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Hello everyone it’s me mario swoojin! After hitting a milestone of followers I thought it would be a nice idea to give something back to you guys! …so yeah dis is a WANNA ONE GIVEAWAY  *throws confetti* welcome! There will be 2 winners for this giveaway!


  • First winner gets a signed ‘To Be One’ album (Signed by a random member)
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If you have any questions please feel free to come to my ask!


Okay, so this is my first request. I’m sorry it took so long, but I didn’t have a laptop with me

  • oKay
  • So do you remember the boyfriend video at the final concert
  • Very much like that
  • Brings his guitar anywhere
  • Always plays his guitar as backround noise while talking
  • Loves to listen to you sing while he plays guitar
  • even if you suck
  • he doesn’t care
  • Will also try to teach you how to play guitar
  • Is actually a really good teacher
  • Very sweet and patient with you
  • Is one of those people whom you can vent for hours and will actually listen
  • It’ll probably be evening when you finish
  • He’ll hold you close and sing to you with his sweet honey vocals
  • Loves to run his hands trough your hair
  • Likes your hair in general
  • Loves to touch your hair while you’re hugging
  • Or kissing
  • Or having sex
  • Also I just saw a video with him having messy hair
  • oMG
  • imagine seeing that every morning
  • Along with his morning voice singing
  • And you get to see his forehead all the time
  • Likes to hold you close
  • But also wants to be held sometimes
  • Would love if you snuggle him when he had an especially tough day at work
  • being a ceo is tough
  • now, imagine his legs
  • they have nothing to do with this scenario but OMG 
  • those LeGs bruh
  • If you can’t cook, no worries
  • He’s got you covered
  • Knows what you like and what you don’t like
  • Has all your favorites memorized, and very careful of your allergies
  • Sewoon: You’re alergic to that Y/N
  • You: I’m only alergic to oysters not shrimp
  • Sewoon: they’re to similar
  • He’d savor every moment he has with you
  • Realises what he has and doesn’t want to fuck it up
  • Because you mean the world to him
  • And he’ll make you mrs. ceo one day
Produce 101 Kang Daniel Friend to Boyfriend Scenario

Here’s the next part of the Wanna-One Boyfriend scenarios, enjoy! (You + Kang Daniel)

