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the man from u.n.c.l.e. (2015) sentence starters

tw disordered eating, alcohol, gendered slurs, violence

❝ you look important… or at least your suit does. ❞
❝ statements like that can get you into a lot of trouble around here. ❞
❝ make yourself comfortable, why don’t you.  ❞
❝ you’re wasting your time. i haven’t seen him for 18 years. ❞
❝ if i had 15 minutes, we’d drink tea, eat biscuits; i’d talk, you’d laugh, and we’d be on our way. ❞
❝ are they still following us? ❞
❝ when you hear something that sounds like a gunshot, drive. ❞
❝ you can’t be serious. ❞
❝ excuse me dear, i just need to use your back door. ❞
❝ hug me. ❞
❝ what’s that? it smells like feet. ❞
❝ how long was your prison sentence? ❞
❝ don’t ever make the calamitous error of mistaking my deliberate short-sightedness for blindness. ❞
❝ look at ‘em. merrily oblivious as we labor tirelessly to save them from extinction and not even a ‘thank-you.’ ❞
❝ don’t kill your partner on your first day. ❞
❝ i’m sure you understand humiliation better than most. ❞
❝ my woman would never wear anything like that. ❞
❝ smoothly done. ❞
❝ you can’t put a paco rabanne belt on a patou. ❞
❝ and remember… take it like a pussy. ❞
❝ not very good at this whole ‘subtlety’ thing, are you? ❞
❝ either you start to look like you know what you’re doing, or i’m out of here. ❞
❝ would you like a bigger glass? ❞
❝ no fun dancing by yourself; i need a partner. ❞
❝ don’t you make me put you over my knee. ❞
❝ so you don’t want to dance… but you do want to wrestle. ❞
❝ i like my women strong. ❞
❝ now we are engaged. again. ❞
❝ i am neither a goat, nor your sister, so… get your hands off me. ❞
❝ i’m okay, i think. ❞
❝ i’ve been on a diet, my dear. just caviar and champagne for three weeks. ❞
❝ you see, each one of us has a destiny… and i believe i can help you with yours. ❞
❝ you can see the future? ❞
❝ i can see us having lunch tomorrow. alone. ❞
❝ darling, time to go. ❞
❝ they had it coming. ❞
❝ you need to control your temper. ❞
❝ i think he’s an athletic, good-looking gazillionaire, who’s offered me a job and made advances towards me. ❞
❝ i quite like him. ❞
❝ i don’t know what you’re upset about, you’re not even my fiance! ❞
❝ the thing is… i work better alone. ❞
❝ i’m not leaving. ❞
❝ and what, exactly, did you do to him? ❞
❝ just shut up and watch me work. ❞
❝ you’re trembling. ❞
❝ it’s going to be okay. ❞
❝ i’ll be close by. ❞
❝ help yourself to a drink. ❞
❝ so sorry to keep you waiting. ❞
❝ i thought i was doing so well. ❞
❝ the fault doesn’t lie in your performance. ❞
❝ she seemed so innocent. ❞
❝ i’m so sorry i can’t stay to finish you off myself. ❞
❝ man has only two masters in this world, and their names are pain and fear. ❞
❝ i never thought i’d say this, but i’m actually quite pleased to see you. ❞
❝ it’s okay. i would have done exactly the same thing in your position. ❞



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hi sweet lia I hope you’re having a good day! Would you care to water my crops with your top 3 sheith moments? pls and thank you ily💕

hi yes babe of course but like. i love this pairing so much it’s physically impossible for me to talk about just three so have my top five instead i hope thats okay! 💕💕💕  i’ll try to keep em short (i am going to fail) but here we go:

5. saving shiro part 1 of ?: an ongoing series (S1E1)

the scene that started it all. from the exact moment keith caressed shiro’s face and went all googly shoujo starry eyed in the next frame and whispered his name reverently i was like oh no. i’m gone. his eyes literally sparkle. he’s gone on this man. no one can convince me otherwise. he beats up three men just to break into this room and as soon as he sees shiro strapped to that bed, he melts. and he doesn’t hesitate to get shiro the HELL out of there. friendly reminder that without the intervention of the garrison trio keith had fully intended on bringing shiro back to his desert shack. alone. where he mysteriously had a change of clothes for shiro. hm. 

4. soft shiro staring wistfully at keith with bonus romantic lighting (S2E1)

for those of you who know me you know this is literally my favorite shiro screencap from the entire show. shiro just fought a space witch and was BADLY injured and then had to fight numerous huge space lizards. he’s tired and he’s downtrodden and he’s in pain and ready to give up. but keith, as always, believes in him and vocalizes that sentiment to reassure him. he’s going to be okay. he’s going to make it. shiro is the leader and he’s going to be fine. and i think for someone as insecure as shiro, keith’s unyielding faith in him is really meaningful to him. he just shows this achingly emotional vulnerability and the way his face shifts in this scene is so good. so tender. so soft. look at him. he initially seems shocked by keith’s reassurances, but his eyes soften, the corner of his mouth tilts upwards almost imperceptibly, and his entire face seems to relax. i think there’s a lot behind this look and i don’t wanna get into all of it here, but bottom line of this scene: keith has never given up on shiro, even when shiro was ready to give up on himself. 

3. The Hug (S2E9)

admit it. you knew this was going to be on there. especially since we know this episode is directly after the blade of marmora, where shiro sees keith cry out and run after a hologram of himself (SEEING how much he means to keith) and finds out keith is part galra, the hug becomes so much more meaningful. it’s a physical reassurance. keith may physically save shiro a lot, but i think it’s clear that shiro saves keith emotionally and mentally just as much. the motion of them hugging is easy and fluid- it’s clearly something they’ve done multiple times, which is no surprise seeing how physically intimate they are with each other throughout the series. and if you watch this scene, you can see that keith is frowning, clearly worried up until the exact split second his hand touches shiro. as soon as he touches shiro, he melts and gets the soft little Reserved For Shiro smile we all know so well, allowing shiro into his personal space (and we know he’s not entirely comfortable with others hugging him). they hug for so long. so long. the average hug is 2 seconds. this was far beyond that. i can’t imagine how much this means to keith, knowing that his best friend is still here and still believes in him and trusts him and is comfortable with him. he looks safe. at peace. his head is buried in the crook of shiro’s shoulder. and when they pull away from each other, you can see that they both moved their hands down a little bit which adds another layer of intimacy to the hug (sliding the hand down from the shoulder, which is more casual, to around the waist).

