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May we have some more Brian and Ellen AU? Love the fics and love how you guys take your free time to write fics for us!!! You guys truly are amazing!!

anonymous asked: Hi, is it possible to get another continuation of the Brian and Ellen Fraser AU please?

Brian and Ellen AU

Jamie shook awake as a twig snapped at the mouth of the cave.

Curling cold fingers around his dirk, Jamie eased closer to the hidden opening, squinting in the faint rays of pre-dawn. Closer – and closer –

And then a blur of red-brown feathers.

He sighed, and let the dirk dully clatter to the dirt floor. Just another curious grouse, looking for a safe place to lay her eggs, no doubt.

Two weeks he’d been back in the cave, after spending the winter in the cramped quarters of the priest hole. One week without word from the main house – not since Fergus had scrabbled up the hill, bearing a few loaves of Mrs. Crook’s coarse bread and two short notes from his family.

One from his mother: “All is well. Be safe.”

And one from his wife: “We miss you and love you. Be safe.”

Close on four years now he’d been living as a fugitive on his own lands – in the priest hole, in the cave, in the abandoned cottage half a day’s ride out. Not living with his wife and children, as a true man should. Not contributing to the running of the estate as much as he would like – and him the heir!

He shook his head, hearing Claire’s exasperated voice echo in his mind. “You do *plenty* for us – bring meat and birds when we need them, give Ian and Brian advice when it’s required. And love us.”

The barest of rustles from the bushes just a few yards from the mouth of the cave.

Christ – it sounded too big to be another grouse. And bigger than a deer –

“Jamie, lad!”


Not Fergus. Not Da.

Something was wrong.

Jamie fumbled on the floor of the cave for his dun bonnet, clapped it on his head, and wriggled, blinking, into the dawn.

His godfather huffed a bit – looking the worse for wear.

“What is it?”

The dour man pursed his lips, bushy eyebrows creased into a frown. “Ye must come to the house. Now.”

Jamie’s heart leapt to his throat. Fear iced through his heart.

“Why? Is everything all right?”

Murtagh extended an arm to gently nudge Jamie down the hill toward the main house. “No. Yer Da – he’s had an apoplexy. Claire’s tending to him, but – ”

If there had been more, Jamie didn’t bother to hear it, for he was already half-way down the hill, exhaustion forgotten in the haze of fear.

*Christ, Da – ye canna die now. I canna run Lallybroch now – not when I’m living like an animal. Not when Ian has just been released from prison again. Not when the English are doing their damndest to take everything away from us.*

The main door was suddenly in front of him – and Jamie realized he’d been running.

*Not when I still have so much to learn…*

He left the door open for Murtagh, and swiftly yet quietly climbed the stairs two at a time to his parents’ bedroom.

Just as he turned the corner on the landing, the door opened and Ellen slipped out, eyes creased with exhaustion.

“Mam,” he croaked, yanking off his bonnet and carelessly dropping it to the floor.

Startled, her eyes lit up at the sight of her eldest surviving son. Then she opened her arms, and he fell into them just as he had when he was a wee bairn.

“It’s all right, *mo mhac*,” she soothed. “Robert noticed something amiss at supper last night, and he went straight up to tell Claire. She was putting the wee ones to bed and came straight down. Started giving him a looking-over and then he just slumped on the chaise.”

She swallowed, still so full of feeling. Jamie just held her tighter.

“Robert and Fergus and Murtagh got him up here – and Claire hasna left his side. She says the worst is over, and he’s awake now.”

Jamie inhaled – and felt a sob wrack through his frame. Ellen shushed him.

“It’s no’ his time yet. Dinna fash.”

Murtagh finally appeared at the top of the stairs – and locked eyes with Ellen over the shoulders of the man they loved almost more than anything in the world.

As always, Murtagh understood what needed to be done. He quietly stepped forward to lay a gentle hand on Jamie’s back. Jamie straightened, kissed his mother’s forehead, and softly opened the door to the Laird’s room.

