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someone: Harry doesn’t appreciate fans

me, with tears in my eyes, thinking about every instance in which Harry has helped and comforted and thanked and loved fans, thinking of when he repeatedly stood on stage being specifically vocally grateful for everything fans have done for them, thinking about him being near tears sometimes expressing that gratitude, thinking about him giving air hugs and blowing kisses and running with a rainbow flag, thinking about him saying “please don’t forget us”: uh did y'all hear something

If you wouldn’t tell a complete stranger something, don’t tell Jensen and Jared.

Even more than that: if you wouldn’t be okay with a complete stranger coming up to you and telling you what you’re about to tell them???? DO. NOT. TELL. JENSEN. AND. JARED.

They are not your therapists.

They are not your friends.

Just because Jared has been somewhat open about his depression doesn’t mean he wants or needs to hear everyone’s life story.

Even something so seemingly small, something like “you’ve saved my life,” can weigh a thousand pounds. “I thought he would feel good about himself.” “I wanted to show him how important he is to me.” “Wouldn’t everyone want to hear that they’ve saved a life?”

How would you feel if a complete stranger walked up to you and told you that? How would you feel, thinking that you’re responsible for someone else’s life? Even if my absolute best friend told me “you’re the reason I haven’t killed myself,” I would NOT feel good. I would feel awful. I would feel like every single thing I say or do could possibly lead to someone else’s death. I’m not a perfect person, I don’t even consider myself a “good” person. I don’t want something that heavy resting on my shoulders.

And Jared (and Jensen) hear(s) this at pretty much every single con they go to, from multiple people. Who knows how many - we only know about the ones that make Jared physically have to take a break after hearing. (And considering none of us knew he struggled with depression until he told us? I’m guessing he’s good at not letting things like this show.)

Jared and Jensen are so fucking good to their fans. Please stop taking advantage of that for the sake of having a “moment” with them. You may want to show them how important they are to you, but there are ways to do that that don’t involve putting extra weight on their shoulders. They don’t deserve to walk away from cons with their hearts heavier than they arrived.

edfhjkehjshw i gotta say im kinda shocked??? by all the people in this fandom who r so accepting (and even enthusiastic???? WOW) about my headcanon, like, half the time when i suggest aromantic headcanons for characters, the response i get is like, friendly disdain????? so here’s to all of you for being super chill, have a teutonic gil sketch

Flood my Mornings: Round and Round

anon said:

I would love to see Jamie at a like carnival or fair and Claire introducing him to all those weird foods in FMM! What would he think of cotton candy or a funnel cake?

Notes from Mod Bonnie

  • This story takes place in an AU in which Jamie travels through the stones two years after Culloden and finds Claire and his child in 1950 Boston.
  • Previous installment:  Unimaginable (Jamie and Claire pick a name for the wee bun in the oven)

May, 1951 


I thought the last word was likely, ‘God,’ but it was anybody’s guess, really, drowned out as it was by yet another bout of vomiting and the sudden blast of music from a nearby loudspeaker. 

“Oh, love…That bad, is it?” My tender, spousal concern was acknowledged only with a string of Gaelic curses, surprisingly creative ones for a man so laid low.

It was a gorgeous hot day (bright enough that I was grateful for my broad hat), but it did make the scent of vomit that much more inescapable. The county fair had come to town, and with both of us having the rare treat of being off on a Saturday, we’d decided to make a family outing of it.  Though it was hardly a grand exposition, both Jamie and I felt giddy as Bree strolling around amidst all the merriment, taking in the exhibits, music, livestock, food, and rides…including a deceptively innocent-looking Merry-go-Round. 

“It was so good of you to try it for Bree’s sake, love.” I rubbed Jamie’s back, trying my level best not to laugh at the way his hunched back seemed to have lost all its vertebrae. “Is there anything I can get you to make you feel a bit better?”

He raised his head a fraction from the garbage can, high enough only to glare at me. “How about a trip through the stones to ten minutes ago so I might choose to SPIT on the fool contraption instead of ride it?”

“Not sure that’s quite how it works, my love,” I whispered, laughing and kissing his shoulder. 

“Daddy? Da!? DA!?!” Bree chirped from below. “Can we go—go an’ do the round’n’round again??”

Jamie looked down at our two-(no, two-and-a-half-and-then-some!)-year-old. “Do ye want to send your poor Da to his death?”

“Doesna—doesna’nt go to DEFF, Daddy,” Bree laughed as if he were being hilariously obtuse, “Goes ‘round and ‘ROUND.”

So I noticed,” he groaned, hunching once more over the garbage can and spitting.

“Okay, lessgo DO it!!!” and she was tearing off back toward the Merry-Go-Round. 

“Ohhhh, no-you-don’t, little monster,” I said, swooping her up into my arms before she scuttled off. My sunglasses slipped to the tip of my nose, but I couldn’t immediately get them back up. Between the heat, the sudden movement, Bree now like a boulder on my hip, a heavy handbag banging against the other, and my back abso-bloody-lutely killing me from toting around a seven-months-grown-human in utero, I suddenly felt woozy and completely spent. “Here, lovey,” I panted, trying to keep from toppling over, “Can you help push Mum’s glasses up? Yes, just—There we go, thank you, sweetheart.” 

