thanks for constantly ruin my life

I decided to doodle my self insert MC for The Arcana while I wait for the new chapter to come out, blehh

He’s five-foot, two-inches of constantly exhausted, impulsive and fiery bravado to hide the fact that he’s actually just a huge emotional sap.

I did NOT ship them…but thanks to Tumblr #batjokes is my new ship! Thanks for ruining my life again! How am I supposed to concentrate on uni stuff when I am constantly reading fics and doing fan art?! 

I hope you enjoy the fan art ^^ I don´t know if some one has already done the box thing but I thought it may be nice hahaha xD

I have drawn the Joker more than once but this is the first time I´ve drawn Batman :) I hope you like how they turned out :D 

Enjoy and continue ruining my life ! <3 

2.5k Follow Forever

WOW!!!! You guys coming home from the longest day ever at work to see that I reached over 2,500 followers seriously was so overwhelmingly awesome. I never imagined that in just under 4 months (or ever) I would have such a positive response to my silly writing. I am so appreciative to you all. You have no idea how much I love reading all your asks, comments, reblog tags etc.

To commemorate, I’m going to do my very first follow forever. Idk if I even did this correctly but here it is. The following blogs include content I love along with admins I adore. THANK YOU ALL FOR BEING AWESOME and I’m sorry if I forgot anyone. (this isn’t everyone one I follow but again idk how this works lol) :

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I have a few very special shout outs:

Very first and foremost I would like to recognize my favourite screaming partner @kpopfanfictrash aka @the-princejinyoung … SHAN. Bless tumblr for bringing me a friend like you. You are talented beyond measure and your kindness and willingness to lend an ear when I’m having a bad day or give me an opinion when I’m struggling with my work will never go unnoticed. Thanks for being you. Your writing gives me all the feels I could ever want when reading and your funny quips have me in stitches constantly. Basically, I love you <3

@smutfictionaddicted / @kpopthirstaddicted / @writings-by-cl : Words can’t express how thankful I am to this girl right here. Honestly, if not for her encouragement. kindness and willingness to read/critique my work… I don’t know if I ever would have started in the first place. I HAVE SO MUCH LOVE FOR YOU CL! You are a gifted writer and a beautiful soul. Thank you for being there for me.

@coconutheadjawbum @kisipie @wonhoiisms @jisawang : MY @the-doll-house-xo admins and loves. I LOVE EACH OF YOU A WHOLE LOT. Thanks for always being down to bounce ideas off one another and silently scream over our biases. You’re all so beautiful and talented and I’m really thankful for each of you.

@parkjinyoungology SARA ANNE… You are so wonderful and kind and your writing constantly leaves me on the edge of my seat. I love all the times we get to talk and I appreciate your support always.

@yeol-stole-my-soul MARIA! Seriously, love you girl.. BUT ALSO I’M SO MAD AT YOU FOR RUINING MY LIFE. Jk. you brought the most angelic perfect man ever (Park Chanyeol) into my life and constantly spam me with literal art and I couldn’t be happier. You crack me up and I’m so happy we became friends. PLUS YOUR WORK IS AWESOME. never stop writing.

OKAY SO THANK YOU ALL AGAIN!! I’m so blown away and am silently crying tears of joy. Love you all so much. I hope to keep putting out work that makes you all happy!


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Cheat on me? I'll destroy your relationship with your mother.

This story is about one of my college buddies’ pro revenge on his cheating girlfriend of 2 years. He found out that she was cheating on him and he was literally crying in his car for a few days – he was planning on marriage and kids and the white picket fence with her. He didn’t tell her he knew, he told her that he was going to his parents house for a few days to help them with some repairs. Instead he hung out with us and cried, literally cried in front of his buddies, for a couple of days, we helped him get out of it. He sobered up and told us how he was going to destroy her and I didn’t even understand it at the time. But he was headed to a famous law school and was thinking way ahead of us.

He drove to his girlfriend’s mothers house, over an hour outside of town, with her items from his apartment nicely boxed up, and said he wanted to leave them with her for [GF]. GF’s mom and him had met several times, he had gone to their Thanksgiving, etc. GF’s mom was like, OK, but why? Not suspecting anything was wrong. And he said something brief like, “I don’t think we’ll be seeing each other again, but I needed to get this box back to her. But thank you for everything you’ve done for me. I’m sorry it didn’t work out.” GF’s mom is stunned and tries to ask why and what and everything but my friend just starts crying (I don’t think intentionally) and runs off and drives away. He never broke up with the GF – never even contacted her – she heard about it from her mom, who called her immediately, and he received confused and angry texts from the now-ex on his drive home. A little while later (at least a couple of weeks) he gets an email from the GF’s mom, I don’t remember the specifics, but it was not “I apologize for my daughter” but more like “I hope you find a woman who loves you unconditionally” or something to that effect. He responded with something like “Thanks, your note means a lot to me” – nothing negative.