  • You and Daniel had always been acquaintances, there was some brief overlap in your friend group
  • You didn’t talk that much and were rarely alone together, but he was charming and friendly 
  • And of course you harbored a cute little crush on him
  • Ever since you saw him at a pet store, playing through the glass with some shelter cats
  • It was really nothing more than a crush, and you didn’t actively pursue your feelings, they just popped up sometimes
  • When you two were alone together, you pretty much just small talked
  • “hey y/n”
  • “hey dan how are you”
  • You always got super blushy and nervous when talking to him, but he didn’t seem to notice (which was good)
  • He was just a sweet guy who just happened to be very attractive
  • One day you were all hanging out together with friends in a park
  • And you were sitting with your friends, trying to lowkey/secretly watch Daniel on his skateboard, fooling around with his own friends
  • Your friends had already clearly figured out you liked him (you were way more obvious than you had thought rip you)
  • At some point Daniel had fallen off his board while trying to do some trick and you gasped out loud, making it super obvious that you had been watching him hahahahaha you dumbo
  • You tried to cover yourself up, but your friends just pretended like they didn’t hear anything, leaving you to internally sigh in relief
  • Your friends weren’t the type to tease/encourage you ever since you confessed to a guy that didn’t like you thanks to their wrong advice (i’m imagining a reply 1988 kind of thing here lmao)
  • But what you didn’t know was that also nearby was Daniel’s best friend, Sungwoo (everyone just called him Ong though)
  • He very-obviously ran around to look you in the eye, catching you by surprise
  • He caught sight of your red face and wiggled his eyebrows at you, before giggling and skipping away to the rest of the boys, heading to Daniel
  • Shit. Ong was definitely up to no good (like usual)
  • You watched in dismay as Ong whispered something to Daniel, and then Daniel glanced right in your direcTION
  • Embarrassed and almost scared, you got up and quickly said goodbye to your friends, fleeing the scene of the crime
  • You got home as fast as possible and immediately ran to your room, burying your head under your pillow and curling up as worries drowned you
  • Ong wouldn’t say anything, right?? Why did you have to be so obvious y/n seriously why did you do this to yourself
  • But over time, your thoughts started changing, gaining some confidence
  • So what if Ong tells him?? He’s just a human boy, he’s not better or greater than me in any way, liking someone isn’t a crime, I can do whatever the hell I want, I can like whoever the hell I want!!
  • With your newfound confidence, you got up the next day and decided to treAT YOURSELF to some new clothes from the mall
  • After picking up some new clothes, you dropped by a cute little street stand that sold keychains and other trinkets
  • You were admiring a cute little peach keychain, but it dropped back to the table when you heard a familiar deep voice
  • “Y/N? Oh, what a coincidence!”
  • Kang Daniel.
  • You winced, eyes tightly closing before you collected yourself, turning around to see him right behind you
  • Literally right behind you.
  • Like you ran right into him.
  • Shocked, you tripped backwards, stumbling over your own feet before he caught you by the small of your back
  • sldkfjsldfjklsdjfksjdlsdjfsljdfkljdskfjkslfj ← your mind
  • He pulled you up straight
  • You quickly stumbled around out of his arms, failing to notice Daniel’s own cheeks and eaRS REDDENING 
  • You forgot all about the keychain, and quickly managed to muster out a “what are you doing here?”
  • “I’m just hanging out, went shopping for a bit,” he replied, holding up a couple of bags with a toothy grin
  • “Oh, me too,” you replied, holding up the bags of your own
  • Something you bought caught Daniel’s eye as he peeked into one of your shopping bags
  • “Whoa… is that Stussy?? (AKA THE BRAND DANIEL ALWAYS FUCKING WEARS) That’s so cool oh my gosh I also bought some streetwear–” he excitedly rambled, attempting to out his own clothes from his bag when you grabbed his hand and stopped him
  • “Uhh Daniel we probably shouldn’t do this here in the middle of the sidewalk, why don’t we just sit down somewhere first”
  • “Oh, okay,” he responded, grabbing your wrist and quickly leading you to a nearby coffee shop
  • You burned at the contact from the soft skin of his hands that easily wrapped around your wrist
  • Rationality told you that he was probably just really excited to discuss clothes but you couldn’t help but believe in the worst and most likely scenario: he knew you liked him (thanks to Ong). 
  • You couldn’t help but think negative thoughts: Is he teasing me right now? Seriously… why should I have to deal with this… 
  • You both plopped down on a couch in the shop, not bothering to order anything
  • He excitedly looked through your clothes, and showing his to you, giggling and laughing away as you pretended you were okay, completely believing that he was making a fool of you
  • There was no way he would be talking to you like a friend if Ong hadn’t told him you liked him.
  • “And this dark green is just so gorgeous, it totally works in the short sleeve, maybe accessorize it with a cap or–”
  • “Daniel.” You spoke sharply, cutting him off
  • He immediately stopped, looking up to you in confusion, seeing your face that was warming up in anger and embarrassment
  • “You don’t have to act like this. It’s just making everything harder for me. We should just go back to normal, I don’t think I can take this even for a minute more.”
  • “W-wait, what?” Daniel looked completely confused, but you wouldn’t let his innocent act fool you, causing you to sigh
  • “I know Ong told you, please. I know he told you that I like you, it’s really not that big of a deal so can’t we just go back–”
  • “Wait, you like me?” Daniel said, stopping you
  • Oh.
  • Shit.
  • You lost all of your confidence and structure, whimpering out “wait… he didn’t tell you?? Then what was that at the park????”
  • Daniel’s face morphed from confusion into a sheepish laugh, scratching his face in embarrassment
  • “Oh… oh that…” He cleared his throat, with a deep ahem
  • “Yeah uhh Ong was teasing me that I fell off my board in front of you,” he finished quickly, scratching his face again
  • You stared at him in confusion, unable to comprehend why this was a problem
  • “You know… *cough* cause I like you…”
  • sdklfjsdfjslkdjfsldjfsldjfsjlsdfjlkjsdjflksdfjlksjflsj ← your mind
  • And you both just sat there next to each other, clothes draped everywhere, just staring at each others’ blushing faces
  • You finally managed out, “wait, you like me, since when??” (LATE REACTION Y/N WYD)
  • “Umm… it’s been a while… it was at the pet store, when you started playing with the kittens with me,” he confessed
  • “Oh, same here actually!” you exclaimed, before realizing that this was the most casual conversation you have ever had with him… and it was litERALLY ABOUT TELLING EACH OTHER YOUR SECRET CRUSHES
  • what a concept
  • "I can’t believe we are really talking about this, we haven’t really talked much before in the past,” you giggled, letting out your thoughts freely
  • Daniel laughed in return, “Yeah sorry about that… I always wanted to approach you and there were so many times I could have but I’m kinda awkward with people I want to get closer to I guess… lol” (he said lol out loud,,, awkward confirmed)
  • “I always got embarrassed when I talked to you”
  • *snickers* “same here, (y/n)”
  • For the rest of the day, you just got closer to one another, learning about each other
  • You visited the pet store again and saw more cats LOL
  • You both got more comfortable with one another
  • Matching Stussy shirts LOL
  • Your friend group and Daniel’s friend group were both relieved and satisfied (both having known about your crushes)
  • Lots of teasing from Ong he took credit for your entire relationship even happening (LMAOOO)
  • Told that you both should worship him and that he would “officiate your marriage” because it was all his doing in the first place
  • You both still made each other’s heart skip beats a lot of the times
  • Both of you still couldn’t believe sometimes that the other liked you
  • kav is dead from this adorableness goodBYE
  • :’)))))))

