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Beauty and the Beast (Remake) Review

This is going to be a spoiler free review, so I won’t be able to go into too much detail, but let me give you a short preview of what I feel about the movie: It was utterly and undeniably magical!

I just left the cinema and instantly made my way home and to my laptop to write all this down so I would not forget a single thing I wanted to share with you guys, because let me tell you there is so much to say about this movie and all of it is good. Over the past couple of weeks I have seen so much negativity surround this movie, so many people threatening to boycott yet another movie they haven’t seen on the sheer basis that a character was supposedly gay and once more mistreated for it.

I write this to share with everyone willing to read just what an amazing experience it was watching this movie. I want to preface the following review by saying that both my best friend and I are not overly emotional people. Neither of us cry at the drop of a pin, especially not in the cinema. Yet in the matter of ten minutes both me and my friend had our first tears in our eyes. I say first, because the movie takes you on quite the emotional ride and it is magnificent. Now, I’m no professional, but I’d consider my opinion rather objective and trustworthy. Of course, I’d suggest you go see the movie yourself nevertheless.

Let me begin with the basics such as scenery, music and cast. The scenery was quite literally breathtaking. The second Emma Watson stepped out of her little home in that little village of France you are there with Belle. I had the pleasure to watch the movie in 3D IMAX and it was absolutely worth it. I’d recommend for anyone to pay those extra bucks, because I feel it really added to the tone of the movie.

While the CGI was certainly visible at times and slightly over the top for my taste here and there the overall feel of the movie is not damaged by it at all. Wherever the movie takes you, it seems real despite of it. The camera work is to thank for it as well, as it really helps to set a specific tone. All in all the movie does great in making you feel a certain emotion at the appropriate time by using all the means they are given to do so; including the sets and the way the camera is handled.

The music and especially the musical numbers were quite mesmerizing. Amongst the familiar classics like Beauty and the Beast itself the movie offered some new pieces as well. Especially one towards the end – sung by Dan Stevens as the Beast – caught my attention and heart in particular. They use the songs not only to entertain, but also to convey emotions and a deep insight into the characters themselves. Some performances I liked better than others – I was disappointed by the audible autotune used on Emma Watson herself – but overall the numbers were all equally entertaining.

As for the cast I have to admit I had my doubts. I was especially worried about Josh Gad as Le Fou as I’ve gotten to know him as a pretty poor comedic actor. I say poor as most jokes are at the expense of him and his weight rather than made by him. After watching the movie I can say that I could not be more pleased with the casting, even Josh Gad. I was honestly surprised as to how well he handled the role and happy to see him take on a more serious side. Of course he was still funny, but this time the humour wasn’t at his expense, but rather due to his wit and clever sarcasm.

Now I want to tackle the characters, specifically taking the accusations into account, and talk about how the movie performs in comparison to the old classic we all know and love. While a lot of the original story has remained untouched and recognizable, there still have been quite a few tweaks and they were for the better. They made the story more understandable, the characters more memorable and real. I am happy to note that the characters are granted a new depth they were lacking in the original. Thanks to that the story is much better fitting for our time, age and new audience.

Gaston I was especially pleased with, for multiple reasons. Towards the beginning of the movie I found him to be rather charming which was a clever move to make. It only made him seem worse when finally his facade dropped later on the movie. It makes you truly detest his character and therefor the movie managed to create a good villain in him. Despite being the bad guy, however, his relationship towards Le Fou is in no way hateful. In fact, their friendship is one I considered to be one of the most interesting in the entire movie!

As for Le Fou, I dare say he was one of my favourite characters. Contrary to his original counterpart he is in no way a fool. In fact, he is the one keeping Gaston in check, knowing his best friends behaviour, trying to keep him in line while simultaneously taking his jabs and making fun of him as well. Compared to the original, their relationship is much more equal and lighthearted. Gaston is still the dreamy guy everyone is into, but he doesn’t treat Le Fou as a peace of shit for it. In fact, despite his obviously homoerotic undertones, even towards Gaston, the latter never once ridicules him for it. Not only that, but Le Fou undergoes great character growth over the course of the movie and it was a pleasure to watch.

As for the Beauty and the Beast themselves, there is not too much to say. The characters themselves weren’t changed too much and yet there was still a fresh air about them. It’s hard to explain without giving too much away. However, I can say that both of them are obviously flawed and both of them undergo a growth as well. Not only the Beast but Belle too. Instead of brushing their flaws off once the plots wants them to be in love they are openly addressed and worked on. Both parties realize their mistakes and even admit to them. It certainly was a nice, little change and I happily watched their relationship develop step by step.

