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The One On The Last Night

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Summary: Dean and the Reader have a moment before Dean goes off to face Amara one last time.

Word Count: 1,971

Warnings: Angst, Smut, A bit of Fluff

Author’s Note: Heyy guys! This is my entry for @sis-tafics and @eyes-of-a-disney-princess‘s Hubba Bubba Birthday Writing Challenge! I got the prompt: “The One On The Last Night”. I hope you guys like it. Feedback is definitely welcomed! 

**Also, special thanks to my beautiful Ree for putting up with me and reading over this. I could cry, to be honest.**

Nothing hurt more than knowing that the person you love was going to cease to exist come tomorrow. Nothing hurt more than knowing that it was all due to a plan to help God. Nothing hurt more than knowing that your life was going to mean absolutely nothing from here on out.

Not without the person you love.

I swallowed the huge lump in my throat as Rowena explained the plan to Dean. I couldn’t even concentrate properly. All that mattered was Dean. It was like I was having tunnel vision and all I could see were those beautiful apple green eyes, once so full of confidence and awareness, now looked broken and lost.

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St. Patrick’s by the Bottle (Part 5)

Dean x Reader

Word Count: 2,837

Warnings: angst (you should really just expect this from me lol), language, not a lot of cheating going on in this one, Daddy!Dean feels (bc that is def a warning)

Catch up on the By the Bottle Series

A/N: I hope you guys really love this part as much as I did!! Big thank you to all of you who voted on what the twins gender would be!! Feedback would be greatly appreciated!! :*

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Firsts : Calum Blurb

My last post of 2016! I was finally able to sit down and write for hours without hating everything that came out, so this is a big relief to me. Thank you guys so much for all the interest you’ve expressed in my writing over the past year. All the positive feedback means the world xx 

Happy New Year!

(also I wrote this all in one sitting so if there’s errors, my bad) 

There’s a list of “firsts” that comes with the beginning of a new relationship, and you and Calum have been checking them off fairly quickly over the past few weeks. The first kiss happened a long time prior to him asking you to be his girlfriend; the first time having sex together happened shortly after that. Even your first fight as a couple has already been done and dusted, which routinely lead to first apologies and your first time making up. 

Another “first” awaits the two of you tonight, but this one you can’t say you’re looking forward to. While you both passed the other “firsts” with flying colors, this next one is the true test of how strong a relationship is, one that could either make it or break it. 

Your fingers graze over the soft material of Calum’s comforter. He stands on the opposite side of the bed, a pair of black boxer briefs the only thing clothing his incredibly tall body. He’s looking at you softly, anticipating some kind of signal that tells him you’re ready. He knows you’re nervous about this even though he can’t quite understand why. 

“Y/n,” he chuckles. 


“I promise things will still be the same in the morning." 

"You can’t promise that." 

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HOO BOY! Another animatic!

This is a little follow up almost! It was requested a couple of times from Youtubers that I make one with Pearl and Yellow Pearl, with another “popular” Wicked song! It was a really great idea, and fun to create.

I hope you guys like it! I really am blown away by the feedback on my last video, and want you all to know I appreciate you a TON! Thank you so much! ;v;/


anything easy has its cost (pt. 1)

A/N: The second installment in the ShesKain saga!   I can’t believe that I got so much feedback for ‘anyone plain can be lovely’, this little self-indulgent fic that I honestly thought no one would read. Thank you so much for all the Kudos, comments, and anon messages I’ve gotten about this! I honestly thank you guys from the bottom of my heart. I hope you enjoy this installment!

Read on FFN | AO3

Sheska had come very close to calling in sick on the Promised Day, for the sole purpose of watching the upcoming solar eclipse.

She hadn’t, of course, known that there was any reason other than the eclipse that her day would be special.

It had taken her longer than she would admit to convince herself that it would be irresponsible to do such a thing. Besides, she could always sneak away and watch it from the roof, or in one of the abandoned offices. No one would miss her; it was the best compromise that she could think of.

The bespectacled brunette felt as though she had done some maturing in the months since Kain Fuery had been transferred from Central command, and she’d lost the only friend she had known up until that point.

Her mother was still ill and in the hospital, though the nurses finally gave in to Sheska’s relentless visits, and, so long as she disinfected properly, she was able to visit and help with the rehabilitating. The time was cherished, and every time she said goodbye to her mother, she feared it was for the last time.

