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1K Appreciation Post
↳ ❝You’ve got a friend in me.

Hey guys, just wanted to say thank you to each and everyone of my followers and all the amazing people here in the AOS fandom! I would have never imagined that I could reach this milestone and yet I have, all thanks to you guys. :)

It’s definitely rewarding and for it to coincide with my birthday made it that much better! Everyone here has been so friendly, kind, humble and super funny. I love to read all your hashtag humor which always makes me happy. Also thanks to all the friends I have gotten to known here, sorry if you had to listen to my endless vents. 

Last but not certainly not least I would like to recommend following these babes (in no particular order) simply because they are amazing souls with a great heart and a crazy amount of talent : 

@elivent @sciencebiaatch @leggypeggys @whatlighttasteslike @stydiaislove @agl03 @agentverbivore @nerdlove4thewin @superirishbreakfasttea @catchylove @idecaesteckers @leopoldfitzsimmons @eclecticmuses @theclaravoyant @jsimmonz @sciencebabies @fitzsimmonsy @fitzsimmonsavengers @etoilesdeglace @pesto-aioli @mrsdecaestecker @queensimmons @aosladies @bobbimorxe @inevitablyfitzsimmons @jewishfitz @msdevindanielle @cardb0rdeaux @agentsoflove @thefitzsimmonsnetwork @omgfitzsimmons @leopoldjamesfitzs @jemmasimmonsy @thelatenightstoryteller @jemmaskyewalker @leosfitz @agentcalliope @agentlukaofshield @idcsupportgroup @bioforensics @inkyfingerstoo @jsimmonss @rosamund-pike @ughfitz @leofitznetwork @fyeahdecaestecker (If I did forget some of you, which I probably did, I’m sorry.) 

Have a good weekend everyone! <3

Hello Everyone!!! It’s time for my extremely late Follow Forever. In March it was my blogs anniversary! (I cannot believe how long I’ve been with this blog) At the same time I also reached 1.6+ followers! :) I am very thankful for everyone who has stayed with me, and for those who have just recently found my blog. I am sorry I could’t be the best mutual for you guys, but I hope we can all stay happy and healthy together! :) 

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you're a true treasure to this community, you're always so sweet and supportive, you've been following me for so long and i really appreciate everything you do. also, all your stories are sooo great, but your recent one is honestly the best! i love it so much, you're such a talented storywriter, your characters are the most complex i've ever seen. hope you're having a good day <3

Omg, this message has me teary eyed! I love all of the blogs I follow, and I wish I had the time to comment and leave notes for everyone. And thank you for reading my stories and the wonderful compliments, the feedback and positive comments I receive mean the WORLD to me. I wish I knew who you were but just know I appreciate you!!! BIG HUGS!!!

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Prompt 15 gen for Hunk, but it's the team cooking for Hunk instead of Hunk cooking for the team <3

It’s the 1000 Followers Special!  Based on these prompts.  Prompts are now closed.  Don’t want to see all 35 of these?  Block ‘1000 Followers Special’.  Can’t read on mobile?  These will slowly be posted to AO3 starting in a few days as ‘Hold Up Half the Sky’.  A huge thank you to Xagrok for the beta’ing!

Today was just unlucky.

Hunk was never the sort of person to wake easily or quickly.  He set himself three different alarm clocks to make sure he didn’t just smack them off in his sleep.  So when the alarms went off in the awful, wee hours of the morning, Hunk always found himself disjointed and out of it.  When there was a real purpose for it, the adrenaline kicked in and he was ready to go.

When there wasn’t, Hunk was just grumpy.

By now they were all used to the exercise - and the real version - so they managed to make it to the control room in the allotted time.  But their time was basically identical to the last few times, so they still got told to work on it and set to practicing with a scowl.

After that, it was agility training, which Hunk hated.  He could manage, physically, once he got started, but Hunk just wasn’t a ‘do it in a second’ kind of person.  He wanted to double check his calculations, wanted to think everything through.  And, yeah, he got that he didn’t have those things in the real world, fine, whatever.  Didn’t make it more fun in the moment.

Between Keith, who was naturally speedy and never second-guessed himself, Pidge, who was a bonafide genius and could recalculate on the fly, and Lance, who was fairly fast and incredibly competitive, Hunk managed to consistently finish last all morning.

By the end, Hunk was tired, he was sweaty, he was irritated and his pride was wounded.

