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     these  past  few  days  have  been  totally     kick    ass     !!

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Ahh! this is the fastest illustration I finish! The boys in green and stuff. White is almost proud of the past 6 years he’s trying to pose and smile and stuff. Such a stiff baby haha!

So, for real now, thank you so much for your endless support, all the kind messages, your trust in my work and ever encouraging love you show these boys! I truly appreciate it all and let’s hope for another good year of all the blacks and white and greys in this life.

I want to take a moment to thank specific names for making this journey easier, especially at the very very beginning. Our paths might have drifted apart but I always think of you when I look back at those dear relationships I made with and through this story.

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carry on countdown day 4: punk/pastel au

ahh ok yall were so nice about my fic yesterday that im doing it again. so here’s a pastel!simon / punk(ish)!baz for you :)) i promise it’s mostly not as angsty as it seems in the beginning……….

thanks again @carryon-countdown !

Baz loved to watch Simon Snow. Ok, not in like, some weird-creepy-stalker way. Just in the way that people like to watch the ocean, or the sunset, or the night sky. Looking at Simon was like looking into the heart of a far away galaxy, the kind that’s all swirling colors and sparkling motion and infinity.

Simon lived in his own world. You could tell by the way he stared out windows during class, his chin resting in his hand like he knew Baz was watching and posed just for him. You could tell by the way he would bob along to the music playing in his headphones as he walked down the hectic school hallway with a pleasant smile. You could tell by the way he reacted when people called him names (names that need not be repeated here, as you can surely imagine) for his pastel clothes, his baby pink hair, his painted nails. They would spit their cruel words at him, and Simon would simply cock his head, a mildly pitying, mildly confused expression on his face, and give them a look that asked—without making a sound—why they were so insecure that they felt the need to strike out at him. And then, without a word, he would carry on.

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i am more than happy to ask you about anything i think you're the only other person i've found who loves and appreciates GP as much as I do (maybe i'm just not looking in the right places) but i also just love you art so much i love how you always include one at teh bottom of anything

i relate to graffiti pete because i too love art and sonny de la vega 

 ahh i love him so much, hes so good, such a precious lil bean, so much potential – theres definitely more of us out there (@smoltinypumpkinchild being the first to come to mind because we talk about pete SO MUCH) where you at people who love pete?? we all need to talk more

and thank you! have this graffiti pete echoing my thoughts

Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)

Word Count: 1482

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Warnings: Fluff

Request by Anon: Hi ok I love your account ilysm! Anyway I was wondering since I loved your Peter song preference could you one with Bucky using the the song Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)?

Authors Note: Ahh thank you anon you’re so sweet and I love this song so thank you for requesting it! Enjoy :) 


The snow’s comin’ down

(Christmas) I’m watchin’ it fall

(Christmas) lots of people around

(Christmas) baby, please come home

Out of all the times you could have gotten hurt it had to be near Christmas. Your mission was simple enough; go in, save the hostages, and get out. However with your luck that didn’t quite happen.

Everything was going according to plan until you got a bit cocky and didn’t realize that a Hydra agent was sneaking up on you. Before you could react, a knife was already jabbed in your side. Taking out the agent, the last thing you saw was your boyfriend, Bucky running to your side before everything went black.

Luckily your wound wasn’t that bad it did, however, mean you had to sit out on missions until you were cleared. You were mostly bedridden during the beginning of your recovery but now you were allowed to walk. You still could not join the others on missions since the doctor has yet to clear you.

Which leads you to today where you’re sitting in a busy tower watching the snow fall. Since it was the day before Christmas you’re teammates were busy rushing around doing last minute jobs.

Everyone was getting ready for Tony’s annual Christmas Eve party expect you and sadly your boyfriend. Being Earth’s Mightiest Heroes meant that even during the holidays you were always on the job.  

Bucky had special orders from Fury himself to help take down some of the remaining Hydra agents. Though it was only supposed to take him a few days it actually turned into a much longer trip than expected.

This left you alone on Christmas Eve wishing you could join him so at least you would be together. But here you were one of the world’s deadliest assassins sitting on a couch watching snow fall while drinking tea.

“Still think about Barnes,” Your best friend Tony said.

“That obvious?” You asked.

“(Y/N) every few seconds you look at his dog tags and sigh. The whole team has noticed it.”

“I should be with him.”

“I know you miss him but come on it’s Christmas Eve! Where’s your holiday cheer?” He said playfully pushing your shoulder.   