She had thrown herself into getting her hands on any information about her mother’s condition, so she could possibly give suggestions to the doctors about what they could try for her treatments.

But Sheska had also stopped spending as much time in the library as she had before.

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Three Things (Hamilton x Reader)

QUICK AND IMPORTANT NOTE: This has a “read more” thingy, but that didn’t work on my last fic for some reason, so PLEASE inform me if it doesn’t work for this one and you aren’t able to read it. Thank you!

The three reasons you fell in love are the three reasons you fell apart. (Modern day AU)

(I whipped this out in a very short time, but thank you all for your positive feedback on my last fic. Sorry this one is sadder.)

Word Count: 820 (hahaha sorry it’s short)

Pairing: Alexander Hamilton x Reader

Warnings: Cheating, really sad, probably grammar mistakes whoops

His words were the first thing that made your heart flutter.

He was just another guy at some party. Alexander Hamilton, he had proudly told you. You weren’t really interested in a relationship, but gave him your number simply because of his fierce persistence. After just three messages, you were hooked. Something about the way he used the words drew you in and captivated you. He was able to twist anything anyone said to his advantage, and always left you on edge just enough that you couldn’t possibly forget about the conversation you were having. Inadequacy dominated your feelings when you spoke with him, although he assured you that your wit was sharp enough to survive a date with him.

So one date turned into two, and two into three, until you barely went a day without seeing each other. He was far too flirtatious for his own good, which was the second reason you couldn’t seem to stay away from him. Much of what he said left your face burning or brought a teasing reply to your lips, but you loved every moment and craved more. And you always got more, because he was very careful about making sure he had time for you.

He was burdened by his work, writing constantly, but you didn’t mind; he could flirt at the same time. You actually enjoyed watching him work, and that was the third reason you slipped further in love with him. The way he bit his lip in concentration made you smile to yourself, and reading his completed papers filled you with pride. As you grew more comfortable with him, dates became infrequent, and your nights consisted mostly of watching him work. Your requests to go out were kindly turned down–he had to have this paper done by tomorrow. And that was okay. His work was important, and you still got to spend time with him. You were satisfied just sitting in his company.

But eventually, things began to wilt.

“Alex, please, we haven’t gone out in three weeks, and we’ve been eating the same pizza the last two nights. Just take a break, and let’s go somewhere for once.”

“I can’t, (Y/N), I’m sorry. This is important.”

Of course it was. It always was.

“More important than me?”

In an instant, he was out of his chair and standing next to you, taking your hands in his. “No, no of course not. But if I don’t finish this, I will lose my job. I’m sorry it’s like this. I want to give you everything you deserve. I want to give you the world, and every second of my time for the rest of my life. But this has to be done.”

He really was non-stop, and a part of you knew that you couldn’t live like that forever.

Alexander pulled you into a hug, and you put your head on his shoulder. “I love you,” he mumbled into your hair.

“I love you too.”

So you silenced your doubts and told yourself that love requires sacrifice. You would be okay.

You know you had made the right choice when the next night you received a call from Alexander asking you to go to dinner with him–anywhere you wanted.

The feelings of giddiness returned as you sat down to eat with him, and it was just like the beginning of your relationship again.

But with that came the flirting, only this time, it wasn’t directed at you.

Your waitress that night was absolutely beautiful, and you weren’t blind to the glances and smiles Alexander kept shooting her. Too afraid to ruin your night out, though, you kept your mouth shut. You know he wasn’t trying to hurt you, so you kept your mouth shut when he said something that made you clench your fists under the table, and you kept your mouth shut when he didn’t turn in the direction of his home after dropping you off at yours.

It didn’t mean anything. It’s not like he was going to cheat on you. He loved you.

But his love was withering, and when you found out just how much it had faded, your stomach twisted so fiercely you were almost sick.

Your coat was already halfway on in preparation to leave his house. You couldn’t look at him right now. You couldn’t be in the same room.

“It was just a kiss!”

His words brought a swell of rage into your body, and you turned, staring him straight in the eye. Just a kiss.

“What did you say?” Your voice was steady and ominously calm.

“I was just messing around! I– Look, it was just one kiss, and she didn’t mean anything, and none of it meant anything!”

The rage turned to ice. None of it meant anything.

“I know it didn’t. I see that now. Goodbye, Alexander.”

It was his words that hurt more than anything.

