom obligations come second to personal obligations, but have no fear I will complete every single request received.  

Once again, thank you all so much for giving me such a great experience these past few years. I’m so excited to get to make Nice Things for all of you!  

Love, Bex ❤️

ps: if ya’ll could reblog this to signal boost that would be pretty awesome as well! :)

You’re Going to be Okay

Originally posted by unconditionalloveandunicornspawn

Requested by Anon. 

Request: Hello! I saw that requests are open so i was wondering if you could do a Liam one? Maybe your his sister and you get hurt somehow?Thanks

I was walking down the street, heading home from a friend’s house. They lived in the same neighborhood, so I didn’t find it necessary to have my parents come pick me up. I’m not able to drive yet seeing as though I’m only a freshmen in high school. I’m two years younger than my older brother, Liam. He’s always there for me, and he offered to come and walk home with me, but I had told him that I would be okay. I was wrong. 

As I was walking, it had started to rain. I started into a jog to try to get home quicker, but me being the clumsy person that I am, slipped and fell. It happened to fast that I wasn’t able to catch myself. I had landed on my face. The skin on my face started to burn, and I reached up and barely touched it. When I pulled my hand away, blood soaked my hand. I knew that I had to get home fast before I got hurt even more. My head was pounding and I felt as though I was going to pass out, but I was almost home, so I knew that I had to hang on. 

I finally reached my door, and opened it. When I walked in, Liam was sitting on the couch waiting for me. 

“Hey, Y/N.” He said, not looking away from the TV. 

“Hey, Liam.” My voice was trembling and I think that’s what made him look up. He saw my face and his eyes went wide. He shot up from the couch and with in a split second was taking me by the arm and leading me to the bathroom. He sat me down on the toilet and grabbed the fist aid kit. “Y/N! What happened?” 

“I tripped and fell. You know how clumsy I am.” 

“You need to be more careful. You’re going to be okay, but I think we might need to take you to the hospital.”

“No.” I stated. “I’m not going to the hospital. I’m sure that if you can’t fix it, mom or dad can.”

He started dabbing alcohol wipes on my face, but I didn’t feel any pain. When I looked down, I saw that Liam was taking my pain from me. “Stop!”

“It’s not hurting is it?” He asked.

“No. And that’s why I want you to stop. Stop taking my pain.”

“I don’t want you to be hurting, so no.”

He continued to take my pain from me and continued to work on my face. After what felt like forever, Liam had gotten my face clean and the bandages to stick. 

“Thanks, Liam.” 

“You’re my little sister. It’s what I’m supposed to do.” 

“I love you, Liam.” 

“I love you too.” 

Sommer’s Favorite Things Writing Challenge

This challenge is to celebrate two things. First off, it is to celebrate reaching 500 followers which actually happened like a week ago but I needed time to put this together lol. Thank you guys so much for following I really appreciate it and am glad that you all enjoy my stories. The other thing I am celebrating is in a few months I will be turning 20 so that’s a big milestone for me in life, officially leaving my teenage years.

Since this is a major celebration for me I am going to draw inspiration from Kari and do a favorite things challenge. However, there are a few stipulations as always


1.       Send in an ask with your choice and a backup one just incase. Please make it an ask not a reply or a DM if you don’t want the ask posted to the public just let me know.

2.       If you could, it would be nice to know who you plan on writing for. i.e. Dean x reader

3.       You can write for any supernatural character or actor. I’ll throw in marvel because I do enjoy those as well and have neglected my marvel people as of late. No wife hate if you are writing RPF please.

4.       One MAJOR rule I have for this challenge specifically is that you need to work the number 20 in there somehow. It can be a small mention or a major detail just add it in.

5.       I do ask though no wincest, sorry I just don’t agree with it. Also, reader inserts or OFC’s only. No ships only because there are some I don’t like and I’d prefer not to name any so I don’t hurt anyone’s feelings. I get it you like what you like and you are entitled to that. Also, please no male readers. That’s just a personal preference.

6.       Can be fluff, angst, smut, crack, flangst, or any combo of them. I love them all. If you want to write an AU go for it I love those as well.

7.       There is no word limit. Write what your heart desires whether it be a drabble or 9000 words do it. Go for it. I just ask that if it’s over 500 words you insert the keep reading link.

8.       Tag me in it when you post and please include #Sommer’s Favorite Things and #Sommer’s 20th Celebration.

9.       The due date will be December 11th since that is my 20th birthday and that is partially what is being celebrated.

10.   I will compose a masterlist a couple days after the 11th because that will also be my finals week, so I will be pretty busy.

Lastly, if you need an extension let me know. I know life can get pretty busy and sometimes you just need an extra day or week or so. I will be more than happy to give you the time.

