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candies and other sweets (minseok)
word count: 996 w.
genre: romance, fluff, proposal au
summary: when you were in kindergarten, you always gave little minseok a ring pop and said it made you married. guess who’s in for a big surprise.

valentines day special ; pick your date
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kyungsoo | jongin | sehun

“This is nice,” you beamed happily, scanning the kid-less playground the both of you grew up in. It’s been awhile since you sat on your favorite swing.

The last time you’ve been in this kid paradise was when you were four years old and Minseok, being one year ahead of you, shared the same sentiments you had towards this place. Back then, your four year old heart instantly fell for five year old Minseok who participated in the kindergarten talent show.

Minseok occupied the seat beside you. His sneakers sank in the sand below him. “Crazy how time flies so fast.”

“I know, right? The last time I placed a foot here, I remember getting rejected,” You turned to him, jutting out your lips for a pout. Minseok laughed cheekily in return.

“In my defense, you were pretty annoying. You kept on slipping that candy on my finger,” Minseok snapped his fingers to recall that particular memory. “Got it! That big ass ring pop. It was embarrassing.”

You stood up, holding the swing seat below your bum before you gripped on the metal chains and let your feet swing in the air. Minseok copied your actions.

“Remember when you managed to slip the ring pop in my finger. You kept babbling to your teachers that we were married.”

“Now that you’ve mentioned it, it is quite embarrasing,” you admitted in defeat. Cold air blew past your face and stung your skin, a wave of nostalgia crashing.

You missed the innocence that once filled the playground. You wished you could have brought it to adulthood, but you can’t. Good thing Minseok was a constant reminder of that innocence. Minseok reminded you of pink cotton candies, chocolate flavored ice-creams and kiddie playgrounds.

“Minseok,” you called out then pointed out to the far corner, “Remember when I teased you cause you can’t climb on the top of that monkey bar? You had small legs.”

“Of course. The monkey bar.” He rolled his eyes. “How could I forget? You kept sticking out your tongue whenever you were on top.”

Sauntering to the monkey bars, Minseok followed behind you. You noticed how he fidgeted once in a while but you chose to ignore it.

“I bet you still can’t climb here,” you said in a teasing manner while gripping the bar tightly and securing the placement of your foot on each one. Behind you, Minseok held out his arms as if to catch you in case you fell. He’s always ready to catch you anytime.

“Actually, I can. I’m taller than you,” He stuck out his tongue. You didn’t miss the tone of nervousness in his voice.

“Then why aren’t you climbing up? There’s space beside me,” You patted the seat beside you but there’s really no seat. Your hand past through the gap between the two bars and you almost lost your balance.

“Be careful!” Minseok shouted, his hand placed anxiously placed over his chest. You responded with a light chuckle. “It’s not something you should laugh about. I could have lost you over a concussion or something! I can’t afford losing you!”

“The view here is great, by the way. It makes me feel like I’m at the top of the world. It makes me feel like I could see everything here including my future.” You stated as you looked above you only to find a million of stars shining brightly. “That’s why I love the monkey bars the most.”

Minseok felt his heartstrings playfully tug his emotions. He gazed at the stars twinkling right above you and then shifted his attention to you. The night seemed so serene and so were you.

Right then and there, Minseok saw everything flash before his eyes. He saw little copies of you and him running around the house. He smelled the aroma of the food you would cook for him and your children in the morning. His heart raced to the sight of your face greeting him first thing in the morning. And that was what Minseok wanted all along. To spend the rest of his life with you.

You were still caught up with the ethereal view from the heavens when the view that would change your life was right below you. Minseok slipped his hand inside his pocket and brought out a ring.

“Will you still love the view if I become a part of it?”

You looked down to see Minseok kneeling down on one knee, a ring encased in a velvet box placed on the palm of his hand. “Would you let me be a part of that future?”

This time, it wasn’t you giving him a ring pop to make you two official. This time, Minseok decided to make it real and give you a real ring.