(People told me to stop apologizing for my writing so I’m going to try >_> Hope you enjoyed!)

The Grey Suit (Part 3)

At long last, I present to you the final installment of The Grey Suit!

Thank you all for your support and feedback on this fic!

Shoutout to @ddoale for the original inspiration and @baz-n-simon for all the support!

(Part 1) (Part 2


The Grey Suit - 3/3 (0.4k)


Simon is kissing me as soon as we step through the doorway of my bedroom.

The latch hadn’t even clicked before he had wrapped his fingers around the collar of my suit and pulled me into him.

He has me backed softly against the door now, one hand still holding onto my suit and the other tangling through my hair. His kisses are gentle, but hint at a subtle aggression. I’m not even sure what has come over him so suddenly, to kiss me at random like this, but maybe I don’t care. Afterall, I’m weak for him.

“Baz,” Simon whispers in between kisses.

I let out a low hum and run my fingers across his shoulder.

“Baz,” he whispers again, and he leans back from the kiss, pulling me off of the door in the process. I open my eyes, and he’s staring me down rather seriously but doesn’t take his hands off. I become nervous suddenly, and instead of meeting his eyes, I look down at his neck.

“What is it, Snow?” I ask, not taking my eyes off his throat.

“I-I couldn’t-” I watch him gulp down nervously, and I think about kissing his adam’s apple. His grip on my collar tightens while his other hand relaxes in my hair.

“Couldn’t what, Snow?”

“I couldn’t… stop staring at you during dinner.”

His words flow through me like an honest relief, and I look up to meet his gaze. He licks his lips and lets his hand fall through my hair to settle against the back of my neck.

“Oh?” I say, trying to stifle a smirk that was sure to surface. “Why is that?”

Simon rolls his eyes dramatically and huffs. “C’mon, Baz,” he whispers, letting go of my collar to rake his hand through his hair.

I cock an eyebrow at him maliciously.

“Don’t make me say it,” he whines in another whisper. He starts pulling gently on the hair at the nape of my neck, and he won’t meet my eyes.

I wind my hand across his collarbone and up his neck, gently gripping his chin. “Say it.”

Simon gulps.

“You just look really amazing in that suit.”

I let the smirk finally form across my lips, but it almost comes out like a half-smile. A snooty, pretentious half-smile that can only be caused by Simon Snow complimenting you.

“And you,” I say with confidence that I wasn’t aware I had, “look stunning in yours.”

Simon’s lips find mine, and I’m back against the door in a second.

My Best Friend

Hello this is my first ever smut I really hope y’all enjoy this. I’m new to this so feedback would be really nice. WARNING: SMUT AHEAD!!!!!!

Originally posted by nctuhohahyes

Today was your big day. You were an official adult.You woke up to the ring of your doorbell.

“The big one eight!” your friend Wendy stated and she leaned in for a hug and welcomed herself in.She held balloons and a small container that held a cupcake inside it.

“Thanks Wendy” you smiled at her pulling away from the hug

“Any plans for a party tonight?” she asked enthusiastically

“You know how much i hate parties Wendy, remember what happened last year?”

She stood there thinking about it for a second.

“Oh yeah” she cringed

On the day of your seventeenth birthday your best friends, Jaehyun and Wendy decided to throw a birthday party for you since your parents were going to be gone for the weekend.The party was a total disaster things got out of hand really quick and the house was a total mess by the time the party was over.Luckily you had Jae and Wendy to help you clean but you had literally spent your entire birthday babysitting a bunch of drunk teenagers which sucked.

“yeah” you sighed “plus im not really a party person you should know that by now”

“I forget how much you hate drinking and loud music” she rolled her eyes “there really isn’t anyone like you y/n” she smiled. “anyways just came by to give you your hug and drop of your goodies now i’m off to Doyoung’s house.Sorry I can’t spend your special day with you’’ she sighed 

“It’s okay Wendy, I know you can’t change the time of your flight, but i hope you have fun with Doyoung” you smiled brightly.Wendy was off to Mexico with Doyoung and his parents for a family trip.You felt quite jealous of her since she got to spend an amazing week with her boyfriends family along with her own.

You opened the door to let Wendy out and saw a black SUV pull up.

“here comes Jae”Wendy stated

He parked the car in front of your house and quickly got out.

“Y/N!”he ran toward you practically screaming and ready for a hug. He squeezed you so tight that you swore you were about to die.