2. mindscape shiro (S2E8)

it is almost devastating how beautiful and vulnerable he is in this scene. while shiro is not technically present here, this entire scene really hit me hard. we have keith, who has just fought for 18 straight hours, literally exhausted and wounded and on the brink of death, and the person he most “desperately wants to see” is shiro. shiro is the literal embodiment of keith’s greatest hopes and fears. and when holo-shiro walks away from keith? keith pleads with him. chases after him. reacts with the kind of raw vulnerability we never see any person (not even his own father) elicit from him in canon. like… keith thinks without shiro, he’d be completely alone. he’s not even thinking about the other paladins at all. he’s just fixated on shiro. so while he undoubtedly cares for the other paladins, this shows that he clearly holds shiro at a level above them and it doesn’t really surprise me tbh. i think it speaks volumes about keith’s devotion to shiro (not that that was ever in question). 

1. as many times as it takes (S3E6)

everything about this scene is so oddly intimate. it feels like an intrusion on a private moment, so much so that the viewer feels almost uncomfortable watching it. the lighting is dim and shiro (kuron?) still has his hair unkempt, face unshaven, dressed in just a flimsy tank top. he’s very physically and emotionally vulnerable, and i think it’s significant that keith is the only person who ever gets to see him that way. and when shiro asks “how many times are you gonna have to save me before this is over”, i’m not sure what he’s expecting. he’s been through an inordinate amount of trauma and the look on his face is almost darkly humorous, self-deprecating. but it’s a recognition and a callback to the fact that throughout the series, it’s keith saving shiro over and over and over again. and keith just gives him the softest (softest!!!) smile and tells him- “as many times as it takes.” like. listen, my dude, if that doesn’t read as romantic to you i don’t know what to say. keith has saved shiro so many times and will continue to do so and i think that’s something that’s not just reassuring to the viewer, but also shiro himself. whether you are team #notmyshiro or #thatsmyshiro, this is a PAINFULLY romantic line.

also: honorable mention: tiny prekerb sheith (S4E2)

there they are! my tiny boys! i love them! i hope to see more of them! tell me your secrets! show me your past! even in the background of someone else’s photo op shiro insists on having his hand glued to keith’s shoulder! i love it.

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junkrat/mccree/hanzo finding out that reader is struggling with an abusive relationship? feel free to pass this one

TRIGGER WARNING! Sexual, Physical and Abusive relationships, also self deprication

This is actually my first ever request!
Also you didn`t specify if you wanted a small fic or hc, so i`m doing small fics!


Once you closed the door you slid down towards the ground.. You just got back from your “date” with your partner.
They always insisted on having it at their house. You knew you deserved every hit. You`re nothing..
You sniffled, soon tears streaming down your cheeks. You picked yourself up from the ground and began getting into sleeping attire.
You always wore clothing that hid your bruises, when you were home was the only time you could wear something actually comfortable.
They really out did themselves today.. You thought as you looked at your black eye in the mirror.. Maybe just cover it with your hair?
You sighed and jumped into bed, grabbing your phone and browsed the apps you had.
You almost got a heart attack when you heard your front door being opened.
This late?? You scrambled to find a blanket or something to cover yourself.

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Noir Nocturne Part 1 Chapter 9 Hullooooo Rhea B.

Dougal was the first to awaken when the guard returned a few hours later. He felt disorientated but not anxious. It still felt more like a dream than anything else. He was a practical man however and understood this was his new reality. Whatever it took to survive this well, he would do. Perhaps he would get back to Scotland sooner rather than later but it wasn’t uppermost on his mind. Claire was.

He was highly curious about the time and place they found themselves in. How did the people here make do? He decided to put off his questions of the past for another day. She would know what had happened. He wanted her help with the present now though. He’d have to wake her, whether Jamie liked it or no.

He noted when the guard went back up the steps that it was still dark outside but dawning. Time to be about it then. He quietly made his way to her side and shook her shoulder. “Claire, time to wake lass. Will ye help wi the dressing? The Nun didna tell us anything ye ken? She just picked it and handed it over.”

Dougal was not happy to see her cozied up to Jamie’s side. He tried not to think about the fact that he had arranged this marriage or that they seemed to be drawing closer because of it. He knew, now, and probably even then, she was too good for the likes of this boy. She deserved a man such as himself. He would just have to arrange for her to see it as well. He could make himself the more needed man, of that he was sure.

“Dougal for heaven’s sake, it’s just a pair of breeks, a shirt and a jacket, with a belt and a tie. Oh, alright maybe you might need help with the tie and the purpose of the undergarments, but did you have to wake me up for it?” Claire groused as she sat up.

Dougal noted her shift as the blanket fell away and smiled at her as he took in her tousled appearance. “Well now, and how long does it take ye to tame those curls of a morning? I dinna think I e’re noticed just how much hair ye have lass. Tis bonny.”

“Dougal just what in the hell do ye think yer doin man?” Jamie, who had taken his dirk from beneath his head,when he heard the guard come down the stairs, said as he sat up next to Claire. “If my wife is sleeping it’s no yer place to be waking her with compliments.” He frowned, pointing his dirk at Dougal’s face whilst covering Claire up to her nose in blanket with his other hand.

Claire laughed and pushed the dirk back down, along with the cover and stood up slowly. “Dougal head to the sink and wash up with this and then I will see to your attire and everyone else’s” she said, collecting a towel and the soap from the kit bag. “We can’t be walking the streets looking like dirty ragamuffins you fool. Get the worst of the dirt off your face, neck and hands and I’ll be right there.”

He gave her a long look in the lightening room, appreciating her unembarrassed form. “Well, just so then.” He said, turning on his heel and calling to the other men. “Wake up lads, Claire wants us presentable.” He deliberately did not say “Mrs. Fraser”. He wouldn’t give Jamie the satisfaction. Presumptuous pup. Thinking he needed reminding, did he?

He spent a moment flipping the light switch before he got down to the business at hand. Amazing really. He didn’t care about privacy, so he didn’t shut the door behind him. Thinking himself a fine figure of a man who hadn’t lost his own form, he had no issues with letting anyone see what he was about. He took his time cleaning up and then selected the attire she said from his own pile and waited for her.

“You don’t tuck the breeks into your boots. There should be an undershirt there to use before the shirt. These are underwear, called boxers, put them on before the pants. Stop looking at me like that Angus! They are necessary. This is the jacket to match and this tie will do.” Claire said, heading to Murtagh’s pile next and selecting his garments then Angus’s before heading back to Jamie’s. “We will need to get you all shoes as well as haircuts today. Men only wear their boots for working now and hair is kept short. Most men won’t have beards either. We shouldn’t draw too much notice. Let me use the washroom next please, so I can help with the ties after I get dressed. Also, there is food in this pack from the Priest, be sure to eat something before we head out. I don’t know if the guard has a vehicle and we may have another long walk ahead.”