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mustangisinflames  asked:

Hey! Sorry to bother you but I was interested in possibly sending you the original copy of the post-timeskip Diath from my art blog 'mustangsart' via post because I would love for you to have it (I live in the UK so I can't give it you at a con or anything myself)! If that's cool with you do you have a PO Box I could post it to? I couldn't find one anywhere online that you'd posted. I hope it's okay to ask if you have one and I understand if you don't and would rather me not send it. Thanks! 😊

I’d love to have it! But right now isn’t good. I’m in the middle of moving across the country. Give me a month or two and hopefully I’ll have a new p.o. box set up then!

What is it?
A creations challenge (which includes fics, art, vidding, giffing, and any other form of art used for fan creations) just for the Rare Ships (“rare” is anything that isn’t the two main ships). So come and show your love for the ships that never get enough!

What is this month’s theme?
This month’s theme is gemstones/crystals! You can expect prompts like tiger’s eye, amethyst, quartz, etc. As always, you’re welcome to interpret the prompt as you see fit. You can use the meaning of the stone (which will be provided for you), or the stone itself!
Special thanks to @purgatoan for helping me come up with the theme for this month!

How do we sign up?
- Sign ups are open until August 31st!
- Please reblog this post.
- Please make sure your ‘submit’ page is turned on or I will not be able to send the prompt.
- Send an ask to the page telling me your choice for ship. (I am allowing you to sign up for up to 3 ships, however this will give you 3 prompts, so please be sure you can complete all of them if you choose to sign up for more than one!)
- You can follow the page, but it’s not required.

What happens when we sign up?
- In early September, I will be sending you a submission with your prompt and your partner. (Note: I will be a little late sending these out, I will be traveling on the 1st so you may not get your prompts until about the 4th - please be patient with me!)
- Remember this is not a collaboration challenge - the partners are simply to get a few different takes on the same prompt!
- You have until September 30th to create your art piece based on this prompt.
- When you post it, be sure to tag #spnrareshipcc, your partner’s url, and your ship in the first five tags, or I won’t see it! (Please tag NSFW if you have any nsfw material).
- Please also make sure to list any warnings and tags using something similar to the suggested format on the blog page.
- I will reblog your creation to the challenge page for everyone to enjoy!

What if I have more questions?
-If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to check out the FAQ page or the rules page, or just send me an ask!

See ya on the flip side

This is probably anticipated, but I’m most likely going to discontinue this blog and the other one also. I know I updated the profile picture a while ago, but I feel as though the ask blog community is something that I should no longer be a part of. I’m so sorry this is sudden, and this will probably result in a permanent hiatus. 

If you would like, I do have a seperate art blog if you ever need me. I still love these two, but ask blogging just isnt for me at this time. Thank you guys, you all mean a lot to me. 

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Your new theme is so pretty! Also, do you have any blog recs? Thanks ^_^

Thanks! my sister Alana ( @perfectopposite and @hallowedbecastiel ) helped me pick it out and she made me a sidebar image and stuff. I’m glad you like it! As far as recs go, besides those two ^ haha, I’ll try to rec some off the top of my head, but you can always look at my blogroll. There’s a link on my blog to it I think. Alana also contributes to @samwinchesterblog, @castielcaptures, @capturingdeanwinchester, @capturingsamwinchester which are all 👌

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that1fandomfan  asked:

I don't mean to bother but do you have an Instagram? I think someone on there has been tracing/ copying your art? two pieces they posted look really similar to yours and your style. Their account is miles_draws_trash just thought I'd ask, thanks for reading

Thank you so much for letting me know. I already blocked him on Instagram .
I would also like to find him on tumblr.

Honestly it’s really disgusting.
I just can’t.

Tag Time C:

Thank you so much @boopymooplier for tagging me 2 time actually :D If you don’t mind i just do two tags in one post :D

The first one’s rules are: Write down a series of things that starts with the first letter of your name, then tag ten people. Also, you can’t use the same word.
Got it 8)

Name: Olivia :D
Four letter word: Owls (? :v xD)
Boy’s name: Oliver C:
Occupation: Of course artist :V 
Something you wear: Overall everything soft :D
Colour: Orange :P
Food: Obviously everything :V
Place: Own room :v xD 
Something you shout: Oh fuk! xD
Movie title: Oculus :P
Something you drink: Orange juice xD 
Animal: Okapi :D
Type of car: Opel? :D

Not cheating, at all :v xD

Sorry for helping myself, but i really couldn’t think of things starting with “O” xD So here’s the results xD

And the second one C:

Rulez: Answer 30 questions then tag 20 blogs you would like to know better. Probably gonna tag way less people xD 

