thanks dad i love that i love girls!


“ my closest relationship is with my blackberry, thank god it vibrates! ”
“ when i was a kid, most of the advice that my dad gave me was crap. ”
“ there you have it, folks. young love. ”
“ valentine’s day was a massacre in chicago where lots of people were killed. ”
“ i don’t feel comfortable taking my shirt off in public. ”
“ love is the only shocking act left on the planet. ”
“ if you’re ever with a guy/girl that’s too good for you, marry him/her. ”
“ i shut down my playerness from new years to st. patty’s day. ”
“ i need happy, i need romantic, i need love, and i need it from you. ”
“ i would crawl over cut glass to take you to the winter formal. ”
“ dude, he’s from indiana. they only celebrate love your cousin day. ”
“ did you even consider marrying me? ”
“ when you ask a girl to marry you, do you want her to just consider it? ”
“ then there’s the whole thing with my parents’ horrible… ”
“ oh don’t tell me, that’ll take the fun out of guessing. ”
“ i can’t stand the idea of some jerk hurting her, i just can’t. i can’t. ”
“ what’s the greatest love song of all time? ”
“ i’ve never had an inkling before. i wasn’t sure what to do with it. ”
“ what do you do with the flowers? ”
“ you don’t step in to love, you fall in. ”
“ apparently everyone and their mother felt that way but nobody had the guts to tell me. ”
“ have you ever seen someone fall head over heels in love? it’s ugly, bro. ”
“ love doesn’t exist unless you acknowledge it in front of other people. ”
“ unfortunately, the truth makes everything else seem like a lie. ”
“ it’s not about defiance, it’s about what a man will do for love. ”
“ that is a really weird way to talk to your boss. ”
“ this is the busiest day of the year for phone sex. ”
“ you know, i’d like to say yes. but… i don’t know if i can afford it. ”
“ when you love someone, you love all of them… ”

Baby Washington

George Washington x Reader ft. kiddo hamilsquad

Modern AU

Author(s): Lil Laddie

Sequel to: Meeting the Family, Becoming Part of the Family


Warnings: Implied smut, pregnancy

Request: HOLY CRUD-OLA I’VE BEEN GONE FROM THIS FOR SO LONG! I love all of the Imagines I may or may not have binge-read at 1AM… Anyways, could you do one-I know y'all are realllly busy, but maybe sometime in the future, maybe- more sequel to the “Becoming Part of the Family” with the reader pregnant and Alex flips out like “I’M THE CENTER OF ATTENTION HERE NOT SOME BABY!” and then when the baby is born its a girl and James and Mullifan wants to dress her up like a doll? Thanks babes!😍❤💓💖❤❤❤ - anon

A/N: I decided to split this into two parts, I hope you don’t mind. I LOVED WRITING THIS SO MUCH! I seriously love writing the kiddo hamilsquad with George as their dad. You can expect a the second part of this request to come up on Thursday! I hope you liked this and if you want me to write more about this little family, I WOULD LOVE TO! We’re hoping that requests will be open again in a week or two. Hope your day is amazing! Love you cute kids!

“How do you think the boys will react?” You asked, turning to look at George who was driving you both home for the Doctors office.

“I’m not sure…” George said, a smile on his face from the news the doctor had gave you.

“Do you think they’ll be upset?” You asked, growing worried.

George sensed your anxiety, taking one of his hands off the steering wheel and gently interlaced his fingers with yours. “They will be happy as long as we are happy. You need to relax, everything will work out.”

You sighed, knowing he was right. The two of you had just come back from a doctor’s appointment that had surprised the both of you. By some miracle, you were pregnant. Last you checked, George wasn’t able to have kids.

George had tried with his last wife and the tests always came out negative. After going to a couple of doctors, it turned out it was not possible for him to have kids. Yet here you were, already over two months pregnant. How you hadn’t noticed this whole time was a mystery to you.

George squeezed your hand, pulling you out of your daydreams. Turning from the window to look at him, he still had a huge grin spread across his face. This may have been the longest amount of time he’s smiled for, besides your wedding, your first Christmas with his kids and that one time the boys had a roller skating competition that got way too competitive.

“This is a miracle, (Y/N).” George said, tears welling up in his eyes. “I’m finally going to have a kid with the woman I love.”

“I think if the boys see you this happy, they will love the baby more than anything.” You grinned, leaning across the middle console to give him a kiss on the cheek.