Dude is now a up-and-coming lawyer, and still gets texts from the ex saying that she constantly hears from her mom how she ruined it with the one good guy she had and how she doesn’t deserve to be happy. Friend has never responded to one text, and blocked her from FB. Of course, this was all 100% planned - my friend wanted the hurt to come from someone who would stay in his ex’s life, not from someone who would be quickly forgotten. He deliberately created a rift in the closest relationship that two women can have. And all in a friendly 60-second conversation with no harsh words or accusations.

Disappointed Lesbian

So my friend is constantly telling me to not get my hopes up that couples will end up together because I just end up devastated and moody. Then she has to listen to me talk about then for the rest of eternity. The Clexa ship has still not sunk for me and she gets an earful of it every week, I am thankful that she puts up with it because she is a bellarke fan! But now I am beyond obsessed with Beronica to the point that I send her gifs and memes almost every day and constantly whine about how Jughead is ruining my life even though she loves his character lol! Finally she had to tell me this Sunday at brunch not to be heartbroken if Emison does not end up together because at least Emily is still representing the lesbian community to which I replied “fuck that, I will go down this ship and I won’t surrender!” Just a glimpse into what life is like being my friend! Your welcome.

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I knew you’d be the one to ask ;)

3. Have you ever unfollowed someone over a fandom opinion?
Constantly.  tumblr is a happy place for me and I have no time for shit that pisses me off. I get enough of that in real life, thank you very much.

5. Has fandom ever ruined a pairing for you?
I actually don’t think so, in part because I do try to really curate my interaction with fandom.  There are definitely things I low!key ship that I’ve never gotten more into because the fandom is a dumpster fire - most recently Caryl from The Walking Dead because yikes.

19. What is the one thing you hate most about your fandom?
Only one thing??  I kid (mostly).  I am going to go with 3, because why not?  The two things in the Berena fandom that make me absolutely incandescent with rage (and very likely to enact #3) are:
1) anon hate being sent to people in the fandom.  I have very low tolerance for cowards and if you can’t say it to someone’s face, you can fuck right off.  Plus, if you’re going to attack sweet, generous people because you’re jealous?  You can meet me out back, my friend. 
2) Sort of a corollary to the first, for the love of god stop harassing CRuss about, you know, anything.  Stop asking her when she’s coming back, is she’s still in touch with JR, just…ugh.  Some of the things I see her having to deal with on twitter are horrifying.  If you can’t interact with her like a reasonable human, just walk away. 
3) (here comes the one people aren’t going to like, but you asked and I’m in a sassy mood) The biggest thing that drives me bonkers is people who are involved in this ship but don’t seem to care about or even really like Serena.  I can totally understand a Bernie preference; lord knows my preferences are pretty obvious if you’ve looked at my blog for more than half a second.  And I acknowledge that this may happen in the other direction (although I haven’t seen it), in which case it’s just as shitty.  But if I have to see one more post or read one more fic about how terrible Serena’s been to poor Bernie since Elinor died or how much better it would be if they broke up I’m going to stab someone.  I just don’t understand how you be so utterly indifferent to one half of a ship you profess to be so invested in.  Expand your horizons!  Go back and watch the early Serena stuff - I guarantee you’ll fall in love with her.

22. Popular character you hate?
Jasmine.  I’m sorry, but I cannot stand that girl.  She’s a pretty terrible doctor, is constantly inserting herself in everyone else’s business and then whining when she gets called out on it and she is way more responsible for everything that went down with Serena than she’s had to own up to.

hey everyone. here’s the thing: i hate life and existing in this bullshit universe, i hate porn culture and the god damned mountains of terrible dumbass drawings of anime girls and all kinds of other gross misogynist shit fucking garbage. i’ve decided this ruins my life so much that I need to come up with a coping mechanism other than wanting to FUCKING kill myself so I’ve decided every time I have a fucking meltdown whenever I see shitty artwork, which is every day, all the time, basically constantly because it’s fucking absolutely everywhere, I’m drawing pictures of non sexualized lesbians who love each other instead. this one is in honor of today’s eclipse, which is when two gay celestial entities become especially gay with each other in a rare, extremely gay event. thanks for following my Fuckass art blog


Happy Birthday to my gorgeous, dumb, stunning, and evil baby deer!

