thanks for bringing me into this new world

f(x) is gonna release the official fandom name soon. f(x) fans will finally have a name like this is so unreal. I just wanna take a sec to thank sm for creating f(x) I mean I still hate you but I guess you’re aight,I wanna thank f(x) for being f(x), my parents for bringing me into this world and giving me a temporary name until f(x) gave me a new one, i wanna thank @god for letting me live long enough to see this moment and blessing the world with f(x)…

msamberpriley Series wrap on glee. 6 seasons and today I said goodbye. Thank you Glee. Thank you so much for giving me life. For growth and experiences. For let downs and some of the highest points that I will ever reach in life. Thank you for a new family and a new passion. From here on out all I have are the best memories and lessons that I will carry with me forever. I love you all. I’m all cried out lol so I will say goodnight. Life, BRING IT! I’ve had the best training in the world lol I ain’t neva scared! Goodnight you beautiful people that have supported us for 6 seasons! I love you!

The ritual of gratitude.
We need to take a large white candle, write a needle on it “thanks” and anoint the essential oil of sandalwood. Then light a candle and say the words of gratitude:

“Thank the ground - for patience and gifts.
Thank the air - for the inspiration and flight.
Thank the heavens - for prosperity in this world.
Thank the water - for the senses and movement.
Thank the fire - for a new spark inside.
Thank the life - for abundance and happiness
Which fills me more and more every day.
So may it be!”

Let the candle burn for about an hour. Light this candle every time you feel joy and pronounce this words of gratitude. This ritual will bring positive energy in your life.


Hello!! I’m Vih, and me and Ellis (musketqueers) are doing a new attempt at helping In The Flesh BBC getting renewed.

We all know how fantastic the show is and our fandom is getting bigger by the second, but BBC3 is being cancelled and, even after the amazing #SaveInTheFlesh campaign that is still bringing new people to this amazing world, they didn’t say anything about renewing it. The proposal is this: we’re going to do a video with reasons why the fandom loves the show and why it should get a season 3. It’s going to have lots of short videos of the fans gathered up in a two minutes videos (maybe three depending on how many people send videos) and we will be posting it on youtube. The video should be of 1 minute or under without music and submitted by August 31st. 

If you wanna help the project, which would be so very awesome of you, we are trying to think of a name for it, so send us some suggestions! We going to make a especial blog for it once we have the name so it can be more organized. Hopefully by next week it would be ready.

Have a nice day and thank you for reading!!


Update: Ok i’m gonna edit the original post because no one seems to have seen the other update. We have a name for the project now, it’s called “The Third Rising Project” (TTRP for short) thanks to acciosherlockinthetardis that gave us the suggestion and it also has an official blog that tumblr refuses to let me publish the name, so i’m gonna post it tomorrow and ask for the big ITF blogs to reblog so everyone can see it. 


October 31, 2016

Firstly: Happy Halloween!

Secondly: It is, unbelievably, Evil Supply Co.’s fourth birthday.

Every day I feel the pressure of “go faster, get better, build more, write more, draw more, make more.” But on hallowed days, such as Halloween, it is time to take a deep, sepulchral breath and enjoy the progress made.

We have explored more stories with friends (Strawberry and her wife, Red Kelp). We have met new friends (Lemon Peel). And more names on each side.

We launched a newspaper. We have published dozens of stories and quotes and quips and thoughts and rambles and pictures and this and that.

We’ve launched stationery bits and pins and patches and refined and made better. Letters have been written, cards and scare packages and gifts and love notes and all manner of things have transversed the world.

This has been an amazing adventure and I feel incredibly lucky to be able to explore the Netherworld and bring you all with me.

Thank you.

I raise my root beer float in toast to every witch, every monster, every shadow, every ghoul, every ghast, ghost, scientist, engineer, grave digger, skeleton, cursed thing, demon, howling wind, haunted forest – to every one and every thing that keeps a bit of evil in their cold, black heart, soul gem, reliquary, or assorted other emotion-depository.

Happy Halloween!

NDRV3 Theory - The Disease

First off, I’m wanted to thank @the-shipping-lord​​ and @linoslav​​ for inspiring and helping me to bring to life the most bizarre theory I’ve ever created. You’ve probably realized already from the title and the images where I’m coming from. We still don’t have enough information about this whole new danganronpa world yet, but from everything we’ve come to know until now, one of the most reasonable ideas I could come up with was a “zombie apocalypse”. You’re completely free to disagree with me, but it’s unfair to deny it solely for the fact of being a “cliché” theme, since time travel is as cliché as zombie apocalypses. 