“Tony,” You sighed.

‘Wow tough crowd tonight,” He laughed before standing up from his seat. “I have a party to get ready for. Hopefully, you’ll be in a happier mood by the time guests arrive.”

“I’ll try but I’m not promising anything,” You grumbled as your friend laughed.

“That’s all I’m asking for.”

Watching Tony walk away, you took a sip of your tea before grabbing Bucky’s dog tags from around your neck. He gave them to you before he left to remind you of him but it still wasn’t the same. Placing your tea back on the coffee table, you slowly stood up from the couch.

“Baby, please come home,” You whispered before making your way to your room to get ready for the party.

They’re singing Deck The Halls

But it’s not like Christmas at all

‘Cause I remember when you were here

And all the fun we had last year

Tony’s parties were always something you looked forward to but tonight nothing seemed to brighten your mood. You felt like something or really someone was missing as you watched all the guests mingle with each other. Christmas music played in the background as drunken guests began singing along horribly.

Half way through their rendition of Deck the Halls you started to remember all the fun you and Bucky shared last Christmas. The lazy days in bed, singing Christmas songs, eating an ungodly amount of cookies, and the look Bucky gave you one Christmas morning seemed like a dream since there was still no word from him yet.

“Well doesn’t someone look happy,” Natasha said before handing you a drink.

“I’m just overfilled with joy,” You said sarcastically before taking a sip of your beer.

“Bucky would want you to have fun you know. He knows how much you love Christmas and trust me he would hate to see you this down.”

“I know Nat but it’s just he’s somewhere we don’t know and he could be in trouble and-”

“Easy tiger don’t get yourself worked up. Come on we’re going to mingle with some guests,” She said dragging me to the dance floor.

“Nat I don’t-”

“I don’t care we’re going to have some fun.”

Pretty lights on the tree

(Christmas) I’m watching them shine

(Christmas) you should be here with me

(Christmas) baby, please come home

Finally able to ditch Natasha, you sat on the couch next to the huge Christmas tree Tony just had to have. It was decked out in gold and red ornaments and to no one’s surprised it had an Iron Man helmet as the “star.”

Rolling your eyes at your friend’s decorating choices, you sighed once more as laughter filled the air. Playing with your boyfriend’s dog tags once more, you watched the happy couples together wishing that was you and Bucky.

Then a familiar red head appeared next to you as you sighed once more. Before you could object Natasha grabbed you hand and dragged you back to the party.

“You can’t lose me that easy (Y/N)!” She yelled over the music.

“Nat just let me sulk,” You whined.

“Stop being a negative Nancy,” She said before pushing through the crowd of people. “Oh look it’s Steve and everyone! Let’s join them!”

Groaning in annoyance, you walked over to your friends while checking your phone for any new messages. Seeing that there was nothing from Bucky you shut off your phone and tried to get your mind off of things.

If there was a way

(Christmas) I’d hold back this tear

(Christmas) but it’s Christmas day

Please (Please) please

(Please) please

(Please) please (please)

As some of the guests began slowly leaving you took that as your cue to slip away. Mumbling a quick goodbye to your friends, you began walking to your room with a heavy heart. You knew that your boyfriend was saving lives but a part of you just wanted to be in his arms.

Checking your phone once more you sighed at the time on your phone. It was now Christmas day and your spirit sank to a new low. Running a hand through your hair, you made your way elevator.

“Merry Christmas to me,” You mumbled as you waited for the doors to open.

While you were so caught up in the thought of hiding in your bed for hours, you didn’t realize that the doors opened. As the sound startled you, you began to hear a small laugh coming from inside the elevator.

“You alright doll?” A familiar voice said.

“Bucky!” You squealed before tackling him in a hug. “I thought you weren’t going to make it for Christmas!”

“Me too but hey what’s Christmas without some miracles,” He laughed as you held him tightly.

Pulling away from your hug, you pulled your boyfriend in for a long overdue kiss. Smiling into the kiss you brought your hands up to his face where you tugged on some of his short locks of hair as the kiss deepen. Feeling the scratch of his facial hair on your hands, you felt a pair of arms wrap your waist and pull you closer.

“Hate to interrupt you two but can you guys not do it in my elevator? Other people have to use that you know,” Tony said.

Breaking the kiss, you laughed sheepishly as you fixed Bucky’s messed up hair. Licking your lips you turn to face the rest of your teammates trying not to blush.

