thanks erick!


FINALLY got to meet the one and only Jhonen Vasquez along with Eric Trueheart, Rikki Simons and Megan Lawton @thesecretheadquarters. I have wanted to meet @jhonenv , creator of one of my absolute favorite comics (JTHM), since I was about twelve. I totally blew it and didn’t talk to any of them much do to overwhelming nervousness and awe…. but hopefully I can meet them all in the future and actually have a conversation. They were all so incredibly nice! Also drew them some stupid sketches for them, lol. 

drmortimersmith  asked:

Mort blushes and lets out a deep sigh. He kisses the both of them then runs off blushing. "I LIKE YOU BOTH"

mort felt his face grow bright red, keeping a calm and blank face, before mumbling a small “Thank you…”

Erick was taken off guard by the kiss, and blinks a few times before his cheeks grew red. “All the mortys LOVE me~”

Dear cameraman,

All that I ask of you is to please stop shooting Mr. Rowan from behind. I did not ask for all dat ass. He has too much booty in his pants. I’d be very grateful. Please and thank you.