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hi! i love your art, it's so pretty ♥ and you draw feet really well, do you have any tips?

thank you a lot anon!! (  /)w(\) here, i made a few notes about the steps i follow while drawing feet:

^ that’s assuming you’re not drawing from a low perspective, as if the camera was on the floor or something like that!

SORRY MY HANDWRITING SUCKS and i’m not really good at explaining things bc i don’t really follow a guide and stuff so yeah BUT I HOPE IT WAS HELPFUL TO YOU!!

Supergirl In Training

status: work in progress

chapters: 6/?

rating: teen and up audiences

summary: Lena Luthor doesn’t plan to have any kids. Or to get married, even, really. After the revelation that she is actually of Luthor blood after all, she’s quite set on ending the family line with her and not taking the risk of any more drama.

Then Lorelai L. Danvers crashes into her life, claiming to be her seventeen year old daughter from the future.

(picking up after 2x12)

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侵食レンアイ~case02 中原奏多~ Sample Voice 2
谷根千 (Watanabe Hiroshi)
侵食レンアイ~case02 中原奏多~ Sample Voice 2

侵食レンアイ~case02 中原奏多~ Sample Voice 2 (CV: Watanabe Hiroshi) 

*NSFW, headphones advised. 

Release Date: November 25th, 2016.

Bts Reaction - When you find out that he has been cheating on you

(Thank you Anon for this request, a tip! Never listen to Exo - Promise when you are trying to find sad gifs of these boys :c)


“There is no way she will forgive you this time. You really messed up” Jin would be heartbroken. He knew that he had messed up big time, and why? even he didn’t know that. It was YOU that he loved more than everything and why was he willing to lose it so easy?

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All he could do was to let the tears fall. You had slapped him across his face and told him that you never wanted to see him again. “She wiill never forgive me. I broke her heart and it’s only because i was stupid”

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He had really tried to explain himself when you left his apartment completely heartbroken. There was no excuse to what he had done. He had set up this all by himself. This boy would put the blame on himself so bad and the tears had no end. “Y/n you have to forgive me..”

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All he could do was just to stare at a wall. He had really messed up this time and would completley understand why you had said that you never wanted to see him again, but still the tears could not be stopped. “I was willing to give up my everything for someone that i could not care less about.. I’m so stupid”

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“I understand if you hate me, and i’m not going to come with any excuse to justify what i have done to you. I don’t even deserve to ask you to forgive me, but i need to try”

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He had desperately tried everything to get you to talk to him. This week without you was like hell, and since you didn’t pick up his calls or anything he had no other choice but to try to reach you at a concert. “Y/N i’m the biggest idiot on this planet, but i can’t live without you”

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The fans had noticed that he was more and more distant on every concert and fan meeting. He was more in his own head and had a hard time thinking about his work. The only ones that knew how heartbroken he was, was his members. 

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Little Deaths


So I have decided to celebrate my “annoying slutty ass” with a smut fic, of course! All 1,000 ++ words of it! I don’t really have time for this but boy, I need to get this out of my system. I guess I ought to thank that super salty anon. But, nah. Anyway, Enjoy!    

Either of them could tip this over, could drag the other under the current of bliss once more that night. Instead, they were at an impasse. Still joined, skirting the edge of ecstasy with tiny, steady rocking movements that drove him mad. She held him inside of her, clenching around him and grinding on him yet deliberately keeping the climax just outside of their reach.

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can you explain how you go about writing your story parts?

I usually start by deciding what would be the purpose of the certain chapter. What is the main idea/revelation I need my characters to convey? Be that plot or character development oriented. After that, I try to write down the dialogue and see how many parts I will need to tell the story behind a particular chapter. Subsequently, I either write a pov (sometimes I write it together with dialogue) or just leave it as a plain dialogue convinced that pov would ruin the mood. Everything after that is pose making, picture taking and photoshop.

As for ideas - mine tend to be all over the place. I can literally wake up in the morning because of the rain outside and have a strange “feeling” about it. In such cases, I can spend as much as half an hour writing one sentence and trying to find best words to describe the emotion or idea that I have in mind (which is frustrating, because I think in visuals and not words). Something like this:

“The melodious assault of the rain on the windowsill reminded of a repetitious tapping of fingers intended to impart a sense of consolation in the midst of the death.”

Will I use it in my story at some point? Perhaps yes and maybe no. But it is a good practice. As the next time, I probably won’t need so much time to write a sentence of thirty words.