“THAT’S ENOUGH JAE YOU’RE GOING TO KILL HER!”Wendy yelled punching his arm.

He quickly let go and smiled brightly.”sorry!” he exclaimed.

“okay bye guys sorry I can’t stay to celebrate with you” Wendy said as she waved goodbye and got into her car to head over to Doyoung’s.

You sighed and waved back.

“bye Wendy have fun with Doyoung,but not too much fun”Jaehyun laughed waving goodbye to Wendy.

You were sad that Wendy wasn’t going to be there to celebrate your birthday like she was every year since you turned four.It had always been Jae,Wendy and you.You were the three best friends,they were all you needed.But ever since high school started you felt like you guys were growing apart.

It all started freshmen year when you developed a crush on the new boy Doyoung. Unfortunately for you Wendy had also set her eyes on him. You never told her about it since she had been the first one to tell you she liked him. You kept your feelings to yourself. When they started dating you drifted apart from Wendy, you weren’t as close as you used to be. Jaehyun began to noticed you wanted to spend less time with Wendy and one day he confronted you about it. You spent that night in your room crying in his arms and telling him about your feelings toward Doyoung. Jaehyun became your rock ever since that day, you guys got closer than ever so close that people automatically assumed you two were dating. But that was all ruined by Jaehyun’s fuckboy image. The need for Jaehyun to date a new girl each week made you sick but he was your best friend after all.  The years flew by and you finally graduated from highschool you were sure that your friendship with both Wendy and Jaehyun would end since they were out experiencing love and you weren’t but your friends made sure to come over to your house the entire summer. You were happy they still wanted to be your friends even after highschool.

“We get to have a movie night and a final quote unquote party before we head off to college” Jaehyun smiled 

“Yeah” you sighed “I just wished Wendy could’ve stayed”

Jaehyun pulled you into a hug “You should’ve told her about your feeling towards Doyoung freshman year y/n”

You pulled away from him staring at him confused “Jae”

“Yeah” he stood there staring back at you

“You do know that feelings disappeared right about sophomore year right”


“Really?’’ you questioned yourself “wow I was pretty sure I told you about this, anyways let’s get our movie night started dork!” you shifted your feet towards the kitchen to prepare some popcorn while Jaehyun headed towards the living room to prepare for your birthday movie night.

“Y/N what movie do you wanna start with?’’ Jaehyun yelled from the living room

“Which ever one you want Jae’’

“It’s your birthday you should pick”

“It’s my birthday and I said whichever one you want’’

“Okay whatever”

Once the popcorn was done you headed towards the living room to find the lights out with only the light from the tv to guide you to the floor where Jaehyun had already set up a fort with pillows and a bunch of blankets.

“Sweet” you smiled as Jaehyun put the movie in the dvd player.

You laid on the floor popcorn in hand and Jaehyun came to lay next to you.

“What movie did you pick?” you asked turning your head towards his direction.

“The Spectacular Now” he smiled

“Cool I’ve never watched this one”

The movie started and you and Jaehyun laid there cuddling while enjoying the movie. Cuddling wasn’t a big deal with you and Jaehyun since you two had been doing it ever since you had your first sleepover back in fifth grade when you had a nightmare and Jaehyun cuddled with you so you wouldn’t have any more nightmares that night. But the atmosphere soon changed when a sex scene came on. You started shifting in Jaehyun’s arms.

“Y/N, are you okay?” he said pausing the movie

“Yeah” you took a deep sigh

He got up looking at you concerned, you turned your body towards him so you could be face to face with him.

His concerned look soon turn into a smile “Y/N your cheeks are red” he laughed

You hit his chest playfully.

“Stop Jae, you know how uncomfortable sex scenes make me” you bit your lip and lowered your head as the words came out of your mouth.

“Y/N” Jaehyun said lifting your head to face his “Its okay we can watch something else” he smiled

In that moment you didn’t understand what came over you but you leaned in and kissed his lips. As soft as they were and as much as you enjoyed your first kiss you pulled away quickly with your eyes wide in realization of what you had just done.

“Sorry! Jae I don’t know what came over me I-“you were cut off by his lips being placed on top of yours. He slowly started to lean forward so his body could lay on top of yours. You gasped for air as he pulled away.

“Jae’’ you looked up at him with a flustered look

“I’ve always wanted to do that” he smiled placing a hand on your cheek as he leaned in for another kiss.

