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Can I ask for more shotgunning promptis pretty please?? I mean it's so DAMN HOT :D Pd: I fUcKiNg LoVe yOuR aRt HELP YOUR PROMPTIS IS MY LIFE

YES YOU CAN! I’ve always got time for more shotgunning even though this got kinda messy lmao sorry
There’s nothing more important than promptis so I’m really glad you like my art ♥ hope you’ll like this one too! c:

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harry smut where he punishes you with vibrating panties? xx

Originally posted by harrysofluffy

Warning(s): This is smutty!!!

I hope this was everything you expected and more haha. Thank you so much for requesting xxx


Harry’s POV

All day and all night I was frustrated. (Y/N) and I had gone to a friend’s wedding yesterday and all night she teased me. From doing simple, innocent things she knows gets me going to running her hand up my thigh under the table. I couldn’t wait to get her home and of course, right when we got home, her ass fell asleep. I knew she had done it on purpose as well. I was going to get her back. I was 100% going to punish her for her actions.

The next day, while she was at work, I decided to go out and get some vibrating panties for her. Tonight we had reservations with a different group of friends and I definitely was going to take advantage of that.

The night had come and (Y/N) was getting ready. I was already dressed up and ready to go but she wasn’t done yet. I walked into the bathroom with the bag in my hand. She sat on her vanity in front of her mirror, putting on her makeup.

“Hey, I bought you a little something to wear under that dress tonight.” I smirked at her, nodding towards her black, wrapped dress she had on.

“You did?” she giggled at me.

“Yeah.” I nodded, handing her the bag. 

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You Asshole

“So I’m wanting a loving/rough smut with Billy, like his dad just kicked him out and he came over and kinda fights with you, but it’s all good in the end.” @sweetfemitaly

Thank you for being my very first request. I hope you like it.


Originally posted by taikka

There was knocking on your door in the middle of the night. Your parents were out on vacation for the weekend and it was just you. The person at your front door continued to bang on it, making you groan. “I’m coming!” You yelled, shaking your head. You opened the door and looked at Billy in confusion. “Billy? What are you doing here?”

“I can’t just come to hang out?” He questioned.

“Well whenever you come to hang out something gets broken.” You crossed your arms and slammed your door shut after he let himself in. “Or people come over and I have to clean up after them.”

“Shit Y/n what makes you think I’m gonna break something!?” He yelled.

“What are you yelling at me for!?” You were irritated now. Billy was taking his frustration out on you again. The first time was because he didn’t pass his test after you helped him.

“Get off my back alright!”

“You came here asshole! You can leave anytime you want!”

“Oh I’m the asshole!? Yeah of course!” He grabbed the cup you were drinking from and threw it. “No one ever asked me how I felt about moving here! He doesn’t give a fuck about me all because of his new wife and daughter! I’m just the screw up! But I’m the asshole!”

“Where the h-”

“That bastard kicked me out!” He yelled.

“Stop yelling at me dammit!” You yelled back. “That doesn’t make shit any better!” You watched him drop on your couch, his face in his hands. You sighed and sat next to him, rubbing his back. “What are you gonna do?”

“I don’t know.” He mumbled.

“Do you want my help?”

“I’m not some charity case Y/n.”

“Listen I’m just trying to h-”

“What makes you think I want that!?” He stood up and you did the same, pushing your hair out of your face. “Don’t look down on me cause I’m in this shit!”

“Hold on! Why the fuck would I look down on you Billy!? Your supposed to be my friend and you’re talking to me like I’m the piece of shit here!” You shook your head and walked towards your room. “You can keep your ass on the couch until morning!”

“You’d treat a friend like that!?”

“Be grateful that your not in the fucking dog house Billy!” You yelled. Billy followed you into your room and closed the door, taking his shirt off. “What are you doing now!?”

“You know you want me.” He spoke, looking you up and down.

“You really think I’d want to sleep with you?” You asked. “You’re insane.” Truth be told you were turned on the minute you saw him at your door. He was still the new attractive badass in town and he seemed attatched to you most of all.

“I can tell.” He looked up and down again, licking his lips.

