thanks for breaking my heart once again

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So like what if lance doesn't die like some people are saying but he's on the verge of it, and Keith finds him and once again cradles him in his arms. He starts crying into lance's chest begging him to wake up when all of a sudden Lance wakes up and says "well this seems familiar"

oh my godd,, the sound of keith’s crying brings him back i’m jfdkla;lj of course he’d be all witty after almost just dying like “hehe blast to the past” gesturing to the actual blast to his chest that almost killed him. you just managed to break my heart and sew it back together in four lines thanks     

Before anything else, this is not my first ‘last letter’ to you and I don’t know if this will be the last— I hope, though.

When I think of you, I think of all things beautiful and magical. Like how the world seems so quiet from above. Or how the city lights seems to dance at night. I think of the lovely yellow lamp post on the street. Or how I see the chaotic traffic from your window. When I think of you, I hear those sentences you said. It was almost like a movie line and the whole time was a movie scene. I can’t spot anything ugly about what we had, except the fact that I don’t know if we really had something.

When I think of you, I think of your face in the morning. I think of how tight you held my hand when you thought I was asleep. I think of how you let me lean on your shoulder when the world got too much to handle. I think of your eyes and your smile or the way you frown on me everytime you think I’m annoying. I think of those horror films we failed to finish because you’re just too scared but you were acting like you’re not. It was a short time with you, but it was enough to give me memories I will remember for the rest of my life.

When I think of you, I think of the night you assured me that everything will be fine. When the stars showed up to entertain us but ending up being ashame on how you shine brighter than them. I think of those awkward elevator kisses and how you remove my eye glasses everytime I will accidentally fall asleep. God knows how I grieved for those moments when you decided to exclude me in your life completely. Like we never happened at all.

But never once I hated you for breaking my heart. How could I? You gave me the best memories I can keep in a short period of time. And for that, thank you. In another universe, or lifetime, I hope if we meet, I’ll finally be enough for you. But if not, I hope you’ll find someone that will satisfy you.

When I think of you, I think of that nice brilliant man that have the courage and dedication. I will think of how I knew you’ll go far in life.

This is my last letter to you—
Or maybe just another letter again.

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fic prompt: Joey cuddles after a particularly bad day at school and home. Mitch is happy to oblige and spends the entire night cuddling Joey, holding Joey, kissing Joey on all of his favorite places (eyes, freckles, nose, hands, tum) and tells Joey what an amazing, warm, soft, beautiful boy that he is <3

I love me some hurt/comfort and fluff!!

Another prompt down, thank you!!!!

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Wow!! It’s already WEEK SEVEN of Hannah’s Sunday Reading List! Once again, I apologize for getting this out so late - it was a nightmare trying to get all of the links and remember everything I said for the reviews after my computer pooped out on me, but it all worked out!!! There are some new authors on this list this week, so make sure to send them some love, along with all of the other wonderful writers I got the pleasure of reading this week!

Enough of me rambling, here’s this week’s list: 

Plus, She’s Amazing (Part 2) by @imagicana (Luke Alvez x Reader) 
This was wayyy cute! I love a little flustered Luke… :-) The way he is so infatuated with the reader makes me smile. Each of his failed attempts to get her to notice him made me both laugh and feel sorry for him at the same time. Poor guy just wanted to tell her how he felt! I thought the ending was perfect. I really like your writing style, and this two parter was adorable! I really enjoyed it :)

Ready or Not? by @criminally-yours (Spencer Reid x Reader) 
Ahhhh I need more!! That is so like Spencer to test run his trips to the hospital that many times, and I’m sure he’s already read every baby book known to man lol. This was really sweet and I liked how you involved the whole team in it too. It made me laugh that Spencer seemed to be freaking out more than the reader hahaha. Dang it Mari, you’ve given me the Daddy!Spencer feels now… Always a pleasure to read your work!!

Sleepyhead by @spencerreidsmiles (Spencer Reid x Reader) 
Oh how I love this angry, sleepy, pregnant reader! I’ve never been pregnant before, but knowing some pregnant women, this is pretty accurate to their stories about not being able to sleep when they were heavily pregnant. Spencer is so sweet in this, and as always, totally true to what I would think he would be like as a soon to be father. Your stories are always so great!!! Seeing you post makes me smile xx

Newest Addition by @reidoneshots (Derek Morgan x Reader) 
Yay for Morgan fics!!! What an awesome change of pace for me to read. :-) I definitely feel like something I would do, first of all hahaha. The reader is so excited and I love that Morgan was just a puddle at her feet. TBH, I haven’t ever read a lot of Morgan, but I think you captured him perfectly. Although this fic made me miss him being on the show very much… Thank you for giving me the Morgan feels!! lol

First Sight by @hipstercinderellageek (Spencer Reid x Isabelle (Will’s Sister)) 
This was just incredible!! I am so so happy that you tagged me in it :-) This is such a heavy subject, and I think you handled it beautifully. The connection between Spencer and Isabelle is amazing and so sweet. I am always so amazed by people who can think of such eloquent story lines and go so into detail. You kept me at the edge of my seat the entire time - your writing is amazing!!! I hope to see more from you soon xx

