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Hello, how are you? I was a huge Hannibal fan but when I heard it got cancelled I didn't really continue watching the third season since most of the TV shows that get cancelled don't get a proper ending. So I just wanted to ask if Hannibal's ending really worth it? And should I watch the third season? Thank you!

Hello, dear anon! ♥ Bryan Fuller always said that knowing that NBC might cancel the show sooner or later, they tried to make every season finale a satisfying finale for the show aswell. While the word “satisfying” may be a matter of opinion, I, personally, considered the finale of season 3 everything I wanted for the show’s ending. To me, it was a masterpiece that left me, in fact, satisfied. I loved season 3. Hannibal always had an aesthetic and atmosphere that just got to me, but the last season (for now, there’s still hope for a season 4 with another network) felt like a dark fairytale, like a wild dream, and I’m still in awe. Personally, I wouldn’t want to miss out on this experience because of the show’s uncertain future. :)