“Melcome!” she chirped and gave me a wet kiss on the mouth. 

I mmm’ed happily and kissed her cheeks as we swayed together next to Jamie. “Was the ride fun for you, at least, baby?”

"Uh-HUH, s’was BUNCH fun!”

“Hear that, darling? ‘Bunch’ fun.” 

From the plastic depths, I thought I heard him name a few other choice things it was ‘bunch’ of.

I did feel for Jamie. We should have known it would be no better than a boat for motion-sickness, and he’d spared ME from having to ride the thing, after all (though truth be told, I quite liked such exhilarations when not pregnant). But I was ALREADY shaking with silent mirth imagining the photos I’d snapped, all laid out in the cherished family album. The first few would show a sweet and lively scene: Jamie smiling cheerfully, standing with his hand on Bree’s back, she triumphantly mounted on her plastic chestnut steed waiting for the ride to start… and then would follow the play-by-play of the situation’s rapid deterioration, every revolution of the Merry-Go-Round showing a Jamie still more pale and hunched and desperate, until—Well, that LAST one was a blackmail goldmine for the ages.

“Daddy?” Bree asked suddenly, her face scrunched up as she peered at her father. “You mad’it Mama?”

That got Jamie’s attention and he straightened. “Mad at her?”

“All…” She waved her hand. “…mean.”

His eyes softened and they flicked up to me, verifying that I wasn’t in fact upset. “No, I’m no’ cross at either of ye, a leannan,” he promised her. “The ride on the Merry’round just made my wame all wobbly, such that I forgot my manners.” 

I bounced Bree on my hip. “I bet sometimes you feel a bit grumpy when your tummy hurts, too, right?”

“Oh, aye,” she conceded, a flash of pure Scottishness beaming through, as it did from time to time. She leaned over and gave Jamie’s elbow a clumsy pat. “Sorry for y’r tummy hurted.” 

“That’s verra kind of ye to say, mo chridhe.” 

“Havva snack, w’feel ALL bedder, okay?”

“…Suggests the young miss with NO motive of her own,” I said, nuzzling my nose against hers.

“Oh, definitely not,” Jamie agreed soberly, eyes twinkling. He stretched, replaced his hat, and exhaled, then gave a small ha! of surprise. “I will say, Bree-love, a wee bite does sound just the thing.” 

Good, let’s HAVV’it.” 

“If there had been ANY doubt about your parentage, Bree, that bottomless pit of a stomach would have been proof-positive.” I sighed. “Alright, you two, let’s see what we can rustle up. Here, Jamie, will you—?” I honestly felt like I was going to fall over.  

Jamie obligingly plucked her out of my arms. “Jesus, lass,” he said with an exaggerated groan, “but you’re getting big.”

“Nuh-uh, Da, I’m the little.”

“Aye, you’re still the little, for now,” he agreed, tenderly tucking her hair behind her ears, “Before long you willna be the littlest, though.

She nodded, sagely. “When Beeyin’s comin.’

“Aye, cub,” he agreed, grinning at me, “when Baby Ian comes.”

Brianna couldn’t be convinced for anything that just ‘Ian’ would do, and insisted each time on referring to her brother by what she considered his full title: Baby Ian. The only problem with this was that she couldn’t seem to manage all the syllables in a row; hence, “Beeyin”; hence as well, many private family jokes, such as equating him to a wee bean; or when the wee lad would start jouncing me about like a racehorse, Jamie cocking his head to the side and asking, ‘Beeyin your bonnet?’, and other such delightful silliness. 

“Alright, let’s see about some chow. You two stay here,” I indicated a nearby shaded picnic table, “and I’ll see what I can scrounge for us. What kind of snack do you want, Bree?”

She screwed up her face in ferocious concentration before saying definitely, “Som’fin GOOD.” 

“Well, thank you for being so specific. Very helpful, I don’t think. Any preferences?” I asked Jamie.

Som'fin good sounds perfect,” he said with an attempt at a wink. 

“Ooooooooo!” Bree squealed a few minutes later when I returned with the goodies.

“Cotton candy,” I explained, carefully passing Jamie the paper cone supporting the precarious pink cloud. 

“Cotton?” he asked dubiously. “And it’s edible?”

“Just spun sugar,” I said with a grin. “Now, Bree, take your fingers and—No-no, just pinch a little off with your—oh—Oh, well.”

Bree had stuck her entire face into the sticky mass and taken a monumental bite, pulling back with wisps of pink in her eyebrows, enraptured. 

Jamie looked skeptical to the extreme. “Does it taste nice, cub?”

“Uh-huh!” Bree clawed out a fistful of fluff and shoved it upward toward Jamie’s mouth. “TASTE!” 

Jamie gave me a preemptive grimace and took a tentative bite. “Holy Moses,” he said, blinking hard and shuddering as he swallowed. “It’s like pouring the whole sugar bowl direct into my mouth.” 

“It’s GOOD,” Bree insisted, chowing down with relish. 

