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Day 4/28 of gtjseanniversary: technology!

For context, what Jack’s wearing is based off that VR video he just did called To The Top, so… I tried my hand at writing something to go along with my usual doodle! Hope ya enjoy!

There was the telling knock on Mark’s door of a delivery man with no time to wait for a recipient. When he opened the door, he was generally confused before spotting a tiny package on the doorstep, and couldn’t help crack a smile as he carefully picked it up and took it inside.

“Jack? What the heck did you order this time!?”

Mark wasn’t really all that concerned with what his tiny roommate ordered, but it never failed to amaze him that there was some much miniature-sized tech out in the world, like Jack’s VR system, or the rest of his set-up for that matter.

As Mark opened the door to his room, he spotted the small Irish man from his spot on the nightstand.

“What’d’ya mean, I didn’t order anythi- OH! THANK JAYSUS IT FINALLY CAME IN!!”

As Jack excitedly made his way to the bedside, Mark sat down on the bed and handed Jack his package, which he then quickly started to tear apart.

“Hey woah there dude, mind telling me what exactly is in that package that I took SO much care in bringing to you?” He said with a tone of sarcasm.

 Jack eyed the man before scoffing with a roll of his eye, “Ya remember that video I did on that cool game ‘To the Top’?” Mark nodded as he continued, excitement rising in his tone. “Well, shortly after that, the developers contacted me and asked if I wanted to try a prototype of a real-life version of the tech in the game!”

As he finished his sentence, Jack reached into the box and pulled out two red blocky-looking gloves that he practically slammed on. Mark watched on in slight worry.

“Uh, did you say, ‘prototype’? Don’t those usually end in disaster? And are you sure you can trust their tech?”

Jack was in the middle of calibrating the strange googles, which he was told would allow him to see the things he could climb using a blue tint, much like the game.

“Oh Mark you worry to much.” He said as he waved his friend away with a gloved hand. “Besides, someone’s gotta try the technology before everyone else!”

“But aren’t you afraid of heights?!”

Jack looked his giant friend in the face through calibrated googles.


Mark sighed in defeat as he readied himself for whatever happened next; Jack giggled in pure excitement as the system finished booting up, giving him full control as he ran start towards Mark’s body, using the googles to aim and decide where to go, and the gloves to stick like a certain spider-themed hero. Mark had to do everything to not jump as he felt a small weight land on his leg with a soft ‘thump’ and loud whooping before seeing a very excited friend bounce off him and to the edge of the bed.

“J-jack?! W-wait, be careful!”

Big thanks to people like @hufflepufftrax, @tzds-gt, @arc852, @hiddendreamer67 and other g/t writers for inspiring me to write!

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Name: Jay
Nickname: Jaysus, Mum, Star
Zodiac sign: Sagittarius
Height: Uhmmmm like 160something cm idrk lol
Orientation: Who knows? Not me. Somewhere aspec, im just chilling and not thinking bout it too much tho because i have no clue lol
Nationality: Kiwiiiiii :D
Fav fruit: Nectarines!
Fav season: Autumn or spring :)
Fav flower: Ohh boy idk um i like cherry blossoms and lotus flowers?? but i also love gladiolis, pansies and hibiscus’ :)
Fav scent: Ooh um maybe vanilla or cookies? Fireworks? Candles? Idk hahaha
Fav colour: Probably purple, blue, green or pink :)
Fav animal: ummm omg i cant choose animal’s are the light in my life. Probably dogs, tigers, bears, or snakes? Also more i cant think of rn?
Coffee, tea or hot cocoa? Tea :)
Average hours of sleep: 6-9?
Fav fictional characters: Oh boy right here we go Leo Valdez is my son and i adore him, Lance from Voltron, Castiel, Luna Lovegood, Valkyrie Cain and Hearthstone are the ones im limiting myself to rn lmao
Number of blankets you sleep with: Right now like 5 because its winter
Dream trip: Exploring all over the world and going everywhere and seeing all the cool (ancient) stuff and learning and experiencing new things and meeting my friends n stuff :D
Blog created: Oh um must have been mid 2016? …I guess?? Maybe earlier idk. I didn’t really use it until late last/early this year tho