Actually, it would be better if I just say that the Mastermind, the one controlling Monokuma, developed some sort of ultimate “despair decease” that could transform humans into irrational animals, the “zombies”. The purpose of these zombie-like creatures is to spread despair and exterminate the hope of the universe. This description probably makes them remind you a lot of the Remnants of Despair. Except that they can’t even pretend to behave like normal human beings as they basically function like irrational zombies whose only goal is to spread destruction, chaos and despair to a deserted and desolated post-apocalyptic world. 

Of course I didn’t just pick this theme at random. Therefore, I will explain why a stupid idea like a “zombie apocalypse” would be a plausible option for now. Please, keep in mind this is just a theory.

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Remaking Queenelinor!

Hi, everyone! I know I made a post about this, but here’s an updated one. 

My blog briannathestrnage was accidentally deleted (i remade it though). Queenelinor was a sideblog on it. Everything was wiped, posts and followers alike. My goal for this blog is to bring pretty much everything back to it–including FOLLOWERS!

If you liked my content, it would mean the world if you followed again! Or, if you’re totally new to my blog, take a look around and maybe you’ll like enough to follow! 

As of right now, the posts on my page are not in the order they were originally created in, but I WILL be creating new content and more gif-remakes. There’s some work to do, but it will be done.

Thanks for reading! Reblogging this post would help spread the word! You can also find me on on main at @briannathestrange because I remade it!


Female leopard with steenbok in the Timbavati in South Africa bringing home food to her 2 cubs. Shot for my @natgeo Leopard story. @stevewinterphoto Our natural world is simply perfect and incredibly amazing. And without it we as humans cannot survive - we need to wake up and save the nature that we depend on for our oxygen, water and food - life itself. If we save big cats we can help save ourselves. #follow me @stevewinterphoto to see other images, thanks! @natgeo @natgeowild @thephotosociety @natgeocreative #bigcatsforever #ivoryfree #wildaid #bigcatsforever #beauty #me #follow #love #leopards @wildaid #photooftheday #startwith1thing #picoftheday #smile #beauty #friends #instamood #instafollow #1withnature #5forbigcats

☛ New Photography from Steve Winter


Happy New Year! 🎆

2015 was a great book-year for me, with 60 books read! Counting rereads, that number rises to 71. Here is a link if you want to check out some more fun things about what I read this year 📚.

I just wanted to take this moment to say how thankful I am to each and every one of you. At New Year’s last year I had just reached 1,000 followers. I could never have guessed that one year later that number would be over 23,000. Your support means the world to me, and is often the thing that makes me smile on a bad day.

I hope your 2016 is wonderful and brings you joy.

//Love from L

Happy Anniversary, Y’all!

Exactly one year ago today, I posted my very first part to my very first fic. I had zero followers and no idea what I was getting into.

Today, there are 13,500 of you wonderful, incredible humans who have found something about my blog worth following. Because of you, I have been able to explore a creative side I didn’t know I had, tell stories and get lost in characters I love. Because of you, I always have something to bring a smile to my face, even on rough days. Because of you, I have met some of my closest friends. Because of you, I have written a novel. Because of you, a whole new world has been opened up, and I have no idea what I ever did without you.

I can’t even begin to say thank you, or what this milestone means to me, or how much I hope this is only the start. So I’m just gonna hug you.

Thank you. I love you. So much.


Today, 5th of August, 9 years ago, a girl group consisting of 9 members from SM Entertainment, debuted.

Today, 5th of August, 9 years ago, a girl group debuted without knowing they’re gonna be some people’s source of strength and happiness.

Today, 5th of August, 9 years ago, a group of girls debuted without knowing they’re gonna be the life of lots of people.

Today, 5th of August, 9 years ago, a girl group debuted without having any idea that they’re gonna be my source of strength and happiness, my queens and legends,

they had no idea that they’re gonna be my life.

Today, 5th of August, 9 years ago, they stood on stage officially for the first time, with the 9 of them,

they saved my life, they colored it up, they changed it.

They brought me Into The New World, with their Divine beings, they made my life Complete, they are my Tinkerbells in the sky, and our bond is Indestructible.

Thank you for bringing me here, into a wonderful new world, into a better new me. Thank you for every drop of sweat fallen from the tip of of your chin, for every drop of tear fallen from your beautiful eyes, for every second you’ve spent singing, dancing, entertaining us. We truly appreciated it and can’t do enough to give them back to you. We are nothing without you, and we’re lucky enough to make it vice versa.

There will be a storm and we’ll overcome it together, there will be joy and we’ll enjoy it together. SONEs will, as your hope, as your source of strength and happiness. We will.

Thank you for coming into my life, cause if it’s not because of you, i wouldn’t have had the life i’m having right now. I wouldn’t have been the me as i am right now.

Happy 9th year anniversary, my angels, queens, legends, inspiration, life saviors. I’ll stay here for you for as long as i can,

Because for now, in the future, and forever, it’s

Girls’ Generation.