New Sensations by @dontshootmespence (Spencer Reid x Reader) 
This was so realistic! Very raw, very real… I think everyone’s first time is awkward and I’m glad that you pointed that out!! Very reassuring to your virgin readers out there :-) I enjoyed how light hearted the relationship between the reader and Spencer was. I love that they were able to laugh about their awkwardness. As always, your writing was so beautiful. xx

Lullaby by @original-criminal-fanfics (Spencer Reid x Paige (OC)) 
I AM SO HEARTBROKEN!!! Ugh Jasey, I think you’ve killed me! Your writing was so descriptive, I could literally feel the pain and grief just rolling off of poor Spencer… My heart hurts so much after reading this. I’m happy with his decision, and I thought it was so cool that they brought Hotch in to talk to him since he had been in a similar situation. You have so much talent, Jas xx

Criminal Minds AU - Revelations by @remember-me-forever-silent-angel (Spencer x Sister!Reader (Allyson))  
Okay so for your AU I’m gonna have to just put certain parts on here because there is sooo much to go over and not enough detail. I am so psyched for this whole entire episode, and it started off with a bang!!! I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this before, but the way you write is absolutely incredible. You can really feel the emotion Allyson is feeling the strong connection between her and Reid. I see that you’ve posted the next part, and I can’t wait to read it :)

Neighbors by @sassygeek77 (Luke Alvez x Reader) 
I am LIVING for this series. I love everything about it - the slow build up to the relationship, the teasing, the friendship… UGH this is everything I wish I could write for a series. Luke is so playful in this and I can really tell that the reader and him are starting to fall for each other hard. I love the series that have a slow build ups like this. Watching this relationship unfold is so beautiful, as is your writing!! So excited for more :-)

High Tensions by @criminal-minds-fanfiction (Spencer Reid x Reader) 
YESSSS this series… Cher, you’re gonna kill me with this one. I love to read the reactions to this one hahaha. You always write this sexy, filthy side of Spencer so well. And the teasing, OH THE TEASING. The friggin buildup in this fic is outstanding. You’re a little evil, dragging us all along like this. Luckily, I’ve read this masterpiece before, but I am enjoying it just as much the second time you’re reposting it. So much love to you, my dear!!

Blow Your Mind by @holagubler (Spencer Reid x Reader) 
Girl, I just want to take a minute to thank you for doing “Smutmas.” It’s the highlight of my friggin’ life when I see that you’ve posted for it!!! This whole thing was so so hot, like… it’s hard to find words to tell you how great this was. Dominant Spencer is one of my favorite things to read so this sure was a treat for me!! Everything in this was so easy and natural to read :-) congratulations again on 2,000 followers!!! xx

Gallery by @criminally-yours (Spencer Reid x Reader) 
Oh Mari, you know how much I love this story :-) There’s something about a date at an art gallery that just really gets to me, and this fic definitely got to me! Ugh, the way you described how infatuated Spencer was with the reader made my heart melt. And I love how different these two are! Yet they work so so well… I loved to see sweet Spencer standing up for his girl, too. Loved this!!!!

Choke On This by @zugzwangxo (Spencer Reid x Reader) 
Lee!!!! This angst!!!! When you told me it was angsty, you weren’t lying! So much pain in one fic, I don’t even know what to do with myself. I love how you used and interpreted this song - it is absolutely perfect! Spencer’s coldness in this send chills down my spine - I know a lot of people don’t like unhappy endings, but I think you ended this exactly how it needed to end. No sugarcoating here! You broke my heart in the best ways possible. Well done!

Yes, Doctor by @reidbyers (Spencer Reid x Reader) 
And my gravestone will read: “Death by really hot fanfic.” MY GOD this was just like, out of this world. I could totallyyy see Spencer having a doctor fantasy like this. I’ve read this like a hundred times, I shit you not. This and all of your other works are amazing!!! I feel like a kid in a candy store reading all of your NSFW Sunday drabbles. Keep doing what you’re doing, because you are hella good at it!!!

First Time by @original-criminal-fanfics (Spencer Reid x Reader) 
Awww, this was so sweet! I’m going to accept this fic as an apology for killing me with your other fic… ;-) And I think you’re great at writing first times!! It was realistic and still very hot. You wrote Spencer so well - his concern for the reader was so sweet. Everything about this was so so special. Makes me smile seeing a soft side of Spencer! Once again, you have outdone yourself Jasey xx

The Past That Was Once Ours by @dontshootmespence (Spencer Reid x Reader) 
I really, really loved this, Nicole!! Very heartbreaking in the best way possible. It’s definitely not easy to write Spencer as a cheater, but I love to read it when it’s done as well as you did it. The song wove in with the story very gracefully; I love that song so much, lol. And even though they didn’t get back together, I think the ending was absolutely perfect for this story. Thank you for breaking my heart!! I will forgive you… this time ;-)

Weirdos by @hotchnerfuckmeup (Emily Prentiss x Reader) 
I am happy to let you know that this is the first Emily x Reader I’ve ever read!!! And it met all of my expectations and more!! It was the most adorable thing I’ve ever read, ugh! Be still, my heart! S/o to Rossi for making that happen and being a super cool dad… I would love to read what happened next, if you’re up for it of course hehe. This was a perfect first Emily fic for me to read!