The two of you were terrified, to be honest. A baby was a big responsibility and you already had 7 boys to take care of. The only thing giving you the hope that you could get through this was the love you were already feeling for this baby. It was going to be a perfect addition to the family, you could already tell.


“Boys! Family meeting!” George called up the stairs after the two of you had made it home.

“Right now?” Aaron yelled from the bedroom that was closest to the stairs.

“Yes.” George yelled back, moving to sit next to you on the couch.

You watched as the boys ran down the stairs and into the living room. Alex pushed Thomas out of the way to plop down on the couch. Thomas glared at him, taking a seat on the floor right in front of you.

“Boys, we have something to tell you…” George trailed off, trying to think of the right way to say it.

“Is everything okay?” James asked, his eyebrows furrowed in worry.

“Nothing’s wrong! It’s just…there’s going to be a change in this house…” You paused, not knowing how to tell the boys.

“Are we getting a dog?” Lafayette asked loudly, his puffy bun moving as he jumped with excitement.

“Not exactly, but there is going to be a new addition to the family.” George smiled, watching the boys around you grow more excited.

“A cat?” Thomas squealed, imaging a small tabby cat just to himself.

“A hedgehog?” John shouted over the other boys excited giggles and whispers.

“A baby?” Hercules asked, looking at the two of you with a knowing smile.

“Hercules wins! You’re getting to get either a baby brother or sister.” You said, the smiles dropping from half the boys faces.

“Another one?” Alex screamed in disgust.

“Do we know what gender it’s going to be?” James sat up, his face lighting up at the mention of a baby.

“Not yet, we’ll have to wait a couple more months to know.” George explained, placing his hand gently on your knee. “We would like it if you boys would want to come to that ultrasound with us. We can find out the gender as a family.”

“As great as that sounds, we don’t need another baby.” Thomas sassed, Alex and Aaron nodding behind him.

“There’s barely enough room for all of in this house, no need to add a smelly baby to it.” Aaron scoffed.

“Plus, it’s going to take up all your time. I AM NOT LETTING THAT HAPPEN!” Alex screeched, his face scrunched up in anger.

“Boys, calm down. The baby is so small it will barely take up any room, if we need to move to a bigger place we will. And Alex it will not take up all our time, you boys will still be just as important to us.” George sighed, his hand on your knee tightening in frustration.

“I think the baby sounds amazing!” John said, taking the attention away from the three outraged boys. “It’ll be fun to have another sibling.”

“I hope it’s a little girl! We can dress her up and play with her. I’ve always wanted a little sister.” James beamed, his voice being louder than usual due to his excitement.

“I call dibs on being her favorite brother! I’m going to always be there to protect her!” Laf boasted, turning to the others with a smug look.

“Laf, we’re not sure if it’s going to be a girl yet.” You giggled, Laf’s proud stance not fading.

“I can tell, just by the vibes in the air, it will be a girl.” Laf smirked, having a feeling he was going to be spot on.

“Laf, you’re going to have to fight me for that position of favorite brother. This kid will love me from the beginning, trust me.” Hercules grinned at Laf before turning to look at you and George. “Let me know when the ultrasound is, I don’t want to miss it for anything.”

“NO! NO BABY, NO ULTRASOUND! IT’S ALREADY STEALING ALL THE ATTENTION AND IT’S NOT EVEN BORN YET! I AM THE CENTER OF ATTENTION HERE NOT SOME BABY!!!” Alex yelled, glaring at you and George before storming up the staircase to his room.

“Alex!” George yelled, standing up from the couch and chasing after him.

You watched him run, feeling a pit of guilt in your stomach. You had caused Alex to have a complete meltdown and two of the other boys to be angry at the two of you. You stood up hoping to follow after the two and help with whatever argument was about to go down. Looking back at the other Aaron and Thomas you hoped they would not react the same way Alex just had.

Making eye contact with Thomas, he narrowed his eyes at you. Standing up and stomped into the kitchen. You followed quickly after him. He was sitting at the kitchen counter, his face in his hands. You placed your hand gently on his shoulder, sitting down on the stool next to him.

“I can’t believe you want to add a baby to this family! Are we not enough?” Thomas asked, his voice cracking with sadness at the end.

“Is that why you’re angry? You feel like we’re trying to replace you?” You asked softly, Thomas’s tense shoulders slumping down.

“Maybe…but why do you need to add another member to the family? I’ve really tried to be a good son.” Thomas looked up from the counter to face you, his eyes were welling up with tears.

