thanks for 10k


Oh my gosh, just, thank you! Thank you for all of your support, your kindness, your input, your patience, and your love! Ya’ll keep me motivated and always trying to do my best.

I’m always trying to make each update better, to work harder, to tell the best story I can - not only because I hold myself to certain standards, but because I know all the effort will be appreciated by all you lovely people.

This is a story I want to tell and you’re all very kind enough to stick around and listen to it. I’ll never take this for granted. That is an exceptionally big deal to me. More than you’ll ever know.

So thank you :’)

As always, I’ll keep trying to do my best to make this comic the best it can be. And as always, I hope ya’ll continue to enjoy the story in the updates to come <3

SO YEAH I WANT TO DO A NICE THING and because I’ve been so busy with the File Not Found update and working on the next FE update and surviving until Winter Break at work I hadn’t had the chance to really get started on a 10k Follower surprise, which I am sorry about ;_; I’ll decide on something very soon though!

Take care everyone! <3 And thanks again :’D

Pop Quiz!
  • Aries: Probably studied but is still inwardly freaking out.
  • Taurus: Why. Why does the entire world hate me.
  • Gemini: shit shit shit shit shit
  • Cancer: *Bullshits all of the answers and doodles on the back of the quiz*
  • Leo: I came here to have a good time and honestly i'm feeling so attacked right now.
  • Virgo: Has a minor heart attack because everything is so stressful help.
  • Libra: *falls asleep on quiz*
  • Scorpio: *gets quiz* wait a second i'm in the wrong class.
  • Sagittarius: Not today Satan *walks out of classroom*
  • Capricorn: *starts cramming at desk as the quiz is being administered*
  • Aquarius: If I get anything below an 87.4 on this quiz my grade will go from an A- to a B+ and that is unacceptable.
  • Pisces: Wait what unit are we even on right now?

What the actual motherfuck is happening. I started this blog four years ago because I was a bored kid. Fast forward to 2016 and I’m still a bored kid except now I’m a bored grown up kid and this blog is as dumb as it ever was. But look at all you beautiful nerds. 10,000 of the best people to ever grace the planet. peace out mumma needs a hot chocolate and a netflix marathon to cry along to


Hello everyone! Welcome to my 10k Tumblr Awards :D

When I looked back, it’s incredible to see how much has changed. This time 2 years ago, I definitely couldn’t possibly imagine myself reaching this follower milestone or getting to know so many awesome people. Let alone writing layouts, using After Effects, and contributing in various blogs. Thank you all for making this happen. You’re the stars to my galaxy and the reason I have an incredible 2 and half years on this site <3

P.S. I’m also doing this TA on my sideblog bc it reached 1k a little while ago!


  • mbf Hermione (Messi)*
  • Reblog this; likes are for bookmarks only
  • Must reach at least 60 notes (otherwise this won’t happen)
  • Reblog until December 18th. Winners announced on the following Friday.
  • Custom Theme entries: mbf my Theme Blog
  • 1 winner + 2 runner-ups for each category, otherwise stated. Up to 3 winners for Custom Theme / Best Creations. Up to 5 Secret Santa Winners.


  • Lily Evans Award: Best URL
  • Sirius Black Award: Best Custom Domain
  • Taylor Swift Award: Best Icon
  • Fleur Delacour Award: Best Theme
  • Blue Sargent Award: Best Mobile Theme
  • Ginny Weasley Award: Best Posts
  • Harry Potter Award: Best Harry Potter
  • Lara Jean Song Award: Best Aesthetics
  • Henry Winter Award: Best Lit (New category!)
  • Camp Nou Award: Best Football
  • Emma Watson Award: Best Celebrity posts
  • Annabeth Chase Award: Best multifandom
  • Hermione Granger Award: Best Creations
  • Tessa Gray Award: Best Newcomer**
  • Cedric Diggory Award: Most Friendly bloggers
  • Lionel Messi Award: Best Overall
  • Luna Lovegood Award: Personal Favourite
  • Christmas Stockings Award: Custom Theme winners
  • Santa Claus Award: Secret Santa Winners***

* For football blogs: you can follow my football sideblog instead to enter!

** No more than 800 followers or 6 months of Tumblr experience. Please Submit your follower count screenshot to enter if the latter doesn’t apply to you.

*** The deadline for this category had passed. I already started sending messages.


Everyone on the Results post

  • +f from me!
  • My eternal friendship & support <3
  • A spot on my “Updates” section until Easter!


  • You get requests for: personal moodboard, personalised playlist, URL graphic, 1 aesthetic, 1 gifset, 1 moodboard, 1 fanmix +3 more edits of your choice (as long as they are in my fandoms)!
  • 10 screenshot promos by request


  • Requests for: 1 personal moodboard OR playlist, URL graphic, + 3 edits of your choice.
  • 5 screenshot promos by request

Custom Theme

  • You get the same prize as the Winners!!
  • I’ll make you a unique theme by your request. They will not be released without your permission. Please send me the features / specifications that you want in the layout!
  • To ensure functionality and quality, it can take up to 2 month to complete the theme.
  • See examples of Custom Themes

Secret Santa

  • You will receive nice anon messages everyday in December leading up to Christmas
  • You get the same prize as the Winners!!
  • If I have time, I’ll make you an edit when I go off-anon on Christmas Day ;)

Good luck & happy reblogging :D

Who can see these two as good friends? I sure can!!

Thanks for the 10k awesome followers on Instagram (@illustrationsbydil) and for everyone following me here! Comment on any other Disney duos you would like to see? :)