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For the longest time, I feel like the phandom has been two sides, either you ship phan or you dont.

But since 2016, I really start to feel like their is a third option that is growing bigger, and that is “dan and phil are in a ship, whether friend or relation. as long as they’re happy doing whatever together, then it doesnt matter which version of the ship they are.”

I have aligned myself with this third option

So, allow me to tell you what’s happening here. Anna (pictured above) found my work on Pinterest uncredited, and because she couldn’t find me, she used it for a tattoo without my permission. The only reason I know about this, is because she approached me with the intention to own up for her mistake and correct it. Although the truth is, we both kind of lost in this situation.

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Hello! I'm Alisa, the one who took that adorable pic of Cait😂 She was just the most gorgeous and sweetest person ever! I was standing in line for other autographs and I saw her walking down and I was just like: I need to get pics! She looks so damn stunning! I was dropping like everything and just had eyes for her😂 So yeah and this pic is just the greatest shot! I mean, look at her smile!😍 xo

Hi, Alisa!! Thank you for sharing the pic, it’s amazing!! Her smile is so lovely

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You’re so lucky to have met her. She really does seem like such a sweet person!

And she really is so stunning 😍 Had I been in the same room as her I feel like I would’ve reacted in the same way … or I probably would’ve stumbled over my feet and walked into things/people. In other words, I would’ve looked like an idiot!

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Hey! Since you're Russian, I wanted to ask if you could explain what Lev's nickname means exactly? Isn't it a feminine form—with the "a" at the and all? (Also, I love your blog and your drawings! But I'm too shy to come off anon, sorry!)

So as far as I get it Furudate chose “Lyovochka” for Lev’s pet name, which is just adorable, let me tell you, but also quite unusual (for me at least). The thing is, I’ve never actually heard someone use “Lyovochka” at all. The most popular ways would be: Levushka\Lyovushka, Lyova\Leva, I guess. BUT Russian gives you lots of possibilities when it comes to derivation, so “Lyovochka” works just fine. 

As for the meaning, well, it’s simple. There are a lot suffixes in russian, but in this particular case we’re talking about diminutive ones. The suffix “ochk” is one of those. So words with such suffixes sound cuter, more affectionate and more caring, so I guess Lev’s sister just wanted to emphasize her fondness (especially since she is older and such pet names are often used for people who are younger than you (for example children) and just people you care about).
The ending “a” in this case has nothing to do with the grammatical gender since we’re talking about human names.
So, er, I hope that helps! I’m sorry for the mistakes if there are any. 
Thank you for you message by the way, it really means a lot!!

Halflings AU master post

This post has been a long time coming because every day I think of new things I want to incorporate into this AU and every day it just gets developed more. 

Halflings AU is probably just going to stay as a series of a bunch of stories from prompts or little ideas I have, but I figure there should be one big informative post talking about the little things that are between stories or things that are unexplained. It really is big;;; This is just a bunch of info dumped into one giant post I’m so sorry it’s so long but it’s good stuff.

(please note anything said in earlier posts has probably changed since I’ve developed it more, as well if theres anything that ends up sounding confusing its probably because I didnt proof read enough i apologize;;;; )

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Alisa Kwitney On Writing Stephanie Brown and Cass Cain in Convergence: Batgirl #1

DC Comics is launching their Convergence event next month and it is bringing back classic versions of characters as well as characters that have not been part of the new 52 continuity.

Two of the missing characters that fans were most concerned about when DC rebooted their universe were Stephanie Brown and Cassandra Cain. Brown is now back in Batman Eternal in a rebooted form (she is Spoiler and has never been Batgirl) while Cain has remained “benched” except for a brief appearance in a Batgirl issue set in an alternative future. The issue also features a pre-52 Tim Drake.

Writer Alisa Kwitney has been tapped to write the two issues named Convergence: Batgirl #1. Kwitney is not a name a lot of comic readers may be familiar with as most of her comic work was a few years ago as an editor at Vertigo on titles such as Books of Magic. I chatted with Kwitney about taking on these popular characters and what she has planned for them.

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