“Don’t get ahead of yourself.” You put your hand up and rolled your eyes. He grabbed your wrist and pushed you on your bed, pinning your hand above your head as he stared at you. You bit your bottom lip, looking at him as he continued to stare.

“Just admit it. You want me.”

“I’m not stroking your ego.”

“Fine.” He lifted your shirt, revealing breast to him. He grabbed them, squeezing roughly as he licked his lips again. You whimpered, leaning into his touch involuntarily. A smug smirk was plastered on his lips as he watched you. He pulled your bra up and latched to your breast, squeezing the other as he niddled and sucked. You moaned and grabbed the hand that pushed itself into your underwear, closing your eyes. “You’re so wet for me. Come on tell me you want me.”

“You’d like that wouldn’t you.” You whispered.

“I know girls like you.” He moved his fingers as if telling you to come here, rubbing your sweet spot effortlessly. “You’re sweet at first but then it turns out that you’re a into everything.” You couldn’t reply to his comment, your body giving in to everything he was doing to you. You could feel yourself getting closer the faster he went until he started slowly down. “You’ll let everything build until finally..” His fingers picked up the pace again and you cried out as you came.

“Shit!” You managed out as he kept going.

“See I know you.”

“Shut up and fuck me already.” You demanded.

He put his hand on your throat and smirked, releasing himself from his pants and boxers. “You gonna beg me to stop?”

“In your dreams Billy.” You smiled but you quickly bit your bottom lip at the feeling of him shoving himself inside of you.

Billy was taking everything out of you. His anger towards his father for kicking him out and also towards his mother for leaving. You were his escape from reality, the better part of his life and he didn’t realize it until now. Billy went faster, pinning both your arms this time as is thrusts lost it’s rhythm. He was close and so were you. He pulled out and turned you over, pushing back into you and pulling your hair. You hollered out in shock and pleasure, gripping your sheets for support. “I’m gonna.. fuck!” He yelled, pulling out again and spilling on your ass. You put your face into the blanket, trying to catch your breath. “I’m sorry.” He said, sitting next to you.

“For what?”

“Being an asshole.” He looked at you as you stared at him.

“Who would you be if you weren’t one Billy?” You stood up and smiled at him. “I’m used to it already.”

“Is there where you tell me you love me?”

“In your dreams asshole.”

#33: Batfam & Peter Parker x Reader

Thanks @crazyfreckledginger and anon for requesting! ❤  This is actually a Part 2 of an imagine that I wrote a little bit ago, so go check out Part 1 first :)

Request: Hi! First of all thank you so much for the fic! It was so good jfbzidbsis ahhh no words!! Anyway could you do a part 2, in your own tile of course!! 😌👌👌  Love ya!!! 😍😍😍😍😘😘😘😘😘

Request: Your crossover was amazing with the batboys and Peter Parker 😍  I was wondering if I can request one where tony and Bruce have them all go on a mission and the two eldest batboys won’t stop flirting with the reader and the reader flirting back and Peter acting like a cute overprotective best friend/ brother and Damian being jealous he isn’t old enough for the reader 😂😅 ?

“Whose idea was it to send us all on a mission together again?” Peter asked you. The two of you were perched on a Gotham rooftop, waiting for the Batfamily to join you.

“Bruce’s,” you said. “Apparently his sons liked us enough that they wanted us to join them on patrol.”

“I think they wanted to spend more time with you, Y/N,” he said. “They weren’t interested in Spider-Man. They were interested in Violet Witch, and you were interested in them, too.”

“You jealous?” you asked with a teasing smirk.

“Of course not. You’re like a sister to me,” he said, sounding annoyed. “I’m just worried.”

“Don’t be,” you said, allowing tendrils of light to weave through your fingers. Unlike your sister’s scarlet, your powers manifested as a violet glow, earning you the name Violet Witch.

You and Peter heard footsteps approaching from behind you the same time you heard someone call out a greeting.

“Hey, guys.” Dick offered you and Peter a friendly grin, dressed in full Nightwing regalia. Jason had his leather jacket and red helmet, Tim had his red ensemble with wings, and Damian had his Robin suit on. It was almost surreal, seeing the group of heroes you had always dreamed of meeting standing in front of you.

