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can you maybe write a fic where Nico gets turned into a kid somehow? but then he's really confused and stuff because he still thinks he's in a time of war with his mother and sister or something, and Will kinda has to try and deal with that? thanks!

All Italian is the product of Google Translate

“Will?” Will never thought he would be so entirely grateful to hear Chiara ‘s voice. She sounded mildly annoyed, but Will knew she had caught her when she was in one of her better moods. He wondered of Damien was far behind. Judging by the lack of bickering, Will would have to guess that she came alone. For now. The little figure hiding behind Will’s leg peaked out at what was probably a very familiar sounding accent to him. Will looked down at the little boy and smiled. “Chiara is coming to help,” Will said softly. He kneeled down next to the little boy, who was practically shaking. “She can understand you,” Will added. Not that he could understand Will.

Nico had some kind of bad luck, because he managed to find himself attempting to break up a fight between Lou Ellen and a daughter of Aphrodite while Will was busy in the infirmary. It had ben escalating to something physical, and with Will out of the question, Nico had been called in to try and stop the fight. Somehow, Nico managed to be at the wrong place at the wrong time and fell victim to one of Lou Ellen’s spells. Where an eighteen year old Nico had been, was a four year old toddler version of Nico. Will had been called in by that point, as Nico’s boyfriend, but they were all a little surprised to find that a toddler Nico was one that couldn’t speak English. Will had asked for Chiara then and tried to keep little Nico from crying and running away.

“Momma?” Nico’s scared little voice broke Will’s heart. “Bianca? Dove ti nascondi?”

“Will, where are you-” Chiara’s annoyed voice halted when she found Will and Nico. “Oh,” she said quietly. Nico hid behind Will rather quickly while Will turned to look at the daughter of Tyche.

“Yeah, he’s been calling for his mom and his sister ever since I got to him. I don’t know how to tell him that they’re not here. I think he also might think he’s in the war still too. He jumps at every single noise and won’t go outside.” Will had carried Nico into the Hades cabin for some privacy and so Nico didn’t get overwhelmed by people, but when he had tried to take Nico outside again Nico had cried and ran as far away from the door as he possibly could. “He can’t understand me,” Will explained. “I was hoping you could help calm him down and let him know that he’s not going to be hurt.”

Chiara pursed her lips and looked at Nico for a few long moments before he nodded. She sat down on the floor next to Nico and started speaking rapidly in Italian. Will caught her name and Nico’s name a few times, and was even surprised when he heard her say his own name. The longer she talked though, the more Nico seemed to calm down. For someone who always liked to pick fights with Damien, Chiara was surprisingly gentle and patient with little Nico.

Will was content to be something of an outsider to their conversation, and he excused himself without either one noticing when someone knocked on the door to the cabin. Will was pleased to find Lou Ellen on the other side of the door. He assumed she came with some kind of spell or potion to make things right with Nico, but when he saw the look on her face his stomach twisted.

“Lou?” He asked quietly. Lou Ellen shook her head.

“We can’t find a way to reverse this, Will.”

this is not great but i havent written anything in forever, so this is more of a warm up? sort of? to help get back into writing

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Do you read any Jikook social media au’s? Can you recommend some i’ve only read a few and really want more 💕

sorry for the late reply, but i actually wanted to tag people and i can’t from mobile (thank you tumblr) i hope you’re going to read this anyway

let’s start with @pjimints@kookmingold@jeonslilmonster@laurensunsocial@jungkookjimins​ all of them have various jikook social media aus some completed and some on going in addition to have gorgeous blogs ♡

then i’m going to rec some recent aus that i’m following

Jikook star au by @heshometome

Jikook Disney AU: Magic Kingdom by @ilovetowritebutwhohastime

“BUT YOU LEFT ME AGAIN” AU by @jeonsminssi​ (also have some others aus)

soccer au by @rhiannoona

street racer au by @kook-jimin

and with this you should be covered for some time anon ahahahah 


I was tagged by Amber @loveloveolivia , Leonie @pinkislouder , Nora @alohonora , G @bringbackthebowties and Chiara @reinventlou (thank youuu)

I tag everyone who wants to do this (and please tag me in turn!), as well as Nina @pattern-pals, Alice @alicedoesntsharefood , Alice @intenselouis , Sanne @justlookatthehearteyes , Susa @prettiestperrie , Aaron @philtatoslouis and Marygrace @princesscarriefisher 

My October felt uh, quite special. I got my first ever tattoo and had two of my favourite people in the world there with me to metaphorically hold my hand and to literally blast 1d to comfort me. I spent time with my other friends, bonded a bit with uni people and went on a lot of trains. Like one to Cologne. 