Jaehyun’s lips melted with your own, you had no idea what you were doing but you couldn’t bring yourself to stop. The kiss became more passionate as he managed to slip his tongue inside of your mouth. You smiled and cupped his face as you pulled away from the kiss. You stared at him admiring his beauty for a moment until you came to a conclusion.

“Jae’’ you spoke softly

“Yeah” he whispered back a loving look in his eyes.

You took a deep breath and let the words slip right out of your mouth

“I- I want you to be my first” you said shyly and looked away

He pulled his body back away from yours in shock of the words that had just come out of your mouth.

“Y/N are- are you sure like- Y/N is this really what you want” he asked flustered and concerned

“Yes Jae, I’m positive” your eyes coming back to meet his

His body once again fell on top of your and he reconnected your lips. His hand started moving up the side of your thigh. You closed your eyes and felt butterflies in your stomach starting to form and he started peppering kisses from your lips down to your neck. Your body started to tense up as his hand made his way up towards your skirt. He slip a hand in your soft underwear, you gripped onto his shirt and your eyes quickly grew shut as he slid a finger through your folds. He continued to pepper kisses all over your face. Your breathing got heavier as you felt his finger moving inside of you.

“I have to stretch you out first so it can be more comfortable for you okay babe” he said as he kissed your cheek

Nodding your head was all you managed to do as you felt both pleasure as pain from his finger. You moaned as he inserted a second finger. He slowly stated removing your skirt with his free hand as his fingers continued to pump in and out slowly as his mouth moved to you neck. He sits up and pulls his hand from you. He kisses you as you whimper.

He sits up and hooks his fingers around your panties, pulling them down your legs.

“Take it off” he stated looking at my shirt. You comply and begin to remove the piece of clothing off your body along with your bra. He stands up briefly to remove every article of clothing he has on except his boxers. He hovers over you and brings his lips toward yours.

Your chest is heaving and your breathing is staggered.

“Are you-“He begins.

“Yes Jae, make me yours” you cut him off and looked up at him with a loving look.

He gets up and picks up his jeans from the floor, he pulls out a small packet from his back pocket and makes his way towards me. He stops infront of you and you admire his bare chest. He slowly starts to slide out of his boxers, once they’re fully off he brings the shiny packets to his mouth and tears it open he slides the condom onto his length.

The anticipation of what is coming next fills you up with anxiety, time seems to slow down as he makes his way back towards you. He shifts his body on top of you and uses his knee to part your legs. You feel his fingers rub against you once again.

“You’re wet so this is gonna make it easier and little bit more comfortable for you” he inhales

His lips meet yours once again and he kisses you slowly, his tongue teasing yours. He pulls away and begins to kiss the corners of your mouth, followed by the tip of your nose then back to your lips. You feel the sliky condom brush against you and you shudder.

“It’s gonna hurt, tell me to stop if you’re uncomfortable okay” he says with a gentle voice

“Okay” I gulp

He presses into you and you screw your eyes shut and gasp at the foreign feeling.

“Are you okay” he whispered as he kisses your lips. You nod and he pushes himself further into you wincing at the pain.

“Fuck” Jaehyun groans, his body still and uncomfortable “Can I move?” his voice raspy

“Yeah” I managed to say as tears form at the corner of my eyes and squeeze Jaehyun’s arms. He places kisses all over from my lips to my neck.

“Fuck” he begins and he starts moving slowly “I love you y/n….I love you so much”

Unable to process his words you stay quiet afraid that if you even open your mouth you’ll start crying.

“Do….do you want me to stop.” He stutters concerned by your silence.

I shake my head as I stare at him admiring his state. His eyes are close shut and his jaw is clenched in concentration .The pain is almost completely gone as he begins to quicken his pace. A knot begins to form in my stomach “Jae” I softly moan

“I’m almost there baby just a little bit more”

The knot in my stomach soon burst and I come undone. “Fuck” Jaehyun groans as he approaches his climax soon after mine. He slowly pulls out and get up to dispose of the used condom. He makes his way back to you and uses his shirt to clean you up. He pulls one of the blankets that was off to the side to cover both of you up.

“Does it hurt?” he asks as he kisses your forehead

“A little bit” you respond your breathing still unstable

“I’m tired” you tell him. He pulls you closer to him so you’re cuddling again.

