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140408 B.A.P US Boom Party Baby NYC

I am finally ready to just rant about B.A.P man
This is more like for me because I don’t want to forget what happened but please don’t feel shy to read this looong post
FYI this is gonna be a combination of what I wrote directly after the concert and what I’m writing now post concert daze/depression

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My Apologies to my followers

I feel as though I haven’t posted much content lately. I’m balancing real life, and commissions( though very few) at the moment. I am determined to keep my promises and get lots of art and videos up! Please stick with me. It will pay off. You can count on it! Please send me good vibes and kind words. I need them. More than you all know. Thank you again for taking the time to read, like, reblog my content :) it is such an amazing feeling

Safe - Nathan Prescott x Reader

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{Credit to gif creator}

Fandom- Life is Strange

Character- Nathan Prescott {Includes Warren Graham, Victoria Chase, Kate Marsh, Max Caulfield

Word Counter- 1175 Words 

Persona- Female

Warnings- Episode 2 spoilers. Offensive language.

Request- Hello, hi! Could you maybe do a nathan prescott x reader again? I really enjoyed the last one. Maybe something like he can only really smile for real around you? I know im prescott trash, but he’s so cute!! Thanks!! ^¬^

So I do kinda sway from the request and go off into something a lot deeper and darker, so it’s kinda like the request, thrown in with my own idea, I hope you still enjoy it though! <3

You were walking out of English with Warren Graham, your current guy best friend after your little fall out with Nathan Prescott the ‘rich bitch kid’. You liked Nathan for what he was inside, not outside.

“So, you and the Prescott Prince?” Warren asked, noticing you were deep in thought.

“Warren, nothing is going on between us,” You tell him and he smirks.

“It’s okay if there is,” He says, unsure of his words, I mean, Nathan did beat him up yesterday.

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Real talk y'all.

My family and I went out to Dairy Queen tonight, and there was this waiter/cashier guy, and he was attractive. In any case, he made a lot of jokes and was super smooth and stuff, and I was like “Ha, this guy is fairly amiable” because, you know, I’m awkward.

My mom, though - my mom knows things, and she was like “He’s so hardcore flirting with you.”

I didn’t believe her (I mean my awkwardness level reached over 9000, but otherwise) but then I went up to buy everyone ice cream and he pulled out his wallet and bought the ice cream for us.

and he was like “I got you, but don’t tell your dad. He might kill me.”

So my mom totally shipped us and she got me to write down my number and before we left I ran up to the counter and was like “I think you dropped this,” and immediately ran the opposite way because, again, awkward.

But he called out “Thanks, this is really important, I was worried I would lose it.”

Flirtation successful.

book4388  asked:

Okay I've got a request: A G.Wash x reader where the reader is a female pretending to be a guy in the war, and she's one of his best soldiers. (And he likes them even though he thinks they're a guy) and then the reader gets injured or something and her real gender gets out and George is like thank goodness because I thought you were a guy and that me liking you was wrong so I didn't say anything but your a chick so it's cool I guess. (Thank you if you consider doing it(or if you don't)

Ok I know it’s not with Gwash but I already have this request with some others, so I don’t think I could write it again. Sorry. 


So I’ve been working on my first fanfic! I have been working on it on the side and I’m so excited to start playing around with Tumblr and links and oh so many techy stuff! I’ll be posting up the first part soon for link purposes even though I have it completely finished. I will also be making an AO3 account to put it there because why not! So guys keep an eye out! It’s a Feysand fanfic and I worked REALLY HARD on it so if your interested and would like a heads up to check it out: 👉🏻LIKE THIS POST AND I WILL TAG YOU! Thanks again! And hope to show you guys my work real soon! 👌🏻👋🏻🙌🏻👐🏻👏🏻🙏🏻✌🏻

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If you are accepting requests, may I ask for a minific where Seven tries to push MC away after she was taken for ransom, or something close to that? I love your blog, have a nice day (Or night)!

HOHOHO GUESS WHO IS BACK GUYS >:D Sorry for the hiatus LOL. I seriously didn’t expect to get that sick. Ya girl is feeling much much better though<3 I am still regaining my strength so stuff will be coming out on the reg sooon. Thank you all for all your love and sweet comments ugh my heart. YOU GUYS ARE LITERALLY THE BEST. 

And thank you my lovely anon, I love you very much. I hope you like this little ficlet. My writing skills are a bit rusty so let me know what you all think in the comments or whatever. You da bomb :*
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Safe & Sound

He felt his heart pounding against his rib cage as if it were about to rip out of his chest. Actually, it did feel like his heart was going to be ripped out of his chest. They had you. 

You guys were out and about enjoying each other’s company and joking around. One minute you were right behind him, arms reach away. The next moment he heard your muffled screams as he saw you being dragged into a van.

His feet were pounding rapidly against the pavement as he ran back to the apartment. He cursed himself as he searched his messy home for some keys. “Fuck, this is not the time to be-”his thoughts were interrupted when he heard a loud ping from his computer.

“Bring $1,000,000 to XXX in XXX in 3 hours or the girl dies.”

Fuck,” he thought to himself angrily. He wasn’t mad because of the money, oh no he had more than enough of that and was willing to give it all up for you. He was pissed because he brought you into this mess.  

He was at the rendezvous point two hours early. Each second that passed by he felt himself become more anxious and impatient. He knew that he had no leverage so he couldn’t risk pulling any punches this time. It felt like years had passed before he saw two large black vans pull into the empty lot. How

He felt anger course through his veins, he wanted every single one of them dead. “How dare they?” The heat that was rushing through his veins was soon replaced with ice. The men had finally pulled you out and you look so tattered. Your body was covered with cuts, duct tape sealed your lips and your eyes were filled to the brim with tears. He heard his heart stopped beating; he wanted to cry, to scream. To vent all of this pent up anger and frustration somehow.

