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Fan Fiction Writers Appreciation Day

Dear Fanfiction writers,

You are awesome!

You manage to send me off into my favourite universes, even when I don’t have time to game.

Each story brings a new perspective, a new insight for the world and its characters.

You make me appreciate things I haven’t even noticed before, thus even enhancing my gaming experience when I’ll go at it the next time. Heck, you even enhance my RL experience, when you write about things I never thought about!

Your make me squeal in joy, cry in sadness, blush in nsfw-ness.

From the bottom of my fangirl heart – thank you!
May your inspiration never cease!


lvfics  asked:

I've just been informed it's writer appreciation day so I just had to pop into your box and appreciate you a bit. For being an amazing writer, for keeping the fandom alive, but mostly for being an all around light beam of positivity!! And in the spirit of writer appreciation, any chance we'll get a follow up to Errata sometime soon? No pressure ;)

Hey Bri!!!! <3333 Thank you, chica! I don’t know about keeping anything alive… in a very general sense I sort of shamble through existence on life support (you’ve seen me, where is the lie?). lol. But I’m happy to do my part to tell Everlark’s story along with so many others…. Which brings me to you. YOU, my dear. I love the way you see the world, and how you tell stories from this place that is so real and honest and raw. Pleeeeeeeeease post something new soon! You can have my firstborn if that’s in any way incentive (if you like alien-looking babies, that is. You’ve seen my husband too, where is the lie?). 

As far as posting goes, I (really, desperately) need to wrap up Against The Wall. I’ve been feeling disconsolate lately about what the hell I’m doing here, but I’m fighting through it. And today has made me feel like it’s worth fighting for. Errata is on the docket for right after Wall. And there’s this filthy, smutty, dark, fairly vicious story I am also wanting to tell that makes Errata seem a bit light-hearted. I’ve been on a fence about whether to write it as an original, but since I conceived of it as Everlark, it only seems fair to give them a shot.   

Anyway, long story short, I love you. And heyyyyyyyy you should come to Long Beach this weekend. <3333c

melissas173  asked:

Me: awake stupidly early scrolling through Tumblr... sees mention of something called True Colors...wait, what Candice has written something new? where is it, bring it to me!.... minutes later... Finishes True Colors, oh god the letter, all teary... now I have to get up and go to work full of feels for your beautiful story! Thank you for sharing it and I hope there will be more! xx.

Originally posted by exploratorium

I’m gonna do it! 

Thank you so much for your message, these mean the world to me! (and I was so worried about the letter, I’m glad it landed the way it was supposed to). 

xxx Candice 

anonymous asked:

I'm genuinely seduced by your world building, from the social aspects to the medical/anatomical (the premed major is most pleased by this 👌), its all very engaging and thought provoking, and its fueling new requests for when the ask box opens again!

Originally posted by fiatusa

^ This is going to be me when I open the requests I s2g (bring em in when i do; i love getting stuff 2 talk about)

But I’m glad that you’re enjoying everything so far! :D I can’t wait to share more about this lil AU as time goes by!

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1. Last movie you saw: The Other Woman

2. Last song you listened to: You got me g-eazy

3. Last show you watched: Bring it!

4. Last book you read: To kill a mockingbird

5. Last thing you ate: Chicken

6. Where would you time travel to:  World Cup 

7. If you could be anywhere right, where would you be: Brazil

8. Fictional character you would hang out with for a day: i really dont know

9. First thing you would do with lottery money: Buy a new house for my parents

10. Time right now: 17:53pm.

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I’m devoting my life to the Lord and bringing others into God’s grace. While it can be incredibly scary at times I know I have the best support anyone could ever have. Jesus loves me. That makes the risk and danger all worthwhile. I have an amazing family that has backed me all the way. So many new things are on the horizon and I thank God every day for letting me continue on this journey.

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1.What x-men character would you bring back from the dead?

I think you all know who that would be                           

2.What’s your favorite color?

light pink and lilac

3.Would you join the Jean Grey Support Club?

She is my wife oF COURSE I WOULD

4.What’s your honest opinion on the Bee Movie?

its a movie for the bee versions of furies

5.What is your favorite band?


6.What would you do if the world were ending? (i.e call your friends, accept utter doom, try to fight, etc.)

i dont know tbh hang out and have a rad time i guess

7.Would you be willing to fight everyone who hates Ororo Munroe with me?


8.What’s your favorite (breakfast) food?

yogurt with granola

9.What’s your favorite subject in school? Or if you’re out of school, what’s freedom like?

science, math, or art

10.How many times are they going to reboot the spider man movies?

 Listen..,., gotta keep milkin that cow even when it dies. The only reason im okay with this reboot is because of queen zendaya

11.What’s your lucky number?


My questions:

1. What is your favorite dinosaur based off of aesthetic only?

2. Would you rather live somewhere with two suns or two moons?

3. Favorite mutation ( not real world xmen world lmao)?

4. If you could have any url what would it be?

5. If you could only see in shades of one color what would it be?

6. Most used emoji?

7. ENerGy or Antioxidants????

8. Have to write a paper in comic sans or be a furry for a day?

9. what is your opinion on groovy?

10. what is your honest opinion on this song?

11. what makes you happiest?

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onthenilerivah  asked:

Would you mind if I lit a candle for your husband? My mom has been in the hospital several times, so I know how scary it is, and I want to help any way I can.

Thank you love! That would be sweet. :)

Hospitals have always been a place that just make me feel unsettled. But lately I see them as a place of bad news. I do know hospitals can also be a happy place of bringing new life into the world so I try to focus on that.

My husband is home now, and being a trooper though all this just for his broken finger, but we didn’t think the surgery was gonna be as involved as it turned out to be. I’m just glad he’s home to rest and recover. 💜

I’m sorry to hear you have to spend so much time in the hospital. I have a new appreciation for the hard work that is involved with nurses & doctors in helping their patients. And also for the families who have to spend large amounts of time in and out of the hospitals. It’s humbled my heart and opened my eyes to the reality of such a lifestyle.