Sunlight streamed into the window, falling on Brian’s legs as he shifted uneasily beneath the coverlet, sitting against the headboard he’d carved for Ellen as a wedding present. On the far side of the bed, Claire bent to dip a cloth in a bowl of water before laying it on Brian’s forehead. On the near side of the bed, Jenny and his younger brother Rab alternately held Brian’s hand and sorted through a pile of dirty linens.

They all looked up – and beamed to see Jamie.

Relief from Jenny and Rab. Love from Brian. And pride – and an outpouring of silent support – from Claire.

“Da,” he finally said, a bit deflated.

Brian raised a hand in greeting, face split in a wide smile.

“He canna speak just yet,” Jenny said quietly. “Claire said it would only be temporary.”

Jenny and Rab stood, allowing Jamie to ease onto the bed beside his father and rest a gentle hand on his shoulder.

“Fortunately it only seems to have been a minor stroke – just a bit of facial drooping, and he’s lost a bit of feeling on his right side,” Claire gently explained, running her fingers along the inside of Brian’s wrist to take his pulse. “But all that, and his loss of speech, are temporary. He should be back to his normal self in a few days – that is, as long as he listens to his doctor’s advice.”

Brian quirked a large, dark eyebrow at his daughter-in-law, but then turned back to his older son, nodding.

“I’ll stay in the house until he’s better.” Jamie looked to his brother and sister, daring them to disagree. “I canna be away when this is going on.”

“There was a patrol here yesterday. In the house,” Rab’s blue gaze pierced into his brother. “They were looking for ye. Thank God Da was able to dream up a good explanation as to why there’s a five-month-old bairn in the house when Jenny is clearly ready to deliver at any time.”

Jenny reflexively moved a hand to the swell of her belly – her fifth child.

“William,” Jamie breathed. “Christ, Rab – they didna touch him, now?”

“Of course not,” Claire huffed from across the room. “Fortunately *that* Fraser had the sense to not resemble his father too much. Easy to explain him away as an orphan that we took in.”

“What Rabbie is trying to say,” Jenny interjected, “is that it isna safe for ye here, Jamie.”

The door opened, and Ellen quietly slipped into the room, holding the door open for Murtagh, who carried a tray piled high with bannocks and fresh milk.

“It isna safe for me *anywhere*, Jenny.” Jamie closed his eyes, defeated. “I am useless to all of ye. I canna protect any of ye.”

“Get yer thick red heid out of yer arse,” Ellen admonished, diligently mashing a bannock in a plate of milk for Brian’s breakfast. “Ye’re no’ going anywhere. We’ve been talking about it – we want to air out the attic and build a room for ye up there. And then expand the priest hole, so ye can hide down there if need be.”

“That way ye can be close to all of us – and remain out of sight,” Jenny explained. “There are too many things going on – we canna risk ye being away from us anymore.

“But – ”

“It’s already settled lad,” Murtagh interrupted. “Dinna even *dream* of arguing wi’ us.”

The eyes of five Frasers bore into him – challenging him to disagree.

So he leaned to kiss his father’s rough cheek, rose, walked around the bed, and took his wife into his arms.

“If it means I get to be wi’ all of ye all of the time – and spend the day with my bairns – and sleep beside my wife every night – how can I refuse?”

And he bent to kiss Claire, heart suddenly lighter than it had been for a long, long time.

Earn It

Request:  9. “I’m not a fantasy. If you want me, earn me!” 
10. “Sit there, watch me choose you. Watch me earn you.” Can you do these with Wally?

For: Anon

Word Count: 1449

Originally posted by ryan-coogler

Wally stood in-front of you, his confident smile dropping into a look of pure confusion.

“Uh, excuse me?” He laughed awkwardly, shaking his head. “I don’t think I heard you corr–”

“I said no West,” you said nonchalantly, shrugging as you wiped down the counter at Jitter’s. “I won’t go out with you.”