“Are you guys ready?” Peter asked. You could tell he was impatient for this to be over.

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if youre still accepting prompts could you do #14 “Hey, I’m with you, okay? Always.” luckybang please?

oooh anon, you’re instantly my friend for requesting luckybang, i hope you know that  💗

this is en extension of my Country Roads verse, so I’d suggest reading that first if you haven’t yet, but it can probably stand alone!

14. “Hey, I’m with you, okay? Always.”

His left arm is hot underneath the thick knit of his uniform, baking where cut up shapes of sunlight fall across it through the bones of the transpo buggy. There is nothing between the frames and beams of the windows, open to the sand and the sky as they rumble along. The wind buffets hot and gritty into his face, and he has to turn away before getting it in his eyes.

They jostle over a bump in the road and Clyde looks into the faces of his squad, and finds he doesn’t recognize any of them. They’re sitting huddled with him in the jeep, crouched around their weapons and looking blank, bored, but he can’t remember any of their names, or get any of their features to settle. Which is strange, because he went through the ringer with these guys, he knows them like he knows the fingers on his hand. But the man next to him is like a blank spot in his memory, a smudged spot on paper where something’s been erased. Their thighs are touching but he doesn’t feel warm through the fabric; when Clyde looks up he doesn’t really have a face, just a vague approximation of a neutral expression almost more his own intuition than visually apparent.

He shakes his head, willing the strange feeling to pass. Looking back out the window he sees no landmarks, no mountains or dunes or cities huddled low and hazy in the heat. He can’t remember where they’re leaving from or where they’re headed, only the thrum of the sand pelting the undercarriage of the transpo beneath him and the wind still whipping unforgiving between the helmet at his brow and the strap across his chin. He doesn’t know where they’re going, or how long it will take to get there. He shifts his weapon, leans against the bars, and waits.

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Sketch Requests

Hello there, everyone

I plan on opening commissions soon, so I’ll start off with simple sketch requests.

I know I only draw Link, they are the only examples here but I can draw other characters, I assure you. (I’m just too obsessed with drawing Link…)

It can be anything. scenarios, just a character sketch, whatever your heart desires, it just has to be… simple. (I have school. and other things to do)

It can be a pencil on paper sketch, or a digital one (paper drawings have a different feel, so you might prefer that.) I may or may not color it. I’ll try to.

Once you request, I will probably not draw it immediately (probably. maybe I’ll do it the same day). Maybe it could be a week or two. I’m throwing that out there so it won’t be a surprise that I’m late.

Please don’t hesitate. It’s a request. It’s free. You won’t lose anything if I don’t do it. I just want to practice, that’s all.

You can send your requests through asks. I will post the sketch as an answer. If you don’t want that I can just DM it to you.

(((There are some things that I may refuse to draw. I hope you understand that)))

Thank you :D

Don’t ever leave me

A Harry Styles imagine

Based on this request:

Hi! Could you, please, write a Harry imagine about you leaving your home to go for a walk and your phone runs out of battery, so Harry can’t reach you and is very worried and stuff? Make it all fluffy!!! Thanks!

Requests are open! Enjoy!


It was a quarter past eleven PM. You and Harry were both sprawled across the livingroom couch, wrapped up in both fluffy blankets and each other’s arms. Muffled and rather quiet sounds came from the Notebook playing in the background. This was your second time watching it tonight, as thrilling as it may sound. Even though Harry loved the film from the bottom of his heart and every time watched it with the same amount of enthusiasm, the rough this week’s schedule had completely drained any signs of energy left in him, only faint snores came out of his nose as he slept on the softness of your chest, his arms wrapped tightly around your waist.

