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honestly at this point, i'm always wary of WHO is wishing for 'hot' malec kisses because a large chunk of this fandom fetishizes mlm couples (as pointed out by actual mlm in the fandom and how uncomfortable they are about it). do you want it because you want physical intimacy between two men to be normalized or do you want it because you find it hot and want to get off to it? :\ it's really colored my views on things (that's a general you, not you specifically)

Totally understandable, Anon. I am also very sideeye-y whenever I read about people wanting this stuff. I mean I am not a m|m but I am just tired of them constantly panning away from Malec scenes f.e. I mean apart from the wedding kiss every single kiss imo after that has the exact same adjustment. Just the heads, no body. While I am just here whining like…. where are their hands??? Why aren’t you showing them touching each other? Siiiiigh. 

As for my personal opinion regarding that matter: I would be already happy with them lying in bed, head on chest and a forehead kiss, you know? I don’t need to see heavy making out against a wall or whatever. On the other side, imo it is important to also show this passionate and sensual side of a relationship on tv when it comes to same-sex-couples and to normalize it finally. And not constantly pan away from these scenes and/or show pecks only (which are also nice, don’t get me wrong but yeah…..) and no touching. Like excuse me, but this is also a couple who kisses and touches and who is allowed to do just that openly, it’s not reserved for the straights only. Especially when they have no problem showing explicit a straight couple heavily making out/having sex in the very same episode (I am so baffled that they actually did that and nobody said a thing against it, wtf?!). Showing physical intimacy of same-sex-couples is not something where you need to throw a blanket over it because it is sinful or whatever. It’s 2k17 ffs. I wish they would just stop with this nonsense. 

I mean even an idiot can see the different treatment of straight couples and the lgbt+ couple on the show (wondering how this will be when Heline happens). Especially when the lgbt+ couple is actually endgame (not to mention a fan fave and the most popular ship on the show) and the straight couples, who get all the sensual and intimate scenes, are not. 

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RFA +Saeran+ V reaction to Yuri on ice


Zen: he’s practically memorized how to do a triple lutz after the first few episodes

Yoosung: he’s just going to run and play LOLOL in a corner after the first episode

Jaehee: this is practically her at the end of the eleventh episode

Jumin: surprisingly really likes it (low-key imagines you in one of those skater costumes ;)) 

Seven: he becomes the ultimate fanboy and sings the opening song at the top of his lungs for a few weeks

V: he’s pretty interested in it at first but then practically spits out his water at the hot spring scene in the first episode (is thankful that there’s some censorship)

Saeran: he’s embarassed at first but then becomes really drawn to all the characters (and how the show manages to get gayer every time there’s a new episode)



the women’s clothes are see-through, see-through


the women’s beauties are crazy, crazy


— women are the best in the world


love is the best in the world

it can’t be controlled everyday


she can’t be compared

3) V

your front is the best, your back is the best


here is the best, there is the best


I learn Body 101 by looking at you


I learn the movie ‘Architecture 101’ by looking at you

my testosterones are heavily building up


the number of sleepless nights increase from the thought of you

after fighting against my hormones


after fighting against myself

5) J-Hope

I lose it even from those small gestures *Korean slang


I even fall for those small gestures

Screwball Ninja’s OUAT Mini-Review: 6x18 Where Bluebirds Die (If They’re POCs)

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Like I’m relevant again!