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Jared Leto Imagine 4 (part 1)

Imagine meeting Jared Leto through your older brother Josh.
Josh is an excellent photographer, and Jared shows up on one of Josh’s exhibits, and is fascinated by Josh’s art. Jared wants one of Josh’s photographs to appear on the next cover of 30 Seconds to Mars album. 


It’s Thursday evening. Your older brother Josh and you’re getting ready for his big exhibit. He’s a rising star in photography and this is his 5th exhibit, but the first one that’s going to be presented to the larger audience, since numerous reporters are coming.

You two have always been very close, and nothing like the usual siblings who’fight and pick on each other a lot. Sure Josh knew to tease you every once in a while, but it was always cute, and you could never get mad at him. He was always very protective of you and every boy you’ve dated had to meet Josh if you felt it could be a serious relationship. He always knew to estimate whether people were good or not, and you always trusted his opinion.

The same goes for his art. You were always the first person he’d show his photos to, and if you thought they were worth showing, you were always right, and they ended up being extremely popular with the audience. This was probably the case because you were in love with the photography as well, but you decided to pursue another one of our dreams and become a well recognized make-up artist. 

Your dream came true and you’ve worked on a couple of movies and TV shows. Your carrier is definitely on a rise. Josh and you’ve moved from home, and are currently living alone in a condo in LA, while your parents are living a couple of miles from you in LA as well.

“Y/N, are you ready?”, Josh knocks on your bedroom door nervously.

“I’m almost done. Give me 5 more minutes”

“I can’t believe you’re gonna make me be late on my own exhibit!”, Josh answers angrily.

“Don’t worry J, will be there on time”, you tr  to calm him down.

“Fine! But if I’m late you’re grounded for a month”

“Hahahah, very funny Josh. You’re forgetting I’m not 12 anymore. I’m 25, and you don’t get to ground me big bro.”, you start chuckling.

“But you can still push my buttons just as you could when you were 12”, he stands in front of your bedroom door walking back and forth.

You get out of your room wearing a navy lace cocktail dress with sleeves and a pair of navy velvet pumps. Your long hair is slightly curled so you have vintage loosen up curls sleek on side. He’s amazed by the way you look.

“But you certainly look much more beautiful than when you were twelve. Sis, you look gorgeous.”, he’s so proud to have such a beautiful sister.

“Thank you, you look very handsome as well. Shall we?”

“Yes please.”

“Are mom and dad meeting us there?”

“Yeah, mom said they may be a little late she couldn’t find anything to wear for tonight.”, Josh says and rolls his eyes.

“Oh my God, that woman must’ve bought more clothes than I could ever imagine in my life and she’s still complaining”, you say with disbelief.

“You’re the one to tell her. You have an entire room just for your wardrobe.”, Josh says and starts laughing.

“Well, I guess I am my mother’s daughter”, you start laughing and sit in the car with Josh.

You two drive away to the gallery.

As you arrive, you notice a large crowd in front of the gallery. Wow, the word spread out quite a lot. You all enter inside and Josh’s PR announces him and opens the exhibit. After Josh said his thanks, the people start looking around and you notice they’re all amazed by your brother’s work. You could not be more proud of him.

“Congratulations, J. The exhibit looks fascinating. You’re really the master of the craft”, you say and kiss him on the cheek.

“Thank you, Y/N. It means the world to me when you compliment it.”, he hugs you and squeezes you tight.

“Well son, you’ve finally made a breakthrough, didn’t you”, your father says.

“I always knew my little Josh would make his dreams come true”, your mom says and squeezes Josh’s cheek.

“Thank you mom, thank you dad. But please let’s not exaggerate with gestures. I’m not 12 anymore ”

You start chuckling, since you’ve remembered the talk you two had before you left for the exhibit.