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So hey, I just reached 101 followers! Thank you all so much, you honestly have no idea how much that means to me. ;w; 

So what better way to celebrate than with another chapter of this…series now, I guess? I have no idea honestly, haha. So this chapter is actually inspired by the comic that Zango drew that first showed off Bendy in his ‘Nightmare’ form. I dig the design so much and I’ll stop rambling now.

As always, this story is inspired by the 2D Bendy AU created by the wonderful @shinyzango, please check out her blog because it’s amazing and so is she. ^w^


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NU’EST Kang Dongho Father! AU

Another father AU, for anon. Enjoy! (You + Kang Dongho)

  • well
  • we all obviously know that Dongho is not the most soFT looking guy
  • (mnet knew that real well)
  • and yes he may look like a frightening masculine manly man who invented the concept of strength but
  • when he heard he was going to be a father, he melted into a puddle of goop
  • like really sweet goop not bad goop just a clarification (sorry friends im feeling extra memey rn)
  • during your pregnancy he would be super duper overprotective and always seem to have whatever you needed whenever you needed it
  • whether that be a shoulder to cry on or a massage or exotic foods
  • wants the absolutely best for you and the baby and would be very involved in terms of knowing all the health issues and risks that newborn babies could have
  • helped you decorate a cute little room for the baby, you both went with purple and white themed because you didn’t know the gender and he was so excited he couldn’t resist waiting
  • researched into all kinds of things and had plans about what sports and activities your child should pursue in the future,,, keep in mind your baby isnt even born yet
  • anyway when the birthing is OVER dongho is like so excited and cautious with you and the kid (im sorry i dont want to put a name or gender) 
  • kids are boring at first but he seemed to never get tired of doting on them
  • would literally try baby food to see how it tastes and pretend like it was okay and then proceed to vigorously wash the weird taste out with waterwould apologize to the child “im sorry you have to eat this, just wait until you can have solids oh goodness won’t that be fun?? im already excited, we can eat potatoes and cereal together!”
  • when the child grew up a little more he started taking them to playgrounds and daycares and stuff like that
  • you and him took turns because your schedule allowed for that
  • at the daycare and playground, the other moms were sHOOK because of how adorable dongho was
  • this super powerful strong man at first sight but then he’s all eye-smiley and giggly and showers his kid with kisses and makes gugu noises its wonderful absolutely wonderful
  • sings songs to and with the kid, from random tunes to the abcs to like baa baa black sheep or some shit as the kid grew up
  • and wtf can you imagine that?? 
  • donghos honey vocals that super sweet voice just singing all the time to your child goodness that would be a blessing
  • but also eventually get annoying like yes the wheels on the bus do indeed go round and round aHEM ANYWAY
  • doesn’t necessarily take care of his skin condition thAt much as like u know celebrities normally do (as we also saw on broduce) but with his kid?? only the highest quality products would be selected
  • would read so many reviews of products just to make sure the child would only be exposed to the safest possible materials
  • yea basically a huge softie
  • one day when child grew up a bit he was playing w them in a sandbox
  • and dongho was literally too caught up in building his own sand castle when he realized child had started putting sand in their mouth
  • he simultaneously freaked out and died of laughter because the situation was so ridiculous, immediately made child spit out the sand and washed their mouth
  • considered trying some sand to see what the child tasted but decided that was a weird idea and just settled for googling what would happen
  • exposed child to a lot of different things, music, art, history, science, memes, you name it
  • found himself learning a lot as he taught the kid and gained experiences with them and you
  • asks for another child lmAO
  • does he want to raise a farm of kids or something??
  • probably
  • he wants to be able to answer all the questions child had
  • is totally whipped for the both of you
  • will always give you two random presents
  • if he travels somewhere for work or something he will always return with souvenirs for the both of you
  • yall spoiled ok
  • cooks comfort foods super well
  • knows all the characters of like the magic school bus and sesame street because he just wants to interact with his child (i almost typed offspring wtf)
  • always handing out free hugs and kisses 
  • gives piggyback rides on demand (for you and for child lmao)
  • he protec
  • is your and your child’s superhero