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Do you know some completed social media au? I'm on the mood lol

hello anon :D 

unfortunately (or not lmao) i read only jikook social media au, but yes of course i have some completed and really good aus 

these are the ones that come to my mind at the moment :D

hope you’ll enjoy these ^^


for murasakilecters

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project support bts creators is go! if you get this message it's because someone thinks you make beautiful content. tag some of your favorite bts gif/gfx/edit/icon/fic/art makers below and pass it on. spread the love ❤️

ok, you can find the complete list in my follow forever but i’m going to make a short list (per categories)


@jungshiii @je0n @wingscouldfly @yoongissz @jeonbegins @diskookie @jmin @agutsd @ceiste @ryukookie @xumin @omfgbts @comeherejimin @ourtwentyfcr @hwanghaes @rapmini @mewchim @kassareo @mangaetteok @cosyjeon @yoonseok @cinnamonsuga @yourpinkpill @vanillalattaes @kookmint

fic (i’m sorry i read only jikook fics)

@nochupig @c-cygnus @berry-happy-tokki @polkari-seuta


@puzzlepeace @noxiim @sagasogo @ask-bts-stuff @myra-km @ask-witch-bangtan @aletheia-l

thank you so much for asking and thank you all of you for your wonderful content ♡♡

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if chiara had lived and became High Lady. would she have been Under the Mountain to protect her brothers + Mor and Amren?

“There are no High Ladies”

“Someone has been looking for you for a very long time,” The female whispered in her ear. She tilted her head up, raising her eyebrows at the males. “Thank you for finding her for me. You can go” The Fae snarled, a devil worthy smile springing across her face. 

Feyre had never seen males run faster. “You- You…thank you” Feyre swallowed. The High Fae spun around, grabbing her wrist. She pressed Feyre’s wrist against her nose and her eyes widened just a fraction. 

“You could have gotten yourself killed. Go home,” She said flatly. Feyre wasn’t sure if she meant the Spring Court or her actual home, a worn down cabin. 

“Who are you?” Feyre asked as the girl slowly began to walk away. She spun around and spread her arms a bit. 

“Your Savior,” She winked before disappearing. Lucien was running towards her in the next moment, Feyre didn’t have time to compute what she said. 


“Ever Amarantha’s whore, Chiara,” Lucien said cooly, pressing Feyre tighter between the wall and his back. Feyre wheezed gently as Chiara walked into sight. Her dress traveled behind her, both her thighs bare. Her dress dipped down her chest and a pendant rested against her skin. 

Feyre saw the female who had saved her on Calamnai. She gasped and covered her mouth tightly. 

She gave a cool smile, walking closer. Tamlin froze at the table and Feyre gripped onto Lucien without even thinking about. “That is what they say these days. Is that a human I smell?” Chiara rose an eyebrow slowly and she tilted her head to the side. 

“She’s my betrothed,” Lucien lied smoothly. 

“Moved on so quickly, Lucien? Who have guessed,” Chiara laughed, her throat bobbing. Feyre winced. 

“Get out,” Lucien said tightly. “You have no right here”

“We both know that’s a lie.” There was a soft laugh on her tongue. And Feyre couldn’t help but observe how beautiful she was. Her bronze skin seemed to sparkle under her black dress, her hair pinned on top of her head, showcasing her neck. Bold. “I belong here more than you” 

Her hand snapped out and Lucien went sliding across the room, the glamour falling from Feyre. Lucien grunted as his back hit the wall. Feyre grabbed the curtain tightly and she pressed herself tightly against the hard surface behind her. “Leave her alone, Chiara” Tamlin finally spoke up. 

