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Listen. I love the Organas with all my heart, and no one gives them or the Lars family enough credit like ever

a brief interlude from Jedi Knight Luke and his three Padawans from the Past.

In which Jedi Padawan Obi-Wan Makes Various Hilariously Incorrect Assumptions about the Timeline

A quiet tap on the doorway behind Obi-Wan doesn’t so much interrupt his meditation as ensure that further attempts will be pointless. Not that he was doing a great job to begin with. As a matter of fact, he’s done nothing but fail spectacularly at it ever since he’d realized that he would have to resort to such methods. They’ve barely been in the future for a week’s length, and Obi-Wan is starting to feel like the only thing that’s keeping him on his feet is the steady pressure of the bond he has with Anakin Skywalker.

There are also tethers in the Force tying him to the others, naturally, but Skywalker eclipses them both with brutal ease. Even when Obi-Wan is searching for a far different presence out of unthinking habit, a steady presence he’s always been able to ground himself on, he trips over and ends up awash with turbulent anxieties and teeth-gritting determination.

It makes the things inside the cage of his ribs feel shattered and poorly pieced back together - with small shards missing, and sealant bubbling out of the cracks.

“Hope I’m not interrupting,” Knight Luke says from the doorway.

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Inspired by this post. Luke and Leia as each other’s childhood imaginary friend.

Luke is an unnervingly quiet child. Beru noticed it from the beginning, even though neither Owen nor Master Kenobi (Old Ben, she should call him Old Ben now) have realized that it is something unusual. But Beru has.

Luke looks around the room, like he does so often. He resembles his father very much, but in this moment the look on his face is pure Shmi’s. Shmi always looked like that when she was trying to feel something. She had been able to do that, just feel things. Whether it was knowing that Anakin was alive or telling Beru that Beru’s mother was coming an hour before she showed up unannounced. Owen had always considered it luck, or religious delusions, but Beru knows, has always known, better.

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Star Wars Lady Aesthetics: Mon Mothma

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