“Go to sleep” he tells you

Your eyes slowly start shutting but you’re still awake.

“Jae” you whisper

“Yeah” he speaks softly

“Why did you say you love me?’’

He stay quiet for a moment hesitating on whether he should tell you or not but he decides to tell you.

“Because I do y/n. Ever since the day I met you I knew I wanted to spend the rest of my life with you”

You giggle and his response “Jae you were five when we met”

“Yeah but even when I was five and you were four I still knew I wantd to marry you when I grew up” he chuckled

You opened your eyes and met his gaze. “Why didn’t you ever tell me” you questioned

“Because when I was about to confess to you, you told me about your feelings towards Doyoung” he looked down as the last few words slipped out of his mouth.

You felt bad “sorry” you sighed

“That’s why I went around messing with bunch of girls, I wanted to get rid of my feelings because I felt like you were never going to respond to my feelings’’ his head was still down as he said this

You cupped his face with your hands and kissed his lips softly “I love you Jae”

You pulled you in closer and you fell asleep in his arms. 


Okay I hope you enjoyed this long ass scenario pls send feedback lol 

sincerley Alex

Secrets & Betrayal - Part 4 (Requested)

Note: As requested here is Part 4! Thank you all for your feedback on this series. I had never expected this to be more than just the one part so I was really surprised, and delighted, by your enthusiasm for it. I hope you enjoy the latest installment.

Words: 1504

Warnings: Violence, angst, intimidating behaviour and a swear word.

Disclaimer: None of the GIFs are mine. All credit goes to their creators <3

As your eyes continue to watch the flickering embers of the camp fire until the very last one goes out you can’t decide which is worse; the fact that for the first night in weeks Pan isn’t taking what he wants from you or that you have no idea what he has planned. He had been so very angry and now he didn’t want you near him…this doesn’t bode well at all.

When the sound of the boys returning from their training hits your ears you immediately stand yourself up from the log you had sat upon, making sure you hid any sign of your emotions. But before any of them even have a chance to notice that you are stood there Pan appears in the middle of the camp, just inches away from the fire that had now died out. He has his back to you but his arms are opened wide before the boys in a rather overdramatic fashion.

“Boys!” His voice is so loud that birds are startled from some nearby trees and even some of the boys are taken aback slightly. “You are just in time for the main event!”

Oh good god. This is it. This is what he had meant by those words he’d said just a few hours before. The boys were completely oblivious to what is going on and continue to look at their leader in confusion as they take their seat around him.

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Dyslexic Lance Headcanons part 2

I got some really positive feedback for the first post, so I decided to make another one and list the headcanons I didn’t get around to doing last night. Thank you so much and I hope you enjoy!

here’s a link the first post!

(The last post was more about why I hc Lance as dyslexic, but this’ll just go more into general stuff)

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I wanted to thank all of you who provided feedback on my last personal post (re: half my class failing). I should be receiving my evaluations soon, but apparently they weren’t bad because 1) my contract was renewed (another three years of work, YAY) and 2) I was assigned two online classes, one this summer and one in the fall (oh, right, the class in question was an online class).

Thank you so much for your advice and feedback! I have plans for the next semester which include reaching out to students more (it is an online class but I’ve been too stubborn about them taking the initiative to email me, without considering how that might be difficult for them) and assigning more low-stakes assignments to check the class pulse. I’ve gone to a couple of training sessions re: teaching online since then, and I plan to attend more in the hopes I’ll have better class retention in the future.

Thanks again, guys! <3

Reaction to You Crying During Sex. . .

Anonymous said: Hey are you accepting requests?? I hope so 😰 if so, could you do a BTS, EXO, and iKon reaction to you (gf) crying during sex? Ah, also it’s because it’s so intimate. Not cause you got hurt. That happened to me one time 🙄 thanks Eonni 💖 Also please add Jungkook. i love him. I love your work as well hehe~. Please continue~

Reaction to You Crying During Sex [Smuty-ish??]… 

[BTS Reaction Here >click, EXO Reaction Here >click]

A/N last one of this reaction. hope you liked them all Anonie :)

Kai Eonni ~


As he was holding your hands against the mattress, your fingers laced together, he would be focused on you, wanting your feedback to know what he was doing was bringing you pleasure. Therefore, he would notice right away that you were crying. 