  1. Empathetic!Emma is back for a limited time only, swooping in to promise Zelena that Emma and Regina will co-mom Baby Robyn if Zelena should go to the yellow-brick road in the sky. “We’ll protect her like she was our own,” says Emma. “No, I said look after her,” Zelena snapped– or would, if I were writing this show. But Regina and Emma, Complicated Co-Moms make me all warm and fuzzy so I’ll let it slide.
  2. Speaking of parenting, where is Baby Neal? Say what you will about how Zelena got her baby (WAS THAT STORYLINE NECESSARY?) but now that she’s here, Zelena cares enough to keep track of her and make sure she’s in good hands at all times. Meanwhile, my head canon is Maleficent snuck into the Charming loft, replaced Baby Neal with a stuffed dragon, and is quietly raising him without the Charmings even noticing. Zelena: Better Mom Than Snow White is not where I thought this season would end, but here we are.
  3. You know what’s funny? Both Zelena and Hook are quasi-tamed around Belle. Hook stops shouting and chills a bit and Zelena, whose normal greeting is along the lines of: “Greetings, useless morons!” practically cooes at her. “I have a favor to ask,” Zelena says gently. Apparently exposure to Belle lowers your voice *and* your blood pressure. I know, I know, Zelena tried to kill Belle and imprisoned Rumple and was morally responsible for Neal’s death but that was, like, three seasons ago. Emma tried to kill her last season and Rumple imprisoned her a week ago in the timeline so if Belle’s holding hands with Rumple we can spread the forgiveness around with a trowel, yeah? The show is equal opportunity redemption.
  4. Speaking of Belle, dig her 99% see-through top. Stay tuned for next week’s episode, where Belle wears see-through harem pants and sequin undies that read: MOR SCENES PLZ. If she doesn’t get a scene with Gideon soon the finale is going to Belle in the back room in nothing but pasties and G-string holding a sign that reads: “FOR MORE TEXT ‘BELLE’ TO 1-555-SCREEN-TIME.’
  5. Rumple spent most of this episode in the library researching how to wake the Blue Fairy. “That’s funny,” says Belle, “since I read Fairy and you don’t.” “The writers put amnesia potion in their coffee again,” says Rumple. “I should really label those bottles better.”
  6. What is Zelena’s hilariously green drink in Oz? Mountain Dew? Mello Yellow? Lemon-lime Gatorade? Because drinking any of those all day would explain Zelena’s manic behavior; she’s on a sugar rush. (Screwball Ninja asks the important questions.)
  7. I’m kind of Team Zelena on not giving the Tin Man all of her magic in exchange for his friendship. First off, it’s emotional blackmail; he keeps bringing up Zelena’s isolation in an attempt to get her to give him something, which is uncool. Secondly, this episode makes it seem like giving up ALL her magic is a permanent thing. If a random school friend who you hung out with the one time showed up years later and asked for your kidney, would you give it up? Zelena didn’t kill the Tin Man, she just didn’t save him at great cost to herself. That’s selfish but not evil. (Also I laughed at Zelena’s parting line that he might be saved off-screen by Dorothy in the future. “You’ll make it in fan-fic!” shouts Zelena.)
  8. This is the problem with Zelena all over– she was unforgivably horrible, terrible, and awful to Robin and Rumple (and Marian) but otherwise she’s a Tier 2 villain at best. A villainette, if you will. Whatever other evil she’s done, everyone else in Henry’s family tree has eclipsed her. Stealing kids? So has Pan, Snowing, Rumple, Black Fairy. Caused mass amnesia? So has Regina and Dark Swan. Put someone in a Sleeping Curse? So has the Evil Queen. Turned people into animals? So have Rumple and Regina. Imprisonment? So has Regina, Rumple, Snowing, Black Fairy, Dark Swan, and Pan. Come back from the dead? So have Hook and Rumple. Screwed with the timeline? So have Hook and Emma and Henry as the Author. Zelena’s got one of the lowest death counts on the show other than Emma, who is ostensibly supposed to be a hero.
  9. Real talk– the treatment of POCs on this show is horrendous: they’re killed, imprisoned, or turn out to be Crazy White People in disguise– and sometimes all three. The Dragon was killed twice and controlled and imprisoned, Lancelot was “killed” then imprisoned and was a Crazy White Woman for a few episodes, Tamara was murdered, Jafar was murdered, Jafar, Jasmine, and Aladdin were imprisoned, Nemo was *almost* killed but pulled through, Aesop was a Crazy White Guy, Marian was killed three times in different timelines and was also a Crazy White Woman for half a season, Henry Sr. was murdered, Sidney was imprisoned three times, Gus-Gus was murdered, Cinderella’s Fairy Godmother was murdered, Nimue was controlled and murdered, Merlin was controlled and murdered, Guinevere was controlled, Rapunzel was imprisoned, and the Tin Man died of his curse. YEESH. (I’m not even counting Regina ‘cause she’s a main character and the rules are a bit different for those.) I think the most charitable interpretation is the show casts POCs in minor roles without stopping to think that the peasants exist to be force-choked by the various branches of Henry’s murderous family tree in Act 3. But whatever the motivations, this shit has got to stop. Tiger Lily has a past with the Black Fairy? STAY AWAY FROM STORYBROOKE! Chill with Ursula, Poseidon, Rapunzel, Mulan, and Lancelot in “Survived This Show With Our Lives and Dignity” corner.