“Let the two lovebirds have some fun. Finally (Y/N) can stop sulking,” Sam joked

“Yeah they can do it in their room but not in my elevator,” Tony argued.

“And that’s my cue to leave. Welcome home Bucky,” Peter said looking flustered.  

“Nice to see you two Stark and we weren’t going to do in your elevator,” Bucky said putting an arm around your waist.

“Oh please, I know for a fact you two have done it-actually never mind I wasn’t supposed to say that,” Wanda chuckled as you glared at her.

“I’m sorry what? F.R.I.D.A.Y. I need a clean up crew now! That is a public elevator you two!” Tony yelled.

“Merry Christmas?” You said before pressing the button to your floor.

Once the doors shut, you turned back your boyfriend and wiggled your eyebrows. As both of your laughter filled the elevator the doors opened as quickly as they shut.

“Shall we continue?” Bucky asked pulling you closer to him.

“We shall,” You winked as he picked you up and carried to your shared room.

Bucky was right it couldn’t be Christmas without some sort of miracle and that was something you couldn’t complain about.

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ahh i just got home and what a surprise! thank you so much for 2,000 lovelies following this shit post hole. i’m not sure why, but i’m extremely grateful. you all are beautiful people and i’m happy i was accepted into the communities that i’ve chosen to be a part of. have a great day ! apologies for the terrible sketch :’)

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okay so i just reblogged my alcohol in a zelda game post again because of your AMAZING ADDITION! I laughed so much I love it! And I didn't know you were the one who does all those Link and the Link AUs. I LOVE those comics and your art style :D Following you for sure~ Again, thank you so much for taking the time to make that addition it made my whole night ^^

ahh I’m so happy you like it, makes the hour and a half it took to make it worth it<33 

I hope it gets 10x the notes it has no for you friend<33 thanks for the follow<33  

But, Ice Cream - Avengers x Reader x Pietro Maximoff

Originally posted by a-less-ordinary-life

Words: 981
Pairing: Avengers x Reader x Pietro Maximoff
Warnings: drinking, swearing, loss of ice cream
Requested: nope

Thank you all for six amazing months in this awesome community of MCU on tumblr. Most people are beyond nice and I have made some great friends because of this account, and all of you rock! I also cannot believe that in six months I have gained almost 4000 followers- that is insane. (less than 200 away! AHH) Thank you again and I love you all!

Masterlist. Request List.

Pietro had wide eyes as he walked into the main part of the base late in the day. “Uh, what’s all the party decorations for?”

“It’s for (Y/N),” Tony said.

His eyes still wide, Pietro began to freak out. “Shit! Did I forget their birthday?”

“No,” Steve answered as he cleaned the kitchen counters.

“Oh no, I forgot our anniversary, didn’t I?” He started to freak out.

“Yeah, it’s an anniversary,” Clint smiled, knowing Pietro would get the wrong idea.

“I’ll be back later!” Pietro shouted and ran out of the base.

For the day you were distracted by hanging out with Wanda while everyone else set up the base. You didn’t think much of the random hanging out; this was a normal occurrence. Wanda did love to shop!

The day didn’t even cross your mind either. It was a normal Thursday, just one where you weren’t fighting any enemies trying to blow up the world.

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anonymous asked:

Ahh thank you for doing the angry Harry post! I've been curious. I totally see the saltiness but I haven't been here for any actual promo so ... I just find them all so interesting as fully faceted people who we only catch glimpses of ... anyway thanks! Love your blog, and love when you debunk gifs. Makes the real ones even better right?! Xo

My pleasure! As I said, I think he jealously guards his privacy and his intimate emotions — even the Another Man feature was a carefully curated presentation of self. We’re only provided glimpses and it’s easy to view him as someone we fully (intuitively?) understand, which is a disservice to him. We all present public faces and curated images, after all. In general I find it a fascinating dichotomy to think about.

I love to examine video and gifs! If you ever have particular questions about anything, please feel free to message me! Though I very rarely do so publicly, I’m always happy to delve into what I think about something. Context, context, context!

anonymous asked:

omg...I'm actually in love with your art??? Like??? It is so good and so funny and ahh I will definitely check out your red bubble (broke af though ;-;) and thank you so much for being one of the people who keeps the merthur fandom alive with their original content :)))) Love from India!!!