“Yeah mom, dad, Josh’s a big boy and we should all treat him like that.”, you say as if you were talking to a little child, squeezing his cheek and talking in a funny voice.

You all start laughing.

“OK seriously, people are looking and coming to talk to me”, Josh straightens up his back and puts on a mild smile.

You start looking around to see if there’s someone you might know. Wow, it’s such a big crowd, there’re a lot of young people, but also a large number of people that’re your parents age. As you look through the crown, you spot Andrew - one of Josh’s closest friends. He’s coming towards you with a guy but you can’t see who it is, because of all the people blocking your view.

“Hey Josh, Andrew’s here.”

“Finally, I almost didn’t think he’d make it”

Andrew approaches, and you spot Jared Leto standing next to him. Wow, is it possible that Andrew knows Jared? You were always admiring his work, both his movies and his music. You never thought this would be the way you’d get the chance to meet him.

“Hey man, congrats. The exhibit’s so successful. You did a great job, the pics are fascinating.”

“Thanks man, I’m glad you like it”

“I loved it. And since I knew you’ll do great job, I brought someone who’s a huge admirer of photography. Josh this is Jared, Jared Josh.”,

“Hi, nice to meet you.”, Josh is so surprised. “What did you think about the exhibit?”

“Well, I have to say I’m impressed.”, Jared answers while glancing at you. You stay there and smile to him. At this moment, Andrew realizes he didn’t introduce you to Jared.

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Tsukiuta Twitter Mini Drama Translation (2015/02/08)

☆Irregular Horoscope☆

Shun: Today’s lucky-san is May, February should watch out.

Koi: A-oi-sa~n! LuckyVa*
(*LuckyVa is short short for Lucky Vacuum. It’s a gesture? spell? that Shun invented that when the unlucky person hugs the lucky person, the unlucky could suck the lucky person’s luck for themselves!)


: Waa!

Koi: Waa?

Aoi: Waa?

Koi: Waa-!? There’s 2 Aoi-sans!?

Chihiro: Ahaha. Good afternoon, it’s nice to meet you. I’m Aoi’s older brother, Chihiro.

Koi: (An adult megane Aoi-san!)

☆Onii-san is a 4th year college student☆

Aoi: He came here to deliver the textbooks needed for examinations for me today.

Koi: Aa~!

Kakeru: Oh I see! ← Curious bystander

Chihiro: You teo are Koi-kun and Kakeru-kun, right? Thank you for always taking care of Aoi. (smiles)

。゜+.(´▽`)。+.゜< Uwaa… he’s sparkling…

#The Refreshing Siblings

☆At home mode☆

Chihiro: What is Aoi like at the dorms?

Koi: Umm, he always trims the animals here!

Kakeru: That is what you say!?

Chihiro: Aa~, he’s like that at home too.

Kakeru: At home too!?

Aoi: Hey, Chi-chan! … I mean Nii-san!

゜+.(´▽`)。+.゜< Chi-chan!

#So calming


Aoi: Th-that’s not the case, okay? I call him Nii-san at home, but when we were little, I copy Mom when she calls him Chi-chan so it’s a habit.

Chihiro: I don’t mind being called Chi-chan though?

Koi & Kakeru: Thoughー

*door opens*

Arata: Ah, it’s Chi-chan. Hello.

Chihiro: Hello, Arata.

Koi: There’s a dignified one here.

(Koi`・ω・´ ) (Kakeru`・ω・´ )<  Whit that said, we ate lunch with Chi-chan-san!

Haru: Chi-chan-san, what an amazing way to call him.

Hajime: I sure want to meet him.

Aoi: He’s doing research on Animal Medical Care Technology on the Engineering Department. He might get a scholarship so he could study Veterinary Medicine next year.

Arata: What a hard-worker.


Aoi: *sighs* That was embarrassing… in a lot of ways…

Arata: Well, it was a good change of pace.

Aoi: I guess so. (weak smile)

Arata: But the two brothers as exam students. Auntie must have been so restless.