Claire was back to her healer tone Dougal noted. He admired that as well. He would never tell her that though. Wouldn’t want her thinking he liked or wanted a woman telling him what to do. With much harrumphing and grumbling, the men dressed and took their turns after Claire in the washroom. He watched as she had Jamie hold up a blanket so she could dress behind it.

“Jesus Claire! You aren’a wearing that!” he heard Jamie say furiously after a few minutes. The he let out a string of profanity in the Ghalidgh that she couldn’t possibly understand. Curious to see her and what the fuss was about, Dougal made his way back to them. Claire had on what looked to be a belted, flowered shift and she was showing her fine legs! They seemed to shine and her shoes were heeled and red, not the slipper kind he was used to seeing. She was pushing her hair up into a hat that looked to be made of straw and flopped down on one side. It had a large red ribbon behind the brim.

Dougal laughed loudly. “Tis a bit like the shift Murtagh found you in, I like it.” Jamie dropped all pretense at sense after hearing this and shoved him. He shoved him back, twice as hard. “If you do that again, I’ll put you on your arse you idiot.” He said while holding a hand out to Claire.  “Let’s head up and see what this day is bringing…”

He didn’t see the punch coming because he was too focused on her. It took him square in the jaw and swung his head to the far right. He tasted blood and spun back to Jamie, reaching for his throat. He felt Angus and Murtagh rushing in from behind to join what promised to be a fine brawl.

“Jesus H. Roosevelt CHRIST! That will be just about enough of that! You didn’t clean up just to roll around in the dirt. Scotsmen! Hard headed, ridiculous, childlike, overgrown boys!  I am not going to referee while you all beat the snot out of each other. I won’t. I will leave and take the maps and money with me, just watch me.” Claire, clearly losing her own temper, said before she picked up her bag and a smaller leather looking one and crossed to the steps.

“I will give you five minutes to collect your things and come upstairs before I wash my hands of the lot of you and find my own way without you.”

The men all watched as she stomped up the stairs, still muttering under her breath.

“Nah, never happen. I know she wilna leave us. Try not to look so crestfallen Jamie. She’s just talking, like women do, ya ken?” Murtagh said while heading to his items and bundling them all back up.

Angus spit in Jamie’s general direction and winked at Dougal. “You reckon they all dress like that now?”

“I hope so lad, I most assuredly hope so.” Dougal went back to his own items and found the hat. Placing it on his head, he picked up his bundle and followed Claire. He had no doubt she would gladly leave them all behind.


Murtagh did not mind the clothes so much but was distinctly unhappy when Claire told them to hide all their weapons. “I willna.”

“You will unless you want to be arrested for menacing. Now come here and let me tie your tie.” She frowned at him and rearranged the collar and tiny buttons at the top of his shirt. “I’ll teach you how to do this yourself later. The guard should be back any moment. Tuck your hair up into your hat. Yes, like that.”

The sun was high enough for them to get a good look at their surroundings while they waited. It wasn’t long though before they saw him coming back to fetch them. Murtagh noticed Jamie rolling his sword into one of the bundles and handed his over, but he put his dirk back behind on his belt, under his jacket. “Just in case eh lad?”

“Right. I moved my dagger to my sock, what she doesn’t know won’t hurt her or us.” Jamie said grinning at him.

Murtagh thought he still looked a bit sour, but knew that he would collect himself shortly into his normal demeanor. Jamie could be counted on in any number of ways, but what he admired most about his godson was his ability to hide what was going on in his mind and just get on with it. It took skill, that. It made him proud that he was so competent, so young, a fine braw lad.

“it will be a bit of a squeeze getting you all into the car, but I’ll think we’ll manage it.” The guard said pleasantly. “Mrs. Barnett’s BH is it? Father McDaniel sure knows how to pick ‘em, I’ll give him that.” He shook his head and started up the risers. “Come on, days a wasting and I have to get home to the Mrs. before she sends out a search party.”

Murtagh looked to Claire and raised a brow “Car?” he mouthed.

“I’m Claire Fraser. Thank you so much for helping us out Mr.?” she said while walking just behind the guard. She looked back at the men and placed a finger to her lips while shaking her head no.

“Oh, Tommy Flanigan, at your service, Ma’am. I’d do anything for the Priest, he’s that good a man.” He said as he tipped his hat to her. Murtagh liked that touch. He’d have to remember it.

They reached the top of the bowl and were walking back to the road when Claire said “what a lovely automobile Mr. Flanigan. What model is it?”

“It’s a Ford Model A. I’m right proud of it. You climb in the back with two of the fellas and I’ll make shift to get the other two up front with me. Plenty of room in the well for your bundles.”

Murtagh climbed in beside her while Jamie took the other side. Angus sat next to Tommy with Dougal half sideways trying to figure out how to shut the door again.  He wondered if the others felt as queasy as he did. He closed his eyes and said a quick prayer for protection, before studying Claire again to see what her reaction was to this car thing.

She was unfazed, of course. He had to admit to himself a growing attachment to her ever since the wedding. She had seemed strange to him more often than not, but now she seemed solid enough. He had made her Fae Folk in his own mind, or a Gypsy enchantress come to ensorcell them all. He knew she wasn’t, but some of that lingered. Now, Jamie was completely captured by her. With disgust, Murtagh realized the lad’s adoration was bleeding into his own veins. Only time would tell if they were all fools about who and what she was.

He would just have to wait it out. His job, as he saw it, was to protect Jamie. If she were to prove untrue or dangerous to his godson, he would do what needed to be done. There was no grey moral area for him about it. He didn’t think like that.


Claire was happy to have the time in the car to collect her thoughts and watch all their reactions as they took in the sights and sounds of this new world. She thought they were doing well, all things considered. They were maintaining their quiet, calm demeanors, even though they must be near to bursting with questions.

“Mr. Flanigan, we aren’t from here, as you have likely surmised. We are newly arrived from Scotland and don’t know much about this town, other than what we have seen in films and newsreels, could you tell us a bit about it as you drive us to the boarding house?” she asked from the back seat, while shifting her backside onto Jamie’s lap. Five minutes into the ride she knew she was going to be squashed half to death. Much more pleasant to feel his arms around her and rest back into his chest.

She had been surprised by her own reaction to seeing him in modern clothing. She would have thought she preferred him in Highlander garb. Not so. His long, lean, but well-muscled, frame was beautifully displayed in the navy-blue suit. It made him look older and somehow even more dangerous. The hat, a black felt fedora, was resting low on his forehead and his stunning blue eyes took on another hue because of it.