As for a direct comparison of the original to the new one I can say without doubt and guilt that the new movie is better. A lot of the flaws of the original – whether due to ignorance or because of the time it was created it – were taken care off in this movie. The Stockholm Syndrome people accuse the original of is handled better and I say this with a particular conversation in mind that directly addresses the issue of freedom there is for Belle. The movie also works much better in establishing the character, their relationships and especially their pasts. You get to know more about Belle and the Beast that give you a better insight into them and explain, to a certain extend, why their relationship develops the way it does.

So, in conclusion, the movie does great in sweeping you away into a beautiful, magical world. It has a great tone, the music is catchy, the scenery is breathtaking and it hits home in just the right places. While the original was beautiful and unique to experience and is an irreplaceable part of many childhoods, it was extremely flawed. While it isn’t to say that this version is not flawed – it undeniably is – the new Beauty and the Beast managed to give you nostalgia without making the same mistakes as its predecessor. It adds a new depth and strength to our already beloved characters that make me happy in the sense of knowing that another generation will grow up with a better version of our childhood heroes.

“Courage and Daring”

A dance for Keyleth, Voice of the Tempest

Okay so I’m one of those fans who feels consistently that they don’t really contribute to the amazing art and gifs that enriches my fandom experience. Im hopeless at art and can’t make any type of gif. But I am a classically trained ballerina. Recently I was giving a choreography project at ballet, this project became this piece, inspired by ‘Knights of Cydonia’ from Marisha’s playlist. This dance represents Keyleth’s journey from naive to voice of her people. 

Thanks for watching, Critters

(Excuse the camera work, my mom isnt the best at filming)  

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Mayday || Jinyoung

Originally posted by jackseunie

Reader (you) x Jinyoung

Word Count: 2463

Warnings: mention of abuse


two years later

“Good afternoon, America!” I heard from the TV that was being played in the dressing room. Looking ahead of me, I watched the screen through the reflection of the mirror while I was being pampered for the shoot. For a year, I’ve lived in Los Angeles and pursued the dream that I’ve always wanted. I worked hard and eventually became one of the most demanded models for top brands and magazines. Not to mention that I received an undying love of fans from all around the world. I’d never imagined that becoming famous would be both rewarding but also frustrating. Rumors, paps, and stalkers were the downside of becoming well known. However, I’ve learned to deal with it from the past that I’ve experienced.

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laurajanegrace: I’m sorry. I can’t even help myself. #starwars Thanks @atomwillardisme for the camera work!!!

“I Still Want You” (Nichkhun Scenario)

Genre: romance, modern

Word count: 1 679

Warning:  none

Summary: “. I still want you. Every single day, every single night – I miss you.”

He was watching you watch him through your lenses. He wasn’t just looking at the camera, but piercing through the lenses just so that you knew he was staring right at you.

“Okay, that’s a wrap! Thank you for your hard work today!” You placed your camera on the table next to the professional laptop.

You were satisfied with the work you’ve got done in one single day. A celebration was required with lots of wine and cheese.

“Excuse me,” one of the assistants approached you carefully, “he would like to talk to you. In private.” And with that she walked away, leaving you to sigh and wonder what was going to happen. Was he actually going to take action upon all the staring?

“I heard you were looking for me,” you started, stopping in the doorstep and admiring your nails like one cold bitch that you were supposed to act like.

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Trash of a Stanchez 1980s crime AU that Spinetrick on Tumblr inspired us to do~ Rick Sanchez @luvkii_cosplay and Stanley Pines @deatharising thank you @dropthegrace for your amazing camera work! Such a good apprentice!

Made with Instagram

soooo i ve asked @kirakurapon if i could use her artwork as reference x3 thanks again for allowing me to do this! 
I used her wonderful collage AU sakura as ideal

Your art really is stunning so i feel very honored to bring one of your pictures to real life with the help of cosplay! <3
I hope you are satisfied with the result :>

I actually really like the outfit haha maybe the trash squad and i will shoot/film something collage related! at starbucks or somewhere haha.