Paintings by @reidimagines (Spencer Reid x Reader) 
Once again, I am a sucker for those stories in an art museum! In my eyes, it’s like the perfect place to meet someone. I really liked this reader; I feel like she’s going to give Spencer a run for his money for sure. Your writing style is very natural and lemme just say that you are really great with writing dialogue! All of it sounds so real. I love love love this fic!

Excuses by @frankwrite (Spencer Reid x Reader) 
I am always so blown away by those who write fanfiction where English isn’t their first language. This story made me smile, and it was so so good! Such a cute storyline and it was well written, too! Spencer was too cute in this, finding an excuse to spend more time with the reader. I definitely think this is something that he would do in the show too, haha! Well done my friend, I am excited to read more from you!! xx

Pining by @brywrites (Spencer Reid x Reader) 
Every time I see that you updated, I scream a little bit inside because I know it’s going to blow my mind; of course you did that with “Pining”! Honestly, I kind of hate you because you’re so good at writing. Okay okay, I don’t actually hate you, but you get what I’m trying to say ;-) I look up to you and your writing so much. Whenever I read one of your stories, it inspires me to write my own and I can’t thank you enough for that! You are my own personal ray of sunshine, Bry. Never stop writing!!

Extra Special Shout Out to my girl Red because I am an idiot

It Hurts (Peter Parker x Reader)

Request: Prompts: “Please stop it hurts”

“I’m not even sorry.”

“Don’t be an ass.”

Warnings: Breakup?

Word Count: 785

A/N: Maybe I can make a Part 2 for this? Idk, let me know!!

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There he was again. Seeing him alone in cafeteria where you had met him, broke your heart even more. A month ago, you caught Peter leaving a movie theater with another girl and hugging her tightly. It was actually your date night with him and he didn’t even bother to make up a lie to ditch you. You had waited him in a restaurant all alone and got quite anxious thinking what if he hurt himself.  On your way to his home, you saw him. Immediately, tears ran all over your face. You still believed he didn’t cheat on you; the worst thing was he kept avoiding you because of his “Spiderman” thing. You didn’t mind him avoiding you at first but when you saw him ditching you with another girl, it was enough for you. He kept calling you for a week then when you blocked his number, he didn’t even bother looking at your direction.

You shook the thoughts off your head and started to listen to your friends talking about school projects that were due next month.

You decided to spend a night out with your friends, knowing if you stayed at home for one more night, you would go insane. It was the first time you went out when you broke up with Peter. You were regretting the ride your friends had offered you, considering it was getting scary every minute you were walking all alone outside, in the night. You felt relieved when you were finally able to see your house from distance. Your relaxation didn’t last long when you started hearing noises from your behind. You fastened your pace but the noises were becoming louder and louder each second. You felt your heart bumping faster than ever. You felt a hand on your shoulder; you were just about to scream when you realized it was Peter’s hand. You slowly turned around to make sure it was Peter. Yes, there he was, in his Spiderman suit.

“Hey! I-I was just going to offer to walk you home. I don’t intend to scare you for the second time but you were in danger just a minute ago.” He was breathless.

You took his hand off your shoulder and murmured: “Thanks but I don’t know if you have realized, we are nearly in front of my house.” You started walking again but when you heard Peter calling your name, you stopped once again and turned to him: “What do you want Peter?” You crossed your arms and waited for an answer.

“Y/N… I-I can’t handle this.” His voice cracked. You couldn’t see his face very clearly because of the dark but you could hear and feel him crying. You felt your heart breaking into million pieces. However, you were going to be strong.

“I don’t want to do this over and over again Peter. Just drop it already. Maybe you’ll learn not to cheat and lie to your future girlfriends.” You shook your head in disgrace. Your voice was stable but your tears said the opposite. You felt your heart aching, you couldn’t handle it anymore too.

“Please… stop. It hurts…” Now Peter was clearly sobbing. You saw tears running down on his face. He kept getting closer to you. You felt him pressing his urge to hug you and let all the things go. You knew he would give everything he had, just to get you back only for a second. “Don’t you think I want to stop?! Do you know how much it hurts for me too? Peter. You didn’t even bother to explain. You just stood there, staring into my eyes blankly. I waited for an explanation. God! I waited for that explanation so bad!” You yelled at him. Now, you were the one who lost control over her emotions. You tried to push him, but there he was again, standing there with a blank expression and it was killing you. Your violent sobs and screams weren’t even making him move a bit.

All of a sudden, when you were calmed down he started chuckling. You didn’t know what was going on. “You know what?” He asked you, grinning. "I’m not even sorry.” You didn’t know what he was trying to do but it was pissing you off. “What the hell?” you whispered. “I tried. I fucking tried! I have been trying to get your attention for a bit for weeks! DAMN WEEKS Y/N! AND HERE YOU ARE TELLING ME I DIDN’T EVEN TRY!” You gulped. You were scared. His face was all red. “Don’t be an ass,” was all you could say before you had left the love of your life in the middle of the street, forever.

