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John no. Don’t listen to yourself!

Yes this had to be made. Im not apologizing for memes!
but yeah this is the whole Hellblazer summed up in one drawing :’D

[Thank you everyone who watch me shade this on livestream]


HQ Crossover Shingeki no Kyojin: Captain Oikawa and Iwaizumi

Artist: JBadgr


Much like his HQ persona, Captain Oikawa puts his team first. In SnK, he is an altruist who behaves recklessly when it comes to the preservation and safety of his squad, leading to his myriad of injuries and scars. Iwaizumi tries his best to ground him in these situations, as the two are almost always assigned to the same squad.

Again, they never die because they are muffins and muffins cannot die.


HQAU/Crossover Shingeki no Kyojin:

>> Thank you SO much for 10,000+ followers!!

This is incredible. I honestly don’t even know what else to say. I’ve been contributing to the PJO fandom for a few months now and I’ve come across really great artists, cosplayers, and met some super close friends through it.

I can’t thank everyone enough for all your support and coming to my Livestreams, sending me messages, headcanons, fanart, it all means so much to me.<33

So I was talking to tinygayitalian the other day, and we agreed that Pirate!Nico would summon skeletal parrots to keep him company while he’s away from Camp. Unfortunately, Will and the parrot aren’t very fond of each other.

There’s been headcanons floating around that Will carries home stray kittens and such, so I included that too. Will’s kitten chills with Nico’s wild skeleton creatures. Though sometimes kitten pounces too rough, and Nico has to keep putting them back together. xD

Art by me
Please do not use without my permission

Undertale - Undyne the Undying - ANIMATION
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After 10 months, it’s finally complete WAHAHAA don’t worry I still have some bits of sanity left in my brain!
ANYWAY, share it with yo homies, this was so much fun to do!
I’ll admit I won’t miss waking up at 6am and finish at 12am and falling sick a few times BUT HOLY MACARONI this was so much fun to do but especially because of all the amazing friends I made during the last months coming every single times to my derpy livestreams, making me laugh, supporting me and simply just being plain awesome and nice I CAN’T THANK YOU ENOUGH DEAR POTATOES!!!

Now let the YAM finally go rest on the bed…

FNAF The Musical

Inspired by the epic FNAF musical collaborations produced by Random-Encounters and guests.

[Done via livestream, thank you to those who joined!]

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anonymous asked:

hi! for those of us who weren't able to watch the livestream could you tell us in what order all the Larry stuff happened on stage last night? Like did the group hug when Louis put his hand on Harry's hip come after THE hug? And when did the cute messed up bow thing happen? I am seeing so many gifs but have no mental timeline. (Also this is more subjective but -- in your opinion do you think the larry hug was planned ? i can't decide what i think) Thank you!! Sorry this is so long! xx

Not a long ask, but this is a long answer!

My very grateful THANK YOU!! to the person who made it possible to hear the last OTRA show live! When the crowd screamed I was like, “Was that blur Louis and Harry?!?!! Did Louis and Harry HUG?!?!!??” so I didn’t get a conclusive visual until I saw it on Tumblr, lol.

Anyway. Presenting, in order, HUGS! BOWS!

Act My Age (featuring conga line and endless jigging) xx

What Makes You Beautiful:

(Do I want to think Louis grabbed Harry’s ass at the end? Yes. Do I think he actually did? Probably not. Do I think Liam accidentally goosed Harry? Possibly! Do I think it’s funny that Harry then grabbed Niall’s ass? Yes!)  xx

Niall’s speech:  “Touring is the best part of what we do, and I think that’s why it’s a little bit emotional for us tonight…we’re obviously gonna miss it. I’d like to thank the boys, the three other boys for – having me! (laughs) I’ve had a great time, boys, I love you very much – thank you!”   {{group hug!}}   xx   xx

Then, Drag Me Down, the last song! Afterward, all the hugs.  xx

Hey, check out that great shot on the big screen!

xx  (yay!!!!)


(Oh! We’re doing a second one!)


As for whether Louis and Harry planned to hug, all I can really say is if they’d planned NOT to hug, they wouldn’t have! If they’d planned NOT to stand next to each other during the final bow, they wouldn’t have…. so yeah, I think they likely planned to embrace. :)

(all gifs mine)