“Will you marry me?” He finally popped the question after how many years of being together.

Tears of joy were streaming down your face as you answered him. “Yes. Yes, I would love that.”

Minseok climbed up and took the place beside you. You can see his tears were threatening to fall but instead, it just sparkled under the moonlight. You gladly presented your hand before he slipped a ring on your finger. It wasn’t a diamond ring and yes, it wasn’t much but it wouldn’t decide on the future you have with Minseok.

“It looks beautiful, babe. Thank you.” You kissed him on the lips. Giggling, you teased, “Well, this is the first time I’ve seen you actually climb up here.”

“Yeah. I kinda like it.” Minseok turned to you and smiled softly. “I love the view. No, actually, I love you.”

“I love you, too.” You said before capturing his soft lips once again.

“Forever and ever, babe.”

Finally, you could say. Minseok was your past, is your present, and will be your future.

note: this was one of my valentine gifts for my twitter mutual, chloe !! shoutout to you, beautiful girl  💋 | masterlist

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Can I have a Tyler Joseph imagine where he is dating me (the reader) and I go on tour with them for a couple dates and his ex is at one of the shows and she sees me at the bar getting ready to watch the boys and starts talking to me about how her and Tyler are still in contact and they flirt all the time and she's sorry and stuff. So I get mad and Tyler notices I'm not there so after the set we get in a huge fight (mostly me fighting w/ him) and then he calms me down and HARDCORE FLUFF :-)