Before anything else, this is not my first ‘last letter’ to you and I don’t know if this will be the last— I hope, though.

When I think of you, I think of all things beautiful and magical. Like how the world seems so quiet from above. Or how the city lights seems to dance at night. I think of the lovely yellow lamp post on the street. Or how I see the chaotic traffic on your window. When I think of you, I hear those sentences you said. It was almost like a movie line and the whole time was a movie scene. I can’t spot anything ugly about what we had, except the fact that I don’t know if we really had something.

When I think of you, I think of your face in the morning. I think of how tight you held my hand when you thought I was asleep. I think of how you let me lean on your shoulder when the world got too much to handle. I think of your eyes and your smile or the way you frown on me everytime you think I’m annoying. I think of those horror films we failed to finish because you’re just too scared but you were acting like you’re not. It was a short time with you, but it was enough to give me memories I will remember for the rest of my life.

When I think of you, I think of the night you assured me that everything will be fine. When the stars showed up to entertain us but ending up being ashame on how you shine brighter than them. I think of those awkward elevator kisses and how you remove my eye glasses everytime I will accidentally fall asleep. God knows how I grieved for those moments when you decided to exclude me in your life completely. Like we never happened at all.

But never once I hated you for breaking my heart. How could I? You gave me the best memories I can keep in a short period of time. And for that, thank you. In another universe, or lifetime, I hope if we meet, I’ll finally be enough for you. But if not, I hope you’ll find someone that will satisfy you.

When I think of you, I think of that nice brilliant man that have the courage and dedication. I will think of how I knew you’ll go far in life.

This is my last letter to you—
Or maybe just another letter again.

Loving you was one of the bravest commitment I’ve made for myself. It was petrifying to see ghosts from my past steadily burning down the walls I’ve made. Every step they took was alarming, it reminds of why I became like them - a heartless monster. And then you came. You reminded me of a girl I knew once. The girl with an untouched heart; pure and trusting. You’ve reminded me of who I really am. You’ve reminded me what is important and why life was worth living again. I thank you for gathering the pieces they took from me, for embracing my flaws, and for looking deep into my eyes without feeling the fear that I might break you too. I love you and that’s what saved me in the end.
—  (d.g)

I’m back from vacation (and crying) so i wanna make a list of all the trainees i will truly miss from produce 101′s last elimination.

Kim Seonglee who has a beautiful ass voice and got very little screentime. his vocals would’ve killed in the top 11. You will be truly missed ;;; a smiling angel :(

Byun Hyunmin My flippy boy :( Who actually has good stable vocals (i mean even his evaluation at the beginning was stable and he sounded great?) even after doing all that dancing and those flips and his iconic (well at least in my books) pushed back hair in the Right Round performance (still dead thx)

Woo Jinyoung cute cute boy, such a talented rapper, personally my favorite rapper on the show. He showed his own unique colors in his rapping. he went from rapping cute in mansae to nearly killing me in Who You. Why y’all hate talent???? Even tho he wasn’t my like /main/ bias. I think i’m personally gonna miss him the most.

Yoo Hoeseung another boy with another beautiful voice. Also did i mention he was hilarious??? he makes me smile so much and laugh so much. him, haknyeon, and samuel with the pants laksdjf. lip swipe boy. Also another legendary meme. If he got more screentime im 100% sure the ‘national producers’ would love him more.

Lee Gwanghyun im gonna keep my cool and not write a 5 page paragraph its fine. Boy really all rounder????? how dare y’all seperate the starship boys im bitter, sewoon was upset when he didn’t see gwanghyun’s face on the screen for the 35th place, and gwanghyun told sewoon he’s gonna miss him??? y’all hate friendship and talent that much. His voice???? beautiful pls. Dance??? of course boy smooth. Rap?? boy said he gave himself a challenge with rap but made himself sound seem like he was a rapper. Went from replay to rhythm ta like no big deal, like lmao okay. ELMINATED TWICE!!!!! Y’ALL REALLY DONE THIS TO THIS SWEET BOY IM SO MAD!!!!!!!!! he’s so sweet and might not be the loudest, but how is that a bad thing? he proved himself with his skills and personality what more u want from him. im done i wanna keep going but….

Lee Insoo SAME AS GWANGHYUN?? DO U HATE TALENT WHY WAS HE VOTED OFF TWICE, WHAT DO U GUYS THINK UR DOING???? BOY CAN CHOREOGRAPH, CAN DANCE, CAN RAP, CAN SING, ALL ROUNDER???? IM SO CONFUSED IM JUST BAFFLED TBH. Also king of friendship? taking his pals out and recording each other having fun just like it should be??? also king of spilling tea and having mnet call him? truly a king.