This would affect his ego at first, in a negative way, but only for a moment. Because as soon as you explain that in fact you were feeling pleasure, and that’s why you were crying, he would be elated. However, he wouldn’t let this show so as to not seem insensitive. He would continue on, giving longer strokes and mind blowing thrusts so you would feel so much more. He would want to get across to you that he wasn’t fucking you, but making love to you.

Originally posted by chocolatechanu


During sex, Bobby would be another that would be tentative to your needs, emotions and likes and dislikes. So it wouldn’t take him long to notice the tears coating your cheeks. He would stop, but wouldn’t pull out as he asks in a sweet and quiet voice what’s wrong. Though he seems erratic, he knows when to overreact and when to tread slowly. This would be that situation where he knows not to freak out or jump to assumptions. He would probably have a good idea of why you were crying. He seems to have good intuition and reading of people like that.

After hearing your reasoning, he would give you that bright smile he wears often where his eyes disappear in that cute way they do. He would say, “Ahhh, Jagi, you’re too much sometimes.” This would turn him on even more, and in that instant the sex would become 10x more intense.

Originally posted by xkannkraykamikox


Sex with Jinhwan would be sensual and about feeling the other, and because of this it would be intense. He would also notice your tears fairly quickly. Probably the quickest one. 

He would be a little confused as to why you were crying. If it felt good, wouldn’t that mean you shouldn’t be crying? He wouldn’t stop the sex though, and would just go a little gentler with you, not wanting to overstimulate you or take you to the point where you can’t handle the pleasure. Never wanting you to be uncomfortable with him. He would just be such a sweetheart.

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(lemme just say writing about my son ((even though hes two years older than me lollll)) like this is very awkward… anyway…) Yoyo is just such a sweetie, and that’s why you would be crying. His tenderness and care for you would be too much. Too much feeling and too much to handle while you both are in such an intimate moment in your relationship and lives together. 

As soon as he notices your tears he would pause and take your tears stained face into his large hands and ask in the sweetest of ways, that would make you want to start bawling even more, what’s wrong. When you explain, he would smile so brightly at you while sealing your lips with his and continue his love making with even more devotion and love towards you, that you wouldn’t be able to stop crying.

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It would take a while for him to notice that you were crying, just because he’s reveling in the feeling of you and him together. His face would be buried in your neck when he hears your whimpering. He would back away and notice tears traveling down your cheeks.

He would pause and ask, kind of frantically, what was wrong. After hearing your reasoning, he would become so embarrassed and shy, but would try to cover it up by going back to your neck and sucking a kissing all along it, reverting your attention from his red cheeks and huge smile.

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He would be another that would be so involved in his hips moving against yours that he wouldn’t notice your cries and sobs until he looked up to your face. Once he noticed your glossy eyes, he would stop quickly and in an urgent voice he would ask, “Jagiya, please talk to me, what’s wrong?”

After you explain he would chuckle first and in a joking manner kiss you frustratingly. However, that would all disappear and then in comes seductive and cocky Hyuk, grinding his hips against yours. “There’s a lot more to come Jagi, so be prepared.”

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That would be it. He would be too terrified that he had hurt you and would settle for cuddles and holding you close while you watch movies. He would constantly as, “Are you sure I didn’t hurt you? You’re telling the truth?” He would ask one more time, just to be sure. Then he would let it go, trusting you and thankful to whoever’s in charge he hadn’t hurt you.

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The feedback I’m getting on the birthday fics is a nice reminder of why I love writing for this fandom and have been writing so much for despair (and occasionally hope). Especially for the nanami one.

I actually abandoned that prompt last december because it was difficult to find the right game matches and the suggestions weren’t quite hitting the mark. The only reason I pulled it out again was because it’s Nanami’s birthday and that I wanted it to be special. And what’s more special than videogames?

Hey, I know I wrote this for Nanami and all but thanks for dropping feedback after reading. Leaving comments when reblogging or replying to the post, it’s the only reassurance I have that people are actually reading and enjoying what I write. It’s nice to know that the 2-3 hours I spent on researching, choosing, and writing was worth it and I know it is whenever I read comments.
KagaKuro Exchange Survey
Just a short survey for me to get ideas of how to make the next exchange even better! Please feel free to be honest and include any suggestions, no matter how small!

Hey, everybody!! :D

I know it’s been awhile, but I’ve had a few messages about having another exchange and I’ve been thinking lately about hosting another one. Before I do that though, I’d like some of your feedback!