Fanart is so very inspiring to cosplayers, so thank you Karla and every other artist out there for creating such stunning, inspiring and beautiful art! <3


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It was your first time working on such a big shoot, but you somehow lucked out landing a magazine spread with Zico of Block B. The photographer was a friend of yours who thought your designs fit the concept for the shoot so she was more than happy to bring you on board. You were nervous, anxious, and excited all at the same time. This was single handedly the most important day of your life, It was the first time your designs were going public.

The first few outfits went really well, you only had one more outfit to shoot for. You were lucky that Jiho was so energetic and friendly. For a few moments you actually forgot that you were nervous.

You shuffled about back and forth on set helping to pick the best outfit for Jiho. He sat back in the dressing room as you laid out a couple of options for him. You had an idea of what his personal style was and wanted to choose outfits that complimented him. “How about one of these?” you looked over to him, only to find him staring at you. Immediately you looked back down toward the clothes, absently smoothing down out in an attempt to hide the rising blush on your cheeks.

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anonymous asked:

what does mun look like?

Plain. Black hair, green-and-brown eyes. Extremely small. I look like a twelve year old. Actually most twelve year olds are taller than I am– I’m 149cm tall.

You think I’m joking. Nope. I was mistaken for an elementary student when I went to pick up my brother, who is my junior by ten years.

They thought I was a lost child at the last AnimeFest and I was taken to security while they looked for my parents. I had to wait for my grandparents to run up my high school ID to prove that yes, I was indeed fifteen, thank you very much.

If I can get my terrible phone camera to work I’ll post a munday selfie later.

EXO Theory Pt. 3 - MAMA 2016

Part 1 - Kyungsoo as Omnipresent | Part 2 - It’s all a dream.. | Part 4 - Baekhyun

I know, I take a long ass time to update these, but tbh I’ve been very busy. However, watching the new MV and the VCR for MAMA 2016 has been making me think a lot more about this stupid overarching plot that EXO seem to be showing through their MVs. I hate them tbh… =/

Anyway, the order of the MVs with new things included (imo) go as such:

MAMA/History/What Is Love - Miracles in December - Romantic Universe - MAMA 2016 VCR - Lucky One - Overdose - Love Me Right - Wolf/Growl - Lotto - Coming Over  -  Pathcodes/Call Me Baby - Monster  - Sing For You - MAMA 2016 Performance.

(Note: I moved Pathcodes/Call Me Baby from after Love Me Right to before Monster because I slightly changed my mind over something I haven’t actually covered in these theory posts yet. It also fits better here with revisions concerning the new stuff!)

So, I’m sure a lot of people have theories about the MAMA stuff because it was confusing and definitely story oriented. I’ve split the VCR and performance stuff (collars and ending lights going out) up as I think they’re separate. I’ll explain why!

Anyway, let’s start with the VCR. For me, the VCR is set very early on in the story. The reason I think this is because of the setting and what happens. First thing I noticed watching the VCR were the chess pieces and trees in the background:

The chess pieces have 2 possible interpretations imo. Either 1) they represent that the members are mere pieces in a larger game or 2) because the chess pieces are white and the people (inc. EXO) are in black, that they are in opposition to the forces at play. Personally, I would suggest it’s a bit of both. The trees, I’m not entirely sure what they exactly represent, but trees are a significant piece in EXO’s storyline so I would think they have some link to the Tree of Life perhaps - or at least are a visual representation of something linking the two.

Next, the guy with the red eye goes through the thing and doesn’t get a collar. The red eye I would think is very obviously eluding to the Red Forces, so it seems like they don’t need a collar. The next person to go through is deemed human and does get a red collar. And the checker writes a character under the ‘Human’ tab: 正 which (if Google translate is correct) means ‘positive’. 

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Imagine Jared being asked about you in an interview

According to Jared the program starts at 3 in the afternoon; the whole band is being interviewed in some English tv show. Sadly, I can’t watch it on tv, so I try to get some signal through internet, there are some fans that are live streaming the interview and their short presentation after the show.

I bring some chips and juice, while sitting in front of the laptop trying to get in one of the live streams, but most of them are down. I still have some time before it starts, so I’m not nervous. It’s not the first time that I’m in this situation, I’ve been with Jared for a few months and his busy life hasn’t been all that bad for our relationship, every time he comes back home, I feel renewed and all those silly butterflies fly in my stomach and I feel in the clouds.