Thank you, Yoona. Thank you for ruining my life just by breathing, and making me breathless with just a flip of your hair. Thank you for blinking, because there is nobody that has perfected the art of blinking like you have. And thank you for tearing my soul apart with each photoshoot and making me want to rip out my heart with every laugh and fuck you so much because when you dance I feel like my insides are melting and I hate that you believe that you aren’t as amazing as I think you are, and yet you constantly work hard and never give up and always try your best at everything. I love you for motivating me to work harder and be a better person when all I want to do is be a lazy asshole. I love you for being such an inspiration and doing so much to help those that don’t have a nice life. Thank you so much for making me laugh when I want to cry with your wit and humor and stupid impressions and I really don’t know how I’ve made it through another year of your flawless existence, but I’m glad I have.


i only have 2 friends and its killing me.

now don’t get me wrong, i don’t care about having tons of friends and being super popular, but a bit more then 2 would be nice. the two friends i have, i love with all my heart and i am so thankful to have them in my life. 

but im severly anxious and i constantly worry that im being too clingy and only having those two friends means im really scared that im with them too much and they are acctually tired of me and just don’t want to tell me. additionally, even though i love my friends just as they are, movies & books & fanfics have changed my perception so much and ugh, i just really want the classic best friend who understands all my problems and is ready at a moments notice and is just a great person. and i know that people like that don’t really exist, and my friends are perfect, so they dont have to do that, but i really want it anyways

and then the anxiety, which is encouraching me to make friends causes me to be so fucking skeptical and scared that everyone i meet will hate me and so i cant make friends. so right now there are people i talk to, but im so scared to call them my friend, in case they don’t want to be. theres also people i really want to be friends with, but i dont know how to start conversations and i feel so strange and stonic around them bc i can’t get any words out, even though i really want to.

tl;dr: i only have 2 friends and i love them but get scared bc what if they arent my friends and i don’t know how to make new friends so im really lonely and kinda want to cry 25/7

How I ship.

I’ve figured it out. It’s not that I have a fleet. Or an armada, of that I ship it so hard I helicarrier it.

It’s like I own a port. 

Ships come and go.

Some are small,

some are large.

Some dock for longer periods of time than others. Some are my own ships, I built them myself.

But many other people’s ships sail into my port as well. Very occasionally a ship will show up that I just can’t stand, and I send it on its way.

Someone else can have that ship. But often new ships show up and are welcomed into my port.

Eventually each particular ship will sail off and then I don’t think about it again for a little while. But every ship must come back to port eventually.

For example, in the last couple days the Thorki freighter has showed up. Prior to this it hadn’t been around for a while(read: I had other ships taking up my time and port space) but now it’s here and it takes up quite a lot of room because it’s a big ship, you see? It comes with lots and lots of fans and fanart and fanfic and also it’s a hella interesting ship with lots of fun possibilities and on top of that the smut is hot.

Also, we’re pleased today to welcome the good ship Hardston to our port. I’m not sure why I’ve never seen this ship before but now it’s here and it makes a fine addition(read: constant source of heartbreak and pain) to the shipyard. Thank you to The Following, a TV show that constantly finds new and better ways to ruin my life.  

So, did I take this analogy way to far? Anyone else out there operating a port?

Speaking of mums!! Have a read of this email.. 💜 “Hi Kayla,

I just wanted to say thank you for changing my life. That sounds crazy, but it’s true. I have a two year-old, and lots of mommy friends, and I am constantly being told that my body will never be the same after baby. I got so sick and tired of hearing those words! It’s so disheartening to hear that kids "ruin” your body. It’s simply NOT TRUE! Yes, your body changes, but that doesn’t mean it can’t still look awesome! My body looks BETTER than it did before I had a baby because now I am actually taking care of it.
I have never LOVED my body (until now). Especially not in college because I was eating horribly and trying to “run” off all the carbs which of course never worked. When I got married I lost weight but I was never toned or fit, so I still didn’t ever feel comfortable in a bikini. And then of course I had my daughter and felt so discouraged about losing the baby weight, thinking I would just have to live with it. I even had a personal trainer a couple years ago, but didn’t see the results I wanted (I now know it’s because I wasn’t eating right). I happened upon your IG by total chance, and once I started looking through your feed I was HOOKED. Seriously, I knew right away that I needed to do your guides to see results. I needed to eat right and work out every day. It was a challenge at first, but I have since gotten used to it and now I am totally loving the benefits. All my friends ask, “What are you doing? You look great!” It’s the best feeling. I am addicted to your workouts and eating clean now, I have learned SO much about fitness and health and taking care of my body, and am so glad I decided to make a change. Thank you for caring enough about women all around the world and for teaching us how to change and love our bodies, and especially for showing us that results come from training AND diet paired together. Also for making your workouts both fun AND challenging. I truly do love my body now and I appreciate your guides so much and that you took the time to write them to help out so many girls. You are changing lives! Thank you!

@fabnfitlinz “ 😊

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Hello my darlings. I’ve been in this fandom since LWWY cover, putting up with those three (later four) bastards who are constantly ruining my life to this very day.

This blog has already reached 25K followers and I wanna cry because I don’t even deserve all the attention you give to me. Anyway, thank you very much, I appreciate every single one of you.

M Y  F A V E S  R I G H T  H E R E :

This is actually a new thing for me as I don’t usually write about people and their blogs but my favourite “newcomer” (or how to say it) is meetdavamps. I mean, I love your edits and blog so much, even though we don’t speak at all. :D It’s something like a secret admiration, haha. 

So guys, you should check her blog out!

Aaaaaand here we go (no particular order):

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And this is my 25,000th follower: princess-sadness :)