But he couldn’t. One step out of line and you could get hurt even more. Or worse.

He tossed the duffle bag filled with money over to the men and waited as patiently as he could. One of them henchmen walked over and searched the bag, counting the money and making sure there wasn’t any type of tracking devices. Seven’s patience was running thin, he wanted to run fight every single one of them for even thinking about holding you for ransom. He hated that he was at their mercy, that he couldn’t do anything more to help you.

“Boss, we’re all good.” Seven felt himself let go a breath he wasn’t even aware he had been holding. 

He watched as the henchman that had been holding you placed a tender kiss on your cheek as you flinched away from him. Seven’s eyes were ablaze and he felt himself clench his fists tightly. The man let out a throaty laugh as he pushed you towards Seven. You began taking small tentative steps towards him on shaking legs. He heard the vans start up and peel out of the lot quickly. He bolted running towards you as fast as his feet could take him.

He grabbed you and buried his face in your hair as you both sunk to the cold hard pavement, sobbing in each other’s arms. He felt his heart swell; he finally had you back in his arms. He promised himself that he would not let anything else happen to you, ever again.

It’s been a little more than a month now since that incident. In the beginning, your loving boyfriend was extremely over protective and super clingy. Not that you minded, you enjoyed being showered with his affection.

It began to slowly dwindle down and a cold front replaced it. Seven was back to working ungodly amounts of hours, ignoring you and honestly being mean. He was pushing you away. You tried to be understanding, given his past; that kidnapping probably scared him more than anything. But he was seriously hurting your feelings.

“Saeyoung, babe can we please cuddle?” you asked as you stood behind the redhead typing away furiously at his desk.

 “Are your eyes not working? I’m doing work, stop bothering me,” he replied curtly. You felt yourself flinch. He hasn’t touched you in three weeks, didn’t he miss you like you missed him?

 You were stubborn and not giving up now. You leaned over and wrapped your arms around his neck, planting soft kisses on his neck and cheek as you whined, “Babe, please”

 He roughly reached up and pushed you away from him. You looked at him, shocked to see him pissed at you? Shouldn’t you have been the one that was upset with him?

 “Can you leave me alone? You’re fucking annoying, I need to work so I can provide for your ass, the least you could do is leave me alone when I’m working.” he angrily spat. 

Anger flashed in your eyes, you took a deep breath to calm yourself down. You knew his tactics. “Saeyoung, I know what you’re doing. Stop trying to push me away. I am not going anywhere. I love you and I know you love me.”

“Do I? After everything that’s happened MC, I honestly don’t know if I do anymore. You annoy me more than anything in the world and I don’t think that’s love. I can barely stand you now.” he said nonchalantly as he turned and went to type something.

It was a good thing he couldn’t see you visibly flinch at the harsh words he threw at you. Your eyes were filled with tears as you turned. It was too much, after everything that you went through with him, after everything you went through for him? You didn’t know if you could take it. You were going to leave, maybe take some time to cool down but you needed to know one thing. “Where did I go wrong Saeyoung? What did I do to make you start hating me?” you whispered.

 He didn’t move a muscle. There was a long pause before either of you spoke. “Honestly, I’m not a fan of used goods. Maybe that’s what turned me off, sorry I guess,” he said.

You felt your entire being shatter. You could hear your heart pounding in your ears, your heart was physically causing you so much pain that you had to take some deep breaths so that you could regain your composure. 

You had had enough; you sacrificed everything for this man and his love. You couldn’t deal with him pushing you away anymore. You tried to convince yourself that it was because he loved you. Honestly, what did you know? He could mean every single word that left his mouth but you were too naïve and lovesick to realize it.

You got up and began packing your bags, you would stay with one of your friends but you were not coming back here again. You just couldn’t anymore.

He watched you leave, as you went to go pack your things. Leaving his life forever. 

It was a bittersweet moment. He was happy that now you finally had the chance to be happy and safe. You could be with anyone else in the RFA or any other man. They would cherish you like you deserved to be. 

You could go out on dates and not have to watch your back. You would not need to sleep with one eye open. You could have a safe and serene life.

It was a bit sad for him, though. He had never loved anything as dearly as he loved you. He wanted to spend every moment with you but he knew he couldn’t. Not if it was going to put you in danger like he had.

He spat the cruelest things at you. He knew that was the only way to get you to leave. You loved him far more than he ever deserved to be. He was blessed and while it was short-lived he will never stop loving you.

He couldn’t be selfish. As much as he wanted you by his side, he knew you deserved better. He was a villain in real life, cruel and unforgiving. When did they ever get what they wanted? He didn’t mind playing the bad guy once again, though, as long at it meant that you would be safe and sound.

 Sooooooo you didn’t specify if you wanted fluff or angst hehehe. SO WHAT DID I DO? HOPEFULLY BREAK YOUR HEART. Well I hope. Like I said my writing skills are a bit rusty so I’m not too confident in this piece hehe. Welp, who is amazing for reading my dumb writing? Uh yeah that’s right you :D Thanks babes love you MUAH XOXO


My first real time trying to look like a guy! I really want to cosplay Internet Explorer! Explorer have always been close to my heart <3 But I use Crome though, don’t tell Explorer I don’t think I look that much as Explorer but I hope I’ll get it right next time! ^3^

Don’t know about Explorer- senpai? Klick here~

Thank you Rainbow-taishi for bringing the browsers to life!! ;U;

Car trouble with the Winchesters .

word count :1928


anonymous asked:

Can you do a imagine when Dean and Sam come back from a long hunt and they crash in Deans car. And all of the sudden a knock came on the window and (y/n) or any name. Says she broke down a few miles away & dean offers to help het and while dean fixes her car they chit chat. After deans done they say thank you and exchange and Dean thinks about how they could be great friends maybe something even more. SORRY THIS IS LONG I REALLY WANT THIS TO HAPPEN. You’ll hear from me more often ☺️ -k

y/n=your name

Summary: the readers car breaks down and the only people she find to help her  are the Winchesters .deanxreader 

You had been driving for hours now stopping just for gas and food. You were heading to your next case while listening to ACDC from your iPod jack when all of sudden your car starts breaking down.