The time comes and I’ve finally reached a decent page live streaming. I see the comments of all the enthusiastic fans at the side of the screen, most of them commenting about their experiences in concerts and talking about how much they love the guys. I laugh at some of the comments, I’m not really out about being Jared’s girlfriend, so the many speculations about Jared being with models and going out with some of his girlfriends, are pretty entertaining.

I get comfortable in the couch with my chips on my lap, the hostess announces the great band they have invited for that day and the camera shows the screaming fans in the audience.

Most of the time I surprise myself by the thought of dating someone like Jared. It was pretty obvious that I would end up dating someone involved in the media, but the idea of dating a singer never crossed my mind, especially because I work for a radio station interviewing politicians. I have my little segment in the morning for the people going to work; I read the newspaper, talk about what’s going on in the social media and that sort of stuff, typical morning show. During the afternoon it was full of shows for teens, with music guests, news about teen idols, gossips etc. That’s how I met Jared. After the usual afternoon meeting planning the show for the next day, I bumped into this blond-haired guy with dark roots all over his head. At first I didn’t understand what was going on with his hair, so I just stood with a coffee on my hands, next to one of the secretaries at the main lobby staring at his head for a few minutes before actually realizing he was staring at me too. When he started getting closer to me, I noticed a nervous shivering coming down my spine, and that’s when I knew that this weird fellow would put my life upside down. Actually, you know what? No, that wasn’t the exact moment.

“Hey, I’m Jared” That was the moment; when his hand in front of me, waiting to be shake, went straight to his hair when it didn’t received a response from my part.

“You okay?” He asked me with a polite smile “You look…”

“I’m okay, sorry, I was just…” My eyes went straight to his hair again “Did you forgot your hair dye or something?”

That was the first time I heard his laugh, with his eyes glued to mine and even after he stopped laughing he didn’t separate his eyes from mine. After that the story is pretty simple, coffee, dinner, movies, etc.

It has been a really crazy 10 months, most of the time with Jared at the other side of the world, but I love him, and he loves me too, so that makes it worth it.

The hostess announces the band and I see how they run to the studio; on their way to the center of it they shake hands and hug the fans. I know I shouldn’t be jealous of these kids, but I haven’t seen Jared in a few weeks and I miss him more than I would like to recognize.

“Welcome guys! How are you today?”

“A bit tired” Jared answers, with a small laugh, the guys agree with him.

The three of them are wearing sunglasses and I know is no joke, they work so much, especially Jared, I don’t know how he stands with a smile in front of a camera when he probably slept two hours. And I’m not talking about this interview, it’s always like this with him. He’s always apologizing with me for not spending much time together, but I understand his work. I knew the conditions, he told me everything about his life before I accepted going out with him and I had no problem then, and I don’t have any now.

“So, tomorrow, big show coming, right?”

“Yeah, Reading Festival” Shannon answers “We are really excited”

“Our second time in the festival” Tomo adds.

“Something especial prepared for tomorrow?!”The girl asks and I notice her eyes on Jared, waiting for an answer.

“Just a show you will never forget” Jared assures looking at the camera.

A few more questions about the tour and the girl announces a short cut for commercials. I reach my phone and text Jared.

*You look tired, is everything ok?* I ask him, a few seconds pass before I receive a reply.

*We stayed up all night planning the show. Why didn’t you tell me you were going to watch the interview?*

*You listen to my show even when you are at the end of the world, why wouldn’t I watch one of your interviews?*

*Fair point. I gotta go, I’ll call you later*

A few seconds later the show starts again, and I notice Jared’s smile to the camera. He’s smiling to me.

These kind of interviews are always pretty short, so it doesn’t surprise me when the hostess start rushing some of the fans in the audience who will ask some questions to the guys.

“Hey guys!” The first girl says with a big smile and a thick Scottish accent, the guys reply to her and wait for the question “Is there any possibility of you playing some old songs tomorrow?”

“You going tomorrow?” Shannon asks, and the girl nods with a wider smile.

“What song?” Tomo asks this time, I know they already have the list of songs they will play, but adding one more is always a possibility.

“Attack” She answers.

“Consider it done” Jared finally replies and gives her a quick hug.

The fans are really nice, and ask polite questions to the guys. When I first started dating Jared, I didn’t know anything about his band, pretty obvious if you analyze the kind of work I have, I’m probably the most boring 20 something year old girl in the whole planet. Anyway, I was really surprised with the relationship they had with the fans, it ain’t that common these days, when bands just want to sell records and concert tickets. The whole thing bring memories of my first 30 Seconds to Mars concert, the adrenaline running through my veins, the excitement, everything.