It shook her a bit. She had been attracted to him and his boyish charm, long before she married him, but even after she became familiar with the pleasures his nearness and flesh could bring, she had still thought him too young. Too unsettled. Too disposable if she had to be honest with herself. The only thing he seemed to have in common with Frank was an underlying note of well-hidden menace. Now, he did not seem immature, reckless or worth setting aside. How and when had that happened?

Was it possible that she was going to have to forget about Frank? Just let him go entirely? He was here, in this world, albeit younger, but why had she lost her ring in the transition this time? Did it mean she had somehow altered time? If she were to contact him, what could she possibly say? “Oh, sorry darling, been doing a bit of time traveling, you haven’t met me yet, but further down the road we will marry? Then I will leave you mysteriously?” It was ridiculous. Better to make a life here and now surely.

“Well, Hollywood is basically a company town Ma’am, part of greater Los Angeles of course. We have a little bit of everything here and we are proud of it. Just look at these buildings…” Tommy had been talking the whole time she had been thinking about her situation with Jamie and Frank. He was pointing to things outside the window and rambling on. The men seemed fascinated with everything he was saying and they were seeing. Her woolgathering hadn’t made a difference.

“Here we are, Mrs. Bartlett’s, you folks let Father McDaniel know I brought you right to the door mind.” He said as he pulled into the curb moments later, in front of a very large house. Victorian, painted a light blue with green and white trim, three stories tall above ground, with many architectural oddities, including a turret and a porthole window overlooking a small balcony. It looked like something out of a fairy tale, designed by the Brothers Grimm.

Jamie gave Claire a tight squeeze before he let her climb off and out of the car. “That certainly was an interesting ride and sensation Sassenach” he whispered in her ear as he let her go. She saw him give her a small lopsided grin and that slow blink of his that was supposed to mimic a wink before she turned to the driver and held out her hand to shake his. “Thank you ever so much. Do let us know if there is anything we can do for you to repay your kindness.”

“Ah, well, convince Mrs. Bartlett to have me over for supper one of these days. That will do the trick!” He waited as they collected their belongings and made their way up the front steps and across the large wraparound porch. “Be seeing ya!” he shouted and honked the horn twice before taking off in what she assumed was a hurry to get back to the wife.

The door opened almost immediately and a stout short woman, who reminded Claire of Mrs. Fitz oddly enough, came out. She was wearing a garishly flowered cotton house dress covered with a massive apron and curlers in her hair. She also had black socks on rolled down to her what appeared to be house slippers two sizes too big.

“Rhea Bartlett, pleased to meet you all. Follow me, but stomp the dust off your feet first! Just swept the rugs. Father McDaniel said you would be needing three rooms, and luckily, I have them. You two are married yes? Well you’ll have to push two singles together; the double isn’t available.  Two of you men are in the attic room and a single is next to the couple’s room. You’ll be responsible for keeping your own rooms clean and doing your own laundry. I only feed you at suppertime, 5:30 pm and I will not tolerate lateness. Nor will there be any special food orders. You’ll eat what I provide and like it. You may only smoke in the den or outside. I will also not tolerate drunken foolishness or late comings and goings at all hours of the night. You will pay your rent on time, or you will leave, posthaste. The bathroom you will all share is on the third floor as well and don’t be overflowing the tub. If Father McDaniel hadn’t vouched for you, you wouldn’t be here. I rarely take in strangers or actors. Don’t make me regret it.”

“No, Mrs. Bartlett, we wouldn’t think of it, I assure you.” Claire said giving her a most generous smile and nodding her head in agreement. She was having trouble not laughing at that torrent, and felt a bad case of the giggles coming on. Have mercy on us poor strangers in a strange land and Saints preserve us she thought as they arrived at her and Jamie’s room, controlling herself, but only just.


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SVT College AU  -  Seokmin

Originally posted by tahyunge

summary: ^^^^^^^^^^^ this gif. that’s it. that’s all the summary you need for college DK. 

genre: comedic fluff

a/n: thank you to the anon who requested!! help put my kid he needs help as in 

wake him up wake him up inside (he can’t wake up) wake him up inside 


also this is gonna be a series hell fuckin yeeeEAAAHHHHHHHHH


-let’s get this show on the road then ok 

-lee seokmin

-leap sockman

-is currently screaming at 3 AM


-there’s a cockroach in the bathroom

-how it got there? 

-ask joshua

-or seungkwan 


-seokmin is in college!

-he’s sharing a dorm with seungkwan and joshua!

-he’s doing music!


-he’s still screaming about the cockroach!

-him screaming at 3 AM isn’t rare

-he normally screams

-whale noise

-he has a very lovely singing voice

-like the god of singing 

-oh hi orpheus you thought that the super powers thing was over try again bitch 

-so other than him screaming at 3 AM people don’t mind just as long as they’re blessed with his singing talents in the morning

-he would just sit on the balcony 

-balconies?! where is this college i wanna go–

-yeah so he would sit on the balcony and just sing

-and everyone’s day would be 100% better

-”hey why are you so happy this morning??”

-”oh in our apartments we have this dude who sings every morning….he’s got the voice of an angel”


-our lovely seokmin is a very sociable person

-there’s not one person in his class that doesn’t enjoy his presence

-and he likes everyone 

-so it’s very hard to hate this kid


-well….it’s true

-even you didn’t mind him

-and you haven’t even met him yet!

-yes you’re in the same college and you’re taking guitar

-no seriously you can take guitar as a course

-and you’re living in the same building as seokmin and soonyoung and seungkwan

-one morning you’re jus minding your own business on the green

-trying to play your guitar

-without the chords or the strings fucking up god damn that was the worst

-but all of a sudden the strings were ok!


-so you started playing one of the songs you’re learning for the talent showcase 

-you and talent go hand in hand

-but audiences

-large ones

-the whole college

-oh no 

-shyness and stage fright consumed your life from the very start

-well shit

-anyways you started to play chasing cars by snow patrol

-that song reminds me of mingyu ily tol ass 

-anyways seokmin heard you from his balcony 

-which was easy because he was on the first floor

-and he just started to sing along like??????

-you hear his voice and you’re just taken back 

-h o w    d o e s    a    m a n    h a v e     s u c h    a n     a n g e l i c    v o i c e 

-you smile to him after you finished and he smiles back and inside your heart is fluttering but you don’t really know why but you did know that he be looking adorable like wtf 

-he was so cute to you


-hey cupid we got another lost cause help ‘em out will ya?


-you get back inside and he’s just there at the door

-”you’re really good at guitar.”

-”w-whoa thank you….i could say the same thing about your singing!! it’s so lovely.”

-”i’m seokmin, and your name is…?”

-”oh i’m y/n. nice to meet you seokmin.”