“no no no no come on baby you got this just a little more till we make it  to the next town come on .”

There was no use you had to pull over in the middle of nowhere your car wasn’t going to make it and you knew it was going to give out any second now. You barely parked in time before your car gave up. You didn’t know what to do.

“Really, I just got you checked last month danm it and I filled you tank.”

Your car was a beauty it was a classic 1965 ford mustang. You took really good care of it too. Black paint job with a tan leather interior. You had no other choose you had to find someone that could help and you couldn’t call anyone because you had no signal on your phone.

“Wonderful now I have to run till I reach someone that can help me.”

You were wearing dark blue skinny jeans ,boots, a white tank top and a flannel around you waist .you got out of your car and locked it .

“Alright baby ill bring back help just stay strong and don’t say hi to strangers “

You started jogging down the dirt road you ran a couple miles till you reached what looked like a car parked under a tree.

“Please let there be someone in the car .oh crap is that it’s a 1967 Chevy impala. yesssss if there is someone in that car at least they know a thing or two about cars . man it’s a beauty “.

There were two grown men in the car sleeping one looked slightly older than the other but the younger one seemed taller .the younger one from all  you could tell had great hair .the older one had short kind of spiked hair .They were both really good looking but the older one caught your eye more. The older one was in the driver’s seat and the younger one was in shot gun. You examined the older one a little more .He had a great body and man did he look good he was fit and manly .He was definitely a bad boy from what you could tell definitely your type . . You tapped on the driver’s side window because, well if he’s driving then that means he’s  probably the one that knows the most and well let’s be honest  you found him really hot   .

Tap, tap            

Dean point of view – I woke up with a tap on the window my fastest reflex was to get my gun out and point at the window. Once I finally felt alert I looked at where the noise was coming from. It was a girl for a moment I thought I was still dreaming because man was she gorgeous .I realized that  I wasn’t when I was still in the same spot I fell to sleep in. I looked over at Sam he was already awake. So much for resting after a long hunt.


Right when you tapped on the window both of men had amazing reflexes and the older one had already pulled his gun out and pointed it at you before you could say anything. When you looked at them you saw the colors of their eyes the older one had emerald green eyes and the younger one had hazel brown eyes both of their eyes had a hell of a story to tell.

“Wow hang on their big boys not here to steal or anything just wondering if you can lend a hand.”

“Step away from the car “

“Alright I’m unarmed and I’m not going to kill or hurt the owners of such a nice car.”

“I know I just want to get out and you were kind of in the way.”

“Oh ok a wise guy you could of just asked.“

"No i’m sorry i’m just not a morning person

They both got out of the car put their weapons away and stretched. Both of them were tall .you were right though the younger was a couple inches taller.

“Alright what’s your name?”

“Briana Johnson “(lies)

“Oh nice name reminds me of someone “

“Thanks, ok so my problem is my car stopped a couple miles back and I was wondering if you could help me out seeing that you drive a 67 Chevy impala tells me that you know a thing or two about cars”

“What do you think Sammy we give her a lift back to her car and help her?”

“Wouldn’t hurt I guess.”

“Thanks Sammy appreciate it.”

“The names Sam he only gets to call me that because he’s my brother.”

“Wow, sorry Sam didn’t know going off Intel here so Sam it’s a nice name it fits .so can I ask what your name is.

“Yeah it’s Dean”

“Oh nice to meet you Dean.”

“Ok so now that’s settled we can move on , alright get in the back seat and we’ll start heading back to your car.”

“Sound like a plan .”

you got in the back seat.”

 It had a great tan leather interior like your car except there was a little plastic soldier stuck in the ash tray.

“Do either of you have kids.”

“No why.”

“Because there’s a toy soldier stuck in your ash tray “

“Oh Sam did that when he was younger.”

“So this cars been in the family for a while then“

“Yeah you can say that.”

“So how far back did you say?”

“Just a couple of miles.”

You ran this far

“Yeah well I jogged a couple.”

You could feel dean starring at you with the rear view mirror a couple time

Dean reached over and grabbed a cassette and put it in. He started blasting highway to hell by ACDC.

“There’s no way “

“No way what? If you don’t like ACDC we might have to drop you off.”

“Are you kidding I love them I know every song by heart “

“I don’t know Sam she seems like a keeper “

“My car stopped right over here on the side of the road “

“You drive a 65 ford mustang”

You all got out

“Yeah he’s my baby I just can’t find out what’s wrong with him though “

Alright open the hood and I’ll have a look. Once you opened the hood, You couldn’t help but check dean out when he took off his 3 quarter over shirt revealing his short sleeved black t shirt that fit him perfect. When he bent over to look in the engine you took the chance to examine him some more. Man did he have great arms and a great body you enjoyed seeing his shirt lift up every so often. You would get  glimpses of what he looked under the shirt .

“Oh ok I see the problem here, yeah, I’ll get this fix in no time any way you have a wrench “

“Yeah I do it’s in my trunk “

“Here let me go with you to get it “

“Uhhh no it’s ok I got it “

“What are you hiding do you have a dead body in the trunk or what?”