WOW from India!? really??? aaaaaa I’ve no words omg omg thank you so much for all your compliments ;___; aaaaaa I’m not worth it, there are so many people much better than me at drawing Merthur!!! ….. but thankssss *blushing* you’re so precious ❤

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Relationship status: im confused by it but maybe boyfriend?
Lipstick or chapstick: chapstick. my lips get crusty af
Top 3 shows: shameless, glee (i mean…), once but also so many more
Top 3 characters: lip gallagher, kurt hummel, blaine anderson, and everybody else from shameless oops

Top 3 ships: gallovich or however u spell it, klaine, also should throw scomiche in there because duh 

tagging: all yall because im lazy but also i just wanna know u all

anonymous asked:

i couldn't pick between “You’re not gonna cry, are you?” and “I’m fine.” so you can choose or do both ;-; thanks in advance! i love your writing so much, thank you for all your nijiaka!

omg no aaaa thanks so much for your kind words;; i’m not sure if this is what you wanted but i hope you like it ;A; (also i’m guessing the pairing you wanted was nijiaka :)) )

The bar gets busy these hours so no one really notices when a boy, no older than seventeen, pops in and demands the drink the unconscious guy in the far corner had consumed.

That is, no one but the bartender himself.

“Right,” Nijimura says slowly, unimpressed. He steers back a little and cocks his head, grabbing the attention of Himuro, a co-worker, sharing a look with him only to receive a shrug in return. The rag falls from Nijimura’s hands, draping over the counter as he crosses his arms.

“How old are you again?”

“I’m twenty.” Unblinking eyes stare back at him.

“How old are you really?”

Nijimura almost jumps when a ten thousand yen note is slapped on the counter, the supposed adult’s gaze narrowing just so.


Nijimura said nothing. So did the boy, but Nijimura notices his jaw tense and the ice-cold fire in his spectacular crimson eyes, contrasting heavily with his false smile. He scans the area for a moment before sighing.

At least the kid looked satisfied with the drink.

Nijimura takes his money, gives him the right change, and glares when Kid protests.

“Just this once,” he says.


His name, Nijimura later learns, is Akashi Seijuro, and he has a freaking Wikipedia page. The next time obocchan visits (he’d been expecting it), the first thing he asks is if he had known that.

“I do.” Akashi replies without flinching, “although someone finds humour in changing my family name to ‘Brat’ every Friday.”

“Yeah that’s me right there.”


“You’re not gonna cry, are you?” Nijimura asks Akashi when he looks particularly down one day. “I’ve had enough babysitting for this week and no ten thousand bill is gonna stop me from kicking you out.”

“I’m fine,” Akashi says although he’s not. “I’d like a drink.”

The bartender looks sceptical at first but relents when his gaze is returned head-on. He places the drink he had prepared earlier on the counter and finds he isn’t disappointed with the furrow of Akashi’s eyebrows.  

“What is this?”

“It’s a drink.”

“This is not what I want.”

“This,” Nijimura says sharply, “is a chocolate milkshake. It is what everyone wants.

And,” Unfazed, Akashi stares at him. The man rummages through the hollow of the counter until his hand closes around a cylinder object. “You get one with cream,” a swirl is professionally produced atop the glass, “and a cherry.” He places it on the tip of the swirl, an image that is worthy of their brochure if he’d say so himself.


“Free of charge. Lucky you.”

“Lucky me.” Akashi says in monotone.

“Yes, lucky you,” Nijimura snaps, feeling some vein in his forehead tighten in exasperation. “Drink.”

Akashi complies. Nijimura has jut his hip to rest comfortably against a chair as he watches, a sight that, Akashi thinks, competes with the drink’s sweetness itself.


Akashi smiles, “a bit.”

google-dat-shit  asked:

I really love your blog and how you're so chill with everything!!! Can I ask if you're in any other fandom other than One Piece?

Ahh thank-you so much! I’d probably consider myself as part of the Pokeani fandom and I guess the DBZ/DBS fandom (although I don’t contribute to it in any way). The same goes for the Naruto fandom (as well as some other anime like Mirai Nikki and Boku dake Ga Inai Machi/Erased even though all the people I follow don’t post about it anymore :( )but I’m probably not actually in these fandoms, just into the series if that makes sense!

