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“Courage and Daring”

A dance for Keyleth, Voice of the Tempest

Okay so I’m one of those fans who feels consistently that they don’t really contribute to the amazing art and gifs that enriches my fandom experience. Im hopeless at art and can’t make any type of gif. But I am a classically trained ballerina. Recently I was giving a choreography project at ballet, this project became this piece, inspired by ‘Knights of Cydonia’ from Marisha’s playlist. This dance represents Keyleth’s journey from naive to voice of her people. 

Thanks for watching, Critters

(Excuse the camera work, my mom isnt the best at filming)  

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Gosh,I really don't mean to complain right away,I'm very thankful we're able to watch the Wings tour.But the camera work...I see this too often with their performances. When there is heavy choreography, there should be simple camera work.Still, filming from the front, taking everyone into frame works best I think.Occasional close up is fine, but this.. So many of their killing parts are lost.There is a reason people like their practise videos so much.They are filmed like they're ment to be seen.

I think they should start hiring fansite masters as camera directors. I say that I say nothing. 

What the camera man should capture

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What the camera man decides to capture

At the end, I always end up searching for the fan cam



Cool carving!

From @sharon_g_pottery - Carved a ton of mugs this weekend! Small miracle since it was pretty warm at the festival 😅 #mugshotmonday
🔪tool by @diamondcoretools
🎥thanks to @thewesterngroup_brian for the awesome camera work👍#ceramics #pottery #handmade #madeinoregon #madeinportland #greenware #wip #workinprogress #wheelthrown #mug #carved #handcarved #satisfying #clay #porcelain #flowers #poppi #pattern #texture #tableware #howto #howitsmade #salemartfair #salemartfairandfestival

#potterymaking #carving #art #craft

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Summer Fun p3 by Anonymous

I rolled the video cam and she rolled the top of her suit down to her hips. She stood up slowly, with the tide barley hitting her feet and walk toward the camera. She then dropped to her knees and slowly to the sand, nipples first. Then she rolled over and peeled off the rest of her suit while looking up at the homes that were covered in picture windows. Then looking at the camera began master baiting. Just about that time, a County pickup trucked pulled into the lot over looking our shoot. The man got out of the truck, stood there and watched. she stood up completely naked and continued to intensely bang herself. She was facing the lake and had no idea he was there as it was too far up to hear the truck pull in. After a few minutes She turned around, looked up with embarrassment smiled and waved. He could see we were shooting a video so didn&rsquo;t look surprised. Just waved back and watched her get dressed. We then packed up and walked up the steps to the parking lot. He was still standing there so we greeted him and he told her how beautiful she was. Needless to say, she was in her glory. <br />

The next spring we would return to find major road construction in front of our place. This meant many men in our yard and along the road front. There was a blacktop roller stationed in front of our place. The door was wide open, so I asked her to undress and stand in front of the door. There was what looked to be a supervisor station on top of the roller. The sun was bright so I don&rsquo;t believe he could see her. You&rsquo;d have to be much closer to the home. I told her to close her eyes and fantasize while master baiting. I was sitting next to the door so I could only see the side of the yard. A young kid (turned out to be a college student with a summer job) entered the yard with a can of spray paint. He was painting a line all the way up to our porch. He had stopped at the porch and she opened her eyes. They were face to face. Being startled, it took a minute then she reached for the door handle and invited him in. Completely naked offered him something cool to drink, he declined and stepped toward her. Because his eyes hadn&rsquo;t adjusted to the change of light yet he suddenly notice me sitting there. She then looked at me and I just nodded to the two of them. She dropped to her knees, unzipped his shorts and pulled them down around his ankles. She had a very wide eyed, pleased look on her face As he was much bigger than me or inticapated. She took his cock in her hands and looked at me with a smile of thanks. I grabbed my video camera and went to work as her mouth opened wide and slowly jammed his entire cock in her mouth. I never thought this could turn me on but it did. She sucked and fucked this kid for at least thirty minutes. Not one for swallowing, she tried her best to hold his cum in her mouth. Then looked at the camera and I swear, a cup of cum pored down the front of her, soaking her tits. He stayed little time afterwards, grabbing his clothes to get back on the job while she layed naked, looking extremely satisfied covered in his cum. As he was leaving, he asked if he could stop by tomorrow, she said, that would be awesome. With a very pleased look and massaging his cum on her tits she asked me if I was OK. I told her (being the professional) I&rsquo;ve got some awesome footage. She got in the shower where she remained for what felt like forever as I hooked up the VCR. This was far beyond what either of us had ever planned but I looked at it as thirty minutes of life that came and went. Later we sat on the floor naked and watched the video. She sat between my legs watching the event as I caressed her pussy. She was so turned on by the video and so grateful for the experience.