(You whispered to yourself quietly) “No just a whole arsenal.”


“Nothing “

“I got its ok it’s the least I can do since your helping.”

You rushed over to your  trunk and got the old wrench you carried just in case this kind of  stuff happens  .You handed it to him he was sweating it was so hard to not imagine him shirtless .He got some oil on himself. Man did he look good can he be my mechanic for the rest of my life. He got some grease on his face you took the flannel from around your waist and wiped away some of the grease he had on his cheek .He looked straight into your eyes and man was it hypnotizing. We stood there for at least 30 seconds before Sam coughed.

“Oh umm sorry.”

“No its ok thanks “

He started to work on the car again.

You took that chance to talk to Sam

“So sorry if this is weird but how long have you been growing your hair out Sam it looks awesome.”

“A couple of years now “

“Impressive it looks real nice”

“Thanks, see dean she likes it”

That’s when dean decided to step in

“She’s just being nice, you should see him in the morning. I tell him to just give me some scissors and ill fix everything but no.”

“ haha Hey I have to admit though it’s hard to pull off long hair for guys but Sam here’s got it down.”

“Thankyou “

“You’ve got any compliments for me hun?”

“Well let’s just keep it at you don’t look bad sleeping or working on a car.”

“So you like the view then.”

“To be honest it’s not a bad view.”

“For some reason I think we’d be really good friends if we knew each other a little more.”

“Yeah me too but you’d have to be able to stand my singing “

“if you can handle mine I could handle yours.”

“ha sounds good then:

“ can I ask why were you sleeping in the car.”

“Oh we were both too tired to drive so we stopped for a break.”

“Oh ok , I see “

“What about you? Where are you heading? Back to the husband maybe?”

“Ha good one dean no I’m not in a relationship and, I guess you can say I’m on a road trip.”


“Hey remind what your name was again “

“The names Britney “

“Ok now I know you’re lying about you name because the last name you used was Briana Johnson and I know that’s based off the main singer from ACDC so want to explain.”

“Ok fine the real Names y/n I just don’t like letting people know what my real name is “

“See that fits you better and now I can trust you a little more.”

“You couldn’t trust me before Dean?”

“Well I could it just makes me feel better now that I know your real name.”

“oh ,yeah I can see why.”

“Now go start it up and see if I fixed it ”

“Alright “

With that you went to start the car. It took one try before your car came to life.

“Yes baby “

“I can’t repay you two enough.”

“No problem “

“It was nice meeting you y/n.”

 “Same goes for you two.”

Sam and dean started to head back to their car .Man I wish dean would have made move .You started to get in your car when you heard a dean yell.


Dean jogged over to you

“How about you give me your number and ill figure out a way you can repay me back maybe with dinner or something.”

“Well I guess that sounds like a good deal I’ll pay for the dessert pie too. Fair warning though I don’t stay too long in one place.”

“That’s two more thing’s we have in common then  pie and, not being able to stay too long in one place. “

“I guess it is see you around Dean.”

“You definitely will y/n”

Sometimes when things happen in life, you either have to cry about it or write fic about it.

And so: Jonny’s not-so-good Labour Day weekend.


For the third day in a row, the guy - Jonny, his name was - came into Pat’s Starbucks around 8 am and headed straight for the bathroom.  Pat bit his lip.

He watched as the door opened again to let him out.  The fringes of Jonny’s hair, close to his forehead, were damp, like he’d washed his face.  His hair being damp didn’t change much - it was pretty greasy and untamed.  Like yesterday and the day before, he was wearing a threadbare t-shirt with holes in the collar, one that fit just a bit too tight, and sweatpants that had seen better days.  He looked tired and out-of-sorts.  Still hot, though, which was honestly a miracle.

Pat knew he wasn’t really supposed to let homeless people use the bathroom.  

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The Night They Met

“…and so I’d like you to meet my really good friend Taylor. She’s the best.” That was all Calvin heard before she was standing in front of him, all tall and beautiful, her eyes piercing his. It was weird, when their eyes met, it felt like her knew her already. Instantly comfortable. 

 "Hi, I’m Calv–Adam,“ he fumbled, sticking out his hand. She grabbed his hand with her own and leaned in closer, her forehead wrinkles in confusion, her face an inch away from his-“I’m sorry I missed that. What did you say?” “Sorry,” he said quickly, “Adam, my name is Adam. Nice to meet you!” “But I thought,” she pulled back slightly and let go of his hand turning to Ellie with a half smile on her face. “I thought it was Cal-?“ 

 He interrupted her before Ellie answer. "Calvin Harris is just my stage name. I use my real name with friends.” “Oh, so we’re friends then?” She turned her face back to him, a flirtatious lift on her lips. “We barely just met.” Adams face lit up. “I would say so, sure. You seem the type of girl a guy like me would be lucky to call a friend." 

Taylor laughed. "Smooth, Mr. Harris, real smooth.” “Thanks,” he answered brightly. “And it’s Mr. Wiles if we’re going to go by last name. Though I much prefer Adam, coming from your lips. And what’s your last name then? Smith or something?" 

Taylor leaned in and laughed harder this time. "Cute Adam, really cute,” she breathed out after she could breathe again. “It’s Swift, if you didn’t know,” she said, before glancing around in confusion. “But where did Ellie disappear off too then? That girl I swear, I’ve been losing her all night!" 

She turned back to Adam, a dazed smile in his face. "I’m sorry what?” He said, after several seconds had passed with no response from him. “I said, did you see where Ellie ran off to?” She smiled at him, pulled into his eyes. His eyes were like magnets, drawing her in, and his proximity was setting off many chemical reactions–her skin practically tingled from being this close to him.