  10. I’m unhappy with the subtext around Zelena giving up her magic because, thanks to the censorship guidelines of the Hayes Production Code of the 30′s, magic is coded as potentially queer. (Short answer: censorship lumped all the socially ‘forbidden’ things in one basket, which is why there’s a lot of Sexy Magic Gay Villains Who Are Punished With Death out there. It goes: Sexy Women are Other, Magic is Other, Queer is Other, therefore Sexy Magical Women can also be shorthand for Queer. This is also why most magic users in OUAT have weaponized cleavage. See this essay for more!) In OUAT magic is something you’re born with and it makes you special but people also hate you and bully you for it– and then there was that subplot in 3B where Zelena told Emma that if she kisses a boy she’ll lose what makes her special forever. Anyway, I don’t see why Zelena has to give up her magic to gain her family, especially when the show nixed that idea in 4A when Emma wanted to de-magic herself to avoid hurting her family but Elsa told her to “love herself” instead. Here’s hoping Zelena gets her magic back for the finale.
  11. And now for the Storybrooke Rom-com part of the episode, where Snow inexplicably has binders full of women … in wedding dresses. Is the show trying to foist the blame for Emma’s Conehead!GraceKelly Nuptial No-no onto Snow? And was Snow planning Emma’s wedding before there was even a guy in the picture? Is the first page a picture of a headless tux with the names Graham August Jefferson Neal Hook Walsh Elsa and Hook successively crossed out? That’s creepy, Snow. I thought S1-3 Snow was concerned about finding her family and bringing them home from foreign shores alive, not Vague Future Party Planning.
  12. I’m side-eying Snow for blurting out that Emma should get married pronto because: “The people need hope!” Is Hope the name of the Storybrooke wedding planner? Because I’m pretty sure at this point what “the people” want is for Henry’s entire family tree to fall down a portal so they can walk on Main Street without being force-choked or turned into animals. Also, who is going to be serving cocktails at this wedding? Who is going to be cleaning up after this wedding? Hint: it ain’t the royals. Book a venue so you can take several seats, Snow; leave the mayoring to Regina.
  13. CS is in a weird state of liminal banging where they’re living together and are engaged so they’ve LOGICALLY banged, but haven’t canonically banged (no bedroom scenes, references to past sex, scenes of undressing/dressing, references to wedding nights, etc.). The opening pancakes scene is another example: Emma’s in a robe with no makeup and dry hair, which implies she was previously in bed, ostensibly with Hook. Hook’s fully dressed but hey, maybe he’s from the Rumple school of Immediate Post-Coital Pantsing. But then Hook seems genuinely angry when Snow interrupts his make out session with Emma. Glaring at Snow, agreeing that she’s interrupting, hissing that he’s going to take a bracing shower– this is all behavior that’s dickish but makes sense if he’s NEVER climbed Emma’s beanstalk but weirdly hostile if he’s climbed it multiple times last night. Unless this is just a tone thing and Hook should have been playing it comedically but instead went for REALLY UPSET? I think they’re saving any bedroom scenes for the CS wedding night and that’s odd for a show that had Belle in lingerie straight-up looking for Rumple in their bed in 2x04– it’s not like the show is pooh-poohing premarital penetration. What’s going on, here? You couple this with Charming’s “GUESS I HAVE TO GET MY WALLET TO PAY FOR THIS WEDDING” moment and his odd shaming of Snow for banging Whale in S1 (and what about him almost impregnating Kathryn, huh?) and there’s a Happy Days From Hell feel to this episode. But at least Emma looked happy for the first time in a long while! That counts for something.
  14. Regina was a judgmental meanie this episode but at least she apologized at the end; the real problem is Zelena is one of the few people that can upstage Regina in any given scene. Unforgivable!
  15. Back to Zelena! I think her narrative function should be Truth-spilling Magical Aunt because the actresses’ comic timing is superb. Only Zelena could get away with calling the Black Fairy a “noir-colored nit.” Ha! Since no-one likes her anyway she can get away with telling everybody unpleasant truths. Zelena, as a character, is a one-dimensional cartoon that’s basically a genderswapped Snidely Whiplash; the fact I have any positive emotions for her at all is through the actresses’ sheer force of will. Zelena might be in S7? I’m oddly psyched for that. Who would have thought?