After laying there for what seemed like forever, you finally decided that you are not ready for your bladder to burst just yet, so you tried to pry yourself out of the tangle of Harry’s limbs. Once you finally stood up, satisfied with the fact that Harry had not even moved an inch during your grand escape, you made your way towards the bathroom. As you were washing your hands, you noticed the bright full moon shining over the beautiful landscape in front of your window, making you yearn for a nice walk in this beautiful autumn night. Making sure Harry was sound asleep, you put on warmer clothes, remembering to take your gloves out of Harry’s coat pocked, quietly chuckling to yourself at the fact that he stole them this morning, because “the wheel was too cold to properly drive”, not because he in general was freezing his limbs off, just pretending to be more masculine infront of you.

Once you were set to go, you put in your headphones, locked the door and left. Every step you took in the beat of the songs that did not make it to Harry’s album, your mood and spirits lifted, and even the chilly air was not enough to make you regret the decision of leaving the warmth of your home. After being out for what seemed like only fifteen minutes, the weather all of a sudden changed into one that London oh so dearly knows - it started to pour. Looking at your surroundings, you got a bit confused, as the neighbourhood did not seem familiar anymore, you checked the clock in your phone, only to be met with a notification that your phone only has 1%. Cursing to yourself you noticed the time - 1:17AM. What seemed like only half an hour turned out to be almost two. Realising that there is no way you could use the phone, who had now turned off completely, to call a taxi or use Google maps to find your way back, you decided to turn around and try to remember the unusually random path you took, inwardly being angry at yourself for not following Harry’s rule not to wander around places you have never been to before. After what seemed like five hours, you finally saw the oh so familiar park near your home, relief washing over you, as you finally understood your whereabouts. Approaching your home, now freezing, since it was still raining, you noticed lights illuminating the windows, and a confused expression took over your face. Once you opened the door, you heard heavy and fast steps coming your way - Harry, dressed up seemingly ready to head out, with worry painted all over his beautiful face.

“Where have you been?! It’s almost 4AM! I’ve been worried sick for hours! Where is your phone?!” he angrily shouted, but worry was latched onto his every word.

“Baby, I’m sorry, I went out for a walk, but kind of got carried away. My phone ran out of battery, and I kind of got lost” you quietly said, not wanting to get him more worked up.

“Got lost!?? What did I tell you about wandering off?! It is NOT safe for you to be alone in a city like this!!” He spat, the vein in his neck showing itself prominently, and his hand ran trough his freshly cut hair. After a minute of silence, a sigh left his lips.

“Come ‘ere” he ordered, patting his lap.

You took of your boots and tiptoed to where he now sat on the couch. Once you sat down, his arms tightly wrapped around your trebling figure, embracing you in a warm hug.

“I was worried sick, I drove around the block for almost two hours with no sign of you. I was ready to head down to the police station” he whispered in your hair, kissing it as he did.

“Don’t ever do that again, or I will have to chain you up or something” he said jokingly, but you knew more than well that he meant it.

“I promise I won’t, ‘m sorry” you said and laid a soft kiss on his cheek, making the embrace to get tighter.

“I love you so much, babygirl, I don’t know what I’d do if something happened to you. I would be ready to kill anyone trying to harm you” he said with a clenched jaw, his voice cracking every once in a while as he spoke.

“I know, baby, I know.”

The two of you got up and went up to your shared bedroom, wrapping yourselves in the warmth of your blankets, as Harry pulled you close to his chest, making sure you don’t get a cold after tonight’s events in the freezing weather. As you slowly drifted away in the dream world, Harry whispered sweet nothings into your ear, while stroking your hair the way you loved, the last thing you heard being:

“Don’t ever leave me.”

take my hand (bill denbrough)

requested by anonymous: “can u write a request where the readers asks bill out to the sadie hawkins dance and they’re both super flustered?”

i love bill denbrough, he’s so soft <3 i love all of them djddjfpjfpw but thank you for this request and hopefully you enjoy this!

pair: bill x reader

warnings: cute bb bill

prompts | request here

it masterlist

“remember kids, you have four days until the sadie hawkins dance! so ladies, remember to ask out that special someone!” the principal’s voice booms over the intercom before the last bell rings for the day.

everybody burst into chatters and giggles as they talk about who’s going to ask who or who to the dance on friday. you stuff your books and pencils into your bag and slung it over your shoulder. finally, the bell rang and you rushed out the classroom.

once you made it to the school courtyard, you’re best friend ran up to you.

