thanks for bringing me into this new world

This is not a goodbye but a see you tomorrow. Thanks for all 
this years being part of U-KISS and sharing such a beautiful
soul with us. May your new project in life bring you even
more happiness than U-KISS gave you. I love you, Kevin ♡

The ritual of gratitude.
We need to take a large white candle, write a needle on it “thanks” and anoint the essential oil of sandalwood. Then light a candle and say the words of gratitude:

“Thank the ground - for patience and gifts.
Thank the air - for the inspiration and flight.
Thank the heavens - for prosperity in this world.
Thank the water - for the senses and movement.
Thank the fire - for a new spark inside.
Thank the life - for abundance and happiness
Which fills me more and more every day.
So may it be!”

Let the candle burn for about an hour. Light this candle every time you feel joy and pronounce this words of gratitude. This ritual will bring positive energy in your life.

(It’s sappy…its adorable and its right up my alleyway!!! I love how sweet and just simple the idea of having someone with you for almost a year. I have never had that pleasure but let me tell you this, I have seen all the beautiful and amazing things that are in a relationship. Thank you for allowing me to bring this idea to life Anon. Enjoy this sweetie!!! ^_^ Mod Firefly)

Dressed in traditional kimono and ceremonial garments, he watched as they walked around with eyes as wide as the moon itself over Hanamura. He decided to bring them to a local festival to show how the New Year was celebrated in Hanamura. He smiled gently as they looked at all the different vendors giving out various treats from fruit filled rice balls to fried balls of dough with miso filling, as if this was the best thing in the world.

He remembered the past year with them and could not help but feel a swell of pride in his heart. They were caught in the crossfire during one of the missions but it went wrong when he was ambushed by a Talon agent. Instead of running from danger, he watched them grab something and tried to save him as he was trying to find a single arrow to launch at the newest target. They got away with a new scar on their hand from the blade but also made away with this serious man’s heart.

“(Y/N)-san, are you having fun?” He smiled as he saw them smiling at one of the many puppet shows that was put on during their walk. “Oh yes, Shimada-sama” They smiled as he shook his head and walked closer to them. “I told you to call me Hanzo, my dearest.” He smiles as they blush and nod before looking down at their hands. “I guess old habits die hard, I am sorry.” Was whispered as he holds their chin gently in his hands and smiles at them. It was true because they were first just colleagues working for Overwatch but after that day and seeing them just a strong as they were quiet, it made him feel like he was not truly alone anymore.

“Do not apologize, I understand how hard it is to change but we will have forever to work on each other. If you will have me?” He questions as they smile and hold his hands gently by laying theirs over his. “I would have no other.” He smiles at their reply as he watches their eyes and leans in for a kiss just as the New Year rang in.

This was his promise, to love, honor and protect them, all of that was expressed in a kiss that was shared with the one who pierced his heart.

“Let’s get this party started!” He would yell as he spun a new song from the DJ booth he had playing at since they started this party about 3 hours ago. Hollywood was hopping and he loved watching the love of his life dance around, glow sticks around their neck and laughing as they drank something that looked like punch from a glass. He smiled as he started to feel the beat get amplified as he remembers that it was a night like this when they first met.

He was DJing a new club not far from here when they bumped into each other last New Year’s Eve, spilling drinks and him dropping the mix tape he had made just for the club. He went crazy trying to find it but was surprised when he went to the studio that it was supposed to be at and saw that they were listening to the song as he smiles. “Sorry, is this yours?” They say with a smile as he nods and to this day; they have been inseparable. He has took them on a few of his tours and even introduced them to his family, only to be surprised that his family seemed to be attached to them.

He finally told them he was in Overwatch yet they smiled as they held his hand and told him that they are not leaving him alone. He was surprised and told them that he was going to keep them safe, swearing that every single song he writes will be because of their inspiration to him. He as only took them on one mission and seeing that they were as great with music, but for more of an offense and could make any instrument out of air, making it a weapon or beauty, he has decided to make sure that he keep them safe.

He smiles as he walks to them, his music still playing as he pulls them to his arms and then leads them away from some fans that were asking questions. “Thanks for the save, DJ” They wink as he smiles and lets them pick the next songs all the way until midnight, happy that he gets to spend the next year with them, just hoping that maybe this year, he is hoping to release more duets than he is singles.

All this man wants at this very moment are his whiskey, his cigar and the love of his life (other than his gun and hat) in his arms as they watch some older westerns on the TV in his room. He was invited to a party by Tracer and Mercy but seeing how he just got back from a mission, he wanted a chance to be with them and do something other than train or talk about missions.