-and that’s where it started

-you two became singing and guitar buddies after that

-any day you had free was spent with him just singing and playing the guitar

-and making memes out of soonyoung for your ict class too

-ah the good life

-but….there was one overbearing thing still there


-the talent showcase

-you had no problem performing in front of seokmin 

-because you kind of expected him to say things like

-”holy shit that was crazy cool!!”


-”that finger work was just amazing!!”

-not in that way how many times do i have to say this woooooow

-anyways it was nice an all 

-but you were anxious about performing 

-and you were more focused on practicing

-so unfortunately rain checks came in a plenty for seokmin from you

-”hey can we go and sing outside today??”

-”i’m sorry seok i have to practice…maybe another time?”

-”yea…sure…don’t worry”


-yeah he was kind of worried about you practicing a whole bunch

-so one day he just came round to yours

-sat you down 

-and asked what the fuck was going on

-”it’s….the talent showcase”

-”oh i’m in that too!”

-”really? that’s great and all….but i’m scared of performing and stuff in front of people…my teacher said not to take part….but i have to prove something to him…”

-”ok first of all you’re stressing yourself out over this second of all you gotta put the guitar down…just for today? we can watch a movie or something….just to clear your mind alright?”

-”ok……which movie?”

-”i have shrek….or the bee movie…”


-”ask soonyoung”


-so you two chose to watch shrek and it was great an all

-but it was kind o flate

-and you get hella tired

-so you just..

-fell asleep on him

-he didn’t look like he cared

-but ooooooh boy was his heart racing like mad


-if you weren’t asleep you could hear his heart beating for you and make a song up on your guitar for him to confess but that would be the cheesy way out

-ok we gotta make this cute as heck

-every other day after that you practiced 

-and you were getting the hang of it

-of course seokmin was there on the sidelines cheering you on and checking on you like the #1 supportive crush he is cause he cares for you a lot

-so the day came sooner than you could say

-ulgo sipji nYEAC NYEAC

-and you were just backstage 

-but you wore the prettiest dress

-it was black and had a large bunch embroidered roses embellished on it on the skirt part and it was so beautiful

-your roommate did your hair and makeup too and she did a really good job 

-you’re just waiting to go on

-and you’re also lowkey freaking out because oh my god there’s a LOT of people out there 

-oh jeuss sihfdhdsfjhdsf

-but then

-you hear his voice

-seokmin’s honey angel voice to calm your nerves

-it wasn’t the practicing that you needed

-you just needed seokmin to be there just to say good luck or to even sing to calm your nerves

-but…you were actually on the verge of tears

-because his voice was so soft and he was amazing

-there was one more person in front 

-and just as they went on

-seokmin came off

-”you were amazing seokmin….”

-”thank you y/n…you ready?”

-”i guess….i feel numb from the head down so let’s fuck shit up”

-”that’s my girl”




-either he was quoting fifth harmony

-or he actually meant it

-the awkward silence that just erupted between you was cut short due to the person coming off stage

-who knew that comedy could be an actual college course

-and there you were

-standing on the side of the stage 

-ready to have yourself a good time

-but to also climb into a hole and die 

-but most of all you were calm 

-you didn’t care if you fucked it up

-you gave it your best 

-that’s all that would matter in the end

-ah…but there’s one more thing

-”y/n good luck and knock them dead!”

-”or revive them from when you knocked them dead…because they were still dead when the comedian was on”

-he wasn’t very good to say the least

-out of the blue….just out of thin air

-he took the little flower that was clipped onto his shirt

-and just pinned in your hair

-you nodded and gave him a smile before entering the war zone

-”hi….i’m y/n and i’m dedicating these two songs to someone really close to me i hope you all enjoy!!”

-guess who you dedicated those two songs to??????

-that’s right!

-it was seokmin!

-but while you said the opening you looked to him and he knew straight away 


-everything became so clear to him now

-the two songs?

-can’t help falling in love and all of me

-cheesy yes 

-but he loved them so much

-and the crowd did too!! wow!!

-you did an amazing job! 

-and not once did you back down!

-you got backstage 

-but you couldn’t find seokmin anywhere



-he’s right behind you!

-you turn around and you just have the biggest smile on your face

-and bam

-he just

-picks you up and spins around and hugs you

-he’s so proud of you

-from not being able to do it due to self doubt

-to actually making a crowd happy and cheer for you!!

-”y/n you did so well! i’m so happy for you!”

-”thank you seokmin.”

-”also…thank you for that little shoutout thing you did out there. it was really cute and special just like you”

-ok now your heart waS EXPLODING


-it was about to get even louder

-after the ending

-he walked you back you your dorm

-and all the way back 

-he would not let go of your hand

-at all

-your hand was superglued to his

-and he had gorilla glue 

-he had no intention of letting you go without a little something something

-uhuh here we go now

-you were just about to open your door and say goodnight bUT THENNNNN

-”so…uh….y/n….don’t leave just yet…i have something i want to ask you…”

-he said that just as he leaned in 



-boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom 

-out of just pure reaction and instinct

-you lean in too and just kiss him


-his lips were soft

-like a silk pillow 


-really soft

-it was a light kiss


-but it was so sweet 

-like wow 

-he was a little taken back but eventually kissed back 


-he’s been waiting to do that for ages 

-any minute now this boy was going to give you a heart attack


-”w-wait to what? to being my–”

“to being your everything. goodnight seokmin.”

-and that’s the story of how seokmin got you to be his girlfriend

-this is also the story of how you single handedly stole his heart

-yeah this is the metropolitan police force please give this young man his heart back he needs it to live to keep on loving you pleASE GIVE IT BACK


-”y/n? you’re smiling like a lunatic”

-”what happened? seokmin took you back here and he asked you to be his but you kissed him and said yes anyways?”






dunno how to start this but i guess we all know that this is indeed a beautiful number. Because of the 5k I will kinda extend this post so either you bear with me or you can just scroll for your name. 
Anyways tumblr has been an amazing experience so far I met people whom I cannot live without anymore even if they probably don’t know that - but trust me guys your blogs make my days shine you don’t even know. Tumblr has also taught me a lot for example that there is a lot of sexual stuff I’ll never want to do. But Tumblr has allways been a little project of mine-  like I mostly blog my own stuff maybe 4% of my posts are reblogs from other blogs not because I don’t want to share them but because I want to keep going with “my own stuff” and see where it’ll take me.

To get to the point i love to do follower forevers because it enables me to show all bloggers that I appreciate that i love them and respect them and that my “no-reblogging-mentality” is just me being stupid again.

so I have some words to say to some people  (god this post will be so embarrassing and akward later on) to keep this shorter i will only mention multuals this time even if there are still a lot of non multual blogs i love- let’s get started

@simplykasumi Thank you for being my first follower like holy shit I just started my blog and had someone as big as you following me really kept me going thank you very much.

