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The pack is divided into two: Victory and Hope. 

Victory pack contains 3.600+ pngs/pics:

  • 45 hq balloons;
  • 217 base headers;
  • 105 bubble speech;
  • 31 Chinese letters;
  • 355 computer stuff;
  • 247 dialogues;
  • 4 sources for lyrics header;
  • 280 kawaii pngs;
  • 154 pixels;
  • 109 pink glitter;
  • 1.015 png texts;
  • 40 textures.

Hope pack contains 4.200+ pngs/pics:

  • 177 aesthetic outfits;
  • 274  aesthetic pics;
  • 178  aesthetic pngs;
  • 104 pics b&w aesthetic;
  • 54 blue pngs;
  • 90 cyber images;
  • tumblr dash: 75 headers, 235 ulzzangs + 169 apop and kpop artist icons;
  • 195 doodles;
  • 17 fonts;
  • 37 nature pngs;
  • 492 overlays;
  • 45 kpop pastel pics;
  • phrases;
  • 1054 pics for edit (icons, headers, wallpaper, etc)
  • 81 pixel art;
  • psychedelic gifs;
  • 796 random pngs;
  • 192 textures;
  • 56 universe pics.

to get the pack you have to:

  • follow the tumblr (I’ll check);
  • like and reblog this post (I’ll check);
  • ask here RINNEGOU PACK” (I will not answer anonymous);
  • DON’T publish or repass the link of this pack.  

and again I want to thank you for everything, making icons and headers is my favorite hobby, is like a refuge for me and know that you guys like it is even better, so thank you for all the encouragement. It means a lot. 

Obrigado pelos 12 mil seguidores!! 

O pack é dividido em dois: Victory e Hope.

Victory pack contém 3.625 pngs/pics:

  • 45 balões hq;
  • 217 bases para headers;
  • 105 bubble speech;
  • 31 frases/letras chinesas;
  • 355 computer stuff;
  • 247 diálogos;
  • 4 fontes para lyrics header;
  • 280 pngs kawaii;
  • 154 pixels;
  • 8 photobooths (corações, pássaros, etc ) para icons;
  • 109 pink glitter;
  • 1.015 textos em png;
  • 40 texturas.

Hope pack contém 4.200+ pngs/pics:

  • 177 roupas aesthetic;
  • 274 fotos aesthetic;
  • 178 pngs aesthetic;
  • 104 pngs preto e branco;
  • 54 pngs azuis;
  • 90 cyber images;
  • tumblr dash: 75 headers, 235 ulzzangs + 169 apop and kpop artist icons;
  • 195 doodles;
  • 17 fontes;
  • 37 nature pngs;
  • 492 overlays;
  • 45 kpop pastel pics;
  • frases;
  • 1054 fotos para edição (icons, headers, wallpaper, etc)
  • 81 arte pixel;
  • gifs psicodélicos;
  • 796 pngs aleatórios;
  • 192 texturas;
  • 56 pngs de planetas.

para conseguir o pack, você precisará:

  • seguir o tumblr (vou conferir);
  • reblogar e dar like nesse post (vou conferir);
  • mandar “RINNEGOU PACK” na ask (não responderei anônimos);
  • NÃO publicar ou repassar o link da pack.

e de novo eu quero agradecer por tudo, fazer icons e headers para vocês é meu passatempo preferido, é como um refúgio para mim e saber que vocês gostam é melhor ainda, então muito obrigado por todo o incentivo e elogios, isso significa muito. 

It took me 4 hours just to upload this pack but months to select photos and organize, have some respect for me and for my time and don’t publish or repass the link of this pack. Thank you.  

anonymous asked:

Hi Nathalie! I'm going to be soloing it in Seattle for a couple of days next month and was wondering if you have any suggestions of where to go/the best ways to get around. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!! Thank you and hope all is well!

i’m so sorry this has taken me almost 3 week to get to but let’s see. 

Seattle Must Sees… hm

welcome to 

Nathalie’s Unofficial and Last Minute Guide to Seattle

the Obvious: 

Pike Place Market: see them throw the fish, take a pic in front of the first starbucks but don’t wait in line cause there are 8 within walking distance that sell the same stuff, eat a pierogi and pierogi pierogi or some mac n cheese at beechers, see the gum wall, get a pizza at the alibi room next to the gum wall, buy some produce or just sample the produce, ooh also get yogurt at Ellenos (get a walkaround of marion berry pie it’s the bees knees)

Seattle Center: This is where the Space Needle is!! if it’s a nice day this is a lovely park to go to there’s a huge fountain! in this area you will find the aforementioned space needle ( he is the love of my life) which you don’t really need to go up cause lbr the view isn’t that great he’s not the tallest boy out there, the Chihuly glass museum which is rad if you like art and siqqq blown glass i rec that hard, and the Pacific Science Center which is nice, there’s an imax there but don’t see a movie there cause i have a better suggestion (MORE ON THAT LATER) also the EMP shit i mean the MoPOP

for VIEWS: 

Columbia Tower: this is where you’ll get the best view of everything, it’s the tallest building in the city! you can pay to go up OR you can use the women’s bathroom on the top floor and get sick views for free

Kerry Park: one of the most photographed views of seattle, she’s a sexy one, it’s on Queen Anne and parking can be a bitch sometimes but worth the shot you’ll get. also if you like greys anatomy meredith grey’s house is like a block from here

Smith Tower: first skyscraper in sea-town and u can go up the top where there’s a speakeasy and you can walk around outside. it costs money but it’s rad, i went before i was 21 so i didn’t sample the booze so i can’t attest to how good the drinks are

Volunteer Park: this is in Cap Hill and it’s lovely and green and you can see all of downtown even the lil space needle pokin his head up. there’s this water tower you can climb up and it has some unique views. if you do this, i recommend stopping at Hello Robin before hand and picking up a couple of cookies and some 2% milk to be enjoyed as you take in the Sights! (hello robin is a cookie place in cap hill that is delicious, you can get straight up cookies or a cookie ice cream sandwich with molly moons ice cream in it) ((i recommend trying a Macklesmore cookie))

Gasworks Park: this is over the bridge across the montlake cut and lake union in wallingford, if you’ve seen 10 Things I Hate About You it’s where they play paintball. but it’s an old abandoned oil refinery (i think?) that was turned into a park and there’s a lovely view of seattle across the water, also if you trek up the hill ( Kite Hill ) u can see even more and maybe have a picnic. A great place to watch the sunset! 