“Darlin’ just let me say that I love being with you rather than be stuck on some point.” He smiles as they laugh and kiss his cheek. “I know Jes, you have said that about 10 times tonight.” He can’t help but smile as he plays with their hair and thinks back over the last year with them. They knew each other during his Deadlock days but he started to really fall for them for right after he joined Blackwatch but only confessed when he joined them on the recall.

“Whatcha thinkin’ about cowboy?” They smile at him as he pets their hair again and smiles. “Just that a lot has happened in the past year and it has been an amazing year. I mean, we have been friends for so long, I knew I would fall for you but I did not realize I would fall this hard.” He says and knows that he has their undivided attention and he holds them with a gentle smile on his face.

“I mean, when we met, I was runnin’ from those that wanted the price on my neck yet when you found me, all bloody and near death, you risked your life and saved a total stranger. Hell, I slept in your bed the first night we met.” He laughs as they smirk. “You got blood on my sheets cowboy and you also were going to bleed to death unless I did something so I just saved ya.” They shrugged and he shakes he head before looking at the tv, still talking.

“That’s the thing, when you found out about my true past, you didn’t run or try to turn me in, you asked me what was more important; our friendship or my past. I knew then that you were going to be an amazing person to have around. You didn’t judge me when I was with Blackwatch but always told me to be careful or I would be in more trouble than anything I could be on a mission.” He laughs as they smile and nod.

“Then when it was disbanded, you still stayed by my side and loved all of my stupid quirks. I am just sorry it took me until this close to the new year to say this.” He stands up and shocks them as he gets down on one knee as the clock tolls Midnight.

“Wanna marry this old cowboy?”

*- ^_^ Mod Firefly ^_^ -*

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If you had told me a year ago that I would be beta reading fan fiction about Harry and Draco’s sons for over half a dozen lovely strangers all around the globe, I would have called you crazy. However, that’s what I am doing and I love it! Thank you to everyone who has let me into their creative worlds. I love our little fandom. 🐍⏳🐍

Moving Forward - Chapter 46

After everything that has happened in the last couple of weeks, I hope this little story can stay our safe place. It’s pure fantasy, but I love to travel into this little world and I can only hope it brings you guys as much joy as it brings to me. Thank you for all your feedback on the last chapter - it really keeps me going and motivates me! And thank you, my dear @justholdinghandsok , for being you - awesome and loveable - and for helping me! And thank you @mulderscullyinthetardis for being such a patient teacher - even though she couldn’t do the beta this time due to my work schedule next week, I just really hope I’m slowly getting better and make less mistakes :)

Now, I hope you all enjoy this new chapter - The Cutting Room is calling :D

Prayer for Avoiding Miscarriages

Dear Saint Catherine, you know the temptations of mothers today as well as the dangers that await unborn infants. Intercede for me that I may avoid miscarriage and bring forth a healthy baby who will become a true child of God. Also pray for all mothers, that they may not resort to abortion but will bring new life into our world.

Dear Heavenly Father, I thank and praise You for the gift of all human life. I am most especially grateful for the new life within my womb: the unborn child forming deep within me. Through the prayers of Mary, Mother of Jesus, and the intercession of Saint Catherine of Sweden, I beg You to watch over and protect this little one inside my womb. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

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Hey! My name is Luís and I'm portuguese. I just want to thank you for bringing back this amazing world! I really believe that this new concept would be crucial to revive the show! I believe Genji will amaze us all. Netflix is thinking about reviving the avatar show and I hope they choose this concept! I'll wait anxiously for new episodes! Thank you again for bringing light into darkness.

>_< Thanks Luís!! Estou lentamente a tentar aprender um pouco de português para que eu possa comunicar com todos! Eu ainda não percebi tudo, então desculpe! Tenho sorte que mundoavatar está me ajudando tanto!

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i saw you were doing the playlist thing; do one for isabella if you'd like, thanks :))

i / i want to hate the world by northbound
s / soap by as it is
a / avalanche by bring me the horizon
b / bulls on parade by rage against the machine
e / empty space by the story so far
l / looking up by paramore
l / loose ends by real friends
a / all signs point to lauderdale by a day to remember
all new requests will be deleted 💕

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What is your favorite quote and why? 😘

Good question 🤔..probably “the important thing is to not stop questioning. Curiosity has its own reason for existing” by Albert Einstein. To me as someone who want to become engineer/ scientist, it is always important to never stop being curious, It brings out creative ways to solve things that could save hundreds of lives, or discover new things about the world that could benefit us. my mind is always curious and thats what’s important when you are in the STEM field…lol sorry for that long response. Thanks for asking, babe 😘


“Without darkness there can be no light.” 

Most people don’t know, but the world that we think is only one is just a reflection of another world where magic exist. Some people have the ability to go further than anyone and get the chance to know that magic world.