“She must have found more interesting people to talk to,” he answered with a smirk. “I can’t imagine who could be more interesting than you.” “All right Romeo, calm down,” she joked, taking a small step back from his body. Their proximity and his words were making her seriously consider breaking her no boys policy. “Sorry was that too cheesy?” Adam asked, taking a step closer to her, closing the space she just created. “I can’t seem to stop my mouth from saying very dorky, corny things right now. I blame your beauty of course.” He smiled big, letting her know he was kidding around. 

 The two fell into an easy conversation, a teasing back and forth. The longer it went on, the more comfortable she felt. He just got her, right away. Thought she was funny, and made her laugh way too easily. Could she do it? she mused to herself as Adam launched into a description of his morning preparation for the event. Could she break her no dating rule for him? He just seemed so funny and sweet–and nice. A good guy. And the way her body sang when he got close was making her feel like that rule was stupid–who would even make a rule like that? 

Suddenly, a hand appears out of nowhere and clapped Adam on the back. “Calvin!” A booming voice called out. Adams face immediately closed off and turned polite. “Hey Dave, how are you?” He said, shaking his hand. “And look who we have here? The Actual Taylor Swift? God damn man. Better not let Aarika catch you talking to this heartbreaker!” Taylor stiffened immediately, and her face froze in a polite smile. 

“I didn’t know you had a girlfriend,” she said, stepping back from their previous closeness. Adam shook his head no, he didn’t, but Dave interjected, “Oh yeah, what’s it been, seven months now? Where is she, anyway?" 

"Not here,” Adam answered pointedly, the tone lost on Dave, who nodded distractedly, then saw someone else he knew and left the two of them with a drunken wave. 

 "Well that’s nice. Anyway, it was lovely meeting you, Calvin,“ she said, as she stuck her hand out to shake his. "I hope you have a wonderful evening.” Polished, professional, cold. “No, Taylor, I’m not–we’re not,” Adam tried to explain, reaching out to grab her arm before she ran away. Taylor smiled that same smile but scooted back, out of his reach. “Oh don’t worry, I understand. There’s no need to explain. But I really should go find Ellie, if you’ll excuse me.” And she was off, headed toward the bar. Adam sighed, then kicked the chair next to him. “Shit!” He said, running his hand through his hair.


Taylor made her way outside the room where the party was, so she could get some quiet, some air. She felt foolish and stupid, like he had played a trick on her in front of everyone. Her cheeks were bright red, and she played back their conversation, how what she had taken for flirting must have just been conversations. “Wow Taylor, you must be hard up for some man attention, he didn’t even like you. He has a girlfriend. Stupid, stupid, stupid." 

She sighed, then sat on the marble staircase in from of her. Tears, unbidden and unwanted, sprang from her eyes, more from embarrassment than pain. She wiped them away as quickly as possible and tried to compose herself. "It’s fine you’re fine. Just go back in there and find Ellie and Karlie and have a great time,” she told herself. But really, she didn’t want to. She was tired and embarrassed, a little sad even. She just wanted to go home. 

Suddenly, the door beside her burst open. “Have you seen–did you see,” a man was calling out as he raced passed her, a messy blur. “Sorry?” She called back, confused. The man stopped and turned around–it was Adam. “Oh it’s you. There you are,” he sighed in relief, running over to where she was sitting. “Oh, it’s you,” she repeated, although with a much more resigned, disinterested tone. 

“Look Taylor we’ve got to talk and clear some things up–” he started to say before she cut him off. “I don’t date people who are in relationships,” she said shortly, standing up and folding her arms. 

“Of course you don’t–" 

 "I don’t know what you’ve heard, that you thought I might be interested in dating someone who has a girlfriend, but I don’t and will not,” she continued, her voice steely. 

“I know you wouldn’t, I wouldn’t think to ask–" 

"I’m just making that clear right away. I don’t want any conf–" 

"Will you please stop for one minute so I can explain?” Adam cut into her monologue, surprising her by coming in close, his face a breathe away from hers. She swallowed and took a step back. “Ok. Explain. Explain from over there though. And no jokes,” she added when she saw his face about to pull out a corny line about him making her uncomfortable with his sexiness.

Adam sighed and shook his head, trying to catch his breathe. He looked up and tried to catch her eye, but she wouldn’t look at him. Her arms crossed, head down–she looked strong, ready for a fight. But that’s not the Taylor he wanted right then. “Can you do me a favor and look and me when I say this?” he pleaded with her, needing her to see the truth in his eyes when he spoke. 

Taylor raised her head and caught his eye. And swallowed. “Fine,” she said quietly. “Talk.” Adam took a deep breathe. “I am not dating anyone." 

"But–” “Bapa shh–I’m talking ok?” Taylor swallowed her words and nodded. Adam continued, “I’m not dating anyone, I was recently dating a lovely woman named Aarika who I have broken up with. Pretty recently. A few weeks ago." 

"And,” he continued, as Taylor opened her mouth to say something, “that guy Dave and I aren’t close, so there’s no way he could have known. I’m usually pretty private about my relationships. And finally,” he continued, again senses Taylor was about to say something, “It ended amicably, were still friendly, but I have no residual break up pain or a need for a rebound girl. Just so you know,” he finished, “if anyone might be interested. That’s just some knowledge I gave you. To use or not to use, up to you." 

Taylor bit her cheek to keep from smiling. He was just so cute. And so funny. And he sensed her confusion and her questions and he seemed to answer honestly. His eyes seemed honest. She nodded slowly. "Thanks for the info. I’ll keep you in mind if any of my single girlfriends start whining about a guy. Maybe I’ll hook you up." 