Lee Kiwon ????????? really y’all???? you out here embarassing yourselves by not voting for him. my heart? its sore it hurts. i wanna write so much for this boy but instead i’m just gonna link u to what you are missing out on. Disgusted, embarrassed, my cute lil bean. i would talk more about this talented boy but i hope the videos will do everyone justice (not that i ex’pect anyone to read this skdfja)

Lee Youjin Im still !!!!!!!!mad!!!!!!!!!!!! he auditioned with his own song. and killed it, he messed up but it wasn’t even that big of a deal???????? each evaluation he just kept improving more. im ?????? can my poor heart just rest pls.

Justin why??? what was the reason???? another boy going from replay to shape of you??? boy can do anything he wants like wow???? he’s so young too, small child, how do u feel, crushing a childs dream ???? i can’t wait for my yuehua boys to debut for everyone can see their mistake


Hong Eunki Shhh, can u guys hear that? thats the sound of my heart breaking into 12billion pieces. Do i need to even explain how much i love this boy to you guys? Dance king? King of waacking? he made his whole right round team waack like what a fuckin legend. Boy out there being a leader that could literally give two shits rather ur popular or not. He gave an Hwanwoong the position even though he was a lower rank bc he believed that he fit the concept more. Most people would go for more popular members bc it does give them a better chance for score, but boy knows what the fuck he is doing. He’s so loveable? he makes friends with so many boys and he loves to hold hands. Literally can go from booty bouncing to graceful dancing. Idk if any of y’all seen his predeubt videos of him dancing, or auditioning for a play, or of him in drag(and not as a joke, it was a role in the play and let me say he fuckin killed it), but that boy can fuckin do everything. i just ;;; my heart hurts so much. Boy gives us everything adn what do we give him :( i hope you all will support him in whatever he chooses to do, bc u can’t deny that that boy is talented

Jung Jung/ Zhu Zheng Ting I DIDN’T WANT TO WRITE ANYTHING FOR HIM BC MY HEART, IITS SO SHATTERED, I ;;;; SMILING ANGEL, KING OF TRADITIONAL DANCING, KING OF TUMBLING, KING OF LOVE, JUST A KING. BOY WAS CENTER TWICE!!!! WHY DID U GUYS NOT NOTICE HIM!!!! he killed it everytime too :( He fills my hear with so so so so much love. He loves his members so much and cares for them. He’s trying so so hard to learn korean better for he can interact with everyone. His voice is also stable? He really never got a chance to show his vocals but with his little oppurtunities he showed everyone how well he did. Boy was in a national chinese dance competition and placed 1st. He had so much more to show and he was cut so short :( thank you for voting him through this far everyone, he was one of the “lesser” popular members, and me being not able to vote for him once breaks my heart. Thank you again everyone. Good luck to him adn the rest of the Yuehua boys on their debut and don’t get to follow their instagram. Also pleas continue to support the rest of the Yuehua boys!


Indigo Flowers

Fire Emblem: Fates

Pairing: Xander/Inigo

Description: After a tough mission, Xander is feeling down and Laslow tries to cheer him up with mixed results.

another fic for @brynhild-r, who introduced me to this under appreciated pairing



A tentative knock at the door brought Xander from the hellscape of his thoughts. He wasn’t sure how long he could continue to follow King Garon’s orders, especially when they meant murdering innocent women and children for suspected treason. Their final expressions of terror were imprinted on the back of his eyelids and no matter what he tried to do they refused to leave.

“Come in,” he said, head in his hands.

“Milord, you haven’t left your quarters in six hours, I thought I’d check up on you,” Laslow said.

Xander looked up and saw the young man smiling at him, concern hidden beneath his familiar grin.

“Thank you for your concern Laslow, but I’m fine,” Xander replied, as much as he enjoyed the company of his flirtatious retainer, he was not in the mood for a friendly chat.

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SITS - Iori and MC bringing the twins to spend family time with his father and brother

Based on Iori’s POV

As I am driving to my father’s house, I look over the rear mirror and found the toddlers falling asleep. I can’t help but smile at their lovely face. I recalled back to our wedding right after my dad was discharged from hospital. He insisted to visit MC’s parents with me and I had no choice but to oblige. Eventually a wedding date was fixed and _____ got pregnant soon after. Now my old man is telling us that he is keeping fit so that he can see his grandchildren growing up. The thought of having family just warm my heart. It’s all thanks to her that we are once again experience the love of having family that we once lost.

“What are you smiling?” She asked, breaking my thought.

“Nothing!” I smiled. There is no way I am telling her but I believe that she knows what I am thinking. She is after all the woman I pick to spend my life with forever.

Soon we arrived and Ibuki came running out to hold the twins. My dad can’t stop smiling the moment the twins arrived too. It is like whole house fill with laughers.

“You two are getting heavier from the last time I saw you.” Ibuki chuckles as he carries Yoshio in his arm while my dad is carrying Yasuko.

“That’s mean that they are growing well.” My dad smiles and tries to make a funny face to Yasuko, who giggles nonstop at the sight of it.

“You two are spoiling them.” I protested but I am happy to see everyone looking so happy.