Tyler Joseph

You smiled at your boyfriend, your hands swinging as you walked towards the concert venue.
“I’m really glad you’ve been here the past couple of days,” Tyler smiled down at you.
You squeezed his hand and looked up at him, squinting at the sun in your eyes.
“Me too. I couldn’t think of a better way to spend my week.”
Tyler smiled and let go of your hand once you entered the complex. “I’ll see you after rehearsals?”
“You can bet on it,” you smiled and stood on your tip-toes to peck Tyler on the lips. You felt him smile into the kiss before he pulled away.
“See ya later, sweetie.”
You smiled at him as he walked to the stage and waved before exiting the building.
You were in search of the band’s tour bus when a girl with long blonde hair approached you. You stopped when she got close to you, nervous about the look on her face.
“Can I help you?” you asked as she stopped in front of you. You were beginning to get nervous; if she was some sort of crazed fan, you didn’t know what you’d do.
“Hey, yeah, are you (Y/N)?”
“Yeah…?” You hesitated, unsure of where the conversation was going.
“Okay, well this is going to be awkward, but I dated Tyler back in college. I’m Cassandra.”
“Oh…” You hummed, still confused as to why this girl was confronting you.
“He still texts me. I wouldn’t have went along with it if I had known he was taken, but I didn’t at the time. I’m really, really sorry.”
“Wh-what?” you stuttered, a little confused and doubtful that your amazing, trustworthy boyfriend would talk to another girl as he dated you.
“Here,” she said, digging her phone out of her shorts. “I have the texts saved.”
She handed you her phone, the texts opened with the contact name “Ty” followed by a kissy-face emoji. You scrolled through the texts. There were ones of the “Ty” calling the girl “baby” and what could only be described as Tyler’s flirting.
The texting conversation ended with an “I didn’t know you had a girlfriend. Don’t text me again,” that was sent the day before.
You felt the tears in your eyes well up, so you quickly handed the girl her phone back.
“I’m sorry, I definitely would not have answered if I had known. I guess he hasn’t really changed. I’m just glad I never met up with him like he wanted.”
You nodded and whispered a quick “Thanks for telling me,” before hurrying off, away from Cassandra.
And hour later, you found yourself huddled behind the venue, tears streaming down your cheeks as you listened to your boyfriend play his heart out inside. You’d been cheated on before and it stung to even think that it might happen again. You listened to the music as it slowly decrescendoed. You stood, but remained leaning against the wall.
Not long after, you heard Tyler’s footsteps and your name being yelled. You winced and stepped out of the shadows, your arms wrapped around your body to keep warm against the cool Oregon breeze.
“Babe? Where have you been? Josh and I have been looking all over for you.”
You sniffled and held in a sob. You decide to get right down to it. If you didn’t now, you never would.
“Why don’t you ask Cassandra?” You shivered at the cold tone in your voice and the look of shock that cut through Tyler’s face.
“What? (Y/N), what are you talking about?”
“Cassandra,” you said, your voice getting stronger as the anger inside you built up. “She showed me the texts. I can’t believe you Tyler.” Despite how much stronger your voice was, it broke when you said his name.
“Babe, I haven’t talked to or texted her in years. I haven’t even seen her since college!”
“Then why did she have the texts?” You screamed, gaining confidence. “I saw your name! It was some of the exact things that you’ve texted me!”
“I didn’t text her!” Tyler cried back, his face full of pain and some other emotion that you were too angry to decode.
“Whatever, Tyler! Whatever. I thought you were better than that,” you whispered, walking in the other direction. You wrapped your arms around yourself as you began to doubt the Cassandra girl.
You knew Tyler and you knew that he wouldn’t cheat, so why did it add up so perfectly? You spotted a familiar blonde walking towards the complex exit, so you quickly ran to catch up with her.
“Cassandra?” you called out, making her turn around. She looked taken aback by you, but stopped anyway.
“Yeah?” she asked once you were within talking distance.
“Can I see those texts again?” you asked, out of breath from running the short distance.
She hesitated, but dug her phone out anyway.
You scrolled up the texts, but nothing looked faked. You clicked on the contact and the number definitely did not match up with Tyler’s personal number. It wasn’t even from the same area code.
You handed the phone back to Cassandra, who quickly turned to leave.
You shook your head, “Hey Cassandra?” you said innocently, making her turn back around.
“Never mess with our relationship again,” you whispered warningly and felt your fist connect with her jaw. Cassandra stumbled back a few steps before whimpering and scurrying away.
You groaned and made your way back to the tour bus, scared to face Tyler.
You punched in the lock code to the bus and stepped in. Josh was playing on his phone, earphones in, siting on the couch. You sat next to him and pulled one earbud out.
Josh looked over at you. “Realized you screwed up?” he asked, looking at you with a look of sympathy.
“Yeah,” you nodded, head down.
“He’s in the back waiting on you,” Josh nodded and put his earbud back in.
You slowly stood up and opened the sliding door to the back of the bus. You walked down the hallway of bunks and opened the door that led to the loungeroom at the back of he bus.
Tyler was sitting on the floor with his back to the door, a notebook opened in front of him, which he was furiously scribbling in.
You sighed and sat next to him, grabbing his shaking hand in yours.
“I’m sorry,” you whispered.
“What made you think that I would cheat?” Tyler looked up at you with hurt in his eyes.
“Nothing. It’s nothing that you’ve done. It was my past that I was scared of repeating. It had nothing to do with you as a person.”
Tyler nodded and looked back at his notebook; you could tell a million thoughts were running through his mind at once.
You felt Tyler turn your hand in his. “What’s this?” he whispered, running his thumb over the bruises on your knuckles.
“I might’ve punched Cassandra,” you smiled a little.
“I love you,” he smiled. Tyler stood up and led you to the couch. He sat down and you laid down, your head in his lap. He ran his fingers through your hair.
“I’m sorry I screamed at you. I can’t apologize enough. Please don’t take anything I said personally,” you whispered, wholly sincere.
“Let’s just start this day over tomorrow, okay?”
“That’s why I love you,” you smiled.
Tyler smiled back and leaned over to kiss you, the kiss quickly deepening.
You smiled into the kiss and felt Tyler do the same. And in that moment, you knew you two would last forever.