1. Nicknames? Bratnia Dusza/BeDe/BD xD It get’s shorter and shorter xD
2. Gender? 
Female ^^
3. Star sign? 
Cancer :v
4. Height?
 I believe it’s something about 160 cm, at lest it was the last time i checked :P 
5. Time? 21:55/9:55 pm :D
6. Birthday? 11th of July C: 
7. Favourite bands?
 But there’s so many of them ;-; Meh, okey :v Must say that’s as always my favourite bads are Hollywood Undead, Thousand Foot Krutch, Three Days Grace, Starset, Skillet, Fall Out Boy, Panic!At the disco, Set It Off and Breaking Benjamin is pretty cool so yeah, i guess that’s it :P Hope i didn’t forget about anything xD
8. Favorite solo artists? We’re talking about music, right? :D Then for sure it’ll be Will Roland, George Salazar, Ben Platt, DAGames, Mandopony Bo Burnham and Zack Hemsay (even tho he’s doing more of a soundtracks :P)
9. Song stuck in my head?
 Heart Of An Artist C: 
10. Last movie watched?
 Dark Tower :P 
11. Last show watched?
 Whose Line Is It Anyway xD
12. When did I create my blog? I think it was May 2015 but i’m not entirely sure ^^ Long time, huh? :D 
13. What do I post?
 Pshhhh, obvoisly not mostly fanarts of one person in green hair and ocasionally jumping to another fandom for a second, what give you that idea? :v 
14. Last thing I Googled?
 Book Of Mormon :D Wanna check it out soon :D 
15. Do you have other blogs?
 Nah, just one smol blog for everything :P 
16. Do you get asks? *hysterical laughter*
No i but i’d love to i don’t bite! C: And don’t be shy, because i’m probably shyer that you so we’ll understand each other xD C:
17. Why did you choose your url? Because i love the story behind it&the meaning of it C:
18. Following?
 283 :D 
19. Followers? 197! >u< And i’m happy of everyone and each one of you guys C:
20. Favorite colours? Blue&Green c: The great Duo :D And of course Greys, Black and White ;)
21. Average hours of sleep? About 6 ^^
22. Lucky number(s)?
 7, 11 and 13 C: 
23. Instruments?
 I’d love to play on guitar, drums or/and violin, but unfortunately I can only play on the computer :v
24. What am I wearing? Orange T-shirt and black trousers-to-the-knees(? idk how it’s in English ;-;) 
25. How many blankets I sleep with? 
1 :P  
26. Dream job?
 Probably just the job i’ll be happy with :D I’m a woman of simple needs xD
27. Dream trip? Around the world while finally meeting friends C: 
28. Favorite food? Every-food :v xD
29. Nationality?
 Polish ^^
30. Favorite song now?
 Probably Words Fail from Dear Evan Hansen C:

Thank you so much again, friendo, for tagging me! :D It was a lot of fun C:

And i’m tagging lovely @willczek-art@stormthestorm, @joel–torres, @izzy-doodles, @freeshifreeshi, @rare-erno, @turquoisemagpie, @rainbowcookie666, @paintedliily@raion06 and @kaijoart C:
Have fun with that :D

Get to Know Meme

I was tagged by the magnificent @mirsan and the radiant @rizahawkaye! Thank you, you two <3 <3

Rules: Tag 9 people you want to know better!

1) Relationship status: Single and casually dating. It’s difficult knowing that I’m going to move in less than a year so-

2) Lipstick or Chapstick: Chapstick, definitely!

3) Last song listened to: Porcelain - Helen Jane Long

4) Top 3 shows:

  1. Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood
  2. InuYasha 
  3. Code Geass

5) Top 3 characters:

  • Riza Hawkeye (always and forever laksdfj)
  • Roy Mustang
  • Sango

6) Top 3 ships:

  • Royai (I just cannot even with them…. they’re perfect)
  • MirSan :’) (Always and forever my longest shipped ship. Royai just ended up… lighting me on fire)
  • Right now, Victuuri!

I’ll tag @murrchow, @capthawkeye, @gomboc123, @liberty-flight, @mellorad, and @queenwinry. You don’t have to do it if you don’t want to though!

Hi everyone! I just wanted to make a quick personal post to apologize for not getting to respond to messages very quickly. I’m currently working two jobs so I haven’t had much time off. I am currently on vacation and was somewhere with no internet access for a few days so that didn’t help either. I plan to get back to responding to asks Monday and will hopefully get on coord challenges that day too (they tend to take a bit longer to do than answering questions so I have a few waiting.) Thank you all for being patient with me!

anonymous asked:

Hey girl love your blog but have a question I recently started dating someone my age but they are so broke just like me. Despite knowing I myself am always broke he will always expect me to pay for everything we do/eat and like never pays for anything and he wants us to live together but honestly I don't feel like I can afford it. Any advice or is it an obvious dump him situation? Thanks

I would tell him to get lost if he was making me pay for everything wtf! Me and my man always go halfs on things we pay for. Relationship has got to be a two way thing! Or talk to him and say you can’t afford to keep paying so you have to start coughing up too