Shipwatch Week - Day 4 - Hana/Sombra

The disguise was the easiest part of Sombra’s plan. First she dyed her hair to the dullest shade of brown she could get on the market. Something which invoked the color of dried mud. Then all she had to do was part her hair down the middle to give the illusion of a normal bob. A little concealer to cover her cybernetics and viola! She looked, dare she say, average? But that wasn’t enough.

 Next came the matter of makeup. Going without might not be enough to hide her identity. No, she needed to put as much distance between her disguise and the skilled makeup artist which was Sombra, master hacker. The answer was simple: She asked Efi to apply the makeup for her. The end result was an absolute disaster of clashing colors and unsteady hands. The perfect look of someone who wanted to look nice but didn’t know how.

 The last part, the outfit, was the easiest. Sombra just wore one of Hana’s hoodies. That didn’t require any extra work at all, considering she stole one right after they started dating. Now that she thought about it, stealing each other’s clothes seemed to be a cornerstone of Overwatch. Well, losing a few articles of clothes was a small sacrifice for being on the winning team. Hoodie, bad makeup, and dull hair in place Sombra moved to the final part of her plan.

 The part she really didn’t want to do. Was afraid to do. Would never have done in a million years if it wasn’t for Hana’s sake. Sombra thought of her girlfriend as she reached over and turned the computer on. On the screen was the Weekly Charity Chat already in full swing, the video game Hana was playing right before she got sick, and a video feed of Sombra’s own disguised face. The chat hung for a second before exploding in a stream of confused emojis and violent demands for answers.

 The things she did for the woman she loved.

 Sombra took a deep breath to fight down the part of her mind that was screaming for this to stop, that the camera could see her, that so many people could see her, and spoke in the most American accent she could muster.  “Hello! My name is Alice, and I will be filling in for D.Va on this week’s charity stream! I’m sorry she couldn’t make it but she’s sick in bed and under strict orders to rest.”

 The chat wavered between death threats and unwanted sexual advances before settling on arguing among themselves if ‘Alice’ was the so-called mysterious girlfriend of myth and legend. Sombra made a mental note to destroy all of their computers later if only for Hana’s sake. “I’m going to be picking up last week’s game. Don’t worry, I’m starting my own save. I know better than to step on someone else’s file. Also because Lilith is a way, way better character than Roland.”

 Sombra picked up the controller and focused on the game. Not the chat, not the camera pointed directly on her face, just the game. This was fine. No one knew who she really was. Nobody important was watching. All she had to do was play this antique video game for an hour. Afterwards she could go bring Hana some soup or tea or literally anything that wasn’t soda and chips. She just had to focus on playing.

 Focus on the game. Not the camera. Not the camera not the fact anyone could see her what if they saw her what if they were watching the stream what if they knew what if-  

 “Heeeeey Sparkles! Whatcha doing?”

 Hana’s arms were around Sombra before she even realized the other woman was out of her bed. Sombra only had a fraction of a second to brace herself before Hana more or less collapsed against her. She could feel heat radiating off of her girlfriend despite the three blankets separating the two of them.

 “Conejo!” Sombra hissed in her normal accent. “Get back to bed!”

 “Nooo,” Hana whined. “I have to do my charity stream. For the kiiiiiiids.”

 Sombra looked back at the computer screen. The chat was going too fast to read, only slowed down by the occasional hastily drawn photo of her and Hana kissing. She was honestly shocked that they weren’t no, wait, there was the porn. Hana let out an overly dramatic gasp as she dropped her head on Sombra’s shoulder. “You’re still warm. Go back to bed.”

 “Sparkleeeees! You’re doing the stream! That’s, wait, you don’t, um, camera.” Hana shifted her arms around Sombra. “Honey? Are you okay?”

