thanks eisenberg

okay,,, just hear me out,,,, what if barry had autism

-he doesn’t take social cues well
-he has trouble reading emotions and facial expressions
-he tenses up when hugged
-has narrowed interests that developed at a young age
-socially awkward
-maintains similar or same routine every day
-that’s all I could find atm but there’s probably some other stuff that I’m missing

pls consider this thank u for ur time

Hey I’m just wondering… Are there many other persons like me, who felt absolutely terrified of Lex Luthor in BvS? Because I remember watching the film and feeling that way by the sheer amount of intimidation that the character radiated. The way he held every single fucking string in his hands. The way he manipulated the other characters so smoothly and so subtly and how he made them bend to his will…

Lex Luthor is the supervillain that the cinema has been lagging.

And all this thanks to Jesse Eisenberg’s phenomenal performance (god bless that man)