When you are a very big fan fic reader like myself… it is very easy to spot the true masterpieces and gems in the writing world. I can say without a doubt this is the best fanfic I have ever read and I recommend all pearlmethyst shippers and connverse shippers to read. THIS DESERVES A NEWBERRY PRIZE NO QUESTIONS ASKED THIS WORK IS FAR BETTER THAN THOSE OF JD SALINGER AND GEORGE ORWELL AND BRINGS ME TRUE DIVINE TEARS OF A WHOLE NEW REALM. I hope you may experience the same on this reading adventure. thank you.


I just want to take a second to say that I think my role playing has really come a long way in such a short time. I mean this in more ways then one. I had no idea what I was doing when I started. I was just following instructions, reading up on characters and headcanons to learn as much as I could. At the start, I couldn’t even curl my hair or do scar makeup at all. Andy had to do it for me. Now I set myself up every time, and I’ve gotten much better at hopping right into character.

Thank you @girlswillbeboys11 and @siriusly-not-over-remus for bringing me into this wonderful part of the world, and thank you to all the rest of my new friends for making it even better!

Happy New Year, my darling cupcakes!

One of my New Year resolutions is trying to be more organised, therefore I’ve decided to start practising and write this in advance as I know I probably won’t be able to get to my laptop either on the Eve or the 1st.

I wish you all an amazing 2015. I’ve been going through a bit of a rough time lately and every single one of you has made my 2014 brighter and happier. I genuinely am so thankful and love you for that. May the new year bring you all the dreams and achievements you’re pursuing, and may it also bring you all the joy and love in the world. Sending warm hugs to all of you! <3

I’m tagging my best friends and a few of my favourite blogs here but this is by no means a restrictive list. This goes out to all of you. For my memory might fail me more often than not but I want you all to know that you are loved and very much appreciated for being nothing but your amazing selves - which is more than enough to make me love you guys. 


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The amount of people I’m talking to now, asking for my opinions, people wanting to scream with me, anon or not anons… I love you all!

This is why I love the Sherlock fandom so much.

One new episode. 90 minutes. And it is enough to bring hundreds, thousands, maybe even more, people around the world together again. And I’m having so much fun! Thank you all. You have no idea how much I needed this. 

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Nothing makes me more anxious than not knowing if Taylor is bringing the 1989 world tour to New Zealand. I need it to come here, for myself, for Lydia ( inwonderland-webothwentmad ) & Jess ( swiftlovestory ) , for all the dedicated fans who love and support you taylorswift . I promise that it will be worth the trip, I promise that we will welcome you with open arms. Please know that I love you very much my friend. Thank you so much for every thing you have done and I hope to see you soon xx

*SIGH* ... and this is why i hate people sometimes. (TVD Rant)

Michael Trevino: “Congrats to @natebuzz on the new pilot. Well deserved.  So can we stop with the World Wide Trending Topics now Twitter?”  

Nathaniel: @Michael_Trevino haha thanks Michael. Kol’s not gonna be happy about this… 

Fans:  Aww even you noticed Kol’s fans?! He has a lot of them :) 

Carina MacKenzie (TVD writer):  @Michael_Trevino  Trevino please bring Kol back 

Me: …..Really? REALLY CARINA. You continue to mock Kol's fans?! Get OVER yourself and your LAMEASS TV show that only EXISTS because of the FANS. FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THAT IS HOLY. I’m DISGUSTED with the way the writers of the TV show mock fans on a continual basis. 

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Help Calvin Attend a Summer Intensive!
Hey friends! I'm Calvin Tjosaas, and I've been studying classical ballet and modern dance for the past five years. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to consider developing my passion for the art into a career until recently, having lacked the much-needed emotional and financial support of my family...

Asking the internet for financial support is new to me, but dammit, I’m hoping so hard for this. If you’d like to support a transgender ballet/modern dancer transition his passion into a career and bring some more queer representation into the dance world, I’d very much appreciate reading my full description and considering a donation of a few dollars. If you can’t afford to contribute, I’d be just as thankful to have this post reblogged.


Downloaded this incredible Middle Earth world by @crowkeeperthesimmer & @sims3medieval today

        ✨  I was amazed just looking around!! 🌳 💜
A big thanks to the creatorsThe village ofBree is perfect for the 17th century Salem setting I need for my story. Theres also so many enchanting places that can help me bring in fantasy and magic into my series! Theres literally lots that resemble heaven and hell! This world will be used much more in season 7 of Witches Of Moonlight Falls. 🎃

The witch walking through Salem town in the last picture is a new character I made. A blessed welcome to; Anne Hale  Anne is my favourite character from @salemwgna tv show.💕 )