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Name: jayden

Nickname: jay and jaysus

Zodiac: leo

Nationality: half lao (technically quarter vietnamese and quarter lao but its a cultural thing so half lao) and half australian, but i live in australia

Favourite fruit: pomello probably its so good i rarely get it

Favourite season: summer cos theres much you can do in summer also holidays!! and i dont feel the heat hell yeahhh

Favourite book: i always say the percy jackson series but it has a place in me heart

Favourite flower(s): roses and also lotus flowers!

Favourite scent: the smell of rain and before rain

Favourite animal: ahhhhh i dont actually know, but any animal. maybe pretty fish or turtles… i love aquariums so my favourite animals are the ones there lol

Coffee, tea, or hot chocolate: ALL

Average amount of sleep: 8 hours suprisingly

Cat or dog person: mostly dogs, i love them,,, so much,,,,

Number of blankets you sleep with: 2 because its winter i get cold so easily i am constantly freezing help me

Dream trip: id absolutely love to go to new zealand and road trip there with the scenery and everything

When was your blog made: i made this blog maybe in september or around then last year

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I want to update you all on some great news. 

Cathryn was able to pay her rent and a portion of utilities with the money we raised in donations!!! THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH. I am astounded by your generosity and because of it my best friend has shelter for another month. She also has an interview coming up and I’m praying everything follows through and she’ll soon have work. She was absolutely shocked when I sent her the money, and so so thankful to each and every person who prayed, donated, and sent their best wishes. 

As for my own news:

Trial was set for Wednesday morning and when we (my mum and I) arrived we found out there was another case in front of us. My attourney said we might not even get to see the judge and would have to set another trial date which can be up to a YEAR’s wait. Of course my heart was crushed, but then he told me we may be able to talk to the other attourney and reach an agreement. 

Mum and I were taken to a conference room outside of the court room and there I detailed all of my demands. In all of my discussion with the lawyer it came out that there was a secret 401K that my ex had been hiding from me for FIVE YEARS. Along with that we discovered that he had a raise in December so the amount of my pending child support went up by 50%!! Not only was he hiding this huge amount of money from me, he now will be paying hundreds extra for child support, AND will be required by law to take a 6 week long anger management course before he is allowed to keep the baby on a regular schedule. He’s also requied to buy all his own supplies (car seat, crib/bed, child proofing, etc etc) and I am over the moon about how agreeable the judge was about my request for those things.

He was fuming as we stood before the judge and the numbers and details were listed off. I was questioned by his lawyer about my fears in communicating with him and I openly called him out for being abusive, to which he huffed and puffed and got a stern look from not only the judge, but his own attourney! LOL 

I can’t begin to express how wonderful it feels to finally see justice served to that horrible man. The more we dove into investigating my rights, the more shady bullshit was revealed. Leaving him was the single best decision I have made in my life thus far. What an incredible snake he is!

So with all of that said, our son will now have a proper second home with his father’s thankfully limited visitation. I will begin to receive child support sometime around the first of October (over a year since I first filed!), and I am finally free from the chains that held me to that abusive, unfaithful, lying wretch! 

I’m officially divorced by law, according to the judge, and will sign the very last paper on August 14th. The Lord is so good!



alternate title to Cap 2: Everybody Loves Steve (except Bucky)

cuz dammit I wanted to draw something cute for the Captain of my heart uwww

HOWDY NEW FOLLOWERS jaysus chroist there’s a lot of you thank you all for following! If you’re here for art and Cap 2 stuff you’re in time for me to be nigh completely absent from the interwebs for the next 2 weeks cuz I’m going on a wilderness sabbatical vacation overseas but hopefully I’ll have a lot of travel sketches to post when I get back \o/