“y/n! there you are!” she threw her hand over your shoulders and walked along with you. “so, who are you going to ask to the dance?”

“damn, straight to the point, huh?” you laugh.

“well duh, why bother with the small chit chat? anyways, who is it?” she pokes your side and you squeal in response.

“well, i don’t know,” you sighed even though you had a clear name that stood out in your mind.

y/b/n stops in her tracks, stopping you along with her, “is it stuttering bill?”

you felt your cheeks tingle, “his name is bill denbrough but, how’d you guess?”

“you think i don’t see the way you look at him when he passes by us in the hallways?” she chuckles, “or how he looks at you?”

your head snapped towards her direction and saw her smirking at you, her arms crossed in front of her chest, “what?”

“what do you mean, what? you two look at each other like lost puppies!” 

“do not!”

“do too!”

“shut up,” you giggle and continued to walk away.

“well, see you tomorrow!” y/b/n called out and you looked over your shoulder and waved goodbye. on the walk home, you thought about asking bill. he’s a kind, cute boy who went through a lot but still manages to be an absolute sweetheart. you want to ask him but you’re so shy and not to mention your fear of rejection.

but hey, you’ll never know until you try.

the next day, y/b/n didn’t show up to school, leaving you to face the horrible world alone. maybe an over exaggeration but how do you describe school in a not so violent way?

you were walking to your next class, your head down, looking over your chapter notes for the quiz coming up later in the day. when you turned the corner, you bumped into someone, sending your papers flying everywhere.

“i-i’m s-so s-sorry, l-let m-me h-help y-you w-with th-that,” you looked up and saw bill snatching paper off the floor and handing them over to you.

“no it’s fine, i should’ve been looking on where i was going!” you stammer as bill handed the last of the papers to you. 

“i-it’s o-okay, l-let m-me w-w-walk y-you t-to c-class,” he said and started to walk with you. “s-so, wh-who are y-you p-pl-planning to a-ask o-out t-to th-the d-dance?”

you felt butterflies erupt in your stomach and you had to keep looking forward to keep your blushing face hidden from bill, “i’m not sure.”

“o-oh. w-well, wh-whoever i-it i-is, h-he’s a l-lucky g-guy,” bill mumbled and you stopped in front of your class.

“really?” you look up at him and he smiled.

“o-of c-c-course. s-see y-you l-later,” bill dashed off to class and you watched him go. you couldn’t help but grin like an idiot as you walked into class and sat down in your seat. 

maybe you would ask him out after all.

“two more days until the dance, y/n,” y/b/n sang as you walked over to your locker. “when are you going to ask someone out?”

you groaned as you put your books into your locker, “soon, okay? i’ll ask someone soon.”

“you can’t wait forever, y/n! boys are getting taken left and right!” y/b/n playfully slapped your shoulder and flounced away to class. you put the rest of your stuff in your locker and closed it. as you walked to your next class, you passed by bill, who was walking with his friends. you locked eyes with him but you looked away quickly. you could’ve stopped him and asked him out right there and then but you already scurried off.

stop being a chicken! you scolded yourself as you entered the classroom, the bell ringing shortly after. 

throughout the whole class period, you were trying to think of ways to ask bill. you loved the idea of having girls ask boys to the dance but fuck, why is it so hard to do so? by the time the dismissal bell rang, you had a semi-plan in your head.

hopefully you’ll be able to do it.

thursday. the dance was tomorrow and you had to ask bill today. no excuses, no nothing. you had a plan, albeit it isn’t the best one, and you were going to execute it right before first period.

when you entered the school, your eyes scanned the hallways for bill and saw him walking alone. perfect, you thought. you made a beeline straight for him and once you were getting closer, all the jitters came at once. that plan you had? yeah, it flung itself out the window.

what if he has a date already? what if he says no? oh god, what if i just word vomit? or just vomit in general? all these thoughts and more were running through your head as you neared bill. you wiped your sweaty palms on your pants and took a breath.

“bill?” you stop right in front of him and he looked up from the floor.