 Sombra gripped the controller in her hands tighter. “As you said, it’s for the kids.”

 Hana kissed Sombra’s neck, her lips feeling almost red-hot from the fever. Without a care for the thousands of viewers watching them she trailed the kisses up to Sombra’s ear and whispered, “Don’t worry Sparkles, I’ll thank you for your hard work later when there’s no cameras around.”

 “And after your fever breaks.” Sombra calmly moved Hana’s hand off her thigh and twisted around enough to give her a kiss on the cheek. “Now go back to bed.”

 “Ugh, fine .” Hana stood back up and, after wobbling a bit, pointed straight at the camera. “You all better be nice to my girl while I’m recovering! And donate extra ‘cause she’s just that amazing and beautiful and I think I’m going to go pass out now. G’night y’all.”

 Sombra kept an eye on Hana while she stumbled off in the direction of her bed. She waited until the telltale sound of snoring started up before returning to the game. The chat didn’t seem too interested in the game anymore, but Sombra didn’t mind. As long as they were donating that’s all that mattered. And if they didn’t donate then Sombra would have no choice but to hack into their various bank accounts and make them donate. It was for the kids, after all.


laurajanegrace: I’m sorry. I can’t even help myself. #starwars Thanks @atomwillardisme for the camera work!!!

EXO Theory Pt. 3 - MAMA 2016

Part 1 - Kyungsoo as Omnipresent | Part 2 - It’s all a dream.. | Part 4 - Baekhyun | Part 5 - KoKoBop and the XiuHo Connection |  Part 5.5 - ECLIPSE?!

I know, I take a long ass time to update these, but tbh I’ve been very busy. However, watching the new MV and the VCR for MAMA 2016 has been making me think a lot more about this stupid overarching plot that EXO seem to be showing through their MVs. I hate them tbh… =/

Anyway, the order of the MVs with new things included (imo) go as such:

MAMA/History/What Is Love - Miracles in December - Romantic Universe - MAMA 2016 VCR - Lucky One - Overdose - Love Me Right - Wolf/Growl - Lotto - Coming Over  -  Pathcodes/Call Me Baby - Monster  - Sing For You - MAMA 2016 Performance.

(Note: I moved Pathcodes/Call Me Baby from after Love Me Right to before Monster because I slightly changed my mind over something I haven’t actually covered in these theory posts yet. It also fits better here with revisions concerning the new stuff!)

So, I’m sure a lot of people have theories about the MAMA stuff because it was confusing and definitely story oriented. I’ve split the VCR and performance stuff (collars and ending lights going out) up as I think they’re separate. I’ll explain why!

Anyway, let’s start with the VCR. For me, the VCR is set very early on in the story. The reason I think this is because of the setting and what happens. First thing I noticed watching the VCR were the chess pieces and trees in the background:

The chess pieces have 2 possible interpretations imo. Either 1) they represent that the members are mere pieces in a larger game or 2) because the chess pieces are white and the people (inc. EXO) are in black, that they are in opposition to the forces at play. Personally, I would suggest it’s a bit of both. The trees, I’m not entirely sure what they exactly represent, but trees are a significant piece in EXO’s storyline so I would think they have some link to the Tree of Life perhaps - or at least are a visual representation of something linking the two.

Next, the guy with the red eye goes through the thing and doesn’t get a collar. The red eye I would think is very obviously eluding to the Red Forces, so it seems like they don’t need a collar. The next person to go through is deemed human and does get a red collar. And the checker writes a character under the ‘Human’ tab: 正 which (if Google translate is correct) means ‘positive’. 

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I'm super happy you're back! You're one of my favorite people in the fallout fandom I missed you a ton. That being said, I had an idea? How would Piper react if she found a real working Polaroid camera?

Ahh thank you so much!! I haven’t heard anything from you in a while, how’ve you been?? :D


There was some strange rustling noises in the other room of the abandoned building Sole and Diamond City’s one and only reporter had bunkered down in. A mean radstorm was thundering overhead and this was the closest building they could run into, which appeared to be an old decaying grocery store of some kind. While Sole was getting the fire going and Dogmeat was helping by smartly curling up on their sleeping bag, Piper had wandered off into an adjacent room to forage. Whether it was for sugar bombs or nuka colas or caps or even for some new ink for her press, Sole couldn’t tell. But when a squeal erupted from the doorway, both Dogmeat and Sole’s heads snapped up in alarm. “You alright in there, Piper?” They didn’t receive a reply and so they quickly hurried over, gun drawn and an alert Dogmeat at their heels. “Piper?”