Alki Beach: also notable, this is in West Seattle so you get a different view. P nice beach but West Seattle is kinda deep if you don’t have your own transportation. If you do make it out there, definitely check out Easy Street records. 

To Do: 

shopping!!!: loads of places are based in seattle like nordstrom and REI so if you’re hankering for some retail those stores are huuuuge. also thrifting is huge in seattle (this notion popularized by the macklermore ofc), aside from value village and good will you can find some top notch thrifting locations all around with some googling. fremont and capitol hill are good neighborhoods to look!

hikes: idk if you’re going to have time or if you like nature but the pnw has some of the best hikes, definitely do a google search about what’s near by and what you could feasibly get to if you’re interested

tours: ok so the Duck Tours are kinda controversial cause they’ve killed some people before but it’s a great way to see the city. you can also do a Float Plane tour or a water tour of seattle that are both rad as well. I’ve also heard good things about the underground tour but have never done it. 

Museums: the SAM is right downtown and is good for art, if you’re there on the first thursday it’s free but that already passed so i fucked that up for you. there’s also the SAM Olympic Sculpture Park that’s totally FREE and is outside and lovely. other than that we’ve got the Pacific Science Center which i mentioned and the MoPOP: the recently renamed Museum of Pop Culture. If you’re on tumblr and you follow me i think that might be a top choice for ya cause it covers a ton of sci fi shows and movies as well as music and it’s pretty dope if i do say so

Catch a movie at the Seattle Cinerama!!!!: do this pls i work here and it’s honestly one of the happiest places in seattle. We’re currently showing Guardians of the Galaxy 2 !!! go to the cinerama get some mixed regular & chocolate popcorn, if you’re of age get a drink, and tell them you’re Nathalie’s friend and they’ll give it to you for free. it’s a state of the art movie theater and i love it tell them i said hi pls

Kayak on Lake Union: if you find yourself in the University District there’s this place you can rent kayaks if it’s warm enough/nice enough called Agua Verde, they also have good Mexican food!

smoke weed legally: self explanatory, find a dispensary, weed is cheap, smoke a joint in my honor 

To Eat: 

I’ve mentioned a few things but can’t hurt to do some other stuff

Tacos Chukis in Cap Hill are the best tacos I’ve ever had and I’m from LA 

Dicks: a drive-in burger that’s a Seattle staple and must have, get a shake too

((Other good burgers: Rain City Burgers in Roosevelt, Lil Woody’s in Cap Hill/Ballard, Red Mill Burger on Phinney Ridge, probably more))

The Pink Door: downtown in Post Alley right next to Pike Place is my favorite restaurant and the creators of the best lasagna i’ve ever had. go there for ambiance and italian food that will leave ur tummy warm and satiated. it’s about to reopen after being remodeled for the last couple of months so go christen it for me. ALSO they do burlesque shows there and other types of live performances

there’s so much other food i’m too lazy to talk about it. honestly, as much as i hate their reporting style and superior-than-thou attitude, you should check out The Stranger. it’s a weekly newspaper (if u can call it that) and they have a “things to do” section that never fails me. 

other than that! go blow my house a kiss in the U District, tour the UW campus, see the Fremont Troll, take a ferry to bainbridge, tour the theo chocolate factory, get in a protest, pet a cat at a cat cafe, who knows seattle is the best i love her dearly

if any seattleites follow me and have additional recs feel free to share

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Um, your links are all messed up. But I was also wondering if you'd do a guardian play date with the guardians being around the age of 4-5 or maybe 5-6. Miradella and Calum included. Eliza and Evah can supervise.

Mun: Hey 8′D Took me forever to respond. Pics with more characters usually do |D they take longer, so sometimes I skip around to knock out some easier ones, especially when I don’t have ideas for the topic. |D But, I did see this when it was …posted? And fixed up all the links and stuff 8′D Thanks a bunch for pointing it out. I was helping Dante out with her ask blog theme, and was testing things out using mine, and I guess the links got all messed up and I didn’t notice. |D Oops. I like to code a little bit |D it’s fun.

But, just a few of the buggers in the pic, ‘cause only so many fit. They’re all watching Miuriel make a cake |D (Ceasa/Mikhail, Emiris, Miuriel, Gaius, Lana) Mikhail was a very sad kid that cried a lot |D And Emi is just shy and quiet, so they would have gotten along well if they were kids together. Miuriel was just more of an awkward loner that always found it easier to work on hobbies than interact with people. And Gaius and Lana have always been a loose tag team.


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1st prize: Art like shown above of 1 human + 1 choice animal

2nd prize: I’ll visit your acnl town and steal 1 flower

END DATE: 8/2/2014 @ 3:00 pm PST

To enter: Reblog or like this pic. Do both and enter twice. Don’t have to be following me. Those who submit shrek pics to my inbox get 1 more entry cause why not.

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