“Kids need to be spoilt. Am I right, Yasuko?” My dad replied and Yasuko smiles sweetly at him, as if she understands him.

“Yasuko’s smile is as beautiful as _____.” Ibuki smiled while trying hard to hold Yoshio still, who is busy climbing all over him. “Yoshio is as naughty as Iori”. He continued.

“Hey! Why is the topic on me now? I don’t remember being naughty when I am young.” I protested.

“Yoshio’s smiles can be sweet as well but can be smirking and cheeking, just like his dad.” she laughed.

How could she ganging out with them against me now? “But you love this man aren’t you?” I smirked and pulled her close to me, gazing her eyes with mine. She blushes a little and nods her head. She still sends my heart racing like crazy whenever she gazes at me this way. My love for her increase with each days passes.

“Both of you can go up to the bedroom while dad and I handle the kids for you.” Ibuki teases and that bring me back to my sense. I totally forgot that they are around.

“I don’t mind having more grandchildren?” My dad teases and I can feel my cheeks burning hot.

“No way, two is enough for us. Ibuki should get a partner soon and bear you few more grandchildren.” I diverted the arrow to Ibuki.

“We are talking about you, not me.” Ibuki pouted. “Yoshio, don’t crawl so fast.” He panicked and chase after him.

“You want to go down and join your brother as well? Here you go.” My dad let down Yasuko who makes her way quickly to her brother.

“Dad, why are you letting her down too? I can’t handle the twins at one go. They are too fast for me.” Ibuki pleaded for help and I can’t stop laughing at the sight.

“Maybe I should take up the offer and we proceed to the bedroom upstairs while both of you handle the twins for us.” I laughed.

“Come on! Give your brother a hand.” _____ poke me at my side and walks over to carry Yasuko while I walk over to carry Yoshio.

“Alright both of you, you had cause enough headaches for your uncle. It is time for dinner.” I smile at both of them who giggled back at me.

As we walk toward the dining area, I can imagine the attention the twins will get later. I have to admit it that I always look forward such family time together. I thought that I am already feeling very happy with her, but I can feel myself even happier spending time like this. She is really a life saviour to our family. I will continue to love her and protect this happiness as long as I live.

The Choosing

Pairing: Reader x ??? (Medieval AU)

Summary: Power. Grace. Beauty. Everything about being a royal was supposed to be perfect and yet you lacked the freedom you desired. It has come time to pick your groom but you never get the chance. Freedom will come with a price and your heart is at stake. Who will win and who will lose?

Warnings: A touch of violence, kidnapping.

Word Count: 1,552

A/N: Well here it is, the medieval au I promised. I’m not to happy with this. I really struggled writing it and I feel like it could be way better. But I have more parts planned out. So please enjoy and feel free to leave feedback.

Mirrors. Mirrors were supposed to show you what you looked like, but they never showed what was hiding underneath. They never showed the truth. It was a facade, a beautiful facade but fake all the same. Looking into the mirror in front of you, you pasted a fake smile one your face. Sure you looked beautiful, in fact you looked every inch the princess you were, but today was the day your freedom ended. Today you were supposed to choose a husband. A man that would rule by your side, but a man you didn’t love.

Tradition held you captive. As the only heir to the throne you were required to marry. Women weren’t allowed to rule on their own, which angered you to no end. Nothing about your life was fair. Yes you were a princess and had everything you could ever want, but you were never free. You never got to experience life, you were always enslaved to the throne.

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Dirty and broken,
You watch me break my own heart,
You watch me cry bitter tears of regret,
You watch me kneel in repentance,
You watch me slowly crawl back home.
You are my Home.

I am running now.
You are not watching anymore.
You are holding me in You arms.
And in sweet surrender,
I exhale the darkness and breathe in Your marvelous light.
I breathe in the sweet aroma of Your grace and mercy.
I am pure and whole once again.
Thank You, Elohim.

—  this is a poem that i wrote when i was in a dark point in my life and i just wanted to come home and never leave His side.
Once again || Joe Sugg Imagine

A/N —> thank you so much to everyone who reblogged, liked and followed me from my last imagine! Your all beautiful ❤️ and I know I’m really late at listening to it by like months, but I’m actually really liking Ed Sheerans Divide album, especially supermarket flowers, Barcelona, dive and hearts don’t break around here! Basically I’m up for writing imagines about songs too, so request away with whatever. Kinda based this off Barcelona too😂 - E x

—Y/N’s POV—
I woke up and turned around and searched for my boyfriend of 5 years Joe, because he’s always warm so I hunt for his sleepy body with my eyes closed, with no luck. He’s already up.
Suddenly, someone comes barging into the bedroom… Joe.

“Where’d you go?” I ask groggily, barley being able to open my eyes like every morning. “Made breakfast and stuff, you ready to do nothing all day m'love?” He says dropping back down onto his bed and turning to face me, this is the reason why I loved living with him, we never actually did anything on our days off.

“Well yes, sir” I giggle, getting up and throwing on one of Joes tshirts and wandering into the living room, when I feel his hands grab me by the waist.