Aoi: I have to do my best to make her at ease soon then.

☆The End☆

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Quick question about the McHanzo comic why didn't Genji say "My name is Genji Shimada you broke my brother's heart prepared to die" when he confronted McCree also you're really good drawer and I like you art style

Another reason is that Genji was too mad to deliver any memes or references. It is a serious moment for the both of them! And thank you for liking my art~ I’m steadily crawling out of finals so I can draw more later ;u; (Or procrastinate and play Overwatch more)

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6 for mchanzo? please?

Congratulations! One of your dreams has finally come true. Let me give you a big hug and wow, you’re warm… 


After years of being on the run, decades of paranoia, and centuries of corrupt Shimadas, Hanzo has finally done it.

The Shimada-gumi is dismantled entirely.

After joining Overwatch, their efforts had tripled to try and kill him or drag him back to the clan. During long missions, he’d surely end up encountering a few of the members of the clan, and, on the days or weeks he was on leave from missions, he would research the remaining whereabouts of the elders that held the Shimada-gumi together and set off to hunt them down, if he had time. Genji joined him most of the time, and, a handful of times, so did Jesse McCree. A cowboy that Hanzo had steadily grown more and more fond of, and was now a welcome presence by Hanzo’s side. A good friend that he trusted and cared for.

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It’s sad watching family members kill each other or trying to kill each other. 

“Tenzin lacked faith in you. But I have no doubt you will become the most admired Avatar the world has ever known.”

“Thank you, Uncle.”

“Give in, your time is over!”

“It will be just like the good old days.”

“I’m sorry it has to end this way, brother.”

“No, you’re not.”

This is why I love this franchise. It delivers so many emotional scenes.

We’re back with your favorite astroliterature just in time for spring


Aries, get on up! Your birthday month is full of promise and we mean in all ways possible—money, love, happiness, fitness—who ever said you couldn’t have it all? People are noticing you, and the attention feels great. The only thing to be wary of is to not let the good times get the best of you—imagine you’re in a convertible, top down, sun shining, racing down the highway towards the beach, going faster and faster and faster. Lighten up just a bit on the gas pedal and you won’t spiral out of control. Your destination is waiting and it’ll be so good.

Lucky book: MOTORCYCLES I’VE LOVED by Lily Brooks Dalton


Oh, Taurus. It’s your birthday and yes, you can cry if you want to. You’re going to encounter some trouble with your love life due to the fact that Jupiter is straight chilling in your house, promising more than what he can deliver. Kind of like your mom’s little brother who just moved in, swearing he’s going to pay rent. The good news is that this is an important year for your finances, and you’re going to have some big decisions to make. What you need now is a book that will help you forget all about why you spent your birthday this year locked in the bathroom, crying into your champagne flute. Repeat after us: It’s okay.

Lucky book: HELP THANKS WOW by Anne Lamott


This ridiculously long Mars transit carrying over from last month might make the beginning of April a bit rough. Still, this month will be nowhere near as difficult as last month, and you’ll find yourself feeling more satisfied with everything. It’ll be wise to remain optimistic and agreeable, even as you work out the kinks in your relationships with family and friends. Deep inhale. What you need is a book that’ll keep you focused on the bigger picture. Deep exhale. You got this.

Lucky book: HOW WE GOT TO NOW by Stephen Johnson


Hey, Cancer. We don’t like to do this, but it seems like we have to put on our Mom and Dad hat. When was the last time you got a physical? Your body has been taking a beating at work, and regardless of your financial situation, you can’t afford to keep putting your health off. Even if you don’t have time to go to the doctor, let literature nurture you. This month, read the book that traces the history of our healthcare system and makes the case against the frantic and rushed ways in which we search for cures to our ailments. By the end of this page-turner, you’ll have a completely different understanding of what it means to be cared for and cured.