She was already inside her mind. Feyre felt as if a thousand pins were poking at her brain and she nearly screamed. No one should have that kind of power. The poking ceased and Chiara grinned, her red lips pulling back. “Such wicked fantasizes you have. Maybe I should tell Tam-Tam how much you dream of him at night. How much you whisper his name and how much you fantasize him whispering your name in between those sweet thighs of yours”

“That’s enough,” Tamlin said tightly. Feyre flushed and she hugged herself, feeling suddenly cold. 

“You’re running out of time, Tamlin,” Chiara swallowed and she licked her bottom lip gently. “Tick, tock, tick, tock,” She mocked the High Lord before disappearing 


“You’re a bi-”

“Ta ta ta, us women have to stick together,” Chiara smiled cruelly. Feyre groaned and she held her arm, panting harshly. Sweat trickled down her face and her neck, her breathing growing shallower and shallower. “You should really get that checked out”

Chiara laughed and she stood up in Feyre’s cell. She pushed her red dress behind her, walking around. The dress was really only a few strips of fabrics. Feyre avoided her gaze quickly. 

“All this for Tamlin?” Chiara whispered. Feyre gulped and she spat at the High Lady. No High Ladies. She wanted to slap Tamlin for the lie. Why would he lie? “Interesting. You really do love him”

“Sorry it’s not something you can comprehend” 

In a moment the High Lady was towering over her. Chiara yanked her arm and Feyre screamed in pain. Chiara dug her thumb into the large gap in her arm, flicking the bone a few times. Feyre vomited, wanting to pass out from pain.  

“Looks like you won’t be around long enough to love him,” Chiara winked. She let go of Feyre’s arm and rubbed her blood in between her fingers. “Beg me Feyre Darling. Beg me to save your life”

Feyre opened her mouth and Chiara tilted her head back and she chuckled. “Begging is not attractive. One week out of every month you come to the Night Court. Experience true nightmares,” Chiara grinned, her white teeth blazing. 

“Fine, whatever” Feyre choked out. Chiara kissed Feyre’s cheek and grabbed her arm gently. Her arm began to feel better but it felt like thousands of bee stings at the same time. Feyre groaned and she watched a mark grow. “Branding me? Doesn’t seem your style”

“Oh this is not my mark,” Chiara clicked her tongue before Feyre passed out in her dank cell


“You two puppies just can’t keep your hands off each other,” Chiara shoved Tamlin away. The High Lord cringed and looked away from Feyre. Feyre whimpered and Chiara waved her hand, fixing the paint on her body. 

“Get out of here, Tamlin” She said tightly, not looking back at him. “And fix your belt” Chiara looked away as Tamlin stuffed his shirt in his pants, fastening his belt quickly before leaving. 

“Hold your breath,” Chiara warned. Feyre’s eyes widened and she tried to shove Chiara away but the female’s lips were already on her own. Feyre’s eyes widened and she gripped the back of Chiara’s silver dress. Feyre jumped when her fingers met Chiara’s bare back.

Chiara grinned and she tugged Feyre’s hair, kissing her deeper. Chiara grabbed her face gently and pulled Feyre closer, purposely messing with the paint on her body, getting it on her own dress. 

Amarantha walked in five seconds later and Chiara slowly pulled away from Feyre. Feyre gulped down air and she stared wide eyed at the High Lady of the Night Court. 

Chiara wiped Feyre’s lip slowly and Feyre choked down a gulp. Chiara laughed and she walked over to Amarantha, forcing herself to link arms with the queen. “Don’t look so down, Amarantha. I enjoy new company sometimes” 

Chiara forced a smile onto her face and she kissed Amarantha slowly. Feyre adverted her eyes and she pressed her hands against her stomach, trying to hold back her vomiting. 

Chiara left with Amarantha, but she turned around. She winked at Feyre and her cheeks flushed a bright red. The eye on her palm began to burn and Feyre touched her lips, smiling. 


“She broke the riddle,” Chiara walked through the crowd. The Fae jumped away from her as if she were the Plague and she bit her tongue. “Let us go, Amarantha” 

Amarantha gave a cruel smile and she turned to Feyre. “No!” Chiara screamed. She jumped forward but Feyre was already screaming and Chiara heard the first break of her spine. Gods, no. Her eyes widened and she rushed forward, but Amarantha’s magic grabbed her tightly. 