“None so verra filling, I’d wager, but as long as ye like rotting your teeth out—” 

“Here,” I laughed, “I came prepared with other options as well.” I pulled the next item from the bag. “Care for some Elephant Ear? Just a silly name, I promise,” I said hastily, seeing his alarm. “No pachyderms harmed in the making of this treat.” 

“What is it, then?” he asked, peering around Bree’s head. “Pastry?” 

“Try it while there’s trying to be had,” I said, handing it to him. “I’m eating for two, and we fully intend to eat our way through the entire elephant.” 

He did enjoy the fried dough, going back for several huge bites, licking powdered sugar from his fingertips. “Lord, though I dinna ken if I can manage wi’ any more sweeties.” 

“Alright, let’s see how you manage this.” 

Jamie had probably never had American corn in any form before, I reflected, let alone on the original cob. I certainly hadn’t grown up eating it, and so it didn’t occur to me to buy it at the market. From the gusto with which Jamie inhaled the roasted ear, slathered with butter and spices, though, it was going to have to become a regular staple. 

“No foolish name for this one?” he asked as he was finishing the last few bites. 

“Not as far as I know,” I shrugged, trying to wipe Bree’s face, which was an unmitigated disaster-zone.

"Pity. Missed a good chance.” 


He waved the naked cob suggestively. “Corn on the co….” And the barest-whisper of “…ck.”

“You’re a ridiculous human being,” I murmured, leaning in to kiss him. 

“And you are absolutely lovely,” he murmured back against my lips, squeezing my knee. 

“C’n I havva cornna-cock, too?” 

(un)deniable. | taeyong

Member: Lee Taeyong / Reader
Group: NCT
Word Count: 2,400+
Genre/Warning(s): college!au, romance, fluff
A/N: requested by @perrpfoudre Thank you for being so specific with your request, it really helped a ton. I also apologize for taking ages to post this, I know this has been sitting in my drafts for awhile, but thanks for being patient. I hope you enjoy, darlings!

Originally posted by taesyong


Late in the evening, just before dusk breaks, water trickles between the spaces of your soapy fingers to run along the ceramic plate. The silence wrapping around your frame seems oddly comforting, despite being accompanied by another with little to no words. At least he’s assisting you while washing the dishes from the dinner your family had devoured.

And yet, even as he stands next to you and rinses the dishes you pass him, there’s a space for conversation that neither of you care to fill. Many would call it awkward or perhaps even rude for a guest to remain so quiet, unwilling to offer some kind of casual chit-chat, but you’d beg to differ just this once.

Lee Taeyong is an exception, for his silent nature isn’t disconcerting.

In fact, it’s compelling.

You give him fleeting glances, like a child filled with insatiable curiosity toward something new; something fascinatingly unusual. That something for you is Taeyong.

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Love Is Love

Request- happy birthday love ❤ can I request a story were the reader plays the Winchester sister in the show, she’s 17 and during a day filming J2 realise she’s too quiet and sad, so they go talk to her after one of the scenes and found out that she’s having feelings for a friend (girl) and don’t know how to deal with that (thank you and sorry if I’m being to specific, but I’m in this situation and could use some J2 advice :c)

Requested by- anon.

Characters- jared x platonic!reader, Jensen x platonic!reader.


A/N- If there’s anybody reading this who are struggling to come to terms with their sexuality/gender just know that what you’re feeling is SO OKAY! Coming to terms with something like that is difficult, but you’ll be okay, it’ll all be okay! I’ve had to come out to myself and others twice, once as Bisexual and again as Gay.

“I’d rather be hated for who I am, than loved for who I am not”

-Kurt Cobain

They knew something was wrong, being on the show from when you were six years old and growing up surrounded by it meant they could read you like an open book, there had been numerous times where you’d try and deal with stuff on your own but they’d always find out and they’d always help you through it no matter how much you protested, saying that ‘you’ve got this’ when in reality you really didn’t.

Jensen and Jared were your brothers on and off camera, they’ve always been insanely protective over you so when you spent half of the week spacing out, they were concerned.

You were in the middle of filming a scene in the bunker, you were subconsciously drumming your fingers on the wooden surface of the table with your face leaning against your hand, you were staring at a mark on the table, your brows were furrowed and you were chewing on your lip.

This did not go unnoticed by the boys, or by anybody for that matter. They knew that something was wrong, they just didn’t push or pry, hoping you’d open up when you were ready.

You were snapped out of your zombie like state by somebody shaking you slightly by the shoulder, you blinked and turned to your left and met Jared’s concerned gaze, “you alright?” He asked, you sent him a small smile and nodded your head “yeah, yeah just a bit tired” you chuckled drily, the boys narrowed their eyes at each other, obviously they didn’t believe you, you weren’t a very good liar. 

They re-started the scene, you were paying attention but then your mind started to wander again, you pinched your leg under the table to bring yourself out of whatever trance you were stuck in, you raised a hand and stood at the same time, “sorry but I need to cut” you mumbled loud enough for the director to hear. 

You made a bee line for the exit leaving everyone in the room silent, “okay everyone, take fifteen, Jared, Jensen go find her” the director demanded, the boys nodded their heads and went searching for you.