@gaston26 & @grimdark13 you 2 are like following me since forever reblogging and liking everything I post in an endless battle of who is my #1 follower this month - thanks for allways liking even the shitiest of post like i could literally just write “penis” and you would like it holy shit.

@nemesis-of-reason my anime analytics dude I will never get rid of our weeb talk with you i can unleash my nerd power to the fullest.

@more-moe-more-problems thanks for inspiring me to make a blog and allways answering my shitty questions thanks for mio monday and thanks for following me.

@cutegirlsdoingcutethings thanks for loving mmmp even if he’s very tsun sometimes.

@cute-girls-from-vns-anime-manga thanks for noteboosting me a lot thanks for all the vns knowledge and the links to get them myself 8) and thanks for following me very early on supporting me when i was at like 100f.

@tippy-the-rabbit you are a special one, very nice you allways support little blogs  note- and follower-boosting them a lot you keep getting new people on my dash thank you very much for that.

@xdeyuix It’s my boy dewo dude we both know we don’t talk much to each other but boy you are someone I could allways rely on and it’s allways so much fun chatting with you thank you very much for being such a nice person.

@dutch-kun like there is a lot I want to say to you but first and foremost thank you for being a friend. You talk to me everyday, we diss each other, enjoy cancerous memes, snapchat, game, ragequit. I’m having a lot of fun with you. You are the closest friendship I have build on this site and i want us to continue having fun.

@onee-samaaa you know when you start a tumblr blog you have to pick 5 peops to follow? Tumblr recommended you and god tumblr has good taste sommetimes.

@crimsonphase as if twintails and sin isn’t worth anyones time. I know that I’ve been following for nearly 2 years now and I still don’t regret it.

@derp-creeper this grill will never change his icon but who can blame him.

@deadecchi look at anime nowadays - fanservice everwhere - ecchi is more alive than it has ever been. If you haven’t allready check him out I’m enjoying literally everything he posts because he is looking for and i quote “a certain quality in posts”.

@yuubarii I’ll never forget your citrus story. Thanks for sharing your good cosplay and quality anime girls and yuri on my dash.

@hiratzuka we just have a lot of taste in common. If you like my taste in anime girls you’ll like his taste too.

@ipscell do it for Rize. Do everything for the Rize.

@zsaber met you in oppaigamings stream and never regretted following you. Good post but you probably follow him anyway.

@world-of-hikari we haven’t talked in a while still love you though <3</p>

@shinobukaka Kakaka - Kakakakaka.

@hishiron 10/10 taste like how can someone not like tlr and cute anime grills.

@is-the-order-a-destroyer-new It’s basically ordering a loli but this blog delivers cute girls and posts of every kind/age.

@lolisarereligion thats why I am an atheist.

@squidmiku is it a squid? is it a miku? aww shit man it’s both.

@themorganiser doing anime caps like me but probably faster and better. 

@jyoshikausei quality posts everywhere just check the blog out it’s worth your time trust me.

@jacobtheslothone good taste, good posts - has sloth in his name!

@hakujiin talk to us in discord man - jk - Haku is a good one definitely worth your time.

@the-anime-girls-blog the name is what you get and trust me - you want it!

@sprenkx Marion likes Noire too. Thanks for the great moments in the discord chat.

@chilly-ashiteru I wish your stream would start earlier - check chilly out if you want to see a weeb streamin with some bloggers every once in a while.

@milkbeam refined taste in cars and knows where to place your nut. (there I said it)

@hexagon431 this guy seems to like everything you post and i like everything he posts + good taste in music.

@animeswimsuits I swear one day I will fuck ya.

@doujinsforthelols whoever runs this blog must be a fucking genius.

@askthinkharder good questions everyday.

@itasha weeb cars. Will never own but treat em with respect.

@vesperiastar good art - refined taste he can draw like a god. Marion - thank you for Marion.

@jared-rebolledo this  guy started sending Momo art to me - the way to my heart is pretty easy.

@moeitall do it - moe everything!

@prince-toshiro I swear i’m still sorry for that Pandasexual joke.

@anime-scarves scarves are good very good.

@aceserena thanks to your lesson i will never ever trigger a transgender, trap, shemale ever again.

Well thats it sorry to everyone I missed

BTW thanks to everyone in the in the discord chats having a wonderfull time with you love you all.

PS: I’m kinda happy that I don’t have that many multuals xD

A lunch date with disaster (Blind!Ishimaru AU fic)

This is a story set in the Blind!Ishimaru AU that @unhealthydoctors came up with. It’ll probably make sense if you read this, this and this comic first if you haven’t already (plus you should just read those anyway because they’re awesome). It’s mostly mutual pining fluff from Mondo’s POV.

Summary: Mondo decides to take his friend Ishi out for lunch one weekend… just to make up for that time he punched the guy in the face! Not because he’s secretly got a crush on him or anything! But it might have gone better if Mondo knew the first thing about how to guide a blind person…

Word count is almost 15,000. (I thought it was going to be a short fic but then I started writing it…)

Mondo kicked his heels against the wall he was leaning against, wondering how much longer Ishi was gonna be with his schoolwork or detentions or whatever it was he was doing that meant he was staying late after school this time. There was always something, which was why the guy always ended up walking home by himself most of the time.

Or at least, he’d ended up walking home by himself, up until Mondo had realised he was blind, apologised for sucker punching him last year and found out that he was actually a pretty cool guy to hang out with. It had kind of weirded out most of the school, actually, the way they’d gone from being unable to do anything but yell at each other to talking about what a great guy the other was in less than a day. But they’d all got used to it eventually. Then he and Ishi had started calling each other bros, working together in classes and hanging out at lunchtimes. Mondo had started to find school work less-than-impossible and Ishi started to loosen up a little.

It was around that time that Mondo had started realising that he wanted to do more than just hang out with Ishi at lunchtime. He wasn’t sure exactly what is what about the guy that made him feel that way. Maybe it was the way he smiled, a joyous honest grin that always got just that little bit wider when he heard Mondo greeting him. Maybe it was the way he looked at Mondo… or didn’t look at him… or whatever, the fact that Ishi was always glad to be with him and acting like Mondo was a great guy and nevr judged him even if he looked on the shitty side, or whatever. Maybe it was the way he talked, always full of excitement about whatever news he’d heard on the radio or stuff he’d read about in the newest braille book in the library. Maybe it was ‘cause of that time he’d asked to feel what Mondo looked like and said he felt ‘very handsome’. Or maybe it was just all of that stuff along with pretty much everything else about the guy.