“It’s not as if you love her, Chiara. I thought you’d be happy to get her out of the way” Chiara began to grind her teeth and she snarled at the Queen. Tamlin struggled against her magic as well and their eyes connected. 

Tamlin looked away first. 

“Let her go. Let them all go. You can keep me” 

“Not enough,” Amarantha grinned coldly, but she let Chiara go. Chiara glared and she looked at Feyre. She watched as the human spasmed and she tried to reign in her face, keeping a neutral expression. But her hands were still coated in blood. The blood of innocents. 

Chiara could only imagine Cassian. The way he would always find her and know it was okay to throw up in her presence. The way Azriel would always curl in on himself when he remembered what her father had done to him. The way Rhys tried to be stronger than she was, because he didn’t want his little sister to suffer. 

She would suffer tenfold to keep them safe in Velaris. 

“Feyre,” Chiara whispered. Chiara crawled slowly and she lied down, grabbing Feyre’s hand. She looked up and saw Amarantha grinning cooly. She would be trapped down here forever. Chiara looked back at Feyre and she closed her eyes. “I’m so sorry, Rhys”

There was a flicker. A flicker down a bond she hadn’t felt in fifty years. 

That was what caused her to finally fight back. 

Chiara spun around and she threw the entire might of her magic at Amarantha. The Queen went soaring through the air. Chiara grunted, waves and waves of darkness pouring out of her very essence. Her back arched forward and she saw Tamlin’s beast fly through the air. 

She was reminded of implied, sweeter, happier times. 

A heart of stone, indeed

Chiara blocked the thought out of her mind and she turned away as Tamlin finished Amarantha off. Chiara swallowed and she looked back up, watching Tamlin walk towards her. “Tamlin-” 

The High Lord of the Spring Court side-stepped her and Chiara shuddered. Tamlin fell to his knees next to Feyre and he scooped her up slowly, brushing her hair. Chiara held her breath for a moment. 

She turned around and saw Lucien sliding down his fox mask. She had forgotten what his face looked like. The scar stood against his replacement eye and Chiara forced herself to look away. Tears slipped down his cheeks. Chiara squared her shoulders and she walked towards Feyre. 

She knelt down beside Tamlin, ignoring the green eyes that used to see through her, that could see her, really see her. But now she was High Lady, Amarantha’s Whore, most feared Fae in all of Prythian, and he was in love with her brother’s mate. 

Chiara pressed her hand against Feyre’s chest and she bit her lip gently. “Remember our deal,” Chiara whispered barely audibly. She slowly stood up and fixed her golden dress. She glared long and hard at the High Lords until their magic was flowing through Feyre. 

Feyre’s eyes fluttered open and Chiara gave her a painful smile. “Thank you, Feyre Cursebreaker”

Chiara was slipping through the crowd before Feyre or god forbid Tamlin could say something. She ran through Under the Mountain until she reached her chambers. The High Lady fell to her knees and started to vomit, gripping the floor. Her wings shot out from her back and she screamed, arching. 

Her roars shook her room, but she continued to roar louder and louder until her voice cracked. 

Tears streamed down her face and she curled in on herself, her wings comforting her. She was free. She was finally free. She could fly, fly far away. But even if she was free from this mountain, she had to go back to the Court of Nightmares. 

She had to go back knowing she had lost everything. 

But had saved everything for everyone else. 


Hope you enjoyed that! Leave your thoughts please <3

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What are your favorite blogs?

i’m so afraid to leave someone out but i’m going to do it anyway, let’s start, it’s a mix of content creators and non

@jungshiii @whistlesandsparkles @je0n @comeherejimin @kookmingold @nochupig @clcbny @acciosugas @jungkookjimins @mimibtsghost @youngwholock @yoongissz @gukiday @vanillalattaes @strawberrymochu @mewchim @hobiloween @nochuie @ohjiminn @mangaetteok @wingscouldfly @herthealbum @kookminau @puzzlepeace @jihyped @caughtinjimin @bang-tan @aletheia-l @dearmyjimin @yourpinkpill @pjimints @jeonslilmonster @eatsjins @kookmint @yoong-jimin @hauntedhobi @jiminsthighsaregorgeous @jimiyoong @jeonjeongguke @ryukookie

this is so difficult >.< 

but you can find my last follow forever here