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What are your 5 favorite pics/gifs of T-Bear?

hmmm okay this is going to be so so much more than just five because listen….i love tyson so much it’s almost embarrassing

this where he and natemac adopted max talbot’s son because well that’s what bros do right

and this where he calls gabe a stallion with the most dreamiest look in his eyes like this is incredibly adorable?? (gifset here)

also!! the tbear/natemac/o’reilly trio was a lot for me?? this is just one of my favorite photos of them three among the multiple gems there are but this because ty’s smile is so gentle i lov

this!! a smol focused bab in juniors with a c on his chest i love this photo a lot??

also tbear getting a bit flustered after being called out by matty lmao but erik is still apparently very endeared by ty comparing him to jax teller (gifset here)

Very Smol!! look at his hair and his chubby cheeks he’s so cute??? oh also that’s his mom they’re both very cute

THIS IS A CLASSIC i love this photo a lot because?? even jabenn manages to look like actually cute here (oops someone’s gonna drag me for that) this is literallt one of the sweetest photos i’ve ever laid my eyes on

ok i’m gonna stop here or this would get really really long but please before you go check out this video of him on nate’s instagram it makes me laugh every time because like…. who even is tyson barrie

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jofa and distracting kisses?

9. Distracting Kiss: When you are competing, maybe playing video games or something so you press kisses anywhere available; arms, nose, knees, ears, knuckles, temple, just anywhere to distract them.

“You’re cheating!”

“Huh? Am not, it’s a fucking video game, Fil. We didn’t even agree on any rules. Stop whining.”

At that Ryan headshots Filip’s character mid-air which draws a frustrated groan from Filip’s mouth; he kicks Filip in the shin with a wide smile on his face. “See? You just suck.”

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I did my best to translate the EH parts of Playmakers episodes.

So far EH has been in two parts of the episodes so I just called them act 1 and act 2. I put within ( ) what happens in the scene. The parts that is called (To the camera) is when she sits in front of the camera and just talks. Hope this all makes sense and if you want to watch the episodes then maybe with this you can understand what is being said if you’re curies.


Playmakers Episode 1:

Act 1:

(Theo jumping on EH)

EH: “Are you crazy, are you crazy”

TH: “Yes”

(To the camera):

“My name is Elina Hjalmarsson and I live in Chicago with my husband Niklas Hjalmarsson who plays for the Chicago Blackhawks. We’ve lived here for 10 years. I’m 29 years old so I’ve lived here since I was 19.”

(With Theo on the couch)

EH: “Watch the belly”

TH: “Yeah”

EH: “There is a baby in here”

(To the camera)

“We have a son named Theo and then we have a little bun in the oven who is almost fully baked any moment now so we’re here waiting.”

(With Theo in their livingroom)

TH: “Poop, poop, poop”

EH: “What are you saying? You don’t talk like that.”

(To the camera + EH hanging out with Theo)

“Me and Niklas met in Jönköping. We had just graduated high school and he played for HV71 while I had no interests in sport so I hadn’t seen or heard him play before. And then he went away to training camp after being drafted by the Blackhawks and then when I picked him up at the airport after that week he said ‘We’re moving to Chicago instead’ and I was like ‘what’ but I felt that…if I didn’t feel like he was someone special and that I really liked him then I wouldn’t have moved with him.”


Act 2:

(In the car)

EH: “Let’s go. Are you ready?”

TH: “Hockey, hockey”

(To the camera)

“We met around new years after we had graduated the past summer. I didn’t understand that he worked with hockey until we had dated for about two weeks and we were walking down the street by 7eleven and there was a headline o the newspaper that said “Hjalmarsson scored game winning goal” and I was like ‘Isn’t that you?’ and he was like ‘Yeah, it’s my job’ and I was like ‘oh’. He had said that he played hockey but I didn’t realize that it was what he worked with…I didn’t think that far.”

(At a restaurant with Niklas and Theo)

“Today we’re having some breakfast. Niklas have the day off so we are having some family breakfast.”

(to the camera)

“When me and Niklas have the day off together then we have a lot of family time. We go out to eat, do a lot for Theo’s sake like going to the playground. We’re pretty regular people I think.”

“He’s so nice and caring. When I met his family for the first time…I get so emotional…gosh what is it with me, can I stop crying…when we came home to his apartment there was this picture of a small boy from Africa and asked him who he was and he said that he was sponsoring him. I would later hear from his mom that the first time he got a paycheck he decided to use it to sponsor a child and I thought it was so sweet I nearly died. It just said so much about who he is.”

Thank you so much anon!!! So nice of you to take the time to do this 😊