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The Pearl’s Secret Rap Career Panel is a THING guys, and it’s happening at MomoCon 2017! Featuring yours truly, Deedee Magno Hall (voice of Pearl), Zach Callison (voice of Steven), and Duane Munn (head of CN social media). We have reached peak meme. I will be sure to share a livestream when the time comes if it is available!!!! Thank you guys!!


translated by @maksisskambackwards and @linneaxskam and me :) this is the last interview of the livestream, and our last translation!! thank you so much for the overwhelmingly positive responses, and of course to Ida and Linnéa! it was a lot of fun, and a great end to skam! :) <3

Host: Josefine Pettersen. Hi.

Josefine: Hi.

Host: Now I’m kinda like is it Noora? Is it Josefine? Tonight you are Josefine.

Josefine: Yes.

Host: How is it to finally come here and not be Noora for everybody?

Josefine: No that is nice. It’s alright.

Host: People on the street think you’re Noora?

Josefine: Yes. I understand that really well, though. It’s the only thing people have seen of me. What’s on screen is Noora. And Noora has my face. So I understand, who else would I be?

Host: But Noora doesn’t have your dialect?

Josefine: No.

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I’m trying to get the charms for TFN done tonight! Two pictures, one with Soundwave and one with Thundercracker & Buster! Mic is on, SFW (ignore the warning), come and say hi if you like! :D


translated by @maksisskambackwards and @linneaxskam and me :) 

Host: Do you want to come over here Ina? Hi. here’s a mic for you

Ina: Thank you. This looks intriguing, what is it? (picks up one of the pictures)

Host: It’s fuck marry kill.

Ina: Nooo

Host: Do you want to try? Marry, kill, kiss maybe?

Ina: marry, kill, kiss?

Host: You picked three? Even, cuz it’s the skam version, Even, William and Penetrator-Chris. Kiss? Kiss Even?

Ina: Yes.

Host: Kiss Even. Why?

Ina: He looks like a good kisser.

Host: Looks like a good kisser? Who would you kill? William or Penetrator-Chris? The two big wolves.

Ina: William. Because he has Noora.  I’m jealous.

Host: He takes her away from you.

Ina: yes.

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Save the Light: Corrections on Platforms/Launch

Thanks to those who watched the E3 livestream! If you missed it, you can watch the replay here: 

There’s 30 mins of gameplay and some other great tidbits in there! Huge thanks to Andre Meadows for being part of this!

Please note that, unfortunately, the mention of PC was an error and not an official announcement. We’d love to release for PC and other platforms and that’s NOT off the table, however only PS4 and Xbox One are planned for launch at this time. Please stay tuned for announcements to come!

And one last slight bummer: Save the Light has had a small pushback from Summer to Fall. We’re very sorry to make you guys wait longer, but we promise it will be worth it! Please be assured that we’re working tirelessly to make STL the best it can be!

Thanks as always to everyone for their wonderful support and interest! More neat stuff soon!!

There’s good news and there’s bad news, kid.

The good news is The Case of the Gilded Lily Kickstarter is going WAY better than we could have even imagined. We weren’t sure if you all would go for these new characters, this new time period, this new dark and gritty world. You guys have welcomed this new project with extreme enthusiasm and we are flabbergasted and delighted! We definitely didn’t expect to make this much of our goal this soon. Which is where the bad news comes in…

We don’t have our next two reveals ready! Our next two actors weren’t available on our first day of poster shooting last month, so we decided we’d just shoot them this Saturday, the 10th. And again, we just didn’t really dream we’d hit $20K sooner than five days into the campaign. So we feel really bad letting you down and not having a reveal when we do cross those milestones, but we WILL release the next poster AS SOON AS WE CAN MAKE IT Saturday. We hope you’ll understand and forgive us!

This Kickstarter is far and away exceeding our expectations, and we are excited for the next few weeks of it! We still have a lot of fun coming with our livestreams, and fanart and fanfic contests we’re planning on, and other fun stuff. We’ll be revealing some sweet sweet stretch goals soon, because the more money we raise, the bigger and better The Gilded Lily will be. We’re so honored that you guys like our content enough to help us make it. 

Thanks for understanding and sticking with us. We couldn’t solve this case without you!


#24HourJoe - Joe Sugg Imagine

A/N: I know I’m a little late on this one but it’s really long so I guess that’s my excuse. Basically, this was inspired by the fact that we can’t see the rest of his livestream footage yet. Enjoy!

Word Count: 1.7k

“Alright I’m gonna take a quick break from the livestream here,” Joe was saying to the camera. “And when I get back it’ll just be me so everyone say goodbye to Y/N!”

“Thanks for having me and good luck with the next 15 hours!” You said to Joe, then turned to the camera and waved. “Bye everyone!”

Josh, Joe’s cameraman/tech guy gave the signal that you two were no longer live and you stopped waving.

“Actually though, thanks for coming,” Joe said to you, giving you a kiss on the cheek. Now that you were no longer live there was no need to hide your relationship from anyone. You and Joe had been dating for a few months now but had decided not to tell Joe’s fans, knowing that being open could potentially be detrimental to your new relationship.

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Bo Burnham in the livestream

I was very happy to hear Jack talk about Bo Burnham in such detail during the stream. After hearing him talk about him so fondly, I went back and listened to “Can’t Handle This” again. I remember watching “Make Happy” for the first time last summer and I remember crying at the end as well, and I wasn’t really sure why at the time.