Originally, the N-Zap was modeled after the Japanese Famicom Zapper, which ressembles a Colt revolver. This, of course, was changed for the NA release. 

Other changes include the removal of tentacle hair size sliders for female Inklings and the Squid Sisters swearing MUCH less.

wow thanks new tumblr censorship rule i cant see at least 5 or 6 different posts on my dashboard.

and no, none of them are porn. I have the tag blacklisted.

and FURTHERMORE, I can’t turn it off??

didnt we already have a safe mode. you turn it on when you go into the tags, whats on your dashboard you choose to see because you followed those people. tumblr is broken and they keep breaking it further.

The culture I grew up in religiously blanket bans the watching of rated R movies. Like, no matter how old you are, you are told over and over again that it is morally wrong for anyone to watch a rated R movie.

There was a company called CleanFlicks that sprung up in this heavily moralized atmosphere to ‘edit’ rated R movies to remove problematic content. The edited movies were then circulated as ‘acceptable’ to watch. It was shit. (That company was subsequently sued the Bajeebus out of and closed down. Thank god.)

So what was the result of this kind of blanket censorship? No one could individually question the judgment, or decide for themselves on an individual basis, since it was (and remains) a religiously mandated one. So no adults ever watched rated R movies. Adults couldn’t experience adult content.

So there was no way to be exposed to any kind of problematic content growing up. I didn’t know anything about the wider world. It was like growing up in a small fish bowl, and feeling evil for wanting to experience more.

The one bright light was books and the internet. Since they aren’t rated, it’s harder to restrict them. I could decide for myself what I wanted to read.

so yeah, I get really riled up about censorship. Get out of my face with that shit.

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Do you think the MCU is homophobic??

In short: yes. 

I think the MCU also has a problem with the way it represents women and other non-queer minority groups but at least those people are starting to be represented on screen. In the movies, queer characters are pretty much unofficially “banned” thanks to censorship in Russia and China and other big players in cinema that Disney get a lot of money out of. But even outside of the movies, such as in the TV shows where they could plausibly have queer superheroes and characters, the MCU is littered with microaggressions, exploitation and queer-baiting of queer characters. 

