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4CC 2017

Tessa & Scott (top right corner) doing The Lean™ during the gala [x]

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Hi! I'm really excited about how your blog will turn out! I hope this question is okay, but I was wondering how the main four would feel about dating a girl with an eating disorder like bulimia or anorexia? If you aren't comfortable with answering, I understand, I'm just curious about people's opinions on it :))


  • Would always try to help, but would be very scared of overstepping boundaries.
  • Very torn between keeping it secretive or telling everyone in search of help.
  • Switches between being very persistent in helping, and not mentioning it at all. After trying to help, he often thinks he went too far and ends up going silent about the issue for a while.
  • Leaves you little treats and candies in hopes you’ll eat them.
  • Always buys you a huge meal when you are out and doesn’t care what happens to it.
  • “I just want you to have something to eat if you want it. I’ll love you either way.”
  • Asks a billion questions and tries to make sure he knows absolutely everything about the issue and how it affects you.
  • Asks a bunch of people hypothetical questions about it to verify/dispel any and all of his ideas/plans to help.
  • After learning that you were affected by the disorder, he spent the next night doing research on it.
  • Spends too much time thinking/worrying about you.
  • Never asks you over for dinner, fearing what his parents will ask/think.
  • Has talked to Ike about it (most likely in hypotheticals), and Ike gives you play food whenever you come over.
  • “I’m just worried about you, and I don’t want anything bad to happen to you.”
  • Does not understand the idea of not constantly wanting to consume food and asks how it is possible at almost every meal time for a while.
  • Makes fun of you for it, but only in private and usually feels awful afterwards, even though you tend to take it with a grain of salt. He rarely apologizes, but when he does it’s very heartfelt.
  • Will threaten to fight anyone who jokes about the disorder in any way shape or form.
  • Often takes the food you don’t eat off of your plate. When in groups, he uses this as a way to make it seem like you’ve eaten more to avoid questions.
  • Will offer to share his food with you. You are the only known human who has been offered anything edible by him.
  • Has whined to his mom about you not eating to which she suggested that he gives you a gentle nudge and tries to get you to eat little by little.
  • “I don’t get it, but more for me right?” (Usually followed by a sheepish look, a just kidding, and a quick kiss)
  • Will always share what little food he has with you.
  • Constantly invites you over for dinner, despite his parents scolding him for bringing over another mouth to feed.
  • Picks you up a lot and usually makes sure your weight isn’t fluctuating drastically.
  • Tries to keep you as heathy as possible and insists that you follow the same general routine that he does to keep healthy with little food.
  • Has serious late night conversations with you about it. Asks why a lot.
  • Often insists that all women are beautiful, no matter what their weight.
  • “One day, everything will be perfect. We’ll be married, live in a big mansion, and eat a huge feast every night.”

really! OMG. this concept of face-phone scenes are making my day better.. i always try to think how our Eric Oppa will look like if he is directly going to react randomly in front of me like FACE TO FACE!!!

these clips that they are producing are really a good way of providing awesome fan service..


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So really long question. If zero was able to have biological children how would he feel about it? Would he just never risk having a child? Would he give himself a vesectomy or something? Would he even want one? Would he have a lot of anxiety when dating a partner who can get pregnant? If he became a father would he just stay out of the way the best he can? Would he be worried thw child would be like him? I have to know eric.

omg thanks for the long question, i love these

hed be… very nervous about it.

first off for those that dont know: as he was the result of experimental splicing, he was born sterile specifically to prevent any uncertainties- given the potential that he’d still be genetically compatible with 100% humans.

but if he actually were able to, heeee wouldnt want to take the risk. he wouldn’t go so far as giving himself basement surgery though, and his mistrust for doctors remains pretty strong, so… options limited.

he’d probably be pretty serious about the potential (and his fear of it) with a partner who could have children, and be pretty eager to discuss preventative measures, though

but if he actually had a kid??? oof. he’d be terrified. a child with a 100% human would have the mutant genes further ‘diluted’ at least, lowering any potential for negative side effects like himself, but he’d probably want to do everything in his power to promise the kid a life like he didnt have and all the access to treatment they could comfortably get.

he’s kind of a sap for children, pfft.