After going back to it, I cried again. And this time I think I know why. Jack mentioned the lyric where he says “A part of me loves you, part of me hates you. Part of me needs you, part of me fears you”, and I really resonate with that. I don’t have the kind of audience that Bo or Jack or any other well known person has, but I’m still a creator in my own right. And to me, that line talks about what it means to put your work out into the world for others, to be loved, hated, and judged by either everyone or no one. If that makes sense. And at the end of the day, our work is all that we have. And we struggle to find a happy medium where our work and, in turn, ourselves are validated. And that’s something a lot of people struggle with, or at least I know I do. And too much recognition, on either end, can be scary. That kind of thing has the potential to eat away at a person’s happiness. “… Laugh as he attempts to give you what he cannot give himself”. A lot of the time, we need other people to validate us, so I understand where this is coming from too.

And then in “Are You Happy”, where he says, “On a scale from 1 to 0, are you happy? ‘Cuz you’re on your own from here so are you happy?” That’s what really fucking gets me. At this time in my life, where I’m living away from home with nothing but my work, it’s easy for me to become too consumed in what I’m doing. And if it’s all I have and I put all my stake in it and nothing comes of it, will I still be happy having tried? That’s a loaded fucking question, but it really gets me thinking…

Anyway, I was glad it got discussed in the livestream. Thanks for bringing it up @therealjacksepticeye. Glad I got to revisit it and think about some things. For now I guess I’ll do some more of my work and eat cookies.

24HourJoe | Joe Sugg

Request - Yes

Hi! Could you write a Joe imagine where you try to keep him awake during his 24 hour livestream? Thanks!!

It was currently 11am Joe had been doing his live stream for 18 hours and it was really starting to take its toll on him. He could barely think let alone speak properly. You all could see he was really struggling. The house was roasting, with having so much equipment in the room and a lot of movement, however Joe wasn’t hot like the rest of the people in his house, he was freezing, the shivers coming from him were inevitable. He couldn’t help it, having been up 24 hours, your blood goes thin, and your brain and body hasn’t gone through the restoration process it usually does when your sleeping. What made it even harder for Joe was that he had another 7 hours to go, before he could switch off and rest, he wasn’t sure if he could do it, the end wasn’t in sight to him.

When Joe told you about his 24 hour live stream promoting his book Username:Uprising you weren’t sure what to say. You weren’t sure if it was a good idea, 24 hours is a long time to talk and be entertaining to his viewers, even though they would watch him do absolutely nothing. You could see the determination in his eyes though, you saw all the things he was planning, and how much thought and originality that was going to be presented, you believed in him.

Joe wanted you there, he wanted you to see in the flesh that he was doing this. You reluctantly agreed but you did want to support your boyfriend. Even if that meant not being able to sleep in  your bed. Upon agreed, you discussed that you wanted no part in being filmed, strictly behind the scenes business , this was Joes live stream. Joe could understand your point, if you were on camera with him, questions asked might have been all about your relationship rather than his book ect.

As the night progressed, you helped the best you could by getting him drinks and food and you gave him encouraging smiles. When 5am came though, you were exhausted. You began questioning yourself for being here in the first place. Of course you wanted to support Joe, but come on. Sleep was better than Joe at this point. You started to think about how Joe must have felt, having to do so much talking and maintain a good show. When Joe said that it was okay to go to sleep during his toilet, you gave him a quick kiss and shot off upstairs into his bedroom, rummaged through his wardrobe before finding a pair of joggers and a hoodie, you were basically asleep as soon as your head hit the pillow.


6 hours later, you were awake again. You were still tired, as it was a weird time to go to sleep plus 6 hours wasn’t enough sleep in your eyes, nevertheless, you weren’t feeling as uncomfortable as you were before. Downstairs, he was still going. Just. When you came downstairs and saw him, you were shocked to see how dark his eyes had gone. Despite this, Joe actually looked pretty good considering he had been awake for 24 hours with no caffeine in his system and had a long time to go before he ended the stream.

Joe decided to go to a quick break so he could go to the toilet and freshen up. He passed you on the way and gave you your routine good morning kiss and cuddle when ever you stayed at his place, but this time it wasn’t in bed like it normally was in. He groaned into your shoulder as you ran your hand through his hair.

‘Don’t you dare fall asleep on me, Sugg. Go pee and change and get back to your audience.’ Joe looked up at you through his heavy eyelids, yawning during the process.

'But Y/N, I’m so tired, I don’t know if I can actually finish this. It’s so hard. I can barely think and talking just seems like such a task now. All I want is my bed’ You could tell he wasn’t in the mood for this anymore. You couldn’t blame him really, it was such a big idea, but he’s only human.

Joe wouldn’t give up though. He could get past this feeling, because Joe was a fighter. Once he set his mind to it, there was no going back.

'Joe, I think you need to change, have a drink and get back to it. Just think of how proud you’re making your fans, there’s people watching you that have been with you since you started at 6pm, and are still watching now 18 hours later. You’ve got this in the bag babe, go make 'em proud.’ That’s all it took. He smiled at you, gave you a quick peck and went up to change. When he got back to his lounge, he let out a long sigh and said he was ready. Ready to finish this like the boss he was.

Quickly, running behind the camera before he went live again you pressed a kiss on the side of his head, and wished him luck. 'I’m proud of you Joe’ was the last thing you said to him and he blew you a kiss as he went live, ready to take on the last 7 hours.