If you could take the time to fill out this very short survey, I would greatly appreciate it. It’s just to get your recommendations, and to see what everyone would like to have in the next exchange. Please be honest with me and feel free to include any and all suggestions you may have!

Past participants, future participants, or people who just enjoyed the fanworks of the last exchange can answer!

Thank you so much!!


Always There

Characters: Misha Collins, Y/N (reader), Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki, Genevieve Padalecki, Danneel Ackles, unnamed OCs (brief mentions)

Pairing: Misha x Reader

Warnings: Mention of kids bullying, mention of selfharm, Cockles friendship (I feel that should be a warning ;)).

Wordcount: 2300ish

A/N: Okay so I have written Misha for a few aesthetics before but this is my first one shot for him. It was terrifying cause the dude is not all that easy to write. Feedback is much appreciated.

This fic is inspired by Ronan Keating’s I won’t last a day without you.

Thank you so so much to the extraordinary @blacktithe7 for betaing this for me. I am lucky to have you as an editor and friend hun!


Misha had found a quiet spot in the hotel, a closet really. He was sitting on top of a few buckets surrounded by brooms and dusters, but he was alone. There was noone around him to talk to him or ask him questions. There was just him, a pen, a piece of paper, and the thought of you.

He stared at the blank piece of paper, trying to decide what he wanted to say. He was not used to planning like this. He usually just said what came to mind, but he wanted this to be perfect. Misha raised the pen and pressed it to the paper but thought better of it. It wasn’t that he had nothing to say, it was that he had too much.

Where did he even begin describing how much you meant to him? How he wouldn’t last a day without you? Not even now.

Misha closed his eyes and thought back to the day he had first seen you. 6 year old Misha had been hanging upside down when a feisty 5 year old girl had appeared. He remembered seeing the horror on her face when she saw the scene before her. At first he thought the expression was directed at him, the small weird looking boy, and that you were going to start laughing. That you were going to enjoy the torment the two slightly older boys were inflicting on the small boy in worn out clothes that were too big for his tiny frame. She hadn’t laughed.

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Look at this tiny cactus I found on my hike yesterday:

Obviously I wouldn’t steal flora from a state park, but it was so tempting to dig this guy up and kidnap him (I don’t know why I’m assigning a cactus a gender, btw).

ANYWAY, some replies. I need to do these more often than every two weeks. Also, thanks again to everyone who replied to my teaching woes!

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Word count: 1046

Warning: ANGST.

Pairing: Dean X Reader

A/N: This is my entry for @one-shots-supernatural’s SPN Hiatus Writing Challenge. I can’t believe this is the last week. This was so much fun. Thank you for putting up the challenge. :)

Feedback, as always, is really appreciated. 

Prompt: “With this face I can get away with anything”

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You couldn’t believe this. After everything, after all you’d been through, this couldn’t possibly be happening to you. You had walked into the bar that night to get drunk and probably screw some unsuspecting bastard. You had gotten into the bar to forget the screams of the children as the wendigo ripped them right in front of your eyes, before you could kill it. And you had gotten into that bar to erase that handsome face which was etched into your memory.

You had come here in your futile attempts to forget Dean Winchester.

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I Can’t Forget You

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Summary: Bucky feels the need to take pictures of the things he treasures so he doesn’t forget them.

Warnings: Swearing.

Word Count: 1,018

A/N: This is only my second one shot, so I’m still getting used to this. I don’t really know how I feel about it. But thank you to all of those who followed me and/or read, liked, and reblogged my last one shot, it means a lot. Please request anything or give me feedback here. I’m completely open to and greatly appreciate constructive criticism. If you want to be tagged in my future writing, just send me a message! I hope you enjoy! ily all :~~)

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Totes emosh!

Guys, guys! I am currently overwhelmed with emotions. Every time I post a new fic I get so much feedback from you, all your reblogs, comments, it’s so great to see those and it gives me so much motivation to produce more writing. I love you all for it, just wanted you to know!

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On top of this, it seems that I’ve missed a very important follower milestone…

Whoa! Whoa! Every single day I’m gaining followers and it’s so astonishing to me that this number keeps on going up so fast! Thank you all so much!

Please don’t be a stranger, message me or send me anon, last time that happened I wrote couple one shots. And whilst I have 3 different series in mind, I’m happy to get distracted…