So the breakdown of the process:

  1. Idea and purpose (derives from either my surroundings, books, music, movies, anime, dreams, talking with other people etc.). This part includes decisions of whether or not to include subtle clues.
  2. Dialogue (must be meaningful and in-character. Interesting dialogue, in my personal opinion, should have some sort of a conflict. Apparent or not.)
  3. POV (insights behind what’s being said from a perspective of a particular character. But only if I feel the scene calls for it. There are things that are best left unsaid and open for interpretation in some cases).
  4. Slaving in Blender creating poses, picture taking and editing (did you know that satan had children? Yes, their names are Clipping and Alpha Issues) and setting up the post together, adding tags and finally - posting, in hopes to provide something worth reading/looking at. <3

“Hey, how was your weekend with (Y/N)?” Joe asked as he made his way to Barry.

“It was uh- eventful.” Barry said as the horrifying memories flashed in his head. 

“Well, that doesn’t sound fun,” Joe laughed.

“Yeah, we went to this new chinese place and we both ended up getting food poisoning. We both shared some new milestones in our relationship, I’ll just say that.” He winced. 

“Wait, the one downtown? Everyone gets sick there.”

“Yeah, thanks for the tip.” 

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Concept- you come over to my house. I make you food and some nice tea. It is nice. I make sure you know that you are loved and cared for. You leave my house and return home safely.

i love this concept sm,, thank you anon

(concept : we sit down next to each other, enjoying each other’s presence. we breathe in, and out. we’re at peace. i’m sleepy, but not tired. it’s a safe feeling, a familiar feeling. you may stay as long as you’d like, but know that you will always have somewhere to return to if you need to remember that you are loved.)

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To your meditation anon! It's okay to meditate lying down (as long as you're not in your bed!)... sometimes, that's the easiest place to start. Start by taking long, deep breaths. Don't count 'em: everyone's deep breaths will be different lengths. Imagine breathing past your lungs - breathe into all parts of your body. When you breathe out, try to REALLY expel everything. Usually after you focus on your breath, you'll eventually stop thinking about it. Also - don't beat yourself up about it! :D


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if we were dating i would dress up in theatre costumes and we could act out plays (but we'd probably get off topic pretty quickly because improv is fun and i can't help cracking jokes). I'd introduce you to "this cool song i found, here, listen" half the time, but the other half would be "i found all the hamilton songs that start like the beginning playing all at once, you've got to hear this it's terrible." I'd read to you when you were sick and kiss the top of your head when we were snuggling.

*continuation from last anon, don’t have to post this if you don’t want* i only said kiss the top of your head because i’m really tall but i wouldn’t mind kissing your cheek if you wanted to be the outer person i-forget-what-it’s-called-but-you-know-what-i-mean

outer person,,, do you mean, spooning ?

oh my gosh this is so cute fghfgh and also same on the “heres all the songs playing at once” if you date me you also get a weekly subscription to The Nonsense™

also i love all smooches,, every smooch is good and pure and thank u


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Thank you so much for writing those tips (I'm sorry if I could not be clear with what I'm about to say, but I'm still learning English, so I don't have a broad vocabulary yet) I have never been teached how to write a thesis, how to have a good structure. This was something that I was really struggling with, but with your post I think I can have a very solid base to start when I need it. (I'm not in University yet, but still...) I'm sorry if this is too long, but again, thank you so much!

Thank you… I’m glad you thought it was helpful! ; u ; I wish you luck with your future essays! 

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Just fyi I think you're awesome. And "kys" is "kiss" in Danish, so any time you get anon hate just pretend that's what they mean and turn it into anon love instead. ;)

Thank you for the pro tip ;)

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Hello there ❤ your art is amazing, I found you through your Otabek's sister comics, but my favorite one's your last one with otayuri at the onsen *^* thanks for your gorgeous art! I read your tips to the anon ask, I'm not an artist I just made some edits, I often tried to send asks or write messages to try make some friends and because I really got inspired by their edits, but I never succeed in make new friends, what should I do? I'd really love to interact with people here :(

hello!! THANK YOU SO MUCH AHH <333 

And aw no!! That’s terrible! ;^; I’m sorry to hear that anon! I’m not really sure how to help you with that, bc I’m sorta;; really bad at interacting with new people ahaha… Honestly most of my friendships were formed unintentionally, like I didn’t even mean to start a friendship but heck I’m glad and lucky to have these people consider me as a friend!

Come off anon and share your blog with me maybe? c: I’d love to see your edits! Aaaand if my awkward self doesn’t throw you off, maybe we can be friends! <33