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Cohost Of The Poop Scoop

Leaning heavily against the door as it closed behind her, Y/N let out a long breath. Today had been exhausting, and she was ready for a nap.

She could faintly here Joe talking, which meant he was vlogging. And that meant she could slip away, since they tended to keep their relationship rather private from the fans.

“One second.” She heard Joe say before he appeared at the end of the hallway, his glasses and suit jacket on.

“Live stream?” Y/N smiled, pushing off the door to move towards him.

“It is Friday.” He grinned, pulling her in for a hug. “How was your day?”

“Long.” She sighed, relaxing into his embrace. “I’ll tell you about it after you finish.”

“Alright.” He replied, dropping a kiss on her head. “Want to come say hi before you disappear?”


Joe leads her into the kitchen, where he has his phone and computer set up, the live stream still going.

“Look who I found you guys!” He grinned, pulling Y/N into shot.

“Hi, everyone!” She waved, offering them a small smile.

“They’re very excited your here.” He laughed, pointing at the comments flooding in. “And they all think you look very nice.” He turned to look at her outfit, “And they are right. You look gorgeous today, love.”

“Thank you.” She blushed, placing her purse and coat on the counter. “I’m not staying long though, guys. Just came to say hi.”

“Oh, they don’t like that.”

“Of course they don’t.”

“They want you to cohost.”

“Really?” Y/N asked, leaning in to read some of the comments. “I mean, I guess I could.”

“You sure?” Joe ran his thumb over the back of her hand, “You don’t have too if you’d rather go relax.”

“It’s fine.” She reassured him, pulling the other stool closer. “Means I get to spend time with you.”

“Well, that is quite the bonus.” He winked at her, settling back into his seat beside her. “Now, where were we guys?”

“That’s it for this week’s Poop Scoop.” Joe said half an hour later.

“You are such a dork for calling it that.” Y/N shook her head, her fingers playing with his, just out of shot. But their sat close together, and the viewers loved the small interactions they got from the couple.

She was grateful for Joe’s fans, because they had been fairly good at being respectful of their decision to keep their relationship more private. So when they did get a small glimpse into the couple actually acting like a couple, the fans grabbed at it.

“The people like it.” He told her, kissing her temple. “Ready for a nap?”

“Gods, yes.” She replied, resting her chin on his shoulder. “But say goodbye to your fans first.”

“I’ll see you guys next week! And maybe we’ll be able to convince this one to join me again in the future.” Joe waved at the camera before ending the livestream. Y/N sat there while he checked it to ensure that it was saved, her body sinking further against his. Now that there was no one watching, the exhaustion had washed over her again.

“You aren’t going to make it to the bed, are you?” He mumbled, his arm moving around her.

“Probably not.” She told him around a yawn.

“Couch it is then.” He chuckled, “Let’s go.”

Pushing herself out of the chair, she let him pull her over to the couch.

it didn’t take long before they were curled up together, and Y/N let her eyes slide closed.

“Thanks for being my cohost today.” Joe spoke softly, his fingers running up and down her arm.

“It was fun.” She mumbled, “Maybe I’ll do it again in the future.”

“For now, just nap.”

“I can do that.”

Today’s adventure was amazing! Got to see Mark, Tyler and Ethan was again and it was great meeting Amy, Bob and Wade for the first time! These six individuals have managed to come into my life one way or another, and I just want to say thanks. Thanks for getting me through tough times either in school or personal problems. I subscribed to Mark back in October 2014 and if it wasn’t for his channel, I would have never known any of you and gotten to meet you today. I appreciate everything you guys do for your fans and others and I hope you keep doing charity live streams for a long time. I believe in you guys and I’m glad that I was able to meet the whole gang! (One day I will meet @therealjacksepticeye !) All I have left to say is you are caring and loving human beings that keep us fans happy with whatever projects, videos and sketches you create. I’m glad I was able to meet you all and I hope I see you again! Love you all! ❤️ @markiplier @lordminion @crankgameplays


happy new year everyone!! i think its been a great year for this blog. we revisited a lot of great zelda games and had lots of fun times. i’m sad we didnt get much for the 30th anniversary of the legend of zelda, and i’m sad that we didn’t get breath of the wild this year, but here’s hoping 2017 is even better! hopefully, the spring/summer estimates for the release of breath of the wild are accurate this time.