“What do you think’s going on with her?” Jared asked, Jensen shrugged and let out a sigh, “who knows? She’s secretive, you know she won’t talk about it” he replied, the boys stayed silent as they walked towards Jared’s trailer, they knew you’d be in here cuddled up to one of his dogs.

They opened the trailer door and walked in to see you curled up next to Sadie lightly stroking her fur, “hey” Jared said softly sitting down on the couch next to you, you continued to stroke Sadie’s soft fur, Jensen knelt down in front of you and brushed some stray hairs away from your face, “y/n, we know something’s wrong, talk to us” he softly spoke, you sighed and looked at them before sitting up, you smiled softly at Sadie who rested her head on top of your thigh.

“Remember Abigail?” You asked them, they nodded their head, “well, I uh… I kinda, like her…” You trailed off slowly, the room was plunged into a silence. The guys looked at each other, “you mean, like like?” Jensen asked, you nodded your head, “is that whats been bothering you?” Jared asked, you nodded your head again, “It’s just–I’m not sure how to deal with this, okay?” You replied lying back down, burying your face into the couch, Sadie’s body blocking it from the guys’ view.

“Y/N, look at us” Jensen spoke softly, you peaked your head up and looked at him, “everything’s going to be okay, feelings are confusing, they’re going to shake you around but at the end of it? You’ll be with somebody who makes you happy, and if you’re happy being with a girl then screw what other people think, you’ll be fine, okay?” he concluded, you smiled lightly and wrapped your arms around his neck, “thanks, Jay” you muttered, you pulled back and leant against Jared, “thank you for always being there for me, honestly I’d be so lost without my big brothers” you smiled at the cheesiness of what you just said, Jared wrapped an arm around your shoulders and placed a kiss on top of your head, “you’re welcome, sweetie. Now come on, we gotta finish filming” he said getting up, you let out a groan and led back down, “I wanna nap” you said tiredly, the guys laughed, “you can nap all you want after the scene is finished, come on” Jensen chuckled whilst pulling you to your feet.

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hAH!!! Finished it! I’ve been dying to draw something for the INTL finale- but finals have made it a bit more difficult. But taadaaa!! I left all of my mushiest thoughts in the comments- but y’all. I love this story so much. Thank you @theninjamouse / @theninjawrites for everything. (AND for Oof + any other upcoming stories! ) <3 <3
warm, cracked hearts - bereniceofdale - The Hobbit (Jackson Movies) [Archive of Our Own]
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Characters: Bard the Bowman, Sigrid, Tilda, Bain
Rated: General Audiences
Tags: Character Study, Family, Asexual Character, Angst, Anxiety

One cold evening of winter, Bard faces the worries of his children.

Auston Matthews - The Scare Part 1

Could you do an auston matthews one? Maybe like where you think you might be pregnant and you’re freaking out but he’s calm about it, and after you take the test you find out you’re not pregnant? And then you talk about your future together? Sorry for being so specific and thank you!

Originally posted by hockeyfanatique

A/N Because of the length i’ve decided to break your request up into two parts.

- Lisa 😘 

“Do you have a tampon I can borrow?” asked your best friend, Kait,  walking back into the kitchen from the bathroom.

“sure, let me run upstairs and grab one” you responded. Running up the stairs you entered the bedroom you shared with your boyfriend Auston Matthews, and walked straight into the ensuite bathroom.  Opening the drawer that you kept all your personal products in, you paused mid- reach for the box of tampons.  You were late, your period was always on time, but not this month.  Trying to mentally shake it off, you pulled a tampon out of the box and headed back down stairs to the kitchen.

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anonymous asked:

Hey! :) i'm black and you're making me really interested in witch stuff, i think i might really want to get into it too? do you know any places that introduce it to new people, and do you know anything that talks specifically about being black and a witch? thank you so much!

Hey doll! There’s a LOT of information on the craft out there, and to figure out what your journey will be you will have to do quiet a bit of reading and soul searching. Witch tumblr is a huge community luckily and we are all very nice. If you haven’t already followed my witch blog @bathtime-witches-brew go ahead and do that! There’s info on there.
The tags I would suggest are “beginner witch” “witchling” and “afro witch” for starters! Don’t feel like you should jump into practicing immediately. Be patient and find your path.
I’ve actually been planning to make a huge masterpost with all the black Witch blogs I could find! So you’re giving me a head start haha, I compiled some for you (and anyone else)

anonymous asked:

Tbh if it's too complicated a matter, don't worry too much about the label, just be you, be happy in the way you want to be with whatever type of person you end up wanting to be happy with~<3

Subtitle News from Nozomi:

So there’s been a lot of discussion and back and forth, and I wanted to let y’all know about a couple of the decisions that have been made. 

First up, Miss is gone. They were in complete agreement that Miss was not an adequate way of illustrating the -sama. Of the options we had, they chose to go with Mistress, partly because this also has to cover Nanami’s relationship with her henchgirls, and partly because no one wants to see Anthy calling Saionji and Touga “Lord” (except me and Gio, because it would be hilarious, but… that’s not what we’re going for). Consistency is key, otherwise we end up with situations like the Mickey thing where because we didn’t trust the translation we didn’t realize it was there for a reason. Yes, the fangirls will call her Mistress as well, which is kind of strange, but there’s a whole chunk of dialogue that doesn’t make any sense if they don’t (”But it’s not a joke when you say it!”), so let’s just be glad that now when Anthy calls her “Miss Utena” instead of Mistress in ep11/12, that makes sense and has meaning instead of being lost.