“Did you see that!  Snatched victory right out from under Keith’s nose!”  Lance threw up his arms in jubilation, ignoring the way Keith visibly bristled from the other side of the room.  “Awesome, right?”

Hunk hunched his shoulders in.  “Yeah.  Great.  Good job.”

The lack of enthusiasm made Lance pause, and he frowned at Hunk.  “Something wrong?”

“No,” Hunk replied.  “It’s just a long day.”

Lance’s brows jumped up and he tried for a smile.  “It’s not even lunch yet, dude.”

“I know.”

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okay so two days ago i hit the 100 follwer mark in less than 48 hours after creating this blog, this is CRAZY you guys !!! but that’s not what my post is dedicated to, my post is dedicated TO YOU GUYS for being so super fantastic awesome perfect flawless. rping in the star wars fandom has been a blessing, everyone’s been so fucking nice && sweet && everyone’s welcoming…. && jfc i’ve NEVER had so many people im me randomly screaming over plots/characters/aus/etc etc !!! this post is for the star wars fandom && my friends/mutuals from other fandoms; old && new i love you guys. thank you for being so amazing, you’re all so wonderful, talented, hilarious, warm, fun && DID I MENTION TALENTED? anyways here’s a list of people i adore who deserve love. go follow them cause they’re AMAZING !!! 

@akingslayerx@alderavalkyrie@allhumans@anakcn @anakinskywalkrx@arcusignis@ashesam •  @artisticallydcne •  @astramessiah • @astormcrow • @auralsense • @benjenstcrk • @blasterforce • @bookout@chaied • @cogblocked@cosmichymns@cxnfliicted • @darksighter@defenestratio •  @duxbellatorum • @edhelaran • @exlucestellarum • @extrcterrestrial • @fadetogrey // @kingwhocared@five-guns-days • @flightlegacy • @forcebeacon • @forcecreated • @forcedevout@galaxysavior • @goldenngore • @gotcompany • @heliosdownfall • @hiddensteel • @iamnojedi • @iimperiumsinefine@iinquiisitor@imthxpilot • @ircnbcrn • @jedison@khagaan@killthebxy@krxtaa@lastcapellan@lightabandoned@lightscalls@liondaughter@longsilvcr@luxeat // @devoyded • @miimesis • @monsteredboy • @motherofwolvcs • @neckerchiefsandmagic@notorator@nottingale // @qingbang • @ofdagobah • @offadingstars@ofstarkilling •  @oletherian@overgrcwth@oncejedi • @pcrepazaak • @paxjinn@phulusa • @pilotcorellian • @provedapoint • @queenxcersei@queenxmargaery@rcvenge • @rcvivaliisms • @rebelpilot@rebelsacrifice@rebelstrategy • @rookierebel •  @roseheld@roguepilct •  @techniiciian • @thelittleqveen // @thewhiteqveen@thomashamiltcn@thracixn •  @tobewhoimnot // @maidofwinter@totidemmusis@twentyoneeightyseven@rcbelborn • @sabercall •  @sepulchrebound@serennian • @sergeantstardust • @showedmercy •  @silcntjedi@sithshadow@sovietperil • @speculae@stellaoccisor • @sunsfyre@surviveinspace • @valkyrierydes@warcraftcr • @warflowered • @waywardoakdown • @wiingedwolf • @willtrainhim@withoutpeer •  @xaedificare • @ycngliing

&& of course extra love to my fabulous sisters who are such an inspiration on the dash with their talented && dedication to everyone’s spacegrandmama ♥: @eleutheriana @liibcrty

oh my god you guys. i’ve reached 500 followers and im still shook. you guys are so great. i can’t. thank you so much for following me. you guys are all amazing. such amazing writers i follow and rp with. i cant even. imma get lovey af so click the read more. everyone mentioned below, you should go follow because i love them all v much. i’m probs going to leave out a bunch of quality blogs (especially if you’ve changed url’s and i didn’t know) but just know i love every single one of you and i love seeing your presence on my dash. again, thanks so much for following me !! 

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Thank you everyone for 2200 follows! I really appreciate it and will be setting up another giveaway this coming weekend to give a little something back to you all. “Please look forward to it!”