“Let’s dance.” He whispers in my ear, and butterflies suddenly flower in my belly. He still has this effect on me, how I have no idea, but he does.

“Joooooe” I say, dragging out his name as he spins me, putting Barcelona by Ed Sheeran on his speaker. We dance for a while, I lose track of how long because we just laugh at each other as we spin and act like we are the only ones alive. He’s always treated me like a princess, and I never expected to be so happy with someone.

Suddenly, he tips me like the Spanish dancing way, and I let out a loud laugh as we hear the song end. He places me back on my feet, and I put my arms around his neck as he brings me in for a kiss.

It’s slow, passionate, but it doesn’t go any further. “I love you, you know that right?” I ask, nuzzling my head into his neck. He lets out a low-sounding laugh, as he picks my head up with his hands and cups my face, “of course I do, Y/N. I love ya too, Mrs.Soppy.” He says, smiling the smile that lights up my day.

That’s what I always loved about Joe. He knew when to take things seriously, but he also knew how to make me laugh. He was always so sweet, but not too sappy. It was nice.

We spend the whole day watching films, TV shows, and talking. “Your so beautiful.” He says, his eyes dancing around my facial features, as my heart begins to beat rapidly. How does he do this to me?. “You too.” I say, prodding his chest with my finger, as I lay my head on his lap and look up, his beautiful ocean blue eyes staring into me.

“You mean handsome?” He says, laughing away at my attempt at a compliment. I was never good with people, but I tried. “Same thing.” I say, poking him again, to which he starts to squirm so I straddle him and poke him some more.

“Love how your still in my shirt, as usual.” He says, placing his hands on my thighs.

And once again, I realised how much this man meant to me. Once again, my heart felt full.

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I think that the writers had Daisy say "That one's easy. They stole you from his life" because it's not going to be easy and it took much more than Jemma being gone from Fitz life to made him so terrible. What do you think it will take for Jemma to actually reach him? Her picture didn't seem to make much of a difference, and while he did seem shaken from seeing her in person, the tag showed him getting right back to evil Hydra stuff. So, what do you think Jemma will actually have to do? Thanks!

Hi Anon!

Daisy totally needed to throw salt over her should or something after she said that.  Because yes, what has been done to Fitz has gone far beyond AIDA making sure Jemma wasn’t in his life there (yeah I’m sticking to that theory too).  Just as what is going on with May goes behind Kayta surviving.  There are layers and layers of manipulation by AIDA In place here now with all the hostages, but most especially Fitz.   

Even seeing her picture made a difference, its small but it was something.  Aside from Tahiti’s assisted Coulson, Fitz is the only one who we’ve even seen glimmers of and it was ONLY when he was looking at pictures of or Jemma herself.  

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AIDA manipulated this world and those in it for her needs and wants.  She used loopholes in Radcliffe’s orders.  IE you told me to fix a regret not which one/kind.  And she took Fitz in every way she could.  She not only needs his mind for her evil plan but she wanted to ‘have’ a real relationship.  Putting herself in Jemma’s place because she wanted that kind of love for herself.  It also plays into the manipulation, Fitz will do anything to protect the woman he loves.  

What I feel is going on with Fitz is she went back as far as she could manage and changed nearly everything about his life and allowed that to ripple.

  • His father was and possibly still is in the picture, maybe even framework and real world.
    • He’s been made into the son his father wanted.
    • His mother was removed from his life…maybe around age 10
    • Who his father was and what he did led Fitz on a different path, one that he never met Jemma…and met Ophelia (we don’t knwo when).
    • Made sure he closed himself off and doesn’t trust
    • Made sure he was results driven…ie not caring how he gets there just that he gets the results he needs.
    • To isolate him from the team/friends
    • Possible actual brainwashing

One of the important things Jemma needs and looks to be going for thanks to the peek is what has been done to him.  She needs to know what she is up against, what factors are in play, and how she can use her own knowledge of him to fight back.  Fight fire with fire if you will.  

The scary thing is I am feeling more an more is that Jemma is also being used or tricked in some way.  For example Mace sees her as a way to get at The Doctor.  Either he does really love her and can be leverage or she’ll get him information and maybe even access to him.   While Ward…I don’t trust at all.  We’ve also seen that AIDA has a nasty streak, Jemma digging into what has happened to Fitz is going to be nothing but painful as she starts digging, to see how the man she loves has been torn to shreds.  

Its going to take something big to break through.  Things all on my radar…

  • Jemma in serious danger and about to be injured or killed
  • Jemma getting injured protecting him
  • Physical contact/kiss 
  • “Come back to me!”
  • Thermodynamics speech
  • “Whole damn time!”
  • “I lost you once, I can’t lose you again!” 
  • “I’m not strong enough to live in a world without you in it!”
  • “Maybe there is!”
  • Heart speeches
  • Event Horizon speech
  • Rip apart speech
  • Sunrise/Perthshire
  • Something about Marriage as that is something Real Fitz didn’t tell Jemma and the only way Jemma knows about it is thanks to Robo Fitz dropping the bomb.   Fitz hadn’t voiced that himself to Jemma.  So if he is trying to remember/starting too, Jemma mentioning that she knwos might help jar some things loose…since that is something AIDA doesn’t know about from digging around in his head/memories.  
  • Some sort of epic montage of Fitzsimmons moments
  • More out there yet fun option.  Jemma leaves The Sandwich tm with a cat liver next to it on his desk with Love, Jemma.