I’ve mentioned these already, but for anyone who didn’t see them, “Jury” is definitely being changed to Juri, and Little Utena’s line is now included in the opening fairy tale– which I should remind you isn’t the flowery translation from UTP, but a little more straightforward one, so the line isn’t the one that was suggested here, but it IS in keeping with the current translation of the whole thing and isn’t just little Utena getting told what’s what by the Prince. 

Hard subs will not be a thing anymore. Quoting here, because honestly any explanation I give will be less clear, “By default, the options are: English (stereo) with On-screen Text, Japanese (stereo) with Eng. Subtitles, and Japanese (5.1) with Eng. Subtitles. Subtitles can be changed/turned off completely by accessing the Blu-ray player’s subtitle settings with the remote. Additionally, just like the DVDs, the dueling themes will be translated on the Japanese language track, but on the English track, the dueling themes include both the translation as well as the romaji. If someone wishes to watch the duels in the original Japanese audio, you can switch the subtitle stream with the remote and enable them.“

Now here are a few confirmations of what’s already there:

Little Utena is and will remain “spirited away,” as it is the only translation that has the supernatural element present in it, and, trivia time, is actually a figure of speech in English, although a little archaic.

Juri’s memory of Shiori’s words will remain as-is. They went back and took a look at the translation for “kiseki wo shinjite, omoi wa todoku to”, and that line is very specifically about someone finding out or knowing your feelings. So changing it to dreams or something less on-the-nose doesn’t make sense; in Japanese, it’s very explicit.

Touga will remain both chivalrous and an ally, as those are the best translations for the words he uses, and thus will continue to be the utter trash fire we all know and love. Hate. Love. Whatever.

Some of the changes we suggest have also been followed, but I’m not going to say which ones right now because I prefer to get specific permission rather than just taking anything for blanket approval. This ain’t my gig, guys, and I don’t want to flap my mouth too many times for the line ifyaknowhatimean. But please rest assured that everything we’ve brought up has been running people off their feet to check things and figure out whether it’s possible, whether it’s doable, whether it’s accurate, whether it fits, and all the rest. Every decision that’s being made is being made for very specific reasons– thank goodness! Compared to the CPM release and the (amazing, incredible, stunning, and not in a good way) Ursula’s Kiss thing, this is like heaven.

So I’ll ask about the other changes, and go from there. In a day or two, probably Friday, I’ll be asking for issues with the BRS, and then after that I’m going to give myself a week or so to collect them up, then another week or so to get answers from you all. I’ve been told that fits in with the timeline. It’s going to make me an awful pest with this stuff, I hope you know that!

And, figure it’s worth mentioning here, Gio and I will be livetweeting at roughly 9pm CST tonight starting with ep23 and continuing at least until ep25 and you all probably know by now that the presence of Akio, Touga, and Saionji guarantees that this will be an ungodly shitfest. As usual, this will not be work safe and will refer to any and all of the awful shit present in the show, so be prepared for that.

All right, everyone, thanks again for your help! <3

kuroshiroryuu  asked:

Hi admin dee~ i can't see your rules on mobile sadly... But would it be alright to request the GoM's (Kurokocchi too plz) S/O taking care of them after they mysteriously became kids (7-10 yo ish if you don't mind me being specific~) thanks in advance!

hello thereee ~(◠‿◕✿)  ah i’m very sorry about that! i fixed that right after i got your request, so you should be able to see them now.

so since you weren’t able to read my rules before, you didn’t know that the only time i can accept over 4 characters are when it’s for headcannons so i hope you don’t mind me using headcannons for this! 

if this wasn’t what you had in mind then perhaps send your request again with fewer characters when the askbox is open? or anything you’d like really as long it’s not violating the rules. i’ll be more than glad to write for you again! ^^

 i may or may not have screamed at how cute shiro looks in your icon


  • Turns out Akashi wasn’t completely different as a child than he was as an adult.
  • Although, he was a little more stubborn and a little more enthusiastic.
  • Especially when it came to basketball
  • You’ve been trying to make him come into the house, and have his lunch for almost an hour, but he just wouldn’t stop playing.
  • “If you can win against me, I’ll come inside.” he finally said. 
  • You sighed, you knew Akashi was really good at basketball, but maybe this time you have an advantage since he was a child.
  • After another hour, you finally managed to win with a score of 6-7.
  • It seemed like after you won, he wasn’t as stubborn anymore. Guess the only way to make him listen to you is to suggest a challenge and hope for the best.


