thanks digi

Just like I said before, this is my thank you gift for all the wonderful people who greeted me today. And this is for all the Starco shippers out there! ^_^ Here’s 1 of my Christmas Starco for y'all! :3 Welp, Good Night everyone! Enjoy! :3 Advance Merry Christmas to you all! ^_^

anonymous asked:

When you met Connor was he just as beautiful in person as he is in pictures?

His eyes were sincere and endearing, something that is lost in the videos/pictures of him. Yes we all know he has gorgeous eyes, but in person they are almost mesmerizing. He just showed so much compassion.

All the boys seemed so tired. When my friend and I first walked up to them the first thing I asked Ricky was “are you sleeping?” He said no and drank some of his redbull. It was sad honestly. I was so excited to meet them, and then they just looked so distraught. Except Connor. Yes he seemed a little tired, but while the other boys went through the motions ~what’s your name, thanks for coming, hug, picture, bye~ Connor actually took time to talk with me. He asked me about my tumblr, he commented on my outfit, he asked where we were from, he let me take TWO videos of him, he made the pictures fun to take, and THE HUGS.

Okay, the hugs. These treasures deserve their own freaking paragraph. I was kind of in a shocked state (I have anxiety and I was shaking a lot), and he hugged me literally 4 times! I counted. He just kept going in for hugs whenever I started to feel anxious, or when I told him how much he inspires me. He smelled like rich/woody/musky/sweet. It was just warm.

With the other o2l members I felt like a fan, but when I was talking with Connor, he genuinely made me feel like I was his friend.

So, to answer your question: Yes. Connor is as beautiful of a person, inside and out, in real life.