“Thomas, it’s not like that at all.” You said, pulling him into a tight hug. “Your dad and I love you so much. We could never replace you, even if we tried. We weren’t planning on having a baby, it was a surprise to us too.”

“You didn’t plan this?” Thomas sniffled, his head pressed against your chest.

“Nope, didn’t expect it to happen.” You said, rubbing Thomas’s back.

“Have you ever heard of a condom?” Thomas asked, the tears slowly disappearing and drying up.

“Thomas! Of course we have!” You laughed, pushing him away from your hug as he snickered.

“Just wondering.” Thomas shrugged, smiling and standing up from his seat. “You can plan on me being there for that ultrasound. If Alex gives you anymore crap, I’ll beat him to a pulp.”

“That’s not necessary, but thank you!” You smiled, watching Thomas leave the kitchen and George enter.

“How’s Alex?” You asked, watching George plop down on the seat next to you.

“He’s in shock. He doesn’t want a baby to take away from him being the center of attention. He agrees to go to the ultrasound, but he said that he can’t promise that he’ll like him or her.” George sighed, pulling you into his side.

“Hey, that’s still progress!” You smiled, a matching one appearing on George’s face at your optimism. “We still have 7 months to convince him that this baby will be great.”

“Once again you are completely correct..” George grinned, pressing a kiss to your forehead. “I hope that Laf’s prediction was right…”

“Me too.” You sighed, imagining a beautiful little girl with your hair and George’s eyes.

“I’ve always wanted a little girl.” George said, his eyes glazed over as he too had his own idea of how the little girl would look.

“She would be beautiful.” You snuggled closer to George, closing your eyes in content.

You couldn’t wait for this new addition to your family. You didn’t know who it would be yet, but they were already perfect in your eyes. The boys were just as excited as you were, all of them talking about it all night. The future was coming quickly and all of you, even Alex, wanted time to move quicker. You wanted this baby and you wanted it now.

things i’d like to see in future seasons of skam, pt 1:

  • a girl love interest - so far the love interests has only been boys. 
  • someone who’s lesbian, representation matters.
  • and while on that topic - someone who’s asexual. they’re way under represented in general, everywhere! 
  • someone struggling with money - is everyone rich? like honestly. (i know isak stuggled paying his rent but then he just got more money from his dad.) maybe this is the upper class? 
  • someone wearing glasses. does everyone have great eyesight?! are there not any hipsters (except jonas & even) at hartvig nissen?
  • also i’d like to see the freaking trailer for season 4, thank you. 

anonymous asked:

Any headcanons for America being a dad to a little girl?

Hello darling~! Thank you for sending in another wonderful request about my favorite character. <3 I really love the thought of Alfred being a dad, it amuses me greatly. :P I did try to include some parenting flaws in here but mostly this is a pretty light & silly headcanon list. It’s also shorter than I personally would like but this is because I had to cut myself off. I could on and on about Alfred honestly … X’D Hope you like it, lovely~! 

  • He would honestly be such a fun dad! He’d love to play with his kid and wouldn’t mind doing something that might be considered really silly, like dressing up with his kid and going to a tea party. He’ll do anything for his little girl. <3

  • Speaking of costumes and dress up, he’d get way too into Halloween every year. He’s gotta make sure that his kid has super cool outfits, whatever they want to be from princess to ninja warrior, he’ll make sure they look awesome! Also eats some of their candy after Halloween because what kid really needs all that candy right? :P

  • Definitely the type of dad to give his kid a lot of piggy back rides. Also he would crawl around and let his child ride on his back & pretend he’s a horse. X'D 

  • This causes his kid to go through a cowgirl phase, which he loves and they both dress up (as a Cowboy!Dad and a Cowgirl!Child) and go out like that in public sometimes, usually when his kid needs a pick me up. France is appalled every single time he learns about it. :P

  • Alfred would need some guidance from others about more mundane things though, like safety precautions for instance. It’s not that he doesn’t care about his child getting hurt (because of course he does!) more just that it doesn’t occur to him. He was super strong as a kid after all … so he’d probably begrudgingly turn to England for help, since he’s raised a lot of kids. 

  • He’s actually a fairly involved kind of dad. He really wants to make a lot of good memories with his child. They go to the park, there’s a lot of tickle fights, he teaches her how to ride a bike, just really by her side as she grows up. 