  • Surprisingly, so far Midorima was being a really good boy, and made it really easy for you take care of him. 
  • That was until he found out you don’t believe in zodiac signs, and think it’s all just gibberish.  
  • You never regretted saying something so much.
  • Not only did he ignore everything you said, but he would give you disapproving looks that for a second you had to stop and question yourself about who the child really was here. 
  • You realized the only way to make him listen to you again was if you told him that you’ve changed your mind.
  • “I’m sorry if what I said yesterday upset you, but listen!” you exclaimed. “I searched and read more about it, and I changed my mind.” you continued.
  • “Look, I even bought my lucky item for today!” you showed him the teddy bear you bought after reading the daily Oha Asa horoscopes.
  • Needless to say, he didn’t give you disapproving looks or shove you aside when you kissed him goodnight on the head.


  • “___-chan it hurts!” Kise whined. 
  • You’ve been having so much fun braiding his hair and trying out different hairstyles. You really couldn’t help it, his hair was even more prettier right now than what it was as an adult.
  • You didn’t think it was possible, but Kise wasn’t actually that loud, he didn’t give you a hard time, and always obliged when you told him something.
  • All you had to do is just shower him with love, tell him how handsome he is, and how he’s gonna be an amazing model when he grows up.
  • And bam, your word will be his command.
  • Although, there were a few times where you had to shove the food in his mouth, because he refused to eat his vegetables. 
  • You couldn’t help but laugh every time he pretended to cry just so you can give him your attention. 
  • You spent the entire night watching movies with him until he finally fell asleep on your lap. Thank god


  • Aomine’s favorite things to do other than eat, is sleep.
  • You had to use everything you have in your power to wake him up.
  • It was just supposed to be a 1 hour nap, how did it turn into a battle of survival between you and his sheets?
  • You’ve been trying to take them off but they wouldn’t even budge, and he was making sure they stay that way.
  • You wanted to crumble down and cry, that was until you got the great idea.
  • Nothing works best like threatening to ruin his favorite video game. You came back with it in your hand, “You will get up right now, or you can say goodbye to your precious video game.” you raised an eyebrow.
  • Like a bolt of lightning, his eyes shot up and he was wide awake.
  • “Good boy!” you ruffled his hair grinning, you were proud of yourself.


  • You didn’t know wether to feel bad for yourself or to laugh. 
  • Apparently even the 8 year old Murasakibara is taller than you, and that did not make taking care of him any easier.
  • That boy will not do anything but eat and stare in nowhere particular, the only time he’ll actually talk to you is when you’re offering him food.
  • The only time he’ll actually listen to you, is when you bribe him with food.
  • “I’m hungryyyyyyyyyyyy” have literally become stuck in your mind. You could swear you can even hear his voice sometimes, even when you’re completely alone.
  • Something else he likes other than snacks would be naps, especially on your lap.
  • Since he’s always on sugar he has a hard time falling asleep easily.
  • Which is why you always made him rest his head on your thigh, and ruffled his hair until he finally falls asleep. 


  • If you thought noticing him when he was an adult was hard, then this was your own made up hell.
  • It didn’t help when all he wanted to do was play hide and seek. 
  • Still he was so adorable you couldn’t say no, even though it sometimes took you almost an hour until you found him.
  • There were a few times where you couldn’t find him at all, but luckily you had a trick to make him come out of his own hiding place.
  • 2 words, vanilla milkshake.
  • Luckily, you knew an easy recipe to make it within almost 7 minutes, so it was perfect.
  • And this time was one of those times. 
  • “Kuroko! I made you your favorite!” you yelled, and bam there he was, right next to you.

anonymous asked:

Hi Vic!! It's my birthday today, which has made me super nostalgic, so I just wanted to say thank you again for everything you do :) I know that's really general... how about thank you for being really freakin sweet, specifically? You're always so nice!! -plushie anon


its-furiohsa-not-furiosah  asked:

Hi there, DrFerox I am currently a pre-vet undergrad that may possibly be diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome. I am worried a diagnosis could keep me from being a vet or from being a good vet. I feel like I have a unique connection with animals, but not so much people. Do you know anyone in the Veterinary field that are Aspies and would you think being one would hinder a vet greatly? Thank you.

I don’t specifically know any vets with Asperger’s Syndrome, or whatever they would prefer to be labeled, but I am not privy to most other people’s inner workings of the brain. There are many that I suspect, or know, have something going on, but I have no right to know those details. Those that I do specifically know about have either decided to tell me, or (for some unfathomable reason) their mothers have decided to tell me.

The veterinary community attracts a lot of people who feel more connected to animals than they do to humans, and who feel animals understand them better than humans, so I highly doubt you would be alone with your potential new label. And it really is just a label, it’s there to help you understand yourself, not to shove you in a box.

There are lots and lots of veterinarians practicing who are ‘a bit odd’ in one way or another. It comes with the territory.

I wouldn’t worry about Asperger’s Syndrome, or anything on the autism spectrum, from holding you back in veterinary medicine if you’ve already come to the conclusion that it’s the thing that interests you, and you can make your way through the entrance interview. Vet school does have some lessons on how to talk to clients and approach people, which is very handy. You get better with practice.

I have met lots and lots of vets and I don’t think a single one of us is ‘normal’.