Think about Jessica Jones. I was initially very excited when I saw set pics of the show and the possibility of a wlw relationship. Then I watched the show and it was basically a train-wreck when it came to the queer characters. One queer woman is cheating on her wife (who she wishes to divorce) with a younger woman. I would normally be okay with this kind of thing if this wasn’t THE FIRST LESBIAN RELATIONSHIP IN THE MCU. LIKE, IMMEDIATELY IMPLYING THAT QUEER PEOPLE CHEAT ON EACH OTHER BECAUSE THEY’RE NOT IN “””TRUE”””” RELATIONSHIPS. People have tried to play the realism card but really. By the end of the season, one queer woman is dead, the other is sitting on a murder charge and the pivotal queer woman of the show turns out to be an absolute shit-bag. Even the way the dead queer woman, Wendy, is killed is unnecessarily brutal compared to other deaths in the show. A straight guy, Reuben, is killed off-screen (admittedly his body is left in the protagonist’s bed, but still) whereas Wendy has her head smashed into the side of a glass table and is left dying with her eye twitching. Again, using the MCU’s favorite trope of killing off their gays without any real character development.

Then there’s Agents of Shield and the three queer characters we’ve seen on that show, two of which you would have only known were queer if you read the comics. There is Isabelle Hartley, who is killed in the same episode she’s introduced in, and then there is the tragedy of Victoria Hand. AoS could have worked some real magic with a queer woman in a position of power like Victoria Hand. Instead she is murdered by Ward, who is generally woobified by the fandom. Finally, there is Joey Gutierrez, who I actually have some hope for. Admittedly I have stopped watching AoS because the writing got bad imo but from what I can gather from what people have told me, Joey only really exists in a team capacity or when he’s protecting or helping Daisy (i.e. making the straight heroes look good and progressive) plus the fact he is OUTED by Bobbi who has been snooping around in his personal life. UGHHH.

Honestly the only good thing that Marvel has arguably done for queer people is Deadpool but that’s Fox, not the MCU, and Wade’s sexuality has yet to be fully explored only alluded to (here’s for hoping in the sequels!!!) And I literally hate whatever comes out about queer people from the mouth of Kevin “there will be a gay superhero in the MCU within ten years” Fiege and all of the shitty loose promises Marvel have been giving to us to avoid confronting the fact they are being homophobic. Or worse queer-baiting. Looking at you Sam L Jackson. Now all we have to go on is loose rumours, like people saying Marvel would want to make Punisher bisexual if he landed his own show, but even that could be problematic if handled by the wrong people considering how violent that character is. UGH UGH UGHHHHHHHHHHH.

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There was another person that policed artistic expression and sent those away who did not agree with his artistic viewpoints in history. He banned movies and music for their seemingly “negative depictions of his people." Modern artists were hunted, and their works were seized by soldiers and destroyed. He then made a whole exhibit titled: “Degenerate Art exhibition” dedicated to mocking these artists and humiliating them. Who was this man? Hitler.

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Soooooo....Bubblegum and Marceline dated? Did you read about that? Did I? Is it possibly true? Openly queer characters on a cartoon that is sort of for kids? So awesome!


This is a perfect example of writers who had all of the best intentions, but thanks to censorship and current policies, it devolved into some good old fashioned queerbaiting.

Indeed, it’s true that the original intention was to have PB and Marceline romantically involved, eventually. The people behind Adventure Time have said as much, but somewhere along the line, someone said, “whoa, whoa, whoa. Not in a children’s show!” So, the storyline got dropped and all that’s left is the occasional hint and a massive fallout of fan headcanons.

I know I should feel happier that the notion was even pitched, let alone nearly realized, but instead, I just feel cheated. Not only is it a very public example of queer characters still not being “acceptable” for children, it’s also another instance of characters’ “secret queerness” being paraded around as actual representation.

It’s not. That’s queerbaiting.

Harry Potter did it, Sherlock does it, Teen Wolf, Supernatural, Doctor Who, and countless others all use winking hints at queerness amongst their main characters without, y’know, actually having to make or show them as queer in any way.

(Pictured above: irony, but no actual queerness.)

As much as I love Adventure Time and will openly applaud them for touching on very mature and downright edgy topics, I just can’t muster any genuine enthusiasm for PB and Marceline’s “secret” and/or “past” relationship in the show. That benefits no one and only serves to tell the queer, impressionable kids watching that their identities still aren’t good enough for television.

