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The War of the 6 Sides was over, the many Galaxies was now in peace, Branden defeated the 5 leaders in the Mountain of Final, and now Good has spread, Grim and her family lived still, and the female demon was the leader of Evil named Dark Heart, but she won't bother anyone no more, but... something has changed, the skies darkened, and lots of meteors hit many new cities that was built, so after some years, this lead many cities into ruins, Grim is scouting for now, searching for supplies.

Whatever had caused the meteors, it had ruined much of what she knew. Thank goodness Branden had won, and she no longer had to fear the demoness. But, she had to search for supplies for her clan. She searched mostly in the forest, but was willing to go to the ruins. She was still armed, and still very wary of her surroundings. She had too many close calls during the war, and she learned to remain on edge because of it.