– Ruri/Erika

thank you

i want to just thank everyone on here that’s ever sent me a message of support, that’s sent me feedback on something, that's replied to a post that i never replied to, or that even follows me even when i don’t follow them back.

please believe me when i say i really really really fucking appreciate each and everyone of those messages and every one of you. i literally can not believe i’m almost at 1000 freaking followers. for someone like me that’s never had more than 3 friends at once, if any at all? someone that was bullied into homeschool? someone that was literally a mistake? yeah, it means the fucking world to me.

i appreciate when you stick around during my bad days and negative posts (and i understand when you don’t) but it’s beyond comforting to know i have people that voluntarily listen to me, be it my rants, my mass effect ramblings, or just general blabbering. i thrive off every note, every message, every follower.

i hate that majority of you live on the other side of the world where i can’t just meet you or thank you hug you or feel welcome/loved/appreciated or even be there to support you. (but at the same time i’m a nervous awkward yucky wreck in person so it’s probably just as well)

but all of you guys are my friends. i can not express enough how graeful i am. i know that doesn’t seem like much when all i am is just words on a screen, but i hope you remember that someone gives a fuck about you, and from the bottom of my heart i’m sorry if that’s the only love and appreciation you receive when it damn well should be coming from the people around you as well.

i was super depressed when i started writing this but right now i feel invigorated to uplift my spirits and press on and remind you guys that you are loved so fucking much from someone you don’t even know, someone that WANTS to know you. don’t ever EVER feel like you’re meant for loneliness when all the right people are just in the wrong places. it’s a big world, and while the distance sucks, these bonds can reach even further and deeper.

i love you. thank you. keep going. <3

I’ve been thinking how I can properly thank everyone for their amazing feedback, tags and loving, kind words about In the Midst of Nothing.

I am shocked and rendered speechless by your reactions! I’d hoped, of course. You better believe some of the scenes I wrote had me tearing up and that I was so curious and excited to see how everyone would react. 

But this was a bit beyond what I’d expected

So thank you all very much! I am a happy, little fanfic writer right now and now that we’re all here anyway, let me tell you this:

It will continue

I will add to my Zombie-verse because I loved writing it so much that I can’t just stop now.

I want to write an Origin story for my main 9 characters and @wonders-of-the-enterprise is my biggest enabler and has already fed me with a follow-up that will be EPIC! 

I’ve also come up with a name for the series which is also the title of one of the most amazing songs ever which fits this Zombie-verse so much… It’s not only the title inspiration but also the theme song and it’s Game of Survival by Ruelle. So all of my Zombie-verse posts will be tagged with:


So my lovelies, thank you so much (and if you’d like to be kept in the tags in the future let me know) <3

Tagging the awesome people whose words and tags left me grinning so much my cheeks are hurting now below the cut!

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side note i just hit 2k yesterday and forgot to say anything!!! THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH! 7 months??? ago when i made this account i never thought I’d get more than like 26 followers. THANK YOU ALL, I LOVE YOU ALL. (here’s a lil gif of a rhys resembling creature, enjoy:)

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hunk and shiro with hammocks? congrats on 2k!

“This is the life.” Shiro sighed as his hammock swayed in the breeze. “Thank you for rigging these up, Hunk.”

Hunk grunted in acknowledgement, already drifting. The others were playing beach volleyball or something, somewhere off in the distance. Their voices faded into insignificance as Hunk’s eyes closed and his worries faded.

“Next time, I’m making cocktails, too.”

Shiro laughed, warm and content.

2,000 followers special! Prompts are now closed. Thank you to everyone who participated! You can read all of the fics at this link or on AO3 starting here.

HELLO! it’s been a while since I wanted to do this (until tumblr messed up everything lol) but finally I have time to do this. I want to thank everyone to made this tumblr experience awesome and for fill my dash with pretty stuff. 

the ones with a ♡ are bloggers I talked to and I considere them as my friends.

@boomimo ♡ - @bwijeongs - @cleamour - @femaleidols - @heonies ♡ - @jiaerrs♡ - @jiwooi - @jjnwoo ♡ - @soyou - @seungyoon - @wot4 - @ygmino - @m-ihyuns♡ - @inclestellar ♡ - @sunjis - @eunoos - @voonbora ♡ - @yeowangs

MONSTA X’s blogs. I never made a follow forever for a sideblog that’s why I’m adding them here. Once again all this blogs are so pretty and post quality stuff woah girls all of you are so talented. And yes this lil girl is @kihyuon (shameless promotion) thank you for made my mbb experience so nice and without any bother. 