Whatever it was, it had led to him waiting around in the school hallways for Ishi, so he could nervously tell the guy he was walking him home.  And then Ishi had almost tripped over and Mondo had ended up grabbing his arm to lead him the rest of the way back to his place.

That’d been cool until Mondo had made it kinda weird by not wanting to let go of his arm ‘cause he’d wanted to hold his hand but he hadn’t wanted to just grab his hand, he’d wanted Ishi to wanna hold his hand… or even just let him hold his hand, but there was no way Mondo coulda asked that and the closest he’d got was kinda brushing his hand against Ishi’s for a second before getting embarrassed and running off, thinking that was probably he last time he’d ever be walking Ishi home.

Only for Ishi to ask him the very next day if Mondo was going to be waiting for him after school again. Not that Ishi would have minded either way, he just wanted to know in advance so Mondo didn’t startle him by being there unexpectedly, again…

So now they had this thing where Mondo would wait for him after school every day, and they’d walk to Ishi’s place with Mondo’s hand gripping Ishi’s arm and never daring to get any closer to what he really wanted to do, ‘cause Ishi seemed cool with what they were doing at the moment and Mondo didn’t wanna fuck things up with him by suddenly asking to hold his hand or some shit like that outta nowhere.

But that was cool, any time spent with Ishi was a good time… which was why Mondo wanted more of it. And right now there was a huge chunk of time that he wasn’t getting to spend with his bro, so he was gonna do something to start fixing that!

Keep reading

Halloween for last day! McCree as Helsing and Genji as some dad

sorry for it being so messy :’^((((( my arms been hurting a lot but i did it for these tWO shakes fist

Also thank you for those who enjoyed my contributions for the mcgenji week! even though they weren’t as good as I wanted, it’s the first time I draw so much fanart LMAO but ofc I’ll draw em more i love em so much starts crying!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

hidefromeveryone  asked:

thank you for making videos and being generally amazing because your videos always help me get through the hell that is the mental illness and ever since i found your channel in february it's helped me a lot because even though things keep getting worse in real life i can always watch your videos and get a laugh and thank you for being such a large inspiration you've helped me become more comfortable with myself (i'm agender) and i hope that you're having a good day and are doing alright c:

Oh man, I mean like… thank you?? Ppl tell me I help ‘em out a lot with my videos and general online presence and that’s just something beyond words.

I hope things start getting better for you. Take care <3 

Spiderman comic Sentence Starters
  • “ One scientific mishap, and hours later I’m sewing a costume.”
  • “ But it’s not the same thing! All these years–I’ve done my best to make up for that! I’ve wore this suit–gone out there and put my life on the line again and again! But no matter how hard I try– –people– –die! ”
  • You say you don’t want the responsibility? Guess what? People like us…we don’t get a choice.”
  • “ Life sucks sometimes… but it’s always worth living.”
  • I just dropped by to congratulate you on a perfect record! So far you’ve been 100 % wrong about me!”
  • “ I need a place to change! A phone booth–? Nah! Even I’m not that corny! ”
  • “Have no fear! Spidey is here!”
  • Now don’t get the feeling that I’m mad at you… It’s just that I hate anybody to skip around town in a jazzier costume than mine! ”
  • Why is it that every time I’ve ever tried to get my life together–it almost always ends up with me being late for school? ”
  • I’ll never leave you again. Never. Never. Never.”
  • “ I will find them. And when I do–I’m going to kill them. ”
  • Still, shooting the mutant with a healing factor probably wasn’t the best use of your arrows. You’re just going to make him…mad.”
  • “ H-Have t-to admit, though…I’m s-starting to wish I’d b-been bitten by a radioactive p-polar bear.”
  • “ Thanks for the heads up "mystery girl”. In fact, thanks for all of ‘em. We made a pretty good team.“
  • "You can’t arrest me. I’m the good guy”
  • Stand back and, above all, ignore my girlish scream of anguish – because this is gonna hurt. ”
  • I’m a firm believer that every red-blooded American kid should start his day with a half-pound of sugar, magic marshmallows, and a spastic leprechaun who wants to steal your breakfast.”
  • “Spider-Man – Get the name right, willya?! Sheesh!”
  • “Except the dignity of knowing I never carried a man-purse.”
  • It just feels weird, after all these years working outside the "system.”“
  • "I like to take as much blame as I can whenever I can. Don’t take that from me. It’s the only joy I have.”
  • “That spider that bit ya must have been one whiny spider.”
  • “Yep. We’re naked”
  • “Ugh, that is so me it’s not even funny.”
  • “I can’t believe I’m saying yes to this. Who can say no to you?”
  • “And yet you talked trash when I showed up late.”

anonymous asked:

I’m glad to see a fellow Pokémon fan! First of all I can’t wait for USUM either I’m already breeding for my new team ahem anyways I really liked what you did there so can I request the same for Yagen, Izuminokami, Horikawa and Yamanbagiri? Thank you!!

Aww if you also love Pokémon then we’re already friends hehe! Good luck with breeding cutiepie only 17 days to go!!! ◦°˚(*❛‿❛)/˚°  Wow this is going to be hard because I’m gradually running out of ideas but ehh here we go~ GOTTA CATCH ‘EM ALL! ϞϞ(๑⚈ ․̫ ⚈๑)∩

Originally posted by richihack


  • runs a thorough research before he even starts the game
  • the only one to wonder why every Nurse Joy looks exactly the same
  • and why isn’t there any government??
  • shhhh honey it’s just a game if you start picking holes the whole world will fall into despair fairly soon
  • breeds for Pokémon with perfect IV’s and builds a perfectly balanced team
  • no one is as patient as Yagen when it comes to shiny hunting
  • writes a whole guide on how to play Pokémon for his little brothers i love him very much ok please don’t judge me
  • fave game: Pokémon Platinum
  • his team: Torterra, Alakazam, Crobat, Lucario, Abomasnow, Dialga, Gallade


  • this guy is so overconfident and clueless about Pokémon, he doesn’t even know his Weedles from his Caterpies
  • picks Charmander as his starter because it looks cool and badass just like him
  • what are potions and antidotes pfft someone like him doesn’t need that kind of nonsense
  • gets utterly defeated by Brock because this dumbo doesn’t even bother to learn how type advantages work
  • nearly destroys the game boy afterwards Hori-mama has to calm him down
  • the kind of idiot to use a master ball on a fu*king Magikarp oh god why
  • once he discovers MEGA EVOLUTION his Mega Charizard will fire blast his way through the Elite Four
  • fave game: Pokémon X
  • his team: Mega Charizard, Pyroar, Pangoro, Aegislash, Hawlucha, Haxorus