one thing that i’m extremely excited about in 2017 is i’ll be getting an hd capture card, so we’ll have lots of new gifs and graphics to have fun with! i figured it was a good investment because i want to run this blog as long as i can, and to do that i think a capture card would be extremely crucial to having lots of fresh new things to explore. and, an added bonus to this is, i can give you guys videos of breath of the wild when that comes out. maybe i could even stream it live! we’ll see how it goes.

and as always, i’m extremely thankful for all of your support. i’m so blessed to have such a large audience and its something that helps keep me creating, because i know itll make someones day better out there.

in any case, i always feel like a new year is a fresh start and i’m excited to do lots of new things. have a happy new year everyone, and stay safe! pick a designated driver who won’t be drinking tonight, or call a local service for help.

Just signed off from the live streaming and this is the result! I promised stupid random and stupid random it was. Thanks so much for keeping me company, guys!

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This is a little thank you gift for @kleptotello, for the Xmax thingies she sent!! 

The idea comes from one of her TMNT/Futurama crossover quotes: this one.

Lucio Headcanons bc no one can stop me:

  • Has a tumblr blog, and always reblogs stuff people make for him and it makes him so happy he’s always like “!! Thank you so much!!!! This is so good!!!!! Ahhh it’s so cool to have such nice fans like u guys!!!!!!!”
  • Still lives in his home neighborhood w/ his parents
  • Can listen to p much every kind of music so his iTunes playlist library is an absolute mess but he still ALWAYS knows what song is next w/ out having to look at it
  • Has live streams sometimes where he’s messin aroung, figuring out some new music stuff, and generally talks to whomever comes around a lot. He loves it when they help him figure out how to pronounce certain words in English!!
  • His legs are def prosthetic
  •  He doesn’t have any Legit Siblings so he basically considers all the kids younger than him in his neighborhood his little siblings that all just live in different houses.
  • He’s rlly well liked in his neighborhood.
  • When there’s people who can’t pay for things they need (groceries, clothes, etc) He buys stuff for them with some of the money he makes with concerts/people just donated to him.
  • He loves being and eating healthy, but he’s also one of those people who just loves sweets. Candy, cakes, drinks, whatever it is there’s about a 70/100 bet he’ll like it.
  • When he gets excited he’ll speak in v excited Portuguese.
  • He get’s real flustered at all the compliments and stuff he gets on IG and Tumblr and wherever else he uploads pictures
  • Shows his friends (, 76, whoever rlly) cute/silly fanart people’ve drawn of them
  • Sometimes he finds silly art of him or his friends in his tag on tumblr and he straight up laughs for 10 minutes about it it makes him so happy

AH! And so the wait is finally over! Here you go my Bruhs and Bruhettes and NBruhs! Epictale! Scene Two! @yugogeer12 thanks once again for permission to color your awesome comic. 

This scene is smaller than the last, because they are cut up based on content and not length. Next Scene is gonna be three pages long, and I’m already on it. 

Thanks everyone for being so patient(lol as if anyone was actually waiting to see more!) with me as I said this was coming a month back and it’s only now showing up.

Also, I do live art streams every Friday, so if you wanna watch me color these pages live, then come join me there. Hope the fandom enjoys!

Previous Scene

Next Scene

We want to thank everyone who came in to watch our live stream of Chapter 1 of the “Lemures Blue’s 2 A.M. Demo”! We hope you loved what you seen thus far! The demo will have a total of three Chapters plus a Bonus chapter.

