thanks for clearing that up buddy

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I'm gonna be busy catching up with homework today, and I just wanna say…congratulations Arc-V, and thank you for everything. And thank YOU, in fact, for analyzing and thinking critically about a series that, while it may have fallen off, was still revolutionary and needed clear thought put into it. See you in VRAINS, buddy. :)

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Idk what you or anyone else sees in my ramblings, but I’m glad to know what I’ve done is appreciated. AND YOU’RE MY THEORY GIRL, OKAY. You’re the one who got me to thinking about how the dimensions interplay with each other, and how all the spinoffs connect. Thanks for always directing me to the big picture <3

Here’s to more glorious times in the Vrains era!

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sorry if this isn't on rules or anything bc mobile But could I get some supportive Sonntag fluff. Reader could be coming out to parents as a transmale and have Larr be there for moral support. Please and thank you.

A/N - Not a problem, my friend!! I am always down to write Trans!Readers seeing as there’s so few out there! I did my bestest with this, but as always, I wanna make it clear that if I’ve messed up at all and there’s anything in here that’s offensive or misrepresentative of you lovely trans folks out there - let me know and I’ll make any necessary changes as soon as I can! Hope you like this one, buddy!

Pairing - Lawrence x Trans! Male Reader

Warnings - None.

Word Count - 1, 797

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Hi I've wanted to start reading more postmodernist/post structuralist texts but I'm not particularly acquainted with the ideology and so I think diving right in would be confusing as fuck. I'm wondering if you could recommend some more accessible beginner level introductions to postmodernism. Thanks

hi yes hello good question buddy. the issue with postmodernism is that it is sort of deliberately unapproachable being wrapped up in a crunchy academic coating with a soft delectable relativist centre.

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heard there was some cocoa and cookies ? I want cocoa and cookiesssssssss ! I bet Nico and Will want some too XD for the prompt maybe Will being pissed cause Nico is shadow traveling right and left to get ppl stuff but what he doesn't know is that Nico is trading everything against stuff like "I'm gettinf u that 3DS BUT you have to stay clear from the infirmary for a month" so Will can get some rest from his medic duty ?

Yes, hi, cocoa and cookies for you! ♥
Thank you so much for the prompt! You’re my Percy Jackson ramble buddy. ♥

“You smell of curly fries,” says the corner of his bed, Will’s elbows dipped as he’s toying with the beads of his necklace, worn and warm, his jacket unzipped and somewhere between being worn and not and Will’s mouth looks hostile, looks like he’s hiding emotions that can’t hold up a smile, properly, and Nico closes the door, with a sigh.

“I’m tired,” he says, dismissive, and he is; he wants that bed, for himself, he wants it to be empty and invitingly cool and while the lingering presence of Will is something he loves to indulge in, he was falling asleep halfway to his cabin, like the shadows fed on his substance and left him emptier than he’s been before, trying to take out the living out of him, keep the ghost of him in and Nico wearily toes off his boots; Will sits up in his bed.

“Using your powers continuously without proper rest does that to you,” Will tells him, as if Nico doesn’t feel it, himself, the cabin colder in seconds, the summery night withering into autumn mornings, drowsy and cold.

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