Danielle was living in this world, absorbed by the university and the complications of being young until something happens thanks to her best friend Matthew and a book, a mysterious book from another world. Does magic really exist? Maybe she could find the answer through the mirror glass. Hand in hand with her Aspexit, she will find out her own magical power, gaining confidence in her true self, learning and following her path in Gedonelune Royal Academy. This is the story of how life brings to a brave girl an opportunity to change her fate.

A short sneak peek of my new FanFiction. I don’t get used to write fanfic but well, Wizardess Heart inspire me…a lot!

*Wizardess heart belongs to NTT Solmare.

**OC characters belongs to me.

*** I’m not a native speaker of english so…writing  is taking a while, but I promise you’ll enjoy this story. Thanks to @therandomtiger, you’re a big help.

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It’s Official || Tiny & Roman

The day had finally come when Tiny and Roman became one. All of Roman’s family were gathered on the beach, along with a few friends from work, as Roman and Tiny stood hand in hand in front of everyone wearing matching white and royal purple attire. Each had a lei around their neck as they recited their vows to one another standing on the warm, sandy beach. Tiny rested one hand over her beautifully protruding 6 month baby bump as she stared up at the love of her life. 

“I honestly couldn’t have asked for a better man to come into my life. We’ve known each other since college and we’ve been the best of friends ever since, growing closer and closer together. You’ve helped me deal with a number of things, including my family situation and I can’t thank you enough. And now we are starting a new chapter of our lives together and bringing our beautiful baby boy into this world. I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with you.” She slipped the ring onto his finger and dabbed at the corner of her eye. 


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From what people told me, you seemed relieved and even awfully happy about crashing Big Mom's party. I remember you being determined when your crew faced off against the World Government, yes, but cheerfulness takes it to a whole new level. Did something change or is it just more potent booze? //Regarding Chapter 857

“You’ve got an awful lot of questions, anon…  Alcohol has nothing to do with this.”

“After worrying if you’ve lost someone forever, wouldn’t you be overjoyed to hear that there was a way to bring them back?  Wouldn’t you do anything in your power to help them?”


ooo it’s been a while since I’ve done one of these, @jakhammur tagged me to post my last selfie taken, my lock screen, and the last song i listened to!

so I couldnt find my last selfie taken since I dont usually save em and snapchat eats em up, so here’s one i just took with my Cactuar buddy (and a tiny tiny bit of my fox tattoo). My lock screen is of the milky way galaxy over Alaska, it brings me so much calm knowing how beautiful the universe is  beyond our world and our problems. And the last song i listened to is New Person, Same Old Mistakes by Tame Impala, who’s probably my fav band and never fails to melt my stress away. Listened to all of Currents on my commute home just now ^_^

Thanks for the tag! if ya feel like it, i tag @latina-ish, @hannahlady, @luicowboy

Remaking Queenelinor!

Hi, everyone! I know I made a post about this, but here’s an updated one. 

My blog briannathestrnage was accidentally deleted (i remade it though). Queenelinor was a sideblog on it. Everything was wiped, posts and followers alike. My goal for this blog is to bring pretty much everything back to it–including FOLLOWERS!

If you liked my content, it would mean the world if you followed again! Or, if you’re totally new to my blog, take a look around and maybe you’ll like enough to follow! 

As of right now, the posts on my page are not in the order they were originally created in, but I WILL be creating new content and more gif-remakes. There’s some work to do, but it will be done.

Thanks for reading! Reblogging this post would help spread the word! You can also find me on on main at @briannathestrange because I remade it!


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Do you think i might be divinekin or suffering from delusions(i do have mental illness that would make them very possible)? I feel like I am better than humans, more than humans(not in a mean way) I feel like I know more and I need to take care of humans. When I work in the garden it makes me happy because it feels like a thing i really love(maybe making new worlds?). Its all very confusing, thank you.

Hello there anon. I wish I could give you a very clean cut answer here, but I’m afraid I can’t- what I can do is give some advice.
First off, do research into mental illnesses that could possibly cause delusions of grandeur or the like, and then see if people suffering from your mental illnesses also commonly suffer from the ones which cause those sorts of delusions. If your symptoms match up, consider bringing it up to your councilor or therapist, or any other official which assists with your mental illness.
If you don’t find yourself matching up with other symptoms, then look into divinity. Look inside yourself, are you just matching up to what you think being a divine is about, or do you feel it, in your core, that you are what divinity is? There’s also a chance that it may be coming from another source, such as a general personality issue of narcissism, and maybe you just really like gardening? Take time on this- the worst thing to do is rush into either of them, and do whats best for you!
Good day

Happy New Year to all my followers! Thank you for following me and here’s a little gift just for you...

