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jaywalkingmylifeaway  asked:

Hey girl! 2, 6, 9, and 2 (for the "tell me" section) :)


2: just by looking at my blog, who do i remind you of?

hmmmmm I would say you remind me of Jimin cuz you like to post selfies a lot (which are cute af <3)

6: who are your favorite BTS/GOT7 bloggers?

my fav bloggersssssssss love ya’ll

@igot7-loves @ourjiminie @suga-n-cream @igot7-love @angstsuga @umma-jy @queenjunghoseok @db5kjjgot7 @dsouls @cherrybeom @sgahit @adoringjinyoung (even tho she only active on twitter)

and yoooooouuuuu of course! theres def more but i cant remember them rn or i cant find their blogs anymore I’m sad LOL 

9: what’s the scariest dream you’ve ever had?

funny you asked this cuz I never usually have dreams but recently I had this one dream or I don’t even know if it was a dream or real. Last week, I felt like I was going to sleep like normal but I had friends sleeping over in my dream and one of them said ‘there’s no room I’m gonna sleep next to you.’ And then I turned around to see my friend but I saw this shadow of a little girl with black curly hair jumping on my bed instead. I got so freaked out I screamed ‘GO AWAY’ and then I either woke up or she disappeared. But I swear I felt the bed bouncing and everything. I’m still scared to sleep till this day. I think it might’ve been something I ate that day tho T^T I hope so.


2: tell me an unpopular opinion

I think Jinyoung has a bad temper.. even tho he’s my bias I can kind of see it thru videos but maybe that’s just me misinterpreting