Currently we have the author, Kokoroten, reviewing the game and we hope to get this ready for a November 2nd release! We’ll keep you guys updated with more information when that time comes!

Ok I'm sorry but this is just getting ridiculous

Some idiots have decided to just RUSH people into shit.
Some of the victims,
Camila and Jakei don’t even speak full English. Its not their first language.
And Piggies is finally maaaaybe having time to rest because she finished her FUCKING 100+ PAGE THING OF REALLY HARD AWESOME COMICS COLORED BY HAND!
She uses crayons and black markers, DO YOU HAVE ANY IDEA HOW HARD THAT IS? Also she does CPAU AND ErrorTale! She also has to do UT Cons which last whole DAYS. And there’s multiple of them!? Guys please don’t rush her!

Camila lost part of her fucking house. English isn’t her first language.
And her animations are 20 god damn minutes long.
Think about it. She animates so smoothly, and she has to do TONS of stuff for that to work. I cant even imagine the amount of times I would think she would just want to give up. But she didn’t. Because she CARES about herself. She CARES about us. And she CARES about her FAMILY. She needs rest. Be fucking patient.

Get me.
Her animations are beautiful. And she didn’t turn off anon JUST BECAUSE THERE ARE STILL PEOPLE OUT THERE
Just like everyone, people need REST. Like, your brain needs to SLEEEEEP.
Also it took her a whole day for fucking 3 minutes of her next UnderVerse.
And because of the amount of minutes for this.
It’ll prob take months for the animation to finally be done.
But guys.
These people are going to their limit for us. And around 75% of “us” are ungrateful brats that should just be thankful that these people are pushing their limit for us.

And now Hawker. Damn her art is unbelievable. BEST PART.
Nah nvm not the time…
Best part is her art. Ive been to one of her live streams and it takes damn fucking hours just to finish one page. Also, she doesnt picture Chara as a villain. OR draw Chara with red eyes.
Guys come on Chara had brown eyes srsly.
But apart from that, she also does small gif like animations that’re JUST like anime. Which I’m guessing is Hawkers style, so kutos for doing that because DAAAAAAAAMN.
And because it prob takes days to do amazing stuff like this, she deserves respect and kindness. But she’s just gotten plain rot.
She NEVER deserved that.

Please, don’t ask when the next thing will be out. Just let these amazing people do their work and especially rest.
Fame comes with a price, these people have the worst of it.
Stop picking on them. Stop asking when their stuff will be out.
Just maybe ask them how theyre doing sometimes. Drop in a compliment maybe? Just don’t rush them.
They don’t. DESERVE that.

Guys, i finally have time to draw shit again, whacha say to a smol live stream? I have the utmost need to do ridiculous art challenges, if you have any ideas feel free to suggest some! We’re gonna combine them and see what comes out

To enable answers I’ll finish the post with a question mark, here goes:

Sooo, this blog is close to reaching 16k!!! I was wondering what you guys would like as a thank you!  So please message me. I was thinking of maybe a live stream, but I would like to know if people would come to it. Also, I was thinking about maybe recording me reading out some of your favorite scenarios. So... which scenarios would you guys like to hear me read? <3

-Admin Kat

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Hey guys! Jake and I (the Scarlett duo) are playing a show on January 10 in Reno, Nevada. If you are around come out and hang with us :) it’s free! And family friendly. I would love to personally meet you and thank you for all the support.

If you don’t live around there, THE SHOW WILL BE LIVE STREAMED ALL OVER THE WORLD! So you can hang with us 😘 So @taylorswift that means you can join!

We will be celebrating Jake’s birthday as well so there will be dancing, singing and cake eating 🎂

We will be playing songs off our record coming out in June 2016. Also, we will be playing songs off the Red Cover Album I am doing so please tell me what songs you want to hear from it!!

I hope to hear from you guys! Thanks for everything! 😭✌🏻️🌙