"Yeah?” He answered, slowly walking toward her, testing her boundaries. Taylor backed away from him as he moved in closer, until she hit a wall with a surprised yelp. “That’s awfully kind of you Taylor, I wouldn’t want to put you out or anything,” he said, pulling up against her, his hand finding its place on her waist, their faces a hairs breathe away from each other. “It’s no trouble,” Taylor whispered, the sensations of his hand on her waist making her brain turn to mush, her arm almost automatically pulling up around his neck, pulling him in for a kiss. “Anything for a friend,” she whispered, before he suddenly moved forward and kissed her hard on the mouth, pulling her in tight to his chest. 

The kiss was perfect–strong and sweet. He let go of her for a moment and the two of them just stood there, looking at each other. Her hand on his chest, his hand on her waist, their eyes lost in each other’s. He could practically read in her eyes, “don’t hurt me please. I’m trusting you.” And she could read in his, “I won’t. I promise I won’t hurt you. Trust me." 

Suddenly, as if by physic power, they close their eyes and leaned back into each other simultaneously. Their kisses became frantic and feverish. Taylor opened her mouth to let out a moan and he found his way in, their tongues dancing, her hand coming around his waist and pulling him in tight to her body. She smelled like cinnamon and pine, and he couldn’t get enough. He needed her, more of her, all of her. Then, they broke apart, as quickly as they had gotten together. 

They stood there silently, breathing heavily, lipstick off her lips and on his face, his hair askew, his tie somehow undone. "I think this should, um, wait until another time,” Taylor finally got out, wiping the lipstick off his face and reaching to fix his tie. “What, you don’t want to have sex at the Brit Awards after party?” He teased, noting how her face turned bright red at the mention of sex, her eyes focused on tying his tie, smooth twists and a pull tight, straightening the knot. “Just teasing, love” he added when she didn’t respond, but her face turned even redder. He decided he liked making her blush, and vowed to make her blush as often as possible. 

“There, you’re perfect!” She announced smiling big, ignoring his words. He laughed and glanced in a mirror. He whistled. “Not bad, Swift–tie many ties before?” He joked, noting it’s smoothness. “I’ll never tell,” she answered with a smirk. She seemed edgy, nervous. “So well, I guess we should head back inside, yeah?” Taylor said after fixing her own hair quickly in the mirror, swiping the lipstick in her purse over lips quickly. 

“How do I look?” She asked Adam, turning back to him with a smile. “How did you do that?” Adam asked her quietly, watching her. “Do what?” She asked, double checking to make sure none of it smudged. Adam shrugged. “Look so perfect so quickly. You’re just…beautiful.” Taylor caught his eye, and he wasn’t messing around this time, he was serious. She blushed again and looked away, tugging at her hemline nervously. “I’m not perfect Adam, come on,” she said, uncomfortable with the compliment. She’d never been comfortable with people complimenting her beauty. 

Adam leaned against the wall, his hands in his pockets. “Why do you do that? Deny that you’re beautiful, that you’re gorgeous? I’m an impartial party here, just calling it like I see it. I’m just curious.” Adam asked. Taylor stood next to him, but not facing him. “Honestly?” She asked. “Of course,” he responded, turning her to face him. 

“Well, it’s like, I don’t know. I never really feel beautiful, not the way you say it. Like, I know I can put together an outfit, I know I can look presentable for sure. But beautiful?” She shook her head softly. “I just don’t feel that often. Certainly not when I’m a mess at a party,” she smiled, her hand running through her hair again, quickly glancing at the mirror once more, making sure everything was in the right place. 

“I guess that will be my new mission then,” Adam said softly, watching her raptly. “What’s that?” She said turning back to him. He leaned in, kissing her softly. Then he pulled back, smiling. “Making you feel beautiful every day. New mission.” She giggled, his words turning around in her stomach, turning into butterflies. “Sounds good to me. Unfortunately, I’m heading back to the States tomorrow morning, so your mission will have to wait,” she said, kissing his cheek shyly and stepping back. 

“You doubt me, Miss Swift. I’m wounded,” he laughed, grabbing her hand and walking her back to the party door. “I’ll find a way, trust me,” he whispered before opening the door, the party suddenly swallowing them with its noise and chatter. But his hand in her hand, his words in her mind–for some reason, this time, she chose to believe.

Aaron Carpenter - Imagine 11

*Aaron’s POV*

“Dude, she is so hot. Like, did you see her at the Grammy’s?” Nash said to me, Cameron, Carter, and Taylor. 

“I know. And her voice is insane!” Carter said, playing one of her singles on his phone. 

“I’d date her.” Cameron said, blushing. 

“I call dibs though.” Taylor said, smirking at all of us. 

I stayed quiet. Of course everyone would like her. She was (Y/N) (Y/L/N). One of the best singers in the entire world. She had 3 #1 singles and 2 #1 albums with her 3rd album coming out in a month. She was also drop dead gorgeous. Bart asked her to come tour with Magcon and it was amazing that she agreed to come on our tour with us when she could easily tour the world. 

Anyways, all the boys were obsessed with her, myself included. And of course they would call dibs on her. I’d probably be too nervous around her anyways. 

*Your POV* 

“Mahogany! Let’s go! I want to get there early!” I called to my best friend Mahogany. Mahogany and I met through LMFAO. I was a feature on one of their songs and Mahogany and I started hanging out while we were recording and we’ve been really close ever since. When Bart asked me to join Magcon, I was really hesitant until I found out it was the same tour Mahogany did and she really sold me on going.

I didn’t want to be late to the hotel. I wanted all the guys to have a good first impression of me. I didn’t want to come off as a brat that made everyone wait around on her.

Mahogany and I drove over to the hotel in San Francisco and pulled into the back parking lot to avoid fans in front of the hotel. We met Bart at the back door and he brought us to our rooms. We got all of our clothes put away and walked down to where the venue was being held so we could set up Mahogany’s DJ equipment. 

