thanks daycare

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I’ve been sick, again (thanks daycare brats for infecting my kids constantly), so I just woke up at noon and am trying to muster the gumption to get some food in my belly and ready for track practice.

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Thanks for all the daycare thoughts! So much to think about…

My question with infant rooms is like… 7 babies, 2 people… what if they’re all crying at once? Or need to be fed at the same time?

I guess it works somehow since every place does it.

My 3 yr old used to have bad dreams. He said he was afaid of ghosts, monsters, and zombies (thanks daycare). I let him start watching Scooby-Doo because they always find out the monsters are not real in the end. Then when his bad dreams came, I reminded him that they weren’t real, there was just a mystery to solve.

Today we were watching Scooby-Doo on Zombie Island and we kept trying to figure out the mystery and if the zombies were masks or robots. He said they were real and I told him they wouldn’t be, just wait until the end and see. THEN THIS FREAKING SHOW WENT AHEAD AND MADE THEM REAL. THE MONSTERS AND ZOMBIES WERE REAL, BECAUSE MAGIC, AND NOW I HAVE LOST ALL CREDIBILITY WITH MY KID AND CAN’T USE MY “MONSTERS AREN’T REAL” LINE BECAUSE STUPID SCOOBY-DOO MADE THEM REAL!!!

F you Scooby-Doo on zombie island, F you.