“o-oh, h-hey y-y/n,” bill smiled, “wh-what’s u-up?”

“uh, i just- i wanna- um,” you cleared your throat, it’s now or never, “do you want to go to the dance with me?”

the words came out slowly and you bit your lip, anxiously waiting for a response. you saw blood rush into bill’s cheeks, tinting them a nice pink color.

“y-y-yeah,” bill smiled and you felt your heart burst. 

“wait, really?” you ask, trying to suppress the wide grin coming upon your face but it was impossible. your heart was beating rapidly, butterflies were multiplying by the second in your stomach, and you’re pretty sure that you look like a tomato.

“y-yeah. i-i’m s-surprised y-you a-asked m-me,” bill lets out an awkward chuckle and rubbed the back of his neck, “b-but i-i’ll c-c-come b-by y-your h-house t-tomorrow. i-is th-that o-okay?”

“yeah, that’s fine,” you beam at him, your smile as bright as the sun.

“see you then,” bill gives you another smile and walks off, a slight bounce in his step. you then skipped to your first period, feeling as light as a feather. the whole school day was a blur, your mind focused on what’s to come tomorrow.


Originally posted by hobichii

Pairing: Hoseok x reader

Genre/Warnings: Hybrid!Au, fluff, dad!au, slight violence, swearing, slight angst

Request: Can you do a dog hybird of Hoseok taking care of his daughter who almost gets attack by a snake?

(credit to original owner of gif)

(A/N I did take some liberty with the story sorry but thank you for giving me an awesome request.)

Hoseok had all he wanted in life. The hybrid laws were just starting to lift up and started treating hybrids more like people than animals. So when it was declared Hybrids could marry humans he was overwhelmed. You two had been hiding your relationship for a while but the minute it was made legal he suddenly became unshy. He would proudly hold your hand in public among otherwise that made him happy. You too were excited and even introduced him to your parents. They were surprised but it didn’t take them long to warm up to Hoseok but of course, there were those who still saw hybrids as nothing more than animals or freaks of nature and condemned them and the newly changing laws.

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…where did you all come from?!

Okay so…I love you all? And I’m really thankful that a lot of people have expressed love for my works and that you’re here to read the shit I put out?

like I literally do this because it’s fun to write and because you all like reading the things. I can’t thank everyone enough for your requests and your patience. You guys make this fun for me!

I’m just…im lov u all ok thanks for being here

anonymous asked:

Requests: 1) Sheldon saying he wanted to do something and Amy asking if it was with her in the bedroom, 2) Leonard wanting to learn from Bert how to walk away from Sheldon, 3) Raj telling Bernadette to take a long hard look in the mirror and her looking at her hair, 4) Sheldon saying Kripke had a big gap in the math and then putting the gap there, 5) Sheldon saying Penny was crazy loving Leonard and she just grinned at that. Hope I'm not asking too much. :D Thank you and I love you! ♥

They’re all up! Thank you for the request and not letting this blog die a slow, painful death.

I just wanted to thank you all for the support you gave me yesterday!💙

I often have days like these that just have me being sad even about the little things in life

But i feel much better now thanks to you guys😄

I’m still working on all the requests i reserved yesterday (and maybe might upload some today? )


(( So I am pretty sure I sent all the asks out to all that requested to my post except one. Thanks for following the rules again. Though I really advise a few folks get a clean and clear tagging system and a reference page because searching through an unorganized blog is not… cool. 

I have been too lenient. Next time, I’m telling those who ask me with disorganization, you need to fix their pages if other people are too skittish to speak up. 

Also I been tempted to get a few interactions with Death himself but I am not looking for something that will be automatically confrontational. 

I am very picky about fight situations. I do not do this often and it can be rather tiresome to me as well as a huge turnoff because I would rather discuss these matters first hand instead of just being thrown into it. Don’t trust fight situations so much, too many experiences of the.. Godmod thing. 

If you’re interested, let me know. I know I am interested in a few I know he can hit along fine with and I may discuss with them later. ))


🌸 Tattoo artists!Jikook for anon 🐉