@m-onstax - @wonkkung - @wonhontology - @wonho - @chiqkihyun - @1kyuns ♡ - @minhyuk1 - @hyunwoo

I really really want to talked to all of you but I’m so shy and not that cool :( - I want more tumblr friends tho sighs - THANK YOU AGAIN ALL OF YOU ARE AWESOME. (my english is horrible)


i just realized i am literally 58 followers away from 8k! even though i haven’t been as present on here as i used to be, y'all continue to surprise me and make me smile daily. i feel so loved and i love you! once i reach 8k i have a cool surprise that i hope everyone will enjoy! 😘


Congratulations @vapeure you get a shout-out on here for being my 100th follower!!

Wow, guys, I don’t know what to say. You all are the greatest. This made my night to see especially since I’m really sick right now. I never in a million years thought this little Goro shitposting/sideblog would become what it is now and certainly not in such a short time.

I wish I could give a shout-out to every single one of you for being beautiful people but that would make this post go on forever. However there are four of you who in particular who I owe a lot to:

@dark-hour-shenanigans - Thank you for consistently liking what I put on here and being a general sweetheart. You are a joy to see on my dash, always.

@delphine-le-dauphin - Thank you for encouraging me to make this blog more than what it was supposed to be. Without you I never would have had the confidence to RP as Goro seriously.

@theholylight - Thank you for always being quality, being incredibly sweet and supportive, and for being my first serious RP partner. I hope this continues for a good long time and that you’re looking forward to it as much as I am.

And last but certainly not the least, @not-that-joker - Thank you for, existing, basically. You’re a wonderful Akira, a wonderful roommate, a wonderful boyfriend…you’re wonderful in general. I love you so much.

There are so many other people I wish I could mention (95 of them actually!) but like I said, this post would go on forever. Just know that I pay attention to each and every one of you and just because you didn’t get a shout-out here it doesn’t mean I don’t cherish you. I love you all. Without you, this blog would not be what it is.

And now as it is ten ‘til five in the morning, good night everybody!


Since I don’t think they’re likely to change much from this point, here are the visuals results from the reader survey we did for the comic recently!

As of my assembling this, there were 161 unique respondents. The survey was shared via Twitter, Tumblr, and Tapastic–all our platforms. Considering that our Tumblr and Tapastic follower/subscriber numbers are roughly the same, the results regarding site questions definitely turned out how we expected. (Some of the other demographics ended up being a little different than we thought, though.)

Thank you to everyone who participated! We learned some new things about you as our readers. Also, a big thank you to the lovely 40+ people who left kind or enthusiastic comments!! We really appreciated them!

(OOC post:

Hello everyone, this is Van and I would like to thank everyone for following this blog! I love you guys. ;; When I first made this blog I was really nervous and thought I will probably delete it again after a few days but after all the nice people and interactions and asks, I think I wanna stick around for a bit as long as the Transformers shitpost wave keeps shitposting.

I also wanna use this post so say a few things about me and about how I intend to keep this blog running from now on. If you’re already in stasis you can just keep scrolling.

- I have a main blog (click here) which is supposed to be sfw (at least now) and an extra nsfw blog (and sometimes I write fanfics, either on tumblr or on AO3)
- you can always write to me or send me an ask or something, (that also means on my main blog) I don’t bite and Tarn can’t bite if he doesn’t take off his mask
- if I don’t answer that much or at weird times it might be because of time zones since I live in Germany (also I gotta do stupid stuff like sleep and go to work, terrible)
- I want to try to start tagging my posts because the more I post the more cluttered this blog becomes orz I plan on listing my tags on an extra page. Also, if you need me to tag something, don’t be afraid to tell me.
- my Tarn is a complete dork. That’s… that’s just how it is.
- this is all in good fun and because I wanted to be cool like all the others who have a shitpost blog

Thank you again and keep being awesome!)

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You know what? I always wonder how you're so good at writing, and this has taken it to another level. I also wonder how you can make all of your followers start screaming into an endless abyss when you post a chapter or a preview, or anything even. You outdid yourself this time. And the long chapters are ok with everyone, believe me. And that Jungkook smut...😏 it was amazing. But the ending made me drop my phone. I knew it couldn't be this perfect without an unhealthy dose of angst. Anywa (1,2)

y, it was awesome. Thanks for your beautiful writing yet again. -t anon 💕 P.S that smut scene was fucking gold. Like I reread it three times and every single time I noticed something new. But I’m keeping my eye on Jungkook, even if the smut was good I still feel like something is about to happen with him. And he’s going to reveal his true colors…👀 (2,2)

You are so sweet.  Thank you so much!  I’m glad there are other people out there that love long chapters.  When I write a one shot I’m gonna have to reel it all back in and it’s going to be tough lol.