“Are you nervous to meet everyone?” Mahogany asked me while I logged onto her laptop. 

“Is it that obvious?” I asked, letting out a shaky laugh. I was terrified. Everyone was already really close, I knew some Magcon fans were upset that another girl was joining the tour, and I didn’t want them to stay away from me because I was a little more “well known." 

"You’ll be fine. I know for a fact that they all really like you and are probably going to be star struck when they meet you.” Mahogany told me, patting my shoulder while giving me a microphone to start sound check. 

I was in the middle of singing Titanium by David Guetta when I heard a bunch of noise. I immediately stopped singing when I saw a group of nine boys walk into the room. I knew they saw me too because all of the noise stopped abruptly.  

“Well, don’t be shy. Come over here!” Mahogany said into a mic, motioning for the boys to come over to us. I walked over to her, giving her my mic. I gave her a worried look but she smiled reassuringly at me. 

The boys ran up onto the stage and they were not shy at all.

“Hey gorgeous. I’m Taylor.” Taylor said, pulling me into a hug. He was wearing a pink bandanna. 

“Suck up,” A guy said to Taylor who then introduced himself as Carter who then gave me a hug. 

“I’m Cameron.” Cameron said, giving me a million dollar smile while pulling me into a hug. 

“I’m Jack Gilinsky." 

"And I’m Jack Johnson.” Two Jacks? 

“It’s okay if you confuse us. We forgive you already.” The tall one said as they both gave me a hug. 

“And I’m Shawn, I-”

“Shawn Mendes?! I love your voice! Maybe we can collab?” I asked, recognizing him right away.

He turned bright red and said, “I’d love to.” while pulling me into a hug. 

“I’m Matt. AKA you’re new best friend.” Matt said, pulling me into a tight hug. I laughed and told him I was going to hold him to that. 

“Alright. Now that all of these idiots are out of the way, I’m Nash.” Nash said, smiling at me, showing me his dimples. When he hugged me, he whispered, “You look beautiful today,” in my ear. I blushed when he pulled out of the hug. 

“And uhh.. I’m Aaron.” Aaron said shyly, rubbing the back of his neck. He took an unsure step towards me and gave me a quick hug. 

“Let’s get this party started!” Mahogany said, starting one of her playlists. 

We all hung out and by the end of the night I had all of their names straight. Mahogany and I went to our hotel room to get some sleep because Magcon was starting tomorrow. 

*Next Day*

We just finished meeting everyone and it went way better than I thought it would! Everyone seems to be really excited that I’m here and they were really supportive of me. I only got a few death glares which was expected. 

The show didn’t start for another half an hour so we were all hanging out in a room just outside of the venue. The boys were all super nice and were being really flirtatious with me, aside from Matt and Aaron. Matt was right about being my newest best friend. I’ve known him for a little bit more than 24 hours but we were already becoming close, which was nice. To have a guy friend that wasn’t all over you. 

But there was something Aaron that made me keep glancing over at him. Maybe it was the way he would smile at me when he caught me looking or the way he wasn’t all over me. The rest of the boys were all talking to me but my attention was elsewhere. It was on Aaron. 

And it was like that all night. Throughout the show, I would look to the side of the stage to see Aaron smiling up at me or when I was singing I could see him making a Vine of me. 

After the show, Matt pulled me into a hallway and told the other guys to go upstairs and that we’d be right there. 

“What’s up Matt?” I asked, still super energized from the show. 

“So, you know everyone likes you right?” He asked, which made me stop moving around and stare at him.

“Does Aaron like me?” I asked boldly. It must have been the adrenaline pumping through my body because I never in a million years would’ve just asked him that. 

“Yeah. Like, a lot. I know he doesn’t show it, but he’s just shy, I promise. I think you two would be cute together.” Matt said as we started walking towards the elevator. 

“Oh trust me, he shows it. And you really think so?” I asked him as he pressed the number of our floor. 

“Oh yeah. I had like, 20 girls tell me tonight that they think you and Aaron should date.” He said, chuckling as he pulled out his phone. 

“I’m gonna ask him out.” I said, determined to go on date with Aaron to see where this goes. 

“That’s my girl,” Matt said as the elevator door opened, “Go get him.” He said as we realized everyone was standing in the hallway right outside the elevator. It got really quiet as they all waited to see who I was going to go talk to. I took a deep breath and started walking in Aaron’s direction. He was standing next to Taylor and I could see Taylor smile and Aaron look down at the floor in defeat. 

“Guys, let’s go.” Matt said from behind as I kept walking towards Aaron. Everyone moved except for Taylor. But I walked right past him and stood in front of Aaron until he looked up at me. 

“(Y/N)?” He said, furrowing his eyebrows. 

“Hey Aaron. I may be totally making a total fool out of myself, but I was wondering if you wanted to go to the beach with me tomorrow after Magcon? Like, on a date.” I asked, avoiding eye contact. 

“Well.. This isn’t how I imagined our first date going, but I would love to take you to the beach.” He said, pulling me into our first real hug. 

“Thank god. I was so nervous.” I said in his ear before he let me go. 


A/N: Here you go lovely! You didn’t leave your name but this was a great idea! Thank you for the request! I hope you liked this even though it got a bit long. If anyone wants an imagine, please send me a request in my ask box! And if you could please a little bit of what you want it to be about, I would greatly appreciate it! Thanks again guys! LOVE YOU! :) xx

“You Learn To Live Without” - The Gay Divorcée  - Post 1

Hello and welcome to my new weekly blog! I am gay and divorced hence the title! You might have seen my YouTube videos. I am sorry. Just kidding. I am hilarious.  And just started making lots of different kinds of videos! But my voice can be shrill and I talk very rapidly so it is hard to follow what the hell I am rambling about: “Kim and Kanye Blah Blah Blah”.