  • sweet bby is the only one to give his Pokémon cute nicknames because he dearly loves them
  • super excited when his starter evolves the first time he’s nearly crying
  • unlike some pompous sword named Kane-san, Horikawa manages to beat all gyms first try
  • the only one to play Pokémon for the sheer fun of playing
  • fave game: Pokémon Emerald, Pokémon X
  • is that kind of sweetheart to wondertrade only carefully bred Pokémon with egg moves and hidden abilities
  • his team: Sceptile, Lapras, Umbreon, Staraptor, Gardevoir, Flygon


  • only plays occasionally since most of his time is occupied by self-loathing anyway
  • bby no please don’t hate yourself the whole world loves you ok
  • seriously, Gen XII gets announced and he’s still stuck at the second gym in Pokémon Blue
  • brother why are thou so slow
  • has no idea how the game works and ends up at the Pokémon League with a level 86 Blastoise 
  • and nothing else
  • his team: well three guesses.. what do you think?

Originally posted by shelgon

- Mod Pancake 🥞

Hey Y’all! I just started a new job, so I’ve been trying to get used to my new schedule and haven’t had much time to draw. I’ve got some plans for drawings if I can get to ‘em over the weekends, but I just want to say thanks for all your continued love and support! It really brightens my day when I see y’all responding positively to the stuff I put out.  

On a side note, I was gonna do a thing for 1.5k followers and I totally missed it! I’m almoooosttt at 2k followers tho, so I want to do something: a giveaway, live stream, etc. Anyone got any ideas? 

I hope you all have a beautiful and fulfilling day/night! 💖

usuk writing 10/24

no problem, anon! hope you enjoy! <3 this fic is inspired by one of my favorite stupidly kind street heroes, matthew murdock / daredevil! and ofc, superhero al does not come without inspiration from captain america. my two loves. (fyi, alfred’s mask is also inspired by those guys, a full covering of the upper half of his face!)

10. Wait, my hero’s secret identity is… you? To be honest, I’d always kind of hoped…

Arthur was not a damsel in distress.

Lots of people underestimated him, ever since he was a child. His own brothers, for example: those arseholes constantly pushed him around and subjected him to the trials and tribulations that most little brothers had to go through. 

Even now, as an older man, he was still underestimated constantly. As a small, lean, and not-bad-looking person in the gay community, there were always larger men attempting to look after and coddle him. He didn’t need that. He was strong, too, and he didn’t need help to protect himself.

But despite all that, he couldn’t deny the fact that he had been rescued. Like a princess was rescued by a knight in shining armor. And he had absolutely loved it.

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numbbambi  asked:

Hope u doing well, i started doing drugs this year in february till august. I did them every week about two times. I ended it at the end of august bc i felt very Bad. They leed u to ur dead. Take care of u. The day will come when u gonna realize u can't live without em. It's hard when u do it for such a long time and then want to end it. Please take care of u. Just want The best for u bc I know how hard it is.

Thank you very much. I hope your doing good & i’m proud that you made that decision for yourself. Stay strong & Much love to you

hophigh  asked:

wait but imagine stoick courting valka and she's like 17 and sort of creeped out but strangely attracted to him because he's 27 and 'mature' and the CHIEF for christ's sake.

Hey, it’s vikings. He’s a man with status and land and whatnot, and within twenty years of her age. I mean… I’d say that’s pretty damn good.

Plus he’s such a robust specimen too. Moneeey. ;)

I imagine her parents were thrilled like “You’re a freaking weirdo and the mother effin’ chief of Berk wants you. You’re going with him.”

HAHAHA OMG it just occured to me—Stoick’s “I should have seen the signs” line.

I’m not talking about him seeing Hiccup’s weird sympathy for dragons as a parallel to Valka’s back in the day.  I’m talking about the signs themselves.


Like, yeah, Hiccup was terrified of the thing, but imagine Stoick’s reaction when she explained what she was giving Hiccup.

"What’s that you’re making dear?”

“It’s a stuffed dragon!”

“Oh!  Makin’ him some toys to tear apart! Never can start ‘em too early!  Good thinking.”

“Of course not! It’s for him to sleep with and cuddle.”


He should have known something was wrong…

Zootopia Sentence Starters (Part Seventeen):
  • "Oh, I tried. And I made life so much worse"
  • "That's really cool, you guys."
  • "I'd just like to say, I'm sorry for the way I behaved in my youth. I had a lot of self-doubt and it manifested itself in the form of unchecked rage and aggression. I was a major jerk."
  • "It's in their biology."
  • "This is fox repellent."
  • "Okay, the deterrent and the repellent, that's all she needs."
  • "I can't thank you enough."
  • "Can I pay you back?"
  • "My treat."
  • "Start talking!"
  • "I don't know where he is, I only saw where he went."
  • "Great! Let's go!"
  • "That is exactly what we're gonna do."
  • "If you'll excuse us, we have a very big lead to follow, and a case to crack. Good day."
  • "Never let 'em see that they get to you."
  • "We don't just blindly assign blame."
  • "We don't know why these attacks keep happening, but it is irresponsible to label all predators as savages."
  • "You've always been a trier."
  • "Really, it's a—it's kind of a proud-scared combo."
  • "I've been working for this my whole life."
  • "We know, and we're just a little excited for you, but terrified."
  • "To be fair—you did stop a master criminal from stealing two-dozen moldy onions."
  • "Mmm, hate to disagree with you."
  • "Your job is putting tickets on parked cars!"
  • "Buddy, it's nice to see ya."
  • "I'm pretty sure I saw a shifty lowlife climbing the fence."
  • "I'm not leaving."
  • "Where to?"
  • "Well, this is so exciting, actually. I mean, you know, I never get to do anything this important."
  • "I'm more of a glorified secretary."
  • "Love you, too."
  • "He bared his teeth first!"
  • "I gotta tell you, you are even cuter than I thought you'd be!"
  • "What? Why?"
  • "Now I'm going to open this door."
  • "Here you go. One missing otter."

So, I’m kinda horrible at Tumblr. As such, when I see folks adding kind comments and tags to my stuff, I sort of like, curse my inability to use this site properly, and think to myself, how can I express my thanks?!? How can I let them know that that’s really cool, for them to take time out of their day and like my silly artwork? (without spamming dashboards, you know?) I figured a thank-you note would be a good start, yeah?

And uh…just know that I see the comments, I flail a little when I read ‘em, and get a goofy grin on my face, because I really appreciate 'em. Wish I could respond to 'em all. So, um, thank you. You’re all pretty cool. *Thumbs up*