It ended up longer than I’d expected… Anyway, I hope this is what you wanted, I changed it up a bit…

2014 In Review

2014 has been one of my best years ever. The amount of things I’ve accomplished this year has been truly awesome and something that I hope continues and spills onto next year and hopefully several years to come :D

In addition to listing some of my accomplishments, I’ll follow it up with what I would like to see accomplished in 2015, and maybe when 2015 is up, I’ll be proud to say some of these things will be achieved! :D


  1. Subscribers: YouTube being what my life mostly revolves around, It’s always nice to see my subscriber growth over the past year. Capndesdes has gained 355,369 SUBSCRIBERS IN ONE YEAR! Thats fucking amazing :D I’m pretty close to cracking into the 1MILLION range!! DesandNate over the past year grew 158,017 to put it at 879,000 TOTAL! Finally, little Despwns grew 32,407 to get it JUST PAST 100,000!! :D All in all, an amazing year for YouTube, I hope all three channels continue to grow exponentially next year.
  2. WTF NEWS: This year has been great to me in the fact that I have started a new show with Shane Dawson called WTF NEWS! it goes up every week on his channel, and was a big factor for the subscriber growth on my own channels as WELL as shane’s! The lone factor that Shane saw how hard I worked on my videos and saw my passion and humor to be good enough to be on his channel is absolutely an honor.
  3. THE ALBUM: A HUGE undertaking, and a huge chunk of my life was dedicated to making MY FIRST ALBUM! Though it isn’t technically released yet in 2014, The production of it 100% took place in 2014, and I’m so damn proud of every song that was released. Even if no one buys it, I’ll still be jamming out in my car to my own music, which is a great feeling. I guess we’ll see how it does in 2015!!
  4. THE HAIR: Although I’ve had my crazy hair for 6 years, I decided to change it up and cut it all off! Though the reaction was mixed, and even more so from my OWN reaction, I’m proud to say I had the courage to do it! I guess we’ll see how my hair progresses this year!
  5. THE MOVE: After living in Orlando FL for 4 years, I finally got sick of the nasty weather, humidity and no seasons and decided to move to Portland Oregon with my girlfriend! It was a huge step because this would be my first time living without Nathan in over 4 years!! So far I love Portland, and am glad to call it my home.
  6. MINECRAFT: In 2013, I had a minecraft server which was a tit load of fun. After almost an entire year of the server being down because of a hacker, I decided to get it up and running again, making it bigger and better than ever. Separate worlds, a ranks system, amazing admins, the server is definitely a giant accomplishment of mine from 2014. 
  7. STREAMING!: 2014 has been the first year I was comfortable enough to LIVE STREAM on the internet! I took to twitch, and in a few short months, made an awesome habit of streaming a couple times a week! To this day, I have over 6,000 FOLLOWERS on twitch, which is quite amazing for such a short time! Thanks to my viewers for making it possible!
  8. TWO YEARS OF LOVE: Breaking down the belief that I would be forever alone, 2014 was the SECOND YEAR I have been with my lovely lovely girlfriend, who has constantly been an encouraging factor in my life, propelling my dreams and goals, and being next to me in times my self esteem and confidence was shaken. If words could only describe how much I love you.
  9. CALCIFER!: MY FIRST CAT! I had never actually OWNED a cat. Being able to call an animal companion MINE. I had two dogs that my family owned, and 3 cats that my family owned, but little obese calcifer has been my first cat! She was just a tiny little baby when we first got her, but has now grown into a giant raging bitch! 
  10. ADVENTURES GALORE!: I finally left my cave and decided to go adventuring out into the world! Before we left Orlando, I went to Universal Studios and Disney for my very first time and had a fuck ton of fun. Also attended Playlist live for my 4th consecutive year and played a KICKASS show on stage! Since I’ve been in Portland, I’ve gone to several hockey games, Ikea MULTIPLE times, Archery parks, taken cool pictures dressed up as an elf lord, gone to the mall, and checked out the awesomeness of downtown Portland! :D
  11. POSSESSIONS!: Super happy I’ve only been possessed by 3 demons this year! Just jokes. As far as POSSESSIONS goes, I’ve gotten a lot of cool new stuff. A TON of new clothes, new action figures, a WIIU, Ps4 AND Xbox One, and a ton of games for them, A new apartment, The Orcrist Sword from the Hobbit, a new couch, and a ton of other cool shit!

