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hey @allthedances …just wanted to say thanks again for these two bad boys…finally got them framed (though this picture doesn’t do them justice at all, there’s hints of red and green in the frames that really ties them together) and i can’t stop staring at them…they have those eyes that just follow you around the room. THANK YOU for your generosity! (Bubug prints are better than owning the Mona Lisa to me.)

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ANGST TRAIN! TOOT TOOT! Jason barely ever cries, when he does, its after a really bad patrol that triggered something, a terrifying nightmare or an argument with Bruce, a really bad one. And he can only cry alone at first, then, when he and Tim get together, it makes crying a whole lot easier, because Tim doesn't give two fucks about vulnerability, so he lets Jay cry into his shoulder and help him get back on that brighter path. Ur welcome!

You come into my house. I didnt ask for this pain?! BUT I WILL TAKE IT.

Okay but… This is so important to me? Jason -cries- more often than I think people recall. He is absolutely affected by things, and I think puts up a lot of walls to avoid getting hurt -again-. But we’ve definitely seen instances of him privately having moments, and I am down for him getting comfortable enough to let that vulnerability show. So yes please give me all the JayTim comfort moments, the crying, the hair and back rubs, those explosive moments of catharsis when Jay can just -let it out- and not have to hold it all on his own shoulders. OOF. Ima need some tea now thank you for that…. *sniffles* 

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Please more "I'm actually a side kick" au!

Part 1 Part 2

“Why don’t you just tell him again?” Jason asked calmly, the glare of the computer screen shinning on his glasses. Will had the primordial urge to rip them off his face and throw them against the wall. The heat growing in his clenched hands kept him from throwing any punches though, instead forcing him to stop his pacing and take a deep breath to try and calm himself. Jason swiveled his chair around the same time Will reached ten in his mind, counting to try and dissipate his anger. This was why he was the sidekick and not the hero. He had quick emotions. “You’re blowing this way out of proportion. Just tell him. Nico’s not going to hate you.”

“Yeah?” Will asked, suddenly feeling defensive. Who was Jason to lecture him about telling Nico something when he wouldn’t even tell Will why Nico wouldn’t talk about Jason? “When are you going to stop dancing around the truth of what happened between you and Nico?”

Jason frowned, and Will could tell he was reaching the end of the candle wick that was Jason’s patience. It didn’t happen often, but when it sparked, it was enough to burn down the whole house. Will shuddered at the memory of the last time Jason had lost his patience with someone.

“How can you be perfectly calm about this?!” Jason was shouting. That was indicator enough for Will to not enter the kitchen for the piece of cake he had been craving. Still, he was interested in what had caused Jason to blow his lid. It didn’t happen often. “Because of you, his sister is dead!”

“What do you want me to do, Jason? I couldn’t tell her not to go. You knew Bianca, no one could stop her from doing what she wanted.”

“She was twelve! And now you’ve left her brother alone. He has no powers. We can’t keep him here. What do you suggest we do with him?” Jason had been fighting with Percy, another Super that lived in the house with them. Percy was the oldest and the most skilled, though Jason could give him a run for his money. It was fascinating to watch the two of them work together, and horrifying to watch them go at each other.

“Send him to his father.” Percy had protested.

“You, of all people! I expect you to understand-”

That was when Annabeth had found him and given him a sour look until Will slinked off back to his bedroom, his mind reeling with what he had just heard.

“You know that we can’t just go around spilling other’s secrets for them.” Jason’s voice brought Will back to the present. He sounded tired as he rubbed his face, and in that moment he looked so much older than twenty-four. Will felt himself deflating.

“I know. I’m sorry. I just- I really like Nico, but I don’t want his past to stop our future. I know that sounds selfish, but if you two have bad blood with each other, that’s going to make it hard for us.” Will knew he sounded whiny, but he was being honest, and that was how he honestly felt.