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So I don’t know what I did to deserve all of you wonderful human beings but thank you for following me and supporting this side blog. You guys all deserve some fries and a cookie. So I don’t really know what to do to celebrate this cus I’m kinda broke blame Wanna One and NCT so I can’t do a giveaway or anything like that but I can do a follow forever thing so here it goes


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holy heck! one hundo followers! what a beautiful day for this dumb little blog.

i’m sure you don’t want to see the proprietor of weirdzootopiaframes dot tumblr dot com get too mushy or anything, so i’ll be brief. this truly excellent film has, over the course of a little over a year, cultivated a truly excellent fandom. and i don’t say that lightly. fandoms are often garbage fires! fandoms are usually garbage fires! but this one is amazing, brimming with enthusiasm and creativity and just lovely people. maybe it’s because the message of the film is so great, stressing inclusion and communication. or maybe it’s because we all rally around one really solid ship instead of getting into slapfights over who judy should marry. (”what ship?” “wildehopps!”) whatevs.

point being; running this blog has been a lot of fun, and most of that is reading people’s comments and riffs on the posts i make. keep being great, zootopia fandom. you’re the best.

hullo, if you’re following me (or any of my side blogs) and you post any of the following please reblog this so i can check out your blog, thanks!! (’:

produce 101 boys
+ any girl groups


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Omg I didn’t think I would get to 1000 so quickly??? I started this blog like midway July and I’ve been really slow at updating too :’))) I’m so thankful bcuz all of my followers are such sweethearts and I became friends with a couple of them which is fuckin great honestly. Earlier, I was scrolling through my posts to delete random textposts and I passed by my little posts thanking for different follower goals and I got emotional looking at the one thanking for 30 followers??? Like I honestly got so happy how far I’ve gotten and super thankful for the friends that I made on here because of it :’) Especially thankful towards @wannabl because she was the first one to approach me and was my first friend on here & basically supported me ever since we met and i lov her sm even if she exposes me <3


Onto the follower special!!! I’m going to be doing the shipping thing with anyone who sends in a description of themself (your looks, personality, habits, etc.) and shipping them with one of the Wanna One members! You can send the descriptions through anon or off anon it doesn’t really matter lol. I’m also doing a Q&A if anyone cares bcuz I don’t really get a lot of asks so I’m basically promoting that lol. This will go on for 2 days!! I posted this sorta late so I feel like a lot of people are sleeping if they have a regular sleep schedule, so I’ll be doing it tomorrow too ^^

And again, thank you guys so much for 1,000+ it means alot to me :-) <3 ILY ALL OF YOU 

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Leave Me Alone/Ты Достала меня
Alexander Rybak
Leave Me Alone/Ты Достала меня

Leave Me Alone in the left ear (mostly)

Ты Достала меня in the right ear (mostly)


I would make something more relevant and I guess this isn’t the best song to show my gratitude… BUT

I will make something! eventually. Until then enjoy Alexander Rybak.

Sounds best with both headphones in + I still can’t get enough of this guy.

it’s been almost a month since i created this blog and i’ve gained an insane amount of followers for someone who only screams about guanlin and doesn’t contribute anything to the fandom. i’ve also gained many friends and I’m so thankful for everyone following me. 

first of all to my garbage 101 gc (even though i never fckugn talk I’m sorry) ily guys. i love waking up to 700 mssgs everyday wtf

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