The sun is shining on you, Leo! This is the perfect month for you to open your mind to new things and seize new opportunities. Going to museums will help you cultivate your intellectual pursuits, but this month you have the energy to go even farther. Want to take up a new hobby? Always wanted to learn how to computer code?  Take up basket weaving? Sail across the seven seas? The time to do it is now!

Lucky book: CREATIVITY: The Perfect Crime by Philippe Petit


Alright, Virgo. This isn’t going to be easy. Last month was full of problems that you thought would be over by now. Things don’t seem like they’ve changed much this month, and I hear you—you want answers. Let me explain. The planets are veering towards the west. Couple that with the March 8 solar eclipse and the fact that Saturn is squaring your sun transit while Neptune is standing to the opposite, and all the while Mercury, your ruling planet, is slowly moving BACKWARDS, and jeez Louise, you see what I mean? Our recommendation this month: use those hypermeticulous-detail-setting skills and make yourself a spa date.

Lucky book: A WHOLE NEW MIND by Dan Pink


Dynamo! Libra, you are bouncing off the walls, and everyone’s feeling the good vibes from your radiant energy. Now is a good time to do just about whatever you want with minimal repercussions. Score! Just make sure you don’t burn out too quickly—utter exhaustion is the flip side of superhuman productivity and strength. But mostly, keep being amazing. Just make sure you eat some vitamins or something and stock up on Emergen-C.  

Lucky book: TOO BAD TO DIE by Francine Mathews


Leave it to Scorpio to go on breaking the rules. We were shocked to see what lays ahead for you this month—life-changing encounters, secrets unveiled, even office romances! You might want to indulge in these new opportunities but some things may be better being avoided, and you’ll have to weigh decisions carefully. Hard-headed Scorpio, you might always think you’re right, but this month, let your best friends know that you’re putting them on speed dial. We’re prescribing you a book about catastrophe. Take it as a lesson learned.

Lucky book: GOLD FAME CITRUS by Claire Vaye Watkins


Haven’t you heard? April is the new June! Time for ice cream, bare feet, and wild flings—you’re feeling passionate and adventurous, Sagittarius, and no matter where your love life stands, it’s about to get a whole lot better! Even your wallet is looking a little bit fatter this month and it looks like it’s all due to karmic reasons. The next time the world is going to treat you this kindly is in August, and that’s like, forever from now. So go crazy, Sag! No fear! Be brave! You have our Riverhead blessing.

Lucky book: SOME NERVE by Patty Chang Anker


Capricorn, do I hear you giggling all the way from here? Due to Mercury’s long transit, this month you feel like a teenager—in all the good ways and none of the terrible ones. April will be a month of bliss and ease, and if you aren’t careful you might even find yourself bored. Don’t let the idleness lull you! This month, we are prescribing you a book full of wonderful stories set in so many places across the globe, that even after reading one, you will be lost in thought like a love-struck adolescent for days.



Stay home, Aquarius. Your closest relationships are in need of attention and the hearth is crying out to you! The first week of April is looking good for your career, but once Mars starts its retrograde on the 7th, you might want to redirect all that energy spent at the workplace towards other things. Like people. Family. A cooked meal. The good stuff. Forget the job, we’ve got a book for you that will inspire you to start taking inventory of the simpler things in life. Who knows where that might lead you?

Lucky book: THE MAN WHO QUIT MONEY by Mark Sundeen


You might find yourself thinking more than once this month: what is everyone smiling about? If Sag’s dress is made out of pure gold, then yours is uncontestably blue. Sorry, Pisces, but your Mars transit is taking really long, and the results are more than annoying. Looks like there might be karmic reasons to blame for your mood, so you might want to schedule a few extra visits to the therapist this month to address some personality flaws that are making everything harder. But nobody’s perfect, and you should remember that. This month, read the book that will make you feel a little better about yourself—remember, a little goes a long way.

Lucky book: THE PSYCHOPATH TEST by Jon Ronson