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Thank you to all my tom-toms! I feel so blessed to be able to have this outlet for my aspie geekiness… and to think that currently 1,000 people consider a blog of me rambling about what I’m obsessed with is worth following… I just don’t know what to say but thank you!
the astrological houses in detail

The Angular Houses ( 1,4,7,10 ) These houses are associated with self-activating quality impact on the structure of one’s life.

The Succedent Houses ( 2,5,8,11 ) These houses are associated with individual desires and the areas of life we want to control and consolidate.

The Cadent Houses ( 3,6,9,12 ) These houses are areas where there is input, exchange, and distribution of thoughts and observations.

Fire Houses ( The Trinity of Life - 1,5,9 ) These houses are associated with one’s attitude toward life and the experience of being alive. They represent an out pouring energy into the world and aspirations that motivate us to do so. The person with an emphasis on these houses lives in his or her enthusiasms, ideals, and dreams for the future.

Earth Houses ( The Trinity of Wealth - 2,6,10 ) These houses are associated with the level of experience where in we try to satisfy our basic needs in the practical world. Planets in these houses indicate energies that can most easily be put to use in dealing with the physical world, and that can be developed as expertise in management of resources. 

Air Houses ( The Trinity of Relationships - 3,7,11 ) These houses are not only associated with social contacts and relationships of all types, but also with concepts. The person with an emphasis on these houses lives in the mind and in relationships. Concepts and the sharing of these concepts dominate much of the persons life activity.

Water Houses ( The Physic Trinity - 4,8,12 ) All of these houses deal with the past, with the conditional responses that are now instinctual and operate through emotions. Planets in these houses show what is happening on subconscious levels and indicate the process of gaming consciousness through the assimilation of the essence of the past.

First House: How we appear or the way we come across, thus the appearance and personality. First Impressions.

Second House: How we respond to or field whatever impulses or unique personal qualities we manifest via our first house. This is how we hold or “have” things.

Third House: How we explore, investigate and research things of all kind. It also rules connections, communications, and social skills. It is how we discover.

Fourth House: Where we send down our root, find our limits and generally secure ourselves. It is the end of searching we may have done with the third house.

Fifth House: Our awareness, emotion and expression. The knowing we have experienced something comes from this house.

Sixth House: It is salvaging and preserving what is good and healthy in our experiences. It saves the heart of our experiences and expressions.

Seventh House: The house of partnerships, relationships, and social life, and all that carries us beyond our personal self into and awareness of others. We see what is going on.

Eighth House: Traditionally the house of death, it gets rid of excess parts of ourselves that we no longer need. It reveals the secrets, and makes it the truth.

Ninth House: This covers long journeys and religion. This is the essence of an entire cycle of experiences.

Tenth House:This house is practical vision and clairvoyance, for here we can see clearly. Career is connected to this.

Eleventh House: How we put our visions and dreams to work. This how we become ourselves.

Twelfth House: This is how we make our dreams and visions come true from the 10th and 11th house. It is what we are willing to put up.


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“as it will be, later, some other
century, when we will seem to each other
even less what we were.
But that trick is just to hold on
through all appearances; and so we do,
and yes, I know it’s you;
and that is what we will come to, sooner
or later, when it’s even darker
than It is now, when the snow is colder,
when it’s darkest and coldest
and candles are no longer any use to us
and the visibility is zero: Yes.
It’s still you. It’s still you.

— Margaret Atwood, Shapechangers in Winter

(commissioned art by @sayuuhiro)


gotta be careful about what you tell an alien who’s just found out he’s an alien

a doodle comic that got totally outta hand bc man reigen makes such a cool agent

MIB AU setup from this post  

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When I created this blog not so long ago I couldn’t even imagine this happening. I can’t believe it now, too. Thank you, for all your time, patience and followship. I’m very pleased this blog is so popular and loved among y’all. So, thank you for making it together

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Hey Madd, can you explain something to me. So that scene in SPN with the girl who likes a mug bigger guy and she says it's nice to have a little give and Dean was like "yeah I get that." Okay. WHAT DOES THAT MEAN? It pops into my head every few weeks but I just don't understand like are they referring to the give of flesh like because it's soft?? What is it