Worth So Much More - Sherlock x Fem! Reader

Pairing: Sherlock Holmes x Fem! Reader
Warnings: cussing? idk fam
Rating: T, just to be safe
Word Count: 1365
Author’s Note: This is for the anon who requested this:

Sherlock x reader pls where reader is an artist who always makes little drawings and songs about sherlock almost every day and he decides to return the favor. he wanted to compose a song but knew that she knew about the song he made for irene and he didnt want to make her feel like she was on the same level as irene because she’s so much more so he writes a poem about how she makes him feel and he passes it to her in a little piece of paper and he’s really shy about it? sorry for being specific!

Thank you! I really, really hope you like it! I’m really sorry I didn’t get this up sooner, I was incredibly busy! I hope you enjoy my little doodles I made :) I’m so sorry if you didn’t like this :(


To Y/N Y/L/N, Sherlock Holmes was a hero. To him, she was just another one of his clients. Y/N was an artist who owned a shop near Baker Street; in addition to her shop, there was a little café, where people could rest and relax after a long day. Her shop consisted of painting  Tragedy struck and her art shop had been robbed in the early hours of morning. Y/N was devastated and heartbroken; she just couldn’t understand who would bear her such ill will.

She took the case to Scotland Yard, but they weren’t able to do anything, due to the ambiguous nature of the case. It was only when Dr John Watson saw her in tears, in a grubby little cafe in North London, things were able to happen.

John had immediately spoke to the Detective Inspector, who in turn, asked Sherlock Holmes for help. He had initially scoffed, internally rolling his eyes at the idea of him investigating a robbery at an amateur art shop. However, on seeing Y/N’s tear streaked face and the state of her shop, Sherlock declared the case to be a 9.


The art shop had been vandalised by spray cans, broken windows and ripped canvases. To Y/N, it was a destruction of her hard work, to Sherlock, it was a crime scene with much potential. The thief was clearly a first timer, yet he had managed to clear up his tracks easily. In the few days that Y/N was exposed to the crime solving duo, she discovered that Sherlock needed coffee nearly at all hours and that he grew irritable if he didn’t get it as soon as possible. She decided to so something special to his coffee and doodled a little image on the side of his cup.

Every morning, Sherlock and John frequented her cafe, Y/N made a special doodle on the side of Sherlock’s cup. Black, two sugars and a quick doodle. Sometimes even a little song lyric she remembered from her morning playlist. She didn’t even know if Sherlock read them or saw them, but it made her happy. Sherlock wasn’t exactly a kind man, but he was a good one. Maybe he could be both one day. And maybe one day he could see her more than a client.

Much to John’s surprise, the case was solved in a week, yet Sherlock always went to grab a coffee at her cafe. When asked why, John got the same, scathing reply, “Her coffee is much better than Starbucks.”

It was a couple of days later when the military doctor realised they never went to Starbucks for coffee.


Sherlock Holmes always found an excuse to go to Y/N’s art shop, even after the case had been solved. His most popular excuse was that Rosie had kept John up the entire night and John had work the next day. His least favourite one (one that he never used) was that he loved her little song lyrics and doodles.

Every day was the same doodle, except there was a variation in the doodles sometimes.

It had been particularly rainy one day, and it was FREEZING! Yet Sherlock had made it to her little cafe. It was a cosy little shop, giving one feelings of warmth and comfort. Y/N had been working on a piece when she heard him come in.

“Rosie keeping John awake?” she called from behind the cafe counter. Her art shop was still repaired, so she spent most of her time behind the counter.

“Surprisingly no,” he called back, his hands behind his back. “It’s a rainy day, I was wondering if I could have some of your coffee? The usual, black-“

“Two sugars,” Y/N interrupted him with a smile. “I’ve memorised your order, Mr. Sherlock Holmes.” Those three words echoed in his mind, in the voice of someone who had used those words before. The Dominatrix. Sherlock violently shook the image of Irene Adler as Y/N approached him with a mug in her hand. She set the mug on the table and sat across him, occasionally looking out of the window to glance at the pedestrians.

“When does your art shop open again?” Sherlock tried to stimulate conversation. Y/N smiled at his attempt to start a conversation.

“Next week maybe,” she replied carefully, looking at him. “I probably have to start some new pieces, since some are already damaged. That’s going to be…tiring.” She sighed sadly. Suddenly feeling a warm feeling in his heart (not the coffee) and he reached out and put his gloved hand on hers.

“I’ll be there for you, if you need me,” Sherlock spoke genuinely. Y/N stiffened at the contact, but relaxed, feeling the warmth from his body seep into her hand. They stayed this way for some time until Y/N coughed awkwardly.

“I-I have to er… finish a piece,” she left, feeling extremely flustered. Sherlock stifled a laugh and saw that the saucer had a piece of paper.

“Sherlock!” John shouted, frustrated. “Stop changing the password on my laptop!” When no reply came, he frowned. Sherlock would usually snap back a snarky answer, but the flat was in total silence. John groaned and decided to check the bedroom. Sherlock hadn’t gone out, he was fairly sure. On entering his room, John immediately tripped over a wastepaper basket. “What the f-,” John bent down and smoothened out a piece of crumpled piece of paper.

“Your coffee warms my throat, but your personality warms my heart?” John sniggered, looking at other crumpled bits of paper. “Your art is aesthetically pleasing, join me for a coffee?” The army doctor then found little cutouts of small doodles with sweet messages on them. All of a sudden, it clicked. John was laughing silently when he a shuffling behind the bed.