  • Alfred would want his child to be successful of course but he wouldn’t be a very strict parent, nor does he put a lot of pressure on her. She’s allowed to choose her own path and be what she wants (and who she wants), as long as she does right by others, though honestly his definition of this is loose sometimes … 

  • So he’s a pretty accepting dad, he loves his kid for who they are but he does sometimes push things he loves on them, like oddly colored cake and video games. Hopefully she likes these or else she has a sad Dad!America because he just wants to eat crazy cake with his kid. :P

  • On that note, definitely passes his bad eating habits to his child and so the other Allies would probably step in without his permission to try to show this kid that a proper diet does not in fact, consist entirely of hamburgers. 

  • Let’s just say England is not at all surprised when Alfred’s child says she wants to grow up to be The Heroine! ;D

-Mod Lily

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Not about the show tonight but I just want to thank you for being such an inspiration to me. I'm pretty sure I'm bi and it terrifies me bc the second my dad saw Maggie and Alex he got all mad and said it was disgusting that girls like girls, which is not good for me, obviously. I love coming on your page for an escape and your fics never fail to amaze me, so thank you so much, for giving me something to smile about. :)

Oh sweetheart, no! I am so, so, so sorry your dad had that horrific reaction – you don’t deserve to be around that kind of toxicity, no one does. You are so perfect and incredible, and there is nothing disgusting about ladies loving ladies (as Alex might say) – to the contrary! I am sending you so much love, sweetie pie: you are not alone, and you are so, so, so loved <3 <3 <3

ofquietthoughtsandbattlecries  asked:

Hi! I'm here for the valentines day match up, if its not too much trouble. I'm a bisexual INFP girl with depression and pretty severe social anxiety. I'm still really friendly, though, and try to be patient and tolerant. I'm the mom friend by far, and I love making people smile so I make a lot of bad dad jokes. I don't get ruffled easily, but its bad when I do, though no one takes me seriously. NSFW with HQ!!, KNB, or OHSHC would be lovely. Thank you so much!

match up: Kiyoshi Teppei

You both have a good time just being together. Kiyoshi enjoys being your rock and easing you through bad times. Especially when he can touch you. His affectionate touches will slowly grow sexual as he adores you. He’ll laugh about not being able to help himself when you are so helpless in front of him. Which is true, your reliance on him makes him nearly obsessed with you. Not in a possessive sense, but a protective one. In his eyes, you are fragile as glass. He’ll be incredibly gentle with you and praise the hell out of your body. Slow and sensual is his usual approach unless you coax him to be rough.

runner ups: Kaoru Hitachiin, Kuroo Tetsurou, Ritsu Kasanoda

Expressions of Love

Character(s): Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester

Warning: None

Word Count: 548

Request:  Can I get something like “Baby Girl”? I just need some angsty teenage girl and her dad working through some stuff (maybe a little uncle moose in there), nothing too specific. Thank you


    “Aren’t you going out someplace tonight?” Dean, your dad, inquires from his position at the motel dining table.

   “Not anymore, I’m not.” With a huff, you take the seat across from him.

   “Why not?”

   “I canceled because I thought we were skipping town.”

   “I wasn’t planning on leaving until tomorrow morning.”

   “You texted me earlier and said you were ready to hit the road.”

   “I didn’t mean tonight.”

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Riverdale 1x07 Live Reaction

This show has the only previously on that i love watching. I just love Cole’s voice man
i better learn where juggie lives this episode or imma fLIP OUT
hes living in the school?
thanks tumblr for getting me to ship bughead
ronnie called betty her girl thisbis so cute
jugs dad is a dick
can kevin and veronica be bffs thank you
Bitch Moms: Who’s Bitchier
maybe polly is also living in the school
Oooh is polly in the house
i dont think she– OH SHIT
is she actually crazy?
maybe veronica can buy jughead and polly and everyone else a house where they can just stay away from their awful parents and raise pollys baby
hermione kinda looks like cher doesn’t she
is polly over 18?
also *whispers* lol she is a cougar
is jugs dad drunk rn
oh wait theres sheriff keller hes fine
veronica still calls her dad daddy my gosh
what party is this???
ohhh nevermind kay
if they took your clothes how do you dress so glamorous every episode bitch
maybe fred and fp killed jason
i literally squeal at hearing jellybeans name
yeah okay he is drunk
“illuminating, isn’t it?”
sheriff keller if you arrest jug youll make it to the list of parents i hate just so you know.
little baby asking for his dad i cant even
this is kind of an emotional scene and everything but i also think that jug staying with archie would also be the best for him
i hope fp actually gets his act together i want juggy to be happy
Cheryl is so cute
hermione is not that bad of a mom compared to all the other riverdale moms
yAYY POLLY HAS A HOME-type of thing?

