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When your bff is also your stage mom… “get the angle, make it prettier, come on sweetie work it for the camera” thanks @tsarnikolai 😒#stagemom #handstand

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Trash of a Stanchez 1980s crime AU that Spinetrick on Tumblr inspired us to do~ Rick Sanchez @luvkii_cosplay and Stanley Pines @deatharising thank you @dropthegrace for your amazing camera work! Such a good apprentice!

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Playing Paper Mario like a giant

Gaming hack offers unique visual perspective of the game Paper Mario to be viewed with a VR headset:

The camera is static thanks to the hack created by the hard work of reddit user and dolphinVR developer  Cegli. I’ve also disabled the culling of the geometry with the culing hack created by cegli too. For diminish the scale I set the units per meter to 2000 game units.
Sorry by the Judder but the record software eats a lot of necessary power, but I can run the game fine without the record software with a i5 2500k and a gtx660 using nvidia inspector and fixing the clock to 1124
You can find these hacks and other VR hacks for more games in



laurajanegrace: I’m sorry. I can’t even help myself. #starwars Thanks @atomwillardisme for the camera work!!!