Jason laughed, but it was without humor. “It’s not me that he has bad blood with.” Will got a feeling that Jason was going to tell him something that would help him unravel the whole mess that he was in. Between Nico’s secrets and Jason’s secrets and his own, someone could weave a whole web from the red strings. “I know you remember that fight I got into with Percy all those years ago,” Will nodded, watching Jason closely. He didn’t want to miss anything. “That was because,” he paused for a moment, “Percy killed Nico’s sister.”

dun dun duh

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Hello, its so nice to speak to everybody today. I would like to speak first for Group Therapy? Thank you. My name is Jamie and its been exactly 33 seconds since I've fantasized about Pent "YeeHaw" House strangulating me with his buff dad arms until I blissfully die of asphyxiation.

Thanks for coming Jamie. Im glad youre here because you clearly need some fucking help

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Hey! I love reading your small fics and hcs for Dark! You're writing is so good!! Keep up the good work! I've been thinking, or well suggesting if some time where Dark just loses composure, or becomes flustered. I mean, I'm sure that the guy doesn't have to be all cool and silent angry and such, right?

I love teasing my favorite characters in prose. It’s a daunting task to try to fluster Dark, but hopefully this is alright. It’s up to interpretation what it was that caused him to get this way since I can’t come up with anything and everyone’s different.

This was probably the only time you had ever seen Dark like this.

He seemed entirely at a loss for words, eyes widened just slightly in what you perceived as surprise. He averted his eyes as though making eye contact would only worsen the situation and you tried to stifle a laugh, with only a small degree of success.

If you looked hard enough, you thought you could see a bit of color rising to his usually pale face. It was oddly cute.

“That word doesn’t suit me,” Dark answered, a little too fast. You hadn’t realized that you had said that out loud.

“Would you have preferred adorable?” you quipped smugly.

“Don’t test it. Stop talking.”

You chuckled as Dark pardoned himself, refusing to make eye contact the entire time.


Who gives the other person cool looking rocks?
kyr, and markus is excited every single time no matter what it is or what time

Who wants to take lots of pictures of them together?
they actually don’t take as many pictures of themselves, but markus is always taking pictures, basically chronicling their day. (*pic of a shell* “look at this rock by bf found?!” *blurry hand* “IT WAS A SHELL SOMETHING MOVED” *shot of the sea from the distance* “what untold horrors do you hold”)

Who is excited to tell their friends that they are dating?
kyr, if only because he has the additional excitement of having friends to tell. he is over the moon happy

How do they tell their friends that they are dating?

idk man they just kind of figure it out

How do they comfort each other?
markus gives really good hugs, and sometimes that’s exactly what kyr needs. so markus has to watch bc kyr’s spent so much time on his own he’s not great at remembering that he’s got someone there. sometimes he’ll be tinkering with something and markus will sit down next to him and just wrap his skinny arms around him
when markus is upset it’s often because something’s been building for a while so kyr sets everything aside and they go walk so markus can vent and talk through whatever’s bothering him and kyr helps him make sense of it

How do they want to dress their baby?
i’m not saying markus spends an hour each morning making sure their baby has a perfectly matching outfit, but that’s exactly what happens. also, if they did have a kid they would buy into Dad Culture 100%. dad shorts, dad jokes, dad minivans, everything

Who likes to have dinner parties with their friends?
they don’t do dinner parties often, but they throw the best holiday parties (probably because markus is the only one who has holidays that don’t suck?). they’re all-day events, finished off with kyr’s fireworks

Who is the prankster?
they both do lots of little pranks, but sometimes markus sets up a really obvious prank and kyr checks it out and finds a cute or romantic surprise. 
two pranks in one >:) devious

What is their most memorable date?
kyr has absolutely no experience with dating, of course. he has zero frame of reference. so, for their first date they go on the most Date date they can. markus shows up at the door in a suit and flowers (they live together, he snuck out the back to come around to the door). they go to a dinner and then the theater. they’re back home by 9:30 and they kiss goodnight and then markus sneaks back around to come inside. everything is so over-the-top sweet and they don’t stop smiling like idiots the whole night

What is an inside joke the two of them have?
the exploding snakes. never gets old. also, explosives in general. one time markus made snakes explode out of a cake and kyr almost cried. beautiful.
also, kyr likes to pick markus up. like, every time kyr kisses him markus’ feet leave the ground (his boyfriend is big and tol and markus is very into it), or sometimes markus will be on kyr’s shoulder just ‘cause

Who likes to send the other memes?
markus. kyr doesn’t always get them, but he likes them just by virtue of his boyfriend liking them

Who still blushes when they say ‘I love you.’?
both. not an embarrassed blush, it’s an ‘i just have so many feelings for you’ blush complete with big dumb smiles

Who do they leave their kid(s)/animals with when they go on a vacation?
inien because markus would trust her with his like “so i’m leaving you with something even more important” 
“your rock collection?”