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One of the hardest parts is Jemma has to get to physically get to him.  Another way is AIDA has to capture her and get cocky enough to either monologue (with Fitz seeing/hearing from afar) or can’t resist trying to show the extent of her control over him…and having it epically backfire.  

“I’m yours, just tell me when.” 

so i commissioned tay ( @taylordraws ) to draw my ocs kaito and kiyomi (from @kaitoandkiyomi ) for me, and seriously i started crying. IM SERIOUS THERE WERE TEARS IN MY EYES!! i could not ask for a more hard-working, beautiful person to draw my precious babies, and i am so grateful for all the effort she has put in!!! it looks absolutely stunning!!! not only is she a wonderful friend, she is so easy to work with, and the commissioning process could not be easier!!!

tay has legit done them more justice than i ever have, and seeing them so ALIVE on the screen makes me the happiest person!!! thank you so so much, i cannot express how thankful i am!! not just for this commission, but for the other two times you’ve drawn my children out of the goodness of your heart! i love you so much bby!!!~

she had $25 commissions going, and even though she is taking a break from them, once she opens them up again, make sure to support her for her lovely work!!!

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How absolutely heartbreaking is it that Mon-El has lost his whole world, not once, but twice without any warning. From one moment to the next he had to leave behind everything he knew, with just the clothes on his back, no proper goodbyes, no way to really process what was happening, no idea where to go or what to do next. After working so hard to become a better person he still loses everything all over again through no fault of his own. Really breaks my heart (though I know he will be back).

This is so beautiful, poetic, and thematic, I got tears just reading this. 

He’s lost once again, in under a few minutes his world was turned upside down again….

No goodbyes, no time to prepare, no time to process. Gah!

Thank you for this bittersweet parallel!!

AoS 4x18

Ward and Jemma finally hashing it out, and truly being able to work together and her not snipe at him the whole time was really great development

also, Ward apologizing for what his “other” self did, and seeing how much he loves Skye and looks up to Mace, just makes me tear up, and appreciate what we’re getting now (even though it doesn’t make up for wasted potential)

and you know what else gives me feels? seeing Trip again! I did not know he’d be back, that was wonderful. Can’t believe it’s been two seasons since he died. I want him and Ward to come out of the Framework and be LMDs

Jemma, Ward, Trip, and Coulson, all being a team, it’s like old times, and it makes me wish (again) that things had gone differently and Ward had been redeeemed and Trip wasn’t dead, and so many things

also, Jemma seeing this version of Mack, with his daughter, and seeing them be so happy together, and not wanting to ruin that, lets me know that even though she knows logically that this world isn’t real, it’s going to be harder than she thought to leave

“sometimes what people want isn’t the best for them” Skye basically admitting she fell for Ward, even though it wasn’t the best thing for her. Oh what could’ve been…

can’t wait for my Skyeward reunion next week

May being able to see the truth, and see the evil Hydra is doing, ultimately helping our heroes, and giving Skye her powers back, was awesome

oh Mace, you courageous man. I’m so sorry you died, but you were a hero, who saved everyone. thank you.

thank god Radcliffe’s backdoor out is still there

Fitz being the only one left, the only one still living out this pretend persona, is both breaking my heart, and also making me once again admire Ian’s acting ability. Also, Fitz’s dad is a dick.

Aida, I know it’s not your fault you were created. But you do have a choice; to do good instead of evil. I’m sorry your programming went so wrong

Final Draft of QAF 1x22 - Soul-dead

to everyone of you sweethearts who’ve left me messages asking after me & my well-being this past month or so, i just want to say… 

thank you so much.

i’m so sorry for taking a break for so long, and without warning - i’ll leave out the details, but suffice to say life got the best of me, and unfortunately my writing lost out when it came to what i had the energy and heart to focus on. i’ve been trying to find a balance again thanks to getting my footing back, so consider me back here once again, though i may still be a little sparse in posts for a bit still. i’ve got quite the anxiety disorder, so i’ve been really nervous to come back, or what to post/say/etc, since each day meant it had been longer yet since i last posted. so… again, i just really want to say thank you to you sweet anons who sent me supportive messages in the meanwhile, and offered such kindness even in your own busy lives. <3

alright, so all that said, and a bit of awkward blushing and desperately tearful throat-clearings on my end, i’ll let you know that i’m going to reblog a very sweet & lovely fanart someone messaged me about a few days ago, and then i’ll post up a short prompt that i wrote tonight to get back in the swing of things. <3 i’ve still got a ton of asks in my inbox, of course, and after the one i post tonight i know which one i’m doing next… but still, as always, feel free to send in prompts, you lovely sweethearts.

and just, one more time… thank you all so very much. <3