“What are you doing John?” Sherlock roared, hidden behind the bed. “That’s private! You don’t see me mucking about your laptop!”
“”You changed my password you hypocrite!” John snapped back. “And are you seriously trying to ask out Y/N?” Sherlock narrowed his eyes at his best friend. “You’re not getting anywhere with that.”

“Oh, is that what normal people do?” Sherlock retorted, sitting on the edge of the bed and frowning at the piece of paper in his hand. “I’m afraid I’m not wired to be normal, so piss off, John.” John Watson felt a bit bad for him and sat next to him.

“Christmas is coming soon, invite her to our party? Or you could probably compose a song, like you did for Mary and I,” John clenched his fist tightly, in the memory of his wife. “I think she would like that.”
“But I made a song for Irene,” Sherlock stood up abruptly. “The woman who beat men. The cold, unfeeling woman. I want something different for Y/N. Y/N is so much more than her. Y/N thaws the ice in my heart, not just by coffee, but her kindness. She is so pure and untainted, sometimes I am scared that the darkness in my heart will corrupt her. We’re opposites, but I want her around. Sometimes I feel we are the yin and the yang. She keeps me in check and I love being with her.” John couldn’t believe his ears.

“You just thought of the best poem, you sod,” he replied dangerously. “Write that down and ask her out properly, or I’ll box your ears.”


The doorbell rang while Y/N was still working on one of her pieces. “I’ll be with you in a minute!” She called, wiping the paint off her face. When she neared the counter, there was a mysterious note taped to it. Y/N frowned and picked it up, a blush deepened on her cheek as she read the sweet poem the mysterious admirer had left for her. She smiled when she reached the end of her poem, finally knowing who it was. She grabbed her bag and rushed out of the store (of course, locking it first), heading towards 221B Baker Street.

Coffee? The one at Starbucks is awful. But I like yours better.

221B Baker Street. Even better, dinner?


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Do you know any fics where derek or stiles give their sports shirt with their number to the other, because they want the other to root for him on the field? Sorry if that's too specific. If you cant find any like those maybe can you update the sports, gym or personal trainer tag if any of those is due for an update. Thanks for being amazing <3

yeah i couldn’t find any specific sharing clothes fics with them wearing each others jerseys. the gym tag was just updated so here’s some new soccer fics!

Get Your Head in the Game by LillianDeLooney (6/6 | 48,286 | NC17)

“Let’s watch some porn.”

And that sentence right there is the reason I singlehandedly ruined our friendship.

Or: ‘5 Times they made things complicated and 1 time they finally uncomplicated it’.

I’m Sorry For Your Loss by TaliskerMortem (1/1 | 585 | NR) 

There’s three minutes left on the clock. Who will win? And who will they want to celebrate with? 

Auston Matthews - The Scare Part2

Could you do an auston matthews one? Maybe like where you think you might be pregnant and you’re freaking out but he’s calm about it, and after you take the test you find out you’re not pregnant? And then you talk about your future together? Sorry for being so specific and thank you!

Originally posted by matthews-nylander-marner

You went into the bathroom to take the test while Auston sat on the hallway floor waiting patiently for you to come out. When you came out he stood and took the hand that wasn’t holding the test. Leading you out to the living room and back to the couch, he sat down and pulled you into his lap.  Setting the test face down on the coffee table right next to your phone, you snuggled back into him, tucking your head into the space between his neck and his shoulder.  He wrapped his arms around you pulling you closer, while resting his forehead on the top of your head.  

“How can you be so calm?” you asked Auston in a soft whisper.

“Because while I may not be able to tell the future, I know how I foresee our future together” he responded just as softly.

“oh, yeah and how’s that” you questioned curiously.

“I see us getting married and one day having kids and while I didn’t envision kids happening maybe this soon, I’m not worried about it because I’m serious about you.  Your it for me and while I may not be proposing tomorrow, I know we will get married some day in the distant future. So, if kids happen now we will figure it out and if not well that just means we get to practice more” He grinned down at you.

You couldn’t help but smile up at him.  He always knew just what to say to calm your nerves. You reached your hand up to cup his cheek and pull his head down to yours.   Lips met in a soft, sweet, tender lingering embrace before slowly pulling away.

“I want that too” you said softly not wanting to ruin the moment that was happening.  Just then the timer went off on your phone.  

“Ready?” you asked nervously looking up at him.

“yup” he responded sound way calmer that you.  But as you reached for the phone he stopped you.  “Remember, no matter what the result is I Love you and It will all be ok.” He pressed willing you to believe it.  Nodding before giving him another quick kiss, you reached out to silence the timer and pick up the test keeping it flipped upside down.  Leaning back you settled back against him, still in his lap, head tucked back into the crook of his neck.  

“Together?” you asked.  His hands came up to join yours on the test and together you flipped it over to read the results.  


It felt like a huge weight had been lifted off your shoulders.  You hadn’t realized how tense you still were until you sagged with relief against Auston, who’s arms came around you in a crushing hug.  You spent the rest of the night cuddling on the couch talking and half watching movies.

- Lisa 😘