“Congratulations on your wedding, Tomo” A small girl says and Tomo comes closer to hug her. When he comes back with the band, the girl talks again “So, we were just wondering if Jared and Shannon were dating anyone?”

The brothers look each other and I can see Shannon smirk.

Our relationship is something we wanted to be private, no cameras, no paparazzis, just as private as it could be. And it had worked pretty well for us, I knew some pictures were taken one day we were going out of a supermarket, but we weren’t even that close to make people think that there was something between us. But is Jared, and his personal life has always been really private, so people is always talking about it.

“I’m single” Shannon clarifies and leaves Jared looking at the girl, probably debating himself on how to answer to the question.

“What about you, Jared?” The hostess asks him with a smile on his face, and I’ve been around too many journalist and tv hosts to know that she has something up her sleeve.

“Well…” He starts and a nervous smile appears on his face.

“We’ve got some pictures from a few weeks ago” The girl says taunting him. I knew it.

The picture that appears on screen was probably taken with a mobile phone, and shows Jared and I walking out of Jared’s favourite veggie restaurant in Downtown LA. It was really late, and the streets were pretty empty, we thought no one would be able to spot us. Apparently we were wrong.

When the camera focus on Jared’s face he looks pretty shocked, and I know I have the same expression on my face.

In the picture we are just outside the restaurant and Jared’s arm rests over my shoulders, his lips leaving a small kiss in one of my temples. Nothing unusual, it’s just weird looking at my face on camera, in an English tv show.

“A friend of yours?” The girl asks, the camera goes back to Jared.

“Not really” He says, his eyes watching the floor. A small smile on his face and I swear I can see a little redness on his cheeks.

The guys look really shocked by his answer and I am too. Is he going to admit it? Maybe deny it? I’m on the edge of my sit.

“Oh God, is Jared admitting that he has a relationship?” The hostess looks as shocked as everybody else in the studio.

“Maybe” He answers finally looking at the girl.


“Yes or no!” Someone screams in the audience and everybody bursts in laughter, but I’m not laughing. I can’t laugh, I’m just looking at the screen waiting for a concrete answer. Yes or no.

“There’s this thing called personal life, you know?” He teases the crowd.

“By all the things you say, I can imply that in fact, you are in a relationship” The girl keeps insisting and I just want to punch her right in her perfect nose.

“I’m happy, that’s all you need to know”

Jared puts down the microphone and smiles at the girl who wants to keep asking and teasing, I can see it on her face, and I’m hating her for that.

The next fan comes with her question and the whole interview continues. I’ve been in the same position through the whole questioning, and when I get back to my previous position I notice how tense I am. No one mentions me again and I thank the fact that I work behind the cameras and the show can only be seen in the UK. I don’t want people following me and asking me questions about Jared, our relationship has always been a thing between the both of us and I want to keep it that way.

When they leave the interview, with the promise of coming back in a few minutes to perform, I take my phone waiting for a call from Jared… a phone call that never comes.

I mute the live stream, and lie on the couch with my eyes glued to the phone. I want to call him, ask him how he feels, I know he will be feeling a little overrun, but wouldn’t it be too obvious that after those questions his lovebird would be calling him?

The phone finally rings and I answer without even looking who it is.


“It’s Emma” I hear her voice through the other side, I check the name on the screen and it’s hers “Everything is ok, they are preparing themselves for the performance”

“Is everything really ok?” I ask her, knowing that Jared would say anything to make me feel alright.

“Yeah, he asked me to call you. He’s alright, it caught us out of guard, but we’ll figure out what to do next. Jared will call you when the show is over”

I hang the phone and watch the rest of the show waiting for Jared and the band. I try to calm myself down and try to believe Emma’s words. He’s alright, I have to be alright too.

The hostess proudly presents the band again, and Jared’s face appear on the screen. He’s not wearing his sunglasses now, and is looking straight at the camera.

“I thought it would be fun to dedicate this next song to the lady in the picture, I know you are watching, this one’s for you”

Jared says with a smirk on his face before the guys start playing Closer to the Edge. I lie on the couch again with the laptop on my lap and smile at his silly words and his amazing performance. My life will always be a roller coaster next to him, and I couldn’t be more pleased with that.