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Hi Lila, I have read the post you and Tayegi wrote together and I wanted you to know how appreciated and loved you are. I hope you never have to deal with rude people hiding behind a keyboard (and, if you do, just know how sorry we are and that we, too, condemn them) and I hope you are constantly reminded of how much all your efforts mean to us. You give us so much and we are truly thankful. THANK YOU!!! I hope you have a beautiful day!

ahh @tayegi gets all the credit for that, i just shared some of my not so great experiences with her as far as terrible messages i’ve gotten on here over the past 4 years. lmao D’:

but this is so sweet! thank you! there will always be those people, but I hope in spreading information like that post that they will diminish and come to an understanding that we are people just wanting to share our love for writing and whoever we chose to write about. :’) that’s all it is, truly.

and i hope we as writers and readers can find a healthy common ground where we can get rid of the self-entitled feelings and rude/demanding messages a lot of us face. because if we’re being honest, only the owner of the blog knows what happens behind the scenes, how many rude messages we get, chose to publish, and chose to block/delete. so it’s easy to not understand how a simple “when are you updating?/where’s the next chapter?/write more!” can be overwhelming and put pressure on us, as well as the messages where readers express their unhappiness with what we chose to write and how we chose to write it. it adds up, and it’s something that should be thought of when people send messages.

but in fear of making this seem negative, the amount of love and support we get from readers will never fail to amaze me. how passionate and loyal and caring you all can be, even on anon and even when you know nothing about us. it’s very sweet! when you take time out to send lovely messages like this ,it makes us feel like every moment we spend writing is validated and worth it, and it encourages us to keep pressing publish. so thank you! and i want you all to know how much i love each and every one of you! <3

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Whenever I need a pick me up, I look for your J2 fics, because they always give me warm fuzzy feelings. <3 I'm giving you this heart here because ao3 told me I already left kudos there hmph. Also, yours are the only wincest fics I ever read. Ok, that's all. I love you, please keep writing. <333

Ahh anon what a lovely message to receive on a Friday morning. Thank you so much! I’m so glad that my fics can cheer you when you are down because I use other people’s fic for the exact same purpose. Hurt/comfort is a gift when you are feeling gloomy!

Also I’m very flattered that you make an exception for my Wincest fics (but really there are MANY good Wincest writers out there, stick a toe into that water and you won’t regret it…)

Also also, haven’t we all been there with AO3 when it’s like ‘you’ve already left kudos’ and you’re like BUT I WANNA LEAVE MOOOOORE. ONE KUDO IS INSUFFICIENT TO EXPRESS MY LOVE.

Anyway, in summary, thanks. I will definitely keep writing, for sure, but getting comments like this is certainly motivational :-)

eleandserrano  asked:

I was reading all the nice and lovely things that your readers send you and I wanted to ask, how do you feel about having one of the most amazing stories related to not only Bellamy but The 100? And did you expected such an amazing response from the readers when you started writing Privileged? :) xx

I wouldn’t say it’s one of the most amazing (but thank you anyway hehe x) but honestly I never expected this kind of reaction to the series, my masterlist has almost 900 notes which is insane and ahh it’s so hard to comprehend sometimes that so many people like it!? xx

Privileged (Pt 14)

Tag-along cookies (ahh yes I love those)

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I'm feel really bad that I don't have money. But omg. I was so relieved when I saw your goal was met. Like fuck the haters and I hope everything works out!!! -sincerely an anon who is fucking terrified of pregnancy

I love aggressive “fuck the haters” message ahh I’m so soft and hardly ever get that way but jeez I’m all fired up now! Thank you darling. It’s okay to not donate. I’ve reached my base goal. I’ll cover whatever else is left out of pocket if people stop donating ^ ° ^

tagged by my sweet love, @kibaems !!! n also a lot of ppl but … i wasn’t bored enough to do it until now, soz.

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last movie you watched? uhm. i think it was Moana!!!!

last song you listened to? Feel Good by SHINee!!!

last show you watched? West World!  My cousin came over to make me watch it. It was suuper interesting but the violence made me wanna hide behind my jjongie bear :( 

last book you read? bream gives me hiccups, a collection of short stories by jessie eisenberg hahaha and that was like…last august? yikes!!!!

last thing you ate? soondubu !!!!!

if you could be anywhere right now where would you be? on a train ;///; the moving scenery and the right song would be such a lovely way to clear my head…I’d also like to be in my apartment, with my lovely roommate /siiigh

when would you time travel to? I don’t know, i’m so paranoid of the butterfly effect.

first thing you’d do with lottery money? pay off any debts, buy a ticket to anywhere

character you would hang out with for the day? aang. maybe a digimon. the middle-school-sickness chara in jjong’s snl skit bc he seems W I L D!!!

time right now? 11:54 PM

I tag… @taeskey @striptaese @shiningdae @shineecstasy @amardulce ! :3