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A New Years Kiss

The clock ticked to midnight and Negan dipped his head, bringing his mouth to yours. His lips were soft, surrounded by the hard bristles of his scruff and he didn’t hold back. He kissed you into the new year with the exact kind of kiss you’d been imagining in the last one. 

Out of all the girls he’d picked you to be his midnight kiss and the idea danced as drunken butterflies in the pit of your stomach while you ignored the rest of the world and savoured every second with his lips on yours. Every stroke of his tongue was a stoke of fire burning along your veins, every caress of his hands along your body was a trail of delicious tingles. Your nerves were heightened, supercharging every sensation and desperate for the ultimate high. 

Negan pulled away from your lips with the kind of smirk that told you tonight wouldn’t be ending at a simple kiss. “Happy new year beautiful,” he whispered in your ear as the others began to sing Auld Lang Syne and for the first time in a long time you could believe it, this would be a good year. Heck, it was already off to a great start, you wrapped your hands around the back of his neck and kissed him again.

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My new journey in the world of dance.

I began this blog way back when to share my journey in the world of dance (the good, the bad and the in-between) and to inspire myself and others to reach for our dreams, but from this moment forward I am going to be using it for a different means. To be writing this brings me both happiness, sadness, a sense of gratitude, and a sense of thankfulness but I am hoping by sharing my new journey it helps me to maintain perspective and positivity, and also help me to reach my new goals - goals that now face a lot more challenge than originally expected. 

I cant quite bring myself to write my journey that brought me to this moment, but one day when I feel Im ready I know I will. Over the past few weeks I have been at appointment after appointment, scan after scan and whilst there has been many tears and painkillers we have finally got a reasoning for the pain in my hip. With 4 tears internally in the hip joint including in the cartilage, as well as tendonitis, bursitis and extra growth, I now prepare for hip surgery on February 1st, and hope to defy my doctors who have said there are high chances I may never dance again. My goals have now turned from the World Championships in Dublin 2017, to hoping that one day I will be able to dance in my teachers exam.

Over the years I have written these blogs to remind myself that ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE, and whilst my direction has changed, the values have not. At any time we have the power to say this is not how the story is going to end. You have the strength, the power and the courage to be whatever, whoever, or wherever you want to be - and I want to be a TCRG. <3


[ rolls in with starbucks ] ho! ho! ho! happy holidays my dear ones! i actually don’t have starbucks but i do have a big o’l cup of apple cider which is delicious but not the point of this post, it’s the end of another year with all of you and i can’t even begin to explain just how great that is, this place feels like home thanks to a lot of you guys. every time i’ve ever felt lonely or haven’t had someone to talk t this place has been where i turn to, it’s a safe place for me and i’m about to reach a follower mile stone 6,000 followers ya’ll how in the world! this is me being my basic predictable self posting a follow forever because well why not? happy holidays and my the new year bring you all nothing but blessings i love you!

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When you are a very big fan fic reader like myself… it is very easy to spot the true masterpieces and gems in the writing world. I can say without a doubt this is the best fanfic I have ever read and I recommend all pearlmethyst shippers and connverse shippers to read. THIS DESERVES A NEWBERRY PRIZE NO QUESTIONS ASKED THIS WORK IS FAR BETTER THAN THOSE OF JD SALINGER AND GEORGE ORWELL AND BRINGS ME TRUE DIVINE TEARS OF A WHOLE NEW REALM. I hope you may experience the same on this reading adventure. thank you.

@castellardreams wrote a wonderful akafuri story for me.

darling the sunset looks good from your back by soer

For a time, dragons and humans lived separately from each other. But the invasion of a new threat ruined the land and devastated communities on both ends, bringing the two species together and changing their lifestyles drastically. This story is but one segment of the history of this world, telling of the bond between a human and a dragon.

Thank you so much for writing this story. I loved it very much and I hope that everyone else will be able to read it and love it as much as I do. 

This scene was probably one of my favorite. Akashi reading to the recovering dragon Furi while Riko was eavesdropping. (Although Riko was originally on her dragon. = v =;;;) The story Akashi was reading, starred me! (* v *)/ hehehe.

This was based somewhat on the ending in which Akashi was flying on dragon Furi. I was very happy to read that Akashi was flying again after his backstory (in which ;  _____  ;).

bonus: shiru the pirate on the sea dragon.

I also took creative liberty in the clothing. It’s probably not what you imagined them to wear. I just wanted to draw fancy clothing. I also love the haikyuu cast!! ; v ; You’ve paired tsukii with yachi, best. and iwa with oikawa. Everyone was awesome. Thank you so much again for writing this story. I loved it, enjoyed it, and was slightly heartbroken at some parts. Even then, it was altogether a very beautiful world.