I wanted to write to share with you my story. I was married for 13+ years to another Michael. Yes, I married someone with the same first name! Love hadn’t quite won back in 2002, but I was determined to get married; just like all the straights. If they could do it, so could I darn it! Being gay is normal! I will show the world! I will show my dead mother in heaven! I will do the right thing and not get AIDS like people in Provincetown back in the 1980’s. My brain was very absolute when I was a young gay. Get married or get AIDS. I don’t know if I really thought that. All I know is when I was around 9 years old we stopped going to Provincetown so we didn’t get bit by a mosquito or sit on a toilet seat and get the AIDS. Hashtag: Different Times.

Over the weeks, I will share with you the insights I gained being married. I loved being married and have no regrets. I remember seeing single gays and thinking “Oh God! That looks horrible! Thank God I am married”!

Well now, here I am 41 years old and like Idina Menzel “Always Starting Over”. Did you see If/Then? I think most gays hated it. I saw it 4 times. It kinda destroyed me. Go listen to “You Learn To Live Without” and I dare you not to weep. If you are mean gay who doesn’t appreciate Idina singing on an L, listen to the Jackie Burns version. Thanks.

I have digressed.

Divorce is a death. It has been over a year and I still am grieving. I mourn for the loss of my best friend, my emergency contact and life as I knew it. We had two houses and five dogs. It was a lot to uncouple.

I will share my life now as I navigate the world as a divorced gay man. (Notice I didn’t say single. I listen to Dr. Laura. I am not single. Single is never married. I am divorced). I do not feel damaged though. I feel educated. I have learned a lot about relationships and myself.

Perhaps you have stumbled upon my Buck on Grindr videos. Being a semi-recognizable person and looking for sex is a blast. The best is when they lead with “I used to watch your videos when I was in middle school”. Cringe. These are stories you will love hearing about!

I hooked up with a guy the other day and afterwards I shook his hand and said I am Michael (classy). He said, “Oh, I know who you are”.  I thanked him for telling me AFTER we had sex.

The other day some guy asked me my Myers-Briggs personality type. I wrote back, “I’m not sure, but I took the Buzzfeed ‘Sex and the City’ test and like all gays I was sure I would be a Carrie, turns out I was a Miranda, but truthfully I am a Samantha. Does that help”?

Countess Luann said she was a Samantha on Real Housewives last week though so now I think I am okay being a Miranda. HA! 

Will I get married again? I don’t know. It is certainly not a priority at this point. I will tackle this topic another day. I just wanted to say hello and I look forward to sharing and learning with you.

askdghsl so i just hit 500 followers ???????? now, that’s prob nothing to be excited about bc there are many many other great blogs and writers who have much more, but i would like to give a big bIIGGG hug and thank you to all of you, you guys are the best. thank you for supporting my blog, and even though i’ve only been on here for a couple days over two months, the lOVE AND FANDOMNESS IS SO REAL. it is through this blog that i really discovered how much i actually love writing, and i would love to keep on doing it for you guys. again, thank you, thank you, and thank you. 

networks included*


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i love every single one of the blogs i follow, but here are a few to die for. 

Southpauz Answers
questions and rants like an idiot for almost 10 minutes
Southpauz Answers

I was super bored, so I decided to answers a couple of questions tonight through audio.


  • aaronbsam: What is the most fancy/expensive thing you’ve ever eaten? (1:08)
  • twelvedaysofsussex: Talk about a Christmas related thing that bothers you (1:53)
  • masterzyan: IKEA FURNITURE (2:59)
  • cothordin: Your fetishes (3:23)
  • andrewthecoolone: explain quantum physics or what you’d like in a romantic partner or a story from your childhood (3:43 - note: I get really loud at 5:01)
  • insearchfor-theland: Talk about artists and interesting stuff about them and your art adventures with friends and yourself (5:40)
  • Anon: Sing your favorite Christmas carol as loud as you can (7:01)
  • teragenus: Talk about you. Like how you’ve been feeling yo! (7:23)
  • ask-rule-63-thresh: South-pai. You should sing for us! (if that’s okay with you) Can you sing My Heart Will Go On by Celine Dion or I Will Always Love You by Whitney Houston or something similarly cheesey? (7:46)

This was a lot of fun, though! Thanks you guys for asking me questions and stuff! I might do this again sometime~

I’m finding it very hard to say this but I must thank everyone who went out of their way to say reassuring things to me. To ignore them is selfish despite the fact I’m struggling to respond right now.

The news has hit me incredibly hard, of course it would never let up to how the Cyndago guys, Mark and Daniel’s family and friends are feeling. But regardless, I’m hurting inside.

My self-worth right now is constantly being questioned and I feel myself undeserving of the love I’m receiving. Its harsh to say but I’m finding it difficult to accept what people say as true.

I’m making this post as hopefully a reassurance that I’m not giving up on this blog, I’m not going to resort to any extreme measures as a result of what has happened or that I don’t appreciate the people on this blog. Because I do, greatly.

I’ll be better soon and hopefully be able to give you guys the stories that I’ve been told make your day. That this blog will become a positive and happy atmosphere again and we’ll be able to communicate in a lighter hue.

Even as I find it hard to find myself positive, thank you regardless of the support you have given. I may not know you personally, but I appreciate your words like any other person. In real life or over internet.

I wish nothing but hope and love toward the people who were close to Daniel and that even though their wounds are severe and harsh, they will one day be able to bandage them. They may not heal, but at least they will be sealed.