Who is the protective one?
kyr, and i think it comes from the fact that he’s not sure what he could do if something did happen to markus, so he worries a lot even if he tries to not let it show

How do they handle a fight with one another?
it’s usually about something dumb that they don’t talk about, but they don’t forget about either. they talk about anything important that comes up, but then the little things build up every so often

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i haven’t had any time at all to draw new things lately but here are some doodles of my dnd character! he’s a half elf bard and pretty shit at it

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It’s just when he feels too much of one emotion, so his natural response is to light on fire and die! He feels so much envy, anger, and general hatred, though, so it’s easy to mistake!

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rules: you have to put 5 - 10 of your favourite kpop boy/girl groups. then put your very first bias of that group along with the first mv you saw them in. after that just tag as many people as you want.

  • EXO - Jongin (Call Me Baby)
  • SHINee - Minho (View)
  • f(x) - Krystal (Rum Pum Pum Pum)
  • Wonder Girls - Yubin (I Feel You)
  • BTS - Jimin (Dope)
  • After School - Nana (First Love)
  • Gfriend - Eunha (Rough)
  • Seventeen - Wonwoo (Very Nice)
  •  Nu’est - Ren (Overcome)
  • miss A - Suzy (Hush)

tagging: @drogonqueen @joohyuq @taeyieon  @ohyoongies @jonghyunis @kaeseul and anyone else who wants to do this just say i tagged you

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1, 2, & 6 for fanfic author meme!

Thanks for sending me things from the fanfic author meme!!

1. What was your first fic and could you stand to reread it today?

My first fic (aside from a continuation of the Lord of the Rings the brother and I started when I was like ten and didn’t know that fanfiction was a thing, aha) was Tinker Bell , a oneshot for Danny Phantom that I wrote back in 2011

I actually reread it not too long ago and it’s not bad. I mean it’s also not /great/ but it doesn’t makes me cringe or anything, which is a really nice feeling! ^^

2. What’s your most recent fic and how far do you think you’ve come?

The last thing I posted was The Abyss Stares Back , a long oneshot for Gundam 00 that I’m very proud of!

I think I’ve come a very long way since I first started writing fanfiction. For one thing, I’d been on a creative hiatus for… a long time before @dpsg1 introduced me to fandom and fanfiction so I was super rusty getting back into the swing of writing. But fanfiction gave me a lot of ideas to play with, made me want to write again, and surrounded me with a built in network of really inspiring authors who gave great feedback and I’ve just had so much fun experimenting and getting better at the whole writing thing over the years
And back when I started, I definitely would not have believed anyone who would have told me that I’d be able to finish a single scene that believably stretched to 7k (in present tense, no less!), so, yeah, progress!!

6. Is there any fic that makes you super embarrassed to reread and remember you wrote that?

Nope. I am willing to sit and edit a fic for years before I post, which I think has helped reduce embarrassment due to quality issues. And all of the weird stuff I’ve written was meant to be cracky anyway so……

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Your characterization of Dirk is??? My absolute favorite goddamn literally can't get enough of it. You're my only source of Good Dirk Strider(tm) and I thank you for that

I ASSURE YOU THERE ARE OTHERS TOO. Like, one, I’m thrilled to provide The Good Dirk, but also check out: Thanks For Playing, Come Lay With Me On The Ground, and these hollow hills. That’s literally just what’s on the first page of my AO3 history.


Nichan: Haneda cheki-kai, thank you very much! Please come and see us again next week~!


With cheeks glowing a bright blue, Night held Day’s hand tighter and said yes.

Day continued sending Night roses, and Night kept on returning them to Day every morning. but what’s different this time is Yuuri knowing full well what Viktor’s intentions are.

The End

continuation under the cut

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