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Hey Del! First: I absolutely adore your blog and YouTube channel. You're hilarious and the aesthetics are so pleasing. Idk if that made sense haha but I was thinking of buying a nice camera as I've lately gotten into photography but idk which one is good and i was wondering if you had any idea on a good camera? Thank you in advance!

omg thank you so so much !!! 

i do have some advice when it comes to cameras. im personally a canon girl, but nikon is just as great. i have a canon rebel, and love it because of how easy it is to use, but its pretty big & bulkier and not that fun to carry around. and for that reason, i actually bought a fujifilm x30 (and my dad got an x10) and i love it sm. its pretty tiny, its even easier to use and the quality is a+ (and im pretty sure its cheaper). i would actually recommend a camera like that if youre starting out, and maybe in the future you can get a ‘bigger’ one

ive actually become the biggest fujifilm addict and ive gone to photography stores just to play around with their cameras (and im so tempted to get a new one…). but thats what i would recommend you to do, i think its important to hold the camera and get a feel for it before purchasing it. and if you have a specialised store around you, that would be even better because theyll be able to give you very specific advide yk

Absent Father Figure

REQUEST: For @grandmasnewdog “Hello! I was wondering if you could do an imagine where sister!winchester sees a little girl and the little girls dad at the park and it reminds her how she doesn’t have a dad so she’s really upset and can it have Sam and Dean fluff?”



I loved writing this! You were my first request which means this will always be super special to a sentimental sap like me. Thank you so much for requesting it! I love writing family fluff.

You were sitting at a park on the swings. It was getting later, the sun starting to set, so most of the kids were leaving or gone. You just wanted a few moments to yourself after a long hunt and the park wasn’t too far from the hotel. The back and forth motion of the swing was mildly mind numbing. 

Your eyes grazed over the field and playground in front of you. A small girl ran across the woodchipped covered playground. She was no older than 3. Then with no obvious reason, the tiny girl was on the ground. You held your breath, ready to jump down if something seemed seriously wrong. Within moments a tall man with matching hair color ran over.

He squatted down to her level, embracing the small girl in a large hug before looking at the injury on the tiny girl’s knee. The tiny girl was obviously distressed by the injury. The father clearly wasn’t. He placed a quick kiss on the knee and then his hands flashed out tickling the tiny girl. The peals of laughter echoed across the play yard. 

You watched as she got lead away, holding hands with her dad as they walked off, all the bad little moments forgotten. He was so patient with her, and you replayed that initial hug over and over again. He cared so much. 

Were you—jealous? You deserved a lot of things. You deserved to not have to fight demons and other things every day. You deserved to get paid for what you did. You deserved a shower that wasn’t in a shifty motel. You deserved a shopping spree. You deserved a hot, home cooked meal. But most of all you deserved a dad. And it wasn’t fair that you couldn’t have one.

You walked home and threw yourself on the motel bed, face first into the pillows. Sam looked over from where he was reading on the other bed. “Something wrong Y/N?”

“Don’t wanna talk about it.” You mumbled into the pillows on the bed.  

Sam made a noise like he was about to argue with your decision to not speak and then thought better of it.  You could hear the clicking sound of him texting before he went back to reading.

Fifteen minutes later Dean barged in, his arms filled with food that quickly permeated the room with the salty, greasy smell. “Dinner is served. I got some burgers, and a salad for the rabbit. And then I got some ice cream, Chunky Monkey, Y/N’s favorite, and a movie. Its not that chick flick you are always going on about, but its Batman. Everyone likes Batman.” 

A smile crept up onto your face as he passed you your food and a pint of your favorite ice cream. He threw the movie into the TV and sat down next to you, wrapping an arm around your shoulders. He didn’t say anything as you guys ate, once you had finished eating and relaxed into the pillows he spoke up. 

“Do you want to talk about what was bothering you?” He said without taking his eyes off of the screen.

You sighed. “I know its stupid now.” 

Dean gave a scoff and turned to look at you. “If it was upsetting you, its not stupid. Try us.”  

You paused for a moment before mumbling out. “I was upset that we really didn’t get a dad.” You spoke up before Dean could interject into the defense of your father “I mean I know we had one, and he did the best he could. It just wasn’t the normal apple pie life, and sometimes that sucks. But that doesn’t matter. I got you guys, and you are way better than anything ever.” 

