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13, 30, 55?

13. how do you feel right now?
A bit sappy, but good, thank you c:
30. favourite tv show(s)
I don’t really watch tv shows rip ;o; does Kill la Kill count? it was an anime for tv
55. tumblr friends
!!!! wellllllllll theres you, @corvus-von-wolff, @i-am-death-orb @techno-tyrant @sleepingwitch @juri–han @525c @bluetophat @floatingdorito @lucoas @eatmydragonblade :D IM SORRY IF I FORGOT ANYONE!!! would def recommend following them all, i love them so much

30. Hard To Concentrate


finally a new chapter! I hit the 30!!! 
Thank you for reading! I’m always happy to see that people like my story and give me feedback.

This chapter is a very long one but I didn’t want to split it. 
So I hope you have fun reading it ;)


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Done!! Phew, that’s probably the fastest painting I’ve ever done O.o Good thing is, I got that A in History!

Anyways, based on @beanpots’ awesome day\night AU and @exile-wrath’s fic! I absolutely loved both, and since I wanted to do a night themed History project, well, this happened XD

Acryllic on canvas and some sharpie and white gel pen for details. Only took like 12 straight hours to paint the whole thing .-. Don’t leave projects for the last day, guys. It hurts.

Btw thanks to my awesome bff @96rebo for listening to my midnight senseless babble and helping me pick out colors, even if you did fall asleep on me yesterday 😂😒


“Sometimes I get very tired of Shannon. Sometimes i think I’ll grab something heavy and knock him so hard that his head will be ringing as the plates on the drums set. Sometimes he’s too caring. He was so caring. He was so caring that I sometimes think that I’m dying or physically limited. But when I get tired, I fall on the couch and realize that Shannon is far, he toured with Antoine or somewhere else out there, I feel bad, i miss his absolute care. I want to be a younger brother, who he takes care of, I do not care that i’m forty. I like to be his younger brother, his love is very necessary to me.” - Jared Leto.

(( Happy Halloween everyone! 

This blog hasn’t been active as of late so I thought to make up for it I’d do a ‘Finish this drawing off’ post for Halloween! Non ask!blogs are free to give this a shot too if you’d like!

All you have to do is fill in the area besides Luciano like he’s taking a selfie with your/a muse!

When you’re done, either submit it to this blog or post it and tag ‘ask-luciano’, and of course you can add in your url like how I did above. It can be as silly as you want, just please make sure it’s sfw, and remember to have fun if you decide to do this! ))


@songsaboutsalad  BRO! Here he is! Probably on a little study break at the breakfast counter
✧・゚: *✧・゚:*  spacing out  *:・゚✧*:・゚✧   ;^)

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Honestly if pyro turns out to be anything other than a sentient giant balloonicorn I'm gonna be low key disappointed

Now that is a truly magical headcanon I could believe in.