Instead of getting excited for the scraps popular media tosses us now and then, let’s all hope for some real, visible, and open representation, one day. We have to start demanding it as consumers and generating it as creators. Queer folk deserve it.

Despite the cliffhanger that sacrificed a moment that’s supposed to be shocking for some suspense I have to say, the scene was pretty good, I think Jeffrey Dean Morgan pulled it off. Still, I feel sorry for the people who only watch the show because thanks to tv censorship they’ll probably miss jewels like these:

And my favorite


Sony ‘will not drop’ N Korea film -

Sony Pictures says it is looking at different ways to release the film satire the Interview, after scrapping its opening following a cyber-attack blamed on North Korea.

It said it had only cancelled the film’s Christmas Day release after cinemas pulled out.

The company said it was “surveying alternatives to enable us to release the movie on a different platform”.

US President Barack Obama said it “made a mistake” cancelling the release.

“We cannot have a society in which some dictator someplace can start imposing censorship in the United States,” he said.

He also vowed to “respond” to the cyber-attack in a “manner that we choose”.

The FBI has said that North Korea was responsible for the hack, but Pyongyang denies this. The Interview depicts the assassination of North Korean leader Kim Jong-un.

'Not caved’

Responding to the president’s comments, Sony Pictures chief executive and chairman Michael Lynton told CNN it had not made an error in pulling the film.

“We have not caved, we have not given in, we have persevered and we have not backed down,” he said.

A Sony statement said the decision not to go ahead with the Christmas Day release was based on “the majority of the nation’s theatre owners choosing not to screen the film”.

“Let us be clear - the only decision that we have made with respect to release of the film was not to release it on Christmas Day in theatres, after the theatre owners declined to show it,” the statement added.

“Without theatres, we could not release it in the theatres on Christmas Day. We had no choice.

"It is still our hope that anyone who wants to see this movie will get the opportunity to do so.”

Script details, salary data and private email correspondence were leaked in the wake of November’s huge cyber attack.

Hackers then issued a warning referring to the 11 September 2001 terror attacks, saying “the world will be full of fear” if The Interview was screened.

North Korea earlier this month denied involvement in the hack - but praised the attack itself as a “righteous deed”.

An article in the state-run KCNA news agency, quoting the country’s top military body, said suggestions that Pyongyang was behind the attack were “wild rumour”.

The movie features James Franco and Seth Rogen as two journalists who are granted an audience with Mr Kim.

The CIA then enlists the pair to assassinate him.

The film’s cancelled release drew criticism in Hollywood, with some calling it an attack on the freedom of expression.

Actor George Clooney told the trade website Deadline on Thursday the film should be released online, saying Hollywood should not be threatened by North Korea.

i guess obama really wanted to see it

when kids’ ‘problematic’ purity polemics are now just actively calling for book burning..

I don’t care what your age is. there’s a reason we don’t burn books. Burning books is bad.

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Hi Mark! My birthday passed a few weeks ago, so I was wondering if I could get some trivia on an Un-card that isn't B.F.M.? Thanks!

The art for Censorship was a censored portion of the art from Exodus’ Keeper of the Mind.

Happy Belated Birthday!

Real First Kiss

This started as a prompt fill but then wandered way away.  So now it’s a stand alone one shot dedicated to succubitches and is based off her own real first kiss story.


Holly wandered around the frat house looking for her friends.  It was packed.  The annual Halloween party at the Alpha Delta Phi house at the University of Toronto was legendary.  She came on the promise of free alcohol and no lines, both of which were true, and an epic party, which technically wasn’t a lie, but she was not having the greatest time. 

She was there with some of the girls from her dorm floor, most of who were excited about cute boys.  Holly was still grappling with her own sexuality and tried to avoid situations and conversations that would require her to declare it.  But it was Halloween and, damn it, she was going to enjoy herself. 

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