“Love you, Y/N” Sam piped up

“We really do love you, kiddo.” Dean ruffled your hair. 

You scrunched up your nose and smoothed back down your hair. “I love you guys too.”

You fell asleep before the movie ended, but you fell asleep knowing you were the luckiest sister in the world.

girlwith100names  asked:

I go by Kat, I'm a pretty athletic girl, but I also love to read and draw. I'm super energetic and can't sit still. I also talk WAY to much, and when I'm nervous I laugh, even at the worst possible times, making my life extremely awkward. Puns are the best, and dad jokes get me every time. I'd love a fic with either Tony or Bucky. You pick!! THANKS A BUNCH

Sorry, It took so long! I went a little overboard… I think it’s practically a full-length fic, oops. I had a lot of fun with this one since I don’t usually write Tony.

Word count:1,121 (Told ya it’s long!)

Originally posted by fanfic-shiz

Bullets pinged sharply off of Tony’s Iron Man suit as he pushed through the door of the Hydra base. Steve and Natasha followed closely behind him with Sam and Clint behind them. The building was dark with the bullets appearing out of nowhere. Water dripped lazily from the ceiling. For a moment. Tony thought Hydra had gotten wind of the attack and cleared out, that is until F.R.I.D.A.Y. alerted him of the hidden soldiers lurking into the soldiers.

“There are two life forms in this room, sir.” She said. “And eight more in the hallway ahead of you.”

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Inside Out spoilers

so I saw Inside Out and it was really cute and girl-centric- I was pleasantly surprised that a relationship between two female characters was the focus. Though too much Park and rec means I could not see Joy as anything other than “hey it’s Leslie Knope as a Pixar character”. 

And it made me cry? I really loved the message about how feeling sadness is important. I know the director has shitty views re: depression, but those didn’t come across in the movie thanks goodness, it actually resonated with me a bit.

There was some eyerolly gender stereotypes (esp re: the dad and mom) but eh.

The volcano short before it was so amazing bc it’s like…about volcanoes that fall in love, and of course they have to be GENDERED HET volanos- I was honestly expecting that, but what was really amazing is they went out of the way to make the “girl” volcano conventionally attractive. The guy volcano got to be super craggy and wide and look like an actual volcano while the girl volcano had to be all smooth and skinny and have nice shaped lips instead of a craggy mouth AND WE ARE SERIOUSLY TALKING ABOUT FUCKING VOLCANOES HERE?/? pLEASE SAVE THE WORLD FROM HETEROSEXUALS…

  • jake peralta loves being the little spoon because it makes him feel safe
  • jake peralta cried over a thank you card terry’s girls made him 
  • jake peralta took 3 years of tap 
  • jake peralta wrote amy a letter of recommendation even though he didn’t want her to leave
  • jake peralta thinks he has a sexy voice
  • jake peralta called captain holt “dad” once
All I need is for Stiles to find out that

His dad’s date was with Lydias mom and to go up to him screaming :


And then his mouth just drops and he realizes that he’s still in love with Lydia and I die happy.

Please and thank you.

“I have an excellent father. His strength is making me stronger.”
I know it’s Mother’s Day but that’s a long story so honestly, I’m just going to take the time to thank my dad for being the best parent I could ever ask for. Thank you for understanding me (at least trying to). You’ve been there for me my whole life and I couldn’t ask for anyone better to have as a father. I love you so much. Happy Moth- Father’s Day #1.
P.S. taylorswift Taylor! My dad and I, along with my sisters, are coming to see you July 19th in Chicago. We all can’t wait and we’re especially excited for How You Get The Girl and You Are In Love. We love you.
- Sabrina ❤️

Saw Ghostbusters (2016) again!

Oh cuties it gets better everytime I watch.

The audience laughed the entire time, and they where from different ages.From kids to adults, they where a bunch of girls, also I was thrilled with this dad who took his little daughters and nieces and they laughed together, he and two other guys cheered at every cameo or nod to the previous movies and had so much fun with the jokes and the action. 

It was so awesome to see this dad taking his little girls to enjoy a franchise he loved, but now they have their own heroes to love and celebrate.

Also a teen team of girls football players where taking pictures with the GB cardboards as they prepared to enter to the 3D screening.

It was a wonderful experience, I feel so happy to have the chance to see this new team, with this cast I love.

I would love a sequel, you know I do, but by now I´m so thankful with this movie. I have, we all have our female Ghostbusters team, they are here to stay and nothing, NOTHING can´t change that.