“Blue, look!” She came running from around a tall stack of boxes, a huge grin on her face as she held up her prize. “I found a camera! And it looks like it actually works!”

Sole, who was used to the existence of such a device, simply laughed and rolled their eyes good-naturedly at the enthusiastic reporter, giving Dogmeat a gentle scratch. “And what are you going to-”


“Ha! Wow!” All Sole could see was the imprint of light for a few moments as Piper kept fussing over her new prize, vigorously poking Sole’s shoulder when the picture finally printed. “Look!”

It was a surprisingly good photo, considering it was her first time and that the camera itself was over two centuries old. The green light from the radstorm leaking in through broken windows cast the image in a dreary green colour while the light from the fire in the room behind contrasted Sole and Dogmeat’s silhouettes in a background of dark orange and black. “That’s…wow, Piper. That’s really good.”

“You wanna know the best part?” She asked and the tone of which she used had Sole’s suspicions skyrocket because normally, that tone means trouble.


The reporter grinned and led Sole around the tower of packages before she stopped and pointed at a particularly large pile of intact boxes, a cheeky grin on her face. “I’m going to cache in on all those favours you owe me for carting around all your scrap, Blue. This-” She gestured to the pile of boxes almost as tall as Sole themselves, each of them containing cameras similar to the one the reporter held in her hands. “Is all gonna come back with me to the Publick Occurrences.”

The look on Sole’s face was priceless. Good thing she finally had a working camera to catch it with - guess which picture was going up on her wall!

soooo i ve asked @kirakurapon if i could use her artwork as reference x3 thanks again for allowing me to do this! 
I used her wonderful collage AU sakura as ideal

Your art really is stunning so i feel very honored to bring one of your pictures to real life with the help of cosplay! <3
I hope you are satisfied with the result :>

I actually really like the outfit haha maybe the trash squad and i will shoot/film something collage related! at starbucks or somewhere haha.

Fanart is so very inspiring to cosplayers, so thank you Karla and every other artist out there for creating such stunning, inspiring and beautiful art! <3


Trash of a Stanchez 1980s crime AU that Spinetrick on Tumblr inspired us to do~ Rick Sanchez @luvkii_cosplay and Stanley Pines @deatharising thank you @dropthegrace for your amazing camera work! Such a good apprentice!

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“I Still Want You” (Nichkhun Scenario)

Genre: romance, modern

Word count: 1 679

Warning:  none

Summary: “. I still want you. Every single day, every single night – I miss you.”

He was watching you watch him through your lenses. He wasn’t just looking at the camera, but piercing through the lenses just so that you knew he was staring right at you.

“Okay, that’s a wrap! Thank you for your hard work today!” You placed your camera on the table next to the professional laptop.

You were satisfied with the work you’ve got done in one single day. A celebration was required with lots of wine and cheese.

“Excuse me,” one of the assistants approached you carefully, “he would like to talk to you. In private.” And with that she walked away, leaving you to sigh and wonder what was going to happen. Was he actually going to take action upon all the staring?

“I heard you were looking for me,” you started, stopping in the doorstep and admiring your nails like one cold bitch that you were supposed to act like.

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It was your first time working on such a big shoot, but you somehow lucked out landing a magazine spread with Zico of Block B. The photographer was a friend of yours who thought your designs fit the concept for the shoot so she was more than happy to bring you on board. You were nervous, anxious, and excited all at the same time. This was single handedly the most important day of your life, It was the first time your designs were going public.

The first few outfits went really well, you only had one more outfit to shoot for. You were lucky that Jiho was so energetic and friendly. For a few moments you actually forgot that you were nervous.

You shuffled about back and forth on set helping to pick the best outfit for Jiho. He sat back in the dressing room as you laid out a couple of options for him. You had an idea of what his personal style was and wanted to choose outfits that complimented him. “How about one of these?” you looked over to him, only to find him staring at you. Immediately you looked back down toward the clothes, absently smoothing down out in an attempt to hide the rising blush on your cheeks.

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