AND that is pretty much it for my 2014! As you can see, it was pretty crazy, Lot of amazing things. So as for my hopes for 2015, Here’s just a few:

MY GOALS: This year, I would LOVE to see the following things closer to realization. 

  • Voice acting career
  • A paid editor for some of my videos
  • a paid designer for merch
  • Decent management who gives me awesome opportunities
  • For to get huge. (website I helped make)
  • NEXUS. Been long overdue for my store to open!

Along with a few hopes for the upcoming year:

  1. Continue to grow on YouTube: I know I have it in me to be an active and formidable member of the YouTube community. I’m tired of being one of those background youtubers, that you KNOW about, but don’t watch. I want to show the world I can be a great youtuber. I’d like to focus on Capndesdes and Despwns, hopefully making my gaming channel a force to be reckoned with. DesandNate is hard to do because without Nathan, what is it, really? I’d also like to continue doing WTF NEWS, I highly enjoy it :P
  2. Music: I have NO IDEA how my album will be received, but I really hope people love my music and I hope this album gives a ton of opportunities in the future. Doing a second album, helping Tommy with a 2-person-band, anything like that.
  3. Appearance: Im not really sure what will happen with my hair and stuff. It’s actually strange, because with short hair, I almost don’t feel like I’m myself. It’s like there’s two combatting forces inside of me saying “look like this!” “NO! LOOK LIKE THIS” and it’s tough. I hope in the end, I make my hair a way that makes me happy. I also hope to get a few Tattoos this year! It’s been too long since my first one. GO NUTS. Though also I’ve been really great at working out lately, I really want to get hella sexy so when I’m shirtless, my girlfriend stares at me all sexually. LOL WUT.
  4. Settings: Now that I’m here in Portland, I feel much happier. I think this next year I’ll continue to live here only MAYBE in a different apartment eventually. My fucking neighbors make it IMPOSSIBLE to film sometimes because of the creaking fucking floors, so. FINGERS CROSSED!
  5. MINECRAFT: I would love for my Minecraft server to continue to grow like the plague. It’s a really fun server because of the amount of personalities that are on it usually, but I’d love for more people to get on so that we could receive more donations and ranks so our lovely admins can get paid for their awesome work!
  6. Streaming: I really want to get a more consistent viewer base on Twitch. I want people to watch me because I play awesome games, with NO (lol) technical difficulties, I’m funny, and I’m not asshole ugly. Let’s hope this happens!!
  7. Adventures: Though life is one giant adventure, I’d like to be able to travel this year. To see sights I’ve never seen. Experience things I’ve never done. Grow closer to my best friend, Explore opportunities that  come my way. All in all, I just want 2015 to be a year, like this one, that I can look back and say “I have done amazing things.”

Hello lovelies!

So gracehelbig had to take a little time off last week to go shoot many cool things for #HeyUSA and chill a little so I thought that, in the interim, some people in the fandom could make some Grace-style videos and let me tell you I was not disappointed. 

Everyone did fantastically and in case you missed any, here is a master post of (I hope) all the fan videos that have been uploaded in the last week!


Talking Back To You by me lol aka floormouth


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Look at this beautiful fandom friendship by harto-helbig-mames

Most accurate Grace impersonation goes to… hastings-hartbig

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Miscellaneous cuties

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And this cutie by underworld-stories

I really really hope I remembered everyone but I did get lost at a festival for three days so if I missed you please just tell me! And I will hook you up. 

Grace hope you